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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 4AM  FOX  September 9, 2016 4:00am-4:30am EDT

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((walter new this morning: a man rescued from his ?sinking boat... with just seconds to spare. ((jenand... a new ?danger on planes? why the f-a-a is now teling some people... to turn ?off their phones. plus... remember when thursday night was "must see tv?" well the nfl... just brought it back. we have highlights... from one ?exciting season premiere. ((walter)) good mo bay... at 4:00. i'm walter allen.
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new this morning: a bay area boater rescued by the coast guard. his boat started taking on the water... in the middle of the gulf. but thankfully... he had a working radio.
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the coast guard got the mayday call just before three yesterday afternoon. a man said his 20 foot boat was sinking, about ten miles off john's pass. a coast guard helicopter crew flew down from clearwater to help. this is video of the rescue just released by the coast guard. when they got to the boat they say the man was trying to get the water out, with the only thing he had: a cup! they lowered a dewatering pump... and a rescue swimmer... and helped him back to a dock. if the water on the boat rose just another ?half an inch... the battery would have flooded and the boat would have gone under. fox 13's shayla reaves is covering this story for us. and she'll bring us a live update... coming up in our next half hour. a lot of unanswered questions this morning... after a car hit a young girl on her way to school. the girl is recovering... but that driver is still out there. and the parents aren't just furious with him... they also have issues with the ?school.
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takayla pierce won't be riding her skateboard for a that she's on crutches..the 5th grader was riding to tarpon springs elementary wednesday morning.. when she was struck by a car in the school crosswalk.."i figured he had to see me, and i thought he was going to stop, but he just kept going." she says a man in a white mercedes paused at the stop she thought it was safe to cross..the next thing she knew..the car had slammed into her small body.."when he hit me, i twisted as fast as a tornado, and i fell. i didn't know if i had any cuts or bruises on me."pictures from takayla's mom -- who didn't want to go on camera -- show cuts to her face and arms..her foot was swollen.the driver, she says, got out and said he didn't see..asking if she was ok.."all i said was ok, because i didn't know what he was going to do. i thought he was going to be mad, or hurt me or something."taking the child's word..he quickly hopped back in his benz and drove off ?without calling for help..a decision tarpon springs police say isn't illegal..but not the best choice.."i would always error on the side of caution and call your local law enforcement agency,let them come there so they can work things out with either the near by or the parents of that child."takayla did turn to her school for she went to the front office..telling them she nurse..they gave her a bag of ice..and sent her off to class ?without calling police.. what's upsetting to takayla's this vague voicemail left on her phone..failing to even mention the car accident: "could you please give us a call at 943-5500. this is regarding takayla. she is in a nurses clinic right now. thank you." hours later..her mom came to the school ?shocked to learn the news..the ordeal has left takayla not only injured..but now afraid to skateboard to
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we reached out to the pinellas county school district asking why ?they didn't call police
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school calling police would be her parent's decision. takayla's mom has filed a report..and police are still searching for that driver. he's described as a blonde, white male driving a white mercedes. in manatee county: a group of men could now spend the rest of their lives in prison... for their roles in a federal racketeering and conspiracy case. thursday, a jury found the six men guilty of a long list of charges... including ?seven murders.. the verdict follows a three ?month trial. the six men are nathanial harris. charlie green. jerry green. corey harris. and deonte martin. they are all said to be gang members. from 2006 to 2014... prosecutors say these men operated an elaborate drug ring and committed murders for hire... in and around bradenton. the most brazen attack was the murder of 39-year-old brenton coleman in 2013. he was gunned down outside the "13th avenue dream center" in front of hundreds of children and parents. coleman was
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old son. he put the boy down after the first shot... and started running. the boy was not hurt. all six men in this case were also convicted of distributing drugs and using violence to collect drug debts. all of them face ?life sentences. a sarasota county woman is facing charges this morning... in a "murder for hire" plot. and detectives say the target... was her ex- husband. it all started back on august 22nd when deputies got a tip that "rachaelleahy" was trying to hire a hitman. they launched an undercover investigation with a dete two allegedly agreed she would pay him 5-thousand dollars to kill her ex-husband, "david leahy" . deputies say she had a very specific reason for wanting the 59-year-old out of the way. they believe she wanted him dead... to get custody of their children back. this is video of leahy being escorted from the manatee county sheriff's office thursday. the 35-year old said nothing to reporters as she was loaded into a patrol car. she is charged with first degree solicitation of murder. deputies say that when they arrested her, her bags were
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her ex... david... lived in a half-million dollar house in a gated community in sarasota. we learned from court documents that david asked for a divorce in 20-11 because their marriage was broken. we've also learned she accused him of domestic violence. their three children are now in state custody. an update to an officer-involved shooting in polk county. the man shot by law enforcement... has died. "francis perry" of winter haven had a lengthy criminal history. polk sheriff grady judd even the arrest record for a news conference thursday. it begins with a weapons charge at age ?11. sheriff judd says perry shot at detectives through his car window... during a traffic stop. thats when the detectives fired back... hitting him. the college student accused of killing a couple and biting a man's face... may now lose his own life. 19-year-old austin harrouff's father says his son's condition is deteriorating. and the martin county sheriffs office said thursday he is critical condition.
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random attack last month. his father believes harrouff drank poison before the attack and had a mental breakdown. harrouff spent 11 days in a coma. he has since woken up... but now has pneumonia. an update.. on the recalled samsung galaxy note 7 smartphones. the danger they pose has forced the f-a-a to issue a warning... to airline passengers. the government is telling people ?not to charge the devices or even turn them ?on, while on their flight. in fact, the f-a-a passengers to not even put the phones in their ?checked bags. it comes after dozens of reports of the phones ?exploding. including an incident in st. pete... where an entire jeep caught fire. samsung has already issued a nationwide recall for the
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next stop... a ride on an asteroid! nasa started it's next daring mission last night at the cape. an atlas five rocket blasted off around seven p-m. it's carrying the "osiris-rex" spacecraft. the four billion mile, first of its kind mission, will take that spacecraft to a passing asteroid. the craft will try to ?land on the rock... take samples... and then bring them back to earth. but we'll have to wait a few ?years to find out if it worked. this morning in tampa: get ready for another day of big bargains. it's day two for a major estate sale. the home is off of north hesperides in tampa, right next to t-i-a. the family has lived there since the 19-50s... and they were ?huge collectors. antiques... diecast race cars... even stuff dating back to the 18 hundreds. a huge crowd came out for opening day yesterday. the auction starts up again today
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five p-m. it has the same hours tomorrow and sunday as well... if they have anything left by then. it was a late night for won't hear them complaining about it this morning. later this half hour in sports: highlights from the ?nailbiter on opening night. plus: want to get the new iphone ... for ?free? it ?sounds like another online scam. but one company is
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topping world news this morning: another dangerous test... from north korea. and it now has several nations on high alert... especially ?south korea. south korean officials detected an "artificial seismic wave" from an earthquake late last night. it was close to a nuclear test site in north korea. soon after the rumors of a nuclear test spread... the north ?confirmed it. they say they conducted an nuclear explosion test, to determine the ?power of it's nuclear warheads. north korea says the test was part of it's response to international sanctions... following earlier tests. president obama was briefed about the test on air
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and just as the president arrived home... the secretary of state landed overseas. john kerry is in geneva, switzerland today. he's planning to meet with his russian counterpart later today. the two were planning to hold talks over a possible truce in syria. the incident with north korea will likely come up as well. apple fans... start your shopping. presales for the new iphones begin today. you can pick the iphone 7 or the iphone 7 plus. most major cell phone companies will carry it. and t-mobile has an extra incentive for customers. they'll give you an iphone 7 for ?free... just for turning in your old iphone.... model 6 or newer. you also have to sign a two year contract with tmobile. the deal started at ?three this morning. the phones should arrive... at
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controls shine. our most natural look... now, in more shades than ever! maybelline's fit me make it happen maybelline new york. time to talk some sports this morning. the nfl season is officially underway! it all kicked off with a superbowl ?rematch last night. and it was actually just as ?exciting as the superbowl... even ?without peyton manning on the field. manning ?was at the game though. he took part in a superbowl celebration right before the kickoff. but
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quarterback had a tough test... but he got some help from his defense and his running backs. c-j anderson had ?two scores on the night... including this 25 yard reception from siemian in the fourth quarter. the broncos were actually down ?ten points going into the fourth... before this play. anderson would later get a rushing touchdown... and the panthers added another field goal. but the field goal carolina ?really needed, was in final seconds. kicker graham gano ?hooks a 50 yarder that would have ?won the game. instead... denver wins... 21 to 20. and don't forget... you can watch the first bucs game of the season right here on fox 13. here's another look at the sunday schedule. scott smith will be live in atlanta for our first tailgate sunday of the season at 10-30 in the morning. then at one... the bucs are playing
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giants and cowboys game around 4-25. to the baseball diamond now... where the rays just started their final series in the big apple this season. and there was plenty of offense from ?both sides. "kevin keirmaeir" started things off with a homerun in the first... and he would hit a ?second homerun later in the game. "steven souza" home runs in the game. unfortunately the ?yankees were hitting home runs too. both teams had six home runs combined.... through six innings. and unfortunately the yankees had the only homer that mattered. bottom of the ninth... "tyler austin" gets the walkoff. yankees win, five to four. and some more baseball
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morning. the mets signed tim tebow to a minor league thursday! the deal comes with a 100 thousand dollar signing bonus. tebow will play in the team's fall instructional league. but his contract also gives him breaks during the college football season... so he can still work with the s-e-c network. he reports to their facility in port st. lucie, on september 19th. and the new york media... ?already having a ball with this deal. here's the cover of today's srt section in the new york daily news. mets g-m sandy alderson insists this isn't a publicity stunt, but tebow's chances of actually ?playing at the big league level are pretty slim. he's already 29... and hasn't played baseball since his junior year
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when we come back, i'll have another check on your friday forecast. plus: ?most of us remember exactly where we were... the day the towers fell. but what about the kids who never experienced life.. ?before the war on terror? after the break: perspective, just days before the 15th
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this weekend... remembering one of the greatest tragedies in world history. the 15th anniversary of the 9-11 attacks.((more)) so what was it like to be in ?kindergarten when that atta h now in college... and they're about to become the first generation to ?not to know what the world was like... before that horrible day. we wondered - what impact did the attack have on them? fox 13's evan axelbank talked with some of those
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still ahead in our next half hour: a birthday party... more than a ?hundred years in the making. plus... fox 13's shayla reaves is ?live in clearwater, with
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what would ?you do... if your boat started sinking?


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