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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 8AM  FOX  September 23, 2016 8:00am-9:00am EDT

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81 in st. petersburg. 78 in bradenton, sarasota, venice at 77. clouds and sun to start. just a couple of isolated storms to finish. meaning 20 to 30 percent the rain chance. and highs back to the lower 90s. let's check those roads. vanessa. >> yeah starting to get busy here 8 o'clock on the dot. we have a crash that we're following along westbound i-4 eastern hillsborough county. blocking a left and center lane and this is going to be in area homosassa road. jamming up as you can see. an area to avoid yourself extra time. once again westbound i-4 two lanes blocked. we have a new crash reported also in tampa. dale mabrey hamilton avenue this might possibly involve a pedestrian we're trying to get more information. we're pretty notable southbound delays. a steer clear of this area to sarasota or i should say manatee sarasota. southbound 75 disabled vehicle blocking a right lane near university parkway. causing jams back toward state
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door for that. there is push to protect macdill from potential problems posed by new construction. and while state did come to aid of air force base it could only do so much. fox 13's jen epstein is here now why base officials say it may not be enough to protect them for potential visitors. >> they did agree to spend $1.3 million to buy land near the base that would prevent homes from being built next to it. but they weren't able to stop a potential hotel from in same area. that could create problems for macdill in the future. >> the land the state agreed to buy owned by florida rock and tank lines. but it came with stipulation, the company, still had right to build a hotel or motel or on nearly 15 acres of property. located on north end, located close to the air fields. during tuesday's meeting a colonel told lawmaker hotel would be in an act potential zone. and incompatible with base's needs.
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pevent the company from building a hotel in the future. but voted to buy the land anyway. say it was best deal they could get. all right, jen, thank you. >> talk later on. it's getting more expensive to live in bay area than any where else in florida home prices increased by 20 percent in august put average price of single family home in tampa bay above $200,000 price mark. it's higher if you're looking in that hillsborough and pinellas. one reason for jumpy not a homes for seam experts hope upparticular will encourage sellers to list their properties. a huge heist at local waugh waugha man got away with tens of thousands of dollars that was right there in plain view. and fox 13's shayla reeves is live there in tampa where it all went down. shayla, good morning to you. do they know who police know who we're looking for? >> yes. they have some surveillance video in this case. and hoping someone out there
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and give tampa police a call. i want to show you, this surveillance video inside of wah wah off west hillsborough avenue. tampa police tell us man seen on your screen he may have been involved in stealing tens of thousands of dollars within seconds. it happened on wednesday, just before 12:30 in the afternoon. we're told a security work are removed money from atm sealed it in bag and put the bag in floor. as workerer the thief made a move for the bag and ran out the door. we're told he jumped over an eight foot fence, patrol officers searched the area and k-9's sniffed for any clues. tampa police are hoping someone out there recognizes the suspect and contacts tampa police. so you can do that or you can also reach out anonymously to crime stoppers and report information as well. doing so s you might be eligible
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back to you. 8:03 now getting your hair done is expensive. some people went to great lengths to get their hands on hair extensions. swiping $20,000 worth. and now bartow police need your help getting this group of thieves off the street. early wednesday morning about 7 people broke into a hair supply store and grabbed hair extension and left. security camera did catch these photos if person looks fraem to you, call bartow police. >> new this morning falling is the number one cause of injuries in people over the age of 65. weekly report shows 2.8 million people were treated in emergency rooms following falls in 2014. and more than 27,000 people died as a result of falling. nationally people were 35 percent more likely to die after a fall. in 2014 compared to 2005. the experts say that the number could be higher too. lot of older people don't report
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put in a nursing home.of being - >> sad to say. >> but it is an important. for elderly to tell their close the ones closest to them about this. next step working to make sure it doesn't happen againto help prevent the falls to make sure medications are being given in the right dose, making small changes in home like adding railing in bathrooms uneven floors and out of date glasses prescriptions. maybe that's a hazard too. then shoes. solid pair best bet. russ pell 8:05 right now. more than 1,000 people can get medical care they need for free. and their pets can get it too. second annual ran free clinic november 11th through 13th. this morning we have dr. richard conner the principle organizer to tell you all about it. good to see you. thank you so much. remote area medical.
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that brings free health care for medical vision and dental care to under served or poverty stricken people. we see when ever one of these happens or when dentist opens their doors for day, we see the number of people who have to go without it. it really is stunning isn't it? it is. getting bigger. in america. we've got over 100 million people in the america that don't have dental care available to them and, visual and dental are not a medicare medicate. just a huge unmet need. especially as you start to look at the insurance policies that are out there today with huge deductibles. it's just locking numerous people away from care. the event you're having tell me again it's november 11th through the 13th. what kind of care can people get? they can get medical dental and visual care.
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healthcare educational programs. this year, from learning from last year, we find a lot of these same people have got animals that never see a vet. so we're going to have on the tenth of november, veterinary day for the needy in manatee county. >> that's pretty neat. i mean, because you know, for a lot of people, pets are their companions. absolutely. and you know, a lot of us would sacrifice our own health for those pets. so that's pretty neat that you're offering it. this is you've done it there? this our second annual yes, indeed it tell us what first year was like. i can imagine. first year was really remarkable we had people literally showing up a midnight and earlier the night before because you get a number first come first serve. we took care of probably around 16, 1700 people over 3200 services that were performed for
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prescription glasses to the needy. and the ladies of course were able to get their age appropriate studies and i think we gave out like 150 vouchers for mammography. so in a two-day weekend, and unfortunately, we, we had to turn away probably as many as we cared for. >> who, whoa who qualified? who can come to this? anybody who's in need. you don't have to have any qualifications. your only qualification is, you know, i'm here because i need something. wow. and let's say before we go one more time. let's do it november 11th through the 13th. can we put graphic up again? can you get to it? yeah. 11th through 13th for the human. and on the tenth we're going to do veterinarian day. and it's going to be at manatee technical college on highway 70 in bradenton. yeah. >> i have a feeling we're going to have news crew out there with you that day.
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will be there and thanks for coming in telling us about we wish you look. thanks for all good work. good to see you, thank you. >> very nice. >> well deserved honors. alcides segui tells the story of a man that is getting the respect he deserves. more than 60 years after dying in war. >> and 8:30 behind scenes with the bucs. walter allen giving a sneak peek what we will see a sunday's home opener. and speaking of the bucs, a man who loves him more than anything, charley belche buccaneers i'm hanging out with buccaneers. he's got ones that wear red. i've got ones that wear green. gulf high school buccaneers. we are gulf high school in newport rich home of fox 13 good day pep rally. jay and ariana will fire up the marching band. we're having a good day everybody. i hope you are too. stick around you will meet some students that make gulf high school a great place to go to
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we are one nation under god. that black and white, we are one nation indivisible. that republican and democrat, we are all americans. i'd like to punch him in the face. you know what they used to do to guys like that? they'd be carried out in a stretcher, folks. e of 5th avenue and shoot somebody and i wouldn't lose any voters. priorities usa action is responsible
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39 degrees in tampa area this morning. we are sitting a few degrees above norm 81 in st. petersburg. still couple spots in lower 70s like sun city center and plant city. i got mid 70s in land o'lakes. wesley chapel.
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so, warm, kind of soupy outside still. notice it's close to 80 in bradenton and sarasota. >> venice as well. and inland locations are in the low to mid 70s. honestly, not a huge difference from what we've had all week long. we are starting with dew points in the low to mid 70s. anticipating, we'll get back up early this afternoon to around say 90, 91 degrees which is where we've been every single day this week. but that we've had above the surface. which is has been kind of holding back afternoon thunderstorms. hey, you know they want to do there job. they want to cool you off. only a few of them have been making it through some of that drier air that we've had. to tropics real quick we have falling apart tropical storm lisa and a strengthening tropical storm karl. that could become a hurricane very soon. and then there's this disturbance coming off the coast
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but in terms of any land masses, it looks like bermuda right here is going to get a brush by. and they do have tropical storm warning in that spot. other than that they are going out to sea. both headed up to north atlantic i don't think lisa will make it through the weekend. just struggling right now. even if karl becomes a hurricane it should probably do so and keep hurricane force winds away from bermuda. oh other than that tropics are quiet for now. 91 hot, isolated storms around around this afternoon. 78 degrees for the overnight low. back to 90 tomorrow with again, isolated storms in the afternoon and evening. next 7 days, rain chances go back up to about 40 percent. we'll get there, monday afternoon. and then stay there most afternoons next week. >> vanessa. all right dave we'll touch on some trouble spots. we want to get back to i-4 westbound probably going to be seeing the biggest delays from all of our incidents right now.
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near homosassa road. and we have a left lane and center lane blocked. back ups are towards the area of buck man. so, weigh that into account as you head out door. whether you want to avoid the area oh are or or give yourself extra time outdoor meantime check the rest of interstates and parts of i-4. not too bad as you are approaching the interchange. mlk to 275 is in yellow eight minutes. 24 minutes selman sxiechlt-4 taking 75 northbound. we have skyfox checking out earlier reported crash in for those that missed it about an hour ago where we told you about this, out of pasco county, little road and trouble creek we were seeing southbound delays it looks like those are still present. lane blockage we were receiving what looked like traffic being diverted. southbound little road a trouble creek. i had steer clear of that. and as always plan extra for
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>> all right. vanessa, thank you. >> 60 years after giving his life a korean war veteran is getting burial years in the making. yesterday he received a war hero honor and went are he deserved a his body was taken off plane in sarasota. >> and alcides is live at the national cemetery where he will be laid to rest. and, alcides, it's one of those stories where you realize what people went through to protect our freedom. >> it's not because, you have pows that are still missing. and remains are still unaccounted for. people are still searching for those remains. thankful we found a local guy. he will be buried as you mentioned laura and russell monday, monday afternoon from what i understand from folks here sarasota national cemetery. his name is master sergeant charles brown, jr. he is back home. as you mentioned he's receiving
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deserves. pictures were courtesy roxanne you can see flag draped casket there next to plane. she says passengers on that plane stopped and stood quiet paying their respects and honoring a man they didn't know. in early november 19, 5020, years charles brown jr. were attacked and surrounded the majority of soldiers were captured and taken to pow camps brown was never listed on pow during recovery operation in north korea between 2005 remains of at least 600 u.s. service men were found. including remains mains of brown identified through dna. hard to believe after 66 years. master sergeant brown be burden monday in full military honors right here in. today, nearly 8,000 americans remain unaccounted for from the korean war. but, thanks to use of modern technology, the identification process continues. no doubt, that it is a slow
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recognition they deserve. back to you. thanks, alcides. >> nm one state changing your child's diaper is a crime. we will tell you about law, yeah and we'll tell you about law and why the wording is making a lot of parents nervous. father's letter is touching a lot of hearts. how his son's homework assignment is creating national movement toward empathy. all and who has more spirit than charley? an entire gym full of teenagers.
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we are one nation under god.
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i'd like to punch him in the face. you know what they used to do to guys like that? they'd be carried out in a stretcher, folks. i could stand in the middle of 5th avenue and shoot somebody and i wouldn't lose any voters. priorities usa action is responsible
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they are gulf high school freshman. there they are. over there we have sophomores. ask leaders of the school they are seniors. welcome to gulf high school in new port richey. good day tampa bay. i'm charley belcher. and this is our fox 13 good day pep rally. our buccaneers are right over there.
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and these are some of the leaders of our school here. we're going to talk to our student government association right here our drum majors. guard captain, color guard captain and drum major. tell me about gulf high school. you like going to school here? i love going here. i think it's a really great school a lot of history i really appreciate especially in our amazing band program that slowly rebuilding itself. we have great group of new kids coming in this year. we're really really getting hyped pick up actually really oppressed with color guard numbers. yeah our color guard is doing wonderful. they are really working hard. they are doing a great job and really improving themselves. you look like real life snapchat filter. student government who do i have here. president? i'm even your class president mr. president, nice to meet you. nice to meet you too. tell me about the senior class a gulf high school. i think we're best class 2017.
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everyone out there in black and green and white all the school colors and so hyped for the game tonight. very nice. what position you guys hold? i'm vice-president on executive board. student government. so basically we do do all of the behind scene tours. very nice. yeah. good for you. >> i'm ev president i'm in charge of all of the other people in charge. >> nice. >> you're in charge of people, so you're in charge of him. technically yes. i like the way that works yes. well get used to it. they always are forrest of ours lives. nothing wrong with that. this guy right here. you see hanging around basically michael phelps of gulf high school. this guy right here. you won state championship in swimming? yeah. what event did you win 50 and second in 100 from free fastest swimmer in state of florida. yeah. good for you, what's your name? >> are you you want to take this
8:24 am
maybe olympics if i can. remember me when you olympic podium getting that gold. >> and finally, my dear, i'm the coach of the swim team. congratulations. that's a big deal. a big, bigment. good for you how is swim team looking this year great our boys are undefeated. nice. good for you. there you go. a little slice of how wonderful life is here at gulf high school. all right. from hot d j spindiana jones play a little music that might get these kids up off their feats. oh, here we go, ladies and gentlemen. and from the gulf high school buccaneers, to the tampa bay buccaneers. walter allen, take it away. charley belcher, good morning to you. we're live in raymond james stadium. in place that nobody has everybody been before. we are in the bucs vision to the sixth power.
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camera. i'm going to zoom in and see how long it takes for this guy to notice that i'm watching him. big football weekend i never shop without a list. and at publix what's on the list also happens to be what's on sale. stuff you actually want... on sale! isn't that something? that's how i save at publix. how 'bout you? publix. where shopping is a pleasure. z246gz zy6z
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when we shop it is kinda like a competition. it is exactly like a competition.
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which is usually me. that's how we save a lot at publix. how 'bout you? publix. where shopping is a pleasure. from tampa bay been number 1 news stationmuch calmer scene in charlotte north carolina. >> but police did not enforce it they allowed protesters to continue to take their messages to the street. national guard was on stand by.
8:29 am
police release video of a shooting death keith lamont scott his family was shown footage yesterday and cities it does not know as clear of a picture as police chief is making people believe. cities police chief says a making the footage public would hamper their investigation. tulsa, officer betty shelby is out on bond first degree manned slaughter charge for shooting and killing an unarmed black man as he was standing next to his car. >> charges were filed nearly one week after video was released walking with his hands in the air towards his car before the officer shoots him his car was stalled in road and police were responding to that call. officers shelby's attorney says he was not following commands and that is why she shot him. just days after a being place in miami's wynwood district someone swiped one of the naked donald trump statues. >> a they are looking a to a question the man.
8:30 am
with this statue either. it first showed up above billboard along i 95 and had to be removed because it was considered a traffic hazard among other things i'm sure. >> it is believed to be biggest hack in history. 500 million yahoo accounts were affected by massive dau at that breach. company says someone claiming to to be with federal government stole users personal information. this actually happened in 2014. but the announcement for whatever reason was until yesterday. so if you did have an candidate you're wondering what to do change all your passwords and do it often. never use the same one twice. and update your security questions. >> the most important one is to stay alert. well, it is fall. well in the studio, come here. hey, come here. it's fall in the studio at least. look at her. look at her.
8:31 am
away bucs home opener. getting ready for tailgating so many new things to see a raymond james stadium we sent walter allen to give us a behind the scenes look. what do you have for us this hour, walter? >> dave and russell good morning to you. we have a something that no one has ever seen before. in general public. something that has never been shown on tv here before in tampa market. we are inside buc vision six the power power dan roy you're in charge of all of this stuff. this must have been a dream come true. phenomenal. with leader boards we have in stadium from 1998 to this year to what we have now. so much more square footage we can have so many more capabilities, replays content, buc vision of sixth hour. 6 displays are interactive and interdependent displays going 3
8:32 am
we've got play you just saw and the tower board showing additional angles of that same replay. we know that when you watch that play on the field, and you you go to look up replay after play you're really seeing everything that just happened. more so than you can ever see on tv you showing three at the same time we're shooting them tight getting down in their bases. quite an experience. >> now when you look at these, you can see from so far away. >> absolutely. when we do our testing at night you can see the entire mile radius of the stadium lit up in red we were kind of joking around hoping to get a few complaints from the airport across the street saying turn down your lights a little bit. it's a little bright. people can essentially fly in and watch replays or whatever else. absolutely. you're landing in from atlanta. you see dug martin punch one in. then you land in tampa. and you got to, you know dinner and a show before you got into town. you look gps hey raymond james right around corner. swing on by. there you go. hey, you mention replays.
8:33 am
obviously for the fan experience. so we all have great time when we come to raymond james stadium you have a responsibility as well to make sure you can present all angles of certain play especially for coaching staff. absolutely. we know that coaching staff on the field are going to look up at the creeps. they are oar nor mouse and see that play. maybe there was an angle that we got that they couldn't see from the field. maybe there is something in there that might trigger them to go maybe that call wasn't correct. so or to confirm a call. you live video you mentioned that you have received not from dirk cut area first year for him as head coach other head coaches have contacted you. we've had some pats on the back. great show. really appreciate what you adid on sunday. absolutely. i mean if they get a call, if they throw out that red challenge flag they get it right because of you, that's a great feeling. and that has happened. and we all pat each other on back for that one. really quickly before we let you go your favorite thing about this. oh gosh, just, having so much
8:34 am
and i'm kind of a tech nerd with this stuff. i have $5 million in new equipment in cameras, and batteries and headsets. i mean just playing, you know getting organized handing it out to the staff. seeing my staff's faces light up they use all this equipment for so many years and all brand new gear. like everybody just got hand ad new car. >> all right. don't go anywhere you have to show us how to get down ladder. don't go anywhere. absolutely.pall right. that's coming up in 9 o'clock hour. and, so, there you guys. you're inside. bucs vision to the sixth power. >> i wish he was just a little bit more excited. what are you assaying i need do i need to amp it up? no. him he's so excited about that so cool. like a little kid in a cappied store. wouldn't you be think about it dave. if you got any type of tool you can think any type of gadget gizmo you would been just as excited.
8:35 am
mabrey every morning to go to work. i was going by the stadium one night. it was lit up i was like oh my gosh what going on inside there. he's so right. it's so bright, those lights i can't wait to see night game there. going to be awesome. our photo journalist roy koontz he thought a transformer exploded base blue and green that is light up sky if you've ever been to severe weather or anything like that that's what looks like that's how bright it is that is how bright it is. one more thing you should roll those sleeves up a little bit show those guns off a little bit more. >> no. no. i wish that that they. >> there. >> i'll turn into a tyrannosaurus rex so i don't show of the guns. you'll get hurt, you'll get hurt dave. walter love view from up there. we appreciate that angle. 8:35. and you know, this is what you got to walk outdoor too.
8:36 am
degrees. you know. other camera shot for you tampa net cam showing 79. with that north, northeast wind. at 3 miles per hour. one more for you, the riverview net camera, where it is 75 degrees. with a beautiful sunshine that we have for you on this friday morning. and today, very similar to yesterday. because first thing we'll do we'll make it back to about 87 or so at noon time. give or take aggie. we've been an 87 for three noons in row. then, we will isolated showers around for later today. but you know, overall rain chances are still running around 20 to 30 percent. we'll favor areas say down over south florida. a lot more moisture down there just in general. through the weekend. mid level moisture will start to stream back in and so will some afternoon thunderstorm chances. thing is, we're getting kind of getting to the, you know the waning part part of rainy season rain chances aren't quite as high.
8:37 am
to will be nice to object to get a few more afternoon showers. 20 hers at 91. same for tomorrow. 90, 30 percent on sunday. and then 40 percent rain chances monday through thursday of next week. you ever just get in boat early in morning just drive through clearwater harbor where it's nice quiet and calm? dave did that. sent this picture in too. you can actually see reflection of the bridge pilons there, right and water, reflect, just looks beautiful. fox 13 good day mug for you my i was looking at that. how it kind of swirls in the water. just swirls. it's beautiful. looks really peaceful. all right enjoy that mug, 8:37. we will check roadways now looking like we're seeing southbound delays along u.s. 98. we do have a crash reported here in polk county. looks like it will be in southbound direction because those are the most of our delays. we do have moderate to minor delays in northbound direction. at the intersection daughtry road so maybe avoid that area or give yourself extra time. and we'll let you know if we see
8:38 am
blockage or delays changing with that area. meantime, looks like we do have change with lane blockage along i-4. so this is crash we've watching westbound near homosassa road. center lane and left lane blocked. looks like some spl lane cleared out. traffic still passing in single lane however. we have delays getting back towards park road and pretty severe manner and moderately trickling back towards polk parkway. so continue to avoid that area. other like crash tamiami trail partial blockage in right lane. give yourself a few extra minutes and use caution as always. >> a tampa family is giving other as second chance at a healthy life. it's in honor of their son. ezra was born in august of 2008. a year later he was diagnosed with neuro blastoma. by christmas ezra as just one year old was in hospital for
8:39 am
november 2010 just after second birthday ezra died. this was just one of the matthews families losses during this time they took this loss and turned it into other gains. six years later they are still fighting for their son, just in a different way. during a fight they received help from children's cancer center. the center adopts families and this matthews was one of those families. now they work together as a team. we've got whole gang with us today. we will start off with patty, executive director here to talk
8:40 am
8:41 am
the drug wasn't available five years ago. so now, now it's available. and because of them funding it is why she's going beautiful life. how does that make you feel to know you're able to help families like sofia? >> yeah it's an incredible feeling. like she said, when, when ezra relapsed in 2009 this wasn't even an option. one big is problems with neuro blastoma traditionally over half kids relapse. so the drug that she's on we're hoping is stopping relapse. we've had incredible results from that researching it for a
8:42 am
trials open. to see that, you know, to see anderson having different story than my wife and i have, it's incredible. and patty, what is your role in all of this? i know you're with children's cancer center you do so much for families all over tampa bay. >> how do you feel to see catalina and sofia here today? the motivation and spark that keeps myself and my team going and reaching out to the community. because it's a great partnership. you know kyle is that cure for tomorrow for these kids. and in partnership we're doing we're dealing with immediate needs for these families. and rightfully so. their snrg and their time really needs to be spent on managing their child's medical care and then children's cancer center can stop in and help alleviate some stresses that come along with that one when all your energy and time is spent in and out of hospitals and schedules of medicine. that's what white hat program is? sure. it's one of many financial support programs. but an opportunity where people
8:43 am
and we're just really alleviating again some stress. they are in hospital so often times one family member is not working we may be able to give some assistance to keep electric going that month or help with more. whatever that may be. because time and energy is not of the essence always. and kyle with any foundation, i mean financial help is what you guys need you have and a special event coming up tomorrow? >> yeah. yeah. so our fifth annually karaoke for the cure is tomorrow. we fly in a live band from satisfactory a and, you get to jump up on stage and kind of rock star for an even with full band. oh, wow. that will be fun. yeah. >> all of the above. i'm looking forward to you coming out and a you know tomorrow. i got to rest vocal chords tonight. do a little beastie boys. that will good. thank you all so much for coming on show. especially you.
8:44 am
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((russell on cam)) we are just days away from the first debate between the two presidential candidates..donald trump and 8:47 days away are first debate between two presidential candidates donald trump and hillary clinton. appear vice-president will be a sitting down with chris wallace on sunday. and let's get to chris right now and talk about things. hey chris how's it going, man? >> right. yes. we will have mike pence the the show sunday as well a top clinton official. then of course like everybody else we'll focused on the debate, first debate. between trump and clinton on monday night. you know, it's, it's so strange how things and how our attention changes. this week i mean after the things from last weekend, and this week i know that now focus will be on national security and race relations will be a big part of the agenda in this first
8:48 am
and it's interesting, because as you know i'm going to moderating the last debate on october 19th. and one the great frustrations is everything in you says well this is a big deal. you want to prepare. you want to start writing questions. and doing research. but you're exactly right. the velocity of change, i mean who's to say first of all what comes out of this debate, what comes out of the campaigns what's going on in world. the world can changco you got to do preparation you also got to nimble and prepared to pivot on a dime. you mention preparation which leads me into my next question with you. if you believe what you're hearing, you know, how these two candidates are getting ready for this debate, i mean t looks like hillary is in a bunker with a staff and you know, doing her thing. and that donald trump is out on campaign trail. he is, it appears he's just going to take it as it comes on monday night.
8:49 am
and i will say that clinton preparation is the conventional preparation. that's what candidates almost always have done in the past. which is they go off the trail, they get with their top staff. they go through questions. they will even have a you know, podiums set up so they get the feel of room. somebody is playing donald trump. and you know then they literally will like, listen to her question because they are only going to have certain period time to answer in debate. they w the tape and say you should have done this. trump is doing none of that i have to say he was that way during the republican primaries. all the other candidates would come into the room hours beforehand look where lights were. look where cameras trump would just show up and walk on stage. it's a very interesting and but very different kind of approach to a huge moment in this campaign. can we in 15 seconds talk about your power player of the week? yes.
8:50 am
she's the librarian of congress. you know people come to white house come to capital hill go to library of congress. it's biggest library in world. 162 million items, biggest collection of books of film, music carla hayden is 14th librarian of congress just sworn in. but the first african american and the first woman she's a delight, and this is a hidden treasury of washington. you'll enjoy the piece. all right. >> chris we'll see okay? >> you bet. thanks for your time. be good. bye. >> all right to charley belcher we go right now. and pep rallying it this morning good morning my friend. yes indeed rv. whatever it's a little dance competition at the moment now between a freshman and a sophomore. it's really, really intense stuff here. this is new port richey. this is gulf high school and this is your fox 13 good day pep rally of the week. stick around everybody, we're
8:51 am
about all things sports when
8:52 am
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8:53 am
proshield. available with or without chill. welcome to a gulf high schools, ladies and gentlemen. >> we have at the new port richey here for fox 13 good day
8:54 am
tell you, and gulf high school is having good time this morning no doubt about it. bruno if you can tell by looking is our athletic director. i feel like i should stand like this next to you abruno. bruno is good name for you. tell me about first of all our football program. big game tonight. and the school seems to with the squads seems to really rally around buccaneers of gulf high school. >> yes we're very excited about tonight we play wesley come out and support the team. all of our fall supports are off and running excellent. volleyball is doing well. cross country is off and running. there's our other fall sports over here by way. go through fall supports teams for me if you would cross and country off and running no pun intended. kwiming is doing well. boys are undefeated. our volleyball team is doing great. and our golf team is off and
8:55 am
intended pun at that point to want foot football game i though know you have something very special planned. can you tell me about that? 1976 graduate, chuck. we're going to do ceremony for him at half time. honoring what he did a gulf high. what he did in the national football league and usfl. chuck has since passed away. yes he did in january. you lost chuck this year. graduate of gulf high school. he went on to play football for tampa bay bandits. if you've been around long bandits were fun team to watch steve spurrier was a coach. butter reynolds owned the team part owner. it was a fun time. and then, he went on to play for tampa bay buccaneers for a year and eagles. and eagles as well. that's night. so todays tonight at half time, you're going to honor him and his family? yes, absolutely. that's our plan. >> that's great celebration. so fury out there come out class of 76. we love to see you out there supporting us tonight.
8:56 am
to have a pep rally like this, bruno, and to have everybody so excited for one common goal which is to support the school, that's a good thing, right? absolutely. >> i love my job. i'm surprised i get to paid to do this. so to be around these kids and athletes is amazing. you and i have that in common. because people are surprised i get paid to do this. bruno thank you very much, sir. i appreciate it. all right. how about we fire up that marc cheerleaders, do your thing. kids up on your feet. and let's have a good day tampa
8:57 am
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an update to a story that rocked an update to a story that rocked the newsroom last week. nasa's response to at world's outrage over the new zodiac sign. frngsz and bath time or jail time in a new law that makes regular child caring chores criminal. and good friday morning everybody i'm laura moody. i'm russell rhodes. let's get and vanessa. >> yes. i forget the t in crumpets. this is first time no really first time we sat next to each other. i like it. technically. even though we're like ten feet away from each other all day long. on camera at the table. let's check temperatures. 9 o'clock temperatures. let's see if we're up to 80s yet. see how many of us are already into 80s. i think beautiful, with the beach, oh gosh i wish i was there by the way water temperatures still 88 degrees.


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