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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 4AM  FOX  September 20, 2016 4:00am-4:30am EDT

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((walter ahead this hour: a news alert... out of tampa. a plane makes an emergency landing. we have a live update... from frightened passengers. ((jen well worries... for people in polk county. a chemical company begins some ?toxic testing today. ((walter and... changes at channelside. a preview of what's coming... and whats ?going... in the downtown tampa shopping district. ((walter)) good morning..
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and we begin with a news alert. some "american airlines" passengers just had one scary landing... at tampa international. it had issues with the ?landing gear... fox 13's shayla reaves joins us now from the
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polk county sheriff grady judd calls it a "horrific" case of child abuse. and he says the man responsible, is finally behind bars. deputies arrested 28-year- old "shawn tucci" for the death of an 11 month old baby boy. they say he first told the child's mother he dropped the baby when he tripped and fell late friday
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returned home from work -- she found evidence of something more severe -- telling investigators there was lots of blood in the child's bouncy seat. at the hospital -- doctors discovered multiple cuts and burns on the baby-- along with bite marks and bruising. tucci is charged with aggravated child abuse. he was arrested in hillsborough county and will be transferred back to polk county later this week. also in polk county: some dramatic surveillance video from inside the circle k gas station on spirit lake road in winter haven. you can see an armed man point a gun at two store clerks as he demands money from the registers. the clerks cooperate... and the suspect got away with the cash. thankfully, no one was hurt. the suspect is described as a hispanic man... possibly in his thirties.
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jersey. one man is now in custody... in a hospital bed this morning... after a shootout with police. detectives believe "ahmad ra- hami" played a major role in the bombings, and he's already facing several serious charges. rahami is facing five counts of attempted murder of police officers. it's all tied to that shootout monday morning. the owner of a new jersey bar found him sleeping outside and called police. when officers arrived he tried to run and opened fire. he hit an officer in his bulletproof vest. hitting rahami. he was taken to the hospital. rahami is expected to face even more charges on the ?federal level. prosecutors linked him to a phone found on an un-detonated bomb in manhattan. even though there's no link right now between rahami and a foreign terror group... president obama stressed monday that the u-s will
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rahami's bail is set at more than five ?million dollars. he's a naturalized u-s citizen from afghanistan. he has a tentative court date scheduled for september 28th. this morning in polk county: an environmental firm will start testing the private wells of people who live near the mosaic plant in mulberry. they're worried about their water quality -- after mosaic admitted last week that more than 200- million gallons of radioactive water spilled into the aquifer.. when a sinkhole opened. fox 13's evan axelbank spoke to people who are anxiously awaiting those test results. evanwe have learned that 42 neighbors have taken up mosaic's offer to pay for testing of their wells.voone of those neighbors is melanea wood, who is only allowing her
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insisted that their tests have shown that the contaminated water has not moved beyond their property line.they are using pumps to get the water out.however, neighbors say it is hard to take them at their word because the company didn't even announce the spill until they learned there was going to be a news story... three weeks after it happened. the water at wood's home will be tested tomorrow morning.the company says they have also increased the number of monitoring wells, and that they've found nothing wrong. sot - jackie barron/mosaic 004941-51"we will capture it and turn around and use it in our own processing here, it will not go beyond our property line."sot - melanea wood/water tested tomorrow 001157-03"you would almost have to test our well every week for the next ten years and come back clean for us to believe it."vocontthe city of mulberry says they have quadrupled the amount of testing they are doing, and that they had no idea the spill happened until mosaic told them on thursday, three weeks laterlivethe dep has not responded to our requests for copies of the paperwork that
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today in pinellas county: more debate, over sewage discharge. the pinellas county legislative delegation is having a workshop to talk about the recent release of untreated sewage into tampa bay waters. it started back in august after heavy storms. and it continued a few weeks ago, when hurr flooding. the meeting is between three and five p-m at the fish and wildlife research institute on the campus of usf st. pete. and it's not just homeowners and beachgoers concerned about that wastewater runoff. local charter fishing companies who are worried about the damage that's been done to the fish. after hurricane hermine, sewage systems around tampa bay were overloaded. some cities said they had no other option than to pump millions of gallons of sewage -- raw and partially treated -- into
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businesses that depend on that inshore water. at least one local fishing charter say business has dropped about 30 percent... costing them up to 25 hundred dollars a ?week. captain "anthony corcella" of "pocket change inshore fishing" says when he does take customers out, he has to be very cautious about what fish they keep and what they toss back: the city of st. petersburg does have millions of dollars in permanent fixes in the budget. but those could take years. state senator jack latvala is calling for short term solutions in the meantime. and he's expected to reveal those solutions at today's meeting. ((jen what's ?next for the
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the developer hired by lightning owner jeff vinik... will unveil the future of the shopping center today. it should happen during "port tampa bay's" monthly board meeting. the plan could include a complete demolition of the plaza.. or just a ?portion of it, to open it up to the waterfront... and merge it with the tampa river walk. the mall opened in the early 2000's... but struggled in recent years. this is all part of a huge redevelopment of the channel district. officials plan to break ground on it, late next year.((more)) part of the channelside redevelopment plan includes replacing several ?other existing structures. and we learned monday, that includes the popular "fergs live" bar, right across from amalie arena. the business is expected to be replaced with a new restaurant and office building. it's not clear what will happen to "fergs." we reached out to the company monday to see if they plan to relocate. we're still waiting on a response. but if the bar ?does close... it could be several ?years away. ahead this half hour:
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baseball players in florida. and he hasn't even played a game. a look at tim tebow's big debut... with the new york mets. and after the break: another typhoon... terrorizing the other side of the world. the country now covered in floods.
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another typhoon is ?slamming parts of asia this morning. the typhoon hit a few hours ago, causing widespread flooding and landslides in japan. thousands of homes and businesses are waking up without power. but thankfully there are ?no reports of deaths or serious injuries. another ?much
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time to talk some sports this morning. and we begin... with monday night football. and it was a big blow for the chicago bears last night. not only did they lose the game... they also lost their quarterback. chicago was hosting the philadelphia eagles in the bears home opener. it didn't start out so bad for chicago. they were only down 3-nothing in the second quarter, when quarterback jay yard bomb to alshon jeffery. they would later take the lead with a rushing touchdown. but philly's rookie q-b "carson wentz" was the real star of the night. he tossed two touchdown passes and set up a few field goals. things got real bad for the bears in the third quarter though. cutler getes sacked, the ball comes loose. the eagles recover... and cutler lands on his ?hand. he would later leave the game with a thumb injury and was
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he'll get an update from the doctor later today. eagles win the game... 29 to 14. ready for another running of the bulls? the u-s-f football team is off to its best years. they've now won their first three games. could be the biggest challenge of them all. that's because they're playing florida state this saturday at raymond james stadium. usf coach willie taggart will talk about the big game during his weekly news conference later today. but f-s-u coach jimbo fisher had ?his media day on monday. and boy did he have a lot to talk about it. he spoke for more than 35 minutes... answering every single question. of course the focus was on last weekend's 43
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louisville. fisher stressed the importance of moving on and correcting mistakes. and it could be bad news for u-s-f. they will be facing a very ?angry florida state team... looking to make a statement: and.... "tebow time" has
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tebow took to the field monday in port st. lucie for his first workout with the new york mets. he's playing with their fall instructional league. normally, these leagues are done without much fanfare, but not when tebow is around. hundreds of fans were there to cheer him on, along with ?dozens of journalists. tebow says he's just glad to have a chance to prove himself in the three week camp. he got a 100 ?thousand dollar signing bonus... and it looks like the mets are ?already cashing in. tebow's jersey is now the ?top selling item on the mets fan fear site. the ability to sell his gear was actually part of the contract. when we come back, i'll have another check on your tuesday forecast. plus: the head of one of the largest banks in america... is now taking the blame. later today... the chief of "wells fargo" heads to washington... to deal with
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making headlines across america: an oklahoma family is calling for justice... after another deadly police shooting... of an unarmed black man. and police have just released dash- cam video showing that man... with his hands apparently raised in the air. that's "terence crutcher" with the arms raised. but
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his hands or obey their commands after they found him and his stalled car in the middle of a road friday night. one officer tased him -- while another fired her gun... killing the 40-year old father of four. the tulsa police chief called the footage "disturbing"... and asked the justice department to review the case. the chief executive of wells fargo is heading to washington today... to answer some tough questions from lawmakers. the senate banking committee wants "john stumpf" to explain the scandal that rocked his company in recent weeks. wells fargo is accused of ?million fake bank accounts and selling customer data. in a prepared statement, stumpf is expected to take full responsibility for the scandal. more than five ?thousand employees have already been fired, and the company also reached a 185 million dollar settlement with regulators. a rare appearance monday in havana, cuba... from former leader fidel castro. he and his brother raul held a meeting with the president of iran. the meeting only lasted one day. cuba's state media agency says they
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it's now been about ten ?years since he stepped down as cuba's president... letting his brother take over. and... this could be one of the ?biggest endorsements yet for hillary clinton. if it's true. former republican president george h.w. bush is planning to vote ?democrat this november. that's according to "kathleen kennedy townsend," daughter of the late robert f. kennedy. she just met with president bush, and posted this picture to her facebook page monday. the pr not confirming it. they say his vote will be ?private... just like everyone else's. still ahead: one of the most talked about races... this november. but it's not for the white house... it's for a ?district right here in the bay area. highlights from the crist, jolly debate - next. plus... fox 13's shayla reaves is following a news alert out
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a news alert right now out of tampa. some "american airlines" passengers just had an emergency landing... at t-i-a. it had issues with the ?landing gear... fox 13's shayla reaves joins us now from the airport... with the latest.


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