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tv   FOX 13 600 News  FOX  September 22, 2016 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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linda hurtado in for kelly ring. i'm mark wilson. an expert or a fraud? a special witness in a number of cases as across the area could e finding himself on the stand as a defendant. he lied about a number of things, degrees, experience, certifications. and evelyn lambert has more from his neighborhood. we're talking about new trials that could be retried. >> potentially, mark, inve the 57-year-old chester kitowski in all kinds of lies. he testified in cases that had to do with child porn or children who were victims of sex crimes. and they could be called in to question the fairness of the cases. look at video of kitowski being hauled off to jail. this was hours ago. deputies say he testified as an expert in five cases there. one led to a conviction.
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not true according to deputies. he lied about a year's long air force career but he was enlisted for several months before being terminated. and the sheriff said that he can claim to be an expert in being an inmate. >> we'll put him in cuffs and start him on his way to his new addition to his false curriculum vitae and has social confinement engineer. >> i spoke with kitowski's wife on the phone, she was shocked about her husband's arrest before she ended the conversation only after a few seconds. but tonight i'm going to look into how this could impact any cases where kitowski has been involved and they resulted in convictions if those defendants will ask for a new trial as a result of that.
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the question that you don't have any answer to is why. he is seeking attention. what would he do this for? , i don't think they know but witnesses, expert witnesses are paid quite a bit of money that could be a motivation there as well. >> and thanks. new developments in the mosaic controversy. attorneys have filed a lawsuit against mosaic over the sinkhole in polk county. a law firm morgan and mor three residents who were worried the ground water may be con testimony nated. after it opened millions of gallons of the water flowed into the acquifer. people are upset over the department of enviromental protection waiting three weeks to make the public aware of what was going on. and the governor was asked why it took so long. >> shouldn't they be mandated to let the public know rather than
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>> they are -- they started remediation. they are putting that out and everyone knows. >> but it is three weeks late, they started right away. they will keep everyone safe. >> a growing number of lawmakers and passing along that requires the dep to tell the public when a situation like this happens. >> concerns over wastewater dumped into the day during hermine. the mayor of st. pete is addressing the crisis at a and dan matics is outside of the meeting why two workers were placed on unpaid leave. what did he say, dan? >> linda, the mayor say nothing one is more frustrated over the situation than him. he said that it was the top workers were paid on leave after what the mayor describes as a culture of misinformation within that department. this comes after the st. pete
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58 million-gallons of treated and untreated sewage to handle the water from the storms. the mayor and public works director admitting that closing the treatment plant was a terrible decision and that caused the current plants to be overwhelmed during recent rain events. and a study warning of that was never presented to the administration, this comes after a key employee blew the >> we must expedite our work. if the quickest thing is to reopen albert whitted i support it being reopened regards, the up grades what very planned must continue and happen asap. i have directed procurement that work be performed 7 days a week instead of 5. >> reporter: now going forward they plan to bring in consultant
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a pretty penny comparing it to restarting the old rusted truck. this is unfolding. we are expecting, they will open it up to public comment soon. that will be interesting. we'll be inside. linda. >> thank you, dan, keep us updated. >> a long night there i bet on that. how about this it is a malicious plot that john grisham could not have written it. three he had to do something. gloria gomez spoke with him. more of the interview with the judge. what did he say. >> reporter: the judge said when he reported this to the bar he watched it unfold over the next three years. >> my suspicions were there. i notified the bar. i said we have a problem. >> reporter: the problem was so appalling that he had no choice but to notify the florida bar.
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talked to has ever heard of anything like this happening. we were shocked. >> shocked to discover three attorneys orchestrated the arrest of a rival phil campbell. >> i considered contempt court, they used a legal assist and and a dui sergeant to help pull i off. >> i have to place you under arrest, my lord. >> a prosecutor cleared campbell but now they faced a bar trial. the judge was not putting up with anything. >> this looks like a weasel language that tries to have it both ways. >> like a broken record, the attorneys took the fifth, i assert the fifth. >> fifth. >> fifth amendment right, robert
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>> it was the worst decision of my life. >> and they they were texting each other but hundreds between them were all erased. the judge said the cover up was apparent. >> i have not found the first lawyer that didn't say they needed to be disbarred. the judge agreed finding all three guilty of deliberately setting up campbell's arrest and recommended disbarment but the final say belonged to the s encountered behavior like this and calculated and planned. >> the fall out was severe all three were permanently disbarred. the sergeant was fired. >> it is sad that this happened. i agree with the consequences the officer being fired and the attorneys losing their license to practice law, what do you
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comment. >> why is that. >> he brought shame and his family and our profession. >> the judge said people he knows stilled stop him on the street and ask him about the dui set up he is glad it is behind him now. he is now enjoying his retirement, back to you, mark. >> thankthank you. surfer to medallist and brad kendall nearly nide a plane crash. today he returned to tampa a silver medallist in the games. accident that took his father and friend and use of his legs away forever. the crash did not derail his dreams. and he embraced a passion for sailing passed down by his father who was a sailor and member of the yacht club. he was a huge inspiration for him. >> every day i pretty much woke up you know thinking about dad over there in rio.
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messages was your dad was watching down on you. i know he is here. and it is awesome. >> listen to this. >> brad and the crew had one shot to make the olympic creaks come true. sailing will not be a part of the games in tokyo. on saturday ed' teammates captured a silver in the final race of the sonar class. hermine left damage paying for the clean up. that's what the insurance is how quickly should that happen. advice next. first day of autumn. we're back up to 91. big storms and an hour ago and now look nothing. a lot of sunshine. not showing money. that's coming up and time for the weekend preview.
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i'm really good at war. i love war in a certain way. including with nukes, yes including with nukes. i know more about isis than the generals do, believe me. nuclear, just the power the devastation, is very important to me.
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. hermine watts a reminder to be prepared and it was just a category 1 some people are waiting on insurance money. >> and access to money after a catastrophic event and we bring in the consumer reporter. how are you, i'm doing well. what did you find out. we met with officials today and we wanted to find out what the biggest mistakes were when people go to file a claim.
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with their homeowners insurance. we get it with the mortgage and put it away in a file or drawer. what people can do to stream streamline getting the pay outs they need. >> if a hurricane and with an insurance village. a shop to help you get claims paid on time even if you don't have access to a phone or computer. >> in 30 days what the conclusion is with you. yes here is a deductible, there is not one. here is what should be done from here. this is what we anticipate the payout it should be over. the department of financial services says it is a mistake to think a long lag time is okay. they should start investigating your claim within a week. they encourage people to reach out to the agency for help if it is not handled properly, it is ready to go.
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keep track. >> one is the status of the claim and getting them out there and closing the claims taking care of the policy holders if we see areas we're not doing it, we can zoom in and go and see what we need to do. >> if you saw bread you say we need to get to the area. >> this would be bigger with more insurance companies represented. >> how long would i have to get a check. >> that's the thing about the setup. we have checks on hand so we look up your policy and additional living expenses which is displaced or you need someone to take care of some damages up front, we have an adjustor on site. >> and the claims were filed rehated to hermine and in our region 3500. the insurance commissioner for the state said it looks leak the
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be handled by the providers so that's a good sign because even though it did a lot of damage every storm that is relatively small is a practice run. >> as we saw it did not take much of a storm to bring in the water. we say it was only a category 1. look at that water. >> and flood insurance is not part of the insurance. >> thank you. first day of fall. it is 90. 91. >> and i it was not all there. >> give us something. >> please. it was not there. >> it was another day where the petrie dish was making stuff for sure that's the humidity we had. take a look outside it is tropical and again the high today 91 degrees and it is not
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that is october and on days like today and when it is 91 degrees you get day time heating the days are shorter you get enough of a boundary during the afternoon that it is enough to promote some storm activity. the deep moisture is down by the ever glades where they had heavy rain earlier today. can you kind of see that on the water vapor image. it tell as south of facebook and north of tampa bay is drier. this is not dry air at the surface it is muggy outside. you go up 25,000 feet. and that means it is difficult for storms to fire up. we had some today and now most areas are quiet and zoom in on sky tower and show you where it is raining. there is a pesky shower on the
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moving over the county line to tampa palms this is not doing much to the southeast and weakening. and one shower up on the green swamp not a big deal the rain is rained out. not much. a couple of sprinkles. rain in orlando and heavy rain and then down by lee county it to mid70s. we had three days and that was because of clouds add rain and one average day and that's it. the rest of the days that are 18. 18, 19, and this month. and 18 of them have been above average that should continue
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and the rain chances drop. it is simply a lower sun angle and shorter days. we have lost sunlight going back to june today and 12 hours and 7 inins of daylight. a month from now 11 hours and 1 and 38 minutes. the shortest day of the year is right around the first >> lose daylight between now and first day of winter we lose nearly 2 hours of daylight. that's why we get cooler lisa here and off the coast. we'll be watching it. the other storms will have no impact on the continental united
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to develop and this is 3500 miles away not much development but i will say the gfs and european model do have a circulation in the caribbean sea. this is eight days from today in the eastern caribbean sea. 40% chance. and tonight we are cloudy. same and the rain chances at about 20%. that's about it. tonight, it is steamy and 76. a mix of sun and clouds with a storm, that's all near 90 and on saturday. partly cloudy a storm. that's it. and the boating forecast shows winds north at 5 knots. two feet or less.
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shows no fronts. more heat and humidity. the world cup of hockey left players short. does that bother the gm. and is the bucs wide receiver lost a step. he was asked that today inside of the locker room.
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i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. he's a race-baiting, xenophobic, religious bigot. donald trump is a phony, a fraud. he's not a serious adult. i can't vote for donald trump given the things that he said. trump should not be supported. i believe he's disqualified himself to be president.
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the shortest off season is over. the bolts are returning the same team that played in the conference final and stan stanley cup final. if you head out to camp get a roster because the complement is not out there. loe dressing room. right now steven stamkos. ben bishop are playing in the world cup of hockey. for those that reach the final they will not be back until october. lightning youngsters are getting ice team to show what they can do. and it is snapshot day for the media guide but with a lot of the guys not here the gm was asked if he is a little bothered by the fact that the schedule is
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>> , i have not given it any thought i'm not involved in the schedule. it is fine for the players without giving it thought the timing of the event was a good time gets them back once a tournament is over and enough time to take a breather. there is not a givens. we had success doing what we're doing. it's not like we have to change a lot of things. the difference there are different bodies. >> the bucks have been hit with injuries practice did not clue. shorts. and doug martin. done owe vin and without martin they will need other guys to step up that starts with charles sims. and a good defense against the run. one guy that needs to step up
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vincent jackson. 6 receptions has been targeted 15 times. there has been a couple of occasions in the games that he and jameis winston are on different pages. and he is in his 12th season there is whether he lost had step. he had a quick response to the question today. >> come out and watch practice. [ laughter ] >> what you see on sunday does not translate from what is reality. you know what i i feel great and playing at a high level. coaches have confidence if me and the team does. for me it is just doing my jop, i don't have to do much or anything extraordinary i trust my training and i can make plays. when they come, i hope that more come my way but until then i'll do my job. >> i have a feeling they smooth out the issues coming up this weekend against the rams.
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10:30 a.m. we'll break the game down and get you ready for it. and the coverage takes over and takes you up to 1:00. than you have rams and bucs here on fox 13. >> this is a good time to come back. >> and we have. >> we're going to get and closer to week 1. >> the turn overs all that kind of spoiled it for them. >> and go, bucs, they have >> 6:30. 500 million yahoo users will be interested in what was announced today. they will not be a be happy. the officer who pulled the
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i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. donald trump says he alone can fix the problems we face. well i don't believe that's how you get things done in our country. it takes democrats and republicans working together. that's how we got health care for 8 million kids. rebuilt new york city after 9/11. and got the treaty cutting russia's nuclear arms.
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i'll do as president. we have a news alert tonight out of tulsa, oklahoma... prosecutors have charged the police prosecutessor who shot any unarmed with manslaughter. dash camera captured the scene as bety shell by fired the shot that killed terence crutcher. arrangements are made for the officer to be taken into
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>> i had a warrant issued for her arrest. i have been in communication with an attorney who will represent her. arrangements for her surrender to the tulsa department. >> and her attorney said that crutcher was not following commands and she started firing when he reached into his window. and the family said the factor of four pose nod threat to the officers. crutcher did not have a him or in his vehicle. >> the violence tearing up property must stop but the voice of protest and demanding transparency cannot stop. >> calls for peace after a second night of violence. the city is under a state of emergency and the question is, what will tonight bring. and we have more from charlotte.
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of what may happen tonight? >> authorities are hoping for calm after clashing broke out between police and protestors on the streetss of charlotte last night. >> the goal is to provide peace and safety for citizens and work with the the accident and to continue to make sure that the city continues to be great. >> and the governor declaring a state of emergency calling in troopers. and the second night of protest turning violent over the police shooting of the 43-year-old keith lamont scott. they were shooting fireworks and damaging businesses in downtown charlotte as they march through the streets. 0 scott was shot as at the swerved a warrant there are reports about how the shooting went down. some say scoot had a gun and
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the police chief admitting today that there is still outstanding questions. >> the video does not give me absolutely definitive visual evidence that -- that confirm is a person is pointing a gun. i did not see that. >> as the clean up continues and request from the community. police say they willot the video to the public, however they will let the scott family watch it n charlotte joel waldman. donald trump promising to implement a national anti-crime agenda in the wake of rioting. his rival hillary clinton spent the day getting ready for the first big debate. and lauren blanchard follows the trail from washington. >> i want to address the turmoil unfolding right now in our
6:33 pm
violence in charlotte north carolina. it sparked by an officer involved shooting that left a black man dead. >> how can we heed if we cannot control our cities. the violence against the citizens and law enforcement must be brought to a very rapid end. the rival spending the day off the trail behind closed doors and preparing to face off debate on monday. the campaign ting a nominalling it will be important for the candidate and putting pressure on the moderator to ask equally as tough questions. you cannot lower the bar because policy does not meet it. that's what we're concerned about they are gearing up for what could be the biggest night yet some say the debates are not necessarily make or break into the election cycle. >> sometimes they move the
6:34 pm
for a few days and a week or ten days and it goes back to where it was, at least in the polls or the polling average. >> with four days to go before the first debate, the latest politics average of polls shows clinton's lead narrowing to two points nationally. in washington, lauren blanchard. yahoo confirms accounts have been hacked. information was stolen from in what is described as a state sponsored attack. the information stolen may include names, e-mails, dates of births and passwords. yahoo is now notifying all affected users and asking them to change their passwords. the reality of heroin addiction.
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a clerk immediately called 911 for help. police say it took two doses. it takes one to the point they cannot take care of their child the mother is charged with endangerment. the government making head way in the fight against isis. and groups with the government and it is the second biggest city in iraq and in isis control since 2014. it is seep as part of an effort in the area to prepare for an assault on the city later this
6:36 pm
london. >> the military testing to see if the weapon was used in a strike and the service members had been attacked by rockets was not effective and test was a concerning development. >> sources tell fox the military is looking to send 500 troops to the country in addition to the 400 which arrived over the labor day weekend. and those in iraq on temporary assignments and the total number of troops in iraq 6000 if the president approves the plan. progress is reported in the
6:37 pm
government troops liberated a town from the militants it is near mosul the second largest city and large of the undercitis control. >> the final assault will commence as with the previous operations when the prime minister gives the order. >> the government hopes to retake mosul by the end of the year. the governor said the power is being restored after the massive blackout. nearly everyone on the island of 3.5 million people lost power after a fire. half the island should have power by the end of the day. it's not clear what caused the fire in salinas. causing traffic problems for businesses to close as well. and no injuries have been reported. and fish and wildlife are officially concerned for the first time ever they have evidence that invasive pythons
6:38 pm
they received the reports of the pythons in the keys. and now they have found hatch lings from fwc for the first time. two pythons, 18 inches long were found in key largo in august a third was found in the north northern most part of the island chain. residents are urged to report sightings. it may feel like summer some important information to get you through the flu season. we'll talk oh yea, everything is digital now-a-days.
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flu season is here and by flu season is here and you heard the nasal spray flu vaccine is not recommended for kids this year but there are other changes that you should know about. let's bring in dr. jo. let's start with the kids no flu mist the doctors doing anything to ease the pain not used to getting a shot of because they don't want to get a shot. >> i looked into this because parents were asking pee this but remember the flu mist is recommended for adults. bubbles. they can take a deep breath and distracts them. some of the ways, can you use things like child led distraction that's more effective than you just doing jumping jacks, that means just like a book or a toy what are you seeing here this is st. joseph's children's hospital. this very visual distractions but the important thing is that the child is engaged in whatever
6:42 pm
play with it. other things that you can do to confuse it tap where the shot is going in. that will make the pain lessen. can you use numbing creams and those take time 20 minutes trier to going into. and some of the things not giving them an oral analgesic it may decrease the effectiveness of the your children i did make this. it is not going to hurt that bad. it is going to be over soon apparently kids know that something bad is coming, i'm guilty of that one, too. >> what other changes are there. >> there are not that many. >> what i did find is that there is going to be a new vaccine for people over 65. and they have been around in europe for years. they have a tough time getting approved here of.
6:43 pm
intradermals and at jet injector but gets it into the muscle. that's what you may ask for if you are needle phobic. >> are you getting any closer to having a universal vaccine, we are, you know i used my lollipops every year, just like the colors of a lollipop the blue viruses change. this very to direct that vaccine for that. they have to guess and look at hemisphere. what they are doing this just went into trials. and the stick they can direct and the blew vaccine why the
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z2474z zy6z y2474y yy6y we are one nation under god.
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i'd like to punch him in the face. you know what they used to do to guys like that? they'd be carried out in a stretcher, folks. i could stand in the middle of 5th avenue and shoot somebody and i wouldn't lose any voters. priorities usa action is responsible for the content of this advertising. come into steak 'n shake for hand-dipped fall milk shakes.
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and the reserve they keep the rates down and 98 and 44. s&p rose 14. >> jamie lee kurtis. wait for it. >> and brad pitt is under investigation for child abuse. sources say that he got drunk during a flight plane he verbally and physically abused his kids. child protective services investigating and the f.b.i. is involved because it took place while there was a plane in flight that's why the feds are involved. a spokesperson for pitt denies abuse. and mel brooks was awarded the medal of arts by the president. he was given the award for a
6:48 pm
like blazing saddals. and barry gourdy was. there is jamie lee kurtis. the queen's star set to direct the fox tv show in support of creator ryan murphy's foundation it provides jobs and scholarships for women. that show back on the air again and it is getting interesting >> it is debut week. >> what very a lot. >> right here. >> and rain here before long, paul. >> and i tell you the area was nailed. and all the way up and 4:00 dropped over an inch of rain. it rained out. no sign of rain on that view on
6:49 pm
steamy. and and watch and wait for a change in the trough. signs of that the high is now dropping and from 90 and 89 now to 88. the average morning low is 74. 94 in when i look back the storm at least was average. the rain because of the systems are collin and hermine that's soaked the coast. july not so well and running
6:50 pm
3.44 will end up september as a drier than average month for us. and now the earlier rain is done as i said there was big storms in northern hillsborough county. they're gone. amazing how a couple of hours ago it is a tiny one storms that popped up
6:51 pm
have karl that will move northeast and tease bermuda. monday and you have lisa and that should be off the map. that's pretty much that. right now we're 88 the dew point is 71 winds are calm. it is from tampa bay we expand n coast. the remnants julia, remember that's been rotating in the carolinas, we expand on that view and you head north it is the first day of autumn. 83 in new york. 992 little rock and tulsa.
6:52 pm
and steamy. a mix of sun and clouds. rain chances about 2 0% we're back near 90. >> and friday but we'll do 924 tacoma on the high. 1221 op the low. the 7 day forecast indicates the rain chances staying between 20 and 30%. it will roll through september. hard to believe it is until christmas. once the football season starts it is like game one before you know it, it is game 7. we start to get cranky, do you after your team -- he is going to bring it up. >> when you -- within you say cranky. >> thank you, paul.
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a challenge for students that
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today, technology is changing... homes are changing.... lives are changing. at duke energy, we're changing too, giving you new ways to control your power use and stay in the know... ...for smarter energy choices every day. so no matter how things change, we're always here ....
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coming up tonight at tonight at 11 the pain and grief only certain families know and understand a families of mu together to heal. can you spend a lot of time on social media a mother making a irv looing on blogging. many deaf and hard of hearing students can struggle with conventional education methods, but a school is combining hands on learning and sign language t is what's right
6:56 pm
?[music] ? what is this. >> mariah uses sign language and pictures to teach students at the bloss yam school for the deaf in clearwater. >> as a former student of the school and someone who grew up hard of hearing, the classroom assistant knows the challenges the children face, all too well, she started her education in public school. >> i sat in the back and i was not making very good was a student at blossom in the third grade and it changed everything. >> they taught me how to read. the other school i was reading at a kindergarten level, third grade person. >> when she came here she got, she was one of four in the classroom and got the individual attention that she needed. >> jewelry ruttenberg founded the school in 2003 after working with deaf children and their families for several years, she
6:57 pm
different way. >> we're just a different alternative they get to learn with the visual materials at their own pace and we can cater the curriculum towards them. >> all right, she has been so proud to see the stories over the years, we have children in college, we have a lot of children in high school and there are 90% of them are out in the work workforce the ones that have graduated and supporting themselves. >> kelly >> this is one of two schools in the nation to use the methods to teach children with hearing challenges. we have more information about the school at 90% in the working world now. that's great to hear. >> proof in the numbers, we keep on going online and our news app. have a great evening.
6:59 pm
i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. donald trump says he alone can fix the problems we face. t things done in our country. it takes democrats and republicans working together. that's how we got health care for 8 million kids. rebuilt new york city after 9/11. and got the treaty cutting russia's nuclear arms. we've got to bring people together. that's how you solve problems and that's what
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lights, camera, access. what do we know about what happened on this private plane wednesday night? did brad pitt abuse one of their children? point by point we'll take you through every troubling new allegation. i'm natalie morales. as we look back at a role brad was once hesit >> hit me. come on, son. >> he's afraid of you. >> let go of her. >> a frightening encounter for gigi hadid, what we know about the man who grabbed her. >> about to scare the heck out of ma. >> look, it's probably the best beauty secret that i know. >> we're all ears, christie. we're on the set for "how to get


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