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tv   FOX 13 1100 News  FOX  September 23, 2016 1:00am-1:30am EDT

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[captioning made possible by warner bros. domestic television distribution] national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] you're watching fox 13 at 11 o'clock news starts now. >> anchor: the pain of fuel ever experience thankfully these people ones. do an act of violence.nce here they gather to remember and try to support one another. each year that group grows larger. fox 13 reports there here for one another. >> reporter: for those who gather here tonight it's about support remember its and helping in another through the toughest time of their life. >> for erin o'connor the pain
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disappear. >> erin is one of many who gather in sarasota to remember family during the national day of remembrance. >> the people here share a bond unlike any other. not many of walk in their shoes some of lost c have lost siblings. >> helping the group are those who investigate and closer cases. deputies officers and victim advocates. >> it's important for people to understand the not alone in their grief. >> they make sure sure to make sure each family member is
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never have to experience. but for those here it's one that has changed their lives forever. and with the support of each other, though continue to heal. >> today is a special day when we all get together and honor our loved ones and cried together. and support each other.> a group of members meets monthly throughout the year to talk and help each other out will many of the cases are closed victim advocates are still them whenever needed. >> anchor: their message is the same but the approach is been a bit calmer tonight.or a third night in a row demonstrators filling the streets of charlotte. while these processes have made their way out i 277 were told the police in riot gear descending on the area at this point traffic has been stopped
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fired some teargas to try to clear that highway. all of this going on in reaction to the death of keith lamont to scott. he's a man was shot by police after they say he refused to drop his gun but many residents still insist he was unarmed that he had a book. police video of the shooting shown to the scotts valley today will release to the public while the investigation is still going on. fox's joel walden reports from sheldon. >> reporter: community members gathered purchase a shooting for thrilled lamont scott. while authorities remain on standby case more violence breaks out scott was shot thursday night will police was serving a warrant the conflicting reports about whether he was armed the time. >> businesses were left cleaning up after demonstrators violently clash with police. windows were broken at the nascar hall of fame the
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protesters took to the streets. north carolina governor pat mccrory responding to the violence calling in the national guard and state troopers to keep the peace. >> i'm going to do everything i can to help our police force in charlotte mecklenburg to keep our citizens safe. today scott's family getting a chance to see the body camera video of the shooting. >> a version that you heard from us before is supported by the evidence that all the statements that we attorney condemned the rights of the streets during a press conference. >> this family does not does not agree with writing or innocent visuals being injured or killed. but they do support citizens and the right to voice their frustrations. >> charlotte please confirming that 26-year-old justin carr who shot during the protest
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investigation. >> anchor: and this is a look at last night's writing once again was state of emergency was declared the mayor also close at midnight curfew and that takes effect less than an hour tonight. hoping to prevent another night of violence like this. last night a total of 44 people were arrested. none of them were hurt as you just heard one person who shot in the head by another has died. moving on to the governor of oklahoma was that she up the first-degree manslaughter charge against a police officer who shot and killed an unarmed black man brings some peace to that city. officer betty shelby was officially charged today. she is responding to an unrelated call when she and other officers came across terrence crutches vehicle in the middle of the road september 16.
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single shot that killed crutcher. >> developing tonight a bizarre story out of polk county were deputy say this man has been arrested for lying under oath pretending to be a computer expert in child porn cases. now they're all kinds of new questions about what it would mean for those affected because of his testimony. fox 13 in the newsroom!his sounds like a really bizarre story. >> reporter: very unusual criminal defense attorney spoke to says he's never heard of to be an expert witness. and generally an additional system disbelieves experts are experts. polk county sheriff brady says 57-year-old chester lied about his education and certifications and most of what he said on the stand has been bogus. but that hasn't stopped him from being put on the stand and dozens of cases around the bay area. deputy say many of the cases involved child porn or child sex crimes. he was typically a witness for the defense.
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attorney tells us he might not even have had to go to trial for his work to affect the case he could have submitted reports that resulted in the state dropping cases against suspects. for those who were convicted the fairness of the trial could now be challenged. >> a defendant may have a right to review that case. a right to potentially a new trial depending on what he said or did during the course of that case. >> he was taken off the jail this afternoon he faces several there likely lots of lawyers tonight reviewing the case files. >> anchor: i completely understand that. thank you. new at 11 tonight tampa police looking for a man who stole a large amount of cash. were talking tens of thousands of dollars. from an atm as was being service. this happened yesterday afternoon at the walmart on west hillsborough here's a look at the surveillance video right here. police tells the orker from loomis armor security taking money out of the atm will
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down a large bag of cash and the suspect that green vest right there traffic best he just grabbed it. ran right out of the store. there goes. a woman who lives behind wawa says she so the guy take off. >> my daughter seen him run behind. she said i seen a guy running. >> tbd still asking for help with this one that the guy looks familiar urged to give them a call. pascoe county customers were about rash of car burglars. at least into yesterday outside strive athletic club and wesley chapel. all those cars were locked. but the thieves busted through the windows to steal purses. at least two other gyms from pascoe were hit two. one of the victims who says she feels kind of violated. >> this is wesley chapel this is a nice area we don't think about things like that. but now with this happening you don't know anymore.
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of the suspect vehicle they say it's a dark-colored toyota camry. they think these break-ins have been between 10:30 a.m. and 1:00 pm so if you know anything or sign anything he urged to call the sheriff's office. good news for home sale is not as much for homebuyers. home prices of tampa bay went up 20 percent in august. outpacing all other metro areas. median price in the bay area now more than $210,000. higher in hillsboro and pinellas. one of the reasons for increase is they say just not as many homes for sale. experts hope the uptick in prices will encourage sellers to go ahead and list their properties. unit two covers take advantage of this real estate hi to a floor is largest home construction companies emerging.ennar based out of miami and wci communities based in bonita springs lennar will acquire to bci for $643 million. that news caused stocks both companies to jump.
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the mouse maybe a little adjustment to the weather can. > florida mom since cash straight to the bank. is a life full time blogger that's new at 11. looking at every solution possible short-term out-of-the-box crazy ideas. some search for accountability others searching for a fix. the city of st. pete trying to resolve its sewage problem. ere we are the first day of fall so it feels like the last day >> the first day of summer.
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y. >> anchor: facing pretty harsh criticism from the city because of the ongoing sewage crisis. because a lot of questions at
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who's to blame how's the city going to fix the problem. fox 13 reports from st. pete. >> reporter: mayor rick the public works administrator base of really harsh criticism tonight from city council for how open they have in some cases have not been with the public following this sewage bill crisis had a hand in the days that councilmember even tried to cover special attorney the mayor's office to improve transparency. the mayor tried to said there was a clear communication breakdon with the department and with the public and that needs to change. about 151 million gallons of spilled and tampa bay this year. much of it during hurricane hermine the mayor seem to put much of the plane and the two public works staff is recently placed on unpaid leave. the former public works administrator. the city recently found out about a 2014 said that warned of potential consequences should the albert woody
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brought the report to light the sewage spill problem started after that plant shut down. the next year. the city is considering whether to reopen it. >> looking at every solution possible short-term out-of-the-box crazy ideas to try to deal with it both in the long-term and short-term. >> current public works demonstrator was criticized for not reading that 2014 report until recently. the council voted to have an independent audit conducted which will look into why that this comes as congressman david jolley is calling for a state level investigation into what happened. the mayor wasn't available for comment after the meeting but said he would be available on friday. >> anchor: more follower of the sinkhole and mulberry now a class-action lawsuit against the company. people who live nearby sit ups at the department of affirmative protection waited three weeks to alert them about millions of gallons of
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the aquifer. test results of partially contaminated water hasn't left mosaics property lawsuit calls for independent oversight by the courts. that's also demanding extensive cleanup measures. here we are thursday evening a lot of folks already considering what the going to do this weekend. >> football is big thing. florida state here on saturday at high noon it's going to be hot around 90 bucks planner late till 4 o'clock still hot in the upper 80s let's ta like summertime watch the clouds bill today there are a number of thunderstorms that were just north of downtown tampa today. you can see them in the distance dropping lots of rain way way out in the distance kind is in the move around drops of rain and eventually they rain themselves as blue sky so pretty active this afternoon is a great time lapse. get the sunset just before 7:30 tonight this is a cool photo how about this. waterspout at sunset that's
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marathon from randy powell on tuesday night. look at that waterspout being kind of lit up by the setting sun. is that cool k-9 i think so. showers and thunderstorms primarily south and east today at least this evening and now there dying down. we lost the heating around 7:30 tonight all i could find some storms over by the cape rainier bell burn rain earlier in eastern polk county rain by leesburg and stay partly cloudy heats on anyone in tampa 77 in brooksville 82 in sarasota 83 in st. pete and the dew point are holding in the mid-70s we have to wait for the first trough to develop along the east coast that will likely bring a friend are away. the problem is a look at the 7 to 10 day computer modeling don't see it happening quite yet it usually first or second week in october we get our first cold front.
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this month were on a roll it's been like this since june. way above average. three days below average courtesy of hermine one day average in 18 days above average and tomorrow will be above average to with temperatures in the low nineties. the average high drop today. another one we went 90 and 89 today's average high is 88. drop october 6 to 86 the real cooling is late october and early november. tropics are pretty busy thereto named storms lisa and carl there is a tropical storm looking at the modeling and the track of carl that's an island even bermuda very rocky very well built and they do pretty well in hurricane events. this is going to be a tropical storm passing east of them by quite a bit so i think the impact to bermuda should be pretty minimal even though there is a tropical storm warning for that nice island. lisa is going to pass well out in the atlantic and it's going
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here is something of note coming off the coast of africa. look ahead in the gfs and the european models actually shows a tropical system developing in the eastern caribbean sea at about 7 to 10 days as it moves to the west and northwest we will see how this plays out a lot of times when you see something like this eight days away it really verifies but the modeling is saying something in the caribbean or over the islands and about 7 to 8 days. we'll posted. resting tonight quiet. partly cloudy who bottom out in the mid-seventies mix of clouds and sun and there be an isolated storm tomorrow 20 percent coverage. that set. hope you have a good friday on saturday it's a mixture of clouds and sun with a couple of pop-up storms will back up near 90 in your seven day forecast upper 80s to near 90 amazingly the water temperatures are still in late september 80 degrees. at clearwater beach.
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most allergy pills only control 1. flonase controls 6. and six is greater than one. with flonase, more complete relief means enjoyment of every beautiful moment. flonase, six is greater than one, changes everything. ? ll find out next. >> anchor: the recall to tell you about a blue bell ice cream this is over the steric contamination worries. he says packages of chocolate chip cookie dough and cookie to step contained cookie dough from a third party supplier named aspen hills and it may have bacteria. so far nobody's gotten sick at least nothing reported but there's a consumer should
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refund comes about a year after previous steer outbreak led blue bell may recall the temporary shutdown production. most of us social media is a way we show our lives our friends and family stay in touch but in orlando mom took a step further. she's making a living by blogging about her two passions motherhood and makeup. >> i have 1 million followers on instagram. for beta-blocker those numbers don't just mean they mean money. >> 25 go to mom and makeup artist for general brushes and pick up a camera. >> shoots makeup tutorials for a living. >> shares uploads on youtube
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enough money to be a full-time beauty blogger what she brings varies but she made $35,000 in the past five months. >> how does she do it. >> the. >> should figure of your clicking on the at the place before the youtube video does you can have an ad before your video as well i produce clear account to do that.hen google tract him he thinks you certain amount get paid. when you it it shows that people had interest in whatever it is that their advertising on your channel. >> also use social media reach out to countries may be looking to advertise with bloggers but don't forget the #. >> is easier on safer compass to find you througugh a # that is when you tag them. but why should they choose you. save the company big bucks. >> it's easier to invest in a blogger that it would be to invest in a celebrity. because a celebrity obviously
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more than what we would charge. >> another tip greater quality project. lighting will affect the amount of views that you get on your channel. people can't say things clearly are not going to be tuned in. >> like anything else it requires hard work and passion to get the job done. >> obviously you do it for a living so i really do love it. thanks for watching guys. >> that was kiersten dell got a reporting. there that help advertisers and bloggers connect. one of them is isaiah out of winter park is free for the blogger i have to do is set your account up online scott and you two could be raking in the box there by blogging. you can have your own makeup line for sports anchors. >> goodness knows i need it. that's for sure. >> the race do something tonight at home against the yankees.
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show it to you coming up plus a box offense hopes to get right this sunday against the rams
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box selects improvement pass rush past events offensively like to run the
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turnovers one of the areas is not what were are to be is a chemistry between jim swenson and vincent jackson was tina played out the first two games a season jackson is just six catches targeted 15 times. a couple of occasions in both games where jim swenson appears to be on a different page as receiver. jackson now is 12 season so now there naturally questions about whether or not he's lost a step in quick to respond to that question. >> come out watch practice. hat you see on translate with reality. i feel great. i feel like i'm still playing a very high level our coaches have all the confidence in me. my teammates do as well. for me it's just continue to do my job. i don't have to do too much press do anything extra ordinary can only mean i trust my training i know that i can make plays. when those opportunities come out more come my way but until then i'm going to continue to do my job.
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10:30 a.m. with tailgate sunday ricky reynolds and i will write on the big game headed out to the guys in la for fox network coverage before the rams and box get set to kick off right here on fox 13 at 4 o'clock. >> baseball at the top raised take on the yankees final meeting of the year the first who loves to play against new york. brad miller five hits in this series 5 rbis had when this game of course. figure work is where of a few gems five school is frames five it's allowed five strikeouts in the six still 1-0 cory dickinson doing courtney dickinson things third home run in the last four games has 23 now on the season one away from his career-high chase whitley work in the later inning 6-7 eight hold the lead striking out three is to into third innings of work. alex column a and the night
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letter to center field incomes kevin kammeyer and calamine picks up his 30 fifth save of the year and the race get the win 2-0 as a final for next up the boston red sox coming to town starting tomorrow night for the final home series of the season. >> wishing them a suite. >> thanks so much before we go grab your calendar because of days for the 80 second annual florida strawberry festival announced.arch 2 the theme have one every year for 2017 will be playing your song. apparently this is to tell you a little bit about what you can expect and they say this year the theme a lot of music. have announced any of the headliners yet but they will. every year some half a million people visit that festival for the livestock shows exhibits the concerts of course the rides don't forget the strawberry shortcake. >> news keeps going right here
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is next >> announcer: this program is a paid presentation for omega xl and is brought to you by great healthworks. ? on this episode of "larry king reports," we'll discuss the benefits of omega-3s in fighting chronic inflammation. we'll meet ken meares, the c.e.o. of great healthworks and sharon mcquillan, m.d., an expert in clinical studies and research. we will learn about omega xl and how it can help to reduce joint pain and improve mobility on "larry king reports." >> welcome. i'm larry king, and i'm here today to report on a significant health-related investigation that's been taking place for the past couple of years. the information i will provide you during the course of this


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