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tv   Fox 13 News  FOX  September 21, 2016 11:30pm-12:00am EDT

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>> the bucs couldn't stop the snowball from rolling down the hill against the cardinals but sunday they have a chance to prevent it electri from rollingo another week. >> the expressions on their faces after a loss only tell you part of the story. on the inside, the buccaneers are already analyzing what >> i think i learned something from every game, you know? my main thing is after every game eliminating the negatives and building on the positives. >> last week's performance in arizona was humbling and nobody was harder on themselves than the coaches and players inside the buc's locker room. >> i didn't feel like we got beat down, it was more mistaked we made, but we definitely learned a lot from last week.
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and every week, and without humility, the highs and lows of wins and losses can be dramatic. winston says he uses the snap and clear method he learned from a prior coach to refocus himself. >> we snap and clear it. >> week-to-week league, and after ever game they consider what went right and what went wrong but after a loz they take the analyzing to the next level. >> that is the truth of it but when you lose, you are going to be coached a little harder and you get better. that is the great thing about the league. you've got 14 opportunities and nothing is more important than the opportunity we have this
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to show the home crowd that one loss won't define the weeks ahead. >> well, eight home runs were hit in tonight's yankees rays game, but i only have time show you four. wilson leads off with the first, and later on longoria delivers his 36th of the year. brad and i'm afraid you already knew the end of this one. and he had two, and then wait, are we talking about back to back to back home runs? yes, we certainly are, a franchise first for the rays however they lose the ball game, 11-5 the final. and tomorrow? it will be blake snell in his
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>> and this is a really big deal if you're a barbara streisand fan. >> the international singing sensation is coming to tampa. how about that? ? when you're a funny girl... ? >> she will be performing at amalie, november 30, a part of the music, tour, tickets go on sale september 29. >> i heard her say this is the last time she will come out and sing in concert publicly. so your last chance. money, power, and politics is
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tonight we investigate voting machines in states across
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can switch people's votes. >> this after a place that's one with fraudulent. >> congress can make big changes to healthcare after the election. >> the reality is we had to pass this bill to watch its collapse in order for us to get to single payer government healthcare. >> and remember how the feds granted citizenship to illegal immigrants by the state. we're learning there could be more. >> there is just bureaucratic incompetence. >> we map out clinton and trumps likely ke bait strategies and scott smith joins us for game night. this is money, power & politics. presidential debates are like heavy weight fights. serve watching and somebody is going down. tonight we know how democrats want hillary clinton to fight donald trump. they want her to play it like muhammad ali.
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and duck and dodge until the other guy gets tired and makes a mistake. [cheering] >> this man will power. >> trump has never been in a 90 minute head to head debate and democrats think that if hillary clinton steps back that donald trump could throw punches until he knocks himself out. democratic senator tester says trump is going to say stuff just give him the rope. on that point tester could have reference to violence and hanging just as trump is called out for making other rfrns open to violent interpretation. i digress. what he meant was clen ton should let trump do much to have talking because he may talk himself into a mess. other democrats said basically the same thing tell straiting clinton's debate strategy on monday night. if that is her strategy it could backfire. in 2012, president obama tried
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romney clobbered him like mr. t. in rocky 3. >> you kill jobs. i have no idea what you're talking about. >> so, if clinton follows the advice of her fellow democrats and lays back, she could be walking into the same trap. yes. trump may say some things that are controversial but that's not zapped him yet. pun dits compared trump to god sil la because he can feed off lek tris tis. clinton should be ready to tangle. she should not try to match trump. rubio tried that and looked ridiculous. >> he's six two. which is why i don't understand his hands are the size of someone who is five two. >> but clinton should still be prepared to tangle at least with sharp counter punches as obama did in his rematch. >> have you looked at your pension? >> i don't like at my pension. it's no the as big as yours. >> our navy is smaller now than any time since 1917.
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horses and bayonets. >> okay. we have a lot of ground to cover tonight. we'll continue our investigation of voter fraud and show you how congress could be making big new changes to our healthcare. but first it's wednesday night. game time for scott smith and he's ready to call the blunders and odd ball moments in politics. >> in sports scott smith makes us call the plays. but in politics we put him to the test. time smith. >> all right. let's bring back scott smith for call it. the interactive odd ball segment. let's look at the scoreboard. maybe we don't take a look. you have an opportunity to rebound. >> we do. >> that's what today is about. >> i'm close to the cut line. >> no. i don't think so. we have a lot of season yet to play. one of my all time favorites. a moment in congress. house representatives and u.s.
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he has some concerns here about guam. concerns about guam. take a look. >> the fear is that the whole island will become so overly populated. >> his concern is that guam will become overly populated that it will a, require those pager things for dinner wherever you go. b, take forever to get a tag. c, bog down and stall out. or d, tip over and capsize if too many people get on one side. >> there's no way he would have said that. bog down and stall out at sea. you know what is this i'm going to go with the dinner reservation. those paper things. >> let's take a look. >> the whole island will become so overly populated that it will
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>> yes, sir. that's your congress. >> no way he just said that. >> that's your congress my friend. he did. this is a bonus one. what then does the military experts say if response? i'll give you two choices. does he say that's the dumbest thing i've heard or we do not anticipate that? >> we do not anticipate that. >> tip over and >> we don't anticipate that. >> there you go. there you go. >> full point. we're going to move onto governor scott in his meeting with the king of spain. rick scott meets the king of spain. look at the look on scott's face. he's walking into the room to greet the king of spaen. >> very happy. >> he greets a king who
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must be a hipster and draws a curtesy laugh. he greets the king with his wife by asking about his mistress? he greets the king by saying i hear you like to travel. or he greets the skingo racked in scandal by shooting an elephant by asking about the elephant. >> c or d. let's go elephant. >> does he? take a >> i still want to hear, i've ridden elephants i've never tried to shoot one. >> roasting without even knowing it. look at that. >> i like it. >> rick scott plays dean martin without realizing it here. but, i don't know, something else happens in the course of that conversation. there's more. there's more to this. it just doesn't end here. he doesn't roast him and walk out of the room. take a look. >> we're in the jeep and an
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jeep. my wife is in the back part of the jeep. she wanted to get to the front of the jeep. >> another awkward moment. another awkward laugh there. at that point does mrs. scott say i needed you in the car with me to shoot another elephant? scott says no wonder you like to shoot elephants. c, scott asks could you shoot an elephant from a moving car? or d, the king says please stop talking about the elephants. >> the king should have scott says i needed you in the car. >> take a look. >> i needed you in the jeep with me. >> boom. look at that. she roasted like don rick ls, too. poor king. okay. well, you know something happens in the conversation yet again. the king had a run of misfortune.
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>> what happened? you were walking? >> no. getting out from the bed. >> he broke he is hip by getting out of bed. so then scott says really. grabs his hip and the king shrieks in pain. >> no. >> you need a better story. if you believe that i have swampland to sell you back in florida. roasted again. or d, you m a nightmare about that elephant. >> d. >> let's take a look. >> you know from the bed. >> really. you need a better story. >> boy. he was in full form that night. one of the post awkward moments for governor scott for his several years in office. it was a bounce back. >> we registered a couple.
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could hackers tamper with our election results? we put voting machines in
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three big points tonight. first the i four corridor is is gold mine of poll ticks. we live in the center of the political universe because we live until swing zone of the nations biggest swing state. check out ad spending.
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nation are orlando and tampa bay followed by cleveland. second point, we have changes in the u.s. senate forecast. polls now favor the republicans. democrats need to gain at least four seats to take over the chamber. rubio has a sleeth lead in florida. mccain hanging on in arizona and kelly gaining traction in new hampshire. it looks as if the democrats may come up one seat short. republicans may hold onto we have a long way to go and changes in the presidential race can shake up the senate races as well. third point bs both candidates have problems with their foundations. first hillary clinton faced criticism for mixing state business with the clinton foundation. trump appeared to use funds from his charitable foundation to settle business lawsuits. the washington post laid out the evidence and trump said the piece got it wrong but did not
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about it. they are both facing questions that may dog them through the election. on the subject of elections we investigated voter fraud in reports over the past six months. last week we showed you how voters cast one ballot in florida and voted again in other states. well, tonight with growing concerns about hackers we're taking a closer look at some of the voting machines. asking if a hacker could change l really change your vote. >> i have demonstrated how to machines we use in new jersey. >> princeton university professor says a touch screen voting moo ma sheen, the type used in about ten states, can be tampered with. in 2008 he demonstrated how as part of an election lawsuit against new jersey officials. he notes there's been no documented case of a machine being hacked this way in a u.s. election. he says it could happen.
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computer chip for his own. >> i just have to replace this one chip with a fraudulent computer program. >> he was able to change the votes the machine counted. >> i figured out how to make a slightly different computer program. just before the close of polls it shifts votes around if one candidate to another. i wrote that on a memory chip like this. now to hack a voting mac with it with a screwdriver. >> our experience here in this office, we all concur we have not seen one documented case in machine being compromised. >> the deputy superintendent of elections in hudson county new jersey insists in real life it cannot be done. he points to multiple safeguards that protects machines. they are locked in secure errs under camera surveillance and
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parts that show any violation. >> i don't know how you could do that to five hundred machines and get the secrecy to do so. i don't believe that's possible. >> but the professor insists it is. >> the good news is it's not something you can easily do from russia. the bad news is that it really is possible to do locally. >> the voting machine company dominion said the demonstration is not a credible test it was not an actual election. watch our series of investigates search fr craig patrick money, power & politics and click subscribe. we investigate problems in the healthcare system. rich shows us how democrats in congress are responding. >> in president obama's first year, congress overhauled the american healthcare system. even before the end of the obama administration, democrats are pushing a change to obamacare. it's called the public option. the creation of a government run
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compete with private insurance companies. hillary clinton and a large group of congressional democrats are pushing if idea. >> i think we're seeing the public option come back out of december pa ration. we seen the united health groups withdraw. >> last month aetna announced it was withdrawing from the eleven of 15 states offering obamacare plans. the company says it lost hundreds of millions of dollars. united healthcare and human critics charge can tax subsidies obamacare insurance plans are too expensive. the doctor, a supporter of donald trump, claims the law designers intended these results. >> the reality is we had to pass the bill to watch its collapse in order for us to get to single payer government healthcare. >> democrats blame insurance companies for what they say is
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of patients. more than two dozen senate democrats join a resolution declaring giving all americans the choice of a public, nonprofit health insurance option would lead to increased competition, reduced premiums, cut wasteful spending, marketing and executive pay and assure customers have the and fordable choices they deserve. >> republicans opposed obama care from the start and do not want to give government more control. both sides agree they have to make to do something after the election. >> coming up. our government orders immigrants deported then grants them citizenship by mistake.
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on monday we showed you how hundreds of immigrants facing deportation were granted citizenship by mistake. tonight congress is pointing fingers and trying to figure out how to make sure we don't make more mistakes that let the doug shows us how that triggered a new fight in washington. >> even before the three terror attacks of this weekend, 38 house members signed a letter to the gop leadership urging a suspension of the administration syria, middle east refugee programs. >> we've seen this with orlando, with chattanooga and the attacks just in the last couple of days. this is our future.
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people that we better get used to this. i don't think so. >> also adding to the urgency for congress to act, the recent inspector generals report showing how dhs accidentally made citizens out of 858 immigrants who are supposed to have been deported. on believes the ig grossly understand stated the number. >> we believe there are more than nine hundred additional. so a total of about 1800 that has fingerprints managed in a different wa this is bureaucratic incompetence. >> republican babb bin wants to and tach to suspend the refugee program. >> i hope that my colleagues mt. house will get this into that c-o and get it passed. >> but one house leadership aid told fox news the chance of suspended the program are zero. the reason congress is tied up in negotiations over the continuing resolution with zika
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unresolved. republicans are gun shy about including another add on because they've taken blame for government shut downs in the past. democrats are more than willing to try again. >> this point both sides have their eyes on the exit door. they hope to go on break again and focus on the november election. coming up. a new poll shows hillary clinton has bounced back.
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let's start with good news for hillary clinton. she's leading in the new nbc wall street journal poll by six points. gary johnson checks in at 9%. it's not all good news for her. while she leads in that one poll they are neck and neck otherwise. donald trump and new fox polling leads in nevada, north carolina, and ohio. all within the margin of error. too much talk if these polls because the race will reset debate. we'll see you tomorrow night. provided by u.s. captioning company. we are one nation under god. that black and white, we are one nation indivisible. that republican and democrat, we are all americans. i'd like to punch him in the face. you know what they used to do to guys like that?
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somebody and i wouldn't lose any voters. priorities usa action is responsible for the content of this advertising. i wore a badge for 38 years knowing how much you trusted us to keep you safe. yet when a officer was killed in action florida was not doing enough to give their families the help they desperately needed. dana young understood. that was wrong, so we changed that law. to ensure these families get the
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the florida senate. a return to common sense. nation." today is hump day. >> hump it off. >> we've got a great show for you. remember we had nick cannon on he said he learned he wasn't going to kiss and tell again. guess what, he did it. more on that later. joining our l.a. crew. first we've got to talk about the sucker punch felt around the world yesterday, that is the divorce of brad pitt and angelina jolie. >> upsetting for me. i'm starting to realize today, had to like think about it all yesterday that this is really, this is really happening. >> really? >> it's so sad. >> like a prototype


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