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tv   FOX 13 1100 News  FOX  September 9, 2016 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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hot truck. >> it was evidence when deputies arrived that he was diseased. >> where the firefighter father is now charged with manslaughter. >> and a car chase and carjacking and at least one shot fired. what landed this man in the back of a patrol car. >> i feel the report and their proposal does not go far solution to root out racism after airbnb was accused of discriminating on the basis of race. >> we begin with the story out of palm harbor. a firefighter has been arrested and charged in the death of his own son. he left his toddler in the back
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hours today. the toddler died. the man made that devastating discovery in his driveway. ken? >> the bottom line is this neighborhood is in shock tonight. clearly they are trying to wrap their arms and heads around that we had a 23-month-old wo littley this morning who was happy and >> what happened in this home has neighbors hugging their own kids. this man remembers the 23-month-old lawson and his sister happily splashing in their home pool. ttroy whi whitaker is a firefigr and he was supposed to drop off
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his son at daycare but instead he was left in a baby seat in the back seat of the truck on a very hot day. whitaker went home and later in the day went to publix and when i began unloading the groceries he discovered his son in the car. he dropped the grocery and >> but it was obvious he had been dead for a while. >> now when emergency workers got here, they checked the little guy's temp and it was up to 108 degrees. so by all accounts it seems like this was unintentional. still the sherriff's office says the dad has to be charged for what he did. >> did they design why the charge is aggravated manslaughter rather than
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said this guy went through a polygraph and he said he simply thought he had dropped his son off at day care. and he was checked for prescription drugs and other drugs and no alcohol use or abuse, so we don't know exactly what happened. all we know is what this man said, hard to believe that he says he dropped the kid off but still charged with aggravated manslaughter, as you heard at the top of the story. >> ken suarez, thank you. and now we have this news alert out of hillsborough county county where deputies have arrested a wanted man who they say led them on a wild chase across county lines. they caught up with 25-year-old john burns near the veterans ves expressway.
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ran away from them stole a van and let them on a chase. the chase ended when a deputy shot out the tire of the van causing burns to crash. you see him smiling there in the back of the patrol car. thankfully no one was injured. and this is a live look at gandy boulevard, the westbound lanes are finally back open, near san ma this is what it looks like earlier this e evening after a deadly crash. a vehicle drove into the grassy median, overturned and collided with two other cars. the driver of the vehicle that went into the median died. we don't know where he crashed yet but it did stop traffic in both directions for most of the evening but gandy is back open now.
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jvocal one, protests over the death of lavonia riggins. he was shot by police. the roads were blocked to keep protestors from imperfecting the busy streets. >> and we are going to just because they think that the officers are getting away with certain things, i just beg them to -- >> the protests have been out there nearly every night since last wednesday, two were arrested for breaking through the police line. >> and as cities around the bay area continue to tally up the
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fox 13's evan lambert spoke to a our evan lambert spoke to a marine scientist about what it could do and the effect on us. evan, what have you learned? >> chris, that college professor says water contaminated by wastewater can definitely make you sick, around if you see a sign that says no swimming definitely follow that pumping wastewater into the basins before hurricane hermine came in last week and it stopped today at 20 million gallons. signs were up at several beaches because of elevated bacterial levels but most were cleared today with the exception of laughing park beach. but the signs are small and some people are missing them.
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taking it upon herself to warn people about the contaminated water . >> they are fishing here and i have had people come out of the water with their children and dogs and kayaks. >> an overflow and mechanical problem led to 30 million gallons dumped by clearwater and tampa at more than a million gallons. representatives are planning to meet to discuss a fix to this program. >> and more storm aftermath in pasco county, crews will begin removing storm debris on monday, and they are asking people to separate the debrie on the curb but not to black utility or
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metal and vegetation, like trees and shrubberies. >> the sherriff's office estimates about 1.8 million worth of damage was done in citrus, and they will be going street by street and door by door to see what type of help is needed. >> a tampa man is launching a rival to airbnb after he the home sharing app and service. he spoke tonight to fox 13's crystal clark who joins us with more. >> a airbnb has faced complaints who say they were turned away from staying in a home because of the way they looked or their names. and african-americans who use
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get a home than others. >> an apology issued by airbnb to his customers in response to a lawsuit and accusations of racism. saying we do believe that no mar who you are and where uh-uh youl you should be welcome in the airbnb community. but that is not the warm this man felt. >> he tried to get a home in idaho. >> but it says not available. >> and so he tried again. >> i had one of my friends who happies to be white go on and book for the same dates that i was told were not available and they were approved right away. >> it was in that moment that he got the idea to launch his own service calling it inclusive.
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uber model. if you request a ride on uber the driver does not see your photo or your name. >> he says that removes bias, and so more than 3,000 properties have signed on to use inclusive. >> but he is thinking bigger, much bigger like outside the continent big. >> we have a nice presence in brazil, and i'm from bardados and we have a nice presence ther airbnb to recognize the discrimination after years of complaints but hopes to see more. >> a number of the changes the website is promises is a new policy helping guests find new accommodations if they find discrimination in a booking listed.
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si and the app is available for people interested in listing their homes. >> we'll see what he does with it. >> inclusive. i like that. >> well, coming up tonight it's a fiery mystery that has left some of most brilliant scientists stumped. how nasa is reacting to this la week taf happens. >> and lessons still being learned 15 years after the
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>> with the 9/11 anniversary coming sunday, ceremonies were held to look back at what was. the deadliest attack on american
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d.c. or some pennsylvania that way are reliving those terrifying moments but we are focused on some of the heros from that day. >> when two hijacked planes hit the twin towers thousands of people fled the burns and collapses buildings and thousands of first responders raced into the smoke and flames. billy quick was one of said i have people trapped in the subway and i went down and got people up, bleeding and screaming and crying and i just kept saying go to your left and flfind the ambulance but then to or three minutes later the first collapse. >> he spent days breathing in
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his new and developed toxic lung trproblems and he died last yea. >> we were there 24 hours a day seven days a week and we are paying the price. >> daniel was promoted to the chief of the department when he escaped the blast but he boss did not. he says lessons have been learned. >> he can to protect life and property. >> it looks like a horror move. >> we met john minutes after the first tower fell, covered in its dust. he watched people trapped on higher floors leap to their deets. deaths he says he thinks about what happened here every day. >> it makes me appreciate the first responders and the
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here, the iron workers and the people who rebuilt and did a great job. and hopefully this is a place for people to go to and reflect. >> sunday will mark 15 years since the attack. the now traditional reading of the names of every single life lost will take place at memorial plaza in new york. >> it was a shocking moment now more than a week after the falcon 9 rocket exploded. spacex is finally breaks its silence about what happened. they are calling it a fireball rather than an explosion and says the accident is one of the most difficult and complex failures in the company's 14-year history. the rocket and satellite were
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also damaged. he says the bang heard just prior to the fireball may have come from the rocket itself or the engine. spacex is still investigating. >> an incredible sky tonight, we tropical and if you want to check this out, they are all pictures this is incredible. you also see in the distance if you look closely, a rain shower out over the gulf. good stuff, and that means that the moisture has come back today and we saw that just by looking up at the sky. the past couple of days in tampa bay, you can certainly feel the humid coming back.
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continues over thepeninsula. you have sunsi sunshine and an t wind is going to be hot. this tied a record high 1948, almost 70 years ago. no rain, and 86 right now, 80 in brooksville, and low 80's along the east coast. we had a couple of days with dewpoints dropping into the 50's and 60's across the northern half of the state and now they are back in the mid 70's. on the hurricane list this year obviously we scratched off hermine, next in line is ian and ian may be developing right here,-we'll be watching this, should become a tropical depression and then tropical storm but the good news is
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fish. and there is actually another one that developed today in the florida straits. and so let's talk about how things play out. in this likely becomes ian by monday, it will be tropical storm or hurricane ian. this swirl means together, and in the florida straits today, the weak area of low pressure that we just sheered all day, you can kind of see it as we zoom in on a satellite and radar composite, rig of the convention being pushed well south and east because of upper-level sheer. even in the chance this develops, 30 or 40% chance it will move this way across the gulf and have absolutely zero impact on our weather. obviously that is a good thing. isn't it? the forecast for the weekend? we stay in the low 90's both
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chance of afternoon storms. we are down to a mix of clouds and sun. rain coverage 30 to 40% and back up to 92 and the same trend coming up on sunday. lots of tropical moisture in play next week, so the rain chances between 30 and 40%, going to 50% by midweek. this is not a big rivally weekend, that is for sure. we have charleston sunny and thought, and 92, and kentucky is in gainesville. and the bulls hosting the powerhouse known as the huskies or northern illinois university. the bucs are indoors in atlanta, and the game is right here on fox 13. >> hey, don't sandbag on the huskies, they usually put
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not sure how they will love the humid here, and then speaking of creatures who love the humid, they are big and it may not be long until we are calling them pests. the giant rodents are inviting florida. >> we'll explain what north korea is up to and why we should be worried. money, power, around i'm really good at war. i love war in a certain way. including with nukes, yes including with nukes.
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i want to be unpredictable, unpredictable, unpredictable, unpredictable. priorities usa action is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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they're big... they're >> they are big, they are furry and some people say they are pretty cute. you used to have to go to a zoo to see a capybara, the world's largest rodent but now you can see them in florida. the only problem is wildlife experts say they don't belong here. but they've been released into the wide and t adapting. there have been sit s sighting l over the state. left unchecked they can actually be very destructive. >> they are cute, we hear that all the time but they are thought supposed to be in our environment and they tend to eat tons of vegetation feeder band
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crops they could decimate flofell florida crops. >> and so the state is hoping you can help them out, if you see a capybara, give a call and try not hug it. >> and for the next 24 these people will be sorting and packaging meals for families in need, a part of national hunger action month. >> we'll put together meals with close to 700 volunteers and they are all fresh, nutritious meals that will end up on the tables of families in need. >> and the volunteers got to do a little playing while at work, enjoying food and music and a lot of fun.
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some football. >> and jason licht tells us the difference between this team compared to his first two years on the job, and getting to matt ryan is really going to be key
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>> well, bucs center holly is returning to face his old team, but it's not his first time back to the area. he was released by the falcons and maybe in transition since


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