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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 9AM  FOX  September 9, 2016 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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movement.. and now -- members of the n-a-a-c-p are comparing her to colin rosa parks spark ad movement. and now the naacp is comparing her to collin kaepernick. plus a local author tells us what it's like to be military. the lead fighting force. good morning everybody. happy friday i'm laura moody. i'm russell rhodes. outside with dave right now. going to be a weekend. isn't it? >> yeah. going to be every saturday and going to be a weekend. not like a hermine weekend from last weekend. no, no. a hot weekend. humid weekend. rain chances may be going up a little bit. football weekend. oh there's that. hey. hey. two degrees warmer than we were yesterday at this time. there you go. tampa, brandon winter haven all in lower 80s. in fact many of these locations have jumped up into the lower 80s. rain chances run 20 to 30 percent today. 30 percent tomorrow.
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beginning go up with highs in the lower 90s. >> all right. thanks, dave. here 2 new lane blockage crashes starting off palm harbor u.s. 19 in area of county road 39. we do have crash appears to be southbound direction. we're seeing some delays. moderate in nature. particularly heading that way south. so plan a few extra minutes there. to pasco county state road 54. here's your lane blockage crash trinity boulevard in eastbound direction. minor in nature. just the right turn lane will be blocked. >> all right. vanessa, thank you. nfl season kicked off last night. and with it came another national anthem protest. >> bronco linebacker brandon marshal took a knee. there he was. he was only player on either team to do so. he's a college teammate of collin kaepernick's. after game marshal said he was not against military or police. he said he is against social injustice bronco set team encourages players to stand during anthem but respects their
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as for collin kaepernick the president compared his refusal to stand during national anthem to rosa parks to her refusal to give up her bus seat to white passenger in 1950s. brooks says it's a lofty name, but it's not a stretch. we'll let history be the judge on how cons gwen shall kaepernick's actions are. and another football controversy to tell you about this morning. the u.s. military academy is investigating whether a post game prayer violated players religious freedom rights. after upset win over temple army head coach jeff told a coaching staff member to lead the team in prayer. video was a posted online, then quickly taken down after the military religious freedom foundation received multiple complaints about it. according to the army times, 90 people have registered complaints about the prayer with
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some included former and current army football players. now, the military religious freedom foundation previously challenged the air force academy on a similar issue. but the school found that its practices were appropriate under air force policies. back here at home a working radio ended up being a life line for one bay area boater stranding in the gulf. as his boat took on water. fox 13's shayla reeves joins us now from clearwater with the details on this. this was pretty innovative, right? >> oh, absolutely. their many ways to use cup. in this ways a cup was really a lifesaving device. we're talking about plastic cup that was used to dump water out of a boat and just to give you an idea about this, this was about a half an inch, that's the distance between the rising water and the batteries on this boat. so really time was of the essence in this case. i want you to take look at this
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coast guard air station here in clearwater. this is video captured thursday. adjust imagine you're alone on water a water pump stops working and miles away from land. well that's what happened to man on your screen about 12 miles out from johns pass. the situation intensified as the coast guard approached you can see him doing what he can to stay afloat. that's plastic cup in his hand. he's using that cup to keep the boat from sinking. well according to coast guard it all started with may day call around 2:30 in the a man told the st. pete sector he need ad emergency help. clearwater coast guard air crew respond with rescue swimmer and lowered dewatering pump on to the 20 foot vessel. we're told in boat had taken on much more water it could soaked batteries caused the boat to stop working and left the man in the water. >>, he escaped that outcome the pinellas county sheriff's office marine unit as well as coast guard unit stationed in sand key.
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escort him to dock over in treasure island area. still the rescue swimmer involved in this case said three things really made the difference. he said it was training, coordination, and quick thinking. those three things made the difference. and ultimately saved the life guys. back to you. shayla, thank you. also new this morning another reason to stay off your phone while driving. deputies in hillsborough county say that a man driving a along northdale boulevard in tampa was talking on his cell phone about 5 o'clock this morning. when he lost contr and hit a tree. >> and impact killed him. the driver was not wearing a seatbelt at the time either. a roadblock has been cleared in the six year debate on how to pay for hillsborough county's transportation needs. on thursday, county commissioners voted 7 to 9 to dedicate $600 million over the next ten years to fix roads, bridges, sidewalks and intersections. and the move will not require a tax increase. instead, commissioners moved 35
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budget toward transportation. that number will increase by 5 million every year for the next decade. the approved plan does not include additional commitments to mass transit. in south florida, protesters have lost their fight to stop aerial spraying from for mosquitos that carry the aekz virus. first round of that assault from the air taking place on miami beach earlier this morning. many in the miami area have concerns about the possible environmental effects of this insecticide that is being used to kill experts say there's no reason to be concerned. they say the amount of insecticide used is minimal. and has been used in other populated areas of the u.s.. developing overseas this morning an at least four people are dead following a train derailment in spain. according to reports the train was traveling to portugal when it derailed the train hadded three cars first one came completely off track and hit post no word on what caused that
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presidential candidate gary johnson still trying to explain a big goof we should say on syria. in an interview thursday morning he could not answer a question about allepo where 5 year civil war is under way. johnson spent every interview since admitting he messed up. >> if it is kissing my chances good-bye so be it but i have also be served really well by telling the truth. you tell the truth and you can get your way through things. >> so it was a fair question. i mean anything's fair i'm running for president of united states. no, complaints. >> well, johnson's trying to reach 15 percent in the national polls and that would allow him to take part in the national debates that are coming up. still ahead we're going to take you out live to tampa boat show where walter allen has his eyes on gorgeous boats. then we will talk to local the author about his new book entitled tier one.
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nation's top military units. we've got giant pep rally at 5a high school. hey charley. >> hello. how are you, laura? you having a good day? i am. how you doing? >> you exhausted? >> a little bit little bit. all right. are we having fun at 5a high school? >> yes. yes we are. sop we talked about at great students. we talked about the great academics. you met football te volleyball team. because these girls are good. look at them walking out with 5a pride. we'll talk about the volleyball program at 5a as our pep rally continues and as our good day
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hope you're having a great a little bit warmer. and definitely muggier than it was yesterday at this time. in fact yesterday all of these temperatures in 70s. now everybody is poking back to lower 80s. plant citied 81. brandon 81. pinellas park is already at 82 degrees. i got mid to upper 70s in our northern counties. which yesterday morning we're in 60s. bradenton 80. 82 in sarasota. really what i'm saying if you're working outdoors today going for
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you're going to sweat just a little bit more than you did yesterday. hot. but there will be a few isolated storms to cool some of us off for later this afternoon. rain chances one in 20 to 30 percent. ever so slowly over the course of the next few days, we're going to start to inch up. inch up more of that moisture and allow for rain chances to come back in. now i'll tell you this, nothing extreme all we're going to do over next few afternoons just get back tour by way couple things we're watching tropics one that yellow, that's just a weak system there east of islands. only 10 percent chance for development there. that red indicated, that big tropical wave came off coast of africa a couple days ago. now that's 70 percent chance for development over the next five days. however, the computer models expect before it makes it to the islands it will turn toward the north and eventually head out into the atlantic. we always watch. we never let our guard down.
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on those systems. so 93 degrees for a high temperature for today. tonight, overnight lows will be near 77. and then tomorrow, the rain chance about 30 percent and a high of 92. by the way, beginning tomorrow, the average high temperature drops to 89. that's a sign fall isn't too far away. we will above normal for highs for the next seven days. before you know it we will earning those pumpkin spices. than, 9:13 a new crash we're following lane blockage reported. south hillsborough county. u.s. 301 big bend road. we're seeing lane blockage here in southbound direction good news not seeing any delays. just a safety concern keep your eyes peeled as you head that way. some congestion remaining here nine minutes. m l k to 275 very much lighter side of r. red. southbound give yourself 14 machines to travel from bearss
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northbound. you know a lot of us love to speculate about what goes on behind the scenes in the world of secret military organizations. what's it like being a navy seal and what happens when politics gets involved. and how have things changed since terrorism has become part of our daily lives in this world. well there's a new book out called tier one. it's co-authored by brian andrews and jeffery wilson. jeff lives in tampa. he joins us this morning to talk about the book. good to see you ma i want to tell everybody although tier one is just out amazon best seller and number one best selling military thriller on amazon since it's release. congratulations. >> thanks. that's got to be nice have in your pocket. lot of fun. let's go do a quick synapsis. give me a synapsis of book tier one. there will be more of these tier one what we did brian and i together, my co-author we tried to create a new guy. a new hero a new team that sort of designed for the world we
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talking about. it's a different world. we're looking for a hero that can address post 9/11 threat we're in. so that's our guy john dempsey who suffer as tragedy, a tier one seal. now he's part of a secret team ember after tragedy effects its haem team he has to learn how do things differently. he can't just a door kicking seal he has to evolve about gray shadowy world of espionage. you're colorad both military. i was combat surgeon in navy served in government in other capacities in past he was sub mariner. i had an honor working with spell warfare with navy seals. lot of friends in that community. he lives in nebraska? >> kansas >> kansas. you live here. and you write together. you co-authored this book i'm fascinated by how that must work >> it does work. and i don't know how it works either. but i think we've become very good friends if he was here we'd
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process we have works for us. i don't know that it would work for anybody else we divide and conquer complimentsary strengths and weaknesses so we balance each each out. you've written on your own you and i met some and talked about this. you like this collaboration. i didn't think i would. brian asked me to do i said no, there's no way i can write with somebody. i couldn't imagine how it worked. now i couldn't be more happy. i mean so much ester the process we use for us just very enjoyable. >> i want to this sunday you brian will be coming into town. brian's coming in you're going to be doing a q & a at the oxford change as 1 o'clock. 1 o'clock. you've asked me to come along and moderate. and thank you for that. i'm excited. and that's going to be fun. i'm going to try to, i'm going to try to keep this together. we've making this happen. 1 o'clock oxford exchange.
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splits right where you're going downtown 420. you can go online to the oxford exchange website i did this morning and they'd like to get rsvp. you can show up they like to get a number. so oe spotlight is program we're spart of and it's a free event. that's right. >> let's talk about the significance of doing it the day you're doing it. i mean it's no, i don't know if coincidence it happened on 9/11. >> was coincidence on sunday. but when we saw date on calendar september 11th which is you know, that's a day that's difficult for america. hope it always will be. but yeah a lot of significance there do you think these types of books and i'm trying to weigh i'm saying carefully. adon't want to see more popular but more interest in book like this because of what happened
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new world we live in they resonate our books. books by brad taylor. those guys. they resonate because we live in a different world. it's not terrorism doesn't happen over there anywhere mop brussel london san bernardino, and now or backyard orlando. terrorist attack is now a part of our new reality i think people are hungry to know like john dempsey or ember back there that's keeping them safe it resonates with people so much now. we've got to run. sunday, 1 o'clock. oxford exchange. if you can and you've got time we will take about an hour? yeah about an hour. >> yeah and books. come if you can. i think we will have some fun. definitely. good to see you my friend. hey laura. very nice. whether you're a dreamer or you're a shopper with intent to buy a boat show is the best way to get out of the house this weekend. starting today, the tampa boat show will open its doors at the tampa convention center. and joining throughs live,
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world today fox 13's walter allen. especially now we found our way inside. it's air conditioning. you don't always get on the water. unless you put $4.5 million into a boat you get air conditioning wherever you want it. here at the tampa boat show. we show you boats that are out on water which makes this show pretty unique. especially for the bay area. but look at all of these boats. hundreds of boats. how many boats are in there >> inside we have over boats. it really is something for everyone. so walk me through the different types of boats you can see. you have fishing boats, you have bough riders and a cruising boats every both inside and in the water outside of that convention center. define cruising. >> is that like a pontoon >> we have pontoon boats here. you can go cruising on. but just a little cut cabin boat you can have lunch go out in the bay and have lunch. take your kids aboard.
9:20 am
you know, just been able to cruise on the bay. walk me through the events for kids especially tomorrow. >> we have a bounce house for kids. blow off steam while the parents are in a seminar. we have three different types of seminars fishing seminars do it yourself seminars. also seminars on water where you can come out and become a better captain by taking one the classes on the water. >> kevin murphy thank you so much. i appreciate it. going to be good event. 10 to eight tonight. tenth to sunday. >> that's right. 12 bucks to get in and a kids 15 in free. i do want to share this, first time i learned to drive a boat pontoon boat on lake grand bee in colorado. and i drove the boat around in circle it had astro turf like carpet now. now. look at the pontoon boats now. can you see that black one over there. look at that thing. look at that.
9:21 am
i don't think i'd ever put those two words in sentence ever. but that's sexy pontoon. there we go. vanessa agrees. she says she absolutely agrees. just so you know. it's amazing what they are doing with boats now. 10 and. 10 and 2. all right thank you. still ahead this morning on good day backing up some very needy families. a man who is carrying on his mother's amazing legacy. jen epstein will introduce you to that home town hero. hudson where charley belcher is in this charge of this morning fox 13 pep rall a 5a high
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we're at 5 a high school. the home of our fox 13 good day pep rally for the week. juniors are sitting right over there. our sophomores are over in that corner over there. and getting tired. can you tell? our freshman are over there. >> but i tell awho will not be tired. that's the now we talked about great school talked back demmic and football team. we're here because of friday night lights. we're wishing varsity falcons the best tonight. we've got to talk about this volleyball team right here. j b in the blue. varsity in the white. coach right here. these girls are pretty good. >> yeah we're starting off season 3 and 0 i'm really proud of that traveling to orlando to play this weekend.
9:25 am
>> obviously football gets a lot of attention. but all of these summer sports, we brought out golf team and cross country and swim team. athletic certainly permeates through the entire school. that helps with school pirt and building camaraderie in the community. and getting kids to work together for is a common goal. definitely. i think all athletes support each other. we see a lot of other athletes at our games. we always go to their events to support them. so it goes throughout the sports and it really helps all the teams. >> in fact, as soo done here. we're, heading to a bus, right? >> leaving straight from here driving to orlando and playing tonight. >> nice. whou are you playing tonight? we have george jenkins and couple oef schools in our pool. it's fantastic. who best volleyball player on the squad? >> oh look at that. now see i thought everybody was going to humble they all pointed to you. good for you.
9:26 am
yes, we are good. i love playing with these girls. nice. very nice. i karpt help but notice, what does this signify anything i need to know about? we're seniors baby. very nice. now i notice that you attached yourself to that early on this morning. i will warn you. that is actual size. my forehead really is that big. have you guys had good pep rally you enjoyed yourself best of luck good luck today. everybody stay safe. thank you very much. that was your pep rally. that was your pep rally. i got to say thank you to my crew from hot 101.5. thank you guys. tj right there. spindiana jones. he was spinning the records all morning long. keeping the kids entertained. we will leave you with a look at our seniors spindiana jones play
9:27 am
would enjoy. we'll give them the last, by the way they won the spirit stick. which is a tradition at every high school who can make the most noise. and russell rhodes, i'll put let me put in my double ifb. why are the seniors bigger than me, russell? anyway, it's been another successful pep rally. >> yes, it ishas. 5a high school. >> can you hear me at >> yeah kind a. kiep get one of those i want it in my house. i want it in my car. all right. see you layered. have good weekend. love you. all right. when we come back why a river has turned blood red.
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welcome back.. the battle over a crude oil pipeline continues to grow i and welcome back. the battle over a crude oil pipeline north dakota. this protest even prompting stating governor to call in at national guard. the fight started with a dozen demonstrators this past spring. and now more than 200 tribes are rallying behind this standing rock tribe and their fight against the dakota access pipeline project. protesters say pipeline could damage tribal lands a well river
9:31 am
because its time to exposed ourselves to be vigilant and i guess visible. right now a lawsuit against the pipeline has delayed its construction. u.s. district court is expected to make ruling today on whether or not construction will continue. and new this hour a recall involving tens of thousands of cars that are on the road right now. nissan warning owners of 120,000 cars and suv that is brake fluid leaks can cause fires, in fact company so concerned vehicles outside of their homes. until vehicles can repaired. the recall cover 2015 to 2017 muranos 2017 maximas and 201516 hybrids. nissan will replace defective parts for free. >> north korea is drawing international criticism this morning after carrying out another nuclear test. communist country called the test successful.
9:32 am
back against the united states. president obama was briefed on air force one on his return from asia. his press secretary america will meet with other world leaders to insure noshg actions are met with serious consequences. >> strange sighting in russia. got a lot of folks talking. just look at this. >> this is river in siberia. it's turned blood red. russian authorities are trying to determine the cause of the changing caused by a leak from nearby chemical plant. but that has not be confirmed. any possible chemical contamination would not pose a threat to humans. really? >> as the river is not linked to any water supply. >> but probably don't go swimming in it. >> yeah. apocalyptic. that's armageddon, isn't it? we're at the end. biblical. this is the end. >> hey dave.
9:33 am
forecast then? >> no. no. let's just get out of here. >> 81 degrees. you know, our current temperature outside this morning running a few degrees warmer than it was yesterday at this time. and not a big deal. 80 brook dale bay shore camera. that nice little east wind coming to us around ten miles per hour. i've also got temperatures along the coastline as you're 80 over at the beach. by the way, temperatures are still in the mid 80s. amazing sirata beach looks beautiful. park me right underneath that canopy right there, my friends. my spc50 i'm good to go. looks great out toward beaches at this hour. satellite and radar quiet now. there will be a couple of isolated showers and storms. you may start to notice over the next few afternoons, a slow uptick in moisture. slow upparticular in isolated afternoon storms. going to get back to that point
9:34 am
skytower radar apps. honestly nothing extreme. when i think of early to mid september, i think of highs near 90. 30 to 40 percent rain chances. that's really what we're get baggy tock over next couple of days. couple disturbances in tropics. larger one i was going to say on eastern side of your screen. now on right-hand side of your screen, further east, that one has a high potential for development. but it also has a good potential forgo out to sea as well. we'll keep an eye on that. al for more on the tropics. but nothing imminent. so clouds, sunshine, hot, isolated storm south. you got it covered pretty much everything. 93 for a high temperature today. tonight 77. for the overnight low. and tomorrow partly cloudy isolated afternoon storms and high of 92. light chop with the extended marine forecast. boy seas will be nice. going to be a nice boating weekend. oh as always be safe out there and enjoy your next 7 days
9:35 am
following that, tuesday, wednesday, thursday, we'll be around 40 percent. i got a few first birthdays i want to the pass along to you. rye land turning one today. he lofties watch alvin and chip amongst and loves dance awaying to any kind of music. happy first birthday my friend. then this sweetie and happy girl. olivia turning one. she loves to carry around her baby doll and al and last but definitely not least we have little taylor. look at that smile turning one today. by way her favorite song is if you're happy and you know it clap your hands. she also loves cheese and dogs. i wonder if she loves cheese hot dogs. cheese and dogs. get it? cheese hot dogs. i get it, dave. okay. i get it. i'll stop. all right. all right. we'll check roadways right now.
9:36 am
9:35 is your time. new crash reported northbound land o'lakes boulevard, just south of state road 52. moderate delays heading in northbound direction. meantime interstates look pretty good. really looks like we're clearing out here. southbound 75 at fowler avenue. appear to be running up to speed. no crashes reported. jen. everyone wants to leave a legacy, something people will remember them by when they are gone. and that's exactly what one woman nm dunedin did. backpacks to needy kids. and only though she died five years ago her good work lives on through her son. he is this week's home town hero. rob arrived at our lead of lourdes school same way he has every august for the last five years, with truckload of backpack and supplies. >> i'm here with backpak lady project. >> thank you so much. >> you're welcome. thank you very much. >> all right. donations are honor of his mom
9:37 am
ladyevery august phylli secretly deliver two back packs to our lady of lourdes and she did it for 12 years i do exactly what my mother did. she walkeded in she said these are for the kids and i leave. >> rob didn't find out about his mom's good work until after she passed away in 2011. that's when he started the backpack lady project expanding his mom's good work a one school to classrooms all across pinellas county. next thing you know i ways delivering 200 backpacks this year i schools. he doesn't do it alone. he has help from people all over the community including donation the dunedin water side rotary. and these aren't empty backpacks. each one is full of supplies. >> approximately every teacher usually spends about 2 to $300 of their own money to supply, you know supplies for their kids or students. and it's big time need. robs generosity that principal
9:38 am
just embracing of hope for them. someone out there cares somebody relieve them of this, you know struggle that they are going through. rob never knew a backpack could mean so much. not until that first donation 5 years ago. and he's been making deliveries every since. makes me feel amazing. i'm very proud. like i said it just helps me remember my mom. rob doesn't do it for the recognition. he does it for the kids. in honor of his mom phyllis the backpa mom's donations until shortly after she died. he wanted to share good work he wrote blush on facebook. get this, instead of guests bringing flowers to her memorial they brought backpacks instead. that is so great. thank you, jen. >> all right coming up russell is headed outside. he's rolling up his sleeves to dig around and clean up in good day garden. then a little later, if you own a certain new samsung smart
9:39 am
we'll discuss the impacts of an f.a.a. ruling of late. live look at the board on wall
9:41 am
9:42 am
out in good day garden with david widwam from widwam organics. how are you? doing real well. you handled yourself better than our garden handled itself during the storm > yeah the wind took it's toll. the heavy rains, the cloudy weather, and just, i mean brutal heat of the summer. so i garden over the summer. this is all the stuff that we put in late spring for a summer crop. but we have fall around the corner. due to this storm damage and also just because the stuff has number in an entire season. stuff starting to look pretty rough. you show everybody you did work before you got here today >> we did a little work. here are pesky nematoads we keep talking about on okra that we've
9:43 am
we've got fall and we've got winter right around the corner. it's time to get new stuff planted. you know what i'm not crying over pulling up this okra >> why is that, david? >> because we thought ahead. in and about month ago we went ahead and planted more summer crops that can grown into the fall in our other garden which we'll go take a look next week. next week we will show you that. what do you want to do with this garden moving forward. i mean like for example, this eggplant looks relatively healthy. i'm going to go ahead and pull it up right now. i'm going kind of careful. if the roots look healthy, and they don't. they've got nematoad damage on them. so we're going to trash this. but, had the roots looked okay, yeah. i would probably have put this in a pot and transplanted it into our new garden. even though this was a summer plant, and we were going to, if we were this inn theory going to keep it for fall we're still going to pull it upturn the garden over, add more fertilizer
9:44 am
replant it in a different spot. >> so so i still move the stuff around. okay. >> what do you think will go in here once you refertilize. we put in more of our fall vegetable ps more stuff over there that's for summer. okra over there. there's okra. to may tos. pepper and more eggplant. you got to wait until next week to see it. it's beautiful. so what we will do in here because also a little bit more shaded we will put in some more heat would include your broccoli, cabbage, kale and kohl ladders. a leafy greens. heat tolerant and time to get that stuff started. let's tell everybody one more time. if you're going to do it following along at home. you do pull something up, and you're going to replant, do you need to under it over? turn the soil lightly. dhie really till it. you get weeds out add more fertilizer if your soil low top it off more compost or garden
9:45 am
planted. >> so and again i'm not really boroughed about pulling these plants out right now because we planned ahead. and we have more of the same stuff growing in another location right now. that you will see next week. >> thanks, david.
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i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. there's a race going on right now. the world's clean energy super power's either going to be germany, china, or us. and i'm going to make sure it's us. from 500 million solar panels installed by the end of my first term, to precision manufacturing. te new high wage jobs. we can do this, millions of jobs right here in america. that's my plan. ?
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it's been another long week.. but friday is all right. another long week. friday is finally here though. and here's a look back at some of our good day goodies. break ensays good day tampa s here we go. we will see if she can do this or actually crash. she's up. she's up. she's down. oh. almost. and oh. ouch. and this morning he's playing ninja. we'll check in with him. walter. impressive.
9:49 am
oh. >> we're going to do traffic. anyway. we're not going to do this. 5 seconds. oh. okay. can he do it? do it? oh. oh. it's about time. isn' >> bless her heart. >> three strikes. out. yes. not able to look left for days. coming up football season is here. so break out chicken wings and dip and the chips. we're going to talk to lauren simonetti about just how much we're spending on all of those touchdown tail gates.
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z2300z z5yz y2300y y5yy - marco. - polo. - marco. - polo.
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marco? but it's not a game when our senator doesn't show up. i'm patrick murphy. solving problems means showing up. showing independence. and working together. it's why i worked to protect women's health care and worked with both parties to stop cuts to medicare. i'm patrick murphy and i approve this message because florida needs a full-time senator. marco?
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here's another live picture of the took look at the dow just about 20 minutes ago. and look where it is it hasn't moved at all down triple digits. >> we don't think we have lauren
9:53 am
>> dave. let's go to weather. >> what you got? nothing. what do you got here? let's talk about your 7 day. oh. you needed me to fill time? >> yes. stretch. okay. well how about watch this, okay close your eyes for a second. ready? close your eyes. you ready? okay. open them up again. fancy. i just backed everything up so we could do a little weather for you. >> nice. clouds sunshine today. one say 20 to 30 percent. areas to the south a little bit more. but overall i think these high temperatures go back to that 92, 93-degree range for us. then for tonight, mostly clear skies. by the way, headed off to the coast tonight, beautiful, beautiful sunset. 77 will be the overnight low. if you have any isolated storms, they will be gone early enough. and then partly cloudy, 92
9:54 am
to about 30 percent. 30 to photo percent for sunday, monday. really by the middle of next week, guys we will get back to 40 percent rain chance. highs in lower 90s. lows in the mid 70s. i kill enough time for you? such a pro. perfect. >> very nice tap dancing. >> because enough we have lauren simonetti. i thought you run down to wall street to see what is going on in with market in high heels. i'm here i'm not sure what happened. but i'm here and news is no the good. down 150. yeah this is what happened. we heard from european sflem bank this week. they didn't announce more stimulus. and fed is no the going to either. in fact it might be doing the opposite and hiking rates. we heard from federal reserve member of policy making committee typically someone who goes on the let's not raise rates side and now he's saying, well hiking might be appropriate with that the market goes down. okay. all right. >> lauren football season is here officially started last
9:55 am
i don't know what team you're rooting for people will be spending a lot of money, right on tailgate parties? >> there is tale gating party going on on sunday in fact. and average tailgating party is $143. that's how much you spend. $20 billion on food, and supplies for the tail gates. wow. hey, alcides has been out at the airport this morning we've had the jeep week apparently maybe because of this samsung phone battery. what do you think the fall out's going to be from all of this for samsung? well this is a recall obviously. they will lose money because they got to buy back all of those phones. issue is lot of people love the note seven just a popular phone because everything it can do. they don't don't have any note sevens or any phones just as good to replace it with.
9:56 am
holding on to their phones. he did thoughing there a recall. because the batteries can explode essentially when you're charging phone. they are not turning it in. samsung stock price in south korea will take a hit because of this. unlikely temporary more than anything else. >> yeah. this is going to be a problem. i mean, quickly resolved. yeah. people pay a pretty penny for these phones. >> and now you have the f.a.a. don't bring them on airplane. some airlines nn u.s. carrier haves to say. australian carriers are saying don't bring note 7 on. what do u.s. carriers going to say how are they going to know what kind of phone you have >> very good point are they going to start inspecting phones to find out what kind. talk about line now to get on a plane. all right. hey got to go. have a good weekend. all right. thanks. you too. bye-bye. that will do it for today is friday september 9th. live with kelly coming up next
9:57 am
news at noon. have great weekend everybody. "realtime closed captioning provided by u.s. captioning
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