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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 7AM  FOX  September 12, 2016 7:00am-8:00am EDT

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(russell- driver distracted. it causes a bad crash on the >>russell: distracted driver causing a bad crash on the courtney campbell causeway. several are hurt. plus -- >> hillary clinton just about collapses at a 9/11 event yesterday. we'll have more on her health coming up. >>laura: scary statistics about soccer. the number of children getting hurt. the reason most of them go to the emergency room. and welcome to the 7:00 hour of "good day tampa bay." i'm laura moody. >>russell: and i'm russell rhodes. we need to talk weather with dave. good morning. >>dave: good morning. a little cloud cover this morning. it's warm, it's muggy, 79
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but we hit 95 yesterday. we tied a record. we didn't have any rain. all that is about to change because more moisture in the atmosphere today. you can already see it on skytower radar. those showers starting there over lake okeechobee and along i-95. they'll work their way west in toward our area. later today the rain chances will bump up between 50% and 60%. that's going to yield high temperatures upper 80s to lower 90s. okay? >> thank you. sky fox is up this morning. they are checking out i-75. you can see these very heavy traffic building. this is southbound lanes here along i-75 towards i-4. usual delays this time of morning but traffic really starting to stack up through the area approaching i-4. let's get a check on travel times. through the area, southbound 75 from bruce b downs to i-4, checking in at 12 minutes right now.
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quickly here, 19 minutes from bearss avenue to i-4 and westbound i-4, we're seeing heavy traffic build. it will cost you 14 minutes from 75 to the 275 interchange. >>russell: thanks. it's 7:02. hillary clinton is cancelling a trip to california. she's recovering from pneumonia and this video shows her stumbling and needing assistance trying to get into a van yesterday. doug is following the latest on all of this from washington for good morning. >> good morning. hillary clinton is going to at the very least miss a two-day campaign swing through california. her campaign does claim she has pneumonia, saying she was diagnosed on friday. the video of what happened yesterday is pretty jarring. hillary clinton had to be propped up as she was loaded into her specially equipped van after attending a 9/11 event in new york and almost collapsed
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secret service agents whisked her to her daughter chelsea's new york apartment where she emerged later walking on her own. >> are you feeling better? >> yes. thank you very much. >> her campaign initially said it was the heat. hours later, though, a further explanation. clinton had been diagnosed with pneumonia days earlier. clinton's health has been an issue after frequent coughing attacks, something she blamed on allergies. this video creates new problems because it not only raises questions about her health, it also reveals a campaign that was not completely forthcoming with information. >> when she collapsed, nearly clamses and she would have collapsed if she wasn't held up and then has to pretend it's overheating on a beautiful september day and then admit she was diagnosed days ago, it just looks like she's never going to tell the truth. >> the truth is that clinton and donald trump revealed relatively
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to be more open. and trump was at the same 9/11 event but he didn't immediately weigh in, refraining from campaign attacks on september 11. but all of this comes as the first debate is now just two weeks away. >> as a political adviser, i would say keep her off the campaign trail until the debates as much as possible. >> how can you do that? >> you just say no. that. a very real dollar cost, in fact, because hillary clinton is missing a number of high dollar fundraisers in california while she recovers at home. >>russell: we'll talk later. thank you. >>laura: 7:04 now. courtney campbell cause way is back open after a bad crash. four vehicles collided, including several people, children, too, toddlers. ken is live for us near the scene and ken, distracted driver
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accident. admittedly so, too, right? >>reporter: we're talking about a 23-year-old woman held responsible for this. we know she was distracted. what she was distracted by, that's something we still don't know. probably learn that a little later today. whatever it is, a phone call or text possibly, the result was tragic. eight people, including a 2-year-old and a 3-year-old little girl were injured. 2-year-old is in critical condition this morning. the 3-year-old has life threatening injuries. investigators say the 23-year-old was driving on the courtney campbell last night around 7:00. she was driving at a high rate of speed. she was distracted and slammed into a honda odyssey. its rear end was totally crushed. the odyssey rammed into the car in front of it. that car pushed into the car in front of it. >> variety of trauma alerts to
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hospital and those are lesser injuries were taken to countryside hospital. >>reporter: we're going to find more information about the accident itself, what she was distracted by perhaps and the names of the people involved. in the meantime, this place was closed down for several hours as a result of the crash last night. now, traffic is flowing again and i'm just wondering how many people were distracted at one point in the driving careers. i guess most of them, and usually it. unfortunately this 23-year-old woman last night did not. back to you guys. >>laura: all right. thank you. russell? >>russell: 7:06 right now. it's not the way to test a bulletproof test, bullet resistant vest. 23-year-old man fatally shot his 24-year-old cousin mendez saturday night. witnesses say mendez put on this vest wondering if it would stop a bullet.
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chest and he's facing manslaughter charges this morning. killer on the flews -- loose in bradenton. 44-year-old gardner was lying outside. they're still looking for the gunman. if you can help, call crime stoppers. 866-634-tips. >>laura: today in tallahassee, city and county will start clearing hurricane debris from yards and they'll pick up everything from tree limbs to appliances. city and county have spent about $10 million responding to the storm. hermine came ashore as a category one hurricane and closer to home, fema officials spent part of the weekend touring the county. they estimate the damage at more than $100 million. 23 homes are beyond repair and more than 300 others have major flood damage. hermine was the first hurricane
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since 2005. >>russell: it's 7:08 and bucs are back home after an impressive win to start the season. they beat the falcons yesterday in atlanta 31-24. second year quarterback winston threw four touchdown passes and the bucs defense did a great job down the stretch. total team effort. great way for koetter to start his head coaching career. >> great job, man. great job. it's a team effort. it's a team effort and everybody helped. everybody so excited. excited for every guy in that room because we played like a team today, you know? that was good. >> the thing about the nfl, you only got this day, you know? we played it so i can enjoy from five to -- you know, i go to sleep but we have to move past this victory and go ahead to arizona. >>russell: the bucs do travel
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and in our next half hour, fox 13 sports anchor will be here to talk about yesterday's game. it's our monday morning quarterback segment. it's back. >>laura: and we don't want to forget about the rays. they beat the yankees yesteray in new york 4-2 to avoid a weekend sweep. rays hit three hole runs, including a two-run shot by dickerson. they play the blue jays tonight in toronto. >>russell: good paying jobs. where to go today the resume. >>laura: panic on a pleasure cruise. this isn't the way it should nrmally stop at the pier. why the brakes didn't work. >>dave: we do have some clouds around this morning but i think it's still a very pretty start to the day. look at the tampa net camera. sun will be up in less than five minutes but we have a lot of moisture in the atmosphere. that is going to translate into afternoon thunderstorms. we're starting at 79 degrees. rain chances today go up to 50%
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yep, afternoon thunderstorms are
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>>dave: we still have one minute until the sun comes up and a little cloud cover has been streaming across the state overnight. yesterday afternoon, if you were outside, boy, i'm kind of glad the bucs weren't at home yesterday. it was 95 degrees. that would have been a tough, tough heat to suffer. 95, tied we're going to drop the temperatures the next couple of days because the rain chances are coming back and this morning, you see a couple of showers along the east coast. you know, here's a shower headed to palmdale now. it's not a big deal. once we get into the afternoon, all that moisture streaming across the state and a bit of a sea breeze will set up along the immediate coastline and when you get that collision, that's where you'll have the bigger thunderstorms. this is kind of like a late july
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summer pattern we're setting ourselves up in this week so that's why the rain chances go up again. 79 in tampa. a couple of 80s in clearwater and st. petersburg. 78 for bradenton and sarasota and just by looking at the satellite, you can tell it's just a lot more moisture going on. it's also a very weak tropical disturbance sitting over the bahamas, very slowly drifting west and that tomorrow will provide even more lift moisture so really, the theme this week is going to be bringing the rain chances back. of course, when you do that, you don't have the brilliant sunshine we had yesterday so you don't get the mid 90s which i'm okay with not getting the mid 90s this week. we might make it back to the lower 90s today but then you'll have the afternoon and evening thunderstorms favoring hours along and to the west of i-75 and then really just kind of starting the whole process all
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into the afternoon, the future cast showing us maybe some heavier thunderstorms as well with that extra moisture from that tropical disturbance over the bahamas so one, two, and then probably same thing for wednesday and thursday and friday so the rain chances literally go from like next to nothing all the way back up again to the 60% range for later today. hot, steamy with scattered storm, about 91 degrees. keep an eye on the skytower radar app. we gave it didn't really need it. this week you'll need it. warm and muggy, 77 tonight with a nice little sunset. fr those that don't see showers and storms, 7:38. tomorrow overall, maybe the rainiest day so tomorrow's rain chances will kick up a notch to maybe 70% in a few knots. seas two feet with a light chop today. because of the lack of rain and heat we've had the past week,
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87 degrees. wow. high tide coming up just before 11:00 this morning. look at the rain chances. they'll go above normal, stay that way. high temperatures go 88, 89 because of the higher rain chances tuesday through friday. sneak peek into next weekend, 50% rain chance for saturday. 40% for sunday. courtney? >> all right, dave. we're seeing that very busy morning traffic building up along the interstates this morning. check on the speeds along the interstates. 275 southbound f you make your way down to hillsborough, it does start to ease up but clocking in at 18 miles an hour in the area of fowler avenue. veterans not in too bad of shape. delays from dale mabry to gunn highway. still in good shape there along the veterans expressway. pinellas county drivers, wreck southbound u.s. 19 at ulmerton road. it is on the exit ramp to ulmerton road but authorities letting us know it does have a
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through the area. live look here at 275 on the tampa side of the howard frankland bridge. you can see the taillights building up, getting towards the tampa side but not in too bad of shape as far as time goes. only eight minutes for you across this span. >>laura: gas prices are a little lower this morning. they're down about four cents a gallon since last monday here in the bay area. the average for a gallon of regular grade gas is $2.14. it was $2.18 a week ago. last month we were paying for a gallon of gas and $2.01 this time a year ago. >>russell: economists are scaling back expectations for the end of this year and next. not all bad news. economists still expect the economy to grow but it will be a little slower than they had anticipated. this is the fourth straight quarter they've chosen to lower predictions. uncertain outcome of the presidential election, one of the reasons why. if you need a job, go to the doubletree hilton in tampa
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there's a job fair starting at 11:00. 700 openings, including marketing and law enforcement before you hand out your resume, professionals will critique it for free. >>laura: a powerball winner ready to spend most of the money on charity. it is a huge donation. >>russell: plus it's not a violent sport but a lot of kids get hurt while playing soccer. first, jen is filling in for act terrified right now but i really am. the sparks are flying at tampa bay technical high school off orient road in tampa where the kids here, they don't just get a high school degree. they get real life work experience. when they graduate high school, they're ready to get a job. but first, take a look at this beautiful sunrise this morning.
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(((laura-2 shot)) welcome back to good day tampa bay. the time is 7:--. several players from a high school >>laura: time is 7:21. several players from a high school football team are in the hospital this morning. >>russell: they were on a bus that hit a concrete pillar at the denver airport. team was returning from an out of state game. the accident is under investigation. >>laura: 30 people are recovering after a balcony coll in hartford, connecticut. they were having a party off campus and too many people were standing on the third floor balcony. when it fell, it hit two porches underneath. fortunately, most of the injuries are minor. >> oh, my god. is he going to crash into that? let's call the police. i'm serious. >>russell: pleasure boat collided head first with a pier
7:23 am
it could not stop because of a fire in the engine room. the captain could not slow down the double decker ship. more than 140 people were on board. nobody got seriously hurt. >>laura: we'll find out how the next big powerball winner wants to spend the money. they say most of the money is going to charity. they'll tell us today which ones. we've not been told if the actual winner will be too. they won $487 million. big jackpot back on july 30. they chose the lump sum payment. >>russell: to illinois, tons of damage left by a tornado. it touched down saturday and stayed on the ground more than 17 minutes. it's one of five tornados that touched down in champagne county overthe weekend. i guess we're that time of year, right, dave? >>dave: most of the big tornados
7:24 am
secondary time where you deal with tornados so we're getting into that, too. some spots of the country are feeling more like fall. here we're going back. we're at 95 degrees yesterday. wow. what a day. today a little different. we're starting off at 78, 79 but the rain chances are coming back and they're going to come screaming back, too. so we'll go 91 for a high temperature. look at the rain chances this week. much different than last 50% today, 60% tuesday, wednesday, and thursday. back to 50% on friday. >> a couple of problem spots this morning in pinellas county. rescue is on scene of an accident along u.s. 19 at ulmerton road. this is on the exit ramp from 19 onto ulmerton. minor delay here. there's a travel lane blocked. i'll let you know when this does clear out of the way. u.s. 19 at tampa road, no word yet on any road block through
7:25 am
spot and you can see that heavy traffic building in the southbound direction of 19. check on your travel times. southbound 275 from bearss avenue to i-4, jamming up. a 14 minute trip southbound from bruce b downs to i-4. >>russell: cooler pair of cleats. the fashionable foot wear some nfl players were wearing yet. >>laura: and kelly is at amalie arena. good morning. >> we're cooling it down here at amalie arena as the bolts gear up for their new season and of course, every great season starts with a great foundation. we're making ice here on the rink. stay with us.
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(russell- new this morning, a robbery >>russell: welcome. new this morning, a robbery at a burger king at the corner of gunn highway and lynn. oon -- the robber got inside, took cash and ran off, still on the loose of the nobody hurt. >>laura: students and staff are mourning death of a classmate. alexis carrera was found unconscious by his roommate yesterday afternoon. detectives have not told us the cause of death. it's not suspicious. school is making counselors available to students. it is hard to believe that it's been 15 years since the september 11 terrorist attacks in this country. >>russell: here is kelly wright. ? >>russell: americans pause to
7:30 am
lives on september 11, 2001. as ceremonies are held across the country, in boston, relatives of victims read their names at the massachusetts statehouse. leslie blair became emotional when the name of her sister was read. >> to hear her name again, i always tear up as i'm doing now. i miss her dearly. >>reporter: a world trade center survivor now living in texas is remembering his escape from tower two. >> i was hitting ful when i saw the first firefighter and again, visceral moment i'll never forget. he looked at me and i locked eyes with him and he said, there's a way out. >>reporter: san antonio, texas firefighters paid tribute to their own by climbing stairs of the tower of americans. >> our community want this tribute. >>reporter: the 9/11 memorial
7:31 am
world trade center. >> we decided to come out here because i wasn't old enough when 9/11 happened so i really wanted to know what happened. >>reporter: and in reno, nevada, hundreds came together, including motorcyclists, for the annual memorial ride. >> it's something that should never go untold. >>reporter: nearly 3,000 people lost their lives at the world trade center, pentagon and shanksville, pennsylvania. their lives m forg forgotten. >>russell: and player from the titans showed his patriotism on the field. avery williamson wore the red, white and blue cleats yesterday. they bear the words "never forget" and "9/11." he did this despite a warning from the nfl he would be fined. fine is about $6,000. several police unions have offered to pay that fine, by the way. >>laura: seattle seahawks stood
7:32 am
anthem. no one kneeling or sitting on the sideline. they felt it was the best way to honor and support veterans and active military. on the other side of the field, four players from the dolphins took a knee. they're joining the protest by kaepernick over what he calls racial injustice. we'll see what he does tonight. cameras will cut away to him during the national anthem. 49ers host the rams. kaepernick said he'll continue his protest all season if to. >>russell: you know, more kids are playing soccer and because of that, more kids are going to the hospital with soccer related injuries. one of the most serious, doctors are seeing from the soccer pitch, concussions. many concussions happen when two players jump to headed ball. as a result, u.s. soccer federation recently banned kids under the age of 10 to head and place limits on kids ages 11 through 13. doctors are also seeing a lot of girls in the emergency room with concussion. soccer is the number one reason
7:33 am
the center for injury prevention says there kids need more safety education when it comes to youth soccer. >>laura: seems like yesterday when the lightning were battling the penguins in the eastern conference final. three months later, it's almost time to start talking hockey again. workers are putting the ice down this morning at amalie arena and man, how time flies. you're more bundled up than last time. >> they have me i'm an unofficial member of the ice kree this mong. i'm going to take you through a lay of what's about to go on once the ice starts made. don't look yestet. despite my otherwise telling, it's not cold enough in here. i think it's cold but not cold enough for ice just yet. so what we've got going on here, we have all the supplies laid out for once they start making ice. this right here, well, this is red line red.
7:34 am
paints, each one handy dandy named blue line right there. we have the gold crease over here. believe it or not, did you know this? they actually paint the ice white before they start all the other painting. i didn't even know they had to paint it white but apparently they do. do you know what they don't paint? the center line. let me show you that. this big boy rolls out throughout the entirety of the ice so once this surface here has coolers pumping hard at work undern 14 degrees, then they can begin the ice making process here. of course, the rookies will be reporting to amalie arena on thursday so they've got to have the ice ready for them so they can take the ice and training camp starting just next week. before i send it back to you, they were kind enough to equip me this morning. i have it on over the dress. i'm just real styling this morning. but i am staying warm.
7:35 am
matters. you're warm. you're warm. you look cute. thank you. >>laura: 52 beautiful women. only one would win miss america. >> and the new miss america is -- miss arkansas! this year. it's a name that sort of born to be crown. she became an early favorite by winning the talent xhegs with jazz dance earlier in the week. she gets a six figure salary the next year plus expenses and $50,000 scholarship. miss florida did not make the top 15 this year and neither did the first openly gay contestant from missouri. >> our job is to investigate how
7:36 am
river. >> on the hudson river. >> it was not a crash. i felt it go. >>russell: sully wins at the box office. it made $35.5 million in the debut weekend. tom hanks plays the pilot who made the emergency landing on the river shortly after taking off in new york city. when the bough break $ number two. suicide squad in wildlife rounds out the top five. >>ru >>dave: 7:36. while it is a gorgeous start to the day, for many it will be a stormy finish. guess what? the rain chances took a week off. they went on vacation. well, they're back and they're back with a vengeance. we have some higher than normal rain chances pretty much for the entire week. we'll start with today where we reached the lower 90s and the
7:37 am
>>walter: good morning. we had our first game of the season. today is the first day of monday morning quarterback. kevin o'donnell and i will break down the game, something that kevin o'donnell is going to point out, something jameis winston has never done in his professional career. we'll break that down and more on the oh yea, everything is digital now-a-days.
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that's how i save at publix. how 'bout you? publix. where shopping is a pleasure. >>dave: a little bit more cloud cover this morning. the sirata beach camera shows that to us there and temperatures in the upper 70s, near 80 along the immediate coastline. oh, lakeland, this is a pretty picture. and you know, while it's sitting here in the upper 70s in polk county and we're quiet now, things will change this
7:41 am
going to change and we're beginning to see the hints of it. you see a couple of tiny showers we have south, right along highway 27 in the southern portion of highlands county. it's not much. that's falling apart. but really, what this is indicating to me is that we're getting more moisture to stream in through the atmosphere and it will start to work westward. surface, mid levels, when you get that kind of moisture, summertime and you get those sea breeze matter of time before the thunderstorms fire up. we're at 80 degrees in st. petersburg. 79 for you at this hour in the tampa area. 75 in brooksville. it's a comfy 72 in inverness. i have bradenton, sarasota at 78 degrees and into polk county, we're in the mid 70s so it's a magnificent start but you can just in general see the extra moisture that we have in the atmosphere. not only at the surface but
7:42 am
sea breeze pinned back to the coast where it intersects, we'll have some bigger thunderstorms. think of this week kind of like a late july week with that east wind and the big thunderstorms each and every afternoon. that's really what we're lookin at. one other thing is there's a weak little disturbance here in the bahamas and that's going to drift westward by tomorrow. so that's going to help to give a little extra umph, if you while today is like 50% to 60%, tomorrow in some spots it will be closer to 70% on the rain chance. you go from last week, which was really a break and a week off from rain chances to right back in the middle of the summer pattern with rain chances this week. so not a huge deal but there is going to be obviously a noticeable difference. we made it to 95 degrees yesterday. wow. today not as hot.
7:43 am
in late this afternoon. they'll die out as the sun goes down tonight. warm, muggy, low 77 degrees and then for tomorrow, scattered showers and thunderstorms, 89 for a high temperature late in the day tomorrow. but again, those rain chances tomorrow are going to run the 60% to 70% rain. seas running two feet with a light chop. next seven days, really looks more like late july september. hopefully some standing water is gone but we'll have more afternoon thunderstorms. 60% tuesday, wednesday, thursday and we'll finish off with a 50% rain chance. >> we're seeing heavy traffic this morning through plant city. westbound i-4 drivers expect delays as you make your way along i-4 from branch forbes. it starts to ease up a little bit past branch forbes but we see the delays build state road 39. from that point to i-75, it's
7:44 am
time. pinellas county drivers, minor delay here as authorities clean up an accident at ulmerton. this is on the exit ramp there just a minor slowdown and it should be in the clearing stages. a bigger problem spot right now is southbound 19 at tampa road. we have delays in the southbound direction with lanes blocked at tampa road. very slow traffic back to alderman. you can also take belcher here as an alternate. >>walter: thank you. 7: t always a good monday when we -- >> it's 7:4 it's victory monday. players have the day off. not us, though. >>walter: great one yesterday. start off the season. this is what you want, especially when you're on the road. let's start off, the bucs taking on atlanta in atlanta and they won the game 31-24. came down to the final second. >> nfl has gotten that -- just what they wanted.
7:45 am
to it. it was another slow start for jameis pwinston. he started three of seven just for 19 yards in the first quarter and then he caught fire. right here, they played four tight ends yesterday. that's brandon myers. a lot of people didn't think he was going to make the time but winston caught fire. he's the dpie that really throughout his entire career in college and the pros, just a slow starter but he got it going and really, it was -- that's the best done he's in his career so he's developing. >>walter: and he got a little help from his receivers. charles simms doing all the work on the last play. >> they thought there was an opening in atlanta's defense for that play and they said at practice it didn't really work that well but when it came time to play, it was perfect.
7:46 am
how did he get it in there? amazing pass, amazing catch. >> no drops yesterday and that was another ball that was placed in a perfect spot, too. you looked at those big plays and i know that dirk koetter was on jameis. that's the type of offense i think the fans in the area want to see. >>walter: especially four touchdowns. let's talk about defense. now, season and last season, you pointed out a couple of things. they just seem almost meaner. they have some swag this season. >> they have some swag and they're playing in unison. they have to play together 11 guys. this was the final drive. atlanta with a chance to march down the field and tie the game up and how many times did we see that last year, the defense could not close it out? the front four was getting a lot of pressure on them, hurting his
7:47 am
there to cover. there were some breakdowns in this game. hargraves made some rookie mistakes but when it came time to play late in the game, defense stepped up and this has the makings of a playoff contender at this point. >>walter: last year, we mentioned you have to close it out. you have to close out the game. big part of that defense. >> alexander. that was the difference. they were 6-6 going into december last year. alexander was games and they went downhill fast. with him in the game, 17 tackles, including a sack and right now he leads the nfl in most tackles so that tells you a lot. let's not forget on his other side is david. so you've got two of the best linebackers, young linebackers in the league right now. >>walter: and what's really important when you have the two players like that, they just know where the ball is and they're always around it. you can't teach that. >> nose for the football. and they play together really
7:48 am
this is a young team coming together. robert ayers they brought in from the giants. his leadership is rubbing off on the rest of these guys and easel separating them, you know. he looked at mc coy. came through. touments -- how many times have people tried to get him last year? arizona lost to the patriot quarterback. tom brady wasn't in there. they'll be a little fired up for this game. >>walter: we'll talk to you at 9:00. for now, let's get over up to jennifer epstein in for charley belcher this morning. good morning. >>jennifer: good morning. you know, it's been a little while, i'll admit, since i've been in high school but i can't remember a high school classroom looking like this. this is tampa bay technical high school. kids here are learning how to
7:49 am
the real world. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. he's a race-baiting, xenophobic, religious bigot. donald trump is a phony, a fraud. he's not a serious adult. trump should not be supported. i believe he's disqualified himself to be president.
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z247cz zy6z y247cy yy6y >>jennifer: "good day." i'm invading charley's world yet again. we're live at tampa bay technical high school. i'm trying to keep my cool even though there's a lot of heat
7:52 am
i've never seen anything like it. the guys and girls over here, they get welding experience, real world experience. they're ready to step out in the real world and get a job. michael is the principal of this fantastic school. thanks for being with us this morning. >> no problem. >>jennifer: you've been the principal for six years but you've been with the school since -- >> mid 90s. >>jennifer: what school so different than the other high schools? >> kids that come here want to learn a trade or pursue a particular field >>jennifer: we're in the welding department, the most visible one as you can see here, but you said there are 18 other departments? >> 18 other career and technical programs we offer from welding to health academy programs, commercial art, i won't name them out because i'll leave something out. >>jennifer: not only are they
7:53 am
door, they're in the classroom setting so i assume that you've got to be safety first. you have to learn what you're doing before you get out here. >> the freshmen through are going through training right now. osha trainings they go through before they allow them to come out here. >>jennifer: this is the wedding pdepartment. i know nothing about welding. i'm trying to figure it out right now. do you know more than i do? >> not too much more. >>jennifer: are you as nervous as i am? %-p. >>jenn and don't look into the light. talk to me about it's not only this type of experience but you're also getting your basic math or sciences. >> we're like a traditional high school and n that we have all the sports, the academic classes that you need to get, a high school diploma but elective time is taken up with the career and tech ed class. >>jennifer: and i assume once you get to this part, you're ready for it. these are seniors. >> these are juniors and seniors
7:54 am
>>jennifer: and next door you have mechanics as well. >> auto mechanics, auto body, commercial art >>jennifer: talk about the commercial certification they are able to get. >> once they leave us in the senior year, they take state exams from the state. if they pass, that helps them with the employability of their skill. >>jennifer: and the guys were showing off a couple of things they have put together. we're going to show that the 9:00 hour of "good day." we're also going to talk to the instructor who teaches them so the kids in the classroom, let's go back to that right now. what are they learning in there? >> in there they're learning the techniques of welding that you have to do before you pick up the machine and use it and they're learning a lot of safety. they don't normally know because they haven't worked in that field. that's what they get for the first nine weeks.
7:55 am
that? >> very important. we don't want them hurt. >>jennifer: there are lots of jobs in the area? >> there are tons of jobs. i was just reading on website by 2019, there will be 600,000 manufacturing jobs available for students like welding. >>jennifer: and i was talking about how often does a person leave here and get that job. you mentioned an incredible gentleman here. >> a young man out of high school two years and he's working for some of the mines and he's work for $100,000 a year right now. >>jennifer: that's fantastic. >> came out of tampa bay tech. >>jennifer: you must be proud. >> very much so. >>jennifer: and stick around. coming up later on, we'll talk to the kids. let me tell you, they have a lot to brag about. they have some pretty cool things they put together in the past year or so. i see the sparks behind me. >>laura: are you going to get a mask on and gloves? >>jennifer: after last monday when i had a little neck injury, i don't know.
7:56 am
>>laura: we were what happened the last time you filled in for charley. >>jennifer: i'll put the helmet on and maybe try it. i'll try it out. i'll try it out. >>russell: please be careful. >>jennifer: as long as i come back with my eyebrows and eyelashes. >>laura: tom brady sighting last night at the patriots game. >>russell: he's supposed to be suspended for t games of the season. here he is in arizona. just before kickoff. take a good look at the photo from the bleacher report. his head seems kind of big, right? it's a mask. and one of the most realistic masks we've ever seen. >>laura: it is. >>russell: in case you think that was just some photo shop magic, there's also video of fake tom briady.
7:57 am
>>laura: wow. >>russell: expression doesn't change much. he also wore a brady t-shirt that says vacaytriots. real brady is kind of on vacation right now and so far, the internet's reaction to the mask, creepy. very creepy. >>laura: because of its likeness to him. >>russell: yeah. >>laura: where is the money? thou with cancer every year but very little money goes to researching their cancers. surprisingly. coming up at 8:00, our consumer reporter takes a look at why. >>russell: it's a chemical taken out of soap but left in one type
7:58 am
- marco. - polo. marco. marco? marco? but it's not a game when our senator doesn't show up. i'm patrick murphy. solving problems means showing up. showing independence. and working together. it's why i worked to protect women's health care and worked with both parties to stop cuts to medicare. i'm patrick murphy and i approve this message because florida needs a full-time senator. marco?
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((russell arson overnight.. at a florida mosque.. the connection this mosque has to the pulse nightclub arson overnight in florida mosque. connection this mosque has to to the pulse knighted club shooeder. a c who eyes off road for just a moment and now two-year-old and a 3-year-old are fighting for their lives. shall we start without an open. it's 8 o'clock i'm russell rhodes. i'm laura moody. we thank you for waking up with us on this monday, september 12th. dave osterberg, hello. >> way ahead of our game. . just chilling out over here on the side. it's 79 degrees. so we are warming a little bit


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