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tv   Fox 13 News  FOX  September 20, 2016 11:30pm-12:00am EDT

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bucks will be without key players this week. to learn more about injuries once mri results come back. we will know that tomorrow for gametime decision. levers lined up in the backfield, it will be inspired effort this week in the home opening against la rams. more than you saw last week against arizona with the run game stunned. the pass rush nonexistent. eternal make about this team. >> man: i expect and want to see fantastic resiliency. when you just look around the league, that sort of how the nfl is. cardinal sent! last. they came back. got after us pretty good yesterday. the rams, who we play this
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against seattle yesterday. we have not been tested yet the season in that department. >> sports anchor: we are excited for home opener. will start right here fox 13 10:30 a.m.. credibly followed by fax at a full kick up and then the bucks and rams right here 4:00 pm. several career highs right here in the racks. when hundred 69 combined for the payer against the yankees picking up final homestand tonight. two unfamiliar here in the fourth. makes good contact thinking this might be a homerun. off-the-wall, balances. that brings inland gloria. miller in their where the six triple of the season. the yankees had a game in the seventh. gary sanchez plus i had new york ahead with this three-run
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opener. and finally, don't go to baseball games without him. here's like, bats and swings and ends up in the neck. they cut themselves a nice baseball bat. imagine if that net had not been there.f course moments later some clouds a letter and freeze the bat. no one was hurt thankfully. >> anchor: let's knots! clap back a wedding ring last for decades ago has been returned to the order. >> anchor: one of those crazy stories. nicholas was scuba diving off the mediterranean coast when she found the wedding band. she posted a picture of it. more than 80,000 posts later it
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he lost that decades ago. isn't that amazing! >> anchor: and now his wife is telling him you should have got it resize. sweetie after all those years and to find on facebook. >> anchor: the news keeps on going online at you can check our fox 13 news out. >> anchor: and then of course will be back with more news at 4:00 have a great eat come into steak 'n shake for hand-dipped fall milk shakes. better yet, come into steak 'n shake for hand-dipped fall milk shakes at half- price... ...during half-price happier hour, weekdays, now two to five...
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what is driving performance? it's not a weekend hobby. you have to live and breathe it for 50 years. it's the sound... and the fury. it's letting it all hang out there, and it's hanging on for dear life. that is what amg driving performance means. and this is where it lives.
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why are young voters leaving hillary clinton? why are economists ripping trump on trade?
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security? we'll break it down. as the race heating up, we roll out a new segment. this is money, power & politics. okay. now it's just getting weird. joe rickets the founder of ameritrade is supporting and bankrolling donald trump. i say that's weird because the pickets family, the same faly weeks ago. >> real quotes from donald trump about women. look at that faesment would anyone vote for that? it doesn't matter what they write as long as you've got a young and beautiful piece of "[bleep]." >> funny how money and politics follows the polls. now that trump has momentum money is pouring in for him. they opened their wallets if they sniff a possible winner. last month the chattering class thought trump was finished.
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trump was get clobbered. if it was held today a lot of people would be confused because it's you recall usually held in november and it looks as if clinton made a big mistake trying to run out the clock. >> she's had the toughest couple of weeks. between deplorables and the pneumonia ep said and video taep of the collapse. that shocked a lot of people and caused them to step back. >> florida and ohio the two biggest swing is up in both slight le. with the bombings in new york and new jersey, the race trned to national security. that definitely helped trump in the primaries because trump does not parse his words and it could help him this week when people fret about the war on for ror. saboto summed that up. >> we're going to get tough. then people can interpret that as they wish. they are likely to turn to a
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anger. >> stay tuned because nobody knows for sure how the renewed focus on terrorism will affect the race exactly. on one hand, voters sea they want a change if direction here. with clinton being with the president and trump being a dec disrupter on that opponent you think trump. on the flip side voters trust clen ton over trump on the fight against terror. a slim edge but an edge nonetheless. you think advantage clinton. but it comes down to what happens on monday that's our third big point. monday is test day for clinton an trump. the the first head to head debate and the polls will probably swing big time one way or the other. as he always does, trump is lowering expectations by claiming the system is rigged. >> it's a phony system. lester is a democrat. they are all democrats. it's a very unfair system. >> well in the second half of the show we map out the debate and look at why clinton
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young voters and what she can do about that. first we have a humor segment. since we're in the heat of politics and baseball pennant race. merissa joins me for a game we call first pitch derby. >> time for political sports talk. >> a beautiful night for baseball. craig patrick here with merissa lynn. >> couldn't ask for a better night. >> the president is out there. nixon has a lot in common with donald trump. i said sdmrchlt he's not going to like that. >> nickson on won't like that. both stress law and order themes. wow. >> that almost knocked you over. >> what if you would have missed? >> you would have be clunged in the head. let's head to the field. the democratics are up first. president obama taking the mound sdmrchlt he looks comfortable in
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>> he addressed that in the pregame press conference. >> i can wear my mom jeans. i hate tight jeans. >> here's chris christy and he's got quite a different set of clothes. he looks a little tight in those tighty whiteties. >> is it me or is he losing weight? >> sit down and shut up. >> i think he heard you. >> it's isn't supposed to be a ceremonial first pitch. you're not supposed to the plate. >> i think chris chris today came out for a lot of things you wouldn't expect. >> president obama is ready to throw out the pitch. [cheering] >> and chris christy just ripped it down the middle. republicans with an early lead. here comes the big republican wave. ? ? >> and trump just kind of missed the wave there. >> he did. george w. bush is up now. [cheering] >> look at that. bush nailed it.
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>> what's that mean tide is turning? >> bush kind of explained that in his pregame press conference. >> i think tide turning, as e remember it, i was raised in the desert but it's easy to see a tide turn. did i say those words? >> yes, he did. >> he did. okay. carter is up now. look at this. he just redeemed four miserable seasons with a strong pitch down the middle. now the republicans are up once again >> oh, no. nixon just started another mess. >> oh, boy. we're going to have to do something about this. we need somebody to clear the field. now the republicans are up. >> no. i thought it was the democrats. >> i thought it was the democrats. republican? democrats? >> democrats. >> republican? >> democrats. >> so who is up? >> the democrats.
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republicans. maybe we should just go with charley. >> that was pretty bad. >> yeah. i think his mechanics were a little off on that first pitch. kind of reminds me, i guess, a little bit of mariah carey. >> i was thinking carly ray jebson. >> you're right. look at them side by side. that is the carly ray jebson. i think the voters of florida are making a pitching change. >> rick scott. booze right out of the gate. >> let's see what he's got here. >> that was just a little off side. >> yeah. he's got a few jitters just entering the game. see if he has a chance to rebound. >> yeah. nope. that was not any better. >> no. >> let's give him one more shot to rebound here. >> yeah. this isn't getting any better. it's getting worse.
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let's see what he can do. >> hey, you guys. oh, my nose. >> that one looked like it hurt. >> i think it did. i think he did something to her nose. this is getting out of -- oh, no. look at this. the red team and blue team are going after each other. >> this is just a real, huge, giant mess. >> yeah. they've been reading each other's facebook pages. i can tell. this is crazy. >> take a break. >> we'll be back right after this. join us next week as congress pays tribute to the steroider ra. >> congratulate chicago cubs sammy sosa. >> mark mcguire of the cardinals. >> congratulating barry bonds. coming up. merissa and russell join us for kitchen table politics. we drill into clintons trouble
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all right. welcome to kitchen table politics. we'e going to have fun later in the week with the password challenge. let's be serious and talk about hillary clinton and her trouble with my lineal voter. she was up 30 points last month and now she's down to nine. what's the issue? >> you go.
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all millennials or myself but i guess from what i perceive is just the lack of conversation about actual politics. like that's what gets to me is that is what annoys me as a my lineal. it's all about confronting trump or trump confronting hillary. the forth. we're not getting enough of what is going to change here in the next four years. >> millennials in big numbers voted for president obama 60% in 2008 because they wanted change. then they didn't vote in the midterms and didn't get change. now they want change again and they are trying to change course. >> what has she said to them? what has she said to them since she was working hard
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she was fighting bernie sanders. bernie sanders was speaking to the millennials. and is still trying to, i think, to convince them to vote for hillary. i don't think she's found her message with the millennials. >> i don't think she's found her message with anybody to be honest. >> i don't think she found her message with the millennials at all. >> with bernie sanders it was clear. climate change, free college tuition. speaking to voters mired in debt. hillary clinton talked about it's a tit for at the with trump. >> now it's less than two months now, a month and a half until the election, which is pretty close. >> you have heard her the last few days saying specifically, i need you. i need you to vote for me and not voting is not going to get the job done. you're going to have to vote for many e in order to make this happen. what do you expect in the first debate? does hillary clinton make that
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monday night? if so, how does she change course in the course of a few days? >> we're both shaking our heads. >> i don't know how she does it. i'm just waiting for something miraculous to happen with her. i'm waiting to see if she comes out of the gate on monday night and just goes in and does something magical. but i'm not sure it's going to happen. i'm not sure that's there. >> yeah. it's tough to do when you have not a lot of time left before the election. opponent at this point to that generation, i mean -- >> i feel like in the last week she's, to make the points, she's relying on president obama. she's relying on bernie sanders. she's relying on elizabeth warren. people like that who i begun to believe are better campaigners than she is. >> national security is front and center now the other
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it drives voting behavior time an time again. with this to what extent does clinton have an opening going after trump on trade. if trump wants tariffs. if he wants to negotiate better trade deals that's driving hi base. could she argue doing this you hurt working class families by driving up the price at the grocery store. >> if you impose everything is going to cost more. that's more expensive grocery trips, more expensive cars and almost everything i would assume. >> you can make the case you're nailing companies in america, too. they are making components for the cars or air conditioners. hear the making jeans in mexico but the denim comes from south carolina. you're nailing companies, here, too. >> i don't know how you -- that argument right there. i don't know how you go after an
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extent, making its product here. do you say you have to make everything, every component of that car here. every part of those blue jeans here? i don't know how. at this point you can do something like that. >> merissa and russell thank you. >> coming up. we have interesting changes in florida polls and maybe not what the trump camp may have thought. plus mike flannery takes a closer look how
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this summer the pew research center asked voters what issues they care about the most. the economy followed closely by the issue of terrorism. the bombings last week put the focus on terrorism. mike flannery shows how trump and clinton match up. >> exactly one week before their first face to face debate next monday, hillary clinton and donald trump had a long distance exchange that was not as silly as it may have sounded. it focused on which of them would the savage murders of islamic state prefer as america's president. >> they want her so badly to be your president. you have no idea. >> we know that donald trump's comments have been used online for recruitment of
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director hayden. they are looking to make this into a war against islam. >> obama/clinton have been silent about islam ebbing terrorism for many years. that's not lessened the recruiting but it's increased it. that's what really happened. its weakness invites aggression. >> last weekend with a knife attack on shoppers in minnesota and a bombing in new york, islamist radicals are here and ready to strike. how to respond to that threat is something the candidates now address at nearly every stop. >> i've been very clear. woor going after the bad guys and we're going to get them. but we're not going to go after an entire religion and give isis exactly what its wanting. >> hillary clinton is a weak and
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trump these problems are going to go away far, far greater than anybody would think. believe me. >> opinions survey show voters divided down the middle when asked whether trump or clen ton would better defend the homeland. but it yet may be the defining issue of the november election. >> in the pew study 80% said the issue of terrorism will be very important to their vote. we have new poll numbers in florida. plus four different pollsters look at the same data and come up with four different results. we are one nation under god. that black and white, we are one nation indivisible. that republican and democrat, we are all americans. i'd like to punch him in the face. you know what they used to do to guys like that?
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nate. a return to common sense. we have new poll numbers to show you. but first i want to put those numbers in context by showing you the direction it was seen over the past 30 days. look at the national line chart. what you're seeing here is that donald trump got the edge after his convention and then clinton got a big bounce. we're seeing a lot of tightening to the point that donald trump affectively caught up to hillary clinton just in the past couple of weeks. notice, you've seen a tick up for hillary clinton in national polling. just in the last day. as we predicted on monday, given the fact that donald trump drifted off script a bit, particularly talking about the birther movement over the weekend, there's a possibility
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gain a little more ground later this week. that's across the nation. take a look at what's happening specifically in florida. we are all knotted up. a great deal of separation between clinton and trump. the state of florida follows national trends but look what happened in the pgas few days. we've reached a point where they are knotted up 45%-45% in the real clear politics average of national polls. some showing hillary clinton up by five points over donald trump. may look good for hillary clinton but remember, this same poll showed hillary clinton was up eight points last month. you can measure from survey to survey she's not necessarily gaining. she may be losing. this is a critical turning point in the race. it's interesting the new york times as sort of an experiment sent out raw data for itself poll to four different
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different results and percentages from trump up to clinton up a couple of points. with this it shows what's happening is at the pollsters are guessing. they are applying different formulas, weighing the results different ways trying to figure out who will turn out on election day. those are the numbers today. check out our youtube channel. search for craig patrick money money and click subscribe to get caught up on prior shows you may have missed and full analysis state by state. thank you for joining us. we'll see you again tomorrow night. take care.
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what is driving performance? it's not a weekend hobby. you have to live and breathe it for 50 years. it's the sound... and the fury. it's letting it all hang out there, and it's hanging on for dear life. that is what amg driving performance means. and this is where it lives.
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. welcome to "dish nation." we are fresh off the emmys high, but where do we go from there? i tell you what, we have a great show for you. we kim from empire, and we might have convinced him to tell us who fell off that balcony. >> next thing you need to know is which actress was told she needs to weigh less than 140 pounds? people are hateful out there. . >> they're wrong. >> first, the paperwork has been filed. angelina jolie has filed for a divorce from brad pitt. >> i don't need to hear that. >> say it isn't so. >> i said this before, honey. the same she got him is how she's going to lose him. >> years have gone by. they have kids, jerry.


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