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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 430AM  FOX  September 15, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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the ride-sharing debate in hillsborough county just took a slight detour. the public transportation commission ?did vote on some rule changes wednesday. but they also made some concessions. and the battle... is still far from over. (walter/ the p-t-c voted to have ride-sharing drivers get mandatory background checks. their cars also can't be older than ten years. and the companies and drivers must have car insurance... and annual inspections. the p-t-c also got rid of the most controversial requirements... asking drivers to wait seven minutes call... and having a minimum fare of seven dollars. "uber" and "lyft" threaten to leave the area if the changes go through. the p-t-c will still have to hold a public hearing on the changes next month. and if they pass again... "uber" and "lyft" could require another meeting, with ?state officials. port richey is the first city in pasco county to decriminalize small amounts of pot. if someone is caught with less than 20 grams..officers can choose to
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richey city leaders made the decision earlier this week. similar rules are in place in tampa and orlando. a man who needed marijuana in pinellas county... didn't hide his request. in fact... he advertised it, to anyone who drove by. st. pete police say they found "randy holcomb" carrying a cardboard sign and panhandling near the intersection of 53rd avenue north and fourth street. but it's what was written on his sign... that caught the officers' eyes. it read, quote: holcomb is 34-years-old and homeless. not only was he arrested for street vending... but also for the marijuana pipe they found on him. there will be a new way to get around tampa bay starting next month. the city of madeira beach will have its own ferry service. the city made the long-awaited announcement wednesday. they also gave us a look at some of the ferry boats that will take
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number of stores and local restaurants. those behind the project say the waterways could ease road traffic in the area -- especially along gulf boulevard. the madiera beach ferries set sail on october 28-th. several thousand students in manatee are getting a lesson today... they'll be able lives. it's called "the freshman focus 2020." a partnership between the school district and "drug free manatee." about three thousand freshman students have been invited to take part from the county's six traditional high schools. they will learn lessons to help them the next four years... from bullying and the dangers of drugs... to self empowerment. also appearing... singer and motivational speaker, "jessie
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jessie has been mentoring kids for more than a decade... and has a psychology degree from notre dame. she's also released five albums, and appeared on broadway and "americas got talent." the event kicks off at eight this morning with two separate
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toss to weather...
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a cat... that came back from the dead. and now... he's coming here! later this hour: why one feline fighter... just found a new home. and after the break: we've heard of a cresent moon, a full moon... even a blue moon... but how about a ?runaway moon? we'll explain this "out this world" traffic delay. but first, a look at last night's winning lottery numbers. still no winner in the powerball. so the jackpot for this weekend is now up to 244 milln and tomorrow's mega millions jackpot is at 133 million. good luck, and good day is back in less than
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in other headlines this morning: another group is cutting ties north carolina... over its bathroom law. the law bans transgender people from using bathrooms they
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announced it will relocate all eight college championship events that were scheduled to take part in that state. the a-c-c football title game has been played at charlotte's bank of america stadium every december since 20-10. they still haven't announced a new location for it. but florida... could be in the running. it was actually played here in tampa for a few years. workers around the world had a good excuse to take a break yesterday... their email was down. google had a huge outage of its gmail email ?millions of users... including the u-s, the united kingdom, and even australia. google said most of the services were back up in running last night. but some workers were still reporting issues overnight. and most of them will be pretty busy today... catching up on that inbox. and check out this crazy video from china: typhoon winds caused this giant inflatable moon-balloon to roll through the streets. it blew away from where it was
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the balloon was part of an installation to celebrate the mid-autumn moon festival... which takes place tomorrow. the runaway moon did not cause any injuries.
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still ahead: a girl spearheading one major charity event. and it all took place... in her toy car. her amazing story, when good
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the time is now 4 xxx... and heres a quick look at the top trending stories this morning. you know the old saying -- cats have nine lives? well we have an update this morning, on one local one feline -- that took the internet by storm with his amazing story of survival. you may remember "bart" ... or his n cat". his former owner thought he'd died after being hit by a car.. and buried him in a shallow grave. but bart ?clawed his way out. he was brought to the humane society of tampa bay -- where they've been rehabilitating him and fighting for custody. they recently got that custody and on wednesday, they celebrated bart's adoption with cake and champagne. one of the vet techs who nursed him back to health.. will be his new mom:
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permanant home is already familiar to him. valerie's been "bart's" foster mom for the past year. and later this morning on good day.... zombie cat and valerie will join us live in studio! and by the way...he's now goes by the nickname, "miracle cat." also going viral: a little michigan girl... and her barbie car. and that's because of what she was ?carrying in it. the four year old girl decided to help out neighbors who lost everything in a house fire. she and her big brothers packed up the car with gifts... including clothes and toys... and drove them over to the family in need. the family that lost their home says they are moved by the
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other community members sent the family cards, toys and set up a "go-fund-me" page to help them recover. still ahead: from business... to body art. a look at some events happening today in the tampa bay area. plus... dave has
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((wally campaign chaos in our state. a state lawmaker caught ?striking a man... in a spat over a campaign sign. this is representative keith perry from gainesville... who is running for state senate. ((wally)) now he's ?apologizing for what happened... and says: it was all a ?misunderstanding. ((wally according to police reports: a man was visiting this home in gainesville and removed perry's campaign sign. he says: he did it because it was "game day," and he didn't want it to get vandalized. perry confronted the man about it... and insisted he had man asks perry to leave. and at one point... you see him "push into" the lawmaker. perry claims: he didn't react until threats were made to his wife... ?that's when he ?slapped the man on the side of his neck. (wally) perry says: they eventually resolved the issue. and no charges have been filed. but gainesville police have handed the case over to the state attorney's office. companies are getting down to business today, at the tampa convention center.
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taking part in the second annual "biz expo and networking event." it's hosted by the south tampa chamber of commerce. more than six hundred businesspeople are expected to attend... visiting more than a hundred booths and doing some networking. it runs today from four to seven p-m. ?wanna "be the thunder"... and get paid for it? then head to the amalie arena today... for a job fair. the tampa bay lightning are hosting a job fair to fill part-time positions. this is their ?second job fair for the season... but there are still plenty of jobs available. security. the fair will actually be for workers at ?all amalie arena events... including hockey games, arena football games, and concerts. it runs from three p-m to six p-m. job seekers can enter through the main staircase on thunder alley. the lightning preseason kicks off in less than two weeks. kids in tampa can put on their hard hats this morning, and hang out with their favorite cartoon character.
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builder" workshop. kids get to watch a new bob cartoon about building a skyscraper... and then they get to build their ?own skyscraper out of construction paper. they even get their own plastic hard hat and other material to take home. it's all included with museum admission. it starts at 10-30 this morning. you can check out some comedy tonight in clearwater. comedian "gary gulman" is taking over the capitol theatre. the "last comic standing" finalist has been doing standup for about ?twenty years. tickets start at 35 bucks... and the show starts at eight. and... the "tattoo arts convention" is kicking off tonight in tampa. the
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at the tampa convention center. you can meet ?hundreds of world famous tattoo artists, and even the stars of several tattoo reality shows. there will also be tattooing contests... and even sideshow performances. and look who else you can meet at the tattoo convention... actor butch patrick. he played "eddie" on the tv show the "munsters." he's at the show because he now has his own line of tattoo ?ink. he also has a tattoo himself... just one on his comedy-tragedy masks. the show runs through sunday, and tickets start at 20 dollars per day. kids 12 and
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((//2shot)) toss to dave... ((vanessa toss to shayla....
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still ahead in the next hour of good day tampa bay: senator marco rubio warns of "terror attacks" from commercial cuban flights.. fox 13's alcides segui is live at tampa international airport to explain why.. and: staying healthy.. at 35-thousand feet. things we all probably do on a plane... that could be making us sick! plus: fox 13's shayla reaves is in one ?massive rescue
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just a couple of weeks after commercial flights to cuba resumed... florida senator marco rubio, is worried. why he says: they put us at risk... for terror attacks. ((jen manatees... on the move... the massive rescue efforts this morning... to save some stranded sea cows. ((walter and... ?must ?dust. the annoying household chore is more because company's coming. the dangerous stuff... in all those particles. ((walter)) its now 5:?? thanks for joining us. i'm walter allen((jen)) and i'm jen epstein. let's start off with a check of the forecast, with dave. hot and steamy, with scattered showers and storms. overall rain chances around 40%, with high temps in the upper 80s. tonight will be muggy, with late night coastal showers developing. lows in the upper 70s. tomorrow coastal showers in the morning will move inland during the afternoon. rain chances around 30%, with


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