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tv   FOX 13 1000 News  FOX  September 22, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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>> a third night ofy protests underway in charlotte. will these remain peaceful?
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>> who knows what other cases that chester who represent the molester may be involved in. >> he has been an expert 1s for dozens of trials but now he is under arrest if disturbing link between the cases and the elaborate lies he's accused of telling. >> might three of police protests in charlotte. the new demand from the crowd as torturous an officer-involved shooting continue. >> i felt like the trust had been lost and what happened, you know, with our sewage crisis. >> the fallout confronts sewage releases into the tampa bay area. the two improvements the mayor of st. pete wants to help
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>> welcome. i'm mark wilson. >> and i'm kelly ring. thanks for joining us. a man whose been a defense witness in dozens of trials needs a defense his own tonight. the polk county sheriff says 57-year-old chester gridkowski pretend to be an expert witness on computer forensics and took part in many child porn cases. fox 13 tease evan lambert is in our newsroom. what does this mean for those >> reporter: kelly, it could mean those defendants that have been convicted have the right to a new trial. >> he damaged the validity of the criminal justice system with his lies. >> reporter: polk county sheriff grady judd said french yield chester was supposed to be an expert witness in computer forensics butets deputies say his main expertise was in lying about his resume.
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having a master's in computer signs. his claims about computer certifications were also false, according to judd. >> we're not sure to what degree any of this is true or what may be absolutely 100% false or what may be a figment of his imagination. >> reporter: deputies say quitowski has testified in dozens of court cases across the bay area, mainly as a witness for the defense. most of involved child porn or sex crimes against children. imthat will defense attorney rickman said now the fair informs those cases can be questioned. >> a defendant may a right to review that case, a right to potentially a new trial depending on what he said or did during the course of that case. >> reporter: rickman said this case is shokingly unique and it's standard for lawyers and judges to believe witnesses who claim to be experts. >> florida doesn't have certification process for experts across the board.
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allowed quitowski to dupe dozens but the foolings stopped with judd who said he's happy to help him gain expertise, in the corrections system. >> we're going to put hum in handcuffs and start him on his way to his new addition to his false curriculum vitae. >> reporter: and i checked with the state tortures in hillboro, pasco and pinellas counties and they say they haven't used him but testified in federal court because of the nature of celebrate. >> anchor: the st. pete sewage crisis taking center stage. aaron messmer was there. aaron, councilmembers didn't let the mayor off so easily or his staff, did they? >> reporter: no, the mayor and the public works administrator faced some really harsh criticism from councilmembers for how they handled this crisis
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not with the public. in fact, one councilmember even threatened to call for a special attorney if the mayor's office isn't more transparent moving forward. but there's one thing that everybody in there agreed upon. there has to be a fast fix to this problem. >> there will continue to be accountability. i demand no less to me, to you, and to our citizens. >> reporter: the latest in the blowback from the st. pete sewage crisis brought mayor to the city council meeting. with 150 million gallons much of it during hurricane hermine. the mayor demanded pert better transparency. >> we need to better engage the public and the press. we need to capitalize on the public paying attention right now. >> reporter: right after the meeting ended, the mayor was unavailable for questions. a spokesperson told on us twitter, christman had a example family function and would be available friday. >> i view all of this as an opportunity to make our government better. >> reporter: the mayor seemed to put much of the blame on the two
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former public works administrator. he and the current department head also praised the employee turned whistle blower who brought to light a 2014 study that warned of potential consequences should the alberta wastewater plant close down. the sewage problems started arafat shut down next year. the city is considering were to reopen the plant. >> we are lighting every solution possible, short-term, out of the box remember webb crazy ideas to deal with it >> reporter: and this began as david jolly started calling forte state investigation into the matter. a spokesperson dismissed it as politics. meantime, the public is ready for solutions. >> we're talking about the future generation here, you know, and if they don't deal with it today, then my generation is going to be stuck having to deal with this. >> reporter: the current public works administrator also criticized for not reading that 2014 report until pretty recently over the weekend,
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conducted to determine why that 2014 report mark was overlooked. >> anchor: hopefully we will get answers. aaron with, was there much talk about where we are today in terms of water quality? i no the mayor said there have been testing and there's not the amount of fecal bacteria that others have said. yet there is a danger week some of these beaches are closed. i guess that's where a lot of taxpayers are disgusted with. where is our water quality? s that? >> reporter: this more focused on transparency. that's really what this was about. however, they did touch a little bit on where is this quality? is it as as bad as some people fear or is it not quite as bad, more so with how the mayor put. it i think that's still up in the air right now but we did get more of a look into what some of the problems were. the public works administrator said the water that seeped into tampa bay was treated with bleach. that's why they called it partially treated water.
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prefer that would be really -- the stuff that would normally go into tampa bay goes through a much more, much longer filtration process before it seeped into the bay. but the stuff that went in there during hurricane hermine just bleach, and that's not good enough, he says. >> very complicated issue that i know had a lot of people care about. aaron messmer tonight in st. pete. >> release the >> anchor: after two nights of violent protests in north carolina demonstrators with the black lives matter movement gathered once again in charlotte. they're calling for the public release of video showing the police shooting of keith lamont scott. a state of emergency remains in effect for the city tonight, and the mayor has set a cur few of midnight. >> anchor: and so far it's been a little bit more of a peaceful scene. soth joins us with the latest developments in the shooting that sparked the protests, cynthia.
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the highway patrol,er their all called in now to help out the charlotte police. there is a much larger presence tonight of law enforcement than last night, and they're hoping that is going to help keep the papes hundreds of protesters, though, still marching through the city's business district tonight. they stopped for about 15 minutes to chant and block this intersection right here. that was near bank of america head waters, and then they moved on as police and members of the national guard stood by or marched nearby now, earlier today scott's family viewed the video of the shooting that led body cams. theying cyst that is to the scott was reading a book while waiting for his son to get off the and us. but police say scott brandished a gun and refused to follow poured the family is asking that the video won't be released. the police chief said he won't do that while the criminal investigation continues. >> the video does not give me absolute definitive visual
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confirm that a person is pointing a gun. >> i ask again for calm, peaceful demonstrations from our it is important that we have a full and transparent investigation of the original incident. >> reporter: u.s. attorney general loretta lynch announced today the department of justice will be on the ground in the charlotte offering technical assistance and support to the charlotte police department as the potz continue. and demonstrators out tonight were also calling for justin, and they're referring to justin carr who was the man shot last night during the protests, and then he died today. now, police say that carr was shot by another demonstrator. the protestors disagree, saying that he was hit by rubber bullet from a police officer in riot gear. so that investigation also underway tonight. mark. >> narrator: the tulsa officer who shot and killed a man who had his hands in the air, that officer will now be charged in his death. officer betty shelby, shes wa
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she shot and killed 40-year-old terence crutcher on friday. his car stalled in the middle of the street and he could be seen with his hands up. that's when he was shot and killed. but he was walking back towards his car, and she said he was reaching in the car. the officer says she thought he was reaching in the window for something. she thought perhaps a gun. lawyers for crutcher's family spoke about the charges. >> the charges were brought, but let me be clear, the family wants and deserves full justice and full justice, full justice requires not just charges but a vigorous, a vigorous prosecution 6. >> anchor: police say crutch der not have a gun on him or in his vehicle. all right. meantime it is a car break-in spree. >> anchor: multiple cases being investigated in uncommunity tonight. up next, err where thieves are preak on unsuspecting victims and the warning from deputies
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>> if a player starts performing well, the price of his cards goes up. >> also get out your old baseball cards. 10:30, why a local finance professor is comparing them to stocks. and he's going to show us a winning strategy. hey, there, paul. >> meteorologist: happy first day of autumn and of course can the high today was 91 degrees. we have a couple of thundershowers inland. heavy rain around tampa bay is long gone.
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new at ten - a scam >> kelly: new at 10:00 tonight a scam warning for tampa electric customers. three people are accused of posing's teco employees to get payment. they were booked not hernando county jaime. investigator say the callers threatened to turn off power if they didn't make immediate payment opposition a prepaid card. e. mark beware p. thieves are targeting local fitness club members. members of at least three gyms saw their windows smashed and valuable stuff taken. off cypress rim road, josh, do deputies think these may be linked here? >> reporter: yeah, mark, it looks like tonight the three gyms that were targeted were all targeted by the same suspects, and that includes the gym right there behind me now, normally what we see, the suspects are
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they open the door, reach in, take your stuff and they're on their way. but in this case the doors were all locked, so what they did was they smashed the window to get in and steal other people's stuff. julie calloway's workout ended with some deep breaths wednesday morning. >> i was shocked, pissed, i was mad, yeah. >> reporter: it wasn't the workout that lit that spark. it was this. her car window smashed. >> my was broken glass all over the inside of the car on top of my baby's car seat. >> reporter: she's one of five members a strive athletic club in wesley chapel to have their vehicles broker into. unlike other burglary cases each of the victims' cars were locked this time. the thieves broke the windows to get in and take valuables. head trainer matthew sacks used to calling out instructions calls this incredibly frustrating.
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we want them to feel relaxed, have an awesome time and they do that in the gym. it stinks for them to have that in the back of their mind. >> reporter: also hit were two other vehicles at contracts fit arrow and the land o'lakes rec center. look close late these surveillance pictures. deputies believe this is the vehicle the suspects were in. same mo, smashed windows. they all happened between 10:30 and 1:00 p.m. >> they probably figured it's stay-at-ho these gyms, and so definitely we were a target. >> reporter: deputies say this is a good reminder not only to lock your car but to keep expensive items out of sight. >> the less items are of value that are in your vehicle, the less likely they're going to enter your superior court. did enter your vehicle. >> reporter: he's right. unfortunately, gyms, malls, airports are for these break-ins.
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hour or so, all the more reason to be extra, extra example mark, of course, if you knowing anything contact the pasco county sheriff's office. >> mark: you hate to see this kind of damage here. thanks very much. you're often told to leave your stuff in the car, lock your car so you do not want it to be exposed there and here you have this happen. >> kelly: hope they find him has fast. let's go over to paul. and it's so hot the first day of fall. >> meteorologist: you almost said >> kelly: it feels like that. >> meteorologist: the first day of fall is the first day of winter so we're behind a season or two. pretty good day today back up to 91. take a look at the sunset. even looked hot today. nice one from upton beach and tony tucker. that's pretty good and that's a pretty fantastic sunset. nicely done, tony. i want to shift gears a little bit and show you a sunset, the autumn natural equinox sunset in new york city.
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, inc. a southern sent, my twitter friend, inga sorrien son. you can see world trade center. nice up and down the entire east coast. we did have significant showers developing today and they were locally heavy around if a. they developed around early orphan and then they kind of sat around tampa bay for a time, 3:00, now, 5:00 and then they finally rained themselves out but till el in you usf and between 1 and 2 inches, lots of street flooding so the coverage was not great, but where it did rain it really came down quite a bit. all that's left now is a couple stray showers way, way out there in polk county. that'll be over with pretty soon, and that's really about it for tonight. tomorrow it's going to be a struggle. you get into late september, yeah, you get some showers and thundershowers pop up, but as was the case today there are a few and few are heavy but the
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30 percent if that. here we go again. back up to 91 today. the low 78. one nice thing about today, the average high has dropped from 89 to 88. if you like cooler weather we're heading in the right direction. this is going to end up being a wet summer. unnearly doubled the a rain but as a lot of that was from tropical storm colin. july drier than average. because of hurricane hermine. and then september running below average, 6.3 is average for the month. satellite radar shows the really deep tropical moisture today is tampa bay south, and tomorrow the best chance of rain will be primarily south of tamp bay. it's a warm and muggy night. in fact, rew if you look at these temperatures at 11:00, 10:00, you would say must be july. huh-uh. it's mid had to late september and still low 80s around tampa bay. the main way we get cooler is simply from shorter days and a
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daylight. i mean, today it's 12 hours and seven minutes. a month from now it's 11 hours and 19 minutes. and by the first day of winter we've lost nearly two hours of daylight from today at ten hours and 22 minutes. you really notice it in the evenings losing about two minutes of light per day. karl and lisa and a wave on the map tonight. tropical storm karl, now, i think it will move safely east to bermuda. there was but any system passing well east of them usually does no big trouble for that island. and then lisa is not going to do much. it will die out in a day or two. one thing we'll watch is this wave off the coast of africa, long range models showing potentially a system moving into the caribbean sea but that's not going to happen for another like seven to ten days, something moving across maybe puerto rico,
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it's over 3,000 miles away. partly cloudy town and 76. mix of clouds and sun, and some isolated storms tomorrow. most of you will not get wet. a high near 90 and more heat ?coming up on saturday. partly cloudy, a brief storm, and 90, and the seven-day forecast, yeah, it looks hot for the south florida state-usf game. high noon means my l. hue heat, near 90. and looks okay for if bucs game on monday as the temperatures stay in the upper >> mark: he's got a lengthy criminal record. now he is wanted for fighting a deputy. >> kelly: it was all caught on
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i'm really good at war. i love war in a certain way. including with nukes, yes including with nukes. i know more about isis than the generals do, believe me. i want to be unpredictable, unpredictable, unpredictable, unpredictable.
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the hillsborough county sheriff's office is searching for a man.. who pushed a deputy during a traffic stop. >> mark: the hillsboro county sheriff's office is searching for a man who pushed a deputy during a traffic stop. happened yesterday morning. here it is. deputy steve gutierrez said he pulled over the car for a seatbelt violation. you can see here the passenger gets out and then there he goes, shoves the deputy before running off.
10:26 pm
rayfort. this is the man they're looking for. if you know where he is please call crimestoppers. >> kelly: morgan & morgan attorneys have followed a lawsuit over the mulberry plant. they are demanding extensive cleanup measures and money for affected residents. mosaic has hired a private company to test the wells for anybody worried about their drink can water but the lawsuit wants independent oversight by the courts. after the spill hundreds of millions of gallons of the aquifer. the company says none of thatting contaminant water has left their property but people are very upsort of the department of environmental protection waiting three weeks to make the public aware that that was happening at the plant. well, more troops may soon be heading to iraq. >> mark: coming up next week how many u.s. officials want to send
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cz zy6z
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the military wants more might in iraq! u-s officials are asking for hundreds more troops to help officials are asking for >> mark: the military once more in iraq. u.s. officials asking for hundreds of troops to help in the fight against isis. >> and as lucas tomlinson reports there comes as a chemical attack at a u.s. base. >> reporter: the u.s. military is seeking ang additional 500 troops in preparations for ab iraqi led ground offensive in most you will expected to launch the next few weeks. this a a in iraq are finding themselves in more danger. the u.s. military's top officer found a chemical agent was used against u.s. forces in northern iraq. >> we assess you the to be a is you if you are mustard bliss tard agent. none of hour our folks were injured by this particular incident and it wasn't particularly effective but it was a concerning development. >> reporter: about 500 u.s. troops in our located just 25 miles south of most you will at west airfield a staging area for the operation.
10:31 pm
hain bit i. hit by isis robotic four times this week including one armed with mustard agent. since early august the u.s.-led coalition has led more than 120 airstrikes in most you will killing more than a dozen isis leaders and destroying an isis chemical weapons plant last week. the pentagon estimates there are between 3,000 and 4500 isis fighters in most you will, iraq's second largest city and home to 1 million people. >> obviously no one it wasn't to see street-to-street fighting in most you will but you don't know. >> reporter: to date there have beenen starting with 275 advisers in june 2014. eventually there will be over 5,000 american troops on the ground soon. after educating isis in fallujah and ramadi iraq's lete troops. a general said isis firefighters plan to fight to the death death in mow you will. a senior official tells fox they might not have a choice because the city is surrounded.
10:32 pm
week fox news. >> kelly: there's an emergency move to help fight zika. g is using governor rick scott is using $25 million of state money to developas a vaccine for the virus, and the move comes as the federal government continues to stall over the bill that including zika virus funding and the governor is lashing out on twitter tonight saying, "every minute that passes that congress doesn't approve funding means more time is lost from researching this including traffic cases, there have been more than 870 zika patients in florida. hillsboro county leaders are working to protect you from the virus, too. today in tampa officials talked with representatives throughout the county, and the goal is to come up with other strategies to keep people safe and maintain barons about the risk of zika. crown leaders say it's important to keep in mind the threat still exists. >> we have to continue the
10:33 pm
theme, is that this will be had an on going issue for many months to come, and we have to continue the messaging. we have to lentless about doing it. >> kelly: the wynwood area of miami was just declared zika-free earlier this week, but miami beach is still a hotbed for the virus. the department of health is still urging people all across the state to drain any standing water they find at all on their property regularly. >> mark: tonight a lesson in economics, if you will, courtesy of a researchers recently published a study on the similarities between the stock market and baseball cards, and they found a strategy that sometimes is used on the trading floor but is always profitable when it comes to trading cards. chris cato tonight with when you should buy or sell. >> chris: when jared williams was a kid he noticed an obvious similarity between his childhood hobby, baseball cards, and his father's passion, the stock market. >> so if the company announces earnings that are better than
10:34 pm
similar in the baseball card market if a player starts performing well, the price of his cards go up. >> chris: now a university protestors of finance, williams and his colleagues recently used baseball cards to test a market trading strategy called momentum. >> stock price momentum is the tendency for stocks that have been done knelt recent past to continue outperforming stocks that have been done poorly in the recent past. >> chris: williams team used old beckett baseball card monthly. they tracked the monthly prices of 35,000 cards over a span of six years starting in 1991. every month they analyzed each card's value over the past three months and then hypothetically bought the 3500 cards with the highest return. they would hold onto those cards for three months and then sell them regardless of how well each player was performing at the time. the result? >> we found very strong evidence of momentum, much stronger evidence of momentum in the baseball card market than in the stock market. >> chris: in the stock market
10:35 pm
urn return almost 1% per mondays which is suspect but in the cable barred experiment it returned a prophet of 5. 5% per month, more than 60% a year. william said anyone who seriously wants to make money off of baseball cards could employ that strategy. >> if you notice cards are going up in value, it would probably be a good time to consider buying those cards. conversely, if you own some cards that are going down in value, it might be a good time to sell them because it's likely they will continue going value. >> chris: skip weintraub said he could have told you all that without the year long study. he's been in the sports card business for 32 years and every month he sees players' stock rise or fall except for if a few who told their value very well. >> whose the ham ason right now? who is the johnson & johnson. >> in baseball mike trout. he's super hot. his cards do amazing. >> chris: he says the blue chip card to have right now is mike
10:36 pm
rookie. it can fetch up to $6,000 depending on the israeli number. kyle korber's' cards were also available you'll be until he got hurt. weintraub said there's a lesson there. too often people pass up a profit because they think a player's hot streak will last forever. >> any time to buy a card, you never know when they're going t. the problem is people get disagreed when a guy gets hot they don't want >> chris: williams hasn't bought or sold any baseball cards since he was a exited he is glad his old hobby others. he plans to submit his study to academic finance journals. it convinced us. >> if nothing else this was a lot of fun. >> absolutely. yeah. >> mark: that was chris cato report. p baseball card is a lot more fragile than stocks.
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>> mark: and a hobby thacks back how many generations? many, many week many. >> kelly: still ahead tonight a major data breach mark the private data information that's connected by a single type of tragedy gather for a special vigil.... we'll take you there tragedy gather for a special vigil.... we'll take you there tonight at eleven. golden outside or fluffy inside. deep pockets or delicious ridges. tasty egg or savory bacon. experience dunkin's ian waffle breakfast sandwich. it's not this or that. it's all of it.
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introducing dunkin's new cold brew coffee, steeped slowly in cold water for small batches with an ultra-smooth, full-bodied flavor. discover the craft of cold brew today and keep on.
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coming up tonight at 11... a crime of opportunity at a local convenience store... >> kelly: coming up at the top of the hour a crime of opportunity at a local convenience store. the thief makes off with a bag full of cash from the store atm. why that money was just sitting there in plain view allowing that dragon to make such a quick getaway. and could it be a sign of the times? why home places prices in the tampa bay area are soaring and why you could see a bigger increase. tonight at 11:00. anthony weiner is back in the he the nypd is looking into new action acquisitions the former congressman was sexting with a 15-year-old girl. the teen told the daily mail the two chained messages earlier this year. weiner acknowledged he communicated online with the girl but says the report is likely a hoax. weiner rep signed from congress in 2011 after revelations he was sending sexually explicit messages to multiple women. weiner's wife huma abboudin
10:41 pm
>> mark: pay attention you yahoo! users the company confirms data from at least 500 millions accounts has been stolen in what may be one of the largest cybersecurity breaches ever. leaked information could include names, email addresses, telephone numbers, dates of birth and even some types of encrypted passwords and security questions. that's foreign especially if you use the same password for a number of accounts. yahoo! said users should change their passwords and user accounts immediately. bank account numbers and credit card data has not believed stolen. yahoo! believes the cull sprit a state sponsored hacker but they not leap rate. >> reporter: the nfl off-season over. why are a dozen of the best lightning players still missing in action? we'll give you the details coming up. plus, jaime is winston is ready to make good on the bucs'
10:42 pm
"d." we'll talk about it ahead in sports. >> kelly: it's called a buddy bench. coming up good stuff, the sweet gesture by two local girl scouts i love publix digital coupons... i signed up for them at and i just clip them like this... that's how i save at publix. how 'bout you?
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i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. donald trump says he alone can fix the problems we face. well i don't believe that's how you get things done in our country. it takes democrats and republicans working together.
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and got the treaty cutting russia's nuclear arms. we've got to bring people together. that's how you solve problems and that's what i'll do as president. for me, shopping is a three step process. step one: walk the aisles. two: find the deals. step three: see, that's what's great there is no step three. that's how i save at publix. how 'bout you?
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>> kelly: it's our favorite time of the night. the good stuff. the stories that make us smile. >> mark: we need much more good stuff. we start with a truly moving story. jordan duncan has been walking to and from his job in deniesesia job in california since may. he doesn't want to ask people for rides even though it's a two-hour walk every day. el with last saturday the teenager who had finished his began walking home, he was actually spotted by a police corporal, corporal kirk cerve. the officer probably -- you mobilein' probably know where this is going -- offered him a ride home. duncan shared his aspirations to become an officer with the california highway patrol and kerr was so impressed with the teenager's work ethic that he and members of the police officers association surprised jordan at work with a new bike. look at this.
10:46 pm
18-year-olds out there that have this dedication, this work ethic, and we just wanted to make sure that he knew how much i actually appreciated what he's doing. >> this bike is my best friend. my best friend right here. i love this bike. >> mark: how about that. the bike cuts jordan's travel time by more than half, and the department's going to get him a ride along with the officers soon to help further his goal. maybe one day heal he'll actually be driving one of those patrol a. okay. we all feel a little lonely once in a while but this helps change that. trinity oaks school has a new buddy bench. it's the idea of two local girl scouts working on their silver award and came about with funding from the parent-teacher organization. buddy bench will go on the playground, and if a studen is feeling a little lonely, they can go sit on that bench and other students will see them and invite them to play.
10:47 pm
on my facebook page, and so we wanted to share it with you because it's a great idea. >> mark: we've seen that at a couple different schools, especially preschools. they're teaching that it early because kids can't always verbalize their feeling especially when they're lonely and feel left out. >> kelly: good job at trinity oaks. we want to hear, too, about your good stuff. all you have to do is send autos message or pictures or video our facebook page. one of our facebook pages. and we'll get them on the air >> mark: we've got a lot of great stuff going on in our community and we're going to try to do it every night. >> kelly: little or big, doesn't matter. >> mark: scott, what you got tonight? >> reporter: one buccaneer is already out this sunday due to injury but who else will join dug martin? no robert ayers, stock ard or -- left tackle don smith was able to participate after missing yesterday's practice so the bucs
10:48 pm
sunday. l.a. have a defense that's as good as any in the league but offensively they have been pretty awful 1 in fact, they're the only team in the nfl with the distinction of being touchdownless to the first two games. they have a few playmakers on offense, todd girl well trayvon austin, ken brits but it hasn't translated into production yet and the bucs bucs don't want it to start this weekend. >> don't be fooled by what you have seen the first two weeks. this is a week-to-week league. so we can't be, you know, going to the game, they haven't scored a touchdown. they could score 10 on us. that's what the nfl is all about. >> reporter: spend your game day with us right here on fox 13 starting at 10:30 with tailgate sunday. we will give you our opinions and lead up to the fox envelope nfl coverage with fox nfl sunday and are then kickoff now, between the rams and bucs right here on fox 13.
10:49 pm
twenty 16 season and if you're looking for a few positives about the future of team a big piece is the lefty blake snell making his home start against the team he broke in against back in ap, that is the new york yankees. raise rays trying tow avoid the sweep. brad miller doing his part. rbi single in the first. forsythe comes around to score. miller's 78th rbi of the season. rays take gets the strikeout. five scoreless innings. five hits allowed, six strikeouts. stoled performance. how about corey dickerson? he continues to tear. this is his 23rd of the season. the rays out 2-0. alex on the bump, trying to secure the save. jacoby ellsbury lines out, rather, strikes out -- here we
10:50 pm
alex on the lead, and you already guessed it. the lineout kevin carrymyer in center field. calmay's thenth safety year. rays go up 2-0. how about hockey? team usa's final game. in the second czech republic is the opponent p and that is lightning's andre shuster, yes, of the czech republic. p. they beat the u.s. 4-3. meanwhile back home the b locker room seams pretty empty. many players still taking part in the the world cup of hockey. steve eiserman knows the whole gang isn't here but doesn't find the schedule conflict. >> without giving it much thought, i think the time of the event was a good time for it. it gets them back once the tournament is over, still gives them enough time to kind of take a breather before the start of the regular season. but i think it's fine for the players. >> reporter: because they're
10:51 pm
>> mark: barely enough time to take a that. >> that's what i love about this season is no down time. >> mark: time start all over again. >> kelly: as long as they don't get ponder out at the end. we'll be right back. >> mark: we've actually got more. resume revelations coming up. how much time managers actually spend reading those resumes, and
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we are one nation under god. that black and white, we are one nation indivisible. that republican and democrat, we are all americans. i'd like to punch him in the face. you know what they used to do to guys like that? they'd be carried out in a stretcher, folks. i could stand in the middle of 5th avenue and shoot somebody and i wouldn't lose any voters. priorities usa action is responsible
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>> meteorologist: spectacular sunset. clench lec in frostproof. always love the neil bird gets a fox 13 abraham go the my facebook page,-like it. there's an appy that says weather. we give away an umbrella monday through friday at about 10:55. good job, neil. highs today for the first group of autumn. you know what's interesting? every single checkpoint except two were above 90 today. i see an 88 in st. pete, an 88 in melbourne. besides that all across the
10:55 pm
frostproof 84. sebring 93. sarasota 91. all that's left right now showers and thundershowers east of us. the forecast for your friday will be mostly dry. i think there will be a few showers and thundershowers popping up. daytime highs will top off in the upper 80s to near 90. rain chance at about 20%. >> you only get once chance to make a first impression and you better make it paps according to a new survey two in managers spend less than a minute reading a resume and -- get this -- nearly 80s them have caught a lie on those resumes. yikes. listen up. if you're looking for a home the 30-year fixed rate mortgage falling to under 3.5% this week. we are getting closer to the all-time low that was hit about four years ago. and now we know the going rate for having junior mow the lawn. according to a new report the average amount parents pay their kid is a little more than $6 per cut. that's cheap.
10:56 pm
i'm david asman. >> mark: especially if it takes an hour to cut. this is a for to you check out museums. >> kelly: the best part you can get in for free. we'll tell you how to do that. up next how to get tickets and
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now to a survival story. in 2003 clearwater's brad now to a survival story. manches now to a civil story you're going to love. 2003 clearwater's own brad kendall nearly died in a plane crash. >> kelly: today he returned to tampa as a silver meldist in the pare a olympic games. kendall was a sole survivor in an accident that took his father, his friend and the use of his legs away forever. as he recovered, brad embraced sailing, a passion his father had passed down to him. he and his crew captured a silver medal in the final race of the sonar class. if you've been wanting to check out a bay area museum saturday may be the perfect day. you can get into many of them for free as part of the smith sowing yeas annual museum day. print out tickets online from the smithsonian's website. we have a complete list of the "seen on tv" section of fox 13 take full advantage. >> kelly: time now for the foxy 11:00 news.
11:00 pm
loss gather tonight seeking comfort. >> the support means a lot to me. i don't know where i would be today without it. >> anchor: it's a night of remembrance for victims of murder as their families join together to heal. and a bag full you're watching fox 13 at 11 o'clock news starts now. >> anchor: the pain of fuel ever experience thankfully these people have all lost love ones. do an act of violence.nce here they gather to remember and try to support one another. each year that group grows larger. fox 13 reports there here for


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