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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 9AM  FOX  September 17, 2016 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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with millions of gallo . with millions 6 gallons of con tam named water in the ground. neighbors at mosaic plant are riled up. this morning, they are demanding answers. >> a tragedy that happens year after year in florida. what local experts say could help prevent hot car deaths. as it gets doors this week, we take a look inside at the smithsonian's new national museum of african american history and culture. from tampa bay's number one news station, this is "good day tampa bay." >> anjuli: good morning and welcome to "good day tampa bay." it is 9 a.m. on this saturday morning will i am anjuli davis. >> alcides: i am alcides segui
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morning clouds are leaving. 1400 feet up and watch the swift movement of the clouds. this not fog, but as they mix out over the next 30 minutes or so, you will see increased sun and as a result more 80s. we actually have made it to 81 in tampa this hour. clearwater at 81. actual he lots of 81s. brandon, sarasota, venice and st. petersburg with the humidity. well, it feels like the mid- to upper 80s. we know that summerlike day today. rainwise. sky tower radar showing any sprinkles across the gulf are moving away. a very light northeast wind, and it is actually because of julia. a depression east of our state, and it is not moving. so with the light one, that sea breeze gets going and in between 2 and 4 p.m., that rain chance builds in our northern counties and kind of pushes south and west. just be aware that any downpours today can be locally heavy because slow moving.
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with a high of 90. outrage is growing in polk county after a sinkhole almost property sent 200 million gallons of contaminated water into the ground. >> anjuli: neighbors of the fertilizer plant will hold a protest at city hall. the sinkhole was first detected on august 27. the company didn't tell pollution until can't broke the story. the department of environmental protection said they weren't obligated to tell those who use well water. contaminated groundwater has not moved past mosaic site. that explanation is not cutting it for some. >> why aren't someone transparent. a sinkhole and show an active evident instead of a massive cover-up. that is what this looks like.
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contaminated water out of ground and that could take years. a chance to turn yourself in. >> alcides: the pinellas sheriff's office is holding a one day only safe sur render and nonviolent misdemeanor warrants. kellie cowan has nor from st. pete. >> reporter: we are here in st. pete at operation safe sur render. the second straight event that the pinellas county sheriff's office has teamed up with the state attorney's office to hold. i am joine with the pinellas county sheriff's office, and spencer, this is a significant event not just for the people that are turning themselves in, but also for our taxpayers out there. >> yeah, it saves the county a lot of money. it helps us purge a lot of these misdemeanor nonviolent warrants from our system. >> reporter: how many people -- how successful are these events for your department. >> we have had an upwards of 114 people show up to -- to
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so it fluctuates from event to event. >> reporter: you said before this can save the tax pavers thousands in just resources, but tell me the impact that it has on -- on your day-to-day operations. >> well, deputies are serving warrants every day. and this helps resolve that, because it takes -- it takes money and man power to resolve a lot of these warrants and us to search out -- search these people out and maybe contact with people are arrested. but in this case, people can come here on this day and resolve these warrants many times they are getting mitigated fines. the judge will often put them on payment plans. a continuous and sometimes even dismissed here. it saves the citizens money. it saves us time and money here at the sheriff's office in the account. >> so it is not an amnesty program per se, but can help out with people's sentences or
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things like that as you explained, but the other thing as we want to stress, these are nonviolent offenders, correct? >> that's correct. it is not an amnesty program but for nonviolent misdemeanors and many times a lot of these warrants are for failure to appear in court on traffic violations, code violations. really minor misdemeanors and through this process we can eliminate a lot of these warr >> reporter: sergeant gross, thank you very much. this event at 445 31st street in downtown st. pete at the s suncoast safety council. send it pack to you. all right, kelly, thank y you. other top stories. health officials have expanded the sdmreebinga zone in miami beach. governor scott madeed announcement after five people in the expanded area were found with nontravel related sym symptoms. the number of zika cases in
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there is good news. if no new cases are found this weekend, an advisory zone will be lifted in the wynwood neighborhood of miami. as for the money needed to fight the zika virus, the battle in congress may soon be over. congressional aides say republicans might allow planned parenthood affiliated clinics to share in funding to fight the virus. the white house has sent a message ruling out any legislation with funding restrictions. a pasco county woman is facing battery charges after admitting to stabbing her boyfriend. port richey police say around 8:30, 51-year-old andrew glisic was found dead behind a family daughter store on ridge road. they found a stab wound in his back and while working the c case, 49-year-old angela garrett admitted to the officers that she stabbed him two days ago. more serious charges may be coming her way pending the results of an autopsy. two philadelphia police
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hurt overnight in a wild chase and shootout near the university of pennsylvania. officials say a gunman ambushed a police officer shooting her up to eight times before taking him -- for taking aim at the university of pennsylvania police officer. both of those officers thank goodness are in stable condition. the gunman then randomly ta targeted several people down a busy street before being shot and killed by police. a motive has not been released. the man accused of shootg truck has been convicted of second-degree murder and faces a minimum of 20 years in prison. matthew apperson claimed self-defense after he thought zimmerman flashed his gun at him last year. the bullet he fired missed zimmerman and was lodged in the truck's metal frame. the sentencing december 17. to the presidential politics now where hillary clinton's campaign is pro protesting what it calls donald trump's pattern of inciting
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the reaction come after comments he made at a campaign rally in miami last night. >> thing her body guards drop all weapons. they should disarm. i think they should disarm immediately, yes? yes. take their guns away. she doesn't want guns. take theirs -- let's see what happens to her. >> alcides: during in miami he said unless the castro regime meets certain demand, we reverse president obama's efforts to normalize relations with cuba. bad news for third party candidates. the commission says neither libertarian candidate gary johnson or green party jill stein have enough support in the polls to take part. they set a 13% threshold. johnson around 9%.
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and still ahead, we always want to ask how if a child or pet dies in a hot car. >> what one local expert says we can do to prevent a tragedy like that from happening again. the plot thickening for wells fargo bank and federal investigation into the com company's fraudulent sales brass. and at 9:09, starting to bring the heat. low 80s this morning and a bright way to get that health as you head out of the beach. light winds means that se coast fairly early today and i would expect only isolated spotty rain at the beach by midday in one or two spots. 81 in tampa. 78 in brooksville. the radar is quiet until at least 2 p.m. in most spots. storm chances today 40%. the further north you live by sunday will sneak in a little dry air. the weekend forecast and talk tropics three areas in the atlantic basin after the break. atlantic basin after the break.
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time now is 9:xx.. a time now is 9:xx.. a house financial services welcome back, time is 9 9:12. it a house financial service committee investigation into wells fargo for fraudulent sales practices. to testify at a hearing some time on monday. last week the bank agreed to pay a $185 million fine and refund $5 million in fees that were wrongly charged to customers. the bank also fired 5300 employees who opened fake accounts to meet sales goals. wells fargo has sin got rid of its sales goals for retail bankers. the justice department has
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investigation into the bank. the much-anticipated iphone 7 has finally been released. its base price of $649 has been helping apple's stock hit a new high, but some retail experts don't think the phone will sell as well as the iphone 6. as of right now, the iphone 7 plus is sold out in all colors while the iphone 7 is sold out in the popular jet black color. uber rider s in pittsburgh are getting a glimpse int a fleet of self-driving ford fusions now picking up uber riders who opted to participate in a test program there. the vehicles are loaded with features allowing them to navigate on their own. a engineer will sit in the driver's saturday. the first company in the u.s. to make self-driving cars available to the general pu public. >> that is carry and impressive at the same time. a virginia woman is hoping to change the skin care
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free products. laura ratliff makes skin care products for people with gluten intolerance. she started her business in september after selling about 80 items in seven weeks to people in her community. skin care experts say there aren't a lot of gluten free products on the market but she says she is up to the challenge of learning how to profe professionally create these products for others. what -- okay, i am just going to -- sorry, i don't put a lot of make-up o free. is that good for you i guess? >> i guess if you have all allergies -- >> alcides: oh, i guess. >> lindsay: a lot do have harmful chemicals so i get the natural thing. probably hard for her to come up with the combinations. >> alcides: i am sure. a look outside. it is getting hot. >> lindsay: it is getting hot and the heat index building into the mid up to ir80s at 9 a.m. in late september and i know at this point i am with you. we are ready if that cold fr front, we are ready for at
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don't have it for at least another couple of weeks. so in the meantime, we can do our summerlike activities which means getting in our dog walks early. 81 brooksdale bayshore with an east-northeast wind and hop over to lakeland where it started off gloomy. low clouds have scoured out. 79 with a light northeast wind as well. typically when we see a northeast wind over the next few months, that is the breeze we like to see. pulls in drier, cooler air and help to drag in tomorrow for some, but today, a warm morning with afternoon storms on deck. 80 in west choice. 81 in clearwater. fan it is a take beach day. 81 land o lakes. pop over to venice, the warm spot, 82 degrees even north port at 80 and you are basically at 80. frost proof at 78 degrees. with the humidity at 9 a.m. in late september, it feels like the upper 80s. so make sure your water bottles
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the dog's water bowls are filled as well. sky 10 radar is really quiet. only rain is a sprinkle at b best. 100 miles offshore as we have that light northeast flow. that, believe it or not is on the back side of tropical depression julia which is stuck and we hav been in this wind flow for two days. now with that that means inland rain north of tampa bay by 2 p.m. as the sea breeze moves inland at the same time, that is where our storms will gather and push south and west into the evening tonight. the stationary. you notice that. 30-mile-per-hour winds and on its track to losing some tropical characteristics. so we won't be talking about this much longer. meander east of the carolinas giving them a rip current risk but no rain. a moisture-starved system with some wind shear. we will see rain. by noon pretty dry. by 2:00 spotty storms. 6:00 scattered storms. hit 90 for our high.
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futurecast with the wind arrows, doing a good job. building to storms. dinnertime tonight somewhere near i-75 with the sea breeze. those storms pile up and push south and west. on sunday, drier air sneaks in tampa bay north. so the further south you live, the best rain chance for su sunday. we also have carl in an african disturbance in the tropics. karl moves west and may be a hurricane and may impact not the u.s. and glide to sea. why the traffic is busy no local impacts for us. scattered storms. a 40% chance afternoon and evening and those storms push south and west. spotty storms until 10:00. 77 for the overnight low and sunday, we may sneak in a little drier air and actually bump the rain chance in tampa north down to 30%. further south you live, well, see some storms. if you were boating an east wind becoming northwest at 5 to 10. more of a west wind with a 40%
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above-average highs near 90 thursday. >> alcides: thank you, lindsay. a tragedy that unfolds every summer here in south florida. an innocent child's life is lost in a hot car. each time happens it unleashes a firestorm of fury from parents who wonder how this can happen. >> anjuli: we sat down with a professor that spent the last 12 years researching that. >> reporter: for a parent's perspective the most precious possession in the car, children are forgotten and many killed by the time their loved ones ever notice they are missing. a bay area fire fighter was charged with manslaughter after leaving his 2-year-old in his car seat for hours. eventually leading to his death, but usf professor david diamond says there is a canines behind the fatal error. he says oftentimes the brain kicks into autopilot. >> it allows us to do something that we have done many times
9:19 am
we actually have a part of our brain, the basal ganglia that allows us to do is automatically. >> reporter: during this suppression of pro speculative memory, routine overrides out of the former rand. something as innocent as getting groceries on way home from work or as tragic as leaving a little one in the back seat of a car. >> they lose awareness that the sleeping child is in the back seat, so they go through a routine that they have done many when they get to their destination, because they have lost awareness of the child in the car, they exit the car, they go about their daily activities, completely unaware that the child is in their car. >> reporter: over his 12 years of studis, diamond said he has seen the tragedy touch families of all different demographics including doctors, lawyers, even teachers. he says before we shame anyone, you have to look at the science
9:20 am
>> being human means that we are flawed. anyone is capable of forgetting a child. >> anjuli: diamond recommends leaving something that will remind you of your little one, a toy, a stuffed animal, even the diaper bag. if your child is enrolled in day care, it is always a good idea to set up a policy with them to contact you if your child does not arrive within a certain window of time. good advice and so scary. heartbreaking. >> alcides: happening too often. after the break music some students' ears and others jealous. no homework. >> more on the educational trend making its way across the nation. you got to see this. incredible video captures a fiery crash in texas.
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time now is time right now is 9:23. a texas police officer is in critical condition this morning and another saved by body ar armor. >> anjuli: officials in fort worth say they were both shot answering a suicide call last night. police say when the officers arrived at home they found the man unresponsive with a a witness told them that somebody was in a shed in the back yard. the two officers were shot as they approached that shed. the officers fired back killing the shooter. and staying in texas, one person is dead after a fiery wrong-way crash in houston. early yesterday morning, a ford f-150 speeding down the hig highway.the wrong direction crashed into a kia altima. the car burst into flames and the kia flipped over a
9:24 am
witnesses helped pull the man from the burning truck. he was hospitalized with nonlife-threatening injuries. as of right now no charges have been filed. police are awaiting the ruts of a blood alcohol test. the governor of north carolina says the city of whatever lot will have to repeal its pro-lbgt ordinance before any actions are taken to revealing its controversial house bill too. that law has recently led to cancellations of concerts, sporting event and conventions that were to be hosted in north carolina. some republicans have calmed for week after the ncaa and atlantic coast conference removed their championship events from the state. you may remember the story of no homework from godly, texas. that is where a elementary school teacher sent a note home to the parents explaining that she thought it would be a good idea to not send home homework to students. >> anjuli: sounds great for the kids. >> alcides: great for the kids. >> anjuli: turns out in some
9:25 am
more of a reality. >> reporter: student at kelly elementary school in holyoke, massachusetts won't be using the excuse the dog ate my homework. that is because homework has been banned. >> now i don't have to stress and go home like i got three hours worth of homework. >> reporter: instead of homework, students spend two extra hours to improve grades at one of the lowest performing schools in the state. >> i cannot find a direct correlation between homework and student performance. >> reporter: anti-homework trend some schools say no to homework on weekends. other stopping it completely. godly texas, second-grade teacher brandy young will not assign any homework. her web site is inspiring other teachers to do the same. >> research has been unable to prove that homework improves students performance. >> reporter: no surprise that kids think their no homework policy is a good idea. >> i like it because we get to play outside and when we read books and go outside we learn about new things.
9:26 am
>> she is a pioneer. she is definitely on to something for sure. >> reporter: homework advocates say 10 minutes assignled for each grade level can help them learn. some warn too much can be detrimental. >> when kids are starting to hit that frustration point and starting to have temper tantrum and melt down as parents would report, we know they are doing too much homework. >> reporter: more than a century ago california made it briefly illegal to assign me those calling for a ban are not as extreme. in the case of one school they will assess the no homework policy at the end of the term to determine if it gets a passing grade. in new york, david lee miller, fox news. >> alcides: my kids would love it. >> anjuli: you can kind of understand. >> alcides: they come home and do three hours of homework. >> anjuli: that is a lot. >> alcides: it is a lot, yeah. a bizarre phone scam going on across south florida involving a hitman. while she is preparing for
9:27 am
show." >> lindsay: 9:26. fun in the sun with your plans this afternoon. get out early before the heat. 81 in st. petersburg. light east wind. not any rain to show ya. at the beach, slim, slim rain chance until that sea breeze pushes east by midday. pushes east by midday. a hot day, upper 80s today, technology is changing... lives are changing. and all those changes take energy. at duke energy, we're changing too, giving you new ways to control your power use and stay in the know... ...for smarter energy choices every day. so no matter how things change, we're always here ....
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and fresh guacamole made from scratch. get 24 meals for under four dollars. new at steak 'n shake! from tampa bay's number one news station, this is "good day tampa bay." >> good morning and thank you so much for joining us this saturday for ""good day tampa bay."" i am alcides segu. >> anjuli: i am anjuli davis. check with lindsay with the forecast. >> lindsay: you are good to go
9:30 am
bayshore, but where you struggled to scour out low clouds inland, likely more clouds for you. brookdale, bayshore look great. you can see where the clouds are moving and is actually off to the south-southwest. a light northeast wind means the beaches are busy because the sea breeze quickly pushes away from the beach. and that means a slim rain chance until midday. upper 70s in lakeland. 81 but feeling like the mid- to upper 80s from tampa to sarasota. and again sky tower radar showing hints of a light northeast wind with sprinkles offshore. and in terms of clouds and sun. what you obviously see is that swirl to the east of the carolinas. julia driving a northeast wind into our area. also going to drive in drier air tomorrow. while today's rain chance is 40%. i will bump it to 30% tampa north tomorrow. bottom line plenty of heat with storms today between 2 and 10 p.m. sun may be heavy and slow moving.
9:31 am
on sky tower. new this morning, police arrest a drunk driver who was traveling with a 6-year-old child in the back seat. troopers pulled over matthew gilburg after he was seen dancing at a red light in brooksville. the 33-year-old failed several sobriety tests. they ended up finding four bottles of 99-proof watermelon vodka, marijuana grinder and a pipe in his car. the a friend's daughter that gilbert was supposed to be watching. he was charged with child neglect and dui. searching for a group of liquor thieves. these three people stole alcohol from seven hills liquor earlier this month on mariner boulevard in spring hill. if you recognize them or know anything about this, you are asked to call the sheriff's office. a sarasota pastor personally thanked officers for saving his thrive week.
9:32 am
collapsed during a community meeting. this is video from that day. officers sprang into action giving him cpr while awaiting on an ambulance and perkins' heart started beating again. after some recovery, look at that. perkins visited the department on wednesday, and took several pictures and thanked the officers for saving his life. just into our newsroom, polk county deputies arrested a sc theft. fontela jovaham stole money from another board member's purse multiple times added up to more than $1,000. the victim decided to install a surveillance program on her computer to find out who was taking her money. was seen on video stealing another $8 from her purse. the 47-year-old who serves as the planning and assessment specialist was taken to the polk county jail being held on $1,000 bond.
9:33 am
phone scams before, people claiming to be police officers, even irs workers, but here is a new one for you. cape coral police say scammers are calling people pretending to be hitmen. very interesting. they tell the victims they have opinion paid too kill them. and are offering a chance to buy them off. the scammers then tell the victims to load money on a green dot card or do a wire transfer. police say scammers typically use fear to get people to cooperate, but this is no a new low. you can soon have a chance to improve a constitutional amendment restoring voting rights for nonviolent felons. did away with the restoration of civil rights eight years ago. supporters have enough signatures to trigger review from the florida supreme court who must approve the initiative for the 2018 ballot. right now offender have to wait five to seven years after the sentences to apply to get their
9:34 am
>> there are consequences for punishment and true enough, when you serve time inside of a prison, that is a consequence, but to be able to run back and still deal with the consequences of not voting, it's not right. >> anjuli: felons convicted of violent crimes such as murder will not be eligible. coming up after the break, how pets are making a huge
9:35 am
9:36 am
a non-profit organization a non-profit organization called "patriot paws service dogs" called "patriot paws service a nonprofit organization called patriots for service dogs is training dog for military vets. >> alcides: how the group is making a difference in the lives of american heroes. >> not getting dogs to --
9:37 am
at a time. >> reporter: saving lives with the help of her four-legged friends for more than a decade now. >> back in 2005, i met some disabled veterans at the dallas va and they were trying to train their own dogs and they asked for help. i have been training service dogs for years with another organization, and it just touched my heart. >> reporter: stevens, who had a veteran father and a son headed to his first deployment had a soft spotlight for those who served and she had the idea to start a nonprofit that trained service dogs veterans. >> i knew that dogs could make a difference in your life. >> reporter: laurie founded patriots paws in 2006 with four volunteers and no waiting list. >> we placed dogs with veterans from the world war ii. our oldest veterans a 89 when he got his dog. our youngest veteran was 22. >> reporter: more than 100 vets were in line to get a dog from a organization. >> a lot of veterans that need it now today. >> reporter: shortly after
9:38 am
realized how desperately many veterans really needed some support. >> we think of veterans. you take them out riding the motorcycles or doing something. never believe how many are locked in their houses that won't come out. those are the ones that called or e-mailed crying for our help each and every day. >> reporter: there have been some struggles along the way training the service dogs take two to five years. that is a long time for someone that face the world. >> there are truly nights that i go home and i worry about a veteran -- million to long -- well, what am i going to do about this guy. a long waiting list. >> while they wait, outreach coordinators check in with t them, invite them to events and have them volunteer at the facility. >> two years is a long time. get on the phone and call them. a want to see how the day is. sometimes between being barricaded and suicide is that we care. >> they have been a big veteran family.
9:39 am
age. >> hi, baby girl. are you ready to play. >> reporter: volunteer puppy razors and inmates at the department of justice help teach the puppies everything from confidence. >> good job. look what you can do. >> reporter: to tasks that make life a little easier for veterans with physical ailments and physical disorders. >> okay, go close it. >> i can't go up and down downstairs. he -- he goes -- i can't head below my heart. he picks anything up the ground, brings me my shoes. medication. taps me when i get stress and takes me out of situations. >> reporter: partnering with the state of texas they cut the cost of training dogs in half. it takes 35,000 to get each pup ready where sponsors, donations and volunteers come in >> the only expense to the veterans ever is for them to -- they have to commit to coming here for ten days for the
9:40 am
the veteran takes their new best friend home with them. >> no matter what you do, no matter what you have done, they don't care. they love you. >> reporter: that is when the healing truly begins. and once struggling veterans finally get a new leash on life. >> alcides: a fresh start. just a fresh start for them. >> my heart might explode. the cute puppy videos. so sweet. when we come inside smithsonian national museum of african american history. cover blown, the man behind this mustache when we come this mustache when we come back. . at 9:40, starting off our saturday morning pretty warm. we are at 81 degrees but we are dry for many hours. looking toward the beach. i think a great beach day is sky tower radar will stay nice and quiet until 2 p.m. even then the rains are mainly inland. the rain chances butch down on sunday with drier air.
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9:42 am
well i don't believe that's how you get things done in our country. it takes democrats and republicans working together. that's how we got health care for 8 million kids. rebuilt new york city after 9/11. and got the treaty cutting russia's nuclear arms. we've got to bring people together. that's how you solve problems and that's what
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time now is 9:xx a time now is 9:xx a judge has a judge has ruled that bobbi kristina brown was legally responsible for her death. gordon was a no show at a
9:44 am
second time when the ruling was made. after her death in july 2015, brown's estate sued gordon for wrongful death claiming that he abused and drug her. bobbi kristina was 22 years o old. earlier in the week donald trump's turn to share funny moments with "tonight show" host jimmy fall on. also getting a turn was hillary clinton. he was his recent poking one with clinton's bought with america. >> welcome, welcome, welcome, thank you so much, it is -- [ laughter ] -- great to have you here. let's talk about -- [ laughter ] -- let's talk about everything -- >> alcides: i love that the full interview will air monday night. after winning their first nhl -- or nl central title
9:45 am
since 2008, things are a little relaxed for the chicago cubs. during friday's game against the milwaukee brewers. the president of baseball operations thee xwro epstein donned a mustache and sat with the fans. halfway through the game the cover was flown. fans sent in hundreds of pictures of him on social me media. epstein is no stranger disguises though. in 2005 he left fenway park dressed in gorilla suit after resigning from the red sox. i love his shi >> lindsay: at least he is having fun with it. >> alcides: other, my god. that is great. i love it. >> lindsay: for the weekend, it is football season. baseball season, depending on what team you root for, depending on how your team is doing. you are doing something today. if you are outside, heating up. clouds building some. you will notice more of these into the lunchtime hours, and clearwater beach, i think beyond lunchtime, it will look
9:46 am
the beach meaning lowest rain chances are at the beach today. no great beach day because here we go. low 80s. 80 in frostproof. 80 in seebring. 81 in st. petersburg and sarasota. humidity factored in feels like 90 degrees. where it fall. couple weeks away. fall starts officially thursday but our first cold front that doesn't happen until late october. radar is quiet. we are waiting on a light northeast win which means as the sea breeze pushes inland and that northeast wind meets up with the sea breeze, that is where our showers and storms will develop starting north of the bay first. what is west of the way a few sprinkles. that's it. radar showing quiet start for those boating. low pressure is still tropical depression julia but not moving, and this low gradually losing tropical charact characteristics, but it will hang out in this area for a few more days giving this area a northeast wind today and part
9:47 am
this spells much-needed rain for the north east and spells some issues for a couple our game-day forecast. seminoles taking on louisville. huge game for us today at noon. my concern throughout the entire game are showers and embedded storms. watch for lightning delays. 82 at kickoff. the bulls are inside the dome. that is good because you have showers outside. 3:30 taking on syracuse and upstate new york. a warm change for them >> anjuli:'s gators. at the swamp 80 degrees for kickoff temps. julia, not a big deal giving us northeast wind. two other areas in the tropics neither one will impact our weather. let's point that out. karl is combating a upper low and wind shear and maintaining minimal tropical storm strength. this is new a new feature off of africa, an invest 96 l moving west-northwest showing
9:48 am
we have 11 named storms so far. the next name on the list is lisa. carl at 45-mile-per-hour winds moving west pretty quickly at 14. as wind shear drops, gradual strengthening into the early part of the week into a hurricane and this will stay east of the caribbean, the question is will it stay east of bermuda. that is what we are watching. stay east of the u.s. what moves in from the north and east rain chances today. clouding up lunchtime, 2 p.m. spotty rains building to storms on the sea breeze. keep an eye on sky tower for any evening plans. spotty storms lingering until 10 p.m. and that rain chance is 40%. mix of sun and clouds. 90 is above average. i know. warm this evening 77 with spotty storms. slow moving storms ending. rain chances down to 30% tomorrow. best moisture south of the bay. still a dry start to the day. 89 tomorrow. boating is good. we have an east wind that is light this morning. becoming northwest in the
9:49 am
with a 50% rains -- chance. fall leaves falling on thursday but still falling here. >> anjuli: thank you, lindsay. it has been an idea for more than 100 years but the national museum of african american history and culture is set to open its doors. >> located on the national mall just blocks away from the white house. fox news correspond end of the kristen fisher takes us inside. >> reporter: more than a century of a the discussion of the museum, the of african american history and culture opens their doors. the aim is to bring people together. >> in many ways we discovered that the african-american experience is the quintessential american experience. it is the experience that helped us understand our notions of optimism, with our notions of liberty, our notions of citizenship. rerealize this is a story for us all not just one community.
9:50 am
400,000-square-foot museum is on the national mall and a three-tier building featuring 370,000 square feet of bronze aluminum outer panels. >> this museum tries to fulfill the dreams of so many generations who believe that america would be made better if it understood, if it grappled with, if it immersed itself in the african-american expe experience. and i am so pleased to welcome you to this signature building. >> reporter: inside, visitors will be able to see some 3,000 artifacts within the 12 exhibitions on view, including a dress that rosa parks was making shortly before her 1955 arrest. michael jackson's famous fedora, a slave cabin and second degree congratulations railway car from the 1920s. >> the dream of this people has been a long time coming. what i hope peep personally take from this museum that american history is so much
9:51 am
so much more diversity and complexity and has so many amazingly powerful stories. >> ultimately this museum looks back. helps contextualize where we are but hints at what a future can be. can maybe even help us find reconciliation and healing. >> reporter: the space also includes an interactive, education and technology ce center, cafe, museum store, a contemplative court, and the oprah winfrey theater in contribution. in washington, kristen fisher, fox news. >> alcides: the national museum of african american history and culture officially opens in the nation's capitol on september 24. president obama plans to speak at that openinger is men knee. all right, a guiding it shall ceremony.
9:53 am
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. you are watching "good day tampa bay." awn >> anjuli: finally this hour a mayor miles tone for one of mark's first landmarks. >> alcides: the oldest li lighthouse boston light turned 300 years old. fox's blair miller has more. >> reporter: standing tall and
9:55 am
keepsake revered today on its 300th birthday. ? >>reporter: beyond the pomp and circumstance of a celebration, there is also the significance this lighthouse still has. we climb the 76 wrought iron steps where high above the harbor, the light still shines to the soft hum of the moater that rotates the cannedam powered light that can be seen for 27 miles. for 27 miles. manned operated today. >> the history of the li lighthouse is like our city. >> reporter: boston marty walsh said the lighthouse should remind all city leaders to preserve our history. >> we see a lot of great development happening in our city, but we don't want to lose that perspective hower. finding. >> reporter: people holding on
9:56 am
purpose. >> people think this is by a bygone. what happens if you lose that gps signal. then what. >> anjuli: the lighthouse is still in use helping to guide boats into boston harbor and right now no plans to change that. boating plans today -- >> alcides: i wish you could hear the conversations that happen during commercial breaks. >> lindsay: futurecast, any family barbecuela are cranking. build on the sea breeze. and the rain chance is about 40% today. as we head to the next seven days though, tomorrow a little drier air sneaking in tampa north. 30% rain chance and i know all good fun to fall leaves thursday. fall starts but summer is still here in a few more weeks. >> alcides: i can't believe 90 degrees and it is still fall. >> anjuli: depressing. >> alcides: that's tampa. >> anjuli: i am going to get a
9:57 am
you can keep up to date all the time by >> alcides: follow us on facebook and twitter. >> anjuli: have a great morning and see you tomorrow.
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