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tv   Fox 13 News  FOX  September 13, 2016 11:35pm-12:00am EDT

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y2301y y5yy trump claims clinton lacks the stamina to lead. >> i think it's garbage.
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by invoking ronald reagan. >> one nation indeviceable. >> the ade wars ramped up and both face questions over their health. >> i'll release very, very specific numbers. >> mike flannery will break it down. >> we don't want to let somebody who is going to get sick. >> we'll show ho u you may be supporting republicans and democrats without knowing it based on what you buy. >> wow! wow! . this is >> we have a cease fire in syria and hope for a breakthrough in the war on isis. merissa and russell explain what's going on and how it hits home. this is money, power & politics. we'll start with a new attack in the ad war. the proclinton superpact is trying to beat donald trump with ronald reagan in an ad hitting florida airways. the pact spent $10 million on this. >> the black and white.
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that republican and democrat. we are all americans. >> like to punch him in the face. >> you know what that he used to do to guys like that? they'd be carried out on a stretcher folks. >> he's trying to reach republicans who revere ronald reagan and turn them off of donald trump and ray gones choice of words clash with trump. especially on issues like immigration. >> i thought a shining city upon a hill. >> our >> teaming with people of all kinds living in harmony and peace. >> they are rapists. >> for all the pilgrims from all the lost places. >> i will build a great, great wall. >> and if there had to be city walls the walls had doors. >> i will make that wall inpenetrable. >> the doors were opened to anyone with the will and the heart to get here. >> remember reagan is remembered as an optimist at heart while donald trump has run
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to that end you can compare donald trump to jimmy carter. >> we're in trouble. >> they are laughing at us. >> our neck is stretched over the fence. >> they can't get jobs. because there are no jobs. >> it is a crisis of confidence. >> we have no protection. and we have no competence. >> while comparisons apply to a certain extent they can be overdrawn. remember, reagan also says pessimistic things before he won and changed the direction and hill. and like trump, reagan could get testy and confrontational with hecklers. >> shut up. >> while you can contrast reagan and trump you can compare them in ways democrats may not like. carter and his camp celebrated when reagan got the nomination. they figured a guy known more as an entertainer and showman would not be taken seriously by voters. of course, reagan got the last laugh in their debate.
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>> clinton an trump's first debate is less thaen two weeks away. a distraction for hillary clinton. former dnc chairman fowler wants a contingency plan in case she's too sick to stay in the race. >> it's going to be used politically. unfortunately, it'll be used by trump to say she's weak and not strong enough to be president. i think it's garbage. >> clinton and supporters insist she's fine. clinton will have a chance to demonstrate that after she releases medical information and spars with trump o debate stage. but some democrats are still ringing their hands as republicans did when trump had an awful three weeks after the conventions. that's our second big point. a lot of people asked us what would happen if trump or clinton drop out before the election for any reason? the short answer here is that that won't happen. but if it did in a kra sai scenario the party would have to start over. pence or kaine would not step up to the top of the ticket.
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to reconvene. not necessarily a new convention but they are to consider and vote on a new nominee. fowler is saying the ground rules should be clarified and at the very at least, that kind of concern or hand wringing or bet wetting whatever you want to call it puts pressure on clinton and both to be forth coming on their health. both say they'll release information and trump will do it on thursday with let's hope trump goes beyond the scribbled letter from a doctor declaring hem to be the healthiest individual ever if elected to the presidency. we don't know what to expect from dr. oz. he said he would ask trump pointed questions but then said he will not ask him any questions that trump does not want to answer. so, in other words, i guess he may lob pointed softballs. >> i'm not going to ask questions he doesn't want to have answered. i want to ask opponented questions about his health.
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things. i bet he won't release them. >> beyond the race we have developments on the war on terror. we negotiated a cease fire in syria. in the second half merissa and russell join me to explain what this means and where we go from here. we drill into the growing threat of north korea and what to do ant an unhinged dictator with nuclear warheads he wants to untrain on the united states. first we sho you to connect apps. we start by showing you how your food choices may help republicans or democrats. that's tonights political appetite. ? ? how big a democrat are you? >> pretty big. >> fri the days he worked for george mcgovernor. pouring his life into the democrats. >> this is a cook book.
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democrats. >> he has party dinners for dinner parties. >> pepper tuna salad. >> he won't give a dime to the republicans because he swore an oath. >> being a member of the democratic executive committee it's in our bylaws not to support republicans. >> he's about to get a surprise. we scanned his food in an app that matches bar codes to campaign finance records. >> wow! wow! this is crazy. >> democrat spends his hard earned dollars on company that give big money to republicans. >> it's going to pay republicans i'm fighting tooth and nail sometimes. >> we found most of the products if his kitchen leaned right from soap, to chili to campbell soup. >> i can send him a case of campbell soup. >> that's aj matthews. a tampa republican wo carries the gop banner with pride. literally we caught him taking
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carrying it out the door. >> my son. >> you know where he stands. >> i don't think i've given anything knowing to the democrats. >> we bought some brands that donate to democrats. from his new belgium beer to the clothes on his back. >> you bought democratic suits. >> i have. >> his brands seem more balanced than with vick. >> it's about 50/50. >> some like his coke, gravy and dog food lean republican. we pair with their politics with a smartphone app called bipartisan. >> you can remove the labels and provide people empowerment tools to live more according to their values. >> popular products to parent companies and breaks down donations of the board, ceo and employees. you can see how hersheys chocolate leans republican and
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>> you can't draw that conclusion. >> do you like to eat this? >> not really. >> this does shine some light on money and politics. >> it's offering many e another choice. >> and vick can take comfort in his herbal tea. the one product that lines up with him. >> this is one of my favorite. i had no idea. coming up. merissa and russell join us for kitchen table politics. we spell korea and russia. and explain why this week is a
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okay. time for kitchen table politics tonight with merissa and russell. thank you for joining us. we have big developments in the war on terror. and we have the united states and russia trying to work together. how is that going to work out? >> doesn't appear to be working out well so fa the first hour. secretary kerry says the goal is to reduce the violence not necessarily end it. >> obviously, this caught me. i wasn't on top of this one. when i heard it happened i was very surprised. i thought, well ks let's hope. i'm going to be hopeful on this. but there's been so much happening there and so much discourse and what russia has been doing. what we've been trying to do. trying to pull us together on
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asad is going to stick to an agreement. this is a lot to ask. >> if we have the cease fire that holds seven days then we coordinate with the russian military and picking targets. the question is how well is that going to work and can we get a political transition there after? >> i think it's going to be tough. it's such a sad thing. we're talking about thousands and thousands of lives have been lost throughout this civil war. five years of it already. you know, the u.s. and russia completely different completely different types of government. for them to work together you would think, yeah. you can save a lot of lives doing this but it doesn't seem like we're on the same page yet. we're trying to be. >> no. we want to get rid of a mass murdering dictator that gases its own people. who more does russia want out of this? >> there we are. you want to believe that this could possibly work but i want
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>> this notion that donald trump has advanced. that you have putin a better leader than our own president. he's been effective in what he's done but when you look at the type of things he's led it raises big questions about our relationship with russia. >> and you talk about the state run, i mean, journalism there. it's not a free press there. so, of course, everything that comes out of the press is good and positive about him. >> so his popularity would be high. one would reason, therefore in out. when journalists have a way of disappearing who criticize the government. >> the one who criticize you tend not to hear from them. >> let's talk about north korea. where do we go from here? >> that's a mess, too. you have them firing off their fifth missile test last week. then what comes out yesterday or the day before is that they are suffering from the storm. now they want help from the world. i don't know.
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>> north korea is and maizing to me. where we live in the world and the way the world is right now. how little we know about this place. you would think we would have had spies and satellites and something able to see more than we can see into this country. we don't know much about these people. all we know about him is he's crazy. and you don't know what he's going to do next. i don't know. at this opponent, i don't see how you negotiate. i don't see what the u.s. can do we have to rely on the united nations and they laugh at sanctions. we're going to have to get china, japan, that part of the world all together to try and figure out a way to control this man. i don't think you can negotiate with him. i think you have to control him. >> that's what we do know about north korea. their biggest trading partner is china. that country has the most clout in dealing with north korea but
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our behalf because of tensions we saw just the other day when the president went there. >> right. >> where does that take us? >> it takes us to relying on the un. this is a situation where we cannot do this one alone. we have to get the un involved and have the un negotiate this one. i don't think we just -- the u.s. and china are not getting along. i think that a bigger picture is going to have to step? . >> why are we not getting along? one of the many reasons is we are building altitude defense system to defend against missile strikes. that's making them hesitant to work with us. >> that coupled with the south china sea situation, all that. there's really nothing working out in the u.s.'s favor in that part of the world right now.
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and china gets mad. >> then you have to worry about japan. japan is with us our friend in all of this. there's so much economically that you have to worry about, as well. with china, too. but you have to worry about the economic ramifications of keeping everybody happy and trying to work together in doing something about someone whose got his finger on a button he can push and he can do joking. he's bluffing. if he does it won't work. ooem not sure about that. >> closing thought? >> it's going to be a long road ahead. i don't think any is going to be a quick fix between russia and north korea. syria, this is years and years. it's taken years to evolve and build up fou years to take care of if it can be. >> with syria i want to
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out of this. >> we'll see in six days. russell and merissa thank you for joining us. >> coming up we look at trump and clen ton's health. what should voters have a right
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so clinton's campaign will release more medical records and donald trump says he will release more information as well starting on thursday with dr. oz.
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right to see? mike flannery maps it out. >> walking pneumonia would not by itself be a health crisis for hillary clinton but it's deepened a crisis of confidence in her campaign. her running mate tim kaine tried to minimize the impact of clinton's seeming to stomach nl as she studly departed in an event. >> she and i communicated and i was struck by how immediate and responsive chatty and funny she was. >> republican donald trump offered public wishes for clintons speedy recovery while repeating claims that something is going on with her health. >> i think it's an issue. in fact, this week i took this last week i took a physical. i'll be releasing when the numbers come in. i hope they are going to be good. i feel great. but when the numbers come in
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numbers. >> the university of chicago says voters do not need to know some of the most intimate details in a presidential candidates medical record. but he said candidates should disclose the health of heart, lungs, blood vessels and brain function. >> we want someone to be to score 100% of all those things. we don't want to elect somebody sick within a short period of teem. we want them to have a good term in those are the reasons that we need their current health status now. >> just because a candidate is in good health does not mean he or she will make good decisions, of course. but there's another reason the health issues is important in this campaign. no american election ever before featured two major party candidates as old as donald trump age 70 and hillary clinton age 68. back to you.
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american election featured two mjor party nominees as unpopular as trump and clinton. and tonight we have a mild surprise in some new poll numbers. coming up we'll show you numbers. coming up we'll show you how the race has changed since i'm really good at war. i love war in a certain way. i know more about isis than the generals do, believe me. nuclear, just the power the devastation, is very important to me. i want to be unpredictable, unpredictable, unpredictable, unpredictable.
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>>well, the new washington post abc poll shows hillary clinton leading nationwide by five points.
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but you have an will recollect ark times survey showing clinton down by three points. bottom line, the polls at this point are not fully in agreement. if you take an average right now it though is very tight. hillary clinton leading by but two points. donald trump closing that gap with gary johnson checking in at 9%. donald trump has pulled off one big and positivetive step for him. hillary clinton lost her grip right now on the electoral college. we'll show you what that week. thank you for joining us. real-time closed captioning provided by u.s. captioning company. come into steak 'n shake for hand-dipped milkshakes. better yet,
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. welcome to "dish nation." >> we do the best we can to make it a great friday. >> a 20-pound bag in there. >> now, you know, this is a beef with other rappers, and vivica fox, occasionally, and he has problems with his baby mama, and this has been going on and off throughout the year. this is posting the countdown clock that pretty much he is off the hook for child support by saying, man, real life is going to start sooner than you think.


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