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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 430AM  FOX  September 14, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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later this morning: a controversial meeting over ride-sharing services in hillborough county. the hillsborough public transportation commission was expected to ?vote... over new regulations for those drivers. but it looks there was a big change, last night. fox 13's ken suarez joins us live from downtown tampa , with more. roll to vo: "the ridesharing contrversary urges on" roll to cg3:"let's take a
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several teenagers are facing charges today... accused of carjacking a man in riverview. but thankfully a neighbor was there... watching it all go down. someone standing by the house next door, so she took out her phone and started recording. a short time later...a red car pulled up...and a group of teens jumped into the vehicle and sped off. hillsborough detectives say this started with an craigslist ad from a riverview carpenter. he was offering to do home repairs. someone asked him to come to this home for an estimate. investigators say that a teenage girl lured him there... and then a group of teens robbed him...and carjacked him.
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because of battle's quick thinking... deputies spotted the stolen car in a matter of minutes and chased it down i-75. investigators arrested all five teenagers. they range in ages from 15-to-19 years old. a new report about ?mold at largo... is now confirming what some parents suspected all along. a recent inspection inside "plato academy"... found mold and moisture underneath the flooring and in the air ducts. accusations about this were first made at the start of the school year when parents claimed their children were getting sick... and photos of mold surfaced. the founder of plato schools told fox 13... he believed those photos were taken over the summer, and he insisted it was taken care of. despite the mold found during this
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report described the school's air quality as quote, "adequate". it also said there was no imminent health concerns for people with ?healthy immune systems. miami police are looking for a brazen burglar.. who has now broken into the same home three days in a row! ((walter/ he was caught on video just walking around the house. police say he targeted the home repeatedly.. because the owners were out of town.. each time taking more things. he even raided the fridge.. stopping to eat a piece of cheesecake.. it must've been good he even ate the crumbs that fell on the floor!! today in central florida: the trial continues for a man accused of firing a gun... at george zimmerman. it happened during a road rage incident in may of 20-15. zimmerman took the stand yesterday at the seminole county courthouse. he testified that he was driving to a doctors appointment when he noticed a vehicle following
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pulled up, exchanged words with im, and fired a shot at his car. it ?missed zimmerman. "matthew apperson" is the man accused of firing that gun. he's charged with attempted second degree murder. zimmerman made headlines in 20-12... for killing unarmed black teenager trayvon martin. (walter/ swimming free again... in south florida. an endangered sea turtle is back home in the ocean.. folks at the miami seaquarium released a turtle named "meatloaf" into the water tuesday. the young green sea turtle was brought to the seaquarium after he beca entangled in fishing line in biscayne national park. a month and a half later.. he's healthy again. you may be wondering why they called the turtle "meatloaf"... well, the miami seaquarium is naming all the creatures brought to them for care this year, after
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today in tampa: senator marco rubio is getting a ?canoe. but it's not exactly a gift. protestors for climate change will drop off the boat at rubio's tampa office. they want to emphasize the threat of rising sea levels... and are calling for the senator to take action. rubio likely won't be there to see it. he's been working this week in washington. the group is called "the southern alliance for clean energy action fund." and this week is their annual "week of climate action." with their "float the vote" flotilla. the downtown tampa waterfront and the hillsborough river will be filled with canoes, kayaks and other waterfcraft... calling for climate change. and if you don't own a boat... you can rent a waterbike just for the occasion.
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a scary stop... for a schoolbus driver up north. up next: how she became a
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and later this half hour: ?ready for a repeat... of a repeat? the confusing
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in other headlines this morning: the victims of the 2012 movie theater shooting in aurora, colorado... will ?not have to payback the movie theater. victims of the attack ?sued "cinemark" , claiming it should have done more to protect them. but "cinemark" won the lawsuit earlier this year. originally, the theater chain wanted the victims to pay its legal fees... totalling more than 700 ?thousand dollars. but the chain dropped that request on tuesday. 12 people died in that shootin the shooter was ?in the theater, and propped open an emergency exit so he could get guns from his car. in college park, maryland: a school bus driver is being hailed a hero. she saved nearly two dozen kids. the smoke started from the back and front of the bus... and she wasted no time taking off her seatbelt, and guided everyone off to safety.
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?and... ready for some ?free bacon today? the deal is being offered at every "bob evans" restaurant nationwide. they will give a free slice of ?candied bacon to every customer, who purchases a regular priced meal. why the freebie? they are adding ?candied bacon to the menu today, for a limited time. and sorry... you can't get it for breakfast. the offer doesn't apply until ?after 11 a-m.
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y246gy yy6y since the launch of the new dannon whole milk yogurt,
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(security...) hi, i'm stuck in an elevator... with a cow. (a what?) all natural, non gmo ingredients with vitamin d and whole milk. new dannon, natural is back. the time is now is now 4 xx... and here's a look at what's trending today. can't wait another ?month for your halloween scares? well f-x is delivering the goods tonight. the sixth season of "american horror story" is premiering. and the award-winning anthology is taking one ?huge gamble this time. the producers have kept the entire ?story a
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now they have released several ?teaser commericals the past few weeks... all showing different ?creepy scenes. but the producers admit... ?most of those promos actually have ?nothing to do with the actual plot of the show. they just wanted to use some misdirection, to keep fans guessing. and if even though nobody knows what the show is about... you can bet the viewers will still be tuning in. the show has won tons of awards over the years... and some pretty amazing ratings. in fa ?help with the ratings, especially with tonight's season premiere. broadway fans will soon be getting a double take. another movie based on a hit movie will soon be coming to america. and broadway fans
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take. another movie based on a hit movie will soon be coming to america. and we're ?repeating ourselves... for a reason: it's "groundhog day" the musical. based on the bill murray comedy from 1993. he played a weatherman who got stuck repeating the same day... over and again! a version of musical opened in london over the summer. no word on who will star in the broadway version, it's set to debut on broadway next april. food.. wine... and kanye.. a lot of stuff going on today - we'll keep you "in the know"... plus: another check on the forecast and tropical storm
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a great gift this morning...for all first responders in hillsborough county. ?how bout a free breakfast? all you have to do is drive to the united methodist church of sun city center. they will be handing out goodie bags and coffee to any responder that drive through the parking lot of their life enrichment center on del webb boulevard. that applies to any police officer, firefighter, e-m-t, or even volunteer citizen patrol. it all starts at seven a-m. today in tampa: a special yoga class... that could even be a lifesaver. that's because it's only for cancer patients st. joseph's hospital is hosting the class today. they say yoga can help cancer patients cope with the side effects of treatment and help improve their quality of life during and after treatments. the class is ?free. there are two classes this month.
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wanna "wang chung" tonight? then head to disney world. the epcot international food and wine festival kicks off today. the annual event brings all kinds of unique eats... drinks... and of course live music. "wang chung" will perform tonight and tomorrow night. the festival runs through november 14th... and it's included with park admission. do you love kanye west? probably not as much as ?he does. but you can still see him tonight... right here in tampa the hiphop megastar is bringing his "saint pablo tour" to the amalie arena. the show
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ahead in the five o'clock hour of good day tampa bay: the danger... in your devices. fox 13's alcides segui joins us... to explain why there could be a big problem, with your battery. and fox 13's ken suarez is live in tampa... covering controversy:
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((walter looks like one part of the bay area... is slamming the brakes... on a controversial vote on ridesharing. but this hot debate is far from over. ((jen battery blowout...
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mistake... that almost burned down his house. ((walter and... national pride... and personal courage... after weeks of ?protests over the anthem... one little boy's touching tribute to the stars and stripes, is tugging on heartstrings everywhere. his amazing, star-spangled story. ((walter)) its now 5:?? thanks for joining us. i'm walter epstein. we'll get to the weather and traffic in a minute... but first: to a developing story in brandon... where deputies are investigating a shooting. (jen detectives were called to a home on "camellia drive" just after midnight. they found a body inside the home... but haven't identified the person... or the cause of death. right now, officials are working to get a search warrant, so they can go back inside the home to investigate further. we'll


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