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tv   FOX 13 1100 News  FOX  September 15, 2016 1:00am-1:30am EDT

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[captioning made possible by warner bros. domestic television distribution] at is about to end. here why tomorrow is moving day. you're watching fox 13 and the o 11:00 news starts now. >> new at 11:00, dead, decapitated and de come position. an investigation now underway after a woman says she found a number of dead animals along the courtney causeway. we have to warn you some of photos are pretty disturbing. and josh joins us live right along the causeway so jorks did you see any of for your self or what did you hear? >> reporter: yes, cynthia, we did see a dead cheng for ourselves today. based on some of the animals and based on some of the iementz that have been found out here. there are rumors swirling this may have been a ceremonial animal sacrifice ceremony.
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we diso know they are investigating. >> when i first got here, that is where the site was. >> just feet from the causeway near the boat ram. that is where one of the three chickens was here. is where leah found what she believes may be the remnants ave an na ma list tick sacrifice. >> i witnessed probably at least 20 separate incidences where the animals are left to be a in a ritual type fashion. >> she documented these photos. decapitated chickens, cast and goats. their caucuses left along the shore and fruits and flowers left behind. hayward wonders if this may be a santa rhea offering, a caribbean religion that does practice animal sacrifice. >> you're here to relax and enjoy sometimes with your family.
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>>. the sacrificed of animals as part ave religious ceremony is legal in the u.s. they can't say who sb behind the kill bugs they are looking into it. >> there could be animal criewn criewl ti involved. and improper disposal because you can't just take an alan na mall carcass and dump it in a place like that. that's a health and safety hazard. hazards she was come croos one too many times. you shouldn't have to encounter and it's disturbing. all just out of site of thousands of drivers each and every day. >> and if you know anything that can help police, certainly give them a call right waism in tampa jeff castillo. fox 13 news. well, for the second night narrow protesters showed up at the meeting that was supposed focus on the redevelopment st. pete. they are protesting to demand
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millions of gallons of waste water into the bay during her cane hermine. and evan axel bank there to explain what they want. and they got a response from the mayor as well. >> >> reporter: well, they did clissments not often you see a mayor spend 45 minutes with protesters but that's what the mayor did tonight. he spent 45 minutes with a group of them answering questions and explaining the city's resphonts sewage issue here in st. pete taking some of their scrit saifnldz suggestions to heart. take a look. this is mayor criens. a little earlier today the protesters were demanding an independent study to verify nat water quality is actually better. he said he would discuss that proposal with city staff tomorrow. he said water quality has improved to the point where the city was able to remove warning signs that have been posted near some parts bay. they have been removed in just
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protesters interrupt aid pier meeting and at tonights meeting which was also at the peer, cries man spoke with them in a separate room. we can see from you that the independent study will be be con dcted. could be done in the next few days to verify this and give the community additional comfort that this is a priority for you. >> the problem is and the frustration that i share as much as tho can't flip a switch and fix everything even if i had unlimited dollars. it just takes time to do some of the repairs that we have to do. >> now, several municipal tease in pinellas including clearwater says hurricane her nen over came their systems as well sending sewage into the bay. one county commissioner wants to launch a task force to study what happened and to find ways
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the mayor says that in the short term, the city will be spend being $60 million to improve the capacity in their sewage tanks or in st. pete tonight evan axel bank. fox 13 news. well, because of her cane her mean, half dozen manatees are still stuck right there in gulf course pond. >> and the wild life experts and volunteers are getting ready for a big >> reporter: i know this might sound sound like a serious or dyer situation for the man ceesms but experts tells me this rethe have in very good condition. they have been swimming in a buff day. that pond is full of weeds that they feast on t. is time for them to get back to the crystal river. they have been stuck there since hurricane hermine. they were washed over a bridge that connects the canal to the crystal river. on thursday the members
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here to move the animals back into the canal. will take a lot of work though. two mom and baby manatee come boz that have to be moved together so they don't get separated and two additional young manatees as well. the biggest one he was 1500 pounds and has to be carried about 20 yards on a stretcher that. takes about 20 people or sox a spokesperson for the plantation says the manatees will probably be sorry that they have to leave. like, when you go on vacation and you give up your diet. doosmght they have been on vacation and coming out of here 20 pounds heavier because they haven't had this much to eat ever. so they will miss this place, i think. >> as a mentioned the mother and cafl combinations have to get stay together. if they get separated sometimes the manatees will abandon the calls. they there are receive aligators in the water so there have to be trappers here as well. there will be a lot of
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dpriew fox 13 news out here to follow this throughout the morning. be sure to tune n. in crystal rimplet aaron mess mer. fox 13 news. and a thief that stole $23,000 worth of jewelry last week and sent a store employee to the hospital this. the sman hillsborough deputies are flooncht they say he stole a gold necklace and bracelet from the mirage jewelry store in the brandon town center map. an employee stride to stop him by jumping on the hood of the car. you see the chase right there. but that moi ee was thrown off the car and run over. he is still in the hospital in serious condition. deputies say the suspect is likely driving a silver newer mold chevy ca mare o. they believe he carried out a similar crime in pasco county. >> a fowm to a shop lifting incident that lead toy man's death in lakeland. we're hearing and seeing new recording now's from the day wal-mart employees restrained kenneth wish om in the parking
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charged with manslaughter because wish om died. and hayley hiebdz has more on the case. you have your hands on a lot of material on this case. >> and we went through interviews from police and medical examiner. they paint a clear picture of how a case of shoplifting turned into a death investigation. this is surveillance joyed from inside the store on february 7th just before three a. you see 64-year-old kenneth wish umm pushing his car around he takes it passed the registers without paying setting off the lamplet once the employees take not, he dishes the car and bolts through the parking lot. ploi ploy eedz randy come to and nunez and hig gens chased and held wick och down until police arrived. but late thear day wish om was pronounced dead. later in july the three employees charged with second degree manslaughter. wheers quha they told police on the day it happened. there was on the guy like a
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he was about to fall soy just pushed him a little bit. >> i tried to grab his wrist and just pulled him from getting in his pockets. i don't know if he a gun or not. just went over to grab the guys feet to keep him from kick. i only held him for a minute. >> a witness in the parking lot tells a different story. she saw them punch him repeatedly in the head before tom could held wish om down way knee to his back. died from a fix yay, he 15 broken rims and noticed he suffered from emphysema and mart disease. if convicted tom core, nunez and hig gons could face up to 15 years in prison the lawyer calls the death tragic but says the employees were just doing their job. >> 15 broken ribs. some very eye opening documents there you presented to us hayley. we'll see this weather this goes.
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the police off ofs office just closed a deal. they went undercover in crime ridden areas and made significant number after reses. we'll learn more about the operation tomorrow morning when they hold a news conference. and a coming up, the slap seen croots state. florida congressman puts his hands on a man during a fight over a cam campaign sign. the pen penalties he could face. saw a guy the camera there too. and this trial about road rage took a ba star turchlt why trayvon martin's death and the black lives matter movement became part of zimmerman's testimony. and paul, looking good out there. not bad at all. track nug information on td 12. tropical storm julie and ian, a
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>> boy, it was an odd day in the courtroom for george zimmerman. he rurpd to the stand in t a shot at him during a road rage encounter. now at times the questioning on the stand got heated and zimmerman, not a surprise to i a lot of people was quick to fire back. >> as fox's holy bris ta reports, the drama started building when zim dim was asked about the trayvon martin shooting. >> and you did not fire that.
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>> a bizarre day on the witness stand as george zimmerman the victim in this waises defending himself all morning as he was questioned about the may 2015 day that investigators say matthew apperson shot into zimmerman's honda ridge line. >> the way it works questions and answer them. >> the attorney was referring to the night zimmerman shot the teen in the chef. he wasn't scare rig any weapons, just a bag of skittles and snapel. time and time again zim clarifying he is snot one on trial. >> do you remember, do you recall?
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mr.,. >> >> zimmerman wasn't shy in vice strong opinions when asked if he a so she eatd matthew apperson with the black lives matter movement. he said no but didn't stop there. >> apperson's attorney michael la fay used every opportunity to paint zimmerman as a happy gun lover. and he asked limb how much he sold the pistol he use towed kill trayvon martin. it went for $250,000 at auction and even the state doesn't seem to expect. >> >> you didn't fire at apperson. >>? that is correct. >> in your mind, the gun you use to kill white males isn't as
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to kill blang teenagers. is that correct? objection sustained. >> all right. that was holy bristol reporting. the trial resumes tomorrow and both sides are expected to make their closing argument. transportation officials gave preliminary approval to ride sharing regulations but still remains to be seen if uber and lyft will stay or go. and they chose to drop the those would include a 7-dollar minimum fair and seven minute wait time meaning uber drivers would have to wait seven minutes to pick up a passenger to make it more level playing field for the taxi companies. that's smght taxi industry wanted. but the rule for full background checks for drivers will stay in paisms uber has threatened to leave dpowfnlt that passes the commission will take take a full vote on the verse next month.
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forecast with fox 13 chief meteorologist paul dellegatto. >> look that the today. clouds over the gulf with the southwest wind helping clearwater beach cams. great view. watch the band of showers whip by from southwest to northeast. your talking about a tropical sky. that's it right thrsm nice sunset in play too. that's pretty cool. the rainy season really is starting to wined down and the main reason why this time of year you days are getting short. it's still up near 90 but the sun goes down and 7:30, 7:45. the sun aj not as high as it was a couple months ago so yeah, we get showers popping up but as the days continue to get short, you know, the dur raifghts rain begins to degrees and even that happened today with most of the rain done with by 7:30 to 8:00. a few showers out in the gulf. they could bum onshore late niemplet we're still watching
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the bad weather is on the east and northeast side. not great weather up in myrtle beach and this is will ming tofnl here's myrtle beach here. charleston down here. lot continues to spin but for us all wee we see a s- a southwest wind and a couple little showers near the coast and that's about tsm that's pretty much the out look all wait into the weekend with the rain chances each day between 30 and 40%. right now it's warm and sticky. ax low will 50s near the coast and tropics busy no. block busster tornltz map. we're tracking three. we have julie ax and ian in the middle and td12 way off the coast of africa. we'll talk about julia, the new advisory is in. julie is stofnlgt steering occur ens are week. this high pressure north of julia so for the time being all it's going to do is wander out off the coast of charleston and
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computer models are kind of pick up on literally no steering occur ens at all and you can kind of see why we call them spaghetti models because it looks like rig to any or what not right here meandering about and we'll see how it plays out. the good news is is that there's no sign of intensification because of strong upper level shear. lfs note. we'll be watching this in the next week or sox td no. 12. new should become a tropical storm and then shear that should weaken and maybe intensify again sunday and monday. way out there. the models are split in it two with some models showing a trip due west with lesser antilles and other models show a turn out across the atlantic. but this is way out there. still seven to ten days way. we'll watch it, european model has ian going north t. has julia
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k. and moving to the west. another storm behind t. moving north wesms monday at 11:00 and that's the view across the atlantic. notice the euro peen shows a trip curving north and northwest but still now a week way. we'll see how it play owtz. will two, dewpoint 76. southwest winds at seven. showers and thunder showers deminishing. also note this is an yay, this is ain vest out in the gulf. that will move way from us at about a 10% chance of that what's going on. so tonight a couple showers near the coast late. down to 78. showers and thunder showers popping up tomorrow. they will move inland during the day. back up to 89. friday we're back in the upper 80s. slightly better chance of showers and storms. that trend will continue into the weekend. nothing real live any significance weather wives. 85 to zero for highs and mid 70s for lows. back to you. all right paul. looks gsm coming up a state representative from gainesville maybe in hot water.
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confrontation was caught on cram and are you about to see st right there. hum. why did keith perry slap that guy? we have the details next. while congress fights over a plan. we have new evidence here at home of the heat we'll explain what is wrong whand state
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>> all right. new video tonight of a sta maker caught right there hitting a guy. this is a spat over a campaign sign and that is is representative keith perry of dwainsville who is running for state senate. he is a poll giergz what happened. said it was all a misunderstand. according police report. the man visiting his home removed perry's campaign sign. there it goes. he said it was game day and he didn't want to to get van da liefltdz. perry confronted him with it and insist said he had permission to leave it there.
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leave and at one point you see him push into the law maker and perry claims he didn't react until threats were made to his wife. he said that's when i slapped the guy ocht side of the neck. the issue later resolved. no charges fievmentd the gainesville police have turned it over to the state attorney east office. and the atlantic coast conference is the latest group to pull the plug on events in north carolina over that state's controversial bathroom law. they announced today they will relocate all championship e carolina. the league says that controversial law that bars trans again ter people from using the locker room to which they identify does not could exist the ideals of the acc. the championship game has been played at stadium every year since decembe of 2010 but this announcement comes on the hifltz decision to pull it's championship game out of state. we'll see what else happens. scott, well, the newest buck
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the bucs pay a visit >> well, the bucs face arizona this week to play the cardinals team once again it this year. however, they lost tie tom brady let's patriots team last week. e the defense made jimmy ga fra low look pretty good. and jimmy win wis 'tis turn and more. >> jameis winston quite et cetera the talk of a sophomore slum wpt first ever. week one. a complete contrast to his nfl debut a year ago when he completed less than after of his passes and through a pick six on his first pass attempt.
1:27 am
building on his rookie season. it's an honor you know but i couldn't do it without those other 53 guys out there. defense played an amazing game. no sacks. when the quarterback not getting touched back there and you have to have fun. winston points to his off off season work with the teammates as the reason for his progress. mike evans takes it farther pointing to winston's improve touch on a play that was erratic a year ago. he was a great player. his deep ball is much better this year. bad at all this. year is it is is better. it just seems we have collective strides in terms of diswrufs his accuracy and sconl mafntd "fence. think those are the things you can see a difference n. cardinals head coach bruce has known winston sibz he was a teenager. jameis used to go to his camps in the summer back in birmingham and left aland lasting impression on the head coach as
1:28 am
birmingham. he is probably just saying that. i don't believe that. the pass is a pass. winston a preef she aits this week's horn nor and already look heading knowing the challenge arizona is going tyke great perfect performance. kevin o'donnell fox 13 sports. and newly acquired fox running back rogers jumped into the bowl today at practice. wearing no. 3 1. brings in a diverse self sciewlz scildz. coach him during the lan tax rogers has the experience in the o o offense to catch balls out of of the back field as well as con tree tbiewt in the special teams game start your nfl sunday with us. join ricky and myself tailgate sunday this week and fox takes over at noon. fox nfl sunday 4:00 and cardinals from the desert. last time the bucs started the season two and zero, 2010 i was actually last year they visited arizona as well.
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good omen. two and zero. sounds gflt before we gosm you heard ave crescent moon, the% full moon. harvest moon. what bay runway moon or blue moon. also a drink. that's it. look at this one. drivers in part of china had to dodge. typhoon winds caused this in flaid able moon balloon rolling through the streets and rolling over cars and construction strefnlgtz had blown way from where it was tethered down in front of the a mall there as part of some type and the people there would take out quite a few youview in traffic but the runway moon did not cause any injuries. that would be something. i didn't know what this was when i first sought video. i didn't next i thought it ways giant blew blu ber rivment it could of been that too. very strange. not something you see every day. that's for sure. done go way. money power politics is next. and good day tampa bay starts at
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