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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 9AM  FOX  September 20, 2016 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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no town in america is immune from terrorism no town in america is immune from terrorism any more. the reality sets in about the weekend bombings a we more about the suspect. and this is isn't just any t-shirt. it's a shirt with a message to help women through a tough time and we'll explain. and good tuesday morning i'm laura moody. i'm russell rhodes outside with dave. you feeling better, we sweetie in much better. >> yeah. thank you. you know what, it's a not unpleasant outside today. >> it's a couple of degrees cooler. >> the thing today that we have though is with the on shore wind flow we've had showers pop up
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this is one hang out through hernando county. now into pasco county. so around darby area getting ready to rain also if this holds together mrasdz like sandy will get wet right there at 75 and 52. that shower moving south and east. another one too, near tarpon springs at the holiday along 19. thour near town 'n country all bee light continues. thing we will push everything in on this high temperatures get back to around that 90-degree mark. vanessa. all right thanks, dave. >> it's 9:01 right now. we do some slow downs right now on i-4 in two separate spots we will start off crash we're seeing in polk county. and this a live camera look. a little bit to the west of the crash. this is reported closer to mile marker 42. this is 41.3. so closer to the polk county parkway is where this shot is traffic is stacking up closer to
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a crash with a right lane blocked. so we have some delays back towards the polk county parkway plan a few extra minutes or better yet if you can possibly avoid area it's easy to do so. i wouldn'ted do that. >> here's other crash wee following westbound iefshgs-4 in eastern hillsborough county. westbound direction branch forbes road a left lane blocked. we're starting to get delay back towards area buck man highway. yet another area to plan extra time or avoid if you can. all right, you. a scare situation from overnight. plane from fine is had to make an emergency landing in tampa. thankly no one is hurt. fox 13's shayla reeves is at the airport to talk about it. these passengers feel like they are pretty lucky this morning, right? >> yes. fortunately, everyone made it out okay. but a few scary moments for some of the passengers on board. some of them were emotional as they described the events unfolding as flight 574 prepared
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phoenix, arizona. right now you're looking some video shortly after arrival. also video capture aboard the plane by one the passengers as that plane prepared to land. we learned from one of the passengers that roughly 5 miles away from tampa international airport, that passenger described feeling what they called a rumbling on the aircraft. and a short time later, they described seeing a concern on the faces of the flight attendants, and at some point he himself became concerned also. we're told the pilot came over the loud speaker and said "we have a problem with the left main landing gear, however, we will make a landing, listen to your flight attendants. we're told plane actually circled around for several minutes before ultimately landing in tampa at some point
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brace, brace, brace. he kept saying that over and over and over again according to the passenger. and fortunately they were able to make a landing and everyone made it out okay. some saying there was applause on aircraft as it landed here at tampa international airport. american airlines did respond to our request for comment they did have some sort indicator light in cockpit that signal shortly before landing they being review by may not mens team all 146 passengers on board are okay. of course we'll follow and keep you posted if you learn any new details. guys back to you. talented pilot, thank you, shayla. >> a suspect is now in custody. and we're learning more about the man accused of a plan planting bombs all over the new jersey and new york areas this weekend. >> joel waldman has more for us. the suspect in bombing in
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is now charged with attempted murder after allegedly shooting police officers. >> more the malicious only change i've seen more mature. those that knew suspect say they are shocked by his arrest in connection with bombs planted in new york city and new jersey. >> knew growing up. hanging out with brothers, he was around. >> afghanistan born man grew up in elizabeth new jersey where more bombs were found sunday night. the family is well known in the community. >> never really thought this would ever happen. because they are releasing like that type of people. police found him sleeping in bar in lyndon, gentlemen nerissa monday morning. they captured him after shoot out which injured two officers, one who is hit in his police vest. very quiet town. but again no town in america is immune from terrorism any more. authorities say he's also responsible for an explosion in seaside park new jersey earlier saturday.
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believe this was an got terror suspect recently traveled to afghanistan and pakistan, he has no known ties to terror groups. >> i have no indication there's a cell operating in the area in or city investigation into bombing is still ongoing while federal charges against him are expected. in new york, joel waldman, fox news. now, while national security was a big deal before this weekend's bombings, it's now many voters. hillary clinton portrayed herself a strong and calm during times of crisis. donald trump as the one who won't stop more attacks from happening. for both candidates, this could well be a game changer in this race. because of that we needed to bring in our political editor craig patrick to talk about this. and host money, power & politics and politics here on fox 13. >> craig, good morning. good morning, russell how are you? i'm good. thank you.
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sake one could say hillary clinton is the insider, donald trump is the outsider. does this, what happened over the weekend, help or hurt either one of them? >> i think it can bolster bases of both candidates and cuts both ways to hillary clinton if you look on polling now ho who do you trust more on issues of terrorism and national security. hillary clinton has a slight edge in all of the polling that i've seen, so it would stand to attack of some form, then she might benefit from this in the polls that follow. on the other hand you have donald trump who represents an outsider with growing concerns about the administration and it's approach to terrorism, voters will way wait a minute it's not working and you also have polling showing majority of people want a new type of leadership in the change the direction with that got to work
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with this i think he can be a bit of a wash for now. lgz come up in first debate. i think that will be the point in race. >> i want to ask you about being on campaign trail during a crisis like this. i would, i would imagine that both of them are feeling we have to act presidential. but we also have to campaign. that's got to be a hard line to walk. >> it is. tell them don't take bait stay on message, stay on message. act cool and calm and collected. and i think that that may be a bigger challenge of course for donald trump then for hillary clinton. because he has a tendency to go off script. but what we've seen for past several weeks, at least for past four weeks, is that he shown remarkable discipline, though we have seen some drift from trump over the passing couple of days. so where do we go from here with campaign?
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that national security terrorism, probably have gone up on the list for a lot of folks. does that become a big part of the debate on monday night and of the campaign moving forward? >> absolutely. nbc news released a list of topics and security will be one of the top 3. also is it is noted that will respond to developments in moment. so bet terrorism still front and center that will be focus of the first debate. in terms of how they trump versus quinn:i think it will be not necessarily the biggest moment in the race, i think that second and third debate may have to biggest impact. but how they address the war on terror destroying isis, even though this their may not direct connection here you have lone wolf and others who encouraged by isis. how do you address that in united states. that be will i think the driving issue come monday. interesting i think.
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you know, i think our numbers are pretty short on things like that most of us want to block tout of our minds it did come front and the center over weekend when we started seeing all of this. and we are worried about terrorism again. aren't we? >> yeah. and now we will have huge impact on the ranks. i think more so in florida we've seen studies on this by nielsen and others that relative to other places, floridians tend to carefully and closely follow current news cycle. and therefore, maybe more apt to change their perspective in matters politics and candidates based on what they are seeing in the vote. so yes, key moment in the race. all right. hey. see you when you get here, okay? >> thank you so much. >> thanks, craig. it is 9:10 now. nations large retailer trying to become nation's large retailer online too. walmart says that they have just completed a deal to buy
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their instagram page. doug million millan says one fast growing and most innovative commerce in country. walt matter bring newer young affluent customers through working 9 to 5 ? ? ? ? what a way to make a living ? ? ? ? >> remember that? classic movie. song about days gone by no one just not done. >> and maybe that's not such a bad thing. fox 13 walter allen is here now why typical workday is disappearing and what we can expect in future. good morning to you we're not just talking about shift workers wee not talking about shift workers at all we're talking about salaried employees who can get job done on their own schedule a lot companies according boom beggar still stuck in 9 to 5 rut. thinking you need to be at the office, even though your work is
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though you are definitely not worn morning person flexibility is name of the game. that's why black beggar says gain and retain quality workers. people who know what works best for them, what schedules some studies say businesses loss up to $2,000 a year on lack of productivity from employees because of their schedules saying, work schedule behinders people peak performance time. some people like the early morning hours. and would love to be in six or 17 in m the yet others they are better in the afternoons they come in later. more than half of employees say flexibility is extremely important to them and the quality of their lives. so why don't more jobs offer flexibility? well, some of those things change difficult for some to grasp with more studies linking better productivity with fewer hours, the change might be coming sooner rather than later. >> what do you think? any changes in our schedule? i don't think so. no, no getting out of that for
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we'll take it. i can ask. we can skytower radar. yeah always that. good day. good day from 8 to noon. i think, i think that would, let's try that one. >> hey coming up not even a pro yet. but they are already selling out of his jersey. we're talking about tim tee bo and baseball. and still ahead the silent tragedy no one talks about. how this 14ir9 could change all of th then their charley belcher way out in polk county somewhere. pasco. pasco or polk county? no i'm in polk county. i'm in lakeland i am still technically in lakeland. sorry. not most flattering shot i'm sure. but i'm still trying to i want to become friends with these biggs so bad i'm trying to bribe them with grapes. you got a camel. why did you need a pig? i don't know. i just want everything to like
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we're so. that's my problem. we're so insecure. my problem with twitter. i want everybody to like me. all right. anybody. that's whole other subject. here piggies come on. these pot belly pigs. oh. good. okay we're going to make friends. when we come back talking about enrichment from like this about to pumpkin season. we will talk pumpkin safari that will be happening out here. stick around everybody, that was the pig not i wasn't anywhere near that pig when that happened. stick around everybody. let's all have a good day tampa
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g, so we changed that law. to ensure these families get the benefits they are entitled to and the honor they deserve. dana young has our back and she has yours. dana young for the florida senate.
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look! there it is. a replica mets jersey look. dave o. what is that? what that is? >> a replica jersey with tim tebow's name on it. oh boy. photo take spring training complex if port st. lucie that's where tim is golf cart filled with tebow jerseys headed into complex you can also get it online and like with all of tebows team jerseys it was the top seller on monday according to >> now, from what we've learned normally team is not normally allowed to sell merchandise of a player until player makes the pros. but when he signed with the mets he ralphs signed what they call a bridge agreement. with majestic athletic as well. allowing them to sell merchandise with his majestic, of course, the official apparel of mlb. >> so, this is at all surprising
9:18 am
selling collegiate jerseys of all time his pro jerseys all of them belong could patriots, jets and eagle all frequently made best selling list. >> you know, they gave him $100,000 bonus. mets will make that back in gear and then some. we love that kid. not kid any more. you know what i mean we love him and continue to love hmm think we just want him to succeed. i know. we'll see what happens. some at bats and get reps in he's destined for greatness. something great is going to happen with this guy he predict. not oh baseball field it will be somewhere else 82 our degrees our temperature outside right now this morning believe it or not couple degrees cooler then yesterday. at the same time we also have a couple of tropical downpours that we hav to show you. there's one. it looks like finally beginning fall apart.
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darby. quick shower moving through area. i do think san antonio, you will get shower activity from that. now here's another one, moved on shore right around dunedin area. not for long but that shower will be working east and we'll see if that holds together and make it into clearwater area or the safety harbor area if you will over the next 20 minutes or so. so in general a couple coastal showers right along the beaches. and they are going to start to shift inland for the lower 80s along the coast. upper 70s inland right now. i think we top off with that temperature very close to 90 again today. the best rain chances will then move further inland later today. tonight warm, and stuffy with low of 77. and tomorrow scattered clouds starts moving inland your high temperature closer close to 89. in next 7 days, really not huge difference. 30 to 40 percent. rain chances, highs near 90.
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that's exactly where we should be. >> all right sounds good. thanks, dave. >> about to switch over to 9:20. we will check out trying to get an update here west bound i-4 crash we mentioned in last report looks like not taking up left lane any more and now left shoulder. you can see however lots of delays we're still dealing with through the area. >> we do have those back ups still kind of get back towards buck man highway. good news is with the lighter volumes on roadway we'res well out of rush hour. delays are going to be just so plan for 20 minutes to get from buck buck man to i-4 westbound 23 minutes moderate congestion here southbound stwo 5 from 75 to i-4 all clear northbound 75 and southbound for that matter. all right. vanessa, thank you. no doubt if you spent any time at all online you've seen memes pop up similar to this one, right people expressing there disappointment with the current candidates for president. well don't worry, we've got a
9:21 am
it's take the ever important bay area the i-4 corridor by storm. shall we say winter jen epstein is clearwater aquarium and it's winter for president, right? it sure is winter for president. and, take a listen to these slogans how about this one, i'm for winter, make america cute again you can't shows slogans i've hanging all morning long with two candidates vun for vice-president this more than winter the dolphin. here she is right now. winter, what are the key issues that you want to address in this campaign? >> hope, you're going to take it hope, her bff is also part of her campaign. she's running for vice-president. we have the two young ladies with us this morning. having some breakfast. they are going over their debate strategy. do you know how many votes you
9:22 am
almost 236,000. it's all about food this morning. but i will tell you about their key issues. this is really cute campaign they have going at the clearwater marine aquarium. kicked off about a month ago. and since then, as i mentioned 235,645 votes. that's how many they have and votes keep counting up. now you can vote ten times a day anyone from anywhere. any age vote day. this is important part, now it's also, you know for the fun they want to keep it positive. they they are sick trump and clinton's campaign all of this mud slinging and all of this negativity. so they want to keep it positive. they started their own campaign and 3 r party which ris rescue, rehab. they are push for meatless monday they want people to take
9:23 am
free diet at least for one day. and they support veterans they support differently abled kids they support unlimited fun. definitely something laura moody i can get behind. if & if the clearwater marine acquire sxum winter the dolphin get one million votes, there's a special sponsor out there who was going to fly a very sick woman a 21-year-old woman from indiana down to visit winter the dofl fin in clearwater. she's be here a couple times. she just recen kidney transplant. she feels like she's totally inspireded by winter her healing process can really begin if she can meet winter the follow din. million votes a little less than 800,000 to go. we're only month into this campaign. how can you not vot for thee two ladies? i know. i know they got my vote. yeah. clearly tongue in cheek. but a good idea just the same. all right jen, thank you.
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>> coming up, charley is headed into the wilderness. king julien. he appetites. even a small one can throw you off your game. and they only get bigger as time goes on. serve foster farms, a corn dog with 7 grams of protein makes a big appetite go away.
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move it. lemurs are playing your song. okay. and there go lemurs. oh my gosh it's like wild kingdom in here. good day tampa bay we're hanging out lemurs. i love mad gar scar references that's where these animals are from. oh i touched his teeth. that's weird. sorry. good day tampa bay. that was a very loud peacock over there. hey wrong network.
9:27 am
no i said get out of here. fox. >> good day tampa bay. charley belcher coming to you from safari irldness in lakeland emily is here to tell bus beautiful lemurs and why we've got some pumpkins around. part experience you can feed lemurs. absolutely. we have a feed a lemur experience where you get to come in like charley are i are doing. do not we don't touch lemurs a lemurs touch us. >> you grabbed my hand it feels like a soft littl does. they have so the tactile pads they are great. so polite. even this little baby right here. hi. >> and so, what we've got coming up office pumpkin safari. that's why we've got pumpkin and made little box we put grapes in no nobody seems interested in yet. tell me about pumpkin safari. an event we will have out here every saturday. and sunday. in october. from 1:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. we'll have safaris going out on
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those amazing herd animals we were talking about earlier this morning. and you'll also get a chance to make some enrichment for our animals. that's what this fox 13 logo on pumpkin on other. exactly. for people who don't understand what enrichment? enitchment a fans way of saying new or novel for critters to explore. whether that's a box with some treats in it that you can see they are kind of interested in. maybe a little scared of. we also have pumpkins for them. and every safari includes one free pumpkin. you can either carve that here and leave if for our critters to explore and have good time with. oh my gosh he just popped out. exactly. oh. we've got one in the cord. bite that cord we'll go off the air. hey look peacock. you get out of here peacock. peacocks whatever we do, peacock always tries to top it. yeah. yeah. see you at pep rally on friday.
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anyway, any extra charge for pumpkin safaris actually, available at special discounted rate through groupon. so if you check out groupon you can find, look at that tickets up to 52 percent off. so, look a them taking the grapes. so cute. no it's so cute. i love it. i love it. yeah. things like this are what you can expect to see. nice at the pumpkin safari. russell it's safari irldness. something going on here all time great space to have wedding oh are a party or look another all around one one fig all figured it out. cute. they are trying to eat pumpkin. hi. you lemurs good? doing great some so russell always fun place to explore out here really not far off i-4 at all. following program is brought in living color. all i can think of right now. get out of here you peacock. see you, man. take care. be safe coming home. one of our favorite actors is saying good-bye to hollywood.
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((laura/wipe vo)) muscular dystrophy is a welcome back. it's 9 clo 32. muscular dies stroe of a horrible and fatal disease. but now, the fda has approved a drug that might give patients at least a little bit of hope. >> dr. joette giovinco is joining us now to talk about it good morning, dr. jo. good morning. let's talk about what muscular
9:33 am
to body. it's their a genetic abnormality in these children and adults. what happens is those muscle fibers that help, you know us to walk and to breathe and our heart to pump, they start to degenerate because there's abnormal protein that's formed because of misinformation from what's coded in the genes or that blueprint. and so that's how it affects these people. but it's different in different people. in fact muscular dystrophy may have up to 30 different jekt genetic disorders. did you shane's muscular dystrophy. that is what drug is targeted sub population of those individuals. >> and so we want to be clear too, this is no the a cure. no is not a cure. so what's doing is kind of tricking the body to not produce that abnormal protein. called skipping over that portion of the genetic
9:34 am
made or is made and it's defective. and so what that does then it tries to strengthen muscle or decrease that degeneration. it doesn't completely eliminate it so it makes it a milder case. and so if so milder case these people survive for longer periods of time. right now, they tend to a succumb to their illness somewhere in 20s or 30s. that's terrible. >> yes. and it seems that you know in this report there's not criminal evidence that this actually works. so why approve it? it's because there's nothing else. once again it's consider ad terminal illness. so there was really, there wasn't a proven clinical benefit anecdotal information that it might be helping 14 percent. so that's why the fda has anew provision that allows them to accelerate that approval. but laura they will have to continue to study this drug post market. and if they find in anyway, shape or form that it's not
9:35 am
issue, they could have you know the ability to a pull it. >> but even if there's a small chance for hope hope just same they are not planning oh stopping a lot more coming down pipeline. there really is when i was telling aabnormality in this one it's called exxon skipping you're looking a exxon number 51. we have a little graph for you to see. but that's only 13 percent of the did you shane. so 13 percent of 50 percent of all muscular dystrophy case left all of those different types exxon skipping different numbers associated with them. in pipeline are drugs for each one which them only 20 percent don't involve that exxon skipping so down pipeline we can see 80 percent of these individuals have drugs to help them. but i will tell you there's even more stuff coming behind that. there interdisappearance rna,
9:36 am
to them in the future. all right. tank you, dr. jo. thanks lawyer laura. strg information. 9:thith right now a polk county softball coach will not be filling out a line up any time soon. instead, she is under arrest. she's accused of a theft. ken suarez is polk county for us. kenny, give us up to spieth speed on this. >> you know certainly good morning for most of not for softball coach h accused dipping into till taking money meant for kids she weathers supposed to be coaching. now her name kaelin. she's charged with three felonies including perjury and grand sheft. if she is convicted sheiked actually get prison time detectives say he took three checks totaling $700 supposed to be deposited in her team's account. name of her team is dirt devils. instead they say thee put them into her own account and mid florida credit union checks were peaked out to team but investigators say she used white
9:37 am
then she wrote in her own name. and the deposited them, and some response to her arrest yesterday polk county school district issued this statement, allegations against this employee are troubling many residents and businesses support our schools atmosphere let scopic academic programs. school district is grateful for the generosity of the community, and any misuse resources is unacceptable. now she says she didn't steal anything she used that money to buy equipment for the but, investigators checked around they couldn't foond any equipment. she can certainly tell that to the judge. her first appearance before a judge is 1 o'clock this afternoon. inn bartow. russell. all right ken, thank you. you going outside? i was outside for a little while. how does it feel through out? remember we have an air conditioners on us. we do. >> but it doesn't seem as it didn't seem as sweltering a humid to me today as yesterday. but i could be completely out of
9:38 am
let's get over to expert. shall we? there it is. it called cool zone. the breeze blowing the blessed it's a blessed creation i'll say that this morningdid you know you can attach a hose to it? and this will spritz the water out. you know, because we'll get soaked. and we'll head shirt. i don't know if you noticed but being ken swaur live shot it had to be facing west. right from where he was in polk county. i want you to tee that we've got couple of pretty hefty showers, some of them right along immediate coast. other once right along i-75. in pasco county as we get this moisture to work its way on shore. i don't know what it is but people do live shots looking background at the weather. highway 52 and 75, while this is not a tremendous amount of rain
9:39 am
down there along i-75. and even though this is weakening i think at least some of that lighter rain does make its way into dade city. also off to the southwest of that, southwest of 5 a junction, i got a heavy injury shower now getting ready to cross over the veterans, how dunedin and safety harbor that's pretty strong shower moving southeast ward as well. one little shower sitting near town 'n country just to west of town 'n country sitting there fo we're getting rid of these little tiny showers popping up everything shifts inland for the afternoon. so really coastal areas you're best bet for shower is over the next few hours. we do have tropical storm karl. tropical depression number 13 which by the way is going to become tropical storm lisa. neither of these are going to impact the lower 48. karl's got shot bermuda by saturday. but even that looks like it may state of off to east of that
9:40 am
that's good. hey. can develop all storms all day long as long they say out to sea. 90 degrees rain chances moving n inland this after. warm tonight 77 do it all over again tomorrow with high temperature of 89 degrees. it really keeping rain chances between 30 and 40 percent right through this upcoming weekend. fall technically begins at 10:21 on thursday. but you know for us, guess what, a couple more weeks at least. okay. thank you, dave. big glass and even beiger scares, falls new fall season continues tonight we're bringing frightening and the funny. say so long to chris pratt. what? say it ain't so. why the actor is disappearing from hollywood for the
9:41 am
introducing carrabba's new family bundles. choose one of six favorites plus a large salad to make a carry-out dinner for the whole family starting at $34.99. carrabba's. this is how you do italian. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. donald trump says he alone can fix the problems we face. well i don't believe that's how you get things done in our country. it takes democrats and republicans working together. that's how we got health care for 8 million kids. rebuilt new york city after 9/11. and got the treaty cutting russia's nuclear arms.
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might be stumbling a little bit, but personally we will get to intreb intreb celebrity news a profession will career might be stumbling a little bit right now. but personally ryan lochte has already won seemingly so. during interview with people magazine lochte told them he's doing great. that's because of love and support from his girlfriend kayla reid. he also said they recently moved in together. ryan commented his mom is really worried about him and won't stop calling. but he says no matter what happens in public he says that he's got two great women side. listen to this, sounds like we're not going seeing very much actor chris pratt for a while. yeah, he said he's taking six months off. you know what is understandable. he's made three movies back to back, to back and on road for 14 months. so atold his agent it is family time for while he needs to be able to hug his little boy and down time with his wife actress anna farris. and pratt has of course that
9:45 am
teater this is friday. the 23rd. it looks good too. all right 9:44. you know finally here fox's fall line up having premiers this week. and adam housley sat down with some of the stars to talk about the new season. >> today is day aforever change. are you finally growing a mustache? fox tv tuesday nightline up filled with familiar faces a brooklyn 999 new girl and scream queens kicks off the new season. >> i want you to enroll as medical and can work in hospital season 2 three years later and i run a hospital. and i bring the that sha nelles in to work the my hospital and i hire john stamos and taylor lautner as surgeons. so nice of your mom to get us this trip. it's fun being cc marrieded to smith is super fun.
9:46 am
supportive, enthusiastic husband in the world. which is hysterical to watch. andy teases us about an upcoming hour-long cross over with new girl. going to comingling in both directions, i think. it's going to be like mr. smith virus and matrix infected the real world. viewer should expect plot twisz on comedies. you're going to see us having to work a night shift. new captain who is pretty much the opposite to captain holden every way. this season we can just do other stuff not like but i love you but i don't know. so they are doing normal married couple stuff. they are house hunting. on scream queens newcomer taylor lautner john stay moss feel like miers year medical students. hardest part paying doctor. you think i would have remembered done okay.
9:47 am
yeah you've had experience. i had big line last night. i wrote a big sign. trying to read it. even then i got it wrong during power internet anyone can an md. in hollywood fox news p.m. i'm intrigued. still to come, t-shirt with a message. but might not be what you think.
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come into steak 'n shake for hand-dipped milkshakes. better yet, come into steak 'n shake for hand-dipped milkshakes at half price during half-price happier hour, weekdays, now two to five at steak 'n shake. new at steak 'n shake! 24 meals under four dollars. with handcrafted steakburgers, all-beef footlongs and fresh guacamole made from scratch. get 24 meals for under four dollars. new at steak 'n shake! ??
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ited states postal service to get it there. because when you ship with us, your business becomes our business. that's why we make more ecommerce deliveries to homes than anyone else in the country. the united states postal service. priority: you ((laura/take vo)) for many
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for many women a baby bump is badge of honor represents a life growing inside you and human about to join the world. but there are an another group of women who see pregnancy and reminded of pain. 25 percent of women will suffer a miscarriage. but still, the topic seem taboo. but an actress is hoping to put an end to that. ashley williams best known for her work on how out bet your mother. and she recently wrote a post about having a miscarriage while walking through the grocery store. she had her two-year-old on her hip at the time. she noticed blood running down her leg. >> she said after her miscarriage she was surprised by how ashamed and lean lone she flt. that's what she decided that there is strength in numbers. and her goal is to normalize her experience and get others to talk about it. >> she says she wants to make normal topic of conversation to get it out there. and normalizing this miscarriage is behind betweened hey t slirt
9:51 am
carriage and places a rainbow over a woman's pregnant stomach and it reads you're looking a rainbow. a many people wouldn't know what that rainbow meant, but when she saw woman wearing that t-shirt in neighborhood market she had to applaud her. courtney had miscarriage and is now trying to have another baby with her husband and she said that seeing womaning wearing a rainbow shirt gave her hope that she will be able to start a family after this miscarriage. and before parting ways each other and courtney took this picture to honor woman's bravery and to give her inspiration.
9:52 am
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you're watching good day tampa bay. over the weekend some terrifying moments across new jersey and new york. especially in chelsea. 29 people were hurt when a bomb exploded. but during all madness in the chaos following the incidents, came acts of kindness. typical new yorkers taking care of the people taking care of them. germane, starbuck's employee
9:55 am
coffee and cream but food to the police. he seed wanted to show some positivity during the difficult times. >> it's not all. zach capture ad pizza being delivered to the police who were monitoring explosion site so detectives and f.b.i. could investigate. one the things i did read over the weekend though is new yorkers were taking it all in stride as terrible as it was. nofshgs >> uh-huh. and know how to deal with whatever comes their way. noting on going to change the way we levee. yeah bring all hate you want. yeah. yeah. >> nice. hey dave. hey we've got showers popping up all over the place. let's look at skytower radar. take couple limb zooms around if you will. we do have decaying shower over pasco county near dade city. so you hone in on that. but then notice that heavenier shower which is west of land o'lakes. i think it moves into land
9:56 am
i got a heavier shower just off to your west. that's moving from northwest to southeast. zephyrhills you're about to get wet and also this line of rain. let me tell you something looking here, i've got dark clouds get ready to xhovr the station. so i'm going to have to finish this weather in like 15 seconds so i can get inside. no wi heads up for the showers, everything moves inland this afternoon. high temperatures though for most us do get back to that 90-degree range. okay, so key an eye with skytower radar aapps. all right dave. all right. that that will do it for daus is tuesday. septemberth. lively live with kelly and wednesday williams and fox 13 news. i want it you can't hurt me. a little under the weather pew made it. we did. we did. love you sweetie. thank you for everything. see you tomorrow everybody. see you tomorrow. "realtime closed captioning provided by u.s. captioning
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