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tv   FOX 13 500 News  FOX  September 13, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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story. the teen was on the way to a school bus stop around 6:00 a.m. when a man came up to her around 50th avenue drive east in manatee county. >> the man told me to turn around and face him and i wouldn't. >> the teen says the man about grabbed her by her backpack and forced her into a wooded area and told her to take her pants off. >> i tried to scream but he covered my mouth. >> she said she was able to run away when a car came around the corner. the suspect took her cell phone and ran. the teen ran to bill's door. >> she was beating on the door. she was scared. >> deputies were called and they searched for the man. >> we don't have any reason at this time not to believe her and we're treating this very seriously. we saturated the area with deputies this morning trying to locate the suspect. we were unable to. we'll be back out there as school lets out this afternoon and we'll be back out there the
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>> the girl's mother believes this could have ended badly. >> i'm thankful god was watching over her. >> she hopes the man will be caught. until then she'll be keeping close watch on her daughter. >> i'll be walking her to the bus stop. she doesn't want to walk alone anymore so i'll be walking with her. her friends will walk with her. >> the manatee county school district will check lighting and stops and ask students for aware of their surroundings all the time. a riverview carpenter thought craigslist was a good place to ties home repair services. he got lured into a home where he was robbed and carjacked. a group of teenagers are charged with the crime and a vigilant neighbor is applauded for helping track them down. aaron mesmer is live in riverview. we heard of people with things
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happening to, but this time the guy was offering services and they lure him over? >> reporter: yeah, he thought he was coming here to give an estimate. that's not at all what was happening. we're told by neighbors this house was just being used as a place to stage this crime. and there were a group of teenagers hiding behind it and one teenager was standing here where i am in the driveway but they had no idea right next door, somebody was watching. a neighbor saw something suspicious, a girl in the driveway. she knew the home was vacant so she took out her phone and recorded everything. a red car pulled up and after a few minutes, a group of teens jumped into the vehicle and sped off. this started with a craigslist ad from a riverview carpenter offering to do home repairs and someone asked him to come to the home on lynmoor drive for an
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group of teenagers robbed him and carjacked him but a neighbor was watching and recording. >> they were all hiding on the backside of the house and when he pulled into the driveway, they bum rushed him. manhandled him, took his wallet, took his phone, jumped in the vehicle and took off in the vehicle and left him standing here for the neighbors to rescue him. >> before the michelle called 911 and in a matter of minutes deputies spotted the car and arrested the five teens. they ranged from age 15-19. deputies believe the three youngest committed the more serious crime and were more heavily involved in the robbery and carjacking. >> how devious. thank goodness for that neighbor. that's for sure. a former hillsborough county
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after deputies say he gave a female student a smartphone to sext or students. he gave the middle school student a phone in april downloading apps for sexually explicit photos. michael geist resigned during the investigation and we'll have more from parents in a live report tonight at 6:00. the hillsborough state attorney is taking steps to distance himself from upcoming state investigation into the shooting death of lavon restricts. mark wu says the personal relationship with the deputy could yep side the investigation. the deputy was identified s.a.t. s.a.t. -- as the person to shot and killed him.
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controversy. last week a bay area firefighter was charged with aggravated manslaughter after leaving his two-year-old in a hot car leading to the child's death. many question how a parent could forget their most precious possession. anjuli davis is here with more. >> this usf professor has studied forgotten baby syndrome for the past 12 years. the brain can autopilotandrelyonroutine. that's that's when the accident traditionally happen. >> we forget material objects. we forget appointments but we don't forget our children in cars. >> it's a thought process professor david diamond used to believe himself but the psychology professor and memory scientist changed his tune after
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brain snaps into autopilot during every day life. >> we make these fatal memory errors and say they shouldn't happen but they happen often. >> it's called suppression of perspective memory when a routine overrides an activity. it could be as simple as forgetting to stop at the store after work or forgetting a quiet baby in the backseat. >> they lose awareness that the sleeping child is in the backseat so they go through a routine that they' times before. when they get to their destination, because they have lost awareness of the child in the car, they exit the car, they go about their daily activities completely unaware the child's in the car. >> diamond studied cases around the world and deemed a mistake of this magnitude could be made by anyone. >> they're not negligent parents. these are people of all walks of life, educated as well as
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and lawyers, teachers, university professors. >> the pinellas county case last friday, that father is a firefighter who now faces manslaughter charges. while diamond stresses he's not an attorney, he believes the charges don't add up. >> when a person has no awareness that their actions could lead to the harm of another person, that is not a crime. >> reporter: diamond suggests placing an item that will remind you of you seat, a toy, stuffed animal or diaper bag. if the child is enrolled in day care, set up a policy with them to always call you if your little one does not arrive within a window of time. >> very good advice. jury selection continues in the trial of a georgia man whose son died in a hot car. this is the second day of questioning as attorneys from both sides narrow down a pool of jurors. justin harris is accused of
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cooper by leaving him in a hot car. the case was moved to a different county because of pretrial publicity. if convicted, harris faces life in prison. >> mosquitos don't know party lines or state lines. that was the message for the congressional delegation as they try to pressure colleagues to pass zika funding. they took together in washington and chris joins us with >> they sayi time to put politics aside, to protect pregnant women and unborn babies from the zika virus which has been tied to severe birth defects. congress failed three times to pass a spending bill that would fund research for a vaccine and preventative measures largely because of partisan provisions. one comes from republicans who want to keep planned parenthood
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contraceptives. democrats won't support that. today seven board of representatives joined democratic senator bill nelson in demanding a clean zika bill. congresswoman. >> there are so many questions that are still not answered about zika. zika has been found in tears and saliva. ther ravaging the brains of adults like babies. >> we're united in trying to protect floridians and sending a message to colleagues who don't live in florida, your constituents are next. >> there are 771 zika cases in florida, most travel late but yesterday the state confirmed 7 new locally transmitted cases and there are probably three cases for every one we know
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conduct trials for a vaccine which is why lawmakers say it's time to pass that spending plan now. there's hope for a a breakthrou. senators nelson and marco rubio are trying to pass a bill to fund it including $1.1 billion in zika funding not tied to trainingous provisions. >> three witnesses on today's hearing on hillary clinton's private email server refused to testify. congressional republicans issued subpoenas to the three to determine whether clinton's private server met government standards. while the democratic presidential nominee recovers from a bought of pneumonia, her friends are offering support on the campaign trail. president obama campaigned on
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>> even though i've run my last campaign, i'm going to work as hard as i can this fall to elect hillary clinton as our next president of the united states of america. >> today cameras captured a flower delivery to the clinton home in in new york. clinton is doing much better after becoming ill, stumbling sunday. she's expected to return to the campaign trail later this week. donald trump is campaigning in iowa. department staffers refuse to testify, trump is hammering home the theme of corruption in clinton's camp. >> anyone watching today's hearing in congress knows that hillary clinton's actions are far more corrupt than we ever imagined. it's happened today. this is far bigger and a far bigger scandal than watergate ever was. >> the most recent polls show trump carrying a slight
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iowa. it's safer for people to drink a tea than to go to a bar and have a shot of vodka. >> protests in tampa. the herbal substance about to be banned nationwide. new information on a billing error, that one that allowed thousands of tico customers to get overcharged. what it means for customers assessed late fees and other bills as a result. well when i shop, my coupons are in a neat little stack, and my weekly ad is folded like this. ready to go... that's how i save a lot at publix. how 'bout you? publix. where shopping is a pleasure. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. donald trump says he alone can fix the problems we face.
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it takes democrats and republicans working together. that's how we got health care for 8 million kids. rebuilt new york city after 9/11. and got the treaty cutting russia's nuclear arms. we've got to bring people together. that's how you solve problems and that's what
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good news for customers of tampa electric who were there's good news for customers of tampa elect overbilled to the tune of thousands of dollars. tico telling us they managed to reverse all the charges. fox 13 consumer reporter. >> a big sigh of relief of customers of tico. the vendor tico uses to do e billing charged customers for a year instead of hundreds to more than a thousand dollars extra. no customers should have had the accounts overdrawn. because the glitch occurred sunday into monday the charges were still pending and today tico tells us they were able to reverse them before money was pulled out. for any customers who did not pay the other bills in the interim because they were scared of overdrawing accounts because of the overcharge from tico,
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late fees. >> we are absolutely promising these customers that we will make them whole. if they're adversely affected, if the account becomes overdrawn, other bills become late, we're making them whole. if they get charged fees we'll make sure our error doesn't cost them something. >> keep in mind even if the error left you unable to pay another bill yesterday and today that credited. if you're a few days late, it's not unusually reported. you usually have to be about a month late. we called the vendor that handles tico's bills and have yet to hear what went wrong with the software that led to the glitch and what other partners and companies are potentially affected. >> good question, we're glad that one's solved. >> around here, definitely.
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turned out to be an interesting weather day. quiet this morning. we were watching an area of low pressure over the state. the old invess 93l producing clouds and showers around the bay area. nothing really of note today with the heaviest rain along the east coast. the big thing today was we're watching invest so the hurricane center watches for possible tropical development. on the 8:00 said zero percent chance of development in 24 hours and in five days. then at 2:00 today they said advisories may be issued later today and potentially tropical storm julia. that goes to show how rapidly things can change. the good news is on the 5:00 statement, there's no advisories issued. big flareup of convection. thisthis is the old invest 93l y out in the atlantic a week ago.
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little spin but moving off the northeast coast producing rain and gusty winds. daytona, cape canaveral, you can see the spin here. most of the low is over land and that by itself limits development. if this was sitting over water we would have a developing tropical situation. what it means for us in the short term is our winds tonight are going to turn to the south and southwest as the low moves nest. it also means we'll probable see showers and thunderstorms near the coast late tonight with a southwest wind. now there isn't a lot of rain around the bay area. a lot of this is generated by daytime heating. what is interesting, you can tell this is definitely a low north of us because you can see the rain bands going in a circle, going like this and rotating around the low. this is not a normal rain motion in the afternoon moving southwest to northeast.
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a couple spots i want to show you as far as rain goes. nothing of note around tampa bay. there's rain in eastern hillsborough. some in western polk county. also we're watching areas of rain up by brooksville and into pasco county. some is locally heavy near brooksville. lightning too. that is moving to the east and southeast. heaviest rain from pinecrest to bartow down u.s. 17. watching that it's moving city to kissimmee. northeastern polk county along u.s. 27. that rain is moving east-northeast. also showers already in the gulf and some of this may bump onshore later tonight. then the heaviest rain is with the low which is up here spinning up by gainesville. that's producing heavy rains from daytona all the way up the east coast. winds gusting 30 to 35 in some of those rain bands.
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just follow the winds. it's a big circle. southeast, south, northeast, northeast-west, west, so the low is right here spinning in a circle. thankfully it's over land and it's going to meander to the north and northwest and probably die out in a day or two. often during the hurricane season, august, september, we see these areas of low pressure near the state. once in a while they spin up into storm. that's over land. that's not going to happen. mid to upper 80s around tampa bay now. tropical moisture will stay in place for at least a couple more days. while it won't be raining all the time, showers and thundershowers for this time of year will be a little bit above average. watch for showers and storms near the coast late tonight and we're down to 77. showers and thundershowers moving inland tomorrow. southwest to northeast. a high in the upper 80s.
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just more showers and thundershowers developing and about 87. winds will be south-southeast about 10 knots. seas 2'. seven-day forecast, still wet with rain chances basically between 40 and 60%. daytime highs in the upper 80s to near 90. >> thank you. next, george zimmerman on the witness stand. what he said about the man
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new york police are hoping new video will help new york police hope knew video will help catch the man who attacked a woman wearing traditional muslim clothing. the man set the woman's blouse on fire while she was walking. after she got the fire out she noticed a man standing next to her with a he took off. police are looking into whether this was a hate crime. new at 5:00. george zimmerman on the witness stand but he's not the one in trouble. he says somebody tried to shoot him in a fit of road rage. holly is in seminole county to tell us about the case against matthew apperson. >> which direction was the barrel? >> that's george zimmerman testifying for the state about the may 2015 day prosecutors say
5:25 pm
zimmerman. >> the car came up behind me quickly and honked the horn and flashed the high beams. it changed lanes and got in the lane directly behind me and continued to honk and flash the high beams. >> were you thinking you were being arrested? >> yes, i felt scared, i felt concerned. >> zimmerman says man in a silver infinity culled -- pulled up to h. >> he said the only reason i didn't press charges was i wanted to kill you. >> what was your response? >> i believe i called him a clown and laughed. >> did he say anything to you? >> yes, sir. >> what did he say? >> he said why don't you pull over and we'd handle it man-to-man. >> zimmerman says it escalated fast. >> when you looked to your
5:26 pm
you see? >> i saw the driver's side window down and the silver barrel of a gun. i heard a bang then my ears started ringing. >> pictured here, the bullet hole through zimmerman's truck window. >> i immediately notice a droplet of blood on my eyelash. then i looked down at my shorts and i saw blood. i saw the hole until passengers side window. >> zimmerman testified he had three guns and that day. a .40 caliber on a magnet between his knee and the console. in opening statements, apperson's attorney made their defense clear, self-defense. >> there's just one issue. there isn't any other. that issue is whether or not -- >> your honor, i'm going to
5:27 pm
>> overruled. >> my client, mr. apperson, acted in self-defense. is it a legal drug or pain reliever? the herbal substance about to be banned and the protest taking place. >> a new band member convicted in the hazing
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keep kratom legal! >> about a dozen people turned up in front of the d.e.a. to protest a petition on the substance kratom. it will soon be illegal in the u.s. it's used for if teeing, pain and heather uses it to combat pain from krohn's disease. >> i went from down 17-20 days a month to one or two bad days where i can control the pain and function. i could work and get off fmla, having to call out sick. i could function. >> possession of kratom will be a felony this month. let's bring in dr. jo. first of all what is this?
5:31 pm
southeast asia. it's been around for centuries. workers used to chew on the leaves to get energy. now it's sold in powder, liquid, capsule, tablet, gum, even a patch. you can find it at smoke shops and the internet. the concern is it's used as a substitute to get high. >> we heard some people use it for problems. what are -- >> the d.e.a. says there are no accepted medical u aren't many studies but people who use it claim it helps. at low doses it's a stimulant, increasing alertness, talkativeness, blood pressure but it acts like a opioid with a sedative affect helping with pain control. others say it helps with drug withdrawal and it's keeping them off the opioids but there's a lot of concern because most of the deaths involved were with
5:32 pm
the drugs they're trying to get off of. the d.e.a. has seen an increase in the number of drug tests look for kratom, even in drug rehab centers. >> that part of the reason behind the d.e.a. decision? >> yes. the d.e.a. is trying to avoid an imminent hazard to public safety. along with a dozen deaths in the u.s., there was concern of addiction, withdrawal, they've seized 12 million doses, much of it misdeclared and falsely labeled. the poison information center has increased between 2000 and 2005 to over 600 between 1,010 and and 20. the they worry about the dosing inconsistencies between packages packages there are
5:33 pm
nation, weight loss. it's banned in six states and the district of columbia and 15 other countries. >> who knows what it's doing to your liver. that's what came to my mind. >> exactly. there are reports of liver toxicity. i can see both sides. we'll have to see how it plays out. >> thanks, dr. jo. the growing heroin and opioid epidemic is on track to kill more people a year than car crashes and gun violence. today broadcasters from all over the country made an announcement aimed at raising awareness about a growing crisis. >> denise never thought she would walk the halls of congress but she never thought her son would abuse opioids. >> i didn't know and i was blindsided. >> the numbers shocking. 78 americans will die today from opioid abuse. it's a national problem clearly
5:34 pm
>> these are the kinds of things broadcasters can do. they want to do them and they see the worthiness of the cause. >> that's gordon smith, the president of the national association of broadcasters on capitol hill announcing through the end of 2017 you will see ads like this one on opioid abuse. they're bold, they're blunt and beneficial. >> cath and i knew jenny had been partying a bit. found out >> tv broadcasters including fox television stations are teaming up to blanket the opioid abuse message on air and on line. the goal, getting your attention when you and your family watch tv. >> who else has been taking your prescriptions? >> open widow abuse deaths are skyrocketing, up 248% over four years and it's gets worse. it's affecting families
5:35 pm
cities and small towns and large cities and everything in between. >> on capitol hill, where politicians don't agree on much, bipartisan agreement that nab's antianti. >> shall open-eyed. >> we don't want to arrest people, we want to cure people. >> a cure denise's son is finding as he fights his opioid addiction. ones who made it into recovery. we were hopeless. >> her hope that nab's fight will help your family avoid the opioid addiction her family has battled for years. you'll start seeing the spots pretty much everywhere. the national association of broadcasters also created a website full of materials which you can watch and download. we put a link to the scene on tv section of
5:36 pm
attention. a famu drum major beaten to
5:38 pm
a former college student who was thrown in prison for fatally hazing a fellow band mate wants a second chance. the victim's family won't let that fly. robert champion was beaten to death by fellow band members in 2011. >> reporter: donte martin's lawyers asked the district court of appeals to throw out a ruling by another judge that sentenced
5:39 pm
today dante's lawyers told the court florida's laws were to broad and martin should have another trial. >> it's unconstitutional. >> he talked for 15 minutes about the definition of hazing and how it was more of a competition, what happened. the state took just a few seconds. >> you don't have a right to t somebody. >> robert champion was a famu drum major, beaten and killed in a hazing incident. martin was sentenced to six years and three months in prison. >> people are losing their lives behind and -- behind hazing. >> champion's parents say not only should he not get a new
5:40 pm
>> our concern is how the case has been handled with our son, robert, and those that were really ultimately responsible for his death and how they're being treated. their punishment has been very mild. a hand slapping. >> the champions formed the be a champion foundation in their son's honor following his death. >> we had a commitment to be able to educate everyone about what the real meaning of hazing is. >> is not expected to make a decision on this case for a couple of days or possibly a couple of weeks. kel. >> joyce, fox 13 fox news. >> sunday's season opener was a moment for vernon hargreaves. usf offense has run through opposing defenses like a hot knife through butter.
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he's not a war hero, he's a war hero because he was captured. i like people that weren't captured ok. donald trump compared his sacrifices to the sacrifices of two parents who lost their son in war. how would you answer that father? what sacrifice have you made for your country? i think i've made a lot of sacrifices, built great structures. i've had tremendous success, i think... those are sacrifices? it time to check what's time to check out what's trending. >> tonight a video that proves great friendships never die and they can start at the earliest ages.
5:44 pm
their parents in china but became best friends in the orphanage. she was adopted and he was left behind until this moment. another family in texas adopted that little boy after a year, the two were reunite and look how happy they are. so although they live in different homes in texas, their families attend the same church. >> they really remember each other. >> that's pure happiness. >> yeah. >> i love that. >> and the friendship continue. >> that's how we should come to work every day. starts hugging each other. >> paul, you're going to like this. that dog does not like the windshield wipers. >> does your dog do that? >> does not do that. i'm not sure if this is extra intelligence or below intelligence. >> this dog is in arizona where it's desertlike. here, those people would have to put up with it almost every day.
5:45 pm
dizzy and keel over. >> he needs behavioral -- >> is there any editing? >> i don't know, it's on our station facebook page. >> pretty good stuff. good tuesday. >> busy day. you wake up and watch the tropics and say nothing happening, all of a sudden we could have a tropical storm. let's take a look. there's not a tropical storm but anytime you have low pressure around this time of year, things can get clouds building, showers and thundershowers around. it was all about the spin. if you were watching the broadcast last night, this is the low that was down by miami and the bahamas. it's kind of gone up the coast. this afternoon, there was a flareup of convection over water. the hurricane center this morning on their tropical outlook at 8:00 a.m. had a zero percent chance of development.
5:46 pm
issuing an advisory soon. the good news is even if by chance it was to develop, it's moving over land, it's moving north of us so the impacts really all they are are a shift in the wind to the south and southwest which may bring showers and storms onshore later on tonight. heaviest rain as expected east of us today. there are pockets where there's rain, northeastern hillsborough has rain. there's rain down 60 approaching bartow right lightning too. a new shower near val rico. we'll watch that and storms moving from west to east north of brooksville. actually east-southeast. watching that for ridge manor. heavy rain approaching lakeland and to disney. the atmosphere remains moist and unstable. tomorrow morning if the winds stay from the south or
5:47 pm
some showers and thundershowers near the coast tomorrow morning. some of those could interfere with the commute. the massive weather with invest north of us. the low is not over water, it's over land. thankfully being over land will likely limit any development. the models show it meandering over georgia. every once in a while in august, september, we get something going near our state but proximity the amount of intensification or development. right now we got temperatures mostly in the 80s. future cast has that low moving up the spine of the state and eventually weakening. but it leaves us in the soupy tropical air, meaning showers and thundershowers develop each day as the rainy season hangs on. also in the atlantic right now, we do have tropical development. we have tropical storm ian,
5:48 pm
it will accelerate northeast, be up -- whoa, way up by iceland sunday at 2:00 as a nontropical low. look at this. this is super typhoon m ira nte. winds are 190 sustained, gusting to 230 then moving for the extreme southern tip of thailand, then moves into the straits 130 miles an hour hurricane. the strongest hurricane on the planet this year. now for tonight, any showers and thundershowers over land end. there will be more along the coast late tonight and 77. showers and thundershowers around tomorrow with a high up to 87. on thursday, showers and storms developing during the day with a high in the upper 80s. the seven-day forecast this time of year, i think rain coverage a
5:49 pm
late tonight. daytime highs stay in the upper 80s to near 90. what do you have, scott? >> well, jameis winston up for the fedex air player of the week. the performance shows how far the second year qb has come in a year. you compare it to the 2015 nfl debut, sunday's outing was better in every category, not to mention the win. so encouragement for this year areas first round rookie, hargreaves who was thrown into the fire, playing every defensive snap and having to contain one of the more formidable passing teams in the league. here's what vernon thought about going up against him. >> he's julio jones. ex employees sieve. we did a good job containing him. let him get into the end zone
5:50 pm
on the spectrum of things to polish up? >> we have a lot of work to do. >> first game in the nfl, road game, large crowd. julio jones, matt ryan, he had a couple plays that got away with him but we're encouraged with vernon and glad we get him. this sunday, tailgate sunday, starting at 10:30 a.m. nfl kickoff and fox nfl sunday. then the bucs arizona cardinals. kickoff just after 4:00. usf marlin meck returned to practice in a contact jersey after sitting out last week. last year the junior rushed for 1,381 yards. while mack was missed in the lineup, the bowles offensive didn't skip a beat. >> it's not coincidence they
5:51 pm
coast offense. it's coasting through opponents already this season. >> we want to get 70 a game. we don't -- we want to break the scoreboard and we -- we preach on we want to keep putting our foot on the pedal. >> they have outscored opponents 134-37. nine different players scored two games into the season. >> it's not -- with adams, quin and guys out there contributing. that helps being in the -- in the system for year two and especially with the younger guys. >> it starts with qb quinton flowers. last year players who knew flowers had a conversation with the coach that would solidify his role on the team. >> we needed him to be like he was in high school. he made plays and -- we need him to be that guy.
5:52 pm
wanted, then everybody started to play a lot better, including himself. >> the usf offense has blossomed with flowers under center and just the first two games this offense is averaging over 540 yards per game. that speaks volumes to the evolution of quinton flowers. >> it's like a caterpillar blossoming into a butterfly. he was a quiet young kid. didn't really know how everything worked and now he's just a he's becoming that player everybody wanted him to be. >> flowers is their leader and that's exactly what they needed him to be. so this year -- or this week a visit to syracuse, then the following week it's the big game
5:53 pm
- marco. - polo. - marco. - polo. marco. marco? 's not a game when our senator doesn't show up. i'm patrick murphy. solving problems means showing up. showing independence. and working together. it's why i worked to protect women's health care and worked with both parties to stop cuts to medicare. i'm patrick murphy and i approve this message because florida needs a full-time senator. marco?
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on wall street the price on wall street the price of crude oil fell 3% sending stocks tumably bling. the dow 258 points, the nasdaq 56 and s&p 500 by 32. host tom bergeron call it unnerving. protests are rush the stage following the performs of ryan lochte on "dancing with the stars." here's natalie morales.
5:56 pm
we're also talking about the scary situation for ryan lochte and cheryl burke. ryan and cheryl just finished the the fox and were getting a critique when two protesters angry with him ambushed ryan on the dance floor. >> how heartbreaking did it feel to have that moment taken away? >> honestly it was hard. i felt like someone reached inside, pulled out my heart. the building, handcuffed and arrested fortress passing. we spoke to one of them as he waited for police. >> what was your plan when you rushed the stage. >> you can see that lochte is a liar. he hurt americans in brazil. two of his own teammates were detained because he ran away and he lied. >> on a positive note it was a great night for the final five.
5:57 pm
will 31 points. we think she's got it. >> you can watch access hollywood weeknights 7:00 on fox 13. stay tuned for the fox 13 6:00 news. we've got a few more details about the teacher accused of giving a phone to a student, telling her to send him nude pictures. >> coming up, hear from parents who say they're shocked by what has happened. this woman is in jail, accused in an organized fraud case. coming up at 6:00, what hernando county investigators say she doing with personal information. see how the buccaneers are helping area children with a football field.
5:58 pm
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glad i got involved and did not stay in my house and keep my windows shut. >> a group of teenagers in big trouble after posting an ad on craigslist then stealing a man's car. >> something that can kill a bird might be able to kill people so this might be an indicator we have dangerous back tear. >> dozens of birds found dead in st. pete beach. what could be causing the dieoff. >> if your iq is 70 or higher, you could be executed. what's the supreme court said is that's not allowed anymore. >> the supreme court changes the sentence of a death row inmate. what the decision could mean for other inmates with mental
6:00 pm
good evening, welcome, i'm mark wilson. >> i'll linda in for kelly. a craigslist ad turns into a dangerous situation for a riverview carpenter. he thought he was showing up to give an estimate. a group of teenagers robbed him an carjacked him. now they're all facing charges and a vigilant neighbor is a big reason why. fox 13's aaron mesmer is live in riverview. what happened? >> reporter: neighbors say the criminals were just using that vacant some of them were hiding behind it while one teenager waited in the driveway where i'm standing. they had no idea that another neighbor was watching and recording. >> i could see that driveway from the window. >> in the driveway next door, michelle battles saw something or someone strange. >> i grabbed my phone and just started recording just her actions. >> the teenager didn't belong there. >> she's between my house and an


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