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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 7AM  FOX  September 9, 2016 7:00am-7:57am EDT

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((russell - >>russell: that sinking feeling. coast guard rescues a man using a plastic cup to bail the water out of his boat. plus -- >> some early voting begins today in the race for the white house. for donald trump and hillary clinton, swing states seem to be getting closer and closer. we'll have more on all of that coming up. deceive you. longer lines may be the best option the next time you go shopping. longer lines. welcome to the 7:00 hour of "good day tampa bay." i'm laura moody. >>russell: and i'm russell rhodes. what is the weather going to be like for the weekend? let's get to dave and find out. >>dave: i have 12 1/2 minutes to sunrise. it's beautiful outside this morning. the thing you will notice as you walk out the door is it's warmer and it's muggier.
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temperatures 70s inland, upper 70s along the coastline. lower 70s to the north. it's not a bad start. this afternoon rain chances hold at around 20%. that means high temperatures get back to about 93 degrees or so. weekend rain chances up a bit but still a bit below normal. i'll explain all of that for you in a little bit. vanessa? >>vanessa: thanks, dave. we'll touch on trouble spots here at 7:01. this crash from the last hour still carrying over to this one with lane dade city area affecting clinton avenue and prospect road. new crash reported out of tampa, florida and fletcher, also we'll deal with at least a travel lane blocked. east bay drive and belcher road, a new crash. most of the delays in the eastbound direction so that will be your area to give yourself extra time as you head out the door. >>russell: new this morning, a man in distress. listen to this.
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bail water out of his boat. the coast guard got to him. shayla reaves is covering that story for us this morning. >> good morning to you. if you think about this, this could have gone so many other ways but just imagine it. in this case, there was a half inch, we're told, as far as that space between the water and the batteries on the boat. that's how much space separated able to arrive. check out this video on your screen. this is video provided to us by the clearwater air station on thursday. if you can just imagine, you're alone on a boat. a water pump starts working and you're miles from land. that's what happened to the man on the screen. the situation intensified as the coast guard approached. you can see him doing what he can to stay afloat. that's a plastic cup in his
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of the boat in hopes of keeping that boat from sinking. according to the coast guard, this started with a may day call around 2:30 in the afternoon. man called the st. pete sector, alerted them using an emergency situation, a water pump broke, the water was rising in the boat. clearwater coast guard air crew out of -- it was actually diverted. they made their way to him just in time. they were able to put a rescue swimmer down, lower pump onto the 20 foot increase and he will if that boat had taken on much more water, it could have soaked the batteries and then put him in even more dangerous situation where he was actually himself stuck in the water. fortunately, he was able to escape that outcome. the pinellas county sheriff's office marine unit as well as another coast guard unit out of sand key, they were able to get to him, get involved and they
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another dock on treasure island. rescue swimmer involved said three things made the difference in this case. it was quick thinking, training, coordination, all of those elements work together and help to save a life in this case. back to you. >>russell: good to know this came out well. thank you. talk later, okay? police in orlando want to reassure everyone that the city is a safe tourist destination. >>laura: they are still searching for the person who fatally shot a man in front his wife outside of a hotel. the shooter was trying to steal her purse at the time. turkish couple just arrived. the tourist district is among the safest areas in the city. some detectives say they cannots remember the last time a murder happened there. >>russell: 7:04 and love turns to hate in manatee county. rachel leahy accused of trying to hire a hitman to kill her ex-husband.
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they didn't know the hitman was an undercover cop. they think she was trying to get custody of the kids. >>laura: a fugitive made a fatal mistake. 32-year-old francis perry died yesterday morning at a hospital in lakeland. he was sent there after shooting at a polk county detective during a traffic stop on wednesday. four officers on the scene shot back. we're told they found methamphetamine in the car. perry had a lg history starting when he was just 10. he went to prison three times. >>russell: fema reps will visit this weekend to assess damage from hurricane hermine. the county had a lot of flooding from the rain. the sheriff's office puts the damage estimate up to nearly $2 million. that's well above the $500,000 requirement for federal assistance. >>laura: it is 7:05. new poll shows the presidential race is a tossup. both candidates are ahead in different battleground states,
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doug is following the race from washington. >>reporter: ultimately 37 states will allow some form of early voting before election day on november 8 and for one state, that begins today. hillary clinton trying to rev up a crowd yesterday on the campaign trail, but it was the location that was telling. north carolina. >> get out and vote and make it clear, we're not putting up that. >>reporter: and north carolina can get out and vote starting today with voters allowed to submit absentee ballots for any reason with other states soon to follow suit. it means clinton and donald trump will need to start locking down support. >> that's money coming out of the states like ohio. >>reporter: not a surprise that trump was in ohio yesterday with plans to hit florida later today. a new swing state poll shows florida, north carolina, ohio and pennsylvania are all within the margin of error now. >> what you see on the screen is
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now. for trump to win, he's going to have to win all the states that mitt romney won and then on top of that, he'll have to win pennsylvania, florida and ohio. so unless those states work out for him, he's not going to win. >>reporter: and then libertarian candidate gary johnson with a major stumble. >> what would you do if you were elected about alepo? >> what is alepo? sfwla you're kidding. >> no. >> critical city now at the heart of the conflict in syria. for all the media hand wringing that followed, "new york times" had to issue two corrections of its own as it sought to correct johnson. after first calling the defacto capital of the islamic state. it's not. and then mistakenly referring it to the capital of syria. the capital is damascus. it's not clear what damage this
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make it into the presidential debates. >>russell: choosing the right checkout line the next time you shop. coming up, how looks can be deceiving. >>laura: and lucky to be alive. two weeks without any food or water. a cat found under the earthquake rubble. >>dave: 7:08. temperature range, 70 up in citrus county. it's as warm as close to 80 st. petersburg but in general, running three or four degrees warmer than yesterday. quiet start. it should be a hot finish with temperatures around 93 degrees. the thing is, rain chances still hold today. 20% tomorrow.
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>>dave: a minute and a half. that's when the sun will be up and we'll have another absolutely gorgeous start to the day. you can start to see a sliver as
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77 in the tampa net cam. our temperatures are running a little warmer, muggier in general than yesterday. there's downtown tampa in the background and many sweaty people jogging down bayshore this morning. dew points are up a little bit. it feels more like the summertime. look how tiny the sun looks when it's coming up. lakeland net camera, 73 degrees. mostly clear skies. you get an idea we're just as pretty the difference, a few degrees. we're running two to five degrees warmer. the further north you are, the warmer it was. yesterday was an abnormal day in citrus and hernando county in the morning. low to mid 60s. that doesn't happen all that often in september. you back closer to where you should be. so a little bit warmer to start. i still think we finish right back where we were yesterday, about 92, 93 degrees and believe it or not, that's above normal.
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normal high drops back to 89 and so we're going to technically be absolutely above normal all weekend long. want moisture levels are higher. i know what you're thinking. the rain chances have to be going up. the dew point is going up. not necessarily because just above us, you go 10,000 feet or so in the atmosphere, there's still just a blanket of drier air hanging around. we just don't have a lot of moisture through the column to thunderstorms. now, 20%, that's our rain chance for today. then we'll slowly begin to work it back up and i'm thinking, by the time we get into the beginning, middle portion of next week, we'll start to tap into a little more in the way of tropical layer so the tropical moisture will gradually return, i think by tuesday and wednesday and in turn, the rain chances go back up a little bit. today 20%, tomorrow around 30%. by tuesday or so, the rain
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nothing extreme. what we're doing is slowly bringing rain chances back up to kind of where they should be here for early september. clouds, sunshine, heat. we're back to 93 degrees today with that rain chance around 20%. let's say it's closer to 30%, though, from sarasota south. so 10% better chance the further south you are. then mostly clear tonight, 77 degrees will be the overnight low except inland and north, you'll be in the mid 70s and partly cloudy for 92 for a high temperature tomorrow. we're going with the 30% rain chance for tomorrow afternoon. boaters, an enjoyable weekend for you on the coastal waters. 10 knot winds, light chop, seas running two feet for you and a high tide now, well, eight minutes ago. the next seven days, you'll see the rain chances go back up to 40%. but number one, nothing in the tropics headed toward the lower 48 right now. and nothing extreme for rain.
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from the rain we had last week. >>vanessa: thank you. here's a trouble spot on gandy boulevard heading in the eastbound direction. right before you get to the bridge, brighton bay boulevard is where the crash is reported. lane blockage and we're seeing some slowdowns as i mentioned so maybe a few extra minutes to the travel time f. that's along your morning drive. venice, a crash reported in the intersection at shamrock boulevard. that intersection is blocked out so you might to want avoid that area. and then just a seeing some delays and they are growing here. this earlier crash mentioned east bay drive at belcher road in pinellas county. eastbound is that area of concern. we'll check out the congestion points on the interstates. it looks quiet compared to what we're used to seeing this time of morning. it should take you 15 minutes from bearss. >>russell: you're ready to check out at the publix and there you are. it's like saturday and the lines
7:16 am
up and down trying to find -- you always look for the shortest line at the supermarket because that's the quickest way out, right? >>laura: but the most obvious choice may not be the best one. the longer line may be the way to go. >> at 6:15 p.m. in the martin williams on third avenue thursday, cashiers waited for customers. half hour later, customers waited for cashiers, forcing those ready to check out perform a familiar personal calculation to figure out which line is the quickest. >> the cutest checkout girl >> how one line moves compared to another line depends on a number of variables. what they're waiting, what they're serving, mood, experience and so on making it difficult to predict. >> probably the one moving the quickest. >> that logic may seem obvious about the the chief economic
7:17 am
may take longer than waiting for a cart or two filled with dozens of items because the time it takes every person in the express lane to pay and get out of there. >> not worried about speed at all. i like good atmosphere. >> while a few of us judge our lines differently -- >> i like to see who is the friendliest. >> i go by which one is the friendliest. >> i'm trying to find one that's nice. >> i got a go ahead good eye for >>reporter: the rest of us want to be done as soon as possible. there are lurks of force waiting to upset the logic and leave us standing in line. >> the coupon lady. >> sometimes the customer has coupons and their handbag and they have a check and -- >> i guess i look at the demographics of the people. >> the one that has 30 items in the express line.
7:18 am
but that's okay. they can take their time. i'll just find a different line. >>laura: us? >>russell: i don't think i got the answer but okay. i'll go back and listen to it again. tim tebow's signing bonus with the mets. we'll have that for you coming up. >>laura: and then our jennifer epstein has another home town hero segment. >>jennifer: we all know how important back to school shopping is. not just for clothes but the se backpacks. sadly, not everyone can afford new stuff every year. that's where this week's home town hero steps in. he's backing up some needy families and carrying on his mother's amazing leg agencies. we'll meet this week's home town hero a little later on "good day." first we'll say good morning to charley belcher. >>charley: that's right. it's friday. you know what that means. time for some more high school football, time for another good
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((laura- welcome back to good day tampa bay. >>laura: welcome back. thank you for waking up with us. north korea is at it again, conducting another nuclear test. >>russell: and they say this one was more powerful than the atomic bomb we dropped on hiroshima during world war ii.
7:23 am
the test and president obama says it will be met with serious consequences. >>laura: bruce miller is facing seven felony charges for beating a 70-year-old man with his own cane. that man's son was also hurt during the attack that happened inside a hotel lobby on monday. miller will appear in court today for arraignment. he lost his job with the 49ers just after this alleged incident. returns to south carolina with one less passenger aboard. the coast guard is searching for a woman. there are reports of her jumping off the ship about 15 miles off the coast of grand bahama island. she's been missing a little more than 48 hours. she's from new york. >> and liftoff of osiris rex. its seven year mission to boldly go to the asteroid and back.
7:24 am
up, up and away. a rocket launch lit up the night sky last night at cape can canaveral. it's carrying a spacecraft that will travel to an asteroid to collect gravel. scientists think the space rocks that it may bring back, this is the hope, may hold crews to the original inof life. 12-year-old boy won a contest to name the asteroid. >>russell: twoee massive earthquake in italy and another rescue. this time a cat was found under all the rubble. it was a little hesitant to come out. afraid of the firefighters at first. we're told the cat has a jaw fracture but he's going to make a full recovery sin the quake firefighters have found close to 1,000 animals alive in all that rubble. >>dave: that is stunning. stunning news. 7:24. beautiful sun up over the tampa
7:25 am
77 degrees. it's warmer, muggier than it was yesterday at this time. looking at temps today to slide back in the 90s. we hit 92 yesterday -- i'm sorry, two days ago. 93 yesterday. we'll be in that range today. 92, 93 degrees. overall rain chances stay on the low side and that's around 20% today and only slightly better tomorrow and sunday when it goes up to around 30%. >>vanessa: thanks, dave. we have sky fox checking out that east bay this is east bay before you get to belcher road. eastbound direction looks like this vehicle does involve a transit bus. the vehicle actually rear ended this bus and we have blockage. right lane, traffic is moving slowly here. we're not quite in the clear yet for this crash. to tampa here, florida avenue at fletcher, we mentioned this crash a couple of reports ago. there are delays northbound and southbound just north of the fletcher avenue intersection.
7:26 am
florida, that will be back up northbound, southbound. gandy boulevard, an earlier crash at brighton bay blvl. eastbound delays, backups now to fourth street north. take that into account. selmon expressway, travel times look good. 16 minutes is the drive between 75 and gandy and pretty clear here, 14 minutes eastbound gandy to 75. >>russell: honor or dishonor? the display that wal-mart took down after getting complaints. >>laura: and then you don't want to be the person fire on a plane. alcides segui tells us about a new government warning and a very scary possible outcome. good morning. >>reporter: yeah. f.a.a. strongly advising travellers not to use or charge the samsung galaxy note 7 on an aircraft. three australian airlines are banning it as a whole. first walter allen is staying afloat. good morning to you, my friend.
7:27 am
are. good morning to you. i can give you one guess where we're at. it is the tampa bay boat show. we're at the tampa convention center. the sun is rising. sure looks like it's going to be a god good. it was doggie destiny the perfect toy at an amazing price? of course not. he's a dog. but that's the beauty of a store full of surprises. you never know what you're gonna find,
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good day tamba he is 7:--. >>russell: welcome. it is 7:30. a warning overnight about a certain type of smart phone. >>laura: the f.a.a. says you might want to leave a specific device at home the next time you fly. cis sei is a tampa international airport to tell u whh ohe phones is the most dangerous and why. it's sad, too. it's a newphone. you know people pay good money for these. >>reporter: absolutely.
7:31 am
we'reut t morning. msey unveiled the new phone hre. it was supposed to cte w the new apple iphone ty ve to dh is massi recall. and now we' hearing that three australian airlines are banning passengers from using or even charging their samsung galaxy note 7 on their airplanes and we're also knowing the federal aviation administration is passengers not turn on or charge their note 7 on board any aircraft. so again, the f.a.a. strongly advising and three australian airlines banning it as a whole. about a week ago, samsung recalled the smart phones after finding that some of their batteries exploded or caught fire. the cell phone giant confirmed 35 instances of a note 7 catching fire or exploding. there have been no reports of
7:32 am
being pulled from shelves in 10 countries, including the united states. apparently one of these cell phones, these faulty phones, may have been sold right here to a st. pete man just days after the recall. nathan dornarcher says his green grand cherokee caught fire. he left his galaxy note 7 charging when the phone exploded and engulfed his jeep. we spoke to a couple of travellers here about the recall. know, the function is not right and causing any problems, then it's a hazard on the plane as people are flying. it could be -- if it's in a car and the car catches on fire, what's going to happen if it's in a plane? >>reporter: and the f.a.a. is looking into this. they are only strongly travellers not to use or charge the phones on any aircraft but if things continue the way they are at this point, they could
7:33 am
so we'll just have to wait and see how all of this pans out. it could come to a point where they mie ban it as a whole. we'll just have to wait and se >>ura: all right. thank you. you know, fire on board a plane can be disastrous. local firefighters were conducting a training exercise last night at t.i.a. there are hundreds of passengers to say nothing of the threat of a fuel leak. >> this amount of life. souls on board. it's on board of an aircraft where we would have the dynamic of a large amount of jet fuel which burns differently than other fuel and materials we might be embracing on the street. >>laura: all firefighters have to receive the type of training once a year. >>russell: 7:33 right now. wal-mart in florida has taken down the display set up to remember the victims of the 9/11 attacks. here's a picture of the display in panama citiful some people
7:34 am
it shows the world trade twin towers. the backdrop of the american flag with made with coke products. store management gave the supplier permission to set and up and then sent out a statement that said we hold this moment in our country's history in the highest regard. sunday is the 15th anniversary of the attacks that killed thousands of americans and hurt thousands more. the first plane hit the world trade center at 8:46 that morning. the second one at engineer -- another plane hit the pentagon later that morning and another plane went down in rural pennsylvania. >>jennifer: everyone wants to leave a legacy. something people will remember them by whe they're gone. and that's exactly whane woman from dunedin did. she donated backpacks to needy kids and even though she sdied
7:35 am
on her son. rob arrived at our lady of lord school the same way he has every august for the last five years, with a truckload of backpacks and supplies. >> i'm here with the lady project. >> thank so much. >> you're welcome. >>jennifer: the donations are in honor of his mom, better known as the backpack lady. every august, phyllis secretly delivered two backpacks to our lady of lords and she did it for 12 years. >> i just walk in and what my mother did. these are for the kids and i leave. >>jennifer: he didn't find out about his mom's good work until after she passed away in 2011. he expanded his mom's good work at one school to classrooms across pinellas county. >> next thing you know, i was delivering 200 backpacks and this year i did 461 to 46 schools. >>jennifer: he doesn't do it
7:36 am
thse aren't empty backpacks. each one is full of supplies. >> approximately every teacher usually spends about $200 to $300 of their own money to supply -- you know, buy supplies for their students and it's big time need. >>jennifer: it's rob's personality that the principal says gives struggling families a hope. >> somebody cares. someone is relieving them of a struggle. >>jennifer: rob never knew a until that first donation five years ago and he's been making deliveries ever since. >> makes me feel amazing and i'm very proud. like i said, it just tells me to remember my mom.p>>jennifer: ro for recognition. he does it for the kids and in honor of his mom phyllis, the backpack lady. he didn't find out until shortly after he died and he was so happy. he wanted to share it with everyone.
7:37 am
instead of guests bringing flowers to her memorial, they brought backpacks instead. >>dave: tough loss for the rays last night. yankees beat them in new york. it was 5-4. all four of those runs for the rays were actually home runs. unfortunately, nobody was on base when they happened. kevin hit two of those home runs, giving him a career high of 11 this season. he games. yankees won the game on a walkoff home run in the ninth inning by rookie austin. new york making a push for plateoffs. two teams will play again tonight. boy, it was a thrilling thursday night football game. we start the nfl season, broncos at home against the panthers. it was a repeat of the super bowl. the carolina quarterback newton put his team ahead and a nice little dance afterward but
7:38 am
anderson put denver ahead with two of his own touchdowns, one off the pass and another off the run and then the panthers had a chance to win the game in the final seconds. to the left. final score, 21-20. bucs start the regular season sunday in atlanta and hopefully they can repeat the success they had against the falcons last season. bucs beat them twice. game starts at 1:00 but our coverage starts at 10:30 a.m. tailgate pre-game show comes on after that and we're also showing the giants and cowboys' game at 4:25. shaq o'neill and yao ming have custom made sport coats yesterday. o'neill the first player taken in the 1992 draft. he became a four time champion,
7:39 am
seventh on the all-time scoring list. how about the mets, right? they're already making money from signing tim tebow to a minor league contract. more than $4 million in media exposure and ad value on social media since that news broke yesterday morning. the mets gave tebow $100,000 signing bonus. that's the maximum for a free agent taken after the tenth round of the draft. mets made the decision based and not for marketing reasons. they've already made millions, laura. >>laura: he's going to be the most watched minor league outfielder in the history of major league baseball. thank you, dave. shiny and new. that's what you'll find at the tampa boat show this weekend at the convention center. it's always the dream, folks. walteral sen already there doing a little shopping. good morning, walter. >>walter: it is shiny and new, laura moody. it is beautiful.
7:40 am
prestige 750. this is a yacht, not a boat. this is a yacht. and this is huge. what is the price tag? kevin murphy joining us. what's the price tag? >> 4.5 million. >>walter: that's -- but this is a beautiful boat. this is what you see here at the tampa boat show. unlike other boat shows, especially in tampa, the boats are where they're supposed to be. they're in the water, home. >> they are. we have over 135 boats in the water and over 200 inside. >>walter: so talk to me. what are we going to see? obviously the boating enthusiasts are going to come here and drool. >> we have boats for everyone. six to eight feet for the entry levels or boats like this that one over four million so something for everyone. >>walter: and people come here and they purchase? >> they do.
7:41 am
>>walter: and it's not, you know, boats from a year or two ago. these are brand spanking new, ready to go, right? >> yeah. it's been a really good year for the dealers here. these boats are either 2016 and most of them 2017 models, all brand new to the market. >>walter: so at this boat show, anything that in particular caught your eye or anything special this year? >> i think we're standing on it. you're looking at a 75 foot motort lital caters to everyone. >>walter: this really is a beautiful setting, beautiful sunrise. there's a new boat over there that nobody has seen before ever, right? >> the carbor52, brand new to the market. launched just for the show. >>walter: how do you get all the boats here? >> it takes a long time to build the marina. this is a temporary marina we bring in and build and then the yachts come in, in a timely
7:42 am
some out front and they all sail in. >>walter: what are the hours? through this weekend, right? >> 10:00 to 8:00 today and tomorrow, 10:00 to 6:00 on sunday. >>walter: there you go. here at the tampa convention center, the tampa boat show. you'll see beauties like this where you can fantasize or if you're actually in the market to purchase a boat. you have speed boats, fishing boats, everything? >> fishing boats, speed boats, sail boats, a little of everything. >>walter: in my dinghy. >>laura: i'm there with you. >>walter: toss it back to you. cue the christopher cross time you come back to me. ? take me away? >>dave: no. don't sing. >>laura: we'll leave it there, walter. thank you. >>dave: don't sing, walter, please. please? 7:42. lakeland net camera as we take
7:43 am
it really is. in terms of rain chances today, low like yesterday around 20%. and high temperatures back to the lower 90s.
7:44 am
ge. there's a race going on right now. the world's clean energy super power's either going to be germany, china, or us. and i'm going to make sure it's us. from 500 million solar panels installed by the end of my first term, to precision manufacturing. we'll beat the competition and create new high wage jobs. we can do this, millions of jobs right here in america.
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>>dave: top 'o the morning to you, everybody. got that hazy kind of look to the atmosphere but it's beautiful outside. the river view net camera, looking back toward the coast, we're at in fact, inland locations, low to mid 70, still in the upper 70s back to the coast coastline. beach weekend. hilton clearwater beach, 78 degrees with an east-northeast wind at six miles an hour. now that it hasn't rained in several days, about 84, 85 degrees the water temperature in the pier there. still 66 in ocala and really
7:47 am
jacksonville, one little spot in r state, that little area where it's real nice this morning because it's warm and muggy in melbourne, warm and muggy back to st. petersburg and sarasota where our overall temperatures this morning, abo degreesarmer than yesterday this time. we still have that drier air in the mid levels of the atmosphere. can't shake it yet. that's why the rain chances stay on the low side. keep them around 20% today for the tampa area. keep them around 30% for in the summer months, you know it just gets hot outside. normal high 90 degrees. we're going to bring it up to 92, 93 degrees this afternoon. just given the fact that we have these lower than normal rain chances. but, you know, the future cast, optimistic. future cast wants to bring a few showers and thunderstorms across the state later today. just keep a close eye on your skytower radar app because it
7:48 am
well into sunday as well and so in general, i think ever so slowly we're going to start to bring these rain chances back up so like 20% today, then, you know, 30% tomorrow. by next week it's 40%. nothing extreme, though. so 93 degrees for a high temp today. beautiful sunset tonight. get out and enjoy. mostly clear skies. overnight 77 degrees and then for tomorrow, back to 92 under partly cloudy skies. tomorrow's rain chance goes up to overall. a lot of math. a lot of math. light chop for boaters not only today but all weekend long with your seven-day outlook showing rain chances for 30% sunday into monday and then a 40% rain chance with highs near 90 tuesday, wednesday and thursday. >>vanessa: all right. thank you, dave. and here's another lane blockage crash we're seeing eastbound delays van dyke road and this is
7:49 am
parkway but the eastbound delays we're seeing are from van dyke to the east towards lake shore so a few extra minutes between that particular stretch of van dyke and then here on our interstates, not too much to complain about. northbound drivers 275 from the st. pete side of the howard frankland, give yourself 19 minutes and also moderate congestion westbound i-4. 18 minutes between buchman and 75 and northbound 75 from the selmon to >> your friend is a loser, and i'm going to tell him he's a loser and i'm going to love telling him he's a loser. he's a loser. he's a loser. he's a loser.
7:50 am
(laura- >>laura: what a scene. that's actor danny devi to from "taxi." he's a funny guy. >>russell: not only has he been a star on tv but the big screen as well. now he's taking his talent to broadway. first time he's going to make his debut this winter. it will be one of the stars of the revival of arthur miller's "the price" about two brothers who reunite to settle affairs of their late father. great actors in this thing. it begins previews in february and then open to the public in march. so weird you see danny devito in "taxi." that was the first time anybody really seen him. he had done one flew over the cuckoo's nest but this was the first time you really got to know danny devito and yeah. from there, look what happened.
7:51 am
>>jennifer: charley? should we head over there? >>russell: let's go. >>charley: did you hear me tell them all to stand by? >>russell: we didn't. >>charley: good. then i wish i hadn't just told you i did that. it's hard to control an entire school. guys, we're live on tv. ready? here is what we're going to do. we're going to start the day the way they always start the day at 5a. everybody at home, stand up. hand across your heart. these ladies are going to lead us in the pledge of allegiance. go. >> flag of the united states of america and two the republic for which it stands, one nation, under god, indivisible with liberty and justice for all. >>charley: yes! i love it. i love it. champ u.s.a. now. i love it. the pep rally officially underway. stick around, everybody.
7:52 am
and we're going to have a good day at this pep rally. golden outside or fluffy inside. deep pockets or delicious ridges. tasty egg or savory bacon. experience dunkin's new belgian waffle breakfast sandwich. it's not this or that. it's all of it.
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(vo) we went to hollywood to ask if america's favorites - burgers, tacos and chili could taste just as great made with turkey. thousands stepped into the jennie-o tasting booth to find out. with just one bite, they knew.
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?? this fall at dunkin' donuts, get lost in pumpkin with a $1.99 medium macchiato or latte from 12:00 to 6:00 p.m. sip in the season today. america runs on dunkin'. >>charley: "good day tampa bay." i'm charley belcher coming to you from 5a high school in beautiful hudson, florida. it is a home of our fox 13 "good
7:55 am
right over there in case you wondered where they were. our juniors are right over there. our freshmen are right over there. and the loudest group of sophomores i've ever heard. the lady in charge of the your falcons are fired up. >> they're fabulous so excited to have you here. so welcome. welcome to 5a. >>charley: thank you very much. athletics, we're talking about football, friday football, but i know you have a good school here that runs through academics, clubs, community involvement. >> we have huge pieces of academics. we have a tremendous advanced placement program. we have approximately 250
7:56 am
that. we have a partnership with state college so we actually teach classes here on campus. we have students that go there. we have a phenomenal student body. we have three academies. we have criminal justice, our teams leave there with a 911 telecommunications certification. they're halfway through. we have culinary operations and we have medical skills. our students graduate with a cna, they can go directly to work. we have a lot of great t happening. >>charley: that's fantastic. 5a, you're going into your seventh school year so building traditions around football and athletics, it's important to build the traditions, to build that school pride. you start from the ground up. >> right. and we were talking earlier, we pulled from your alma mater and ridgewd so we worked to create school pride and layering in the traditions but weh our students as partners in that so we've got a lot of great things
7:57 am
work. keep up the good work. how about we fire up the marching band? and we fire up these falcons. stick around, everybody. it's going to be a "good day tampa bay"! ? it was doggie destiny was mr. bonejangles expecting the perfect toy at an amazing price? of course not. he's a dog.
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hillary clinton: i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. bob kidder, owner, new england shirt company: this factory has been here since eighteen eighty-three. we have over sixty people here making shirts labled made in america. but donald trump's brand of shirts come from china, his suits from mexico, his coats from india. trump's products have been made in twelve other countries because he says there's no place in america that he can make them. well there is. you know donald trump says he'll make america great again while
8:00 am
((russell some animals are safe! why convicted abusers won't have easy access to them anymore.. some animals are safe why convict abusers won't have easy access to them any more. more you see the more you do. and this is especially true about teens. the scary information that parents need to know this news station, this is good day tampa bay. hey everybody it's 8 o'clock i'm russell rhodes. good morning everybody. we thank you for waking up with us on this friday. it's september 9th. and we're going to get straight to dave way we always do with look at the forecast. good morning, yeah we're 77 degrees. out of tampa international. i've got 78 in clearwater. 79 in st. petersburg. our temperatures this morning all running a few degrees warmer than they were yesterday at this time.


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