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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 8AM  FOX  September 9, 2016 8:00am-9:00am EDT

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((russell some animals are safe! why convicted abusers won't have easy access to them anymore.. some animals are safe why convict abusers won't have easy access to them any more. more you see the more you do. and this is especially true about teens. the scary information that parents need to know this news station, this is good day tampa bay. hey everybody it's 8 o'clock i'm russell rhodes. good morning everybody. we thank you for waking up with us on this friday. it's september 9th. and we're going to get straight to dave way we always do with look at the forecast. good morning, yeah we're 77 degrees. out of tampa international. i've got 78 in clearwater. 79 in st. petersburg. our temperatures this morning all running a few degrees warmer than they were yesterday at this time.
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broe 80. i'll take that minor victory isolated storms in forecast today. rain chance going to run 20 percent for tampa. and 30 percent for areas to the south which means plenty of time for to you make it back up to 93 degrees for high temperature. about 4 o'clock or so. okay. >> all right. all right. dave, thank you. >> 8:01. here a couple of our slower spots right now. and these are crash related. these are previous crashes which are still causing some back ups here. pinellas county, two crashes to a report east bay belcher. eastbound direction still seeing some delays approaching that intersection. so still give yourself a few extra minutes. this one still working as well gandy eastbound too. lane blockage here as you get towards the bridge, you're going to start to slow down just a little bit. updates on our drive times shaping up this way. finally in red here southbound 275, 22 minutes from bearss to i-4. all right. all right. thank you, vanessa. hillsborough county takes a historic step in an effort to protect animals. commissioners thursday improved
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it is move that hopefully will keep abuse evers away from innocent thes. high time for something like this, right, jen? >> yeah absolutely it is, russell. a hillsborough county again is first in the state to do something like this. county commissioners overwhelmingly approved a new registry preventing convicted animals abusers from being able to adopt a new pet. it doesn't stop there though. they can't work with animals either. and places that sell animals along with the registry before adopting out an animal. it took while to get to this point. it was pushed back for changes. but now, as part of the registry, places that sell dogs will have a person signed affidavit saying they've never been convicted. clerks will check registry if they have, will know notify county to send animal control officer to get that animal. shelters will have to do it immediately. the registry is still getting some push back from the animal
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written it won't be able to protect any animal in the county. it was passed 6-1 during the meeting yesterday. ordinance goes into effect november 1st. all right. that's good news, jen. great news. >> see you later. it's 8:03. an unexpected surprise for itt tech students. they showed up to school on tuesday, and the doors were locked. but now they are getting some help thank to st. pete college. spt team members are reaching displaced to try to get them enrolled in classes as early as next week. this should help people who were close to completing their certificate programs through itt tech. >> closure of that school after 50 years is fueling a debate over federal government's aggressive policies at for profit higher education and mr. whether it could destroy an industry that has been around for decades. now after years of complaints about departmentive marketing and high loan default rates, education officials are finally
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accountable. taking away federal financial aid turned out to be the big edge blow to the industry yet. when things go wrong you will do anything you can to save your life and those who are with you and when a boat started taking on thursday in gulf a man grabbed a cup, only thing he did adid best he could until help could arrive it did just in time. fox 13 shayla reese is live for news clearwater. shayla, this was an an amazing rescue and pretty kraft survival skills too i'll say. good morning. >> i know. as russell mentioned earlier he might want to save that cup for the future to tell that story. but if you think about it in this case, we're told it was about a half an inch. that's that separated the water from reaching the batteries on this boat. so certainly a dire situation for the boater and of course the coast guard members that were able to get there and help him just in time.
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video. this is video released to us by the clearwater air station thursday afternoon. >> terrifying moments, if you can just imagine you're lone on boat a water pump stops working and you're miles away from land. that's what happened to the man on your screen about 12 miles from johns pass. the situation intensified as the coast guard approached you can see him doing what he can to stay afloat. that's a plastic cup there in his happened. he's using that cup to scoop the water out just one step to try to keep that water out enough enough to not impact the batteries. this all started with may day call around 2:30 in afternoon to st. pete sector. the man alerted the sector of the problem. the clearwater station responded a swimmer was able to get in the water they were able to send down a dewatering pump. eventually he was escorted by the pinellas county sheriff's
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guard unit out of san key to treasure island a dock at that loeshgs they were able able to get involved and make a difference he's alive to tell that story, guys. back to you all right. all right, shayla, thank you. also in news 8:06 a rough few months for sunshine state. visit florida is working hard to make sure the recent tragedies we've had do not turn tourists away with new so many ways to love florida campaign c ement o announced new social media tactics to keep tourists it could prove to be a challenge with at threat of zika still looming. and the murder of tourist on his honeymoon just yesterday. as we know, few bad apples cannot ruin everything. tourism department wants everyone across state to share their photo and stories about all ways to har tag love florida. same way we live here. exactly. yeah. exactly. >> fans and owners are want to
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here. tampa kicks off the tampa bay boat show. and walter is at the skrengs florida to give us a look at what this all has for us this weekend. its always so cool. always so cool to go to convention center and see all boats in the water around it. it's just thrilling. >> you don't necessarily have to buy. you just look. >> i don't think you can buy some of these boats. i know. this one behind me is 1.? >> $1.4 million. brand new spanking new nobody's seen this boat before. this is carver coup. sounds like i know what i'm talking about. i don't really know kevin murphy thank you with boat show. thank you for joining these are some of the things you see here brand new boats. yeah we have wide array of brand new products at the show. this carver 52 offered by tom is brand new to market never seen.
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owner. >> since we're all dreaming this morning, that we can even look at this, let alone afford it, what do you get when you get this much boat? >> luxury. this boat is very unique though. it has the joystick docking system in it. so you don't have to stand at the helm you've docking stick so you can run bough thruster and makes it very easy to drive. i prefer the joystick in all. yes. of course. what else? i mean like i think washing machine in one. truly is a house on the water >> well more like a condo. sleeps six people comfortably. and everything in there is provided so that you could live on the boat. >> okay. you're from rhode island. you come down here. how unique is this to have a convention center right on the water? you can have boat show right here. >> yeah a great opportunity for us to not only show boats inside which we do at many of our shows but show boats in the water.
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look at the boat as it sits on at trailer or they come outside and see how the boat sits in the water. a really unique opportunity. kevin, don't go anywhere we will talk to you at 9. roy, to your right i will whip you around again. they find my boat out there on the water. there it is. now kevin do you have a used version of that boat for me? >> that's in my in my press. russell, laura. we'll toss it back into you guys. we'll see you at 9. all right. all right. we'll see you then. thank you, walter. is there rain the weekend? dave's back in a few minutes with your skytower radar forecast a voluntary mission changed one family's life forever. jenning back with their story and unique way one mans memory is kept alive every year. >> and then at 8:30 targeting your pockets but landing smrm somewhere else the industry trying to get your money but getting your teens instead and the damage it could do.
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what? i got two ear pieces in just so i can try to hear you. yes. listen i'm a 5a high school up in hudson for this pep rally. and everybody is sitting down. everybody is sitting down. we need music to get these kids up. i lost you. here we go. now they are standing up. look at that. now it's a party. a pep rally. it's a friday. we'll take you back to high school. get you ready for some football with some enthusiasm that never
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i'm really good at war. i love war in a certain way. including with nukes, yes including with nukes. ieve me. nuclear, just the power the devastation, is very important to me. i want to be unpredictable, unpredictable, unpredictable, unpredictable.
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sunday marks 15 years since the september eleventh sunday marks 15 years since september 11th terror attacks. 2753 people died this day. 343 firefighters. stephen was one of those first responders. he was on his way to play a round of golf when he heard the news and headed to world trade center instead. but by time he got to the brooklyn battery tunnel the road
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full firefighter gear he ran almost three miles from the tunnel to the towers. >> 34-year-old father of 5 died that day. but his legacy lives on through the stephen siller tunnels to tower foundation. rhonda and matthew are here to tell u more about the foundation and saturday upcoming memorial walk. good morning thank you for being here. thanks for having us out. you both are first responders you didn't know steven but i feel like your jobs play a really important role than maybe me or common person. to what 9/11 means to us. it holds a different truth for you guys. >> it does. i can remember as a volunteer starting off in pinellas and watching all the events take place on tv, those chills and those memories every 9/11 i think about it. you make those decisions all my brother and sisters will make same decisions that same day in
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absolutely. so many hero that is came out 9/11. people that made ultimate sacrifice. people that without even hesitation you know, ran into the towers to save others. it's just, there are so many he lows. so many people but stephen siller story is just really, really touching. >> and shortly after 9/11 his family started the foundation. what is the foundation do? all foundation has multiple different initiates they work with is their tagged with a building for americans. for veterans post 9/11. anybody that was cat strofbcally injured missing two lanes or mow build an electronically friendly home that gives a veterans a place of their own so that they can raise their family without difficulty. and they raise that family through several fundraisers including the tunnel to towers
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all across the country. i believe it is 28 city now 29 including clearwater. >> what's the event like? >> the event in new york is huge. it's it's a massive, 30,000 people come out to remember, to honor, to just be a part of you know history. it's grown. it's grown so big they've expanded to other cities. we got the opportunity and volunteered to bring it to our city so that we can you know honor our own local heros. you know and people that protect us every day. >> a big job. you both took on. basically the two of them putting on this first annual event here in clearwater. why take on this huge task? >> it's just fading away if you really think about it. everybody is learning about it in their history books.
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remember. this is the 15th anniversary. you know it's a big one. and we are just honored that we can bring it here. we have so many local firefighters who have done an amazing job raising money for this foundation. we couldn't ask for anything better. only have couple seconds left i want everybody to know about the walk, the run walk. it's on saturday and you still have time to sign up. yes, you can sign up throughout today online. and you can also sign up race day. our packet pick up and race day registration opens up 7:30. we have an honor guard a ceremony an 8:30 and run begins at 9. i want to explain this quickly. >> that is we have badges for each 343 firefighters that lost their lives that day. we're hoping that everybody comes in and makes at small donation and wears one of these badges across the route and takes it home as remembering.
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morning a beautiful ceremony. i'm honored to emcee the event. thank you so much for being here this morning. and i'll see you guys on saturday, okay? >> that's great. can we offer a quick thanks tour sponsor graefter tampa bay gmc and professional county professional iff they are the guys that are helping make this possible today. thank you so much. >> let's toss it over to day of. let's see if that weather is going to be nice saturday morning for the big event. >> yes. absolutely. going to warm and muggy september. otherwise we should be clear. 75 to 77 degrees. loot of us are running 4, 5 degrees warmer than yesterday at this time. i want you to notice still lower 70s up in citrus county another magnificent day. 78 bradenton. 79 venice and a temperatures in mid 70s polk county, hardee, de soto and highlands county area as well. satellite and radar, we're quiet for now. thing is we still have just
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that red. so rain chances stay on low side today around 20 percent. you know what that means though, yeah the high temperatures right back to about 92, 93 degrees for a high temperature. just keep, just keep an eye on skytower radar app. especially from sarasota south. withdrew got a somewhat better rain chance this afternoon. still not great. mostly clear tonight. low 77 degrees. and then for tomorrow partly cloudy and couple isolated storms. tomorrow's high will be around 92 degrees. looking at the extend mad r forecast, with a smile because weaver got a light chop friday, saturday and sunday. in your next seven days show you rain chances slowly increase 30 percent over the weekend into mondayed and 40 percent for tuesday, wednesday and thursday. vanessa. all right. dave we'll check roadways right now. couple crashes that we're seeing here. bearss, we have delays east of living stone avenue crash reported with lane blockage in eastbound delays are prevailing here so extra time.
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route we have your picture here for viewer on twitter. that fox 13 traffic if you ever see anything along that route you can safely take a picture apparently head-on collision we do so lane blockage right outside suncoast elementary school in spring hill. we will get to this as well lakeland crash a parker street and the wabash lane blockage here mostly seeing northbound delays moderate delays southbound. for drivers who are a hitting mlk jr. boulevard a crash we're seeing near 75 northbound entrance ramp. mostly westbound delays i'd leave early if y i'm really good at war. i love war in a certain way. including with nukes, yes including with nukes.
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nuclear, just the power the devastation, is very important to me. i want to be unpredictable, unpredictable, unpredictable, unpredictable. priorities usa action is responsible for the content of this advertising. (vo) we went to hollywood to ask if america's favorites - burgers, tacos and chili
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to find out. with just one bite, they knew. now it's your turn to make the switch. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. there's a race going on right now. the world's clean energy super power's either going to be germany, china, or us. and i'm going to make sure it's us. from 500 million solar panels installed by the end of my we'll beat the competition and create new high wage jobs. we can do this, millions of jobs right here in america.
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good day tampa bay. welcome to hudson. i am at 5 a high school. senior are having a great time out here this we are here for the fox 13 good day pep rally of course. and it's time to talk to the students. we have our student body president right here. and we have one of the leaders of our falcon fanatics right here. let's start with a madam president. things going pretty 5a this year? we've had lot of events in works and i'm very excited. home coming is next month and a great week coming up. >> oh home coming week. you like dressing in crazy stuff.
8:24 am
and we're going to diving into different types of games and seeing what we can do with that. somebody has to come a monopoly guy. right? >> maybe you don't need my help. >> now you've got a bunch of students here to win student body president. that's quite an accomplishment. >> yeah. it was scary. >> did you have to give a speech? at graduation, yeah. what was your platform? what did you promise you would do if events within the school. more pep rallies and get more students involved and decisions being made within the administration. if we can. and just doing more stuff. >> there you go. see campaign promise fulfilled. good for you. you are with falcon fanatics, yes? >> yes, sir. when you're young school, this is going into your seventh year. it's hard to, i mean traditions don't come automatically. you've got to build a tradition.
8:25 am
made a couple years ago. when school first opened we didn't have that much supported athletics and just overall we're really building something here. we made that link with administration, they are helping us out wearing colors and stuff like that. it's a lot of fun student initiated. not like teachers and principal saying go out there and support your school. let's come together and support our school. yeah it's great because, the students made it, but administration really been helpful helpe group chat making color coded games. stuff like that. a lot of fun. nice. will there be will there be some falcon fury and some falcon fanaticism tonight on sidelines? always. always. we always got to support our football team good for you. >> my fall can fanatic. spin, spindiana jones, fire up that music.
8:26 am
many more good day tampa bay. >> nice. i miss high school. no i don't. exhausting. that looks exhausting. you've done those pep rallies. it is exhausting. bless his heart. advertising proven to work and it works really well when it comes to your why you may want to keep them away from the tv their health depends on it. an exploding phone. bad enough on its own. but it may prevent you from
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you want baby belly it's not a problem. cause with the help of a blue shirt you got the samsung family hub refrigerator with four door flex from best buy. it switches from freezer to fridge to store whatever food you want whenever you want it. yeah that's a t-bone steak and whipped cream, baby needs her vitamins. bring home the win at best buy.
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z2455z zi0z
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advertising works.. especially when it comes to our teens and a 8:30 advertising works especially when it comes to teens and alcohol. >> a new study shows that at more ads that under age drinker sees for a specific type of alcohol the more likely they are to drink it. >> research area boston university took this study a step further too saying that the more advertisements your teen sees the more they will drink. teenager involved in this study who did not watch tv with ads reported about 14 drinks a month. when they number jumped to 33 drinks a month. before this critics say they new adds influenced what under age drinker would consume did not think it actually proved it made them drink more. the study actually proves these critics wrong. it shows the more ads these teens seen more they drink. small metal shavings apparently ended up in apple coffee cakes that sold publix. store issued a voluntary recall. cakes were sold in florida and 5
8:31 am
most tampa bay area so far no one has reported getting sick or hurt from eating the cakes. if you are concerned, you can return them for a full refund. imagine riding your bike to school, and straight into the path of an 11 foot 450 pound alligator. that could have been a reality for some south florida students. take look at this massive gator. yeah. >> mad too. >> he's not happy. he was found on a bike path just blocks away from a two davey schools. a trapper was called in subdue the animal in end an officer on scene said most alligators in this kind of situation are euthanized. but due to his large size he will taken to a preserve. yeah. the officers said gator did not seem to be afraid of humans at all he thinks the animal was being fed by someone. which is illegal. >> people living in pasco county can safely return home. county emergency managers said they are lifted mandatory evacuation orders for areas
8:32 am
however, people live engine neighborhood still cannot reach their houses because of flooding. the county is looking a roughly $90 million in damage. they are hoping to qualify for federal aid. but right now it seems to be awaiting game. a job you don't want to do is being the person to sit on the neck of that alligator. >> yeah. while they are trying to wrap it's mouth shut. >> you know, you watch the show gator hunters or gator trappers whatever it is pierpt will they can't see straight on. so if you come at them straight on not that you would want they can't see so they close the gator's mouth and tape it in calmest way possible. >> i'm not taking that shot. >> no. no. lucky maneuver. the gator got glasses. it's got his eyes fixed. exact. 8:32. i've got 77s all over the place this morning from tampa to brandon frostproof, sebring,
8:33 am
overall, state-wide, a very nice start to the day. notice the difference in temperatures. you go from gainesville to tallahassee. mid to upper 60s. beautiful start. then of course that summery steamy feel from vero all the way down from key west where they are sitting in the low to mid 80s. now, dew point numbers are also back into the 70s as well. they went up, the temperatures went up. we're warmer right now. than it was yesterday at this time. >> the same set up for today, notice a couple of showers over south florida. that's the trend. we've had over the past few days that will continue since we have that drier air aloft. slowly we will erode that drier air aloft. and bring up the rain chances. but the process will be slow through the weekend. so that means, going look, act feel like it did yesterday. clouds, sunshine hot. that's one thing when you rohr
8:34 am
september. 93 degrees for high. with rain chance of just 20 percent in tampa. 30 percent in sarasota south. mostly clear tonight. low 77. back in the lower 90s tomorrow. watch the rain chances slowly move back up by beginning of next week up to about 40 percent or so. for tuesday, for wednesday, for thursday. your highs in the lower 90s. lows in the mid to upper 70s. #welivehere. get those pictures in. i was glancing through the pictures we had in box. and one caught me by surprise. at first i thought this is just a typical sunset photo. right? >> but then i looked closely. and i realized it's hard for you to see. i have the ability to blow it up. you can go to my facebook page and do same thing yourself. denise mcintosh caught a proposal. somebody on their knee proposing to their loved one as the sun ws going down. that's a mug worthy picture.
8:35 am
it's way in the background. they look like tiny little ants but they are this. what beautiful. can you see it? can you see them, vanessa? >> anyway. >> so denise. >> fox 13 mug for you. vanessa, what you got? they are tiny but look like two peas in a pod. that's good. >> that's a good one. yeah. cute. hopefully worked out for everybody. hopefully there was a yes in there. all right. thanks, dave. 8:35. we'll check the r we'll start you off a live look over howard frankland bridge. north end heir here's all that traffic stacked up there believe it are oh not we're up by a minute or so over perfect ideal conditions heading into tampa fourth industry north to kennedy boulevard taking 17 minutes we're in red here westbound i dash 475 for 275. 18 minutes is that drive and 7 minutes again here southbound 75. heading from state road 54 in pasco into hillsborough to bruce
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thank you, vanessa. a phone that could cash fire in your hand. the thing of nightmares. but is a reality for galaxy note user as dangerous issue and some airlines do not want to have to deal with the situation at all. fox 13's alcides segui is live at tampa international airport with a warning for all of us this morning if you plan on bringing that type of phone on a plane when you fly. exactly we're talking samsung galaxy note 7 just came out a couple weeks ago already on radar of a lot of people. not for a good reasons. so the f.a.a. is advising strongly advise's travelers if you're going to get on an airplane, do not turn this phone on. and do not charge that phone while you're on that airplane or while you're on your airplane. also three australian airlines
8:37 am
virgin australia are banning the phone florida either turning on that phone or charging it. on their afrps as well. we know a couple of weeks ago samsung unveiled this galaxy note 7. it was supposed to compete. and is competing with apple iphone. obviously this is not what this want to see within a couple of weeks. cell phone giant confirmed, 35 instances of a note 7 catching fire or exploding. thankfully no reports of any injuries. just two weeks after the product's launch the note 7s are being pulled from shelves and te here in the u.s. out of about 2.5 million note 7s already sold globally. samsung says it has not found a way to tell exactly which phones may pose a danger to its users. we know russell right here in the bay area, there's a man who says he his note 7. he left it charging in his phone. he said it exploded in and his car caught fire as well. nasty what he's alleging samsung tess they are investigating it as well.
8:38 am
to investigate. if this continues to be a problem, with this new cell phone, it can go from strongly advising to actually banning the phone from being used on the airplane. so we will continue monitoring i got to tell you it's very interesting to see how all of this pans out. i mean this is an expected to be a really, really good phone for samsung now we're hearing all of these recalls and this faulty cell phone service or the cell phone as a whole. i got to tell you, as travelers some folks had no idea that their, that catching fire. until we actually interviewed them obvious they were a little bit more alarmed that they were catching that flight and somebody may have that phone catching that plane. all right. hey. thanks. we'll talk later, okay? >> all right. bye. at the children's cancer center there are a lot of programs for all age groups really. we heard about the earlier this week now we will focus on the
8:39 am
the kite camp. ticket bank oncology night which is for the parents too. we've got isaiah i don't know if you're remember him, he was our bud. can you say good morning, isaiah >> good morning. we're so excited to have you. and his buddy nick. you want to say good morning, too? morning. these are adorable kids. they are buddies, and we have isaiah's mom patty. >> executive director i would love to be i so i a's mom. you were loving on him. patty. we will on in minute i got to talk to these guys first. isaiah you've doing kite camp tell me about things you've doing >> we've we went on a boat. we a field trip? >> we went to old milk mickey's farm. what else did you do?
8:40 am
and why do you guys get to do all of this fun stuff to help kids have fun time when they are still sick. >> when they're still sick. isaiah you had cancer too. tell me about what your diagnosis wasp stage 4 neuro blast oh ma. >> and are you in remission >> yes, ma'am. isn't that great. what miracle that is. was about you, nick >> i'm still in active cancer >> and bah was your diagnosis >> you keep ya. how do you feel today? is it a good day? >> uh-huh. >> yeah. ye. you get to the do this kite camp. patty we will bring you in on thp. all of these candidates, absolutely. we're like a big family at children's cancer center. talk about this program and talk about what it and what it does for these little ones. therapeutic program.a very - we've doing it for 45 years. and we bring kids in that are on active treatment as well as their siblings. they spend a week with us at the center. as the boys said a variety of
8:41 am
vaf activities a great way for these kids to interact with other kids who understand their journey and what they are going through. and we just laugh because we kow laughter is the best medicine, right? they need more to be well. yes. >> go ahead. actually i'm just saying the boys, they participate in a lot of our activities. we have over 24 support programs. but this is a really special one. and it's fully funded by donors in our community. so people can sponsor one. boys to go to camp for a week. we do it every summer to give like that. >> sure. you talk to lot of kids they don't go to school with these. it's a new group. chance for them to kind of socialize. talk about some of the kids and what they've been through. i mean ones like isaiah and nick who are spunning key and fun once that don't get a chance to goes to school at all. it's life altering that goes without saying. it takes lot bravery ask courage like these two young men. not only the things that they are robbed from on day-to-day childhood because they are
8:42 am
that nobody their age should go through. even an i know our man isaiah and his braveness he just recently received a hearing aid. do you want to tell her about your hearing aid a little bit and look at the colors? can you tell her why you chose those colors? >> can you see that yeah. red and blue. can you tell miss laura what are those colors? >> captain america colors. >> that's late effects of type of cancer thatsi all of our programs really start a the time of diagnosis and on treatment. we have that fork in the road unfortunately we have programs for bereaved families and programs for families that in survivorship still adjusting and cope a new normal. >> so you have the these things that happen in summer. then you ever got big fall thing. >> we have a really big fall thing tomorrow. do you know what tomorrow is? it's the what? fall stampede. fall stampede. we would really like people to come out guess what our friend
8:43 am
>> stampede. what are you going to race >> the cows cows i saw the video of what? >> the stampede of last year. >> yeah. yeah. >> the stampede last year. you guys are so good. what an inspiration. how sweet. aren't they awesome. yeah, exactly isaiah. that's why we love him. we'll be right back. >> jen's causing that. he asked for you. i'm here. where where is mr. i'm here. mr. russell. i'm here. i'm here you doing okay? now that you're here, right? you guys come back. so good. we need to be with us? okay. you go co-host here soon. >> there we go. children's cancer center. you have to do your homework on you have to do your homework on it. today, technology is changing...
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and all those changes take energy. at duke energy, we're changing too, giving you new ways to control your power use and stay in the know... ...for smarter energy choices every day. so no matter how things change, we're always here ....
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it's almost 8:47. it's an important and sad weekend in our country's history. sunday we've telling you this this morning marks 15 years since 9/11. and on fox news sunday chris wallace will be talking to homeland security jay johnson about how far we've come since then. yeah how far we need to go. let's get to chris right now. and talk about the show. and other, and that and other things as well. hey good to be with you russell. yeah. it is and of astonishing this 15 years this sunday since 9/11. we gone out air just a some of the events are happening at ground zero. we'll be there for that. for the and it's always, impressive and terribly sad. the reading of the names of those thousands of people whose lives were lost. one of the moments of silence when the second plane hit one of the towers at the world trade center. then as you say, we'll have an interview with secretary of
8:48 am
zero in new york to discuss exactly that. kind a progress report on how we're doing and how far we've come in keeping country safe and what he worries about going forward. >> i mean, it's, so weird to think about 15 years. because it seems, it seems a long time ago and then if you think about other angles of it it doesn't seem that long ago. just one of those blurry things in your head, you know? >> well i agree. i mean, it is a long time ago. and the country has changed in think of all the levels of security that didn't exist back then that are now routine. but on the other hand, it's such a vivid experience that i'm sure all of your viewers can sit there and remember precisely where they were and precisely how they felt as they got the news of what was happening that america was under attack. >> all right. i got to take a hard turn here and get off the subject and go to next and no really easy segue to do so here i go.
8:49 am
>> did you grew up in d.c.? >> no. no i grew up in new york. >> all right. but you've been in washington a long time, right? >> uh-huh. >> redskins fan? >> oh huge. that's what i want to get to your power player of the week. because, this is pretty neat who you have. yeah. just real quickly before i get to that i want to say we're also going to reprooe view of first presidential debate. we're going have a top democrat, big supporter. we will go over a lot of things. i think it being 9/11 and also with that national security forum, we'll focus on that. but now, yes. kirk cousins i got to say his job pretty cool about ten days ago i went down out to redskins park and interview captain kirk as he's called. quarterback of the team. interestingly enough. we talk football. but he's a really devoted to the
8:50 am
international justice mission which goes around the world and trieses to free and has freed thousands of people who basically enslave rechild sex trafficking force labor that go and free them. interesting thing is cousins says i understand i have a lot more clout and lot more of platform. if i'm playing well than if i'm not playing well. if first string rather sitting on bench. he's playing for more each sunday then he is standings in nfc east. playing to help this very worthy cause. >> that's great. that's great. hey. looking forward to seeing the show on sunday as always. and we'll talk again soon, okay? you bet. thanks, russell. bye-bye. all right back to charley belcher we go at this equilibrium with's pep rally. 5a high school. good morning. yes, indeed. by the way people are asking about blooming dale. because we were supposed to be blooming dale we had that hermine storm we will blooming
8:51 am
we're making it up to blooming dale. don't you worry. this morning we're a 5a high school. it's all about football. ladies and gentlemen, here comes your varsity falcons. here comes the football team. stick around everybody. oh, you know this pep rally will oh, you know this pep rally will make introducing carrabba's new family bundles. choose one of six favorites plus a large salad to make a carry-out dinner for the whole family starting at $34.99. it's carry-out without the compromise. tampa bay is amazing. i work here, i raise my kids here, i even take care of my mom here. but you know what? i could use a hand. hey! we hear you! it's why a-a-r-p is supporting family caregivers like you with free tools and resources. and we're making our community an even better place to live, work and play for people of all ages. if you don't think "this is right for me" when you think a-a-r-p, then you don't know "aarp."
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my son has meningitis b. but how did we end up here? his mom thought he had the flu and that he was covered by the meningococcal meningitis vaccine he had received. until 2014 there were no vaccines for meningitis b in the u.s. now there are. while uncommon, meningitis b can lead to death within 24 hours. trumenba is a vaccine for 10 through 25 year olds to help prevent group b meningococcal disease. trumenba should not be given if you had a severe allergic reaction after a previous dose. most common side effects were injection-site pain, fatigue... headache, muscle pain, and chills. ask your doctor or pharmacist about all the risks and benefits of trumenba and tell them if you've received any other meningitis b vaccines. meningitis b can be spread by typical sharing like... a drink... a spoon... a kiss. it all started here...
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t about trumenba. good day tampa bay. i'm charley belcher coming to you from a 5 a high school this morning. it's our good day pep rally. we're hanging out with the falcons. 5a falcons. give it up for our jv football team right here. i hear you guys won last night, right? one boying. good for you congratulations. coach i want i hope you varsity boys do did as well. big game tonight. how's steam doing this year coach real great. hard working give 100 percent all the time. can't question their effort go out and do our best tonight. coach we're talking to principal about building traditions. a fairly relatively new school going into your seventh season.
8:55 am
school from the ground up. that's tough. 7 years in we start to see the fruits of that labor? >> most definitely. we want to be a hard nose blue collar football team. comes out plays hard, fast and fair. i see that in the players this year. are you seeing the enthusiasm in stands as well? a little bit crowd getting a little louder students getting behind their football team a little more? most definitely falcon fanatics really start cranking it up and we're expecting that support here toni you want torques introduce maybe a couple of senior as captains give a little love to couple of these guys. coal start thing middle linebacker full back. yeah he looks like a linebacker. you look like you're ready to hit somebody. yes, sir. we're fine. got our quarterback right here conner davis. >> look at that quarterback with the glasses on. i like that. shows you're smart. quarterback's going to be smart and see well.
8:56 am
we're pretty good we got to work harder. first home game tonight. sop looking to do good. pressure's on. pressure's on you be great. who else, coach and our center over here number 54. very nice. yeah. there we go. there we go. so you're, you're the eyes on the ground right there? you are communicating to the offensive line. tough job to be the center. yeah, it is your head's down first one you ready for tonight? yeah i'm always ready. hey good luck falcons stay safe out there. coach thank you very much. give it up for your falcons. we will fire up this marching band. stick around everybody. plenty more good day pep rally, plenty more good day tampa bay
8:57 am
- marco. - polo. - marco. - polo. marco. marco? marco? when our senator doesn't show up. i'm patrick murphy. solving problems means showing up. showing independence. and working together. it's why i worked to protect women's health care and worked with both parties to stop cuts to medicare. i'm patrick murphy and i approve this message because florida needs a full-time senator. marco? marco?
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if america's favorites - burgers, tacos and chili could taste just as great made with turkey. thousands stepped into the jennie-o tasting booth to find out. with just one bite, they knew.
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movement.. and now -- members of the n-a-a-c-p are comparing her to colin rosa parks spark ad movement. and now the naacp is comparing her to collin kaepernick. plus a local author tells us what it's like to be military. the lead fighting force. good morning everybody. happy friday i'm laura moody. i'm russell rhodes. outside with dave right now. going to be a weekend. isn't it? >> yeah. going to be every saturday and going to be a weekend. not like a hermine weekend from last weekend. no, no. a hot weekend. humid weekend. rain chances may be going up a little bit. football weekend. oh there's that. hey. hey. two degrees warmer than we were yesterday at this time. there you go. tampa, brandon winter haven all in lower 80s. in fact many of these locations have jumped up into the lower 80s. rain chances run 20 to 30 percent today. 30 percent tomorrow.


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