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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 6AM  FOX  September 23, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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peace prevails as protesters return to the streets for a third >>russell: peace prevails. protestors return to the streets for a third night after police shooting of a black han but the calls are getting louder for the police to release video of the shooting. >>laura: 67-year-old man is injured while diving and video of their dramatic rescue. >>russell: a thief is wanted for stealing tens of thousands of dollars from an atm. he didn't have to pry it open. someone did that for him. >>dave: believe it or not, we're down to 77 degrees. tomorrow victory in the tampa area. inland locations, great for a few mornings where you've had 72, 73, 74, right along the
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like st. petersburg still at 80 degrees here in the 6:00 hour of "good day." we're going to start with beautiful sunshine, warm it up quickly, get back to the lower 90s and the rain chance around 20% so your high of 91. tomorrow all the 20% rain chance and high of 90. vanessa? >>vanessa: we'll check the roadways right now and it's been pretty good for folks throughout the morning as far as the morning commute. just one lane blockage crash to mention. this has been working for a little while and it's single lane blocked out of pasco county so watch out along u.s. 19 along state road 54. a single lane blocked in the northbound direction. a check on our major roadways looks good as far as our interstates go. northbound 275 pinellas to fletcher looks like 34 minutes is that drive. eight minutes between 75 and branch forbes taking i-4 in four minutes along 75 southbound.
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fatal police shooting in charlotte, north carolina gave way to quiet streets early this morning. the city's mayor backed by the national garden acted a midnight curfew. despite that officials say they let protestors stay as long as they wanted as long as it didn't turn violent. >>russell: this was a shark contrast to wednesday night when riots erupted along with gun fire. police say justin carr was shot amid the chaos and he died yesterday. former mayor of charlotte, says he does not want to see protest levels rise to that again. >>laura: in tulsa, prosecutors filed a first degree manslaughter charge against a white police officer who fatally shot an unarmed black man. >>russell: officer shelby acted unleanably. she was on the way to a domestic violence call when she came
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s.u.v. she thought he was compared and was going to kill her and she drew a weapon. crutcher walked away from shelby with his arms in the air t. does not offer a clear view of when she fired the single shot. crutcher's family says the father of four posed no threat to the officers. >> when we saw that video, we knew there was no reason for terrence to be shut down in the street. we knew if t.p.d. did their job and gave the evidence transparently to a d.a.'s office, it's apparent that officer shelby had to be charged. >>russell: officer shelby has posted bond. if convicted she could face a minimum of four years in prison.
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coast guard. a 67-year-old man was injured while diving. friend called for help saying he was in need of emergency medical attention. a group from clearwater brought the dive era board their vessel and hosted him in the tell couldn't he were. >>laura: tampa police are looking for a man who stole tens of thousands of dollars from an atm. >>russell: he didn't have to open the machine. somebody else did that for him. shayla reaves wawa with some new surveillance video. strange story you're on this morning. >>reporter: good morning to you. daylight and cameras did nothing to stop this person from committing a crime. if this is someone you recognize, give tampa police a call. this is video captured inside of a wa-wa convenience store off
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according to tampa police, this particular suspect is accused of stealing tens of thousands of dollars in cash and it happened as a security worker removed money from an atm. the bag was sealed and he put the bag on the floor as he continued to service the machine. the thief made a room for the money and ran out the door. patrol officers searched the area and canines sniffed for clues. ultimately they wre not able to track down the person seen in that surveillance video so they're asking anyone out there, if you have any information or tips or clues that can help lead to this person we've just shown you, you're urged to give tampa police a call. you can always report information unanimously and you're he eligible for a cash reward. stay on top of the story and
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gather new information. >>russell: thanks. talk later. a class-action lawsuit has been filed against mosaic after that massive sink hole opened up leaking 250 million gallons of radioactive water into the aquifer. lawsuit seeks financial retribution for anyone that lives within five miles of the morgan & morgan is asking anyone who has questions about the safety of their water to contact them. they're testing nearby wells for free. company insists that pumps have prevented the contaminated water from moving past the property line. >>laura: governor scott is using his emergency powers to direct $25 million in state money toward developing a vaccine for the zika virus. it's the third time scott ordered the state to spend
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the governor has been critical of congress for failing to pass a zika funding bill. lawmakers need to pass a massive spending bill by the end of next week to avoid a government shut down. senate republicans released a draft of the bill to keep the government funded through december. it includes $1.1 billion for zika. democrats are opposing legislation because it does not crisis. >>russell: until recently it was considered ground zero for the zika outbreak and wynwood has another claim to fame. it is the neighborhood where someone stole a naked sculpture of donald trump. sculptures like it have been popping up all over the country. one showed up on top of a billboard and it vanished. police are looking for a person of interest.
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the billboard at the time of the theft. they call it a traffic hazard. >>laura: election day is right around the corner. goodness for that. and the candidates are preparing for that debate. >>russell: and like everything else, their prep style is completely different. >>laura: did you a nice job. >>russell: thank you so much. a soldier's family is finally getting closure. coming up at 6:30, decades-long process to make is on it. >>dave: 70s all over the place this morning including tampa international where it's down to 77 degrees this hour. i say that because it's the first time this week we've done that. 72s in citrus county. upper 70s along the coast and mid 70s for our friends in our interior counties. looks like an isolated storm late today. rain chance 20% and high
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inland and north and of course, the upper 70s along the coast. st. petersburg still at 80 degrees this morning. and we're starting to see a lot of mid 70s. it's not going to be long, right? a few more weeks before we're in the 60s for lows, we hope. at least through the weekend into the middle of next week, we're not going to see a huge pattern change. we have lower 80s over the keys. there's a 68-degree start for friends in that. gainesville around 70 so there's some hints of somewhat cooler air in the northern part of the state. dew points are in the low to mid 70s and day-to-day, it just doesn't seem like the pattern is changing and the forecast dew points, they're not going to change much over the weekend so just get used to that steaminess as dew points will stay in the lower 70s. really, right from the beginning of next week. the only subtle change will be
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starting to up just a little bit. so i mean, we've been sitting at 20% for a couple of days and yes, we've had a few isolated storms. by monday the rain chances will go up to 40%. high pressure off to the west. you have a stationary boundary just hanging out very close to the carolinas this morning. every day i come in, i look at the current surface map and i move this high like an inch and then i move the stationary front like a half inc we're in a stagnant weather situation so keeping in mind this time of year 30shgs% -- 30% to 40% is the rain chance. it will start to drift in like it did yesterday. before that happens, i think we get back up to 90, 91 degrees and then it's still hot through the weekend. nothing is going to change here until we can push a big front through the area and we don't
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two tropical systems, how about karl? it was almost literally gone a couple of days ago is now on the verge of becoming a hurricane. here's the island of bermuda. i have no doubt they're going to get tropical storm force winds from this storm but the worst is going to turn to the northeast. bermuda has a very, very tough island, very rugged island them. then notice it just goes to the north atlantic. we also are watching tropical storm lisa, barely a tropical storm. hurricane center says this thing is going to completely fall apart for this weekend as the remnants drift toward the north as well so neither coming anywhere near the lower 48. we'll go to 91 degrees today, partly cloudy, rain chance around 20%. tonight the overnight lows around 78 degrees so steamy.
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could be an isolated thunderstorm with your high temp near 90. extended marine forecast looks tremendous, though. seas running less than two feet all weekend. smooth to light chop. it's going to be beautiful. be safe out there on the coastal waters. 10 minutes to 7:00 this morning will be our high tide over at the st. pete pier area. rain chances slowly increase to 40% which is really nothing out of the ordinary or significant. high temperatures then to 89 degrees beginning monday as well. vanessa? >>vanessa: we'll see how pinellas county roadways are looking along 275 is where we're taking a live look. 54th avenue north. picking up a little bit with the volumes but we're still good and looking crash-free. travel times on the selmon expressway also good as we might expect with no incidents
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investigation into last weekend's bombings in new york and new jersey continues. >>laura: suspect lies in a hospital bed. the f.b.i. is now focussing on the family. >>russell: dramatic video from outside a rehabilitation center for the blind shows people running for their lives as saturday night's pressure cooker bomb exploded in lower manhattan. the scaffolding protecting this man in a wheelchairs on other f.b.i. agents are still working to speak to rahami who has been unconscious following a police shootout. his wife arrived in the united states last night on a flight from the united arab emirates. they left for pakistan in june. she's cooperating with authorities and is not considered a suspect. investigators are focussing on rahami's family and whether any of them knew of the alleged terrorist plot, particularly
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relative's cell phone shows rahami testing an explosive device in his family's backyard just two days before the attack, laughing as it ignited. r rahami's father says he had no idea. he warned the f.b.i. in 2014 to keep an eye on him. he told the "new york times" he told the f.b.i. his son was watching al qaeda videos. ha includes reference to the leader and isis spokesman killed in august. he called on followers to attack in their homelands and not travel to syria. >> so we're seeing an increasing lowering of the bar in terms of inexpensive, unsophisticated, yet high impact attacks they're
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buying into a line of propaganda that promises longing empowerment. >>reporter: police are still looking for two on the video, taking the bomb out of the luggage and walking away with the luggage. they're not suspects. they simply not to ask them questions and retrieve the bag for evidence. >>laura: and hillary donald trump will take the stage monday night for the first presidential debate. >>russell: the candidates are preparing in different ways. while clinton is staying off the campaign trail, trump has more attacks. >> where is hillary today? i think you're right. they say she's been practicing for the debate.
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sleeping. >>russell: that's trump questioning his opponent's stamina as a rally in pennsylvania. clinton has no public events planned for the rest of the weekend. she's appearing in a taped interview with a comedian. > do you wonder what your opponent might be wearing? >> i assume he'll wear, you know, that red power tie. >> or maybe like a white power tie. >> that's even more appropriate. >> we should stay in touch. you? email? >>russell: i haven't seen this before. i'm sorry. want first presidential is monday night in new york. you can watch it right here. starts at 9:00 and scheduled to runabout 90 minutes. if you miss it, we'll have the highlights tuesday morning right
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maybe we should watch this instead. >>laura: election day is november 8 and one american is not sure she'll be home in time to vote. she's in space. the astronaut was originally scheduled to come home late october but russians have delayed the next launch for earth orbit. >>russell: that's great. all right. it is a busy weekend at raymond james stadium. at 6:30, we're previewing two big matchups, including one that this lady is very interested in. >>laura: and we're finally seeing something in charlotte,
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hot clicks. >>laura: time to see what's clicking on the web. >>jennifer: happy friday. this morning's hot click $ all about the love. so we talked a lot this week about the chaos and violence, protests in new jersey but in the midst of all the anger, people are still trying to spread peace and love like this little boy. he lives in charlotte and his mom says the helicopters and sirens have kept him up all night and he's in tears. on the way to school he heard that police were getting hurt during the if he could do something nice for them. he and his mom went to the police department and gave them donuts and free hugs and he told each officer he appreciated all they do to keep us safe. isn't that sweet? >>laura: yeah. >>jennifer: he's not the only one spreading love. this man is walking up to the police line in charlotte and giving officers hugs. his name is ken and he's known as the free hugs guys.
6:25 am
he said it was risky and some people gave him a hard time but he thinks he got through to some people and may have prevented some people from getting arrested. all right. hug don't just continue there. eli is a huge detroit lions fan. after they lost to the titans, he was pretty bummed. but then this happened. some of the titans players saw him wearing the opposing team's jersey and still stopped to give him a high five. one even swooped up and gave him some love. eli might be switching teams after that. isn't that sweet? >>russell: did you hear him yelling right there? hey. >>jennifer: high five. high five. can't say no to that. >>laura: a ton of love. >>jennifer: lots of love for you this morning.
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>>jennifer: you're welcome. >>laura: you haven't seen anything yet. bucs have kept a few secrets. sheer showing them to fox 13 this morning. >>russell: and after 66 years, 66, the remains of a soldier will finally be laid to rest in sarasota. alcides segui is on that story this morning. >>reporter: master sergeant charles brown arrived at sarasota international airport yesterday. he'll be buried on monday. how did this all come about after more than 60 years, he's back home and
6:27 am
i wore a badge for 38 years knowing how much you trusted us to keep you safe. yet when a officer was killed in action florida was not doing enough to give their families the help they desperately needed. dana young understood. that was wrong, so we changed that law. to ensure these families get the benefits they are entitled to and the honor they deserve. dana young has our back and she has yours. dana young for the florida senate.
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good morning i'm laura moody and i'm russell rhodes. >>laura: good morning. i'm laura moody. >>russell: and i'm russell rhodes. a lot of football this weekend.
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>>dave: pretty similar. it's going to be hot, you know, each afternoon. we have a quiet start to the day, though. temperatures are in tampa and have gotten to a 77 degrees. great start. it's going to be quiet and muggy. temperatures mainly in the upper 70 as long the coast. mid to lower 70s inland with the afternoon high temperatures in the 90s. notice the rain chances 20 we'll bump it up a little bit to 30% for sunday afternoon. v vanessa? >>vanessa: we're clocking in on god speeds and travel times for you on the interstates. 275 here, mlk, junior is starting to pick up as we typically see this time of morning, but like i said, no big slowdowns to report. travelling between pinellas county and hillsborough looks like over the howard frankland
6:31 am
boulevrd exit from pinellas bayway, 19 minutes. 11 minutes heading northbound 75 towards 275. >>russell: police are looking for a man who stole tens of thousands of dollars from an atm. it happened wednesday at the wa-wa on west hillsbrough avenue. this is surveillance video. police say a worker from lumis armored security was taking money out of a he was wearing a green traffic vest. if you recognize him, detectives want to hear from you. >>laura: today a judge could decide whether to release all 911 calls made during the pulse nightclub shooting in orlando. officials are still withholding another 230. that's 28 minutes of recorded conversation between the gunman and the crisis negotiation team. media groups have been fighting for the release of the tapes
6:32 am
of posing as tico employees. investigators say they threat ebbed -- threatened to turn power off if customers didn't make payment with a prepaid card. >>laura: a new ban on skier -- styrofoam containers near the beach. it i coolers and prohibits restaurants from using styrofoam. >>russell: after nearly 66 years, a soldier missing since the korean war, will finally be laid to rest next week. >>laura: he'll be buried at the sarasota national cemetery with full military honors and alcides segui is there this morning. finally some closure for the family, right? >>reporter: no doubt about that. just an amazing story overall
6:33 am
at sarasota bradenton international airport was special as well as passengers got word what was going on and on board their aircraft and they paid respects as well. there were pictures that were taken and it shows the flag draped coffin and she said the passengers on the plane stopped and stood quiet, paying respects and hon know. early november of 1950, 20-year-old master sergeant charles brown, junior and his regiment were attacked and surrounded. the majority of soldiers were captured and taken to pow camps but brown was never listed on the pow list. during recovery operations in north korea between 1990 and 2005, the remains of at least 600 u.s. servicemen were found, including the remains of brown
6:34 am
it is hard to believe, no doubt, after 66 years, master sergeant brown will be buried monday right here at sarasota national cemetery. the use of modern technology identifications continue. really incredible how, after 66 years, finally he will get the burial he deserves. alcides segui, fox 13 news. >>laura: thank you. it is 6: has launched an investigation into child abuse allegations against actor brad pitt. authorities are calling the investigation routine. as of right now agents are looking into a recent incident on a private plane. it's not clear what happened or who made the complaint. during the agency's probe, pitt will not be allowed contact with any of the couple's six children. in her divorce filing, angelina jolie is seeking physical custody of the children with joint legal custody and visitation. >>russell: and the hacking group
6:35 am
powell's emails includes michelle obama's passport and mes ages from a computer of a white house aide. >>laura: big weekend for sports fans. >>russell: bucs home game and the bulls take on fsu. let's get to walter right now and some new and impressive things at ray j, right? >>walter: really impressive things happening here at ray j. game is on sunday at 4:00. buccaneers take on the rams. both teams split the first couple of weeks so it should be a good game.
6:36 am
powerful offense with a good defense. it should be a pretty good game but why we're here this morning, not only because of the buccaneers but because of these giant tv's that they have. they have what they call bug vision to the sixth power. they have six giant video screens, essentially. they have two massive 9,600 square foot video boards on the stadium examine -- and four large power walls. this is part of the $140 million multi purpose renovation here at the stadium but they didn't show everything off during the preseason. much like the football team, you don't want to show all your cards and all your plays during the preseason. so we're going to do it today. so they are letting us in. we're going to be on the field, we're going to see the video boards, we're going to be in the
6:37 am
go into the control room as well. so it should be a very, very, very fun morning getting ready for football sunday. >>laura: and i can't believe you didn't mention it but can we see the reverse side of the jersey? >>russell: what team are you playing for these days? >>walter: i'm playing for the fox football sunday. the folks at fox, they decided to -- it's part of their promotion for football on sunday and they sent me this jersey but here is the i don't think they knew the dimensions of me because it's really big on the shoulders and snug. it needs to be inverted. shoulders tighter and the stomach a little bigger but that's okay. i'm working with it and i'm sucking in. a lot of live shots are going to be like this this morning. >>russell: i like it. thank you. you're going to have a lot of
6:38 am
your way this morning. >>russell: thank you, walter. see you later, man. >>laura: i feel bad. we want to remind everyone about the stadium's bag policy. nfl strongly encouraging fans not to bring any bag at all. if you have to, they have to be clear plastic or vinyl. and if you forget, they sell them at ray j for a premium. small clutches are allowed but not purses. >>russell: tomorrow the bulls host >>laura: tailgating starts at 7:00 in the morning. this is going to be tough. despite a hard loss last week, fsu is ranked number 13 now. more than 56,000 fans are expected to pack ray j for tomorrow's game. if you're going, get there plenty early. >>russell: you're still sick.
6:39 am
>>laura: nowhere sick right now as i was on saturday. >>russell: i can't say anything. >>laura: you have to dust it off and move on. >>russell: you can? >>laura: it's game time tomorrow. >>russell: all right. better at that than i am. dave is next with a look at the game day forecast. >>laura: and a yahoo under attack by a hack. attack by a hack. what yahoo suggests that you do attack by a hack. what yahoo suggests that you do we dance on the salsa team together, and it's like a lot of power in what we wear. ing if i don't feel good in what i'm wearing i don't look good. t.j.maxx has that variety. i can get a lot for my money. it's like "yay t.j.maxx!" if you're feeling it, just go for it, don't wait.
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>>dave: typically you get into september and you think it's going to get cooler but since september 1, 18 afternoons have been above normal. you chalk today, tomorrow, sunday up to this as well.
6:43 am
average days for the month of september. 18 times we've gone above. so now this morning we're at 72 in brooksville, 80 in st. petersburg, 78 in sarasota. i can only toll you -- tell you that the tampa temperature is places are getting storms the last two days in a row. why? i was underneath it both days in a row and it was right here just north at raymond james stadium. it's like something is going on, right? there's a big thunderstorm there. it drifts to the east and falls apart. parts of st. petersburg got a shower yesterday. haines city got a shower yesterday. there will be a few more isolated storms today.
6:44 am
so keep an eye on your skytower radar app. future cast with the onshore wind flow, anything that does develop, the winds are relatively light. you'll probably see it just drift off toward the east. so if you're to the west of a storm, it's likely that it's going to stay off towards your east and just drift that way. going into the weekend, you see a few isolated storms later in the day on more on sunday and by the time we get into monday, then the rain chances will go up to around 40%. two tropical systems we've been tracking all week, one of them, karl, looks impressive this morning. and lisa is barely hanging on to tropical storm status. here's the lower 48. karl is expected to take a route to the east.
6:45 am
60 miles an hour. it wouldn't surprise me to become a manipulate -- minimal hurricane. it goes to the northern atlantic by early on monday. other side you have tropical storm lisa which will probably not survive the weekend the way it's going. this is going to drift up and the remnant low being in the middle o monday. we're not concerned about either of those affecting or making landfall anywhere. again, maybe a graze by bermuda with karl and that's about it. we're keeping the rain chance around 20%. tonight steamy, low 78 degrees. tomorrow high temperature near 90 degrees. boaters this is delightful, isn't it? northwest to west winds, light
6:46 am
feet. high tide coming up soon. less than five minutes. rain chances get around to 40% and maybe that will knock our high temperatures at least closer to normal. >>vanessa: we'll take it. thanks, dave. it's 6:46. and while we do have a few crashes working around the area, we're really only dealing with one incident with reported lane blockage. it's in the palm harbor area so it will be affecting folks travelling south u.s. 19. with tampa road, it should be just a single lane blocked and you can't see, can t looks like it's mostly green in the area so we're not expecting any big delays. speaking of delays, look clear here between pinellas and 375 so travelling through the pinellas area, south part four minutes through the stretch. northbound 275, only a pop of congestion as well. we're seeing southbound 75, fletcher and the selmon expressway.
6:47 am
12 minutes. you know what time it is and what day it is? and what charley is doing? how are you? >>charley: it's pep rally time. that's what day it is. welcome to the -- come on now. commit to the bit. welcome to the hot 101.5 wax museum. i don't know why there are statues behind me but for the time being -- >>vanessa: and why they're dabbing? >>charley: it's a statue of the dab. we look to have statues dabbing and wearing easies, apparently. that's a kanye west shoe right there. he's making radio money. it is time for a pep rally and that means it's time to vote for next week's rally. tampa catholic high school. talk about a tampa tradition. rich in history. tampa catholic high school
6:48 am
school, one of the newer schools on the block so it's a tampa classic versus wesley chapel fan favorite. tampa catholic high school versus wire grass ranch high school. you can go to the facebook page, easy to vote there, vote as often as you want. voting will go until tuesday night at 10:00 p.m. and next wednesday morning, we'll announce the winner and next friday, i will either be at wire grass ranch or tampa this morning i venture to now port richey and we're at gulf high school, home of the buccaneers. the buccaneers will be here a little later. we don't like to make the -- you know, a lot of stayings try to copy what we do. we don't want to make the kids come in earlier than they have to. education is the most important thing. so they're going to come in when school starts. they'll be here in the next half an hour. we'll get the pep rally cranking up. until then, we have our friends
6:49 am
does. >>vanessa: i like his shirt. >>charley: and our deejay, let me ask you a question. stay there on your pedestal. what is your favorite part of these pep rally friday snz >> it's the kids, the energy. it's that. >>charley: it's infectious, isn't it? it's loud, it's powerful but man, it is infectious and we leave here having fun. sam, by the way, sam stood here on t eye to eye. when he's not on the speaker, it's hard to not see eye to eye. it's not that we don't get along. we just don't see eye to eye. it doesn't matter who is here. we can still crank it up. how about a little pep rally? there we go. dance in the studio with us, vanessa. we'll have a good day. we're going to celebrate school
6:50 am
night football and ready for a "good day tampa bay." >>vanessa: i feel like we'll be thoroughly ready for football by the end of the news cast. >>charley: we have you covered. >>russell: it's 6:50 right now and great news for home sellers. home prices in tampa bay went up in august outpacing all other metro areas in the state. medium price in the bay area nearly $210,000 but it's higher in one of the reasons for the increase, there are not as many homes for sale. at least two companies taking advantage of this real estate high. two of florida's largest home construction companies are now merging. lanar will acquire wci for $643 million. news cost stocks to jump for both companies. largest association for the
6:51 am
its headquarters to orlando. international association of amusement parks and attractions is currently based in alexandria, virginia. they say it will make it easier to recruit candidates involved in the industry. along with its headquarters, the association is also bringing its annual tourism conference to the city. seems like an obvious thing. good news for felons and bad news for deer. florida supreme court overturned the conviction of a felon caught hunting deer he was using was an antique replica. the ban found an exception for antique guns and replicas. judge didn't fault him for doing his research saying he would, quote, be in a world of hurt if the bear was charging after him to reload. >>laura: 10 minutes from the top of the hour now and they were meant to entertain but all they did was bring parents pain. find out what target is getting
6:52 am
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i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message.
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she ate like a pig. a person who's flat chested is very hard to be a 10. does she have a good body? no. does she have a fat [expletive]? absolutely. do you treat women with respect? i can't say that either. yahoo has confirmed that hackers stole information from >>russell: yahoo confirms that hackers stole information from
6:55 am
accounts. >>laura: the information was stolen from the network in late 2014 and includes names, email addresses, telephone numbers, birthdays, passwords and in some cases, encrypted security questions and answers. company has sent emails to the millions of users affected telling them to change their passwords. it's not immediately clear who is responsible. it could reach the billion dollar sale to verizon. >>russell: supplies cookie dough to blue bell said there was no contaminated material it took. aspen hills said the cookie dough was tested negative for listeria by the time it went to blue bell. recalled ice cream was sold in several states and here in florida, too.
6:56 am
it's removing hundreds of child sized shopping carts from the stores. parents say they're a nightmare. target launched the pilot program last month adding mini carts to 72 stores. the intent here was to keep the kids entertained and it worked for awhile but shoppers claimed that kids were running amuck. one said mothers against stupid tiny carts. target responded by carts. >>russell: new york mansion that inspired the phrase "keeping up with the joneses" has sold at auction for $120,000. it was the country home of a manhattan socialite. the 2 1/2 acre estate inspired others to build bigger homes. it's not clear who the new owner
6:57 am
it. it could be nice, though. look at it. spect spectacular. with arms filled with hair, a group of men escape from a beauty shop in bartow. we'll show you surveillance photos. >>laura: and he's turning your old sporting equipment into treasure. jennifer epstein introduces us to a man known as >>charley: and have you seen this yet? a small boy wrote a touching letter and the white house took otice and now his words are making people look more closely at the desperate situation in syria. >>dave: very pretty start to the day. it's warm, it's muggy outside. we'll get to 90 degrees this afternoon. overall rain chance today, 20%,
6:58 am
i wore a badge for 38 years knowing how much you trusted us to keep you safe. yet when a officer was killed in action florida was not doing enough to give their families the help they desperately needed. dana young understood. that was wrong, so we changed that law. to ensure these families get the
6:59 am
dana young for the florida senate.
7:00 am
the easiest money he'll ever make.. how a thief made off with tens >>russell: how a thief made off with tens of thousands of dollars in cold, hard cash. >>laura: and protestors hit the streets of charlotte for another night of demonstrations to release video of the deadly officer involved shooting. >>russell: and hope from a pure heart. the letter to president obama that is tearing up the heart strings around the world. welcome to "good day." i'm russell rhodes. >>laura: and i'm laura moody. happy friday. we'll get to dave the way we always do with a look at the forecast. >>dave: and a beautiful start to the day overlooking hillsborough bay where it's calm, quiet. i have the sunshine and temperatures in the 70s again


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