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tv   FOX 13 News at Noon  FOX  September 9, 2016 12:00pm-1:00pm EDT

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>> from tampa bay east no. 1 news station this. is the fox 13 news at noon. a man in distress it h- to use a plastic cup to bail water out of his boat. but fortunately the coast guard gf an noovment i'm linda. and o fox is 13 shay la reeves has the rescue and what we can all learn from this. >> reporter: and if you think about it, a matter of seconds or minutes made the difference in this case. just a few inches. less than half an inch is what separated the rising water from the batteries on boat. but fortunately the coast gaird station here in clearwater was
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and one of the crew members influential in that rescue operation yesterday was alex delgato. tell me your title again and tell me about the rescue operation you were part of yesterday. >> and the first class of the united states coast guard. and tell me about the rescue operation. >> you all were already out hard at work and tell me about the call you received. >> we hear a distress call. over 16, a mariner in distress taking on water. train next. a vessels and swimmer training and that's when we jumped into action. >> and as ah you approached this boat, this boat was 20 feet long and miles way from the path. what did you see as you approach. >> we sought mare a nerks he seemed a little bit disstressed. he definitely needed help and again that's what wh we jumped in and train took over.
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the video from the rescue on the screen. i understand in this case, this person took some steps them were tug actually taking a plastic cup. we saw they were scooping o water out of boat. trying to do what they could to stay afloat in this case. what did you do when you arrived? what was your next moafd action? what did you do to help? >> again, training took over. even though he was wearing his life vest, we want to stress boat safe time. we want mariners to have a anything that would help them out just in case distress. and we did what we did. training took over. we were red trod rescue him or put down a pump so we cody water his vessle. >> reporter: thank you so much for your time today. a preach scwait your service you bet. >> reporter: alex delgato was one of the crew members involved in that rescue operation. i know we hey chance to get a
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the rescue swimmer. he said three things made the difference in this case. training, coordination and quick thinking. ultimately helped save a light. we'll keep foftd we learn anything farther. back to you. >> thank you shay la. and a recall involving tens of thousands of cars on the road right now. nissan is warning owners that brake knew id leaks can cause fires. the company is so concerned, they are asking owners to park their vehicles outside their homes. don't drive them until the vehies >> the recall covers 2015 to 2017 murano eavmentz 2016 to 2017 max muz and 2015 to 2016 many hybrids. >> and nissan will replace the part for flee. >> and a smart phone. you might want to leave a specific device at home the next time you flight. and we're at the tampa airport to explain why it might be
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three australian airlines. quan turks jet star and virgin australia are now bang the sam sung galaxy note seven from being used or charge on their air cravment we note faa is strongly advising travelers not use or charge the new note seven on any aircraft but garntion the faa strongly add vietion and you have the australian airlines banning it as a home of the heat about a week ago recalled the note smart phones after finding the batteries explode order caused a fire. they confirmed 35 instance aifs note 7 catching fire or exploding. no reports of injuries. just two weeks after the products launch, the notes 7 are being pulled from shelves in ten countries including right here in the united states. out of 2.5 million note 7's already soald sold globally. sam sung said it has not found a
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one of the phones may have been used right here in st. peevment just days after the recall nathan door archer says his jeep grand cher ti ci caught fire. he said he left his galaxy note 7 charging when the phone explode and engulfed his deep jeep in flames. he spoke to travelers before they called the plane this morning about the recall ievment think it's specific to the sam sung divides. there should be notice dz on each plane that state that sung device should not be used in flight or charged in flight until they resolve the issues. >> so they are bang them at this point? yes for those specific device snootz faa is look nothing this problem f. it continues to be a bigger issue, they may ban the phone from being used on any of their air crassments we have to wait and see what steptz faa takes from here into the next couple of weeks or next couple of months.
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sale murder is expected to make an appear nns a a polk county courtroom this afternoon. victor mans was using the web site let go to rob his victims. just days later the robbery turned deadly. a man tried to defend himself way shotgun but the man fired his own gun killing marks mrks aro. the owners of let go provided them with information that lead them to mann. he is now facing sphirs murder charges. and in manatee county a woman accused of trying to hire a hit man to kill her ex-husband is expected to make an appearance in court today. rachel lee shai hey tried to pay an undercover detective $5000 for him to kill her husband x- husband while she was trying get custody of her kids. >> and they are still searching for the person who shot a man in front of the his wife outside
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her purse. and they were on their honeymoon. police say the tourist district is among the safest areas of the city. some detectives cnlt even remember last murder to happen. >> the zika spraying is n- beginning in miami beach. the airborne sprague program originally scheduled for thursday as delayed until today because of public out crime. delay was to give people uncomfortable when the chemical sprague a chance to leave town. some wore rit effects on has not been frorly stiewd degrees. hour of the panel of experts have deemed it necessary to contain the zika virus. so far 66 people have been confirmed to catch zika in florida and 84 pregnant woman have been infected locally and through travel prone countries. and at noon, it's not october yet but look a lot like halloween on the cam pafs canes city high school. that's because of bassments the bats are swarming the music
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areas on the campus while officials take care of this problem. they believe this there are probably 200 bassments the school had this problem brsm once in january. and again in february. the they estimate the removal and cleaning dos about 13,000 doz lars. >> well, something very unsettling was discovered a little too close to some schools. plus, a fisherman nearly became bait. >> almost like a spheegd frenzy going on around me. >> yeah. he was surrounded on aan not by one, not two but t ar. how he managed to get out of harm's way. >> plussing, the su son takes over the leg ga shifs mother. how his generosity is taking over and benefiting his home town hero. we have the weekend forecast. >> and we're looking forward to the weekend. we had great weather all week long. we continue with nice weather for today. as you look outside you can see clear skies over in clearwater beach moving inland you can see
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so partly cloudy skies. but the moisture is returning. we're going start to see a better chance of these scattered showers and thunderstorms. in fact starting to see a few
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i'm really good at war. i love war in a certain way. including with nukes, yes including with nukes. i know more about isis than the generals do, believe me. nuclear, just the power the devastation, is very important to me. i want to be unpredictable, unpredictable, unpredictable, unpredictable.
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small metal shavings ended up >> small metal shavings ended up in an apple could of he fee cake sold at pub limplet a voluntary recall. cakes sold in florida and five other states. it covers stores in the familiar pa by area. so far no one rep sick or injured by eating the caifnlgt if your concerned, you returning it for a full refund. i phone seven si is officially available for purchase. and where your loyalty lies may impact how much a game cost. and we have more. >> >> traders start kay remembering the lives lost during september 11th attacks.
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chipotle taking flight. the company start age two week test of drone deliveries on the campus of virginia tech t. also announced settling with more than 100 customers who fell ill after eating at the restaurants last creek. the biewr reto chain trying to vied a drawn out public battle over the food born illness that's battered it's stocks and reputation. apple presales for the i phone 7 now under way. the company taking orders for it's latest i phone. however, they will not releasing sales numbers for the first weekend. finally, football season kicks off this weekend and the most expensive seat in the nfl goes to the new england pay tree oats. as of wednesday a single ticket toy a pay tree oats game held a resale price of # $340. the seattle seahawks ranked second and ra green bay packers took third place. all # fran clieses among las velings gas' super bowl winner
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in new york, i'm lane sa met te. a florida fisherman almost bait become bait himself. listen to the story. steve was fishing from a sand bar in lake county. unfortunately what he attacked was ten sharks. he was surround on the sand bar with no boat and no cell phone signal. fend offing the approaching a sharks using a fishing pole and he did this for 90 minutes. finally the 24 yeerld was able to by using his emergency button and they got thoim safety about ten minutes later. it definitely will be an interesting story. i can't say i've ever been rescued by coast guard before. i can't say i've seen that many sharks around me before. it was pretty wild eye probably would have panicked. he said he will be back in the water next week but this time won't be going alone. imagine riding your bike and
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450-pound alligator. take a look at this massive gator. he was found on the bike path just blocks way from two davie schools. a trap per was able to, called and able to subdue the an na map. they say most aligators are youth as ad into but due to his large size, he leb taken to a presemplet the gator did not seem to be fraifd humans sow thinks the animal was being fed by someone when which is illegal. >> a woman in dunn eaten left wonderful leg ga six she donate aid backpack to needy kids. her good work lives on through her son. and he is this week's home town hero. >> >> reporter: rob detour riefd at our lady of lord school the same way he has every august for the last five years, way truck load of back packs and supplies. i'm here with the backpack lady project. thank you so much. your welcome. all right. the donations are in honor of
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better known as the backpack laid did you. every august she secretly de slif verd two back packs to our lady of lord. she did it for 12 years i do what my mother d. she walked in and said these are for the kids. and i leave. >> he didn't find out about the good work until his mom passed away in 2011. that's when he started the project affecting those across pinellas county. i was and this year i delivered 461-50-6789 he doesn't do it alone. he has help from people all oaft community including donations from the rotor rivment these aren't empty back packs. each one is full of supplies. approximately every teacher spends $200 to $300 of their own money to buy supplies for their kids, the students. it's a big time need. it's rob's generosity that darryl says gives struggling
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for. they someone out there cars and releaving of this struggle that they are going through. rob never knew a backpack could mean so much, not until that first donation five years ago. and he has been make deliveries ever since. >> makes me feel amazing and i'm very proud and like i said, it just helps me remember my mom. >> rob doesn't do it for the reck nismghts he does it for the kid and in honor of his mom phyllis, the backpack lady. his mom's donations until shortly after she died and he was so happy that he wanted to share it with every one soavment wrote a blush about it on facebook. and get, this in stes stead of bringing flowers to her memorial. they brought back packs instead. >> and it's that time of year gasmght our charley belcher has
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>> and go falcons. >> speaking of football, the bukdz start the regular season sunday in atlanta and hopefully they can repeat what they did last year against the fall cans. they beat them twice. and start at 10:30 with the tailgate sunday. the fox pregame show and we're also showing the giants and cowb >> and from high school up to the nfl but doesn't feel like football weather. no, it doesn't. but that's what i was thinking. as your coming to me, i was thinking, you know what that means, the cool weather can't be that far down the road. eventually that's what we're telling our sempletz but realistically here in florida we have another movement but official lynx as far as the
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so today is the last day of # zero. of course we know how it works in florida. the average might be that but realistically we'll keep that nine 0rbgs 91, 92 as we head through the next couple of weeks at reece. also doing more cownd count downs. 53 days to halloween. daylight savings time. if yore not a big narchtion that ends in 59 days. thanksgiving. got to get the plans ready for. that 77 days until that 108 days 'til christmas and new year's. 115 days way. and sky tower radar. starting to see moisture around the state. last several days, it's been really quiet cross central florida. we have had showers down to our south and a was saying we would start to see a return of that moisture as we head into the weekend and there you see t. scattered showers over os hee see o la county. starting to see yves into polk county and highland county as well. so with that easterly flow,
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state and keep a 30% chance of showers as we get into the mid to late afternoon hours. outside right now we are warming up very quickly. 90 degrees. diewt point back up at 73. so that moisture is returning across the state. the humidity at 57%. and the winds out of northeast at seven miles per hour. brandon, your at # one degrees along with sarasota and st. erg bempleg # five degrees. newport rish r- richie at 88 degrees. and we have one system down to our south. a tropical wave. that will continue to work it's way on to the west. just spread more moisture across state and the prop trop picks. we're quach age couple of areas this. here is invest 93 and this 94. not much of a chance with 93. but as you look at different computer models you can see this one work it's a over to the
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strevment j will just help increase the moisture croots state as we get into the first part of the next week and then 94 looks like that should safely stay out over open waters. futurecast continues to show the weakening hiesm here comes the front digging down into the southeast. the moisture continues to basically gradually increase as we go through the week and that means morning sun and then showers and thunderstorms as we get into the afternoon a hours. here's the forecast for today. mixture of sun and clouds. a hot afternoo isolated storms as well. daytime hive 93 degrees and then for night of mainly clear skies. over night low of 77. for tomorrow again partly cloudy skies. isolated storms during the afternoon. daytime hive 92 deementz. high tide comes up at 10:37 this evening. the extend rain forecast looks good through the weekend. light east northeasterly winds and seas running around # 2 feet all weekend long. seven day forecast as you can
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as we get into the middle of next week we'll bringing that back up to a 40% dhafnlts daytime highs even though the average drops, we're still look at nine 0rbgs 92 degrees as we head through the next several days. can you believe it? we're talking about football. here's the forecast. this year the seminoles taking on charleston southern t. will be hot. not much of a chance of any rain nup tallahassee. still dry. stray storm around in the 93 degrees kickoff for that taking on the kentucky wild cats at p 30:00 and then the huskies taking on us fnchts that's 85 degrees. showers and thunderstorms possible on saturday evening. and then the bucks, there up in atlanta. no problems there. the dome. outside if your going to do tailgating. 86 deeds and partly cloudy skies. and jim, add a bull dog forecast
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broncos win wasn't the only excitement in colorado. one of the biggest fans went over the edge literally for a very good cause. very good cause. hillary clinton: i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. bob kidder, owner, new england shirt company: this factory has been here since eighteen eighty-three. we have over sixty people here making shirts labled made in america. but donald trump's brand of shirts come from china, his have been made in twelve other countries because he says there's no place in america that he can make them. well there is. you know donald trump says he'll make america great again while
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colorado govenor john pick a loop per literally went over the edge for a good cause. mark fox was there as the govenor repelz down a sky scrape per in denver for to raise money for a cancer research. >> and 42 floors up over denver wearing a broncos jersey and looking a little nervous, he descended on them to raise money for cancer. and he raised $1000 personally for the over the edge found fundraiser which is raising wearness for the cancer league
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first time the govenor ever repelled. by the time he reached the ground, he was one happy man but not without losing siefght the goal. >> probably a plot of fear but not near as where someone who has cancer and dealing with all the issues they have to deal with. this was short and i knew what the end would be. >> he has been down the polls for a while now but donald trump may be making a come back. what new polls of ground states show. back next. back next. >> - marco. - polo.
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marco? marco? but it's not a game when our senator doesn't show up. i'm patrick murphy. solving problems means showing up. showing independence. and working together. it's why i worked to protect women's health care and worked with both parties to stop cuts to medicare. i'm patrick murphy and i approve this message because florida needs a full-time senator. marco?
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>> welcome back. is the donald make a come back? new polling of of the wealt
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fox's joel waldman is following the race. >> reporter: donald trump appears to be making a come back in crucial battle ground states. a new poll showing trump leading in ohio and twied clinton in florida. the democratic nominee remains head by a low single dig gist in pennsylvania and north carolina. >> the good news for donald trump is he can't be president if he can't win florida and ohio and is he back in contention in both of those states. >> clinton's numbers suffering in part because of private e-mail scab davment house republicans now asking the justice department to investigate whether clinton and her lawyers or a computer expert who was granted immunity a diergd new york times report obstructed you justice when the e-mails were deleted back in march 2015 despites an order to preserve the documents. >> it looks like they gave immunity to the very person you would most want to prosecute which is the person who destroyed official public
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subpoena and there of af there was a prers investigation. >> reporter: long time clinton ally lan any davis come together defense of the former secretary of state arguing the fbi has already investigated the case clearing clinton. >> it is iron you can that a republican chairman of the house decides it's the integrity the fbi and then goes on to quote fbi director come my for his political purposes. >> hillary clinton dpownsd national issues today meeting with bipartisan leaders in new york as the former jens and add mirez backing her has grown to 110. in washington, joel waldman. fox news. >> and developing news over seas. a train de rainment in spain. and it happened just before the train got to the station and about 60 people on that train. most of them had to be taken to the hospital.
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>> a solemn ser moi month any in the pentagon court yard to comb come menner operate 9/11 attacks. and representing all branches ml military members of the joint chief and other pentagon. sunday is the 15th anniversary of rif those taks that killed a few thousands people and hurt a few thousand more. the fir plane hit at 8:46 that morning. the second another plane hit the pentagon and a 4th plane went down in rural pennsylvania after passengers rushed the cockpit. and the house passed a buy bipartisan gil bill allowing the families of the victims in saudia arabia. 15 of the 19 hijackers were saudi nationals. what was it it like to be in kindergarten when 9/11 happen?
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you about to grat graduate college and not know what the world had before that day. we want to know what impact it will have on them and how they will use the unique experience with terrorism to train them. and we sat down with them to find out. >> no one around the table remembers when america wasn't at war. on 9/11, ways six years old. >> when america was in fear. >> i was boarding the bus for kindergarten. >> when eye remember it clear as day because smoke started coming into the classroom. three at ut and next at usf and jennifer who was sten 10:00 on #/11 just fin naished medical ca dea degree. teacher at time had a brother that worked at the pentagon so she wa called out of room.
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2001 and remembers her neemps st. pete not wanting to to talk about the news. why is this happening in new york city? why is every one reacting this way in florida. >> reporter: and a military kid, five on 9/11 and on a base in japan. a month frier to 9/11 we hey big earthquake with buildings fall. i thought, oh, just another earthquake. she immediately knew things had change oosmed my dad looked at on his face like something was wrong and he went into his room for p about an hour. came back geared up and my mom said where are you going and he said i can't tell snu. >> how long are you going to be gone? can't tell iewvment hugged her and my sister and a and left for the elevator and we didn't see him for a month and a half. >> and young grew up in brooklyn and says terror poisoned her friend, family and made mere
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>> when i went on the plearntion every one was clapping, every one had this sign of relieve. and eugene a was five on #/11 and say she finally understands what it all ment. it made me scared to say people can leave their house in the morning and not come home. and peopling leave their house in the morning and say goodbye to their kids and they won't see them again because people are attacking. it has impacted their shaping the world and wars. and me being 11, that's when i got t. that's when it clicked. a lot of different areas you can go it into with journalism but i like political journalism. rye linger is planning to teach kids who were the same age as she was can when #/11 happened. you become humble people and to have kindness because it's
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the trooft comes from negativity. it comes from the way you were raised. >> is there hope living in a post post 9/11 world? james ga dare o dixon 9/11 and from long island is the ut body president oomplet and looking at world war i, world war 2678 those have subsided too and those were on larger scales. noise, it's really all about how we deal with the problem. >> i absolutely think we at one point will get to place better. i don't think we'll get to a pre9/11 state again. i think us as a generation will constantly pass on to our future generation what's happened to us. our parents knew a time before. we only knew this. we're trying to make a better life for our kids and better grand kids, a better life for them so they don't have the same fears we doovment it has to be healthy otherwise what is all the deploy ment forks all the
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friends my dad lost. there has to be hoam hope. >> and that was 7's alex recording. nice job. and check this out. benster ner took this amazing shot being shared around the world. a beam of light shining from the glafts building that stands from the twin tower build oosmg one year ago he took a picture over a rainbow that also went viral. check out the story on fox 13 or go to my facebook page. i posted it there as well. fox 13. well, the true story of a pilot becoming a hero comes to the big screen this weekend. we'll see what our movie crit ik has to say about sully and the
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the miracle on the hudson comes to the big screen. and there's a movie about a twisted relationship >> the miracle on the hudzson domentz big screen and a thriller you may feel like you've seen before. and here is his take. >> hey everybody. i'm kevin ma car thivment i'm here to geek out about the movies for this week. the miracle on the hudson and when the bough breaks. and first sell light. first of all, clint east with wood is 86 years old and he is still directing movies. heaz been acting since the early mid 50s. he directed films all over the place from the 70's on. play misty for me. forgiven. american sniper. million dollar baby. he is a phenomenal film maker. now taking on the story, the miracle on the hudson. the question is ks why would you want to see this movie because
12:40 pm
hudson and 155 people on board, every one on board survives. but movie is more about the untold stleafertion story. what happened behind the scenes. what sul enburger went through after those events. the ntsb and the claim that he could of made it back to la guard airport. that was the whole thing that was behind the scenes of was going to hearings afnld they are trying to prove he doesn't need to land the plane on the water. but obviously as you watch the story you understand the tiff the process of what he did and why he made the the decision and why it was the right de tition sob made and it saved so many lives obviously. the film stars tom hanks as captain sully. the movie opens up after the events on the hud son. told nay nonlinear fasmghts you get to seat landing from multiple angles from. cockpit and passengers. outside perspectives and building. they did a phenomenal job rehe
12:41 pm
eastwood still makes you wonder what will happen. because wuns once your inside with the cockpit with tom manches and eric eckhart. your wondering what will happen. for people who don't know f you haven't heard this story, birds strike this plane or the plane strikes the birds and even shu shally they have 208 seconds between the bird strikes and landing on the hudson. the special effects are i gave it a four and hawf out of fight. script issues but very intense fill. 90 minutes and it breathes so well. four and a half out of five. an amazing fim out of a true hero. captain sul enburger. >> next up is when the bough breaks. staring forest chestnut as well. the hand that roctz cradle. kind of seen this story in the
12:42 pm
they hire a surrogate and jasmine becomes very ub ob saysed with the character and it becomes a very violent and disturbing story after. that. >> now, the ter performance in the film are great. regina hall is great. jasmine claire. what a performance. the whole innocent psycho element. very well done. problem with the movie is the ending. a gave it a two and a half out of fight. again, it's a four to the saying zero so i'm settling on two and half out of fight. if you want to see t watch it and leave during the last couple minutes of the movie. i'm kevin ma car thivment fox niewz 13 news. >> wow. okay and the company that hires for graceland is hiring. prince's recording and production fa sil teams. a concert hall and music club. positions include general manager, tour operations, archives and merchandise and looking for people with
12:43 pm
hos fatal ti industry they say the knowledge prince's music and history is beneficial but not necessary. it's an exciting time as people get the chance go beyond that front door no. 1 will be left take a picture from the side of the road. they will be able to buy a ticket and go inside and experience paisley park. >> prince was found dead at es skate on april 2 1, he was 57 years old. paisley pk public in october. >> here's a live look outside right now.
12:44 pm
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i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. he wears it like a crown. "make america great again". but trump made his shirts in bangladesh. his ties in china. and his suits in mexico. in fact, the real donald trump outsourced his products and jobs to 12 different countries. so don't believe the hat. starting today, you can in america. sail over to the tampa >> starting today you can sail over to the familiar convention center for the kickoff of the boat show. more sthan a hundred boats will be on display from fishing boats and yachts and that's just a longs the waterment outside fox 13 allen shows us then piff exhibits inside as well along
12:46 pm
afternoon everybody. walter allen at tampa convention center. we are here for the tampa boat show going on this weekend. kevin murphy, are you in charge of all this. your a rhode island giech you come down to this convention center and see your boat show on the water. your reaction. it's a really gorgeous shot. vut opportunity to see boats in the water and on the convention center so it makes for a real great opportunity. >> and a no brainerd. we're in the bay but of other boat shows are in the water this is a unique experience especially for bay area folks. >> yes, exact thrivment a unique experience for two week jefnltdz no. 1, all brand new boats. never seen in this market before. all the latest models and designs and you can come out to the convention center and see them in the water and go inside and see them on a trailer. what kind of boats are we talking here. pretty much everything you can he think of. exactly. we have a lot of different types
12:47 pm
every boating lifestyle. sail boats. power boats. fishing boats. cruising boats. all types of boats. so you were talking about the latest and greatest. anything that is popping out to you. eye opening. two things. the o sheehanist 48. brand new sail boat in the show first time ever from ben nato and also the press teefd 750 offered by gee la tee gorgeous option for a boat. and about four and a half mill, right? >> that particular boat s. but there is something for every one. >> there snoo there really ssm kids, this is a family event. kids encouraged to come and something special for them if they come tomorrow, right? >> absolutely. kids 12 and under get in free with their parents well. have a kid zone where they can run off some steam, face
12:48 pm
you can imagine the kids. come on but if they have entertainment, they will be happy. and ten to 8:00 tomorrow and 10:00 to 6:00 sunday and kids 12 and under is are free and the price. >> $12. buy injure tickets on line. >> thank you. appreciate it. hope you enjoy the boat show. walter allen. fox 13 news. >> and i hope you're going to weekend to get outside and do what you want. the east wind, 2-foot seasms so the water looks nice this weekend. see a few scattered showers during the afternoon. as you look outside right now, actually a pretty nice start to the day once again. we seen this pretty much all week long. we're see motionly sunny to partly cloudy skies. been bring little bit more moisture back which means our rain chance creeping up a little bit. already 90 degrees in is south tampa with that light variable wind.
12:49 pm
a little cooler. 87 degrees. notice the winds coming primarily thiewft easterly directions so that afternoon sea breeze will be paind longt coastal areas. sky tower radar showing rain developing. start over on the eastern side of the state with that easterly floasm works it's way right across state so. places like eastern polk county down in the highlands. now work it's way into harddy and sarasota. you can see showers to the south of bar to. these will continue to work their way across the afternoon. still keeping that rain chance around 30% for the afternoon. your in familiar right now. 90 degrees. brandon. 91. you head to pinellas park and the same at # 1. st. peelt ergberg 95. brooksville 87. land o laikdz 89 degrees. and down the sta o sarasota # 1. and bradenton at 89.
12:50 pm
checks in at 88 degrees. high pressure continues to weaken. you look down to the south and see the spin there. a tropical wave which is work waits through the florida straights. and help spread a little more moisture down across the southern part of state but we are watching a few areas. a couple herein vest 93. just a light chance of seeing anything happen with that because the computer molds have backed off on that cyst spoavment about a 10% chance to see something develop with. th 94. farther out into the atlantic. and the short term probably not going to see much with. that you can see there's more thunderstorm activity with that but sometime in the middle of next week we may see our next tropical system developing with. that computer models has been very aggressive in crepg vepping that system. you look at different computer models and you can see there's 94 working it's way basically out over open waters which is
12:51 pm
remember, we're talking about this system here that will not develop. so basically all that equates to is an increase in moisture across the state aism better chance of showers as we head into the middle of next week. certainly not be concerned whatsoever with that. high pressure will continue to weaken as we go through the weekend and cold front working it's way into the east. not going to make it down over us but it will help increase our showers as it boost that high pressure out of here and our southeasterly directions so. afte the weekend. for the cast for today, sun and clouds, a few isolated showers. daytime high 93 degrees. then for tonight mainly clear skies. over night low of 77. again for tomorrow partly cloudy in the porng. a few storms during the afternoon. high tide comes up at 10:37 thing. and the marine forecast through the weekend. you seek looks pretty good. winds out of easterly directions and seas running around 2 feet. seven day forecast. i'll team ceep that rain chance at 30% through most of the
12:52 pm
middle of next week. up to that typical 40% chance for this time. year. linda. linda. >> and they the z2454z zi0z y2454y yi0y i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. there's a race going on right now. the world's clean energy super power's either going to be
12:53 pm
00 million solar panels installed by the end of my first term, to precision manufacturing. we'll beat the competition and create new high wage jobs. we can do this, millions of jobs right here in america.
12:54 pm
z2455z zi0z one of the biggest stars in country music is rocking >> one of the biggest stars of country music is walking in the am na theater tonight. amanda am better is on her tour. tonight at 7:30 and tickets start at $25. >> coming up tomorrow in tampa. get ready for the most color
12:55 pm
4th annual flavor run 5k. the race has the runners covered in flavor colored patterns. and taking place tomorrow morning at florida state fair grounds and benefits charity girls on the run which helps inspire confidence in little girls. >> they work side by side make the american dream come true one place at a time and their story is bright w >> dough feels what your doing. nick and susie and we only penguin pretzel factor right. >> florida has terrible water, you can't make good piece a or bay imelz. it's technique. it has good flaif vomplet the cream cheese and chives is excellent. all about make things from scratch.
12:56 pm
you should see the fights that gone go on here sometimes. we started the business back in 2011 and i prayed one night before bed and said lorksd help me change our lives. strangely enough i woke up with pret diselz and a started baking and baking for six months and we tried to find the perfect rest a pie. should try one. good enough to come every day. i think we've sold at this point hundreds of thiewssmentsz this is quick and tastes good and better for >> it's a process. not like bread or cake or anything else. it's a lot of work. i feel like it's part of home to have a pretzel or bagel t. warms my heart. >> yum,. oh my gorchlt i'm busted. i'm hungry. i am. i'm even more hungry now. right. so a last look at weather before we take off and go home. >> and weather looking good. a few more showers as we get into the afternoon.
12:57 pm
sky tower thru see it in polk county and work it's way over towards us as we get into the mid to late afternoon hours and rain chance work it's way back up to a more typical summertime level. after all it's still summertime. it is. and the news doesn't end here we keep posting on fox 13-point com and fox 13 news app on your phone. >> and sports and weather at 5:00. i'll see you back here at
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for that... we thank you.
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