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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 4AM  FOX  September 21, 2016 4:00am-4:30am EDT

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ahead this hour on good day: chaos in charlotte... after another deadly police shooting. and this time officers are getting hurt. ((jen and... a bay area parent who was ?really "out of line." he's accused of road rage... in the carpool lane! ((walter plus: a lost dog... who felt right at home. why this dalmatian was having some fun, with local firefighters. ((walter)) good morning.. and welcome to good day tampa bay... at 4:00. i'm walter allen. ((jen)) and i'm jennifer epstein. those stories in a minute, but now,
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developing this morning: two deadly police shootings... in two different cities. a the protests grew larger and louder.((more)) the biggest protest right now is in charlotte, north carolina... where hundreds of people packed the streets overnight. they also clashed with law enforcement... and at least a ?dozen officers have minor injuries. at least one was hit in the face with a rock. several police cruisers vehicles were also damaged, along with a t-v news truck. and a portion of the interstate has even been shut down, after protestors started a fire on it. the protests stem from a shooting tuesday afternoon at a charlotte
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say they went to the complex to serve a search warrant... and 43 year old "keith scott" was sitting in a car outside. when they approached, officers say they saw scott get out of the car holding a gun. they say he quote... "posed an imminent threat" ... and shot him. the gun that scott was holding was also recovered from the scene. but his family claims he was ?not holding a gun. and a similar scene in tulsa, oklahoma tuesday. about two-hundred people took to the streets there... protesting the shooting death of an ?unarmed black man. many chanting involved. officers responded to a report of a stalled vehicle last friday.... and found "terence crutcher." video shows him raising his arms as officers followed him to his car. at one point there was a struggle... crutcher was tasered and shots were fired. that officer is now on adminstrative leave. things are back up and running at a bay area hospital this morning. it follows a big scare at "florida hospital" in wesley chapel. a small explosion blew out the air conditioning and had
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a full-scale evacuation. according to pasco fire rescue.. that explosion knocked out the hospital's air conditioning just before six p-m tuesday. this happened in an area that was under construction and no one was hurt. but the hospital staff feared the a-c would be out for hours. so they started preparig for a full-scale evacuation of all 125 patients. but within minutes, the hospital determined an evacuation ?wasn't necessary. and a little after eight last night...the a-c power was restored. chief is thankful this turned out to be more of a minor inconvenience than a major issue. pasco emergency crews had to deal with something very similar late last month at bayonet point hospital in hudson. they had to evacuate everyone after a lightning strike knocked out
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case...ambulances were brought in from all over the region to transport dozens of patients, a developing story in pasco county... where deputies are investigating a road rage incident, right outside an elementary school! they say a father drove ?into an elderly volunteer... at the school drop off line. and fox 13's shayla reaves is live up in new port richey now...
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deputies in highlands county are looking for the person who killed a 95-year old man. during a welfare
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"dominic demundo" dead inside his home on wellington drive in sebring. they believe demundo recently made friends with some people who he hired to do work around his home. detectives now think those people may have played a role in his death. they're now trying to identify them. anyone with information is asked to call the highlands county sheriffs office. in hillsborough county: a former manager at a children's doctor's office... is now accused of ?stealing from it. "coleen golka" worked at "pediatrics of tampa bay" as their office manager. deputies say she ?admitted to card to pay her own bills... buy groceries... and withdraw cash. they say she also stole cash from customers payments. a total of about 234-thousand-dollars was stolen over a four and a half year period. it wasn't until after golka ?left the office... that the new office manager discovered the theft. (jen/ the mosaic chemical company is now admitting... it messed up. that's reffering to how they handled a massive sinkhole that opened up on their property in mulberry. it took them
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water seeped into the aquifer and possibly affected their well water. mosaic senior managers attended the polk county commission meeting tuesday.. taking ownership of mishandling the spill. some residents say it's too little, too late. mosaic claims the contanimated water is being sucked out of the sinkhole, through a production well.. and has not gone outside its property. (walter the number of zika cases in florida continues to grow. in the state's latest update tuesday... they added ?three new travel-related cases in hillsborough county. new cases just added in our state. there were four new locally transmitted cases in mami-dade county.. and 11 new travel-related cases...including those three in hillsborough county. the total number of zika cases in florida ..including patients who contracted the virus overseas.. now stands at more than 850. and we're gaining some ground in the the fight against zika... thanks to researchers in sarasota county. they're now building their ?own lab... for testing. they just installed
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now they'll be able to test mosquitos themselves for the virus. right now the mosquitos are sent to this will be much quicker. the lab will be up and running later this week. employees must be trained before they are able to start official testing. that will take a couple more weeks. in pineas need a new home. they were just rescued from a horrible attack... in alabama. the 4-month-old dogs were found in some woods... choked unconcious and their ears had been cut off. the humane society there sent the dogs to tampa bay because they couldn't afford the treatment. volunteers with the suncoast animal league brought the pups to palm harbor where they'll be cared for until adoption. they say cutting dog's ears off is a cruel practice used in dog
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the brother and sister pups -- named "charming" and "skeeter" are healthy. right now they need a ?foster home, before they can be put up for adoption. anyone who can help is asked to contact the suncoast animal league. and... a lost dog in hillsborough county is finally back with its owner this morning. but he definitely didn't ?look lost. that's because the dalmatian mix ... named "chico"... wandered right into a fire station, after following one of the trucks into the garage. it happened around 2-30 tuesday morning. he was eager to join the crew too... getting real cozy with the firefighters. but his owner showed up last night to
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ahead this half hour in sports: oh... canada. why ?american hockey fans are not too happy with our neighbors to the north. and after the break: cloudy... with a chance of ?lava. ?not the forecast people these people wanted to hear. the eruption causing huge delays and health
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warning. this commercial contains brief moments of product nudity. stripped of chocolate. its peanuts exposed around a soft caramel center. a payday bar will get you through your day. expose yourself to payday. ((jen/ huge travel delays down in costa rica this week. and ?here's the reason why. the (tur-ee- alba)"turrialba" volcano has
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smoke came ?spewing out of the mountain earlier this week. people living nearby have to cover their eyes, nose and mouths when they go outside, so they don't breathe the stuff in. they also had to close two airports... so planes wouldn't have fly
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time to talk some sports this morning. and let's begin... with baseball. the tampa bay rays trying to play playoff ?spoiler again. this time...against the new
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the rays kicking off its ?final homestand of the season. two on for brad miller in the fourth... and he makes good contact... thinking maybe homerun number 29... but no... off the wall... still brings in longoria and logan forsythe... miller in with his 6th triple of the season. unfortunately the yankees tie the game in the seventh. and then, gary sanchez puts new rays lose 5-3. both teams at it again tonight at 7-10 at the trop. and now... to the world cup of hockey. and the american team has already hung up their skates. they were taking on team canada last night... in an elimination game. and things started off well for the u-s. they got a goal from the rangers "ryan mcdonagh"... and they took a one-nothing lead. wouldn't last though. canada answers right back...
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canada actually scores two goals in 14 seconds. canada wins... 4-2. guess who could have helped? lightning goalie ben bishop... he was actually kept on the ?bench!((more)) but at least one lightning star is moving on. steven stamkos is on team canada. between usf and florida state... is now just a few days away. and it could rival the bucs... for the biggest game this weekend at raymond james stadium. the last time the noles were in tampa was 2012... and the bulls hung with the noles for most of the game. fsu coach jimbo fisher talked about the matchup earlier this week. and tuesday... usf coach willie taggart got his chance to talk about this
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and tonight at raymond james stadium... the second annual "red" invasion. a party for the ... the nickname for female bucs fans. the party gives those fans a special sneak peak at the new stadium upgrades.. and behind the scenes experiences. including a panel discussion with former bucs "ronde barber" and "john lynch." fans can even go into the bucs "war room" to see what its like on draft day. it starts at six p-m at ray-jay.
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when we come back, i'll have another check on your wednesday forecast. and... good news for "note 7" customers. your replacements... are ready! how you can get a brand new
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making headlines across america: more charges... for the man connected to the n- y-c bombings. and more ?questions about what the government knew about him... ?before the attacks. "ahmad khan rahami" is still
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recovering from a police shootout. but that didn't stop federal authorities from adding new charges to his list. he was already charged with attempted murder of police officers. and now.. he's charged with using weapons of mass destruction for planting bombs in manhattan and new jersey. investigators say he's been planning the bombings for months and made several trips to pakistan. rahami's father even called the fbi two ?years ago... fearing his son was getting into trouble. the fbi opened a file... but never interviewed rahami... and they now examining his computer and phone records to see if he had any help. tragedy in oakland, california... after a toddler was hit and killed by a bus. the two-year-old boy ran into the street yesterday to get a ball. a transit bus was driving by at the same time and the boy got caught under a back wheel. the bus driver stopped, and saw the mother holding the boy. the family was visiting that home where the accident happened. no charges have been filed. the head of pharmaceutical company mylan
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congressional hearing today. the price has skyrocketed more than 500-percent in the last 9 years... costing 608- dollars for a two-pack. they expire after a year. many are outraged... but according to a prepared testimony mylan doesn't plan to lower the cost. they say they've reached a perfect balance between price and access. mylan has started selling it's generic version for 300-dollars a pair... as well as coupons. but critics say many people don't qualify for the discount. today in new york: the federal reserve wraps up two days of meetings, to talk about interest rates. the fed will announce the ?outcome of those meetings around two this afternoon. the fed is ?expected to keep interest rates at their current level, since there's been some disappointing economic data the past few weeks. but some financial experts think there's a ?slight chance the rates could rise. a new ?note today... for cell phone customers around the country. samsung is releasing its ?replacement
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previous version of the phone got recalled earlier this month, after the batteries started ?exploding. several people were burned... along with some property. the company says the issue has been fixed... and customers can exchange the old phone for the new one... free of charge. they just have to go back to store where they bought it, starting today. still ahead in our next half hour: a teenger who is ?not scared to go back in the water... even after one scary attack. plus... a road rage incident at a ?very unlikely place. fox 13's shayla reaves is live in pasco i never shop without a list. and at publix what's on the list also happens to be what's on sale. stuff you actually want... on sale! isn't that something? that's how i save at publix. how 'bout you?
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we begin with a developing story in charlotte, north carolina. a violent protest broke out last night... following ?another deadly police shooting. and this one has been ?far from peaceful. at least a ?dozen police officers have suffereed injuries... mostly minor. but one officer was hit in the face with a rock. several police cruisers were also damaged, along with a t-v news truck. the protests also shut down the interstate... when people started looting semi-trucks and setting their contents on fire. the protests stem


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