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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 430AM  FOX  September 19, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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an update on a florida missing child alert we brought you at the top of the hour. minutes ago... it was ?cancelled . three siblings went missing... but they are all apparently safe now and the case has been resolved. this happened in fernandina beach, just north of jacksonville. a developing story this morning in tampa: where a ?toddler has been shot and killed. it happened sunday at the clipper bay that's in the 67 hundred block of south lois avenue, just outside of macdill air force base. fox 13's shayla reaves in out there right now. shayla.. what are you
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get ready for a big debate tonight in st. petersburg: the top two candidates for florida's 13th congressional district are squaring off. it's democrat... and former florida governor.. .charlie crist... against republican david jolly, the incumbent. last month, jolly beat challenger mark bircher in the republican primary. crist ?skipped the primary because his opponent dropped out. the debate starts at seven p-m at the palladium theater. it's free admission but you'll need to get tickets from the theater ahead of time. and another politican is in town today. representative patrick murphy is set to visit a cuban
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on columbus drive. murphy will be joined by state representative "janet cruz." murphy is running against "marco rubio" for the u-s senate. the visit is set for around 1-30 this afternoon. if your gas tank is getting low... might want to fill up soon. gas prices are moving up ?sharply in the southeast. it comes after a key pipeline got a leak in alabama. some stations in georgia are even running ?out of gas. and several states have declared a fuel "state of emergency." ((more)) and this map you do ?not want to be driving in the atlanta area today. they have the highest prices in the entire southeast... by ?far. that dark orange means prices are about two ?forty a gallon... and some parts of the city are over 2-50. down here in tampa bay..we're still in the blue and green, average about two dollars a gallon. this morning in bradenton... a march to make a difference. manatee elementary school will host a "million father march." it's the beginning of a year long commitment from those
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education success. the fathers or guardians will pledge to play an active role in the education process. that includes volunteering, meeting with the teacher at least two times a year, and encouraging their children to do their best... every day. the event starts at 7-30 this morning. you've probably heard the saying... "good teachers are hard to find." well finding good "special education" teachers in hillsborough county... has become nearly impossible. but fox 13's laura moody met one county administrator who box, to help the kids no one seems to want to teach. the result... pure genius. :55 scott2:03 tiffany((open with nats of her reading to kids))0017xb.mxf 00:16:49;17 in the smallest salamander there is wonder to be found. it wasn't the path she set out on... but in a way, it's where she was always meant to be. ((nats continue)) 0017xb.mxf 00:16:43;25 a fish's joyful splashing... to see the way tiffany valdez is with these special ed students is to understand what it means to love. 003232.mxf 00:22:23;03 i was a foster parent for years so these special children have always been near and dear to my heart when i say it wasn't the path she intended, i mean she graduated from usf with a business degree- worked in the business world for years. she was a stay at home mom, then when it was time to get back to work-- this is where she really wanted to be. right here at citrus park elementary. teaching. exeptional ed kids. the most vulnerable and fastest-growing population of kids.
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((cover first bite with video)) 0035aa.mxf 00:31:30;09 that's 65 classrooms like tiffany's that don't have a teacher right now.0035aa.mxf 00:31:13;21 we get maybe one ese major for every 20-30 elementary ed. they are just not coming out in the numbers that we need. so dr. scott richman, supervisor of professional development with hillborough schools changed the rules. why turn qualified people with a degree who ?want to teach, like tiffany, away just because they didn't have the ?right degree? he is inviting anyone with a ba to teach and be certified by the hillsborough county school district for free through their path program. ((please cover one or the other with video))0035aa.mxf 00:27:33;05 you're not going back to school to get a second degree.. it could be science could be philosophy. 0035aa.mxf 00:31:46;28 try it see if you like it come out go vounteer in a classroom the hope is that there ?are people out there like tiffany who ?do want the job. the 2nd and 3rd graders in this emotional/behavioral class needed her, ?with her they have a fighting chance. 003232.mxf showing them success even though their behaviors might get in the way-- we can show them quick successes to help them stay on the right track. 003232.mxf 00:24:44;22 and then i can reinforce with a tic tac- laugh it's not an easy job and the district wants to prepare people for the world of special ed kids, so they start with the basics.003232.mxf 00:23:04;03 i went to the information session i thought okay i can do this. these are kids that need a lot of tlc and teachers with patience and dedication. they don't care where it comes from or what the diploma says- they need to trust, feel a connection. and if that's there... that's all that
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this is all through the hillsborough district's path program. you need a non- education bachelor's degree to start. there's an information session on wednesday. registration is at 5:45 pm. and again, there are 65 open positions. an auction in st. pete was 90 ?years in the making. it featured rare art from some of the masters, even picasso. this was all part of the estate of a prominent bay-area collector and art patron. there was 18th century furniture and an assembly of lithographs so rare, gallery staff members said they couldn't believe it: many of those pieces sold for ?half of what they would have gone for in a gallery ... if you missed the auction fear not, only
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half will hit the auction block next month. head to fox-13-news-dot-com for details. toss to weather...
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?ready for launch? well you're gonna have to wait a ?lot longer. the liftoff... that just got a ?long delay. and later this half hour: the biggest night of the year... in television. from the surprises... to the sure things. all the results from the emmys. ((walter but first, here's a look at last night's winning lottery numbers. winners in ?both the big jackpots over the weekend. someone in illinois won the 133 million dollar mega millions friday night and someone in georgia wo dollar powerball saturday night. good luck... and good day is back in less than
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the waiting game continues ... on the west coast. the latest atlas- five rocket launch, is now delayed.. until next ?week. the rocket was originally supposed to take off on friday carrying a new earth imaging satellite into space. but they found a ?leak in the propellant system. then... it got delayed again over the weekend, because of a wildfire near the vandenberg air base. and last night, the "united launch alliance" tweeted the launch is now pushed back
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and... if your kids like to doodle... why not do it for "google?" the web company just launched its annual drawing contest for school kids. here's a look at last year's winning doodle... from akilah johnson, a sophmore in washington, d-c. this year's theme is "what i see for the future." google will take submissions from kids in grade k thug their picture appear on the google homepage... and they'll get a 30 ?thousand dollar college scholarship.
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my sweethearts gone sayonara. this scarf all thats left to remem... what! she washed this like a month ago
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the time is now 4xxx... and heres a look at the top trending stories today and of course... it's the biggest night in television. the "emmys" took place last night. there were plenty of surprise winners throughout the night, but when it came to the night's ?final award.. it definitely ?wasn't a shocker: yup... "game of thrones" ruled again. it won top drama for the second year in a row. the show got 12 emmy's last night, and with this year's ?technical emmys... it has a total of 38. thats the most emmys won by a primetime show... in history.((more)) and here's a look at some of the night's other big winners. "veep" took home most of the top comedy awards... best show and best actress ?again for julia louis dreyfus. she actually won her ?sixth best acress emmy... breaking the all-time record. dreyfus thanked her
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days before the show. and there were all some surprises. best actress drama went to "tatiana maslany" from "orphan black." and best actor drama went to "rami malek" for "mister robot." if you have a peg leg or a parrot on your shoulder... this could be your day. after the break: where all you ?pirates can go... to plunder a free breakfast. plus... dave has another check on the
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a cool sight this morning in downtown tampa. a famous ship... is on the move! the "american victory" will be leaving its dock. it's one of only four "world
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the ship will leave it's dock near the florida aquarium around eight a-m... and head to dry docking at "tampa ship", which is just past harbor island. the repairs will last about a week. a big opportunity for job seekers today. the coliseum in st. petersburg is hosting the tampa bay job and career fair. it runs from ten a-m to three p-m. more than fifty employers will be on hand looking to fill jobs. including aflac, the pinellas county sheriffs office, and the university of tmapa it's free admission and free parking. jus today in hillsborough county... your pets have a new place to run around. it's a grand opening for the county's new dog park... "the northwest county dog park." here's an aerial view. it's in the 89 hundred block of waters avenue. this will be the county's ?sixth dog park... but the ?first one with artificial turf. it will also have agility training equipment including crawl tubes. they are also separte areas for large and
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ten. today in hernando county: the circus is in town! the "loomis brothers circus" is taking over the hernando county fairgrounds in brooksville. the production is in it's 18th year. and unlike "ringling brothers," loomis still has ?elephants in it's act... along with extreme sports stars. there are shows today and tomorrow. it starts at seven. and... all you scoundrels and wenches should head to your local krispy they're giving away a free glazed donut... to anyone who talks like a ?pirate. thats because it's international "talk like a pirate day." and if you ?dress like a pirate... the deal is even better. you get a free ?dozen glazed donuts. krispy kreme is also adding a custom snapchat filter, just for the occasion.
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and batten down the hatches! you can also celebrate "talk like a pirate day"... with a free ride... on a pirate taxi in downtown tampa today. you can get your ticket at the tampa convention center dock. just buy one and get one free... but you have to use that pirate accent. the
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((//2shot)) toss to dave... ((vanessa toss to shayla.... still ahead in the 5 a-m hour of good day: we are live in citrus county on the frantic search for two young children.. an amber alert was issued for the kids last night. and fox 13's shayla reaves is live in tampa... following a tragic
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i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. he's a race-baiting, xenophobic, religious bigot. donald trump is a phony, a fraud. he's not a serious adult. i can't vote for donald trump given the things that he said. trump should not be supported. i believe he's disqualified himself to be president.
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((walter a developing story in tampa.. a 17-month old is shot and killed.. the investigation is going on now. ((jen mayham in manhattan... explosives go off in the city... and overnight - a backpack full of explosives is found in new jersey.. ((walter and: taken by force.. there's an amber alert for two bay area children right now.. they are believed to be in danger. thanks for joining us. i'm walter allen((jen)) and i'm jen epstein. let's start off with a check of the forecast, with dave. (dave no closed captioning is


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