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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 7AM  FOX  September 25, 2016 7:00am-8:00am EDT

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ok, so here are two cans of vegetables... this one i paid for, this one was free. because they're bogo maybe this one was free. either way... that's how i save at publix. how 'bout you? publix. where shopping is a pleasure. lock your car doors. that's the message pasco deputies are trying >> anjuli: lock your car doors. that's the message pasco deputies are trying to get out after dozens of cars are ransacked. >> alcides: fire the cannons. the buc is back at ray j. to take on the l.a. rams later
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>> anjuli: good morning. welcome to "good day tampa bay." it's 7:00 a.m. and sunday. i'm anjuli davis. >> alcides: i'm alcides segui. thank you for joining us. is that a sunrise? >> anjuli: that looks pretty dark to me. >> lindsay: 7:20. there's a better one. >> alcides: that's the sunrise, right. >> lindsay: there's extra clouds in the mix this morning. there's showers out there. i'm not sure what was going on with that camera. we'll get outside and let's take a happening on brookdale bayshore. a little fog into citrus county but that's it. visibility is pretty darn good for this time. temperatures are warm at 72 ba bartow, 77 in tampa and it's 78 in st. pete and so steamy because the winds are light. with it we'll talk about sky tower. we're in a setup where i wouldn't be surprised if the shower you see may have been a wate
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stay offshore. if you're boating avoid these type of cells. zoom further out. a couple extra showers meandering a couple mimes west of fort de soto. most of the rain is over the water and not over land. i'll let you know if that changes. rain chances are higher than yesterday and about 30% and the timing is primarily after 3:00 p.m. away from the coast. so 91 today, and the downpours may briefly be heavy and possibly strong in a few spots. so i wouldn' some point during the game this afternoon at raymond james we see a shower or storm. i look at futurecast so we talk more specifics for you so you plan a winning day coming up. >> alcides: thanks, lindsay. hillsborough county deputies are on the scene of a gruesome suicide inside the ross store on north dale mabrey highway in carrollwood before 9:00 last night. a man with a gun walked into that store, and as he walked to
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a short time after that employees heard a gunshot and found the man dead in the back. no one else was hurt during that ordeal. in haines city a local rap artist is killed during a shooting east of cookfield. jonathan lee jordan was taken to heart of florida hospital after being shot once. he later died at lakeland regional medical center. police say the case is currently under investigation. >> alcides: despite an attempt by people to lock doors at night, it looks like some aren't receiving that message. the sheriff's office posted this video to their facebook page friday night. they say 23 different cars were broken into on friday morning in the land o'lakes neighborhood. they have surveillance video of two people walking from car to car in the balin trace subdivision. they pulled on handles looking
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for another string of car burglaries from september 12th through the 16th. also developing this morning, washington state patrol makes an arrest in the shooting at cascade mall. 20-year-old ar con chaten was captured saturday night in oak harbor, washington. police say he didn't say much after the arrest, only that, quote, he was zombie-like. he had previous arrests and assaults and had emigrated from tu turkey. according to th opened fire at the cascade mall before fleeing. >> anjuli: after five straight days of protest, police in charlotte, north carolina finally released footage of tuesday's officer-involved shooting. we want to warn you the video may be disturbing. they released the dash cam and body cam footage after daying of protests. the video still only shows a partial view of the incident
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43-year-old keith scott. police also released photos of gun they say was recovered at the scene as well as the ankle holster scott was wearing and drugs found on him. >> the footage itself will not create in anyone's mind absolute certainty as to what this case represents and what the outcome should be. >> anjuli: there were two pieces of video released by the charlotte police. one from an officer who did not open fire who had a body camera on. the other from a police camera. again, unclear whether or not scott actually was holding a gun. >> alcides: in zephyrhills an 18-month-old is dead and two women are under arrest. the child's guardian and wife are in jail this morning but are not charged with the death. 34-year-old angela burgee and her wife were arrested. police say they were persons of interest in the death of the
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culp is sebastian's guardian. they got a call early saturday from a home on apollo street. when they showed up they found the child not breathing in the doorway. he later died. >> he was at home and stuff like that and he got choked, but i doubt it because he was bleeding through his ear, nose and mouth. >> alcides: police became suspicious whether they notic bruises on the child. they're facing drug charges right now. there was a second chieled in home at the time. they are now in the care of child protective investigators. >> anjuli: i-75 is back open in both directions after it was closed because of a deadly tanker crash. the southbound lanes re-opened just after 11:00 last night. that's about 24 hours after that crash. the driver was killed.
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>> alcides: hillsborough county employees hold a free tire disposal to cut down on waste as well as mosquitos. the county's solid waste services partnered with the florida department of environmental protection for this event. old tires are preferred by the kind of mosquitos that spread the zika virus. county officials say getting rid of tires is just as important as draining standing water. >> any tire that we can take off the street, someone's backyard is going to reduce the mosquito population throughout the county. >> alcides: people were given mosquito fish that eat mosquito larvae in fountains as well as ponding. >> anjuli: final preparations are underway for the first debate between the presidential candidates. hillary clinton and donald trump face-off at hoftstra university tomorrow niem. clinton continues to lead in the polls, but trump is gaining
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a reminder, you can watch that debate right here on fox 13 tomorrow night at 9:00 followed by your late news. get ready to fire those cannons. that's what we hope for. a big day for the buccaneer fans. they have the home opener this afternoon at 4:00. they take on the los angeles rams at ray j. the bucks are coming off a bad loss against the arizona cardinals. they got what aboutinged in that game. at 7:30, kellie cowan is live at raymond james stadium with all you need to know before heading out to the big game. some nasty weather moved through the midwest. >> some assess the damage as others brace for more flooding. >> alcides: running the bulls. hopefully the bucs have more luck at ray j. fox 13's kevin o'donnell breaks down the game in this morning's sports. >> lindsay: it's a day we've been waiting for. home opener in raymond james stadium.
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today. we have showers mixing in with the heat. usf marine science cam shows a few clouds this morning and visibility is good. a couple hours offshore, closest to pinellas, five miles west of indian rocks beach. that will change this afternoon with more inland storms. the rain chance is 30% today building mid-week out of a cold front. yes, an actual cold front. will it cool us down?
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?? ?? ??
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know you can save today for what's important tomorrow. clean up is underway after heavy rainfall in >> anjuli: cleanup is underway
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homeowners spent the weekend assessing the damage and trying to clean up. some parts of the state got more than 11 inches of rain. red cross volunteers were out assessing property damage and offered clean drinking water. >> alcides: the tornado lasted a couple of minutes but left serious damage to several home. rain fell as people tried to pick up the pieces there. more than 37,000 are without power from that storm. emergency crews are working on restoring the power to that >> anjuli: people in cedar rapids, iowa spent the weekend stocking up on supplies and sandbag as more flooding is expected to hit the state this week. rising waters forced road closures and the evacuations of several different communities there. the cedar river is projected to crest at 25.3 feet by monday night. officials are asking anyone that lives in the 28-foot flood level to evacuate this evening.
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i was shocked to hear that. >> lindsay: it felt every bit of it, too. the heat has been brutal. we have a cold front on the map moving across the country, and some of the cooler air behind it may creep in in the mornings later this work week. we'll staurt with that. we know it's hot and humid. some rain today, too. look at the cold front and the shade of blue working its way east. we have 46 in salt lake city, 42 in denver. unfortunately, some rain on the way to some places that don't this isle be a quick-moving front and won't get parked and stuck. ahead of it, 69 in kansas city, 77 in dallas. actually beautiful fall-like weather in the northeast as well. here we go starting our day at 77. our average low now is 73. so we should be several degrees cooler. winds are light and humidity is up there. it really is a nice start to the day. some low clouds here behind downtown tampa this morning, but no fog to show you. i've been on the lookout and haven't seen it.
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boating is great because look how high our winds are. our wave heights are very much in check. they're about a foot in most locations this morning. now, still looking out for maybe a little bit of low cloud cover. hints of it perhaps in northeast hillsborough, eastern citrus but most us not dealing with reduced visibility. what we are watching is an area of showers 5 miles west of indian rocks beach. this meandering little shower will rain itself out. we don't expect them to move to the coast, but they're if you boat you want to avoid the cells. it's showers that will develop inland on the sea breeze today primarily after 2:00 is what we're watching. 70 in sun city center. west chase is 74, 75 in pinellas park. a little further north, 72 in inverness. some of the you in the 60s in the late work week in the morning. just in the morning. it's 72 in frostproof.
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73. we have hp in control to the west and really light winds. the rain is driven by the sea breeze. timing of the rain, but once it dw develops it will be late this afternoon. i can't rule out a passing shower or storm for the opening game. 4:05 is the kickoff. the bucs take on the l.a. rams. h here's the clock. lunchtime is quiet. by 2:00 p.m. spotty showers and rain today showers around, here's 4:00. a couple near raymond james stadium, and they will be slow-moving. some storms could be strong with strong winds today. we saw that last night as well. perhaps one or two stronger storms tonight. they made away with the heating of the day as showers push offshore. monday morning is dry but will bring a rain chance monday afternoon up to 40%. tropics have a lot happening. we have karl with no concern out to sea. this is a concern. it's 97l.
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further south, though. this will enter the caribbean and all signs point to streng strengthening. an 80% chance it will develop. the next is matthew. a few storms today and stoo steeky this afternoon. 91, and that rain chance is 30%. tonight a few downpours lingering beyond sunset. they won't end until 10:00 likely. 76 for the low and monday a little more heat. scattered storms shift inland. we will dry week. light winds for the boaters and east wind this morning. a northwest wind with a sea breeze this afternoon. check out those lows. 72 friday and saturday morning, and we'll watch the rain chances. i think at this point humidity is down some late work week. the mornings are better for us as well. all right. in sports this morning, the usf bulls fall to the florida state seminoles, and the rays take on the red sox at the trop. here's fox 13's kevin o'donnell.
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the south florida bulls that you had they had the florida state seminoles in a position to deliver a knockout blow. they hit fsu hard and staggered the seminoles, but they shook off the early shots and showed usf they're still not at fsu's level. most of the 61,665 fans hadn't got to seats when clinton flowers dropped back and let it fly. adams to mcfadden on his way to an 84-yard touchdown on the first play of the game. breaker, dalvin cook held under 100 cards in the first three games. he takes the hand-off and faces the run and goes 75 yards. just 29 seconds into the game, and it's 7-7 ball game. the bulls continue the attack. they go on a 72-yard drive on the second possession, and takes nine plays making fsu's defense looking silly right here.
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couldn't maintain the pace. they failed to get a first down on the next six possessions, while fsu's offense controlled the line of scrimmage creating human holes for dalvin cook. he runs for 185 yards on just nine carries in the first half. a career best. the 'noles find the end zone on their first four possessions and ut up 38 points in the first half giving them a 24-point lead at the break. the 'noles had 39 plays in the nirs half generates 390 yards, and that's down on every play. down 45-14 in the third, the bulls offense comes alife. 90-yard drive. johnson breaks loose for 24 yards. touchdown. 45-21 bulls. still in a huge hole. fsu rocks the bulls with 647 yards offense including a career high from cook. fsu answers their critics with a 55-35 win over usf. so where did it go wrong for the bulls? they got the start they needed, but clearly didn't have the
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with the seminoles. jeff tooks berry has the story from raymond james stadium. >> reporter: pageantry gives way to reality, and the reality on this saturday, the usf bulls were beaten by a better team. fsu ran wild through the bulls' attempted tackles. the seminoles put up nearly 500 yards on the ground as they scored 38 unanswered points. >> very disappointed in our i didn't think we would play that way. i thought we could have defended cook better than what we did, and we didn't. very disappointing. >> the bright spot for the bulls? flowers who put the team on his back and carried the bulls with his legs in the second half. 160 yards rushing in addition to this textbook throw on the game's first play from scrimmage. 84 yards to rodney adams. the place was absolutely
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reality. >> you can't fall back. you know, we can't relax, because at the end of the day, this is a nonconference game but we have to keep playing. that's what we'll keep doing. we keep fighting and playing. >> if we sit and dwell on this game, we're going to go to cincinnati and they will kill us and we'll be right back into the position of who are the usf bulls? people will talk bad about us again. we have to lock in. we will. we're a mature team. we're better than years past, so hopefully we can make the turn-around quickly. >> as the grounds quickly prepare the field for sunday's bucs game, the usf bulls have to quickly put this game behind them as they prepare to r cincinnati. >> the gators winning streak against tennessee comes to a crashing halt in knoxville. florida was the only team who hadn't allowed a passing touchdown this own.
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takes care of that. dobbs threw four touchdowns against the gators and runs for yet in our. down 21 #-7. 67 yards for the score. tennessee scores 35 second half points against a defense that was allowing less than five per game. the 'vols win 38-28 over florida. the rays and red sox in the trop, final two games here. brad miller drives one deep to center. it drops in tampa bay goes up 2-1. corey dickerson, and then he's going to get miller home with the single right here. 3-1 rays after 3. here is the big blow from boston. dustin pa driveway pedroia a grand slam. boston takes the game. the rays wrap up their home schedule in the trop today at 1:00. fox 13 is the station to turn to you for your buccaneers
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with "tailgate sunday." then we hand it off to the guys in l.a. at 4:00 it's game time. rams and bucs should be a good one at raymond james stadium. have a great day. >> alcides: if you have a child with special needs, you know a trip anywhere let alone a plane is difficult. >> anjuli: how one oklahoma
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here's a happy ending to a story with a happy ending. it could have ended bad, though. a group of firefighter rescued a dog after it fell down an abandoned well. this happened in new hampshire. the dog's owner called the fire department early saturday morning and thankfully crews were able to get out there. they used a small ladder to climb down and rescue that k-9. thankfully the dog is expected to be okay. flying on a plane can be a real problem when you have a child with special needs. now allegiant airlines and tulsa
7:25 am
have children with autism. >> anjuli: as fox tells us, they gave families a chance to go through the airport experience without having to shell out the cash for an actual ticket. >> reporter: all of their bags were packed but there was a question for families of if their children were, in fact, aring to do. >> oftentimes families with children on the autism spectrum don't know what to expect when they travel. >> douzs dozens of families were given the cha well they're children would react not just to a busy airport with heavy security and the hustle and bustle of passengers and how to take to an airliner. >> without having gone through the simulation, they were reluctant to try it. >> for these families it was a rare chance to walk through this door without having to pay hundreds of dollars and hoping for the best. >> kids have never flown before. >> andy has two autistic children. his family is forced to take road trips out of fear if they
7:26 am
or both reacted negatively, they'd be standing in the terminal with rumored plans. >> you want to go on an actual real plane, real flight? >> yes. >> andrew is andy's son. he liked experience and can't wait for the real thing. >> reporter: were you scared or nervous or excited? >> i wasn't really any of those. >> reporter: dad says after what he saw on friday, they can now begin planning a fun trip tw two engines instead of four-wheels. >> i think we're ready for a flight. they did everybody was real professional. i think it was a good experience. >> alcides: that was fox's rick narinon reporting. >> they donated everything they needed so it was no cost for anyone. >> alcides: clearwater police arrest a man they say calmed a bomb threat into a local
7:27 am
is at raymond james stadium this morning. this time the bucs are gearing up for a big game. >> reporter: yeah. i feel like i'm living here almost. it's another game day at ray j. today. it's the first home foster farms presents appetites. even a small one can throw you off your game. they can happen anywhere. and they only get bigger as time goes on. serve foster farms corn dogs, a delicious plump frank wrapped in a honey crunchy coating. a corn dog with 7 grams of protein
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good morning. thank you for joining us this sunday for good >> alcides: good morning. thank you for joins us this sunday or "good day tampa bay." first, a quick check on the headlines. a seminole county man faces aggravated child abuse charges after someone says he threw a 4-month-old baby over a fence.
7:30 am
charges against 31-year-old richard harris. deputies say on thursday night he threw the baby over an 8-foot fence. harris is accused of trying to attack officers as they tried to arrest him. clearwater police arrested a man they saw called in a bomb threat to the morton plant hospital earlier this week. they say jerrold lemon admitted to calling in the threat. he did it wednesday night would not give him drugspital - food. a man and child are caught on camera stealing potted plants and a kayak from a winter haven walmart. this happened around 1:00 thursday morning. they say the child looks to be somewhere between 11 and 13 years old. investigators say the two put the stolen items in that white pickup truck. >> lindsay: it's 7:30. if you're just waking up and getting outside, i have an awesome camera shot of clouds building and the sun mixing
7:31 am
they're tall because what we're watching are showers offshore. kind of cool. 77 here in tampa. we're looking towards the beach, obviously. let's look the opposite way in riverview at good visibility from this vantage point. it's 72, and i have a few areas of some shallow, low clouds northeast hillsborough and eastern citrus. radar is actually quiet until we zoom in, and look at these showers parked and will rain themselves the closest to pinellas is indian rocks. so boating, plan a route around these showers. also, keep in mind we may see a few more in coastal waters. it will be dry over land this morning, though and it's warm. 77 in tampa and 78 degrees in st. petersburg. brooksville is 73. how hot are we talking for the
7:32 am
it will feet hotter than that in the upper 90s with the humidity. can't rule out a shower or thunderstorm throughout the entire game, but starting to see these develops by 34:00 p.m. a couple showers and storms are possible during the game and they build back west late tonight. stay weather-aware with lightning nearby. >> alcides: the bucs look to come back from a bad loss against the today's regular season home opener. >> anjuli: kellie cowan is back out at raymond james stadium this morning. you're a regular there. the field is all turned over, and they're ready for the bucs now. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you guys. i think 48 hours ago i was in this exact spot with the photographer behind the camera, and we are joking about it on friday, that we spent the entire weekend here, and here we are again. so today we're talking
7:33 am
opener for the buccaneers. a lot of anticipation for this game. tampa bay is looking to shake off last week's rough start on the road in arizona. rough showing i shoul say when jameis winston threw four picks and lost a fum bem in the 40-7 loss. the rams don't plan to take it easy on winston, either. they've said it's a key for their defensive strategy today to put the pressure on winston and make it another long day for the bucs' quarterback. look for that in the bucs backfield. now, a couple of notable losses for the bucs today as well. no doug martin. if you're a bucs fan or plan to set your fantasy roster today, make sure you do that. he's expected to be out for at least three games. another notable absence from this bucs line-up, and that's the reason why i was here on friday talking about the tight
7:34 am
ends after she waived usa stin jenkins on friday after his second dui charge. of course, he hasn't been exactly convicted of that, but the bucs on friday saying that they didn't want to take chances on that. they went ahead and waived that player. they're down two tight ends and they're down their top running back. might be a long day here, but hey, we're rooting for them. we know they can pull it off at home and this place will be packed today for the 4:00 kickoff. the half hours prior to kickoff. we see everybody filling in here around 12:30 or so. a little later start than yesterday when the lots filled up at 7:00 a.m., anjuli and alcides. >> alcides: thanks so much. we appreciate it. >> anjuli: two people were hurt after an explosion in budapest, hungary. there's a large police presence at the octagon inteshg.
7:35 am
storefront on one of the busiest streets in the entire city. the two victims are both believed to be police officers. people from nearly houses and clubs were evacuated from the area. they're conflicting reports about the cause of the explosion. some say it may have been triggered by a gas leak. >> alcides: the largest wildlife conference is happening this weekend in south africa. poaching is high on the group's agenda. specifically poaching of the endangered african they're hunted for their ivory, which is sold. experts say if hunting continues, the elephant could become extibnct but some say th ivory trade ban should be lifted because elephant populations pose dangers to natural environment and other species. prince william, kate middleton and prince george and princess charlotte touched down in victoria, british columbia for a royal visit.
7:36 am
prime minister and his wife. they attended the legislature and attended a performance by the childre's choir. >> alcides: the royals may be in canada, but back home in london, thousands of swimmers suited up for a good cause. 4,000 people took part in a swim serp serpentine. a two-day open water swimming festival in london's hyde park. they came from all over the world to take dollars for charities including the make-a-wish foundation. there is nothing football fans enjoy more than getting together with fans to watch the big game. >> anjuli: coming up our couponing expert shows us how to have a great party work breaking the bank. >> say hello to jack. he's a good-looking dog.
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>> lindsay: good morning. it's a sunday favorite. we have sheri here from the humane society. this is a schnauzer. >> we call him jack. he was a stray believe it or not. about 4 years old and under 20 pounds. i love the silver, beautiful fur that he has. he was really matted and very dirty. so we had to shave him down. this will grow out. this dog will require grooming. he has long, beautiful, black eye lashes that a lot of schnauzers have. i can say that he loves everybody, lindsay. he loves other dogs.
7:40 am
house-trained, but he does know how to sit. he had a microchip because he was a stray, and they never registered it. so nobody came looking and we reach out to the owners. >> he'll get a good family today. you think he's 15 to 16 pounds? >> full-grown and 4 years old. i can't say enough. he's friendly, energetic and loves everybody. he needs a home today. he'svy pretty. >> he's working the camera. look at >> he has beautiful eyes. absolutely. we try to keep pets in their homes and not end up in a shelter. we have a pets for life. if you live in college hill or tampa heights area, you can come to our hospital and we will give you free shots and free spay and neuter. a lot of folks in those areas don't have the ability to pay for full veterinary care. the grant will cover it. call our hospital. it's important to get the animals sterilized and
7:41 am
nothing better than that. >> we love that our "pet of the week" last week got adopted. sydney was adopted by a big foam. look at the kids. >> look at that. they wanted an active dog, and sydney was active. >> she was. >> sydney has someone to play with all day long. so it's a wonderful home. >> i love the family photos and updates. this little guy here will be adopted. probably one of those pets if you're really interested, get there early. >> look how good he's being. i'm impresse >> you can see his face coming in today. 10:00 to 5:00 are the hours. 3607 armenia avenue. he'll be waiting i never shop without a list. and at publix what's on the list also happens to be what's on sale. stuff you actually want... on sale! isn't that something?
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>> alcides: welcome back. it's 7:44. looking at today's top stories. three bodies are found in the ocean off the florida keys. the coast guard says they were found about 23 miles southeast of isla marata. they got a call from a person in the water. the airplane found the other two bodies just before 2:30. a man is dead after a boating accident in clearwater. police say it happened just before 4:00 p.m. saturday in the
7:45 am
they were called out to the island way where they found one man dead. florida fish and wildlife is investigating. a story that is sure to warm your heart on this sunday morning. brenda thought it was another trip to university town center, but then she was handed a rose and then another and another. you see how many she has on the left-hand side japan on the big screen, he asked her to marry him. the boy presented her a ring. of course, she said yes. congratulations to both. >> anjuli: not quite savory saturday but couponing. the bucs are back and their home opener is this afternoon at 4:00. there's one thing all football fans have in common. we all love a good party.
7:46 am
party. >> absolutely. >> kati kiefer from is here to talk more about it and how we can save money hosting a great event. a lot of people expect to eat at your house, which gets expensive. how do you save money while still feeding the crowd? >> right. you have to basically cook in bulk, because you're going to have a lot of people. if you can focus othat main meal and have everybody bring the fringe ingredients. if you make chili or or something big, have everything bring the toppings. bring your favorite sour cream, cheese, all that stuff. we like to make ahead. you can make chicken wings ahead in the crock pot and put them the broiler to crispen up. jal heen low poppers, so many made ahead so you don't slave in the kitchen while everybody is having fun in the game. >> what did we do before crock pots? i love them. also, you want to have a little
7:47 am
the cheap? >> yes. the hardest thing is not getting that logoed licensed really expensive paraphernalia, because you want it in the thing. so instead you got to get creative and use the colors. i'm a bucs fan, because i grew up here. so getting the pewter and red and black and white decorations at the dollar tree. we made football uprights. super cheap to get it in the colo remember, if you're a broj co-s fang, get orange and blue and have a gator party. double up. >> re-use it. i like it. you say start stockpiling now. when you see stuff, buy it? >> right now with the initiation of football season all the snack foods are on great, great sales. if you can get any extra room in your freezer, then you can stock up so when super bowl comes you have a decent amount of food to prepare on the cheap.
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>> ask the team for a fan pack. what is that? >> this is super secret. this is the trick. you can get a fan pack from your favorite team by just sending a quick e-mail, and i made a little form letter, so that you can just say, hey, the trick is like my personal e-mail i have a spam filter to make sure i don't get everybody's request to sell something from china. i don't have the time to go through the e-mails. but i have when someone has keywords. the filter for getting free nfl football stuff is fan pack request. so if you send an e-mail from your favorite sports team contact page and include pan pack request and say, i'm ayden ver broncos fan. what can you give me? i love in florida now. can you give me something free for a fan pack request, they will send you something free in six to eight weeks. can't go wrong. >> you have great insider tips.
7:49 am
have the deal of the week. >> yes. two free flat breads. that will help you make pizza for the big game. >> smart cookie. thank you so much. >> u that. >> lindsay: maybe you want to do something outside before the big game this afternoon. really anything outside you want to get out early. the heat is building. a few clouds this morning o overlooking brookdale bayshore. this is a neat shot. we have towering clouds kind of lifting with a batch of showers that's 10 miles offshore. the big picture is really quiet overall unless you live in coastal pinellas. you see the raindrops, but the thing about our winds because they're so light is these don't move onshore. they sit in place and raining themselves out. so i'll step out the way mere and show you. 5 to 10 miles offshore, meandering and weakening shores and a little further west. ten miles to the west is where we have rain and even further
7:50 am
heavier showers. kind of a band of them. you want to avoid this if you boat. we will stay dry until probably at least 3:00 in most spots. it's a warm morning 73 in lakeland and 77 in tampa. i want to show you the national view, because fall is here for the northeast. 58 degrees in new york city, crisp and comfortable this morning. even d.c. is 54. here's a cold front moving through the mid-section. behind it is chilly. i some of this drier air and slightly cooler air may be headed or way late this work week. i think you feel it in the mornings where temperatures are a little more closer to seasonable. lots of moisture, though. deep, muggy air mass in place r for the southeast. atlanta, actually they have seen a lot of heat and 90s and records. they have cooler air headed their way. satellite and radar shows it to the west. very light wind and sea breeze-driven showers today.
7:51 am
and the coverage overall. i keep the rain chance about the 30% here in tampa with showers meandering furs inland late in the day and pushing back west late tonight. at raymond james stadium for the bucs home opener at 4:00 p.m., 91 is the temperature at that time. lots of heat but also the possibility of a shower or storm that could be heavy. may not move much. 90 in venice and 91 in brooksville today and 92 in bartow. it's busy in the lisa lost tropical characteristics. karl will lose tropical characteristics soon. it's moving northeast over the open atlantic. this disturbance off the africa bears watching because all models bring it into the cari caribbean. the latitudes are lower with these systems. an 80% chance this the next named storm which is matthew and all models bring it west. this is one model, the gfs.
7:52 am
this. this is monday, tuesday, wednesday. here's low pressure deitchening and maybe a new one off africa as well. it's the end of the work week and early next week. if this system gets into the warm waters of the caribbean, we could have a hurricane on our hands. this is a week away. this is eight days away. this particular moeldel brings impacts to cuba. you have to keep an eye on this feature. 7 to 10 this point. all the models run on mcfox we have to watch the caribbean in october. sometimes that's active for the state. futurecast has a few storms with more heat. light winds and here's lunchtime and we're quiet. here's 4:00, 5:00. spotty showers and storms developing and pushing west. if it dances around ray j. we monitor the possibility of one or two delays if there's lightning involved. any storms today could be
7:53 am
cloudy tonight as our downpours build west fade away by mi midnight. rain chances build to 40% tuesday, wednesday and thursday. that's ahead of the cold front. look at friday and saturday morning, we deal with slightly milder, less muggy air so hold the rain chances back, too, es come into steak 'n shake for hand-dipped fall milk shakes. better yet, come into steak 'n shake for hand-dipped fall milk shakes at half- price... ...during half-price happier hour, weekdays, now two to five... steak 'n shake. i'm really good at war. i love war in a certain way. including with nukes, yes including with nukes.
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after weeks of waiting, a lion cub makes her big debut. >> alcides: after weeks of waiting, a lion cub makes measure big debut. >> look at this 2-month-old. what a name she has. i'll try not to butcher it too much. checlawcanita. she explored the new home. she was accompanied by her mom. she's the first lion born in captivity at the peru zoo in over right now she weighs 20 pounds and prefers a diet of her mother's milk to meat. the young feline is healthy and has quite the personality. how cute! on doerable. much more ahead on "good day tampa bay." kellie cowan is live ahead of the bucs home opener. a lot of people are excited about this guy. one way to get to the big game. we'll explain why this couple
7:57 am
form of transportation. >> anjuli: with the first presidential debate just over iday away, we'll talk to the host of "fox news sunday," chris wallace, about what to expect from the canadas. we're back after this. oh yea, everything is digital now-a-days. this thing never leaves my side. why i signed up for publix digital coupons. and i got the paper ones too. so retro... that's how i save at publix. how 'bout you?
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an 18-month old boy loses his life.. what led up to >> alcides: an 18-month-old boy loses his life. what led up to it and the women investigators are questioning. >> anjuli: plus, despite another round of protests last night, police in charlotte released body cam deadly shooting of keith lamont scott. >> alcides: in this week's "faith in action," how one churches serves up films as well as faith. >> anjuli: good morning to you. welcome to "good day tampa bay." it's 8:00 a.m. on this sunday morning. i'm anjuli davis. >> alcides: lindsay is back to talk about the forecast. what can you expect at the big game? >> lindsay: plenty of heat. get tents to beat the heat tailgating but be mindful of the


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