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tv   Fox 13 News  FOX  September 16, 2016 11:35pm-12:00am EDT

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period. >> trump finally says our president was born in america. and then blames clen ton for starting the birther movement. we'll fact check that and show how it could backfire on trump. >> for five years he led the birther movement to delegitimize our first black president. >> the birther issue is a real gift to the democrats and the clinton campaign. >> clinton had a terrible week and it's critical time. maut has new projections for next week. big news for charley. a new way to send him our viewer mail. this is money, power & politics. >> we'll start with hillary clinton because she's coming off the worst week of her political career. that's our first big point. clinton is sliding. she's lost her lead in the polls and she lost her grip on the electoral map. look at the changes.
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win the white house. clinton is down to 200 and trump is coming up u closing in at 163. and when you take a closer look at some of the big states up for grabs, they are tilting trump. an average of polls trump has a slight lead. very slight but lead none the less in florida. our fox 13 poll gives trump the lead in georgia. polls this week give trump the edge in the other big prize. swing state of ohio and in iowa. and when you put all of those trump's column he surges ahead of clinton by 30 points on that national map. and the data is showing us that trump supporters are nor enthusiastic and therefore more likely to vote than clinton supporters. >> part of this is a warning to hillary clinton and the democrats that they are going to have to do a heck of a lot more to stir their base and get them out to vote. >> it looks as if clinton picked the wrong week to call half of
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ignore hr doctors advice and nearly collapse from pneumonia that her daughter did not know she had. >> i had never seen her tired. i've had pneumonia twice. i didn't know she had pneumonia until she came to my apartment. >> it didn't help when powells hacked e-mails show him calling her a greedy 70-year-old with unbridled ambition he would rather not vote for. >> e have a great deal of respect for colin sympathy for anyone whose e mails become public. >> trumps lack of transparency and conflicting statements cost him and his kids struggled this week as well. donald trump jr. had a particularly tough week. he re-tweeted a picture of a frog mascot for rayses. then clarified he had no idea it
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people to the gas chamber and said it was a poor choice of words. when a reporter asked him if he used foundation funds to pay for a trump portrait. >> did you seen off on charity money for a portrait? >> i don't know anything about that. i'm not involved in it. >> thank you. >> ivanka ran into a buzz saw promoting a campaigns plan for child care and a reporter reminded her donald trump once call inconvenience for business. that's just a taste of what trump may face in his first debate with hillary clinton on monday september 26th. coming right up. tonight our pollster matt towery rolls out new numbers and projection and predictions in florida and other battleground states. first it's the weekend and it's time for viewer mail bag with charley belcher. tonight we found him a new home. i think he'll lying it.
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? ? >> craig, so glad i ran into you. that pep talk last week did the trick. >> i got the whistle. [whistling] . >> i don't need it. i want to be the permanent mail reader for money, power & politics. >> i'm glad to hear you say that. that's wonderful news. we had to buy all these new servers to keep up with demand. people keep sending e-mails. we need you to read them for us. >> that's gr >> keep walking. yoda not far. keep going. >> where are we -- >> just keep going. show me mop the floor. keep going. >> where are you taking me? >> when i said you want to mop the floor that was not a reference to ka raw tee kid. i hope you could mop the floors as we go. clean things along a little bit. a little faster. there you go.
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>> craig, wait up. where are we going? >> and here we go right through here. no. it's the complete other side. >> was it daylight outside. doesn't your show come on at neeth >> >> don't be breaking the fourth wall. this is all for you. check this out. nobody cares about that. look here. come on through. right through here and here you go tucked away. this is all you. your special place. to answer e-mailses. >> no you're in the mail room. this is charley's mail room. the mail will come to you. take care my friend. >> oh, well. i wonder what he meant the mail would come to me. oh! there's a mail shoot up there. well, there you go. shall we get to it.
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ryan. he says thank you for talking more about gary johnson. it only took him making a gaf for you to talk about gary johnson. i may not agree with your perspective but at least you're mentioning the only alternative to hilatrump. another letter from tom. he says hi, craig. it's great to watch how e if he can tefly you can balance humor and news. your refreshing and interkaining program is keeping thinking audience up late on sunday nights. tom in clearwater i'm glad the thinking folks are watching. i'm watching, too. another letter. this one is from leon ferguson. leon says good evening. i want to thank you for your show. i believe it helps educate with a spin of comedy. its crazy this is the real te of our poll teches. i want to put the challenge out there. i want our normal people to take
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politicians running this kre. i challenge all the people to step into all offices and turn this into an america we would all love. all lives matter. god bless america. thank you, leon. now as you imagine i don't know normal people. our last letter comes from sherry. sherry says, when i was in my early 50s i bowled for ten years. i was asked to joan my i envisioned throwing strikes in my mind. the first night i bowled a 21 in a 500 plus series. sell winston to finish quietly and his receivers should do the same. it'll be worth at least two hours of physical practice. jamis, if you're watching, think about it. thank you, sherry.
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mail bag at eventually they'll filter to me here in my very own mail room. craig? craig, i'm done reading the mail. craig? craig? craig? craig? we'll let hip out eventually. in the meantime check ut o our youtube channel for more with charley and parody and humor segments. search for craig patrick money money and click subscribe. coming up we'll check trump's claim about the birther movement. did ha really start with hillary clinton? plus our pollster rolls out a
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i'm really good at war. i love war in a certain way. including with nukes, yes including with nukes. i know more about isis than the generals do, believe me. nuclear, just the power the devastation, is very important to me.
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to talk about. what's going on? >> well, you know, kraeg, in a matter of a few weeks this campaign and election went from one direction to the other. obviously, hirpt had several bad weeks. the wikileaks situation and then the deplorables comment. she wasn't able to defend herself on that comment because she was ill. that became clear at the 9/11 event. all of those came together along with a new donald trump who is a little more on target.
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work well. we've seen his numbers with african american voters in some states go way up comparably speaking. he's winning in many battleground states he was losing a few weeks ago. >> florida and georgia. it's a bit of a surprise in georgia. you see donald trump getting support from african americans up from 22%. did that surprise you? >> well what's interesting is normally when i see a poll about this far a republican will normally get 15-20% of the african american vote but it declines and melts down to about 3-4% on election day. this is the only time i've ever seen someone go from 3-4% up to 20 something percent. i don't know whether he's striking a cord with african american voter or not. if it's happening in georgia it's happening in florida. georgia and florida are walking in lock step.
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same every time we poll them. >> the polling you did in the state of georgia shows trump has the lead. you cede you expect florida and georgia to vote alike in november. do you think that still holes true? >> absolutely. i've been polling these states many years. i don't poll now, opinion savvy. my son's company does. they've been accurate. i've never seen florida and georgia mirror each other as much a and the polls coming out. we had several come out many florida over the past few days. most said trump by four or five. what do we have in georgia? trump by four or five. for whatever reason the states aren't just neighbors but voting in lock step. >> what is that reason? why are georgia and florida now like minded the way they are in politics? >> well, a couple of things. you have a state in florida where you have strong minority
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georgia. you also have more media markets in florida but when you put all those together you have this same sort of demographic look. the independent voters, let me concentrate on that. independent voters in florida are going for trump. independent voters in georgia are going for trump. that's why the two states are looking so much and like. >> matt towery thank you for your time. >> campaign of 2008 started the birther controversy. i finished it. >> fact checkers jumped all over donald trump on that. trump claims clinton was first and quote all in on the birther movement. that's the campaign to take down president obama on the bogus claim he was born in kenya. we can find no efdz that clen
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embraced or promoted the birther movement. neither could fact checker, fact or the washington post. they found a former aid questions obama's roots to basic american values but never questioning his birth in america. you have a couple of clinton supporters that question his birth but clinton disavowed that. trump just declared hillary clinton the founder of the birther moovment. though he was the leading advocate for years. >> president barack obama was born in the united states... period. >> bottom line, trump gained some support from african americans and he wants to put the birther moouchl behind him and then pin it on hillary clinton. but the fact checkers and clinton herself are not letting him move on so fast. >> for five years he has led the
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our first black president. his campaign was founded on this outrageous lie. there is no erasing it in history. >> donald trump would not address this on thursday. said he wanted to keep the suspense going friday. so his strategy may have been to pull focus from hillary clinton on the day she got back to work after her bout with pneumonia. but as the birther issue took over the news cycle at the end of the week and fact reminded everyone how trump carried that banner for years. it may work against trump in the next round of polls. right now trumps voters are more enthusiastic than clinton supporters but this focus on the birther issue could fear up the democratic base as well. >> hillary clinton's number one challenge and problem is in getting the democratic activists based enthused about her. they've been discouraged lately. we know the reasons why.
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just as you were saying with chris wallace, the birther issue is a real gift to the democrats and the clinton cam pane. coming up, republicans are in danger of losing control of the u.s. senate and they are trying to hang on by running against obamacare. we'll show you their new line of attack and how come into steak 'n shake for hand-dipped milkshakes. better yet, come into steak 'n shake for hand-dipped milkshakes at half price during half-price happier hour, weekdays, now two to five at steak 'n shake. new at steak 'n shake! 24 meals under four dollars. with handcrafted steakburgers, all-beef footlongs
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lose the senate this november. they have to defend 24 seats while democrats only have to defend ten seats. the republicans are looking for some way to hang on. here's a big part of their strategy. >> evan bye cast the deciding vote for obamacare. >> senator evan bye took that vote nearly seven years ago. he's running for senate again this year and republicans are still holding that vote against him. senator mccain's first tv ad in he is arizona reelection >> john mccain is leading the fight to stop obamacare. >> more than six years after president obama signed the affordable care act insurance rates continue rising. and republicans in senate races are using their obamacare opposition to entice voter. at an oversight hearing about rising obamacare premiums. three republican senators running for reelection. senators ron johnson, rob portman and john mccain
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obamacare market. >> we want to repleas it. it's been a failure. >> in arizona insurance companies are asking for on average a 49% increase in premiums for individual obamacare plans next year. there are also large increases projected for other contested senate states. in wisconsin an increase of 20%. ohio insurance company asked to raise premiums 13%. in pennsylvania an average increase of 24%. and in florida, the state projects encreases of nearl 20%. the final prices will likely change as state commissioners and companies are finalizing insurance plans for next year. democrats point out millions receive subsidies. millions also have to pay the full price themselves. democrats point to the 20 million the law helped to ensure. their message improve with a they call a working system. >> we need to get to work making it better. we can do that. i know we can. with the right leadership i
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reports on healthcare reform. what's working and what's not working. we've invest gated the causes of rising costs and premiums. you'll find our series on youtube. search for craig patrick money, power & politics and check subscribe. coming up. bad news for gary johnson and
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next monday and gary johnson the libertarian is out. he did not make the cut. did not meet the rules criteria set by the commission on presidential debates. he needed 15%. he topped out in those polls high single digits. with this he said he will not give up. he's previously said it's game over for his candidacy if he doesn't get into the debates. he's going to try to get into the next two. this would seem to help hillary clinton that is our show tonight.
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what you got going on? >> well, we have a fancy. >> and we also got morning love. and andy. >> what up. what up. this show is going to start, so let's g welcome to "dish nation." it's friday. >> that's right. we have a lot of love in the room and we have not only morning love but ed loven in the house. >> exactly. we about to tear this up today. taylor swift possibly found her next victim, and we will tell you about the actress that died. don't worry.


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