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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 6AM  FOX  September 9, 2016 6:00am-6:58am EDT

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international. down one degree from last hour. 78 in sar society a. you may be thinking to yourself, dave, seems a little warmer this morning than it was yesterday. indeed, you are right. three to five degrees warmer around the area for the most part. we're not going to tack three degrees onto the afternoon highs but it will feel stuffier this morning than yesterday. i think we go back to 93 today. with the drier air aloft, we'll continue to hold today's rain chances to around vanessa? >>vanessa: thanks. right now it's super quiet drive. not a lot of cars on the roadway and we don't have any crashes. we don't have a video stream, either. here we go. this is a live look at macintosh road. it is picking up a little bit but shouldn't have any concerns heading out the door right now. eastbound to branch forbes, ideal eight minute drive for you here. if you're hitting 75 southbound, seven minutes the estimated drive right now.
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to hillsborough to bruce b downs boulevard. >> we have new video of a coast guard rescue near john's pass. the boat was taking on water. when the coast guard helicopter arrived, they found the man trying to bail out using a plastic cup. >>russell: wow. let's get to shayla reaves right now at the coast guard air station. pin a situation like that, just keep shovelling, right? >>reporter: that's do. in this case, help arrived just in time. if you think about this, there was a half inch, we're told, separating that water from the batteries in the boat. so this really could have escalated quickly. but again, fortunately, the coast guard was able to step in and make a difference. i want you to take a look at th video. this is released to us by the air station here in clearwater. it was captured on thursy so st igine you're alone on a
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and you're miles from land. that's to the man on your screen about 12 miles fr john's pass. the situation intensified as you can see there as the coast guard approached. he was doing what he could to stay afloat. that's a plastic cup a he's tryingo stophe boat from sinking. andccording to the coast guard, it all started with a may day call around 30 in the afternoon. man td s sector he needed emergency help. a water pump broke and the the air crew responded with a rescue swimmer and lowered a dewatering pump onto the 20 foot vessel. it could have left the man in the water. fortunately, he was able to avoid that outcome. the pinellas county sheriff's office marine unit as well as the coast guard in sand key, they were able to escort the boat to a dok in treasure islad.
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really made a difference in this case, it came down to training, coordination and quick thinking. all of those elements worke together to help save this man's life. back to you. >>russell: i would hang on to the cup forever. >>laura: a manatee county woman is accused of trying to hav her ex-husband killed. rachel leahy tried to hire a hit man to kill the ex. man she hired was undercover detective. she paid half of the $5,000 up front. they believe she wanted her ex dead so she could have custody of her children. >>russell: murder, drugs, kidnapping and elaborate conspiracy has laid bear in the courtroom and now six people are facing life in prison. six men were convicted in a rafk eteeringnd conspiracy case. they operated a drug ring and committee of at least seven
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bradenton. coleman fls gunned down in front of the dream center sentenng date has yesterday to laura: felon who shot at officersffic stop wednesday night has died. >>russell: sheriff judd is defending the officers who fired back, describing the gunman as a very bad man. >> there is what you see. there is the guy that chose to shoot it out with a detective then you're the one that decides your fate. >>russell: francis perry fired five shots at officers who returned fire with 28 shots, five of which struck perry. after the shooting, they found a stolen gun in the vehicle along with $4500 worth of methamphetamine. judd said there will be several
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of the officers, but says they did what they had to do to protect themselves. >>laura: planes with the controversial insecticide are flying over miami beach for the first time this morning. >>russell: it's proven effective as killing mosquitos that carry the sdmr -- zika virus but some are worried in side effects. it was made after mosquito counts rose over labor day weekend. thursday, it was delayed for 24 hours after angry residents protested. officials say using a very low concentration of the spray that is far below what is harmful to humans. praying will continue sudden morning and whether permitting, again the following two days. >>laura: there is also an effort to control mosquitos on the ground. since last month, the city of miami has issued more than $72,000 in fines where stagnant
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each individual fine is $1,000. it only takes a single tire filled with water to breed hundreds of thousands of mosquitos. >>russell: lawmakers remain deadlocked over the zika funding bill. now vice president biden is calling on congress to vote on a zika funding bill with no strings attached. >> deal with it. give us an up or down vote, straight on zika. look. i've bn the senate. i understand attaching controversial issues to important legislation. but not to national emergencies. >>russell: yesterday senator rubio introduced a new bill to combat zika. this one is designed to protect american troops serving around the world. according to the pentagon, at least 81 u.s. service members and 19 dependents have tested positive for zika. three are pregnant. >>laura: it was one of the
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and this weekend marks the 15th anniversary of 9/11. >>russell: those images are burned into our memories. for some it's just a history lesson. we're hearing from kids, now young adults, who were just entering kindergarten on that day. >>laura: and then liftoff. nasa embarks on a mission to kiss an asteroid. what they hope to find once they get there. >>dave: 6:07 and lovely friday morning. a warmer and muggier friday morng upper 70s along the coast. mid 70s for you inland. that's the start to the day. dew points, they're back in the low to mid 70s as well. heat, humidity, low rain chances. keeping them at 20% for today and 30% for tomorrow. and 30% for tomorrow. second half of the weekend and 30% for tomorrow. second half of the weekend follow your own sense of style... because, you want to be confident. t.j.maxx really helped us express our creative side. that's the best part. you don't know what you're going to find. i always find great deals on shoes... purses... we're a team. yeah.
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hillary clinton: i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. bob kidder, owner, new england shirt company: this factory has been here since eighteen eighty-three. we have over sixty people here making shirts labled made in america. but donald trump's brand of shirts come from china, his suits from mexico, his coats from india. trump's products have been made in twelve other countries because he says there's no place in america that he can make them. well there is. you know donald trump says he'll make america great again while
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>> and liftoff of osiris rex, the seven year mission to bold gl -- boldly go to the asteroid and back. >>russell: i got chills.
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thank you. seven-year mission to destroy the asteroid to seek out the origins of life, to boldly go where we've never gone before. they want to bring a piece of asteroid back home. round trip, four billion miles and it won't be back until 2023. it's interesting for two reasons. it could contain the basic building blocks for life and also potentially hazardous to earth. it could collide with earth in the next century. remind me of the line, reading everything that's gone wrong and then they say texas not included so i guess we're safe until the next century from a crash. >>dave: i'm not worried about the next century. >>russell: me, neither. >>dave: maybe that's a business
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77 the current temperature. i watched that on our website last night, on my phone. it was still cool, watching the launch. it was just great to see, especially since we talked to nasa yesterday about it. chest plant city, also in the mid 70s. good morning, sun city center. a nice start, albeit a little warmer than yesterday and even though you see dade city, brooksville, crystal river and inverness, right? you're sitting at 70 to 72 degrees. it's beautiful outside this morning. there's a little warmer than it was yesterday, running about four, five degrees warmer so there is a difference. 76 to 78 along the coast south of tampa. and low to mid 70s inland. and there it is, all that drier air sitting on top of us again. did you get any rain yesterday? same thing will happen today.
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do you know what that means? after you get out of work, you want to catch a nice sunset at the beach, maybe take the boat out and catch the sunset out there along the coast, it's going to be absolutely beautiful for that. just keep an eye out for one or two isolated showers or storms today with a better rain chance -- and i kind of laugh when i say better because 30% is still low for a rain chance but it is better than 20% from sarasota, sebring and then down over south florida in general. i do tropics. a couple of areas highlighted by the hurricane center, here is one. this has a very low chance for development. in fact, a 10% chance. that's it. this is just northeast of the islands and it's expected to move toward the west-northwest. a much stronger tropical wave and you can start to see this one trying to develop here well east of the island. the computer models with this keep bringing it west-northwest and then eventually turn it toward the northwest, kind of following in suit with this one
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for development with a 60% chance over the next five days. it's nothing that i think is going to impact the lower 48 but if you are like me, you kind of like to keep an eye on these things. you can do that all weekend long by heading to we're going back to 93 for a high today, keeping rain chances around 20%. and tonight, it's just warm, it's muggy overnight and mostly clear skies and a low of 77. tomorrow partly cloudy with a few afternoon storms. around 30% but again, it's still just a little below normal. light chop for weekend boaters as we have the east wind shifting to the northeast at 10 knots. each and every day, high tide this morning at 7:06. follow that this afternoon with a low tide. eventually 40% the rain chances tuesday, wednesday, thursday and high temperatures near normal. near because i think our normal
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89. so there we go. things are changing. >>vanessa: we'll take it. 6:14 right now. one new lane blockage to report out of pasco county and it's going to be affecting the intersection of clinton and prospect road to be careful. you shouldn't see any big delays, i don't suspect. just the volumes are light. use caution and be careful for the emergency vehicles. >>laura: thank you. south korea is on high alert after north fifth nuclear test. overnight south korean officials detected artificial seismic waves from an earthquake near the test site in the communist country. detonation was confirmed soon after that. the north calls it a response to u.s. hostility. several countries are alread condemning the test. >>russell: president obama is back in washington after travelling to laos. he'll deliver remarks at a pentagon ceremony marking the 15th anniversary of the 9/11
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in new york city, pennsylvania and the pentagon during those attacks. hard to believe but kids just starting school on 9/11 are now about to graduate college. >>laura: they grew up in a very different world than we did and wondered -- we wondered, how did it shape their lives? >>reporter: no one around the table remembers when america wasn't at war. >> 9/11 i was six >>reporter: when america wasn't in fear. >> i was boarding the bus for kindergarten. >>reporter: when america felt safe. >> smoke started coming into the classroom. >>reporter: another 25-year-old who was 10 on 9/11 just finished a medical degree at saint leo. >> my teacher at the time, her brother actually worked at the pentagon and so she was called out of the room. >>reporter: 9/11 is the first news event they remember.
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city, oj are just history lesson. usf senior was seven in 2001 and remembers her teachers in st. pete not wanting to talk about the news. >> why, if it's happening in new york city, why is everybody reacting this way here in florida? >>reporter: u.t. junior was a military kid, five on 9/11 and on a base in japan. >> a month prior to 9/11 we had just had a big earthquakes. there were cracks in the road so essentially being a i thought it's just another earthquake. >>reporter: she immediately knew things had changed. >> my dad had a strange look on his face like something was wrong and he went into his room for about an hour, came back all geared up. my mom said, where are you going? he said, can't tell you. how long are you going to be gone? can't tell you. hugs her, hugs my sister and i and left for the elevator and we didn't see him for a month and a half. >>reporter: u.s.f. center grew
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family and made mere survival seem like an achievement. >>reporter: when i went on the plane, when we landed, everyone was clapping. everyone had this like sigh of relief. >>reporter: u.t. center said it had a tremendous impact on her mentality as she came to understand what it all meant. >> it makes me scared to go out in places. people can leave their house in the morning and not come home. people can leave their house in the morning, say goodbye them again because people are attacking. >>reporter: it has impacted their careers. after seeing the way 9/11 has shaped the world with its ensuing wars and political battles, she wants to be a reporter. >> me being 11, i think that's when i got it. there's a lot of different areas you can go into with journalism but i specifically like political journalism. >>reporter: she is planning to teach kids who were the same age
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>> to become humble people and to have kindness because it's really what it comes down to, the root of it comes from negativity. it comes from the way that you were raised. >>reporter: is there hope of living in a post, post 9/11 world? james, six on 9/11 and from long island, is the u.t. student body president. >> we look at wars in the past and even looking at world war i, two, those have subsided, too, and those were on larger scales. you know, it's really all you know, how we deal with the problem. >> i absolutely think that we at one point will get to the -- a place that is better. i don't think we'll ever get to a pre-9/11 state again. i think us as a generation will constantly pass on to our future generations what happened to us. >> our parents knew a time before. we only knew this. we're trying to go for better. we're trying to make things a life for our kids and for our grandkids a better life for them so they don't have the same fears we do.
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hope. if not, what was all the deploy manies for? all the tears my mom had? all the friends my dad lost, there has to be hope. >>russell: that was a nice story. he put that together very well. >>laura: he did. very nice. it is 6:20 now. a florida wal-mart store is under fire for a soda display that some say was in very bad taste. >>russell: and at 6:30, the company controversy. and what a sugar rush. this little girl cannot contain herself at the ballgame and now she [ fly buzzing ] did you know people can save over $500 when they switch to progressive? did you brush your hair today? yes, mom. why? hmm. no reason. golden outside or fluffy inside. deep pockets or delicious ridges. tasty egg or savory bacon. experience dunkin's
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s or that. it's all of it.
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introducing dunkin's new cold brew coffee, steeped slowly in cold water for small batches with an ultra-smooth, full-bodied flavor. discover the craft of cold brew today and keep on. america runs on dunkin'. it's time to see what's clicking on the web. >>russell: time to so what's clicking on the web. >>jennifer: hello. are you excited? these are really good. are you ready for it? >>russell: bring it. >>jennifer: our first hot click, it's important to remember that bears don't speak english. they don't speak at all. >>russell: they don't? >>jennifer: don't be surprised when one doesn't listen to you.
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garbage can. nope. don't do it. don't -- nope. better not. better not. >>jennifer: a sheriff's officer near lake tahoe got a very special visitor this week. deputy tries to reason with the bear telling him not to knock over the trash can. just don't do it. it's also important to point out the sign i reminding people to keep the door shut at night. this is obviously why. >>russell: do we know if he -- the deputy wins this fight? >>jennif don't ow.russell: pret. >>laura: what is the story behind this? >>jennifer: we're seeing this little girl everywhere right now. it's called a sugar rush, right? during wnesdaynight's 8-3 winovs tweeted this clip.
6:25 am
overwhelmed by cotton candy. yeah, give it to me! forget about the game. just give me some more candy! >>laura: cotton candy is good. >>jennifer: but you know what happens after the high. the low. >>russell: we don't have that clip, do we? >>jennifer: we do. >>laura: that's precious. >>jennifer: her family show shares this picture after the game. little beatrice sleeping in her crash. >>russell: that's all right. >>laura: old fashioned name. >>russell: neat. >>jennifer: this is happy stuff right here. these are some happy doggies and kiddies in australia. they shad this video and it will justtou hear they recentlyecve b donation ods. they passed them out, theim rea how comfy they were.
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by the way, did your dogs scratch the bed, like making it the most comfortable spot? >>laa: the bed would last about 24 hours. >>russell: neat to see those d. good. you're right. it was good today nice. thanks, jen. >>laura: the faa has an important warning for travellers. >>russell: if you have a certain cell phone, (vo) we went to hollywood to ask if america's favorites - burgers, tacos and chili could taste just as great made with turkey.
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i'm really good at war. i love war in a certain way. including with nukes, yes including with nukes. i know more about isis than the generals do, believe me. i want to be unpredictable, unpredictable, unpredictable, unpredictable.
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an s-u- >>laura: an s.u.v. burst into flames and the owner blames his cell phone. now the f.a.a. has a warning for
6:30 am
>>russell: and tempers flare over a 9/11 tribute at a grocery store. a soda display is being called tasteless. welcome. i'm russell rhodes. >>laura: and i'm lra let'sn with dave. >>dave: we're getting back up there as far as temperatures. 93 yesterday for a high. what a nice start to the day. pretty, lakeland net camera showing us the clear skies. you may notice it's a little than yesterday. i think yesterday morning, kind of an anomaly so we're back to 77 in tampa. 79 in st. petersburg. forecast clouds, sunshine, 20% rain chance with high temperatures in the lower 90s. >>vanessa: thanks. and we had sky fox anu tes ago checking out that utility wor w mentioned towards the beginning of this looks like it's still there as
6:31 am
northbound direction, this is seminole boulevard so just a mi will be so f cpleoredays so alt the way, this is specifically at 16th avenue southwest. clearwater, largo road or starkey. quick check of interstates, everything running up to speed. no crashes reported so enjoy these. >>russell: new this morning, video of a water rescue near johns pass. the boat was taking on water so help. when the coast guard helicopter arrived, they fou the man. he wasrying to bail out the water in the boat using a it's all hd. they lowered a rescue swimmer p. hisoat above water while theyand escorted him back to his dock on treasure island. >>laura: and in the bahamas, u.s. coast guard suspected the search for a woman who fell from a cruise ship.
6:32 am
according to the cruise line, she was on the 11th deck when she jumped. ship returned to port in south carolina yesterday. >>russell: emergency managers lifted mandatory evacuation orders for the areas impacted by hermine. some returned home while others still cannot reach their houses because of the flooding. county is looking at roughly $90 million in damage. they could qualify for federal aid but it could take find that out. >>laura: and publix has a voluntary recall. cakes were sold in six states, including florida. recall covers public stores in most of the tampa bay area. there are no reports of anybody getting sick or injured. you can return the coffee cake for a full refund. >>russell: after numerous reports of the device catching fire, f.a.a. is warning passengers about samsung's
6:33 am
>>laura: they're telling people not to turn on the phone or charge them during flights and avoid putting them in checked bags. >>ussell: alcides segui is live. this sounds like a drastic warning to me, right? >>reporter: yeah. and samsung's issue keeps getting worse. that's not even all of it. three australian airlines are banning the phone as a whole from being inside of the airlines. the f.a.a. also strongly advising not using or banning the cell phones inside of their airplanes, inside all airplanes. so again, two differences here. australian airlines banning it, f.a.a. strongly advising not using it or charging it inside any aircraft. about a week ago, samsung recalled the galaxy note 7 smart phones after finding some of
6:34 am
caught fire. the cell phone giant confirming 35 instances of a note 7 catching fire or exploding. there have been no reports of injuries, just two weeks after the product's launch, the note seven are being pulled from shelves in 10 countries, including right here in the u.s. out of 2.5 million note 7's sold globally, samsung says it's not found a way to tell exact which will phones may endanger users but they estimate about one in 42,000 units may have a faulty battery. one of those phones may have been sold to a st. pete man. a couple of days ago, nathan says his jeep grand cherokee caught fire. he said he's left his galaxy note 7 charging in the center console when the cell phone exploded and engulfed his jeep in flames. samsung spokesperson released a
6:35 am
are working with him to investigate his case and to assure that he has everything he needs and to help him out as best as possible. the f.a.a. is also looking into more problems and of course, the issue continues. the f.a.a. could possibly ban the use and even charging the phones as a whole in any aircraft. we just have to wait and see how all of this plays out but again, as of right now, f.a.a. is stronging advisin charging the phones in any aircraft but we'll have to wait and see if this issue continues. they may ban it. we'll have to wait and see. >>laura: scary. >>russell: we'll talk later. thank you. >>laura: pinellas county fifth grader is recovering after being hit by a car on the way to school. they're looking for the girl's driver. pierce was headed to tarpon springs elementary wednesday morning when a driver hit her in the crosswalk.
6:36 am
was okay and then just drove away. but now she's on crutches. when she got to school, she told the nurse what happened. they said they gave her a bag of ice and sent her to class without calling the police. her mother did not find out until she got a voicemail from the school. >> could you please give us a call? this is regarding takayla. she's in the nurse's clinic right now. thank you. >> i would always err on the side of caution and let the local agency come there to work school officials nearby or the parents of the child. >>laura: according to the school district, because the crash did not happen on school grounds, it's up to a parent to call police. her mom did eventually file a police report. officers are looking for the driver of a white mercedes. >>russell: this video has gone viral of a woman setting fire to a white car in clearwater. police say carmen chamblee
6:37 am
it wasn't. now we're hearing from her best friend who says that her arrest is probably for the best. >> i think it needed to happen to her because if it didn't, she probably would be somewhere dead. hope. ly she learns from this mistake, you know? hopefully this helps her be a better person. >>russell: well, this morning chamblee is in jail, charged with second degree arson. >>laura: it is 6:37 now. florida wal-mart's display of it was stacked to look like the world trade center. take a look for yourself. this was at panama city beach. shawn richard tweeted this picture yesterday. wednesday this display was taken down. i'm sorry. sent out the tweet on tuesday. wednesday it's taken down. wal-mart saying that nothing disrespectful was intended by the display. the company says the design came from the supplier and was approved by store management. coca-cola bottler for the region
6:38 am
support an upcoming event. >>russell: well, coming up, dave has a look at the weekend forecast. >>laura: and job fair for a one-of-a-kind job. are you qualified to work at prince's paisley park? the music studio?
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- marco. - polo. - marco. - polo. marco. marco? marco? but it's not a game when our senator doesn't show up. i'm patrick murphy. solving problems means showing up. showing independence. and working together. it's why i worked to protect women's health care and worked with both parties to stop cuts to medicare. i'm patrick murphy and i approve this message because florida needs a full-time senator.
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>>dave: good friday morning to you. nice. it's mild, it's muggy, i know it's not as cool as yesterday but it's pretty. brookdale, bayshore camera, 76 miles an hour. 7:13 our sunrise this morning. our temperatures, once again, this is not bad stuff. it really isn't. it's a noticeable difference from yesterday, though. a little bit more humidity this morning so the dew points are orive degrees warmer but brooksville at 72. 74 in wesley chapel. same for the haines city area. upper 70s once you get to tampa, clearwater, st. petersburg.
6:42 am
mid 80s so it is really going to be hard to knock these overnight lows down along the coastline. some two to five degrees warmer in general than it was yesterday. i think it's more of a correction than anything as our overnight lows this time of year still average about 75, 76 degrees. winds are light but you see that arrows and the direction mainly out of the northeast which is what we've had the past few days, really the only thing that's been stopping us from getting thunderstorms has been that drier air that we have aloft. it's around again today. so while you look at the future cast, and this may be overdone a bit for today, sometimes that will happen. still thinking that the best chances we have of a quick shower would be south of tampa for later today. they'll be at a 30% chance and tampa north at a 20% chance. once we get to saturday afternoon and evening, more or less are looking at the same
6:43 am
work back from east towards the west. so a pretty typical, early september weekend coming at us. get back to the lower 90s. rain chances run around 20% to 30%. i'm looking at the tropics now. we're approaching the peak, the climatological peak of the hurricane season. a couple of things to show you, a weak, weak little wave over here just northeast of the ilands. hurricane center giving this a 10% chance over the next five even if it was to develop, it's going to make a turn and start to work its way east of the lower 48. now, this is a much bigger tropical wave. this came off the coast of africa a couple of days ago. 60% chance. kind of a moderate potential the next five days but again, it's something that at this point we're not concerned about because the computer models with this want to take it and then turn it and keep it east of the lower 48. so as long as these two do what
6:44 am
keen an eye on both of these waves and anything else that may pop up in the tropics with us by heading to meantime, we're going to go 93 -- 92, 93 which is where we were yesterday for a high temperature. 20% rain chance in the tampa area. south, maybe about 30%. not too much radar. mostly clear, 77 the overnight tonight. for you early risers on saturday morning, warm and muggy. we'll turn that to hot and humid in the afternoon with chance tomorrow 30%. your high around 92 degrees. look how the winds are really setting up this weekend east to northeast. east to northeast. but 10 knot winds, light chop. boaters, are you salivating at the weekend forecast? looks nice. high tide at 7:06 so coming up soon over near the st. pete pier. the next seven days, 92 degrees for a high tomorrow and sunday and about 90 or so for most of
6:45 am
tuesday afternoon. >>vanessa: thanks. and some good news for folks heading out the door. we don't have any new incidents reported as far as crashes, lane blockage. we have a live look here at pinellas county. 25 and 38th avenue north. we have very quiet conditions for you and nice travel times if you're taking 275 right now. northbound direction heading all the way to i-4 from the st. pete side of the howard frankland, 13 minutes. four minutes i-4 eastbound, to mlk and give yourself five minutes to make that trek from i-4 to the selmon expressway taking 75 southbound. >>russell: you heard about this? it's incredible. thousands of wells fargo employees fired for secretly using customers' information. >>laura: up next, how long this has been happening and who could
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i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. he wears it like a crown. but trump made his shirts in bangladesh. his ties in china. and his suits in mexico. in fact, the real donald trump outsourced his products and jobs to 12 different countries. so don't believe the hat. you can't make america great again, if you don't make things
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headache, muscle pain, and chills. ask your doctor or pharmacist about all the risks and benefits of trumenba and tell them if you've received any other meningitis b vaccines. meningitis b can be spread by typical sharing like... a drink... a spoon... a kiss. it all started here... it might have been prevented with trumenba. ask your doctor or pharmacist about trumenba. in hollywood, director tim burton is honored with a handprint ceremony on the >>laura: director tim burton is honored with a hand printer is
6:49 am
before the ceremony, burton sounded off on the honor of being cemented in hollywood. listen. >> the thing is about most people that make films, they're all kind of outsiders so in some ways, being an insider in hollywood is still kind of being outside in a funny way. it's just an amazing, surreal experience which i will never forget. that's the best thing about it. >>laura: interesting mind, doesn't he? burton -- >>russell: look burton's new movie hits theaters on september 30. during production, the crew took over a waterfront home near the belleair causeway. he's a strange dude, isn't he? strange movies. ben affleck teased some test footage of the batman movie. it featured the masked villain, death stroke. well, now we know who is going
6:50 am
it's the star of magic mike. he's set to play the expert assassin. that's still a few years away. he hasn't said whether they'll be in the justice league movie currently shooting in london. >>laura: we can hope. we can hope. company that runs graceland is hiring for jobs at prince's paisley park estate in minnesota. it production facility. there's a concert hall there, a music club. positions include general manager, tour operations, archives and merchandise. they'll look at people with experience. they say a knowledge of prince's music and history wouldn't hurt but not necessarily necessary. >> it's an exciting time as people really get the chance to go beyond that front door. nobody is going to be left taking a picture from the side of the road.
6:51 am
inside and experience paisley park. >>laura: prince was found dead at the estate on april 21. he was 57 years old. paisley park will open to the public next month. >>russell: and developing this morning, thousands, thousands of wells fargo employees have been fired for secretly using customers' information. >>laura: and this involves millions of fake accounts. lauren simonetti is here with us. this is a big story, >> it happened over half a decade. 53 one wells fargo employees and managers can't and -- canned, and rightfully so. they created over two million bank accounts and credit card accounts. they used real customers' accounts, siphoned their real money and put it into the fake accounts. they did it to boost their bottom lines, right? more sales, more commissions and the like. this is obviously a big problem and it gets worse when the real
6:52 am
was being bilked from them. they overdue in some instances and had to pay fees for that. wells fargo are agreeing to pay a $185 million fine and give millions back to the bilked customers but this is not a friendly story for any financial institution or any company that does business with customers. >>russell: i don't think i understand how so many employees are involved in this, though. >> or how it w >>russell: without it getting out. >> i know. those are my thoughts exactly. how did this go on for five years? how did they create two million phony accounts with fake pins and fake passports? and when the customers called and said, oh, you know, i didn't realize, i didn't have enough money in my account that i overdrew, you know, wouldn't that raise a major red flag? >>russell: i don't understand how it got to this point. >>laura: we had our consumer
6:53 am
said it's a great reminder that banks are in the sales industry. they are in the business of making sales, making money. >> and they have -- wells fargo is criticized of keeping aggressive sales goals that the employees had to meet. sometimes this is as a result of that pressure. like i said, not an excuse. >>laura: not at all. >> but a >>laura: a valid one. >>russell: shall we talk about chipotle? >> let's do it. they are delivering -- i don't know if it's free. i'm assuming it's free but they're testing burrito deliveries on a college campus, delivery by a drone. drone dropping a burrito. my goodness. is this really happening? yeah, at virginia tech on the college campus. so chipotle is teening up with
6:54 am
works on the drones. it's the first time, at least that we know about, where a customer is going to get something from the drone, a delivery. so it will be great to see the kids' reactions and the government has sanctioned this as a test. line very cool one. very cool. what a great story to tell. we talked about the apple iphone 7. we talked about the problems, talked about the benefits. what about the stocks? how are they looking today? >>reporter: today apple is down slightly because they had a major dro than 2 1/2%. the day after the iphone 7 was announced. because apple is a big part of the market, the drop pushed the dow down and pushed the nasdaq down and it's down as the overall futures this morning. it's convenient that apple is down because, well, samsung has a big problem, too. you heard about the note 7, right? >>laura: yes. >> the exploding batteries and
6:55 am
you ever four airlines in australia banning the note 7 altogether and a very unusual warning here at home saying if you have the note 7, don't use it on the plane. don't charge it on the plane. don't put it in your checked baggage, either. >>laura: here is why. we have the store locally of a st. petersburg man who had his jeep cherokee, the entire front end of the car is burned out, gutted. >> totally charred, i know. >>russell: and the weird thi is, i saw some video of the battery. they're small. it's weird to me to think something like that could cause that much trouble. >> right. we've seen the lithium batteries cause this much damage in other devices as well. you have to do something about the batteries. this is a black eye for samsung because the phone was so popular, they didn't think they were going to produce enough of it. it's only three weeks ago and now it's recalled and banned.
6:56 am
>>russell: see you later, okay? today you can sail over to the tampa convention center for the official kickoff of the tampa boat show. more than 100 boats will be on display and that's just along the water outside. also plenty of exhibits inside as well along with seminars and shows. tickets $12 and we'll have live reports from there later this morning starting at 7:00. >>laura: in a few minutes. >>russell: don much more ahead in the next hour, including the science behind waiting in line. choosing the line that moves the quickest. it's not always the shortest line. >>laura: not the most obvious choice. then tim tebow's signing bonus to play baseball for the mets. it's six figures. >>russell: and searchers find something alive underneath a pile of earthquake debris. no water or food, two weeks.
6:57 am
out the door, very pretty start to the day. i got temperatures a little bit warmer, a little bit muggier than yesterday so a lot of us are in the upper 70s under mostly sunny skies. with that drier air that we have above the surface aloft, i like to call it, that big fancy word, that keeps the rain chances on the lower side. 20% for today and 30% for tomorrow and sunday and high temperatures, just a shade above normal keeping them in the lower
6:59 am
7:00 am
((russell - >>russell: that sinking feeling. coast guard rescues a man using a plastic cup to bail the water out of his boat. plus -- >> some early voting begins today in the race for the white house. for donald trump and hillary clinton, swing states seem to be getting closer and closer. we'll have more on all of that coming up. deceive you. longer lines may be the best option the next time you go shopping. longer lines. welcome to the 7:00 hour of "good day tampa bay." i'm laura moody. >>russell: and i'm russell rhodes. what is the weather going to be like for the weekend? let's get to dave and find out. >>dave: i have 12 1/2 minutes to sunrise. it's beautiful outside this morning. the thing you will notice as you walk out the door is it's warmer and it's muggier.


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