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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 4AM  FOX  September 12, 2016 4:00am-4:30am EDT

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m ahead this hour on good day: a distraction... and a devastating crash. several people are hurt... ?including young children. ((jen and: is the sun finally setting... on a popular tampa music festival? the big changes being proposed today... to keep it running plus... bucs fans have plenty to be excited about this morning. the team just kicked off the season... with a huge win! ((walter)) good morning.. and welcome to good day tampa bay... at 4:00. i'm walter allen. ((jen)) and i'm jennifer epstein. those stories in a minute, but now, a first look at your
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with dave. new this morning: hillsborough deputies are investigating an armed robbery... at a burger king.
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time ago at the restaurant in the carrollwood area... at the corner of gunn highway and lynn. deputies say an employee was locking up when a man ran towards them with a gun. the robber later ran off... and deputies searched with a helicopter and k-9s. the employee appears to be okay... but that robber is still out there. a woman told police she took her eyes off the road.. just for a few moments.. and the result was a ?huge pile-up on the courtney campbell causeway.. the causeway is finally back open this morning... at least ?four vehicles were involved, and several people were seriously hurt... including ?chi it happened just before seven last night at the base of the bridge, near damascus road... on the clearwater side. and fox 13's ken suarez is live on the causeway right now, with the latest. take vo: was tragic
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manatee county deputies are looking for the person who ?killed a woman. 44-year-old "earnestine gardener" died sunday... after she was rushed to blake ho earlier in the morning, lying in front of her bradenton home. witnesses say they heard an argument before the shooting. if you know anything about the incident, call the manatee county sheriffs office. another shooting investigation, this time in tampa. investigators say a bunch of people were gathered at avon and hernandez last night in the robles park area. they say a man was the shot in the stomach. the man was rushed to a nearby hospital. his current condition has not been released, and no arrests have been made. another tampa man is dead this morning... after failing
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wanted to find out... if a ?bulletproof vest really worked. police say 24-year-old juaquin mendez put on a bulletproof vest late saturday night... and wondered if it still worked. his cousin... 23-year-old alexandro garibaldi... agreed to help him test it. so police say he got a gun and shot mendez in the chest. mendez did ?not survive. some neighbors even saw the whole crazy sequence of events unfold: garibaldi originally told police he ?found mendez already with a bullet wound... but neighbors told police what really happened. garibaldi is facing manslaughter charges. he's in the hillsborough county jail.
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police involved shooting from saturday night. officers stopped a car for a missing headlight... and then realized it was stolen. the driver took off and crashed into a tree near floribraska and tampa street. they say the driver then put the car in reverse and backed into the cruiser. two officers fired... hitting the man. he's been identified as joel cook. police say cook was just released from jail for grand theft auto. he's expected to survive. today in tampa: the future of the 'sunset music festival' is up for again. the tampa sports authority will discuss it during a special public hearing. the two-day festival took place earlier this year at raymond james stadium. two people died and more than 50 were hospitalized. and most of those incidents involved drugs. ray-jay has hosted the festival for the past five years. the sports authority is not expected to make any ?decisions today over whether to cut ties with the festival. but they will give the festival a list of ?changes that would need to take place, to keep the event. ((more)) and here's a look at some of those recommendations
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authority. they include adding a bigger command center, more public announcements, more medical personnel, addition water stations and cooling tents. they're also asking for more surveillance cameras. festival organizers say they already had a "no drug policy" in place... but they will look at a better way of enforcing it. that could include drug-sniffing dogs. today meeting starts at three p-m at the t-s-a office boardroom. a developing story in the world of politics. there are new he canceled plans for a west coast trip today. and it comes after doctors diagnosed her with pneumonia. they say she needed some time to rest. the health concerns grew after clinton had to leave a september 11-th ceremony in new york city ?early... abruptly after a "medical episode." video surfaced showing clinton appearing unsteady as she stepped into a waiting s-u-v with her aides. at one point she almost fell down, but her security detail caught her. clinton was diagnosed with pneumonia
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clinton's campaign released a statement saying mrs clinton felt overheated... but was feeling much better after resting at her daughter's apartment. a tribute in light overnight... to mark 15 years... since one of the ?worst moments in u-s history. the terror attacks... of 9-11. these searchlights mark where the twin towers once stood... thousands gathered at ground zero in new york city sunday to mark the anniversary. family members reading the names of the almost 3- thousand victims. governor andrew cuomo used the day to announce that new york will be building a monument to 9/11 first responders. at the pentagon -- president obama placed a wreath of white lilies in the memorial garden. 184 people died when american airlines flight 77
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at the flight 93 national memorial in shanksville, pennsylvania ... another memorial for the 40 passengers and crew members who died when the ?fourh hijacked plane crashed there. ((more)) there were several memorials here in the bay area as well. in palm harbour, a retired new york city firefighter spoke at a memorial and told his unique tale of heroism. "mickey kross" was inside the north tower and had just helped an injured woman and her boss to safety when the evacuation order came over his radio. moments later,
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miraculously, he and 13 other first responders and civilians survived in a tiny alcove on a second-floor stairwell. to hear his full story, you can visit fox 13 dot com. in clearwater-- firefighters stood in silence and in solidarity to remember the hundreds of first 11th. fire trucks parked outside the stations with lights activated. there was also a moment of silence. some people stopped to pay their respects, thanking the firefighters for all they do. former governor charlie crist was also part of the event. in orlando : more than 25-thousand flags line the outside of the dr. phillips center in downtown orlando to mark the anniversary. organizers of the event are with the cameraderie foundation. the group has connected combat
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counseling to heal the emotional wounds of war. the foundation has another ceremony later this morning at the dr. phillips center...marking three months since the pulse tragedy. and city leaders in orlando want to keep helping people who survived the pulse attack for at ?least another two ?years. that's how long they want to keep their " assistance center" open survivors of the june 12th shooting can seek grief counseling... rent assistance and other services at the center. the one orlando fund is also preparing pay-outs later this month for families of the killed. today is also the deadline for people affected by the pulse shooting to turn in paperwork to receive money from the fund. just when it looked like we were getting a break on gas prices... they're creeping back up again. the national average for a gallon of regular is up to 2-21 a gallon. that's up four cents over the past three weeks. and the tampa average is at 2-13 a gallon. ironically, our prices have ?dropped four cents in a week. but they're up 13 cents
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?how about them bucs? we opened the season with a huge win! it's just one game... but it could be the start of something special. dirk koetter in his first game as head coach for the bucs... and he couldn't have asked for more from his team. after atlanta pulled ahead 10-3 in the first quarter... jameis winston didn't back down. he was just getting warmed up. he had ?four touchdown passes on the day. everytime it seemed like atlanta up... the bucs had an answer. they win the game... 31 to 24. the bucs first opening day ?road win... since 2005. they take on the cardinals ?in arizona... on the road... this sunday. dave and i will have much
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including some reaction, from the locker room. and after the break: look... but don't touch! an island in the indian ocean... putting on one explosive show... for some
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y246wy yy6y some ?fiery video this morning, from a french island. a volcano just erupted, in the middle of the indian ocean.. hundreds of people on reunion island were treated to quite a show.. as the molten lava spewed from the crater. and it only
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flow is not a threat to people.. in fact, people come from all over the world to watch it. this was the second time this year it's erupted. it's one of the most active volcanoes in the
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time to talk some sports this morning. and we begin... with highlights from the first bucs game of the season. it was also the first bucs ?win of the season. and boy what difference a ?year makes for jameis winston. ?remember how game one went for him ?last season? he threw an interception... that was returned for a touchdown on his fir okay... winston ?did throw another interception in this game, which helped the falcons take the lead, 10-3 in the first quarter. but winston flipped a switch after that. first, a four yard pass to brandon meyers, that tied it. and then a 34 yard pass to charles sims who broke through ?six tacklers to get in the endzone. the bucs scoring frenzy continued in the second half with some amazing catches. austin seferan-jenkins catches a 30 yard bomb as he
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reciever on the team... mike evans... he gets a 45 yard pass from winston... ?perfectly placed. atlanta clawed back... but the bucs d held them off. tampa bay wins... 31 to 24. here's the coach and the
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and another interesting stat: bucs kicker robert aguayo went 5 for 5 on the day... including one field goal. next up: the bucs take on the cardinals ?in arizona... this sunday. cardinals looked pretty beatable last night. "jimmy garappalo" getting the start for new england... while tom brady begins his four game suspension. and he got off to a great start. a 37 yard touchdown pass in the first quarter. the patriots leading the whole game... but the cardinals kept it close. and arizona had a shot at possibly winning the game with less than a minute left. but their kicker
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pats win.... 23 to 21... ?without tom brady. and we can't forget about the rays. wrapping up their four game series in new york. before the game, he yankees had a ceremony to mark the september 11th anniversary. the rays trying to avoid a four game sweep... and they do. corey dickerson gets things started with a two run homer. matt andreise had a strong start. and the rays hold off the yanks to get the win, four-two. when we come back, i'll have another check on your monday forecast. plus: ?how would you spend a ?million dollars? ?think that's tough? well times it... by four ?hundred. the big reveal today... from one of the biggest lottery winners in at amope, we know heels can be
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making headlines across america: police in denver, colorado are investigating a ?deadly school busra it happened at the denver international airport sunday. the bus lost control and veered into the concrete pillars under an overpass. the bus was carrying football players and coaches back to a high school in broomfield, colorado... after they took a trip to california. the bus driver died and more than a dozen passengers were hurt. several are in critical condition. passengers say the driver had some kind of medical issue before the crash. in connecticut: at least thirty people are hurt when a balcony collapses
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happened at the off-campus housing for trinity college. a third floor balcony gave way.. crashing down onto two porches beneath it. fortunately, most of the injuries are minor. later today in new hampshire: we'll learn how the next big powerball jackpot will be spent. someone won the 487 million dollar jackpot back on july 30th in the town of raymond, new hampshire. it was the eighth largest jackpot in u-s history. attorneys for the winner will hold a news conference today to announce their ?charity plans. it's not clear if the actual ?winner will be there. and as for the ?current powerball... no winner over the weekend. that jackpot is up to 222 million dollars. still ahead: the search... for a ?stolen dog. why the family says it was much more than a pet, it was a lifesaver. plus... fox 13's ken suarez is ?live in
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