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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 9AM  FOX  September 10, 2016 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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terrible tragedy strikes a bay area family.. this morning -- a firefighter is a bay area family.. this morning -- a firefighter is facing . terrible tragedy affects a bay area family. facing manslaughter charges for the death of a young child. and he was on the run for weeks and a south florida inmate says he is sorry. it has been over six decades in the making after serving his country. a a korean war veteran is finally receiving his high school diploma. from tampa bay's number one news station, this is "good day tampa bay." >> good morning and welcome to "good day tampa bay." 9 a.m. on this saturday morning, i am anjuli davis. >> i am alcide segu. thank you for joining us. lindsay to have more on the forecast. >> lindsay: any idea how much
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>> lindsay: 4 degrees. summer heat is coming back because of the sunshine which out looking west toward the beach. the place to be today as we have great visibility there. visibility improving in citrus. i knew would happen. low beams can go off for you, but the ac is on as we are in the low to mid-80s this hour. 79 in brooksville. i will toss in those heat index values right now. it feels like 94 at 9 a.m. on september 10. by the way the peak of the atlantic hurricane season today. no rain this morni. showing on the east coast across the atlantic waters, the leading edge of the moisture which late in the day between 4 and 10 p.m. gives us a 30% chance of showers and storms. they build west through monday, but by monday, there we go moisture continuing to build and a wet week forecast and top tropics coming up. time is 9:1. a hillsborough county fire fighter is facing aggravated
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the back seat of a hot car. fox 13's kellie cowan is following this story. good morning, kelly. >> reporter: good morning, g guys. troy whitaker told detectives he put his kids in their car seats. dropped his 5-year-old off at school and thought he dropped his 23-month-old son off to day care only he didn't. whitaker returned home that morning not noticing his son was still in his car seat just behind him. later in the day, whitaker says he went out store. when he came home, he began unloading groceries and that's when he discovered lawson lifeless and not breathing. he tried doing cpr but after eight hours in a rehot car, it was simply too late. >> i am not saying he did this on purpose, but he did this with negligence, gross negligence, culpable negl negligence. and under florida law, that is child abuse. >> and this is unfortunately a very common tragedy. according to san jose state
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from heat stroke inside a hot car in this year alone. and since 1998, 690 children lost their lives after being inside a hot car. most of the time caregivers say they forgot the child was still in the vehicle, but many cases also involve children who accidentally locked themself inside while playing. the report also says most of the children in these cases are under the age of 2. whitaker was night and charged with aggravated manslaughter. he was released this morning on $50,000 bail. >> anjuli? >> anjuli: thank you, conscious ellie. warning of health risks caused by excess wastewater being released into tampa bay. the professor tells station that areas contaminated with wastewater can definitely make people sick.
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wastewater into the bay. signs are up because of bacteria levels associated with the wastewater. up in citrus county, fema will be out today assessing storm damage. the sheriff's office estimating about 1.8 million dollars worth of destruction was done in that county. fema will go street to street, door to door seeing if anyone needs help. money being used to fight the gleeka virus is just about gone. cdc director thomas frieden says we may see an increasing number of children born with the government is trying to funding bill to sort out the virus. using planes to spray insecticide over the ocean for miami beach. some residents have questioned the amounts and types of chemicals used in that sp spraying. county officials say low concentration of the insecticide are not harmful to humans. woman that put a hit out on her ex-husband remains in jail on a $100,000 bond.
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tried to pay an undercover detective $5,000 to do the job. lee told police it was so she do have full custody of their three children. deputies also said she wanted another person killed, but she never named them. on the campaign trail, donald trump has tough talk for iran saying he ordered an attack on iranian boats if they harassed the u.s. navy. four iranian ships harassing an strait of hermuz. at a rally in pensacola, he said that the boats were taunting and toying with us. he then said if that happened while he was president they would, quote, be shot out of the water. meanwhile, trump's campaign manager kelly a n n conway attacking hillary clinton after comments she made about his supporters. speak agent a fundraiser in new york city last night, clinton depicted half of trump's supporters as, quote, basket of deplorables.
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sexist, and homophobic to describe them. clinton then stressed the rest of the republican nominee supporters are people who felt let down by the government and just desperate for change. conway quickly responded on twitter writing one day pro promising to be at respiratory rational and uplifting, hillary clinton insults millions of americans. a clinton folksperson tried to clear things up sang alt-right voter. tim kaine said donald trump was using his charitable foundation as a front to suppress fraud investigation against trump university. kaine said donations to flo florida's attorney general pam bondi raised serious ethical questions and that people need to keep investigating. in local politics, senator marco rubio opened a 7-point lead over pa the trick murphy. a new quinnipiac poll show
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the poll has a 4% margin of error. still ahead, more troubles for samsung phone users. >> why you may be better off without your phone on. if you think of the world's busiest airport, you probably don't think of tampa international. who earned the top spot coming up next. at 9:07. if you are travelling to the beach today, great day for it. will limit the rain chance until late this afternoon. it is a hot mor hotter afternoon. sirata beach look spectacular with high clouds. on september 10, we have those heat index values building into the 90s. so water bottles keep them full. rain chances building second half of the day from 30% to 4 40%. we will look at futurecast so you can plan your saturday you can plan your saturday evening coming up i love publix digital coupons... i signed up for them at and i just clip them like this...
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you are watching good day tampa bay. >> if off sam sung galaxy note 7, turn it off and don't use it. >> anjuli: the word from the consumer product safety commission. the agency is working with s samsung to announce an official possible. the cpsc said it is working quickly to determine whether a replacement galaxy note 7 is an acceptable remedy for samsung for their phone carriers to provide to consumers. samsung recalled the galaxy note 7 due to reports of battery fires. the faa has advised travelers to not pack the phone, use it or tuesday or charge it while on an airplane. finance ministers in europe
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at the end of a two-day meeting today, urged apple to pay a bill that analysts say could reach $21 billion. just with a b. the eu commission ruled that apple owes billions of dollars because it didn't pay the proper tax for more than de decade. both apple and irelands are appealing the decision. general motors have issued a new recall for more than 4 million vehicle. the automaker says a software defect can prevent air bags from deploying and blamed for one death so far. affects certain models years from 2014-2017. atlanta has kept its title as the world's busiest airport for another year. according to a new report, more than 11 million passengers passed through hartsfield jackson international back in 2015. beijing came in second with 89.9 million passengers. the atlanta airport's location
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spot for 24 years now. hartsfield yackson is within a two-hour flight of 8 per of the nation's population. tia by the way did not make the list. i don't care if it didn't make the list. i can't stand flying into atlanta. >> anjuli: my last flight out of atlanta to tampa. when i come back to tampa, this airport is so wonderful. linkedin such a joy, it is so easy. now with the upgrades, it is >> anjuli: crazy, that subway system thing. >> lindsay: you are in the wrong terminal and running l late. ed cede forget it. >> lindsay: ay-yi-y i. maybe ay-yi-yi on the temperatures. because of that warmer start. a lot of are well in the 80s. brookdale bayshore look with high clouds. dry on the water and light winds on the water. so some of are you thinking it has been so warm, bring on the breeze, right.
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east today at to 10 knots. fantastic boating into the afternoon look toward the eastern sky with rain developing 8. the warm pot, tampa, 84 deg degrees. our average afternoon high at 89. the first time since early j june. 82 in st. petersburg. 82 in clearwater. plant city good morning. had patchy fog earlier at 81. 80 in land o lakes. 81 in weeki wachee. inverness near 80 and above. sarasota at 82. north port at 81. hop over to highland county. 81 in sebring and 82 in fr frostproof. with the humidity factored in on this september day, it feels like the 90s for some of us this morning, and big-time humidity this afternoon until we bring in some rain. sky tower radar showing the closest rain not over land, but gathering across the western atlantic waters. where the rain will start on
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coast but not until late this afternoon. and do want to point out, a little wirl. weak area of low pressure moving away from cuba and away from our state will not develop tropically. we developed drier air aloft limiting -- or has limited our rain chances. the red shade though, eroding some so we would expect at least few more storms but not until the second half of the day. until then, we just climb to which is 2 degrees shy of record-breaking. at least no records yesterday we tied one 95. 6 p.m. storms will be developing. here it is on futurecast. here is lunchtime still dry. here 1:00. storms with that east coast sea breeze. watch what happens between 3 and 6:00, not only showers but storms. headed toward raymond james. we will be monitoring the start of the game with potentially some storm delays because of lightning. i think futurecast overdoing those lines of storms. you get the idea. by 10 p.m. we are mainly dry.
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definitely dry. patchy fog inland. here comes the storms building back west increase our moisture an rain chances. hurricane season is today. september 10. on this date climb ma logically, the busiest point of the atlantic season. no surprise three areas of interest. the first one only a 10% chance of development as it moves west of some wind s hurricane ear. two other one, first one north of puerto rico not going to develop but part of this moisture will bring us a better rain this will develop likely becoming in our next named storm, but love to see those fish storms headed right out to sea. that is something we will be monitoring next week. for today, 92. a 30% to 40% chance of afternoon evening storms. most of them done by 10:00, and lightning early evening. and watch sky tower for you. 78. overnate. above average tomorrow morning. 91 sunday with a few more afternoon and evening storms. to mornings are dry with that east wind pattern.
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boaters. seas 2 feet or less. the seven-day forecast show by tuesday, our average high of 8. and definitely better rain coverage and storms. we will have to monitor heavy to light rain next week. being a law enforcement officer is probably one of the most difficult jobs out there. i had an opportunity see how hard this job. i went through several shoot, don't shoot scenarios. the scene we are about to see is me responding to what may be a home the neighbor actually called 911 to report the front door open. hillsborough county sheriff's office! [knocking] hello, hillsborough county sheriff's office! hillsborough county sheriff's office! if you are in the house, please come out with your hands up. hillsborough county sheriff's office! are you in the house!
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hillsborough county sheriff's office, if you are in the ho house, come out with your hands up! hillsborough county sheriff's office, if you were in the house, come out with your hands up! hick sheriff's office, if you were in the house, come out with your hands up! office -- >> who are you. drop the gun why drop the gun! drop the gun. >> you are in my house! >> drop the gun! [gunshots] >> hey! >> drop your gun! you have a gun, drop it! >> hey, what are you doing in
9:18 am
>> get down, get down, get d down, get down! get down now! get down now! get down! drop your gun! sir, get down! get down! get down! >> get out of my house now! >> drop the gun! drop the gun! drop the gun why get down! on your knees! head -- >> alcides: yeah. >> anjuli: did you lose your voice. >> i did lose my voice. the fourth scenario. they had a deputy going to this house who -- we are not even sure if -- sorry, i am not sure -- there we go. so -- this scenario is a little different because at this point, you get a call saying that -- that the homeowner is supposed to be home -- not supposed to be home and the
9:19 am
have. so you are basically going in to check if anyone is in there. that guy who was on the bed turned out be the homeowner had just woke up 37. i just arrived and he was frightened and didn't know i was law enforcement. >> anjuli: but you shot him. >> alcides: i shot him. but as a deputy -- i said several times i am with the hillsborough county sheriff's office, hillsborough county sheriff's office. put your gun down. put your gun down. he didn't. he shot first, so i had to defend myself. but, again, you talk about how turn for the worse so very quickly, and, again, you want to thank the hillsborough county sheriff's office because a great insight on what it is like to be in your shoes. because it is so difficult. you don't have a lot of information. and things are moving very quickly and then you are critiqued every second along the way. and i commend them for what they do. law enforcement across the country. >> anjuli: of course. that was an interesting series. tell them what you were sh shooting with. >> alcides: thank you for
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and it -- no doubt it hurts. thankfully i wasn't shot that day. >> anjuli: our pretty good shot too. >> alcides: i think i did pretty good. they were impressed and i really appreciate them doing that for us because, again, a good insight especially when you hear of how many officers involved in shootings and how they are critiqued and -- there are cameras everywhere. and when you pull out a gun and off badge and you pull out that gun and that other person does not have one, and phone out there and all over twitter and facebook and people question every move along the way even when the evidence isn't even out yet. we will have to wait and see how everything plays out before we are quick to judge. >> anjuli: certainly. new details of the deadly terror attack in san bern bernandino. plus honoring an american hero. hundreds show up as a world war ii navajo code talker is laid
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time now is welcome back. the time is 9:23. new information this morning on the san bernandino massacre last december. >> we are learning more about the stop that shooting. the justice department just released a report based on hundreds of witness interviews. it goes into vivid detail of how three men rushed that gunman after he burst into a holiday party for the county health department. the three men are among the 14 people killed by syed null farook and his wife. 22 others were wounded. the report are the
9:24 am
for two terrorists. the man that shot ronald reagan 35 years ago will begin life outside of prison today. doctors at the hospital where john hinckley was confined say he no longer poses a threat to himself or others. he was found not guilty by reason of insanity. has been granted more freedom over the past decade. he will be required to live with his mother at her home in virginia and have his mental state evaluate once obtain a job or volunteer work. a member of one of the world war ii secret groups have been laid to rest. joe kellwood was one of the navajo code talkers that helped the u.s. win many battles. station's nicole garland mass more. -- fox 13's nicole garland has more. >> reporter: joe kellwood was a proud veteran. this was him singing the marine corp hymn in navajo.
9:25 am
thank you. >> reporter: thursday a couple of the remaining navajo code talkers finished the hymn at kellwood's funeral. ked wool served in the first marine division and fought during world war ii and was involved in self-battles of the pacific front including the battle of okinawa. he was one of 400 navajos recruited by the u.s. military as code talkers, secret group that transmitted messages in their native unwritten language. >> we owe them such a great honor, and they were secret until 1968 and all used up until that time by the its government so navajo code talker so very much for what you have done for our country. >> reporter: today, 15 code talkers still living. proud to come up with a code that japanese soldiers could never crack. >> it was an official military
9:26 am
the navajo language in such a way that only those of house went to code school know what the code is. so if navajo was listening to us, don't know what we are talking about. >> reporter: kellwood is survived by his siblings and self-children, grandchildren and great grandchildren. he has earned several medals and honors from both the u.s. mill and navajo nation. >> a very kind, gentle person. he loves everyone and enjoy life. ? how this claim the title of ? how this claim the title of united states marine . the president of the code talker group says they have one final mission, and that is to build a national navajo code talker museum near window rock in arizona. and still here to come on "good day" a hard-working single mom is giving the keys to a new place she can call
9:27 am
based on race, a local man has come up with a solution.
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good morning. thank you for joining us this saturday for good day tampa bay. i'm alcides segui.. "good day tampa bay." i am alcides segui. >> anjuli: and i am anjuli davis. a quick check of the headlines this half hour. a live look from tampa where a single mom of four has just received a brand-new home. rhonda bar is a part-time students that work over 55
9:30 am
family. habitat for humanity is responsible for the construction of this home. she will pay an affordable mortgage in the house which will assist on building more homes like hers. parts of pasco county remain under water this morning. the bass lake neighborhood is also still under a voluntary evacuation order. emergency management officials say they will start debris removal all monday. next week, fema will join local officials for a damage assessment tour. the county is hoping for a federal disaster declarat it can be eligible for recovery grants. whether you are looking to buy or maybe just wishful thinking. the tampa boat show is back at the convention center. more than 100 boats are on display. shop around for everything from engine to water sports equipment to new model boats. doors open at 10. tickets are $12. a great day to have some type of event where you want to be in the ac where the heat is building.
9:31 am
mirror in lakeland. notice that dazzling reflection of sunshine over of the lake. clearwater beach look great t too. couple of high clouds and too too many people out there just yet. until you wait into early afternoon, i would expect dry conditions at the beach. it is hot. and 84 this hour in tampa. 82 in st. petersburg. 82 in sarasota. but with the humidity, my goodness, it feels like the 9 90s. september 10 and we are ready for will be a little more seasonal this week as the rain chance goes up. and a little drier air aloft and visible satellite imagery showing sunny skies. one small shower north of melbourne that is locally he heavy. east wind triggers rain by 3 p.m. and scattered storms building west between 9 and 10:00 tonight. 30% chance of rain and lightning that will have to watch the downpours at raymond
9:32 am
by tuesday, tuesday and wednesday more typical afternoon heat for this time year. >> alcides: thank you, lindsay. a tampa bay man will have a company that rivals air b and b, he was discriminated against after a home sharing act. a recent study man found people with distinct african-american names that use the app were 16% less likely to be accepted as a guest. statistic. he tried to book a place in idaho back in june and was told it wasn't available. tried again, different dates, but the same outcome. so he figured out it was about his race and how it was playing a role. listen in. >> i hired one of my friends who happens to be white to go on and book for the same dates that i was told were not available, and there were approved right away. >> it was that moment that jokes got the idea to launch
9:33 am
inclusive. the person who is renting out the space doesn't see anyone's photo or names, which he says removes the opportunity for bias. more than 100,000 people have signed up meanwhile on thursday air b & b issued an apology and vowed for anti-bias training for employees and new accommodations for anyone who reports discrimination. by the way, his sight inclusive for most farmers, early to bed and early to rise but two tampa bay women made it on national tv tonight. the new show that just premiered on r fd tv profiled them. the show is called farm her. it highlights the contribution that women all across the country make any agriculture. pam lon started dancing goat farm when he was 50 plus because she was tired of working a typical 9 to 5 job. >> i should have got a real j
9:34 am
better on retirement. but i wouldn't change it for the world. i have no regrets. >> anjuli: pretty neat. the show tells shayla's story. her place in frostproof. new this morning, a hernando county swat team b busted a drug and chop shop operation in brooksville. officers got a search warrant after a long investigation into george jackson, the man who o owns that home. officials say undercover agent bought meth and pot from jackson multiple times. in the end officials found drugs after searching the property. they also found the frame of a stolen suv and a stolen motorcycle. four people were arrested. also new in morning, new traffic camera video show how fast a situation can turn deadly. the video from chestnut street in fort harrison avenue right in clearwater. you can see a bus approaching a interception when all of sudden that car zooms through this
9:35 am
ignoring a red light. at no point did that driver ever hit their brakes. fortunately though that bus driver was paying close attention and was able to stop when they saw that car. miami-dade county has told a woman who has lived in a tree house for ten years to find a new home. they say the structure is unsafe and it is illegal. fox's jessica holly visited the woman's home. >> reporter: tucked behind a wall of lush trees in north miami dade tropical paradise. >> this is my everything. >> reporter: the past ten years she lived here in a tree house with a few furry friends. >> george clooney. >> reporter: she suffers from claustrophobia so open air house something the only option. >> i have everything i need. >> reporter: all she wants at the corner of be here now street and joshua's way. >> my son, my daughter and me. >> reporter: much of this was built by her son joshua before he died of a heart attack in
9:36 am
>> it has become my paradise for him. my reason to live and go on after he died was for him. >> reporter: but now miami-dade county says all of this has to come down. she said she spent the past year and thousands of dollars fighting to keep her home. now she is tapped out and running out of time. >> demolition day is in four months. >> reporter: the county has given her until the end of the year. in a statement, county officials explain, miami-dade county's priority is the safety of all its residents and visitors. these structures were found to be u it's an unfortunately situation that must be corrected for the safety of the residents and neighbors. >> i have cried a lot. because it seems so ridiculous. >> reporter: unless she can bring the scrubbingturing up to code, there is a paradise in peril, but it won't go down without a fight. >> prepare to sit on the roof and let them tear it down with me on it. this my home.
9:37 am
>> alcides: she says she is going to send letters to the county commissioners. tomorrow is the 15th anniversary of the september 11 terror attacks. and some trib pwults are already popping you around the bay area. take a look at this one at general james d. randall middle school in lithia. in honor of patriot day, the students put this together a bunch of small flags. each has the name of a police officer or fire fighter who died that day. al coming together to form one giant we have some "good day" good deeds we want to tell you this morning. first up, i am sure you all seen the pictures showing damage of hurricane hermine. some boats were washed on to roadways. the school resource deputies were assigned to help in coastal areas in hermine county while school was out last week. they did exactly that. so when they you a this boat sitting in a person's front yard, they decided to step up. deputies actually carried the boat across the street back
9:38 am
and while those deputies are hanging out on the community, one person wanted to thank another officer for their service with snacks. how cool. the clearwater police officer walked into this sweet surprise after investigating an incident on drew street. returned to the cruiser to find this on the hood of his car. reese's, hershey's and a can of coke with a nice note thanking them for the job they nicole and carly. >> anjuli: sweet. keep talking. [ laughter ] >> alcides: coming up -- he was halfway through his senior year of high school when he decided to join the navy -- that was pretty good. >> anjuli: i can't help myself. we will show you 65 years after the rest of his high school class graduated, one i never shop without a list. and at publix what's on the list also happens to be what's on sale.
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a korean wa a korean war veteran waited six long decades to achieve a life-long goal. >> he got his high school diploma at a special ceremony in california and sandra endo was there for that big moment. >> reporter: at 83 years old, this is no ordinary pregame barbecue for richard allen s seabarry. >> what can i say. it is terrific. >> reporter: he is here no beach high school oilers but to fill a hole that has been empty for decades. >> this school meant a lot to me. >> reporter: even though played tack and football at huntington high school. he dropped out as a junior back in 1950 and joined the navy. >> wasn't doing well in school. and suffering like a lot of kids do and as soon as i jo joined, ten minutes later the war started. i had no idea i was going to go to korea to be hon best it. >> he served his country
9:42 am
proudly doing two tires. he went on to earn his ge and bachelors and never did cross the page to get his high school diploma. >> i do know i wish i hadn't stayed -- that i stayed so i would have a dihome that from huntington beach high school. in the know other high school but huntington beach. >> reporter: but at this night on halftime, it was al's moment to don a cap and gown. >> a great honor that i now present you school dim phloem ma. >> reporter: his entire family watching, including his wife, a former high school classmate. they have been together now for 6 4 years. and together for this moment celebrating his graduation. >> oh i am so excited. this is really been a special, special time. what a blessing. >> message to future generation was to stay in school, never give up an don't drop out.
9:43 am
doesn't want to return home to his wife. that is love. plus, sometimes tall kent be found in the most unlikely of places. ? ? ?. >> anjuli: what a voice. where this man was serenading people with his incredible p pipes. and if you love the florida heat, you are loving the start of the day. my goodness. check out the into the 90s this hour. so goodbye to that kind of relief from the heat we saw earlier in the week. a lot of you headed to the beach as a result and a great beach day until probably late afternoon until not early evening when rain moves in. highs in the low 90s. futurecast a little aggressive on the placement of rain but i want to point out the timing 6:00, storms developing.
9:45 am
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appetites. even a small one can throw you off your game. and they only get bigger as time goes on. serve foster farms, a corn dog with 7 grams of protein makes a big appetite go away. foster farms for monster appetites. there is a video going viral in morning of a man evidentlessly belting out "unchained melody" in the new york city subway system. >> alcides: if ever a voice would you want to hear on the radio it would be this guy
9:47 am
of you ? . >> alcides: sign him to a d deal. >> anjuli: i am telling you. >> alcides: what is taking so long. his rendition of the righteous brothers hit. this isn't the first time that one has posted young to social media and he is definitely not just a subway singer either. young performs with his band new york city area and he has also performed with the likes of luther vandross in venues like apollo and irving plaza. give him a record deal. >> anjuli: what a talent. it is incredible. this next man may never make it out of the dog house. 70-year-old lawrence ripple was charged with binging a kansas city beach. he said he did it because he preferred a jail cell over living with his wife.
9:48 am
cash, ripple took a seat in the bank lobby. when officers arrived, ripple toll them he would rather be in yale than at home. he was arrested for robbery and then released. it is not clear if he returned home to wifey. >> alcides: probably not. at a friend's house. >> anjuli: a couch somewhere. [ laughter ] let's finish up with this one. new sheriff in town. >> anjuli: oh, stop. adorable. >> alcides: take a look at this little guy. sheriff patrol car. >> anjuli: i think a he is cute. >> alcides: he is a cutie. take a look at our new deputy in training. >> anjuli: what a cutie. >> this is precious. adorable. i love it when you drive by the fire station and you see the little kids taking the tour. the cutest thing. >> lindsay: always make you wonder will any of them be that
9:49 am
watches the news. polk county sheriff grady ju -- d. >> anjuli: he told me he was always interested. >> alcides: every halloween that is what he would wear, the sheriff in town.hillary >> lindsay: you nevr know with that cute little boy. september 10. you remember that from the peak of hurricane season but what you don't remember the day our average high drops below 90 for the first time since early june. to before we dive into what it feels like right now which is warm the next couple months, shall we. average high today is 89. by october, to one month, we continue to drop and we are in the 70s for highs. november 10. the overnights which will be dropping as well 37 give it a good month, and our overnights will be dropping 5 degree. however today, our morning low in the upper 70s. our afternoon high above this as well. as we head to the day, still above average but near average
9:50 am
94 in frostproof. 92 in tampa which is 2 degrees s hurricane y of record breaking to the beach we will have 90s. brook dale, bayshore, sunny skies. sirata beach looks good too. light east winds means most of the afternoon will be dry at the beach. we are hot and the heat. low 80s from sebring to frostproof. 82 in sarasota. brooksville near 0. with the humidity, we are in the 90s at 9:50 in the morning. in stm also feature -- i wouldn't alower humidity values but slightly lower temps because of a more active kai tower radar. the only rain we are seeing is on the east coast. check out the downpours pop from cape canaveral toward melbourne and west toward our inland zones. where the rain chances stand today. 40% south of tampa bay favoring our coastal counties by early evening. 30% chance tampa north with
9:51 am
in the low 80s but mid-30s in casper rhode island. more fall-like weather and football season makes you feel like fall-like weather and the game-day forecasts write su summerlike. charleston southern taking on seminoles in tallahassee. just as warm. and in the swamp, taking on kentucky today. a couple of storms developing early on, 92 for the high and also monitoring some storms first half of the game on northern illinois. at 7:00, keep the sky tower radar. and if there are any delay, well, for a good reason. the hurricane season is today. typically the most active day in the entire eason. three areas of interest. none playing a big role in our weather. first one only a 10% chance of development. it is kind of naked with some wind shear moving west. two other areas -- one of most interest is this becoming our next named storm in and heading out to '. another disturbance gives us
9:52 am
today warm moisture compared to what we seen the past few day. storms pushingy with. that coverage is 30% between 5 and 10. best time frame. more numerous storm and we don't need any more rains. we will have to monitor the
9:53 am
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>> anjuli: finally this hour monster jam fans will be excited to hear what is coming to the tour this season. >> alcides: local drivers hitting the national stage for what is expected to be one of the biggest events yet. it photojournalist barry wong shows us what is in store. >> my name cody socier and drive a monster jam truck. >> my name is cynthia and drive a monster truck. >> you live in dade city and my fourth year of compete approximating i live in apollo beach and i have been driving for two years. >> 3, 2, 1 [cheering] >> kind of like a season preview, 2017 kick offwhere we announce new drivers. new trucks. >> the monster jam competition. in newcomer expects to be a big fish in every pond. >> our upcoming schedules. >> 6400 miles on the acome to ter with hundreds of thousands of monster jam fans watching
9:56 am
>> guiding these 10,000 pounds monster jam trucks to do things that no one has ever seen before. [cheering] >> what is the coolest thing is, we get to know at the same time with the monster jam fans. so i think a special moment we get to live with the fan. >> a family event. >> to drive a monster jam truck is one of the best feelings. the atrend lynn is nonstop from the beginning to the end of the show. >> a mixture of being in charge of your own roller coaster and the no matter what is in your way, storm on the loud pedal and let it rip. an unbelievable feeling knowing that 10,000 pounds, 1500 ho horsepower, it is awesome. >> anjuli: naingz is pretty neat. >> alcides: have you ever been. >> anjuli: no, but i would love to. >> alcides: monster jam! that guy is awesome. what a voice. >> anjuli: i think a the first time ever they streamed a monster jam event on facebook
9:57 am
did that. >> anjuli: comes to down february 4. i bet your boys would love it. >> alcides: it was raining. >> lindsay: rain chances building near the coast between 5 and 10. better rain chance by tuesday, guys. >> anjuli: i think a remember keep up to date of all the news by logging on to our web site at >> follow us on you facebook and twitter. >> anjuli: have great morning. >> anjuli: have great morning. see you tomorrow. well when i shop, my coupons are in a neat little stack, and my weekly ad is folded like this. ready to go... that's how i save a lot at publix. how 'bout you?
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