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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 6AM  FOX  September 10, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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. from tampa bay's number one news station. this is "good day tampa bay." >> anjuli: a tragedy impacting one local fire fighter's family a child dies in a hot car and his father is facing manslaughter charges. >> let me see your hds toughest decisions that law enforcement officers have to make. wen to shoot and when to not shoot. we got a first-hand look at how difficult that decision can be. good saturday morning, everyone. thank you so much for joining us. it is saturday. >> it is. >> it is saturday. i am alcides segui. >> anjuli: i am anjuli davis. those stories in a minute. lindsay has more on our saturday morning forecast. >> lindsay: good morning, guys. out the door to lightly warmer temperatures.
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a little back to reality. 73 in bartow. 79 in tampa. 75 in crystal river. 80s moved in st. pete. instead of in the blue, we are running only a few degrees warmer. up to 4 in many pots. overall good visibility but the morning is dry. we haven't seen thatch rain that has resulted in to much heat. today with a little more moisture creeping in going with more a 30% to 40% rain chance not until after 3:00 in most spots. a swirl here a swirl here south of the keys. a tropical disturbance has a slim chance it will develop and moving west. will not play a role in our local weather. as we head to the day today, more about the above-average heat. 88 by lunchtime hit 92 today. between 3 and 8:00 our best chance for scattered showers and storms including at the bulls game tonight. could be storms around. your game-day forecast coming coming. thanks, lindsay, we start with a sad story out of hillsborough county.
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son in the back seat of a hot car. investigators say troy whitaker accidentally left his 23-month-old son in the back seat of his pickup truck for eight hours. seat of his pickup truck for eight hours. they say after dropping off his daughter at school he left lawson at day care and he was in the back seat. and he went to publix, when he got home he started to unload the grocery lawson lifements in the back of the truck. he tried to do cpr. >> it was evident when deputies arrived and ems arrived he was deeased but transported to the hospital where she was officially pronounced dead. but it was obvious that he been dead for a while. >> alcides: he told detectives he thought he dropped off lawson at day care earlier that morning. he is charged with one count offing a have a grated
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release wastewater in the bay during hurricane hermine and creating at local beaches. the city of st. pete has been pumping wastewater into the bay since last week and they officially stopped friday morning at 20 million gallons. om beaches show elevated bacteria levels because of t that. the beach still has no swimming signs up. volunteers are taking it upon themselves to warn people about the water. >> they are fishing here. i have gotten people out of the water that have children and dogs >> reporter: an overflow and mechanical problems led to 30 million gallons dumped by clearwater. tampa spilled more than a million gallons. florida lawmakers from pinellas county plan to meet later this month to work on a fix for the county's wastewater problems. and this weekend, fema representatives will be in citrus county assessing all the damage out there. the sheriff's office estimates 1.8 million worth of destruction was done in that
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door to door to find out what kind of health is needed. in pasco county crews will start removing storm debris. they are asking homeowners to place debris on the curve but make sure it is not blocking hydrants and utility boxes. they want to diride it into categories. a separate pile for metal appliances and insulation and dry wall and vegetation like tree lirms. death of lavonia riggins. the unarmed man was shot and killed by a hillsborough county deputy last week after they raided his home in a drug investigation. a handful of demonstrators gathered in ybor city last night near the sheriff's of office. police blocked the road to keep the protester from entering busy streets >> the message is love. love outweighs all. in due season, god will show up and show out.
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the officers are getting away with certain things, i just beg them to stand with their faith. >> two protesters were arrested after they broke through the police line. a health concern for some students and teachers. 200 bats have inhave a i haded haines city high school and cost $1300 to avenuely remove the bats and sanitize the music building from the bat drop droppings. students with classes in that building are being forced to have classes elsewhere this marks the third infelltation this year. this time professionals have actually been brought in to clean up the mess. bats can carry diseases like rabies and their droppings can cause serious respiratory is issues. mush all over the carpets and not a good thing and it smells horrible. i am not comfortable with animals that carry diseases being in the schools. >> alcides: crews have patched holes in the building with con
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and not return. they say they hope to have everything cleaned up in the next couple of weeks. yikes, what a sight there. more than week of a the falcon rocket exploded, space x is finally breaking its silence. founder elon musk is calling it a fireball. he said the accident is the mst difficult and c failure in the company's 14-year to history. the rocket and the satellite were destroyed in that. the launch pad was also dam damaged. in a series of tweets, musk said the most puzzling part was the quieter bang heard right before that fireball. it may have come from the rocket or maybe something else. the rocket engines have yet to fire so no apparent heat source there. space x is still investigating. they are big. they are f you can rry.
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cute. not sure about that. you will to go ethem at a zoo. the world's largest rodent. but now they have started to call florida home. the problem wildlife experts say they don't belong here, but somehow these south american creatures were released into the wild right here in florida and they appear to be adapting. well -- yeah. >> anjuli: so cute. >> alcides: there have been sightings all over the state including sight information hillsborough counties. adult kaburow s can grow up to four feet long and weigh 150 pounds. they are big -- a lot bigger thane thought. left unchecked, the giant rodents can be pretty destructive as well. >> they are cute. we hear that all the time, but they are not supposed to be in an environment, and they take away from our native species. they tend to need tons of education. you are dealing with they can go to -- if they came into
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and decimate it. they could decimate florida crops. >> alcides: wow, florida w wildlife officials are hoping that the public can help track them down as well. if you eone call fwc. >> anjuli: can you imagine spotting that in your yard? [laughter] >> alcides: no. like a huge dog or a squirrel without a tail. >> anjuli: origin knee pig. fascinating, i love them. the bucs get ready for their first regular season game. >> anjuli: kevin o'donnell the sports headlines when we come back. plus a behind the scenes look at when police officers should pull the trigger. i was put to the challenge during several shoot, don't shoot scenarios. takes moments before i decided to pull the trigger coming up. 6:8. welcome to the weekend. overall i think you will like the forecast. dry in the mornings. a couple more storms in the afternoon and, yes, a little warmer out the door. waking up with us.
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st bogo's wins! which is usually me. that's how we save a lot at publix. how 'bout you? publix. where shopping is a pleasure. you are watching "good day tampa bay." >> alcides: welcome back, time >> alcides: welcome back, time is 6:1 1 being a law enforcement officer is one of the hardest jobs out there. i got to see how hard it is. i went through shoot, don't shoot can he narrows. dispatched to a suspicious person outside a bank and you
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for the worse. >> how are you doing? can i see your hands? excuse me. sir. can i see your hands. can i see your hands, sir. can i see your hands. let me see your hands, sir! let me see your hands. gun. shots, gunfire hots, one -- one man on the south side [ [gunshots] >> you did a good job. you came in, you parked far enough away which was perfect. that created some distance between you and the bad guy. you immediately started giving voice commands. all very good. nothing wrong with that. the thing was -- he wasn't listening to you and that was it, and yet you took your gun out 20, 30 feet away. >> alcides: i should take ton out before or after. %-@n in your hand. as soon as he turned had is back and he started messing around with whatever you were
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>> alcides: absolutely, no doubt. >> you had no idea what was happening. the same thing we go through every day. >> alcides: these shoot, don't shoot scenario s are very eye opening. i was walking through that parking lot in the middle of the day posedly a bank with probably people walking around, and i had a gun in my hand, i pulled it out and this guy at this point, i didn't even know if he had a gun. what if he didn't do anything wrong. the video, ocean media. things turn for the worse very enforcement officers, i mean, what do you do in a case like that. >> juile: you stayed early on, a tough job in this day and a age. >> alcides: that was the first part. three more scenarios on "good day." a fight outside of the grocery store. that is intense. he charges me several times and you have to make a decision to pull the trigger. i pulled the taser out. taser is not working and he is
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easy to monday morning quarterback this thing and often happens for the public and -- and just in the media as a whole too. >> anjuli: kudos to them all they do. next hour will be pretty good too. >> anjuli: i think a i am looking forward to it. check of the weather miss lindsay. >> lindsay: good morning, ready for the weekend. >> a big day. baseball games today. >> lindsay: game day. football games all day. >> alcides: all day. >> lindsay: tonight couple more storms downright hot. tied a record yesterday of 9 degrees. today we will shoot for 92. the heat back but the mornings are beautiful. really nice and quiet this morning, but it is a little warmer. it is 79 degrees. we have a light east wind. humidity making a comeback so our rain chances climbing but not until the second half of the day meaning as we start a little more september-like out the door. 76 in new tampa. 80 in pinellas park. if you have plans to head to the beach, weather looks good
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76 in brooksville. wesley chapel at 76. 77 in englewood. 78 in bradenton this morning, and across our interior zones where you may see a spot shower by 2:00. 73 in bartow. 76 in sebring. not to mention a little more muggy hence a warmer start of the day combining the heat with humidity and will feel like the triple digits. we can get out and about early. sky tower is quiet and no signs of rain on the east coast and all of us dry until as we head into likely the 2, 3:00 hour. satellite and radar picture showing the light east wind but also showing a little bit of a swirl. we have a disturbance that has a low chance of developing tropically and partially because of wind shear that is involved as this moves west. will not play role in our local weather and odds of development coming up. today, planning our day between 3 and 10:00 the best time. by o'clock, it is spotty in inland.
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40% south of tampa bay, to if you have plans second half of the day, i encourage to you check sky tower as it will be a little more active than it was the rest of the week. we caught a break. futurecast. that east coast sea breeze gets kicking. 2, 3:00 spotty inland rain. by 5:00 the hours and storms still gathering. my concern at raymond james tonight with usf taking on northern illinois, could see a couple of storms to start out the rain winding down by 10:00 and rinse and repeat for sunday. try in the morning hanging continue to 30 to 40% rain chance. starting inland. building west. more moisture to contend with. today is september 10, meaning if it rings a bell, the hurricane season, the climb ma logical peak. throughout the season an active day. couple of areas we are watching. only a 20% chance of development moving west and won't develop because of the
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areas of interest. one closer to home near puerto rico. the moisture will enhance our rain. and only a 10% chance of development. as early as today depression. east of the lesser antilles and lifts north and stays out to '. no system with the three that we are watching will impact our local weather. that is good news, we ned a chance to dry out. p.m. storms building west. 92. our average high 89 degrees. 78. any storms ending but later they will be around later. a few more tomorrow. rain chances at 30 to 40%. 91 the afternoon high. boating is tremendous. light east winds veering northerly. a light chop. we bumped our gulf buoy up to 8 degrees because of this heat. the seven-day forecast show tuesday and beyond more moisture and more numerous storms. for the weekend holding those rain chances up 30%. all right, thanks, lindsay.
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bucs get ready for the first game of the regular season and scott smith sits down with nfl analyst jimmie johnson. here is fox 13's kevin o'donnell. >> kevin: good morning, more roster moves for the bucs as they get ready for the trip to atlanta. that kind of a strange one. wide receiver evan spencer at the age of 23 decides to retire a day after being added to the practice squad. that opens the door for the bucs to bring back their s six-round pick from this year tight end danny vitale. no word walk away from the game again at the age of 23. bucs start their 2016 campaign going up with a bang going up against a division riv al, the falcons. the team has a sense of calmness and confidence it haven't had in recent years. week one is when nfl teams really learn what they are made of, this weekend the bucs athey will get a good taste of that as the nfc south rivals unfold
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>> just a start to see, you know, where our season, you know, can go and what you can do, you know, as a team. you know, having -- playing them first, like i said, they have been saying all week it counts double. >> we open up with somebody who in our division, an away game. experience being with the crowd. we have a few away games on the other side of the country this year. so a little extra when you play an individual. >> kevin: jimmy johnson was in tampa to support those trying to overcome addiction. he teamed up with the tranquil shores foundation at malio's prime steaked. >> house. our scott scott was the -- could the smith was the emcee and he caught up with him to get his thoughts on the 2016 buccaneers. >> they have a young, talented football team, and i think they are just going to get better. a tough division. carolina has an outstanding
6:20 am
going to be tough in that division, but i think tampa will be right up in there. and it wouldn't surprise me to see tampa in the playoffs in year. >> kevin: how about that. playoffs. we like that. since 2007 since the bucs have made the playoffs. we will have more from jimmie jimmie johnsonon in our tailgate sunday show. we invite to you kick our season up at 10:30 with tailgate sunday. scott smith will be life in atlanta. rickey reynolds and merissa lynn will be the studio it is a fox double header weekend. the bucs and falcons at 1:00 followed by the giants at the dallas cowboys around 4:25. that is look at sports. you have yourself a great day. keep it with sports. the rays fall in a 3-0 hole and try to dig them is selves out. logan morrison drills a solo shot to get one back and steven sousa follows it with another
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short rain delay. mark teixeira. my goodness. grand slam. yankees take a 7-2 lead before the rain hits against. after a fourth rain delay, the yankees go on to win this one 7-5. all right, looking to beat the heat this weekend? >> alcides: a bunch of hot happenings going on all around the bay area including your chance to pay tribute to a legend by singing a free classic movie. where you can find -- i do love
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nuclear, just the power the devastation, is very important to me. i want to be unpredictable, unpredictable, unpredictable, unpredictable. priorities usa action is responsible for the content of this advertising. looking to get out of the looking to get out of the house all right, looking to get out of the house this weekend, we have just a thing for. >> you a bunch of hot happenings going on all across the bay area.
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run. >> alcides: no. >> anjuli: not these days. take a look at this. this is fun. a flavor run taking place at the florida state fairgrounds today. >> alcides: that sounds cool. >> anjuli: i guess. you can see they sprinkled, i guess, fruit-flavored powder all over you during the 5 k. >> alcides: you go around licking yourself. >> anjuli: and the sweat -- that is kind of gross. more power to you all starts at 9:00. >> alcides: i-4, rock the yoovs. the christian university is at universal orlando. colton dixon andier me camp. there will be a fan zone with more live music and autographs. tonight, there will be a ca candlelighting ceremony. tickets start at $65 and that includes access to the university studio attractions. to are if you want to stay local, you can catch spring
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te play is a rock musical based on german play that documents the turmoil of being a teenager. show runs through september 18. tickets start at $32. but we do want to tell you the show may not be suitable for all ages. rhett, rhett -- where should i go? what should i do in. >> frankly, my dear, i don't give a damn. >> alcides: so i got -- i got to be honest. i have never seen this movie. >> anjuli: me either. i was going to add it to my maternity tour. i have a list of movies that i want to watch while i am on maternity leave. lindsay, did you say you have seen it? lingz. >> lindsay: no. >> alcides: catch the classic tomorrow at tampa theatre "gone with the wind" part of their summer series at they are celebrating the 77th
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are a member. this is the first weekend check out mickey's not so scary halloween party at magic kingdom at disney. your little one can dress up and connect candy all over the parks. happens on select nights through halloween and tickets start at $72. ? there is no life i know ? ? to compare with pure imagination ? ? living there you'll be free ? ? if you trulyis >> alcides: oh, yes. today the tampa theatre holding a special screening of "willy wonka and the chocolate fac factory." the celebration of the life of star gene wilder. he died last week at the age of 83. the screening will start at 2:00 and it is free to attend. >> anjuli: don't you just love that movie. i have seen it so many times. >> lindsay: that is my favorite part too. >> alcides: is it really.
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>> anjuli: what is that song -- i sing it to my husband when he is being a diva. >> alcides: oh, my goodness, that is great. >> lindsay: watch movies until this evening guys because this morning and this afternoon looks nice. just a little warmer. 73 in gainesville. 78 in st. pete. a little fog has creeped in near i-75 from inverness to dade city. keep it slow. this will mix out and bring in a little more rain. i will time it out ? in a world of pure imagination ? ? take a look and you will see
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from tampa bay's newstation, this is "good day newstation, this is "good day tampa bay." . a little fog as we take y from this view it doesn't look different but a little warmer than this time yesterday. most of us in the mid-70s. 80 in st. petersburg. the cool spot, bartow at 73. little patchy fog. i would expect this to mix out between 8:30 and 9:00 if it is still around. in some locations, especially eastern citrus and eastern pasco, some of this may be a little more dense. to if you encounter it and remember it is the low beams not the brights. we do have a swirl to the south
6:31 am
low pressure moving west of our area and will play a role in our weather. what will play a role in our area a slight increase of moisture sliding from the east. by 3:00 spotty inland rain between and 10:00. scattered storms building toward i-7 and west. so while that rain chance is a 30% to 40% today and tomorrow, i think you will notice not quite as try as what we have seen. heat we are above average. 92 today and 91 tomorrow. and lindsay, thank you so time is 6:31. a quick check of top stories. police arrest a man say led them onto a cross-county case. they caught up with john burn on firecracker drive near the veterans expressway. deputies say they first spotted him in new port richey. he ran away from a swamp and took a minivan leading deputies on a chase down state road 54 and on to the sundoughs par parkway. the chase came to an end when a deputy shot out a tire causing him to crash.
6:32 am
petersburg are back open after a deadly crash. the road near st. maarten boulevard was closed for five hours. troopers say a car drove into a median and then overturned, collided with two other cars. the driver died. florida highway patrol is investigating that crash. and lawmakers approve a bipartisan bill allowing relatives of september 11 victims to sue the government of saudi arabia. 15 of the 19 hijackers from 9/11 were the measure was approved yesterday. the senate passed it back in may; however, the white house does say that the president would veto the bill over concerns about exposing americans to legal risks overseas. miami starts aerial praying to curb the use of the zika virus. they are using a spray. and most say it is a necessary measure to curb the spread of snreebinga.
6:33 am
the virus in florida. 604 travel-related cases and of those people, 90 of them are pregnant women. and in the mean time, protesters against the spraying took the fight to miami beach city hall for the second day in a row. that group is against spraying. they say the side effects are not worth getting rid of the mosquitoes. scientists say it is a low concentration that won't harm people. some residents who oppose the spraying say they plan to get out of tow >> i am packing up my 4-year-old daughter, and we are driving home to alabama. even though this is home, i have been here 17 years. >> the pesticides spraying was originally planned for thursday but was postponed yesterday due to the public outcry against it. a military veteran helps another and his family heal after the tragic and violent death of two family dogs. army veteran jonathan lopez
6:34 am
therapy dogs during a shooting incident. he went to their home to donate a young husky wolf mix to the family who he didn't even know. >> today is a new chapter, a new beginning. i understand first hand what a dog represents. >> you are very happy with your new puppy. >> yes. >> bet they are. the dogs provide emotional support for yamila, a breast cancer survivor and antonio who dealt with ptsd after serving in the marines. the dogs were allegedly shot and killed by a neighbo now facing animal cruelty charges. donald trump makes a stop in the sunshine state. he held a rally in pensacola last night, and during the rally he said he would order an attack on iranian boats if they harass the u.s. navy. he took shots at his opponent, hillary clinton. and looks like the first ballots of the 2016 general election have already been cast as early voting begins in north carolina.
6:35 am
the election. joe waltman has the latest for washington. >> reporter: after a difficult august with several high-profile gaffes including insulting the parents of an american muslim war hero, it appears that donald trump is narrowing the gap against hillary clinton, particularly in key swing states, but the republican nominee who in recent weeks have been pushing policy over picking fights is still facing an uphill battle. >> he's got to change some of his tone, and i think w policy positions out there, and sort of reaching out to say, hey, i am not just blud bludgeoneder. >> reporter: a new quinnipiac poll shows trump heeding in ohio while tied with hillary clinton in florida. the democratic nominee remains ahead by low single digits in pennsylvania and north car carolina. with a razor-thin margin separating the two, trump announcing the number of retired generals and admirals supporting his campaign has risen to 120.
6:36 am
to washington to meet with conservative grass-roots activists. >> imagine what our country could accomplish if we started working together as one people under one god saluting one f flag. [cheering] >> reporter: hillary clinton with 110 military leaders on her side meeting with a bipartisan group of experts on national security issues and terrorist in -- and terrorism in new york city. >> national security experts on both sides of the aisle are chil hearing from the republican nominee. >> reporter: hillary clinton is being urged by democrats including vice-president joe biden to be more open. plans to visit the 9/11 memorial on the 15th anniversary of the attacks this sunday. in washington, joel waldman, fox news. police arrest a man in new york after they say he robbed a 93-year-old woman in a wheelchair. the whole thing was caught on surveillance camera. you can see the man sneak up
6:37 am
envelope of money right out of her bra, and then run out of the store. this happened while she was shopping for shoes with her daughter. just hours after this photo was plastered on the news, police arrested brilon lopez. maria while she is religious doesn't mean she has forgiven the 26-year-old [speaking through interpreter] >> the forgiveness that i give him that he stays behind bars until he pays for what >> anjuli: the owner of the clothing store the 93-year-old the shoes she was looking at. he is charged with robbery, grand larceny and possession of stolen property. two stranded dolphins are rescued off the coastline of cuba. found the two dolphins on el julio beach. fire fighters and marine biologists arrived on keen to assist the dolphins.
6:38 am
the dolphins' injuries before they returned to the ocean away from the shore. looking to escape the heat this weekend, why not take in a movie. >> anjuli: we are looking at what is new theatres at 6:5. plus getting your hair all done while helping out the environment. a salon in st. pete is making that a reality. lindsay will show it off in this week's earth watch. but first a look at last night's winning will theory numbers. no winners in either big j jakpot. the mega millions up to the mega millions up to a wroping $12 million. the lucky money going for $2 million. here are the rest of last night's winning numbers in case you won a smaller prize. time is 6:38. good luck to you and good
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i'm really good at war. i love war in a certain way. including with nukes, yes including with nukes. i know more about isis than the generals do, believe me. i want to be unpredictable, unpredictable, unpredictable, unpredictable.
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when you think welcome back. it is 6:41. when you thi o when you think of an ecofriendly business, a hair salon probably not at the top of your list. but bamboo the eco salon in st. petersburg was honored by the susteny foundation for its efforts. >> it has been important to me my whole life and we wanted to makeen impact. >> reporter: at bamboo, there is a balance between great hair and helping the environment. the salon and spa with upcycled and eco-conscious materials.
6:42 am
artwork. >> this is the artwork for our clients. plants that are filtering the air. >> spider plants, and their signature bamboo. >> who produced a bacteria called an inknock land a microorganism that lives within the soil that helps break down the impurities that the plants are filtering out of the air. >> reporter: products are carefully selected based on their ingredients. many are local and natural keeping harmful chemicals out of >> one of the reasons why we are one of the choice a lon for tampa bay watch. >> reporter: since the salon opened four years ago, they have recycled 900 bags of material. that is about a bag a day. >> we recycle all of our foil. we put it in a ball because the city of st. pete uses a mechanical separator. and what happens is this gets caught. >> reporter: since recycle something not offered for businesses in st. pete, the salon owners take theirs home with them daily and they even have an extra recycling bin to
6:43 am
eliminating the need for trash cans. >> we are on bag 24 of trash in the four years we have been open. >> even hair color is used at the last drop. they encourage klein to eliminate waste too. >> once you are done to a certain point, you can actually bring your botle in and we will refill it for a discount. that way you are saving -- even though a lot of the packages is recyclable, we are still trying to take it that one step further with recycling. >> r even business cards are made out of recycled material. >> i would like to set an example but more than anything i would like to uplift my salon industry. >> can you believe that only 24 bags of garbage in four years. bamboo the eco a lon is in talks with the university of south florida sustainability program to do a study on their air purification system. if you were curious 406 11th avenue north in st. petersburg. so good luck to them. great place. great start to the day here in tampa at least.
6:44 am
humid. i do have fog i want to point out to. mid- to upper 70s out the door. 80 in st. pete. it has been mainly dry and i tell you what, we will see a few more storms second half of the day. time it out and talk tropics. the peek of hurricane season
6:45 am
6:46 am
a woman is a woman is walking up in -- waking up in jail -- waking up
6:47 am
putting a hit on her ex-h ex-husband. rachel lee was arrested thursday afternoon. they ashe tried to get an undercover detective to kill her ex-husband so she could have sole custody of her three children. there is a $100,000 bond. if she bonds out, she will have to wear a ankle monitor, surrender her passport and not have contact with her ex-husband. thieves break into agas station and all caught on camera. happening thursday morning at the fleet ring mobil gas the suspects' faces are could have had and you see them steal the cash drawer and jump into a white nissan ultima. if you have any information call the polk county sheriff's office. legoland is holding big star wars day today and tomorrow. kids and adults can come in costume and maybe even win a prize. ing there be special events with master model builders and marathon showing up off episode from the lego star wars and
6:48 am
was that a costume or a lego thing. it looked like a lego. >> anjuli: they are in all costume for this. >> alcides: bring in your own star warmed creation to be featured in the fan gallery. here is the thing no kits and no instructions, all imagination. >> anjuli: they look like they are having such a fun time out there. >> lindsay: the parents are having just as much fun as the kids. >> alcides: legoland is such a good time. >> lindsay: never been. >> anj everybody out and about. >> lindsay: some exciting new news. any guesses weather-wise. >> anjuli: a cool down linkedin not a cooldown but our average high is cool down. . [ laughter ] >> lindsay: unbelievable -- not that unbelievable. one degree. our average high dropped to 89 for the first time in three months. that is huge. here is the not so good news. my forecast for today.
6:49 am
least my average shy dropping. a sign of being a little more realistic that our first cold front will be creeping in my i had no late october. the first real one. 93 in brooksville. 92 in tampa. 90 in venice. mid-90s across our inland zones. starting off nice and light. boating has been tremendous because of that, but just a little too warm for some of our liking. we have great visibility in lakeland this morning. we have a little fog. nothing major, but it has made its way through por also to inverness. low hevl clouds. no rain out the door. sky tower radar is quiet until at least 3:00. we bring in a 30% rain chance tampa north. 40% further south. this all builds west and really after 3:00 inland spotty rain and more like dinnertime and beyond that storms will be building west. if you were craving some cooler temperature. maybe trip to denver, >> anjuli. 39 degrees there.
6:50 am
a cold front not making it there. game day. i love showing this graphic finally. college football forecast. first one. tallahassee, 92. sunny and hot this afternoon. 12:30 is the kickoff. no rain expected there. and headed up toward gainesville. gators taking on kentucky. :30 is the kickoff. a couple of storms developing during daytime, especially the second half of the game. and we have the bulls at home versus northern illinois, 85 degrees little later. can't rule out maybe a storm at 7:00, please be alert. keep an eye on sky tower for any possible delays. we do have one disturbance south of the state. notice a little swirl here and there is a lot of wind shear. so yesterday we will have to look at visible satellite imagery when it comes if, in later this morning. it was exposed yesterday. the odds of development aren't great, 20%. before you get nervous, this is moving west away from our area. is the peak of the atlantic hurricane season though and we
6:51 am
interest. step out of the way to take it all in. at most note is what is in red. this likely to become our next named storm, possibly a hurricane. a 90% chance this will develop, but it will be lifting north and all models keep this east of the u.s. one disturbance we are watching only a 10% chance of developing north of puerto rico. models show this will be responsible for better rain chance into the early part of the week. if you are curious, so far we have seen eight named storms, four hurricanes. only one major hurricane, but on average, and through november 30. on average, 12-6-3. likely more named storms in the coming weeks, especially the next two or three peeks as it is the peak of hurricane season. more moisture and a little more heat again today. here comes our thunderstorm chances building between 5 and 10:00 especially. that chance of rain is about 30% here in tampa. our storms build west. 92 for the high today. again above average. storms not ending until 10:00 though. partly cloudy down to 78 when
6:52 am
a couple of afternoon and evening stormsor storms. on sunday, 91. i will keep the rain chance 30%. by the time we head into tuesday, who will notice more clouds. better coverage of rain. with that there is our average high tuesday through friday with a 50% rain chance. >> anjuli: thank you, lindsay. still ahead inside look at what is new in theatres this weekend. >> no one warned us. no one said you are going to lose both engines at a lower altitude than any jet in history. this was dual engine loss at 2800 feet followed by an immediate water landing with 155 souls on board. no one has ever trained for an incident like that. >> alcides: this is going to be a good one. the true story of a pilot who becomes a hero after safely landing a plane on the hudson river saving everyone on board.
6:53 am
what makes a lipton meal? well, first you start with this. then add this. and this face... wait, we can do better. yeah... that's the one. and of course fresh brewed lipton iced tea. because it goes great with this. woops, more of these. and definitely more of this. ah, that can wait. but not you buddy. huh what's this? ah... i like it. what makes a lipton meal? what you bring to it.
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lipton. be more tea. my son has meningitis b. but how did we end up here? his mom thought he had the flu and that he was covered by the meningococcal meningitis vaccine he had received. until 2014 there were no vaccines for meningitis b in the u.s. now there are. while uncommon, meningitis b can lead to death within 24 hours. trumenba is a vaccine for 10 through
6:55 am
trumenba should not be given if you had a severe allergic reaction after a previous dose. most common side effects were injection-site pain, fatigue... headache, muscle pain, and chills. ask your doctor or pharmacist about all the risks and benefits of trumenba and tell them if you've received any other meningitis b vaccines. meningitis b can be spread by typical sharing like... a drink... a spoon... a kiss. it all started here... it might have been prevented with trumenba. ask your doctor or pharmacist about trumenba. in the middle of the ocean is an island where animals r rule. >> anything you wouldn't eat. >> until the day they got an unexpected visitor. >> what do you say we help them out.
6:56 am
robinson crusoe came stranded on the tropical islands in "the wildlife." a little something for everyone if you are looking to beat the heat at the movies this weekend. >> alcides: fox's adam housely looks at what is new in theatres. >> last thrust on both engines we are heading brack to the water. "sully" directed by clint e eastwood with tom hanks as you sully ul morris chestnut from r rosewood. a surrogate who becomes obsessed with the father of the baby she was hired to carry. for a pg animated adventure, audiences can visit "the wildlife" a group of animal friend on a tropical island and their unexpected guest robinson crusoe that helps them defend their home.
6:57 am
disappointment room" that their new house has a frightening past. >> just because he is blind doesn't mean he can sing. >> reporter: the current number one film at the box office "don't breathe." in hollywood, adam housely, fox news. news. appetites. even a small one can throw you off your game. and they only get bigger as time goes on. a corn dog with 7 grams of protein makes a big appetite go away.
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terrible tragedy strikes terrible tragedy strikes a . terrible tragedy strikes a bay area family. this morning a fire fighter is facing manslaughter charges for the death of his young child. plus, he was on the run for weeks, and now a is there inmailt says -- inmate says sorry cede see over six decades in the country. a korean war vet has finally received his high school diploma. good morning to you and welcome to "good day tampa bay." 7 a.m. on this saturday morning. i am anjuli davis. >> alcides: i am alcides segui. thank you for joining us. lindsay milbourne to talk about our forecast. i love how you were so excited.


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