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tv   FOX 13 1000 News  FOX  September 11, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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right now at ten... a man wearing a bullet proof vest is shot and killed. we'll tell you who police have arrested and why they say he pulled the trigger. he was a new york firefighter... at the world trade center... inside the north tower when it collapsed on top of him! how he and the people around him were able to crawl out alive! and... a look at how the nation comes together to mark the 15th anniversary of the nine-eleven terror attacks and remember the thousands of people who died. good evening i'm haley hinds. and i'm lloyd sowers. thanks for being with us. we are following two news alerts right now.... the first... most of the courtney
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because of a major crash. it happened just before seven this evening at the base of the bridge near damascus on the clearwater side. police say all the west bound lanes are closed. only one eastbound lane is open. police say as many as nine people from four vehicles were taken to several in the robles park bunch of people were gathered at avon and hernandez. they say a man in or around the park was shot in the stomach. the victim was taken to a nearby hospital in unkown condition. no arrests have been made. police say a man is dead after his cousin shot him to test out a bulletproof vest. the shooter now faces manslaughter charges. fox 13's evan lambert asked why did these two men do this dangerous stunt.. and
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man who died wanted to know if his bulletproof vest still
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today marks 15 years since thousands of americans lost their lives in the nine-eleven terror attacks. ceremonies across the country marked the day.... including new york city. that's where democratic presidential candidate hillary clinton had to leave a ceremony at the world trade center early. she could barely walk to her vehicle. her doctor says she was diagnosed friday with pneumonia. in the video... you can see clinton walking to a van... and she stumbles and nearly falls. her aids
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went to her daughter's apartment to rest. a couple of hours later... she said she was feeling better and greeting people. there were also some events in florida today. one of the largest in our area was in palm harbor at curlew hills memorial gardens. a new york city fireman and hero from that day was there. fox 13's kellie cowan brings
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engine 16 headed straight into the wreckage. >> the tower had this huge gigantic thing. at that moment, the second plane came in. it was a huge explosion. the steel came down it was burning. it was crazy. >> mickey and the rest of and and 16 were given the orders. they climbed 23 steps upstairs to assist in the evacuation. i went in and there was two people in there. the secretary was josephine. i ordered the mall and i think
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it was just to get their attention. they were in a fog.> moments later, i felt the building rock. he was filling the reverberation of the south tower falling. >> i have never been out of a high-rise building. never! humanity ran for the building started rocking and we heard a loud noise. i tried to crawlinto my helmet . the north tower had fallen with
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mickey had survived miraculously. >> i heard the other voices and it made me comforted. >> mickey was in a tiny cove in the second story stairwell with 12 other responders and the woman he had ordered off the 23rd floor. hours passed by in darkness. >> then i see. as 110 story building. it was on the second floor. the building came down in such a manner that it peeled away. against all odds, they made it out alive.
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he made an effort at the news. recovery effort at ground zero. >> they held a moment of silence today to remember the thousands of lives lost including hundreds of first responders on september 11. on september 11, 2001, 343 firefighters perished and the nation suffered a tragic loss of life. >> firetrucks were out of the station with their lights activated at 9:40 am. nine minutes later, there's a radio call which you just heard in a moment of silence where the cell tower collapsed. charlie crist stood with the firefighters at the court street station as people stop by to pay their respects. in my heart i just feel that these men and women have to be recognized.
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person. i want to recognize them and remember them as well. >> she said her father was a new york city firefighter and she wanted to come out and personally speak with the clearwater firefighters. she hopes to make the tradition every september 11. [music] fema toward pascoe county today assessing the flood damage at 111 million. that includes 23 homes destroyed with 342 major damage. the individual firsthand look at the aftermath. the first hurricane to make landfall in 11 years. to deaths were attributed. that's on top of flooding wind damage and some areas without power for one week.>> an update on the accident that shut down gandy boulevard four hours. florida highway patrol says sharon forbes of tampa was driving eastbound when she lost
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median. her suv overturned and went into the westbound lane hitting two other cars. thedrivers were not hurt . both were killed in the crash. an update on the tampa pd shooting last night. officer stopped a car for a missing headlight and realized it was stolen. the driver took off and crashed into a tree or near florida, nebraska and tampa street. two officers shot the suspect was taken to the hospital. he is expected to survive. he has been identified as joe l cook who was just released from the first of the month for grand theft auto. it's a winning start for the bucks. it's impressive win over division rivals the atlanta falcons. kevin odonnell is here to show us how they did it. it's a good way to start the season. this is a win to save her for a while. it gives them sole possession
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south. it's kind of rare. it was the last when away from home and it was 11 years ago. they lost four of the last five. this is a special win and a special day for the new head coach, derek carter. after following a10/3 hole two started . jim is winston started 17/24. it's the first path with two touchdowns. charles with a nifty touch and run. it's the 17/13 at the break. it's the most by winston in his career. he was just warming up. the bucks are opening the third quarter with a foreplay with a 75 yard drive. to jenkins and he goes down with it. that's 14 straight points for the bucks. the next time with a ball it's a 92 yard drive. winston with a 45 yard strike. he holds on 4031/13 lead at the
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the defense closes it out and carter celebrates his first win as the head coach with that traditional gatorade bath let's go inside the box locker room to see who got the game ball . >> i think she'shappy and really happy we went on ! [cheering] [applause] up! i appreciate it alot . when i was interviewing, there's a couple over here one thing i said was they want to get back to giving games balls. this is a new's a new era of bucks for paul. [cheering] it's got to be
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getting balls about $100 apiece. starting out the season is huge. the bucks are facing in the first month with a trip out west. it's a defender with the arizona cardinals. much more in sports on the bucks bigvictory. lloyd and haley ? >> 15 years ago al qaeda carried out the worst attack in history on us soil.ow the country is coming together to remember the thousand who died at the pentagon and near field in pennsylvania. we can't find her or get a hold ofher . we can't miss her. texas fire captain is found murdered in her truck. why his widow is behind bars.
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>>anchor: returning now to the news alert and the wreck has forced people to shut down the westbound lane of the courtney campbell causeway. only one eastbound lane is open. fox13 just got to the scene. evan, we are hearing several young children are among those hurt . clearwater police say two young children are hurt seriously but they have at least eight patients involvedin this multivehicle , for car crash. let me take a step out of the way. tampa police are stopping
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courtney campbell here at the boat ramp. it's over in that direction in the tampa side. you can see officers are directing people to turn around here. they are is still a large line of traffic coming up in trying to go this way. they say the bridge will be shut down going it's heading into the early morning hours here as they investigate this crash. as we understand it from police , clearwater police say the accident happened just before 7:00 this evening. they say the 23-year-old female driver took her eyes off the road for some length of time and slammed into a van in front of her that was stopped at a red light. that car then hit two other cars. we understand there is at least eight patients previously.
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a little bit younger. two-year-old and three-year-old. we are told the three-year-old has non-life-threatening injuries. no word on the end all involvement. the female driver that did because the crash was taken to a local hospital. i think it's on the eastbound side. you are able to see right now some traffic thing by heading into tampa.n general, just avoid the courtney campbell causeway. i will be out here and have you an update at 11:00. emotional ceremonies being held
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years since the deadliest terror attack. it's a live luck in new york city. >> brian has more from lower manhattan. >>reporter: thousands gathered at ground zero in new york city to remember the lives lost in the september 11 terror attack. family members read the names of the 3000 victims. [bellringing] a monument to 9/11 first responders. lost their life. survivors who continue to suffer from health-related issues. >> you'll never be alone. a special people we lost 9/11. the hundreds and hundreds of people who help on 9/11 and have gotten sick sense. at the pentagon, president obama placed a wreath with memorial lily is in the garden. 184 people died when flight 77 slammed into the building. we remember and we will never forget.
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taken from us so cruel. >> at the memorial in pennsylvania, the 40 passengers and crew members at the plane that crashed our own yard with a reading of names and a swing of bells. >> the lessons that we learned as a community. remember them. as a country and as a world. we stand stronger together. smaller tributes were held overseas in the us forces marking the solemn day with a headquarters. just outside of jerusalem, a ceremony was held at the j and f 9/11 memorial. it's the only monument outside of the us that listed the names of the 3000 victims lost in the attack. homeland security secretary, jay johnson said the united states is safer against terror attacks but they must remain visual and against the lone
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now, your sky tower forecast with mike bennett. >> local ceremonies around the area. nice weather for it. it kept things mostly dry today and out at the beach, this is the time-lapse view. you don't see a whole lot in the way of cloud cover moving through the pretty nice ending to the day. it'sfrom saturday sunday. here's a high at 950 in tampa. it ties the record three days in a row . 97 in brandon. low 90s inland and low 90s up against the coast. it's the dog days of summer today. heights tomorrow are slightly cooler with moisture in the atmosphere. this is the result at 910 in tampa and 91 in new port richey. 87 lake placid and 900 in
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pressure throughout the week startingtomorrow and tuesday , wednesday, thursday and friday. every means cooler temperatures. in the mid-90s it will be in the 80s. you will notice it but it won't be like fall here for quite some time. the tropics overall remain quiet. we watch the waves move over the nextfew days helping to increase the rain chances . it will not deve something before it moves over. 860 is the current temperature and relative humidity at 61%. the wind out of the southeast and it's 81 and brandon and 84 in clearwater. it's a little bit cooler inland and the 70s. 770 in lake placid and 77 at bartow. here is the set up. one tropical wave off to the west and another, seeing some showers make their way through the bahamas.
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this is a look at how much moisture is in the atmosphere. there is the tropical wave over us. on tuesday and wednesday and thursday were looking at rain chances around 60%.the deepest of the moisture pulls off and were looking at above average room temperatures right through friday and saturday. it's not too bad. by tomorrow afternoon, we se more showers across the state building back towards the west coast seabreeze. it's later into the afternoon and evening. on tuesday, we increase the rain chances for everyone. his little bit closer to 60%. 77 and another warm night. verall, a pretty warm night in the seven day forecast. temperatures in the mid upper 70s.
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if you saw a fire coming from tampa international airport this need to worry. as fox 13
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shows us --- it was what we do is bring back aircraft rescue firefighting. it's involving the personnel and working for tampa rescue with units from the they come out to assist in the training and we see engine eight with a radio check.what we are dealing with here is a mixture of water. the same type of fuel mixture lose experience if there were ever to beaircraft emergency to . we will get real-time and real-life operation, operating
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vehicles. you could have a large amount of life a largeamount of souls on the aircraft . the fire craft the simulation is as real as it gets. donald trump remembers lives on 9/11. he p
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today's literal stumble for clinton... preceded by a verbal stumble with a literal stumble >> at trump tower tonight. >> it was a moment that put politics aside. donald trump, chris christie,
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paying respect to ground zero. tomorrow, they are showing a tight race and for battleground states. hillary clinton is up by single-point new hampshire . it's good news for trump. the race remains uncomfortably tight. the basket of deplorable. >> covering 47% depending on government. she just made a statement. i said i respect them all. mike pence poundstone clinton for the voters summit.
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basket of anything. they are americans and they deserve your respect. >> in the two weeks left, trump will be playing defense on a number of points including the continued praise of vladimir putin. >> i think it's ignorant. it's dangerous. it sends the message that the united states no longer stands for human rights or freedom for human dignity. it stands against aggressive behaviors. >> trump campaign avoided any comment on the issues. he has said he does not believe she has the same and not to be president. in baltimore with a bill big rally tomorrow night. outsidetrump tower , fox 13. >> the captain was found shot to death. his wife is charged with
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15 hours later, police booked him for conspiracy to commit murder. they knew something was wrong when the couples babysitter started knocking on doors. >> i am beside myself. i can't believe it. both sweet. >> he was a fire captain at the university park fire department. no word yet on the motive behind the crime. at least 30 people were hurt. it happened in trinity college. the third floor balcony gave way crashing down.
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video with a bridge collapsing in china. you can see it falling with a cloud of debris. it was being dismantled at the time. a volcano erupted on an island in the indian ocean. hundreds of people were treated to quite a show. it's not a threat to people. people come from all over the world to watch it. this is the second time this this is the second time this ye ? at this moment, you just inherited your sister's last-generation, hand-me-down tablet... which was handed down by
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tonight -- stories about people who went to great lengths to cast a vote --more than once. fox's eric
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the bucs are off to a great start.. with a win over the falcons. scott smith
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it's a ball, inside the five! tampa bay breaking tackles and land! >> welcome into sports sunday for week one of the nfl season. the box open this one in style. it's a tone setting victory. the kick off the season with a victory against the falcons. it's the first road win since 2005. not a perfect game. players are saying they have a lot of work to get done. the biggest play came from the bucks biggest playmaker. they are for credit in the 1/0. we pick up the game in the first quarter titus three. the bucks are back to beat winston.
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desmond. the falcons are in business. he turned it over in two points. at the top and the coverage. falcons lead 10/3. adam humphreys pushed out of the 6 yard line. it was after a gain of 26.wo plays later, winston on the roll out with this wide open getting the score. the bucks type game at 10. the falcons field goal with tampa bay working the offense. pattern. drive continues. it's 25 seconds left. winston to charles sims. it's a tough run after the catch. the bucks lead at the break. after the second half, more
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winston to austin and jenkins with a sj. no denying that catch.aying full out for the touchdown. it's a 30 yard strike but tampa bay leads 24/13. they lead 31/13. the falcons come back with a touchdown. gerald mccoy the bucks take it in. derek takes it to the right shower. the bucks when 31/24. it's a great job. a team effort. everyone helped. i am excited. excited for every guy in that room. we played like a team today. it was good. >> he is always preaching that it's a two-minute offense.
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that we played today. we had a very good minute at the end of the game. it's a great we play good football. lexi receives the game ball from the quarterback. it's a great day for the bucks coordinator. mike's with making his return and the farewell to the georgia dome and the winningest coach and falcon team history. his defense came up big. they got the yards in the bucks had a number of plays. not to mention what the game on the line. they have to come out a certain way. the coach alwaysteaches us hand-off and hand up!
10:48 pm
i was able to get my hand up and finish the game. >> you might have put yourself in the running for the game of the week with your performance out there. what did it mean to get out of the gate scree. >> i appreciate my teammates. have fun out there. everyone will do their job. >> came up with three big sacks. oh yea, everything is digital now-a-days. this thing never leaves my side. that is why i signed up for publix digital coupons. and i got the paper ones too. so retro... that's how i save at publix. how 'bout you?
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that's how we save a lot at publix. how 'bout you? publix. where shopping is a pleasure. now, jameis winston for joe holly and here it is. they rush three. he throws a deep route towards mike evans point touchdown tampa bay . mike takes it awayhat a great throw . his fourth touchdown pass and evans with a great pass in the end zone. the buccaneers into the lead. >> welcome back to sports sunday. the bucks offense as 371 yards total. 281 came through the air.
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rocky first quarter for the offense. they kicked into high gear in the second quarter. dirk stressed and checked out and check down with jms. it pays off here with charles sims getting sillies. into the end zone he goes. austin severely and jenkins lays out. what a grab. mike evans in double coverage goes up and brings another one. this is just how they drew it up. >> i practice all me so just run as fast as you can.i just ran! he threw it out there and i made the play. he trust me and he told me to stay ready for my moment. he told me he would do it and i made the play like i said i would. >> thanks for the touchdown, josh. an incredible catch! >> before the play, we saw that coverage earlier and i
10:53 pm
before we got the run in. we have the same coverage again and jamis nodded at me and he put it to where i could catch it. i tell you all the time those guys are superstars. early on in the game, we were targeting him as much. mike is the simple individual. he got his. >> what did they say about the run their? >> they wanted to see more. > it never ends.> the season and the only nfl south team. next week it's an even tougher opponent to face the arizona cardinals. for sports news and the big game for the nfl, kevin o'donnell taken away! >> take it away. the bucks had bragging rights in the nfc south and in the state offlorida. they are the only undefeated team in the sunshine state.
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came up short . to seattle we go. the sea hawkers made their standing. in the second quarter with seattle. ryan going deep who is wide open. he drops the past. remember this one. it will be a costly one. you should have had it. dolphins with a first lead in the game at 10/6. russell wilson tonight to doug baldwin for the touchdown. that time seattle when at 10/12. he needed that touchdown earlier. this is dumb. it was a hot one there. in north florida in the first half of the action. blake to julius thomas making a great gap for the score. the packers answer with aaron rodgers. defenders are all over him. he throws it into the end zone and aponte adams comes down with the packers up at the half.
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27/23. alan hearn look at this. packers swarm and they hold out to win. 27/23.>> the raise could not afford the void coming out. look what they did to the rookies. this is really bad.the rookies get hazed every year for having to wear ridiculous outfits. the guys had to wear them. then they went to the hotel. it had to be fun. >> before the game, heavy hard to new york as weremember 9/11. the yankees manager , joe girardi playing with a respected tragic loss from 15 years ago. now to the game. the raise when a four-game sweep with the yankees. it's a two run homer in the
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chase smashes a solo homer. the raise lead and everything goes out to right field.he goes deep and it's a solo homer with the 19th of the season. three run one tampa bay. alex makes and judge the fly out. the rays avoid the total embarrasen 4/2 for the winter. two weeks ago into the college football season we have more shakes up shakeups. alabama clears number one. the symbols move up to number through to after their 52/8 win. it's coupled by the loss falling to number five. ohio state and michigan move up number one each.
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weekend. the book start out with a win. hospital. it's a live update from the c&s crews find the chain reaction crash. bizarre details on the
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(vo) we went to hollywood to ask e just as great made with turkey. thousands stepped into the jennie-o tasting booth to find out. with just one bite, they knew.
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i think it is very crazy to play with a lifelike that . >> a man is dead after a bulletproof vest went poorly wrong. the cousin is charged in his death. as the only way ican describe it. >> the new york firefighter trapped in one of the towers. he lives to tell about his story of survival .he company reflects on the day to change thenation 15 years ago today. >> there is winston's point he steps up and he goes deep . helooks for evans. he will go in for a touchdown. >> the bucks come out on top . it's the first nfl sunday of the season.


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