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tv   FOX 13 600 News  FOX  September 10, 2016 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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one faith based school is giving students a head start.. right now at six - an -m.. encounter right now at 6:00 an encounter with a teenagers suspect lands an officer in the hospital tonight. what police say happened. >> you got to be responsible for your kids and you can't leave them in the car for eight hours and let their body temperature to get to >> a hot day turns deadly for a toddler left in his father's truck for eight hours. what that father told investigators. in hillsborough county right now there's an affordable housing crisis. so you know each home that we build we build for a low income family so they can have an opportunity. a grateful family gets the keys to their new home. >> announcer: from tampa bay's number one news
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news. >> good evening thanks for being with us tonight i'm lloyd sowers. hayley has the night off. an undercover officer is in the hospital tonight with serious injuries after an encounter with a teenage suspect. fox 13's evan lambert is in st. petersburg with a look at what happened and how that officer ended up hit with a bullet from his own gun. >> reporter: st. pete police say that officer is recovering in the hospital from a gunshot wound to his hand, his gun during a traffic stop. this is how it all started. last night around 11:00, a group of police officers spotted a car driving erratically. the driver sped off when they tried to do a traffic stop. they chose not to pursue, according to officers a short time later underconserve officers spotted that car in the area
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it down. then the 16-year-old driver failed leaving the car going. an officer got out tried to stop that car and at some point before it hit a deputy's car it caused his gun to go off and hit his hand. it was injured seriously he underwent surgery but we're told his injuries are nonlife-threatening. investigators still trying to figure out exactly how his gun went off. >> the undercover officer jumped in to try to stop the car and at the same car reached the sheriff office people. >> we are choosing not to identify that 16-year-old driver who now faces several felony charges related to this. it's unclear how he got first place since he didn't have a license and he's 16. that officer is also not been identified because of
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mother of baby chance walsh who was killed by his parents in 2015 committed suicide in the sarasota county jail early this morning. jail staff found bettery and started lifesaving measures. she was pronounced dead later at sarasota hospital. barry's death is being investigated as a sunchgd you may remember baby chance was reported missing in september of 2015, and his body was found in october. walsh told deputies several stories including chance was killed in a car crash in south carolina, and that he was dropped off with a woman in georgia. both were found to be untrue. joseph walsh father is still awaiting trial. barry was expected to testify against him as part of her plea deal. following a very sad story out of pine elias county a toddler died friday after being left in a hot pickup
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manslaughter charges. troy whitaker told detectives last night that he put his kids in their car seats dropped his 5-year-old off at school and thought he dropped his 23 month-old son off at daycare after that. well, it turninged out he had not. instead whitaker returned home that morning not noticing his son still in the car seat just behind him. later that day, whit taker says he went out to the grocery store when he came home a groceries that's when he discovered the boy lifeless and not breathing. he tried to do c.p.r. ought before eight hours in a very hot car it was too late. >> it's not an intentional act, i'm not saying it is. but what i'm saying you got to be responsible for your kids you can't leave men their cars for eight hours and not have any responsibility for it. >> whitaker is also a hillsborough county firefighter.
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charged with aggravated manslaughter released on $50,000 bail this morning. >> funeral services were held in tampa today for the 22-year-old man killed in pal be river last month. the deputy who shot riggins said he feared for his life but investigators say riggins was una the family continues their call for the deputy to be indicted. the investigation remains underway. it took nine months to complete but today a tampa family finally got the keys to their very first home. all thanks to habitat for humanity. it wasn't a gift this single mom rolled up her sleeves and worked right alongside with volunteers to build the
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children will now call home. it's a dream come true for the first time in her life this mother of four is a home owner it. >> means stability, it means prepare for my kids future. >> for 14-year-old marion it also means moving out of the room she shared with her little sisters. >> this bong low was built from the ground up a land donation from the city of tampa and rhonda's own hard work.
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able to feel like i can do it my own. >> the nicest part about habitat it's a hand up not a handout. >> in order to earn her new home rhonda a single mom squeezed 300 hours of work her home in between her full-time job and the evening classes she's taking to get ahead. >> the day has come. now her sweat equity is paying off for the entire family. >> to and play. it has always been an apartment but it feels real good for me to be able to sends my kids outside and play and not have to worry. in tampa kelly cowan, fox 13 news. in october, habitat of hillsborough will celebrate world habitat day by
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low income families. the st. petersburg festival aimed at bringing art to the public is wrapping up this weekend. up next a look at some of the colorful murals on display. some really nice artwork that you can still check out and some things going in st. pete in regards to this festival as well. how about mike, a good evening out there. >> yeah, good evening out there. certainly heat today another record broken for tampa. temperature today 95 good place to be. would be way to cool off. we'll be (vo) we went to hollywood to ask
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the restoration of one of tampa's oldest neigborhoods continued today -- >> the restoration of one of campus oldest neighborhoods continued today with the ground breaking of the latest phase of the sulphur springs dempd. the city of tampa is hoping to return sulphur springs to its former glory. abandoned homes left behind by the recession bulldozed to make way for 24 new residences. tampa mayor bob buckhorn says it's more than just new development it's about restoring a community.
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for this neighborhood to allow working families to have affordable housing, to plant roots, to stabilize the neighborhood, and to get the kids before they take the wrong path and try and show them that there's a different path that's a much better life. >> once completed the homes will be classified as affordable housing. a nine day mural festival aimed at bringing art to the public wraps up tonight in st. petersburg. this is the second year for shine st. petersburg mural festival. finishing touches their murals across downtown. the festival hopes to shed light on the power of art and how it can transform communities and inspire dialogue. >> it's very necessary to have art in the street to remind people that what we are. >> shine live is the grand finale event of this featuring music at local businesses. it runs until 10:00 tonight taking place right now at
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along central. best part it's all free. >> help is on the way for many of those whose homes were damaged in hurricane hermine. up next when federal officials will be here to
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representatives will be in citrus county assessing this week fema representatives will be in citrus county assessing the damage from hurricane hermine. the sheriff's office estimates about $1.8 million destruction was done in citrus, fema will go street by street and door to door to see what help is needed. >> in pasco county crew also begin removing storm debris. they are asking homeowners to place the debris on the curb. they also want you to divide a separate pile for furniture, metal appliances, construction, like insulation or drive drywall and vegetation like tree limbs. pasco officials just updated their estimates they believe hermine caused $111 million in damage to pasco county. >> that's incredible. >> it really is. >> you think about it. we've talked about this in the past. i mean hermine was a land falling weak category one
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here. what's a category three or four look like. one that gets lows closer to here. >> that's why we tell everyone every hurricane season you just got to prepare for it because it's going to happen at some point. we just want to make sure we are prepared. we'll talk about that today, by the way, is the peak of hurricane season. right september tenth is the peak. but you stil individual land. it was a beautiful day. here's the bay shore camera showing a little bit more in the way of ominous looking clouds. there's nothing really threatening out over the bay just yet. a nice day to cool off in the beach cam.
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all in all a pretty nice looking day. here's a few showers and storms to the south sebring out towards arcadia all moving quickly but back to the west. north and west of that out towards duet you got a couple very spotty showers and storms kind of moving off to the west. the north you see the sea breeze it's still. there so we still have to watch these showers over the next few hours as they start to breeze another shower just north of zephyrhills. not getting a lot of gusty winds. dade city another shower. there to the north of that a little bit more in the way of showers moving through northern sumter county but overall rain chances not too hi, not too high sunday either, maybe a little bit higher than today.
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deeper moisture as we head through this week that means higher rain chances monday through friday. and that east wind remains locked in so afternoon storms building west throughout the week. here's what i was talking about. peak of the season. right now we're at september 10th that's right at the peak of that little hill there. but you notice we still see about half of our activity after this date. so it doesn't mean that we can just stop paying attention to the tropics. we're still going to need to pay attention start to trend back downward. 95 the high today that is, by the way, the record. 94 the old record set back in you 2000. 79 the low. it so was a pretty warm and muggy morning. current temperature still 95 in brandon, 88 in lake placid, and you're wondering if you factor in the humidity what does it feel like? >> it feels like triple digits up and down the coastline there. so a really warm evening. we'll watch out for some showers and storms kind of rolling through early this evening.
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partly sunny and hot. a few afternoon showers. seven-day forecast shows those rain chances on their way up. 30% for tomorrow, 50% monday and tuesday. we bump it up to 60% as we head towards wednesday and thursday. kevin. >> thanks, mike. some teams in the top 25 get more than they expected during this soft second week in college football. but the number three team in the nation showed why they are the number three team in the nation. there's no letdown for i'a ed up for the publix digital ones... i clip the paper ones... in fact if there was a third kind, i'd probably love those too. that's how i save at publix. how 'bout you?
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week two in college football is full of some soft matchups .... some top programs week two in college football is full of some tough matchups. some programs they got scarce today but in tallahassee the number three team in the nation they acted like the number three team in the n noles took their team serious against a depleted charleston southern team. noles controlled this thing from the opening kickoff. d'andre stands tall in the pocket for a 36-yard touchdown. he completes 68 yard driving you see right there. he hangs in the pocket and he takes it a hard hit. but he's fearless. they score on their first three possessions at f.s.u.
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jesus wilson weaving his way all the way to the endzone for the 89-yard touchdown. seminoles rolling in the first quarter up 28-0. this game was over fast. cook who is really a heisman hopeful this season fails to make 100 yard mark. he ends up with just 93 yards but finished up with two nice touchdowns. f.s.u. rolls to a 52-8 win over charleston southern. here's jimbo fisher after the game. >> and this week i hate you get better every week at practice this week we really i don't know if we got better because we couldn't you know what i'm saying. wednesday had been like a monday, and thursday had to be like a thursday so those days aren't really development days you are just trying to really hone the things you got there's not a lot of work in between. you lose that week of development which is very critical we need that. even though we have experience we're still a very, very young football team. and the florida gators look
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week. gators jumped out to a 24-0 lead over kentucky. and the score right now 31-0 in the third quarter. willie tagert making raymond james stadium really tough place to come to play. they won the last five home games really in convincing nags. the bulls have averaged observe 50 points winning by a margin of nearly 30 points. the bulls looking to make it six straight tonight. they have a tough northern now the bulls are coming off a great opener in which they generated 444 yards of offense and they spread the ball around seven different guys found the endzone. willie tagert though is looking for some more out of his defense they came away with just two turnovers and gave up 20 points. after full 60 minutes is the goal tonight. >> my legacy has come out start fast be more
6:26 pm
and down. i want to see our team play consistent throughout the game. that's tough to do. but that's a challenge i have for our team to go out and see if we can play a full 60 minute of just absolutely outstanding football. usually most team make the most improvement from game one and game two. we got a lot of things we can improve then we'll get back as a football team. scott frost u.c.f. knights. wolverines put u fast. wilton connects with debow right here. deep for a 45-yard touchdown. he throws for 300 yards four t.d.s on the day. lone bright spot 175 pound runningback is pure speed. state track champ in florida and he shows it right here. he goes 87 yards for the touchdown. watch this. leaning at the tape but come michigan too much for
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>> you have to watch. this number two clemson getting a scare from troy. this is the play that really is reason why. sickle high's ray ray mcleod who currently holds the hillsborough county rushing record takes the punt back 74.50 with one shoe you think he's in mcleod drops the ball going. in replay confirms indeed he fumbled at the half-yard line. no score right there clemson didn't pull away until the fourth quarter. they win though 30- of sports, we'll have a story about the player that's about to break mcleod's county record. well, it's the fight for first in the a.l. east. the red sox start the day two games up on toronto. former ray melvin upton with some rare power here. two run shot for the jays. toronto would lead 3-0 before boston gets it going. destine pedroia starting a small comeback.
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>> it's fun in the american league east the rays weren't in. >> they're in a great game with the yankees and they just gave
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a drink... a spoon... a kiss. it all started here... it might have been prevented with trumenba. ask your doctor or pharmacist about trumenba. walking hillary clinton is now walking back -- wanting back some comments after striking a campaign trail firestorm. taking aim at donald trump supporters calling many racist and sexist. still, clinton says that "white supremacists see trump as a champion of their values." fox's kristen fisher is monitoring the latest from the campaign trail. >> reporter: a fresh war of words on the hillary clinton with hillary clinton taking
6:31 pm
donald trump. >> you could put half of trump supporters into what i call the basket of deplorables, the racistists, sexists and homophobics. saturday afternoon clinton released a statement that reads in part i was grossly generallistic and that's never a good idea. i regret saying half that was wrong. meanwhile on-line donald trump pouncing calling clinton quote so insulting to his supporters he -- trump also comments will cost clinton at the poles. >> mike pence also weighing in during a saturday afternoon speech in washington. >> the men and women whose for donald trump's campaign are hardworking americans. they are not a basket of anything. they are americans and they deserve your respect. >> meantime donald trump was in st. louis today speaking at the funeral of conservative activist phyllis but he's also making headlines after attacking
6:32 pm
rally friday. >> personally i she's an unstable person. >> featuring lindsey graham and former republican nominee mitt romney. >> these are race baiting xenoto beic religious bigot. >> donald trump is a phony and a fraud. >> the ad shows g.o.p. leaders agree trump is unfit to be president. but trump is responding on-line it's sad that republicans would allow themselves to be used in clain ad. in washington, i'm kriste we have learned that iran has begun workis on the second nuclear power plant aided by russia. it's iran's first such project since last year's major nuclear deal with world powers. officials from both countries attended the groundbreaking ceremony today. the city is home to iran's only operational reactor also wbt moscoes a help. the plant went on-line in
6:33 pm
construction will begin in 2018. the project will cost more than $8.5 billion. tragedy strikes in bangladesh today after a fire rips through a building killing at least 21 people. it happened in a garment packaging factory. authorities say dozens more people were taken to the hospital with injuries. as firemen struggled to control the fire in this four story building. around 100 people were in the whks the fire started. that the hour not commented on the possible cause of the fire. take a look at the stunning new images of mars nasa scared from its mars rover this week. curiosity took the photos thursday showing the plant's rocky terrain and isolated hill formations in detail. researchers are hoping to get a better understanding of how the current landscape of mars formed. nasa says the rover will continue to explore mars for another month. curiosity tweeted the photos
6:34 pm
your eyes on the martian landscape. >> friends and family held a memorial service where a former u.s. military navajo code talker this week in phoenix, arizona. the marine veteran is 95 years old. he was one of 400 navajos who were recruited by the u.s. military as code talkers. they were a secret group that transmitted battle messages in their native navajo language. there are only 15 code and they all say they're proud to have used a code that japanese soldiers could never crack. killwood fought in world war ii was involved in many battles in the pacific front including the battle of okinawa. >> we owe them such a great honor and they were secret until 1968 and they were all used all the way up to that time by the united states government. so navajo code talkers thank you so very much for what
6:35 pm
>> fascinating piece of history. he is survived by his siblings, children, grandchildren and great grandchildren. somber ceremonies mark 15 years since the 9/11 terror attacks fox news correspondent patricia stark has that story and more in the week ahead. time say thanks to the folks who are guaranteed to spoil us. sunday is national grandparents day. the day to encourage grandchildren to take advantage of the wisdom and guidanc t provide. meanwhile, it has been 15 years since the deadly world trade center and pentagon attacks that sparked a global war terror. nearly 3,000 people lost their lives september 11th, 2001. president obama is expected to deliver remarks at the memorial observance ceremony at the pentagon to honor the memory of those killed in the attacks. hillary clinton heads to virginia friday with a special guest. michelle obama is hitting the campaign trail with the
6:36 pm
the first lady will urge virginians especially young people to register to vote and to support the democratic ticket. while that's happening, folks from sea to shining sea joined together to observe constitution day. normally celebrated september 17th it honors those who have become american citizens and commemorates the official signing of the u.s. constitution in 1787. and fill up those kegs and raise your glasses the mun saturday. more than six million litres of beer are expected to be served or in the festival. oktoberfest is the world's largest beer festival. well, that's a look at the week ahead. i'm patricia stark, fox news. they're bill, they're furry and some say they're pretty cute. in the past you had to go to a zoo to see a world's largest row dent but now they've -- rodent but now
6:37 pm
but problem is they don't belong here but somehow these south american creatures were released into the fwhild florida they appear to be adapting. there have been sightings all over the state, including sightings in hillsborough and in sarasota counties. adults can grow up to four feet in length and weigh up to 150 pounds. left unchecked these giant rodents can be destructive. florida wildlife officials are hoping the public can help track them down. so if you see one please with the anniversary of 9/11 coming tomorrow it is a time for reflection. coming up next we focus some of the heroes who work so
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with the 15th anniversary of nine-11 coming tomorrow -- many who were in new york -- or pennsylvania -- or with the 15th anniversary of 9/11 tomorrow many who are in new york or pennsylvania or the pentagon are reliving those terrifying moments. tonight fox's rick leventhal focuses on some of the heroes. >> reporter: when two hijacked planes hit the twin towers september 11th, thousands of people fled the about unc and collapsing buildings in lower manhattan. and thousands of first responders raced into the smoke and flames. firefighter billy quick was one of them. >> i ran up to the building and a police officer said i got people trapped down the subway so i went into the subway went downstairs got people out. people were bleeding, screaming, crying and i just said just come upstairs go to your left. just find the ambulance go. to your left. within two to three minutes after that the first
6:41 pm
building. >> reporter: quick spent the next 60 plus days breaking toxic dust while working the pile and the massive rescue and recovery operation at ground zero until he blew out his knee then developed serious lung problems. quick died five years ago at age 55 from 9/11-related illness. one of 127 members of the department whose names have been added to the memorial at fdny headquarters. >> we were there 24 hours a day, seven days a week and we are paying the price. >> reporter: daniel was promoted to chie department 9/11 when he collapse escaped the collapse but his boss did not. >> we are determined do everything we can to protect life and property in this city. >> we just looked up and the guy next to me said that's going to hit the trade center. it it looked like a horror movie. >> reporter: we met john covered in the dust he had seen both planes hit and watched people trapped high floors leap to their deaths.
6:42 pm
across the street from the trade center site just as he did 15 years ago. and says he thinks about what happened here every day. >> it changed me and it makes me appreciate the first responders, the military, the people that were down here, the ironworkers, all those people and people that rebuilt and i think they did a great job and hopefully for the people that lost people that day this is a beautiful place for them to come and go to. >> reporter: behind me you can see the 1 world trade tower rising above lower manhattan a picture. a constant reminder of the tragic events here 15 years ago. on sunday at the memorial plaza the now traditional reading of the names will take place. the names of every single life lost 9/11, 2001, it's part of the healing process that will likely last our whole lives. in new york, rick leventhal, fox news. >> hard to believe 15 years have passed. it seems just like yesterday. kevin joins us now a very
6:43 pm
into the high school football season we have seen some really impressive performances so far. but the guy everyone is watching is malik davis. he's well ahead of the pace to graduate as the best runningback ever in (vo) we went to hollywood to ask if america's favorites - burgers, tacos and chili could taste just as great made with turkey. thousands stepped into the jennie-o tasting booth to find out. with just one bite, they knew.
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tomorrow on good day.. we remember the lives lost on september 11th.. and how one faith based school is giving students a head start.. it all starts -- at 6 a-m.. kevin sports are some incredible and there are definitely some incredible and talented football players in the bay area but when it comes to the best runningback jez it's malik davis -- jez uit's malik davis is the best. he touched for just 16 times. it's no surprise that colleges from all over the country are trying to slow him down long enough to get his commitment.
6:46 pm
davis just needs a slight crack to tear apart defenses. malik finds a hole which has brought recruiters from over 100 different colleges this past spring just to get a look. >> he's, you know, once in a lifetime type of kid that you get to coach. >> i've seen numerous runs where there's no chance he's coming out of there and he comes out of there clean. >> what i try to sell the coaches is just his character. the think what he's grown ov just, it's amazing. >> reporter: you won't hear davis getting caught up in all the talk about his game. ask him why he's so great he gives you a humble response. >> being coachable. i learned a lot from my toches coaches. that's why i think that makes me good and i can use it in game what i've learned. >> when malik walks off jesuit's field this last time odds are he will do it as the all-time leading rusher. right now well ahead of the pace to break that record. >> you know it's funny
6:47 pm
he's being interviewed. you know he never mentions that at all to me. >> he's a target but i try not to to think by the as much but it's definitely something i would like to accomplish before i leave high school. >> it would be extra special because malik long-time friend ray ray mcleod iii holds the record. >> that would be good bragging rights. he texted me about it like a couple weeks back. mentioned hold it down if you beat it. >> did he tell you to slow down? >> no. no. >> already jesuit's all-time leading rusher and just 888 yards separates him from being hillsborough county's all-time best. >> game of the week jesuit and jefferson. this next friday coming up that's going to decide probably their district. so his road to the states are definitely going through jefferson this week. >> very, very interesting stuff. kevin, thanks very much. >> kind of a picture-perfect day out there. just crank down the heat just maybe a couple degrees.
6:48 pm
push the thermostat down but all it does is lower the temperature in my apartment. i don't know what's wrong with it. you ask a lot of people they would think i do have control over the temperature outside but unfortunately i don't. i'll keep working on it. amazingly enough today i guess it's kind of symbolic the first day our average high drops below 90. our average high today is 89. >> we were hotter than that. >> a lot hotter than that. record high today. we'll talk about that. here's the scene out though. hilton clear water beach cam it's beautiful outside at the beaches. overall hasn't seen a whole lot of rain today. of course you need that rain. need the cloud cover to help cool things off at times during the summer around here. here's the sky tower radar view. i had a couple showers again right down 75 down to the south and east. here's a couple moving through portions back to the west towards myaca city right now. not a lot of lightning or
6:49 pm
can't be ruled out. we got one right now working right down the courtney campbell. another one out there's the sea breeze we may get a couple more of these pushing into pinellas county. then a few more as you report to the north. overall rain chances this evening not great. but wouldn't be surprised if we continue to see a couple more showers over the next few hours. 92? the current temperature. dew point of 74? relative humidity at 55%. other temps across the area punta gorda, 88, 98 in ocala. and 87 in orlando. so here's the satellite and radar view. see this wind pushing everything back to the west. we're getting some building up towards that west coast sea breeze. a lot of moisture to our south and east a lot of moisture to our west. we're kind of in the squeeze play in between with some drier air. that will stick around for sunday. overall though, we start to
6:50 pm
monday, tuesday, wednesday, and especially into thursday. that sticks around probably into next weekend as well. so we're not done with the rainy season just yet. here's the future cast overnight tonight. we'll see the showers continuing to work off the coast. partly to mostly sunny. hot day tomorrow again. temperatures right back into the low to mid-90s. more afternoon showers and storms popping up. overall about 30% rain chances for the most part. 40% rain chances as you head off to the south. only looking at about 20% rain chances there. here's your recap then for tonight. temperatures into the upper 70s. warm and humid early evening showers kind of moving off the coast right now. 93 for tomorrow. partly sunny and hot. few afternoon showers. then for the day monday better chance of showers and storms building west. 90 degrees. seven-day forecast. rain chances about 30% for tomorrow. 50% monday and tuesday. bump it up to 60% wednesday and thursday.
6:51 pm
88? good news for them lloyd, is they play inside the dome. nice and cool in there. >> all right, mike, thanks very much. this week apple c.e.o. tim cook unveiled the company's latest smartphone the iphone 7. the water is water resistant and features a new camera system as well. but some consumers aren't happy request other changes to the device -- reasons happy with other changes to the device. >> we are so excited about iph it makes all the things you do every day so much better. >> reporter: apple unveils one of its most controversial new iphones yet. as they eliminate the analog audio jack at the bottom of the phone. instead the iphone 7 will connect to blue tooth headphones. but they are providing another option for those who are a bit worried. >> now we know there are people in the world who do have some analog old connective devices out there so we've also made this,
6:52 pm
i will include that in the box with every iphone 7 and 7 plus as well. >> reporter: apple is also providing an adapter for older headphones in addition to the lightning headphones which experts say should satisfy users. >> it was a real risk that this would feel like a downdoppler radar to upgrade but -- downgrade rather than an upgrade. still many consumers are upset. their wired headphones may become obsolete. >> that means i have to an extra accessory so it's another way i goes make money. >> yet some consumers are accepting the change like they did when apple changed its power adapter and many are excited the iphone is now waterproof and has a better camera zoom. >> i feel like i always get used to the new upglades they do. eventually, like everyone else they'll get used to it. >> that was jackie ibanez
6:53 pm
facing supply issues with the more sought after models. they estimate buyers may not be able to get them all delivered until october or even november. monster jam fans some pretty exciting news we look forward to this season. when we come back tonight a look at some of the hometown folks making a name for well when i shop, my coupons are in a neat little stack, and my weekly ad is folded like this. ready to go... that's how i save a lot at publix.
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for me, shopping is a three step process. step one: walk the aisles. two: find the deals. step three: see, that's what's great there is no step three. that's how i save at publix. how 'bout you? publix. where shopping is a pleasure. boldly going where no franchise has gone before, "star trek" is celebrating it's 50th anniversary with a loyal fan base >> boldly going where no fronce franchise has gone before. star trek is celebrating its 50th anniversary with their loyal fan base. we'll take a look at why the franchise is still to popular indeed living long and prospering. tonight after college football. finally this hour, some local drivers are hitting the national stage for the
6:56 pm
fox 13 photo journalist barry huang shows us what's in store. >> my name is cody simpson. i drive a monster jam truck. >> my name is cynthia and i drive the monster. >> i live in dade city. 2007 will be my fourth year competing. >> i live -- >> 3, 2, 1! >> this is kind of like a season preview, announce new drivers and new trucks. >> announcing the monster jam competition this newcomer expects to be a big fish never pond. >> our overcoming schedules. >> 6400 miles on the odometer. >> a lot of good fun. >> they will be guiding these 10,000 found monster jam trucks to do things no one has ever seen before. >> but what's the coolest thing is we get to know at
6:57 pm
so i think it's a special moment we get to live with the fans. >> to drive a monster jam truck is one of the best feeling. the adrenaline is nonstop from the beginning to the end of the show. >> it's a mixture of being in charge of your own roller coaster and the ultimate stress relief. no matter what's in your way let it rip. it's an unbelievable feeling know that it's awesome. >> this is the first time ever they streamed a monster jam event facebook live. monster jam comes to tampa february 4th. for more news follow us twitter and the news is always we'll see you back here tonight after college football.
6:58 pm
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7:00 pm
?? ?? i can't wait. i get excited thinking about it. >> left. touchdown! >> you never played in a game, you'll never know what it's like. >> into pressure. touchdown. >> during and after the game, you know it's >> trying to send it to overtime. it hit the upright! it is officially over. >> ? we never look back ? we're uncontainable ? >> announcer: sometimes a great rivalry can't be expanded. it had to be experienced. >> i hate everything about him >> announcer: the tension never dies down.


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