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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 6AM  FOX  September 26, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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in rock and roll >>laura: in rock n' roll, elvis was king. but in golf, arnold palmer wore the crown. one of the greatest golfers ever to pick up a this morning the sports world reflects on his legacy. >>russell: and marlins pitcher jose fernandez killed in a boat crash. reaction from tampa where he got his start. >>laura: and in charlotte, protests continue after an officer involved shooting. why some say it leaves more questions than answers. >>russell: and it could be the most watched debate of all time. rivalling the super bowl. hillary clinton and donald trump
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main event. >>dave: we are still at # 7 degrees at tampa. our dew point numbers are solid in the mid 70s so yeah, nothing has changed so far. now, low to mid 70s inland. upper 70s near the coastline. st. petersburg has gotten below 80 degrees and while today will set up like yesterday, 90, 91 with 40% rain chances, i do have somewhat future. >>vanessa: thanks. and it's been pretty quiet throughout the morning. that continues through into this report. we'll check our major roadways and see how the travel times are fairing. we have great continues here pinellas county. this is a camera south of pinellas point drive for those folks from pinellas bayway heading to the 375 exit near the downtown st. pete area, four minutes along 2 # -- 275.
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i-4 along 75. >>laura: all right. thank you. with swagger and charisma, arnold palmer brought a country club sport to the masses. >>russell: he never liked being called the king, but he was and the name stuck and now with his passing, he'll always be remembered as golfing royalty. son of a golf course greenskeeper, he started playing at the age of four and began caddying at 11. he trned pro in 1954. during more than 90 tournaments worldwide, including seven majors. success in golf carried over to business. he was a pioneer in sports marketing with golf courses, clothing line, even drinks all carrying his name. according to the c.e.o. of an -- arnold palmer enterprises, he died yesterday after heart problems. >>laura: and best friend, jack
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thoughts, prayers and sympathies go to kit, kids, grandkids, great grandkids. he was one of my best friends, closest friends, and he was for a long, long time. i will miss him greatly. also tiger woods saying this. it's hard to imagine golf without you or anyone more important to the game than the king. and rory mc ilroy shared this picture with the caption, rememb spent with mr. palmer. a true pioneer for our sport. forever remembered. he was 87. >>russell: from tampa bay to toronto, the loss of marlins star fernandez is being felt by players. individual players held their own tributes. david ortiz asked the rays not
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when the crowd fell silent, all eyes were on a tearful number 34. fernandez and two other people died yesterday morning when their boat crashed into a jetty off miami beach. >>laura: and the news is hitting tampa bay area particularly hard. this is where he went to school after defecting from cuba. shayla reaves is live for us at alonso his start. >> good morning to you. he showed a determination you don't always see in a teenager. jose fernandez tried three times to make it to the united states, abandoning cuba, ultimately making it on his fourth attempt. it was during that trip where he saved his mother from drowning. all things that happened before he even stepped onto the grounds of alonso high school. today the alonso ravens are
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the unexpected loss. major league baseball pitcher, jose fernandez, died sunday while on a boat with two friends. the watercraft hit a jetty killing all three. those who knew the 24-year-old standout described him as the heart beat of the team, unbelievable competitor who not only played with passion but brought joy to those around him. last week, fernandez took to social media to share that he an expecting their first child, a baby boy. you're seeing that post here on your screen. the marlins team president called the loss of fernandez a tragedy saying there are no words that come to mind. there's no play book for this. there are no words of consolation. when you think about his family and soon to be born daughter, it makes you think about how precious life really is. now, the two-time all star went 38-17 in his four seasons with the marlins, winning the
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year title in 2013. here in tampa, the sign behind me here at alonso high school shows how they're remembering him in light of this tragedy saying in memory of jose fernandez, fly high and soar proudly. he remains in cloud contact with his high school coach who described him as a leader both on and off the field. back to you. >>laura: thank you. >>russell: the carola and the minnesota vikings took the field last night uninterrupted as protests continued outside. this was shortly before midnight curfew was lifted in charlotte. a group of around 100 demonstrators gathered outside the bank of america stadium to keep up the pressure following the death of keith scott. scott was shot and killed after a confrontation with police last tuesday. >>laura: and for nearly a week protestors called on police to release video of the shooting
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a police s.u.v. can be seen pulling in the parking lot where scott's white s.u.v. is parked. an officer in a red shirt is already pointing his weapon at scott's vehicle at the time. and you ca see scott take four steps backward with his arms at his sides before he is hit by a burst of gunshots police also released body camera footage. he doesn't show whether or not scott was holding a gun. >> he doesn't appear to be making gestures or motions as though he's arguing with anybody. he doesn't lunge at the officers. appears he has his hands by his side. again, there's no definitive evidence in this video as to whether or not there is an object in his hand and if there is, what that object is. >>laura: and police released pictures of a handgun that was found at the scene. they say it was loaded and
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and fingerprints and they also say that scott had marijuana. this may be the last time we will see police video from north carolina. a new law goes into effect october 1 blocking the public from gets similar footage. >>russell: a man accused of killing five people at a macy's makeup counter in washington state is scheduled to make his first court appearance today. he was arrested saturday after a nearly 24-hour manhunt. he opened fire in the four women. he had a string of run-ins with law enforcement, including charges that he assaulted his father. neighbor described him as s creepy, rude and obnoxious. >>laura: an american soldier is getting a hero's burial. army master sergeant charles brown, junior was just 20 years old when his unit was attacked. and many died. some escaped, but most were
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camps. brown's fate remained a mystery until the 1990s when the remains of hundreds of korean war servicemen were returned to the u.s. with his sister's help, his remains were identified and today, master sergeant brown will be buried at sarasota national cemetery with full military honors. that ceremony is set to begin this morning at 11:30. >>russell: hillary clinton and donald trump will face off tonight. >>laura: it may be the most watched debate of all time, rivalling t some experts predicting it could pull in more than 100 million viewers. it's in new york. empty now but in just a few hours, you can expect to see some fireworks. lester holt will serve as the moderator. it will air on all major networks, including here on fox 13. that starts at 9:00 p.m. >>russell: the candidates are preparing differently. while clinton has participated
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presidential level, this will be her first against a candidate from an opposing party and she spent the weekend huddled with advisers, poring over trump stances on political and social issues. also a psychological level with a long-time aide playing the role of trump. trump has avoided traditional debate preparations. he wants to stay quick on his feet. he sli restrain. his campaign has played coy which trump will be at the debate tonight. >>laura: there's been chatter over who will be in the audience and clinton got the ball rolling inviting mark cuban to the debate. trump said he was inviting jennifer flowers who had an affair with bill clinton in the 1970s. trump's vice presidential
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yesterday morning. >> jennifer flowers will not be attending the debate. donald trump was using the tweet to mock an effort by hillary clinton and her campaign to really distract attention from where the people are going to be focused tomorrow night. >>laura: trump trails by 2% nationwide in the latest abc news poll. that's still within the margin of error. the debate airs tonight on fox 13. >>russell: there is one group of win over more than any other but doing so could be tricky. >>laura: what millennials are saying ahead of the first debate and then some missed opportunities add up to another loss for the bucs. >>dave: waking up to 77 degrees in the tampa area. low to mid 70s inland. closer to 80 around the st. petersburg area. notice those thunderstorms just kind of hovering offshore, well south of here. we have a decent rain chance
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>>dave: weather headlines on this monday morning scattered storms. then a cold front is going to come into the area. don't get too excited. this is not the big cold front, the one that's really it is going to bring some drier air to some of us. the way it looks now, south of sarasota, it's probably going to stay muggy and then north of sarasota is going to be drier, meaning dew points getting back in the 60s and feeling nice for a couple of days. that's the way it's set up now, but obviously a 50-mile shift north or south will make a difference. that will be come thursday or friday. at the same time, we need to be
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going to enter the caribbean. the computer models are all in agreement for the development of this but of course, when you're talking about something aeven, eight, 10, 12 days out, where it's going to end up in the long run is up in the air. we'll get to that in a second. we're actually kwie oat radar for a couple of hours, and now we're popping up storms. but in general, it's going to be more afternoon and evening storms for us around here. 77 from clearwater to tampa to plant city. i citrus county. it's nice now. dade city, wesley chapel, 75, 76 degrees. also sarasota in the mid 70s and i've got low to mid 70s polk, hardee, de soto and highlands county. here is this big tropical wave and you know what? it really is a large tropical wave. not a lot of spin to it. it's really kind of close to the equator right now. very far south, eventually as it starts to pick up some latitude
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north, it will start to achieve the spin. there's a couple of things going against it. obviously the potential for interaction with south america is one of them. not many storms do that. but then as it works into the eastern caribbean, a lot of time storms get into the aern caribbean, they tend to weaken. i hope this is the case. the computer models are saying once the storm enters the caribbean, it's going to start to strength en. right now you're looking at 90% for development with this system as it works its way toward the west. and the computer models are again showing this developing as it enters the eastern caribbean. but then that cold front, that same front that's going to drop off the east coast may be strong enough, and this is where the big question is, may be strong enough to turn it to the north.
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strong enough to turn us to the north, it's going to be a problem for hispanola and then eventually head to sea. we're hoping. but if this is not strong enough and this big ridge of high pressure builds back in, it would block the storm and keep it moving west so stay tuned with that. we have a long way to go but at least the computer models are in agreement that something is going to develop there in the caribbean the next several days. 90 degrees for a high temperature today under partly cloudy skies. we're looking at rainha notice the end of the week, though, we're going to drop down to 20%. that's because the front comes through the tampa area, drys us out and then the heat and humidity come back in again. >>vanessa: thanks, dave. here's a crash with lane blockage reported. it will be affecting folks travelling through the sarasota county area so particularly if you're passing by the airport, this is where it will be. 15th street east at lindbergh
6:19 am
delays. we'll see how 275 is fairing with the pasco county line with hillsborough. looks like we're running up to speed. everything green heading south and northbound. as you hit the interchange, about 51 miles an hour is the average in that stretch so buckle up, be safe and enjoy. >>russell: you know, millions will tune in for tonight's presidential debate but there's one group of candidates, one group, though, that the candidates want to reach more than any decide who the next president will be. >> millennials, the largest segment of the u.s. work force, the ones who have never known life without the internet. generation age who tend to lean independent. >> one has no political background, just straight up runs for candidacy because he
6:20 am
then the second one has a political background, but also has a politial background that isn't necessarily honest. >> hillary clinton assured younger voters she will address their concerns like climate change and immigration reform. >> even if you're totally opposed to donald trump, you may still have questions about me. i get that. >> they both made the rounds on the late night shows. hillary sat with comedian zach. >> how many words per minute can you type? work to do. in august, a fox news poll showed clinton leading trump among millennials by 26 points. in colorado, johnson and stien take a 46% of the millennial vote. there's also a fifth option. >> enter bernie sanders and
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clinton in hopes that rubs off on her. >> secretary clinton doesn't want you to be paying off debt for the rest of your life. >> former bernie loyalists are reluctant. >> i really didn't want to pick hillary clinton. i thought she was the lesser of two evils. >> probably more against hillary than for donald trump. >> this group is not particularly loyal or interested in political parties and labels. in 40% of millennials even said they were okay being called millennials. >>laura: a rescue on the side of i-75. >>russell: watch how dozens of people come together to flip over a car after a bad crash this weekend in gibsonton. and golf has lost a true legend but arnold pal ler will be remembered with more than his skill for the putter.
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>>laura: just about 6:25. time to see what's clicking on the web this morning. >>walter: happy monday to you. something a little different this morning in hot clicks. an old commercial is making the rounds after the death of arnold palmer. video ire looking at is an espn commercial with arnold palmer making an arnold palmer. how did he get the recipe? he asked his wife to mix two. i thought, boy, this is great, babe. i'm going to take it when i play golf. i'm going to take a thermos of ice tea and lemonade. the arizona beverage company invested in his drink and launched the arnold palmer ice tea and lemonade brand. that's one of my favorite commercials of all time. how many times do we remind ourselves we forgot our lunch? too many flights of stairs.
6:26 am
how about having a wife who can airmail it through the sunroof? i don't know what condition that sandwich was in by the time it landed but at least -- >>russell: it doesn't matter. doesn't matter. >> i need a sandwich on the fly. it all ends up in the same place. huntington beach, california. they were at the surf city surf dog competition on sunday. variety of skills, including length of the ride and confidence on the board. winner and his dog bono won first prize. that is confident. >>russell: nice. i have to tell you something because ron had the perfect ender for the sandwich throwing and i have to do it. he said it was a cuban sandwich because it was pressed when it got into the car. so there.
6:27 am
there it was. there's no denying it. arnold palmer left his mark on florida, too. >>laura: and still ahead on "good day," how he is being remembered at his winter home in orlando. and then a young girl trapped in the wreckage of a bad trash over the weekend.
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>>vanessa: we do have a news alert pertaining to roadways here. we have sky fox checking out the tampa area. hillsborough avenue is completely shut down at hoover due to a crash from what we can tell from this shot involving a tufrp truck and power leans -- power lines down across the roadway. we do have some bad delays in the area. your work arounds, sligh avenue or waters. we'll keep you posted on this one. meantime, we'll check other
6:31 am
southbound delays building just under five minutes here, 275 at fowler avenue. we have a wreck with one lane blocked and for those folks taking the veterans, another delay. you can see the delays back to gunn highway. if you can easily find your way over to henderson, anderson or sheldon, i would take that in the southbound direction for the time being. >>dave: still a bit before sunrise. well offshore, you have the thunderstorms south of sarasota, west of sarasota, but what i'm thinking is we get through the morning hours okay. it will be warm acc-- warm, mug to start. we hit the afternoon, get back to that 90-degree mark and then some scattered storms will develop. really a similar set upto
6:32 am
degrees. >>laura: thank you. one of baseball's brightest stars died early yesterday morning. pitching star jose fernandez was killed along with two others in the boating being. there's the crash scene. coast guard says he was travelling with two friends at full speed when the boat hit an unlit jetty off miami beach. none were rathering life vests at the time. fernandez won the rookie of the league award in 2013. he was a graduate of alonso high jeso fernandez was only 24 years old. >>russell: hard to look at. highway patrol is looking for a driver who hit a school bus and took off. it happened on friday in dover. troopers say the drive ir of a ford f150 passed the bus. the man driving the truck took off before authorities could arrive. there was only one passenger on the bus who was not hurt. >>laura: and nasa is set to hold
6:33 am
surprising activity, they say. on jupiter's icy moon. findings may be related to the sub surface ocean. some are speculating that scientists have found proof of life. we'll find out whether or not today at 2:00. >>russell: a car overturns along i-75 and a child is trapped inside. >>laura: this morning we're learning more about how a group of more than a dozen strangers worked together to save her life. >>russell: ken is live gibsonton. it's a dramatic image, isn't it? >>reporter: it really is dramatic and scary. just imagine if, god forbid, this happened to you one day. you're in the vehicle with kids, loved ones, whomever, and you flip. just when you think that everybody is only out for themselves, a story like this comes along. dozens of passers by came to the rescue of a mom and her two daughters on saturday. their s.u.v. blew a tire. it flipped and ended up on its
6:34 am
that, 50 or so, stopped. they make the controversial move, pulling the moms and one of the daughters out of the s.u.v. then they help the younger daughter. she's trapped under the vehicle. at first only a small number of people tried to lift up the vehicle. they cannot do it. they have to wait until more people get there. but as a group, they are able to pull this off. the good news here is not only that they got help but went to the hospital, they all survived the situation. this is t goes viral. you want to talk about it at the water cooler, tell other people there are good people left in the world. just some comments people are making, heather says we are all capable of being good, decent human beings to each other. so true. jane says this is what community should be and finally, this is one that i really like. jason says, why can't we all come together like that all the
6:35 am
we probably can. we just got to try a little harder but you can see that people here on i-75 over the weekend tried really hard and look at what a wonderful result they got. back to you guys. >>laura: all right. thank you. >>russell: not only did arnold palmer reinvent golf, he leaves behind a legacy in florida. >>laura: he died yesterday at the age of 87 but his name will live on all over the state, across country, may well be around the rl club and lodge. this was a second home for him, right? >> it sure was and i just heard a resident say long live the king. that was his nickname. we're here at the by hill club and lodge, one of his favorite golf places and we've been speaking with residents here and they say it's a huge loss for the community. he would come here every year, greet everybody out here and he
6:36 am
event since 1979 and in 2007, it was renailed -- renamed the arnold palmer. his legacy went beyond seven major championships and 62pga tour wins, back in the 1980's, arnold and his wife helped raise millions of dollars for the hospital, believing that special needs for women and chi they were so successful at that fundraising orlando regional center named the center after the couple. it opened doors in 1989. today this complex is the largest medical facility dedicated to women and children in the country. let's hear from one of palmer's close friends about his legacy. >> he used his celebrity in a
6:37 am
community but beyond that. what he's done for the hospitals, what he continues to do to benefit a lot of charities in the community, he's such a giving person. >>reporter: and palmer died last night in pittsburgh. he had some heart complications. he was 87 years old. he had just celebrated his 87th birthday two weeks ago. >>laura: thank you. >>russell: it's 6:37 right now. with two minutes left in the game, lightning struck and the clouds rolled in. for one hour, the bucs sat in the locker room and thought about how to overcome a five point deficit. >>laura: when they came on the field, the team fell short. this was the bucs home opener as you know against the l.a. rams. it was a high energy, high scoring game. alexander had a pick six in the first half. it was back and forth nor awhile
6:38 am
after the weather delay, the bucs came out trying to win. but again, just came up short. listen. >> came back twice from two scores in the second half to give ourselves a chance at the end but we didn't make enough plays. we had plenty of chances and again, congratulations to the rams. they got us. >> defense did a great job getting the ball back. great situation for us. i just got to complete the football. i missed too many make those completions. >>laura: and the final score, 37-32 rams. >>russell: coming up at 7:00, kevin will join us as the monday morning quarterback. >>laura: he'll see if there was any salvaging of excitement we saw at the beginning of the season. >>russell: bulls lost in front of 62,000 fans.
6:39 am
bulls travel to ohio next week for a game against cincinnati. >>laura: and at the trop, the rays struck out in record fashion in their final home game of the season. boston set a new club record by striking out 21 batters in nine innings and after the final inning, the rays became just the fifth big league team to strike out 23 or more in a game. red sox win it 3-2. >>russell: then hockey season right around the corner. thousands blue and white showed up to fan fest yesterday. the first preseason game tomorrow at 7:30 is against the carolina hurricanes. prices in the upper deck start at $10. >>laura: if you went to the u.s.f. game or the bucs game over the weekend, you know how stifling it is outside. i heard 106 on the field, like the heat index. >>russell: it's awful. >>laura: we'll talk to dave osterberg to see what he thinks about that. coming up, he'll show us when the cooler temperatures are going to move in.
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>>dave: good monday morning to you. it's 6:43. still waiting for the sunrise. you can start to see a glimpse of it. nice start to the day. when i first got in very early this morning, we had some showers in citrus county. they're gon beginning to see some showers develop offshore south of sarasota. we'll show you that in a second. 77 degrees above normal, yes. are we used to this by now? yes. we have lower 70s inland and up to the north as well. nothing extreme, though. good news is st. petersburg, you got below 80 degrees for a change. 80 in the keys and lower 70s across i-10. so our temperatures this morning, very similar to what we've had over the past couple of days.
6:44 am
scattered storms today. we've got the rain chances running around 40%. you see this, you can almost see a little spin up here. little upper level system. well, this colder air aloft, that's helping to spark some of these showers this morning. now they're offshore for now but i do expect as we get into the afternoon hours today on land, we're going to spark up a few thunderstorms. just keep an eye on that skytower radar app or the sky later today as we do anticipate some afternoon t now, the big question is this. how far south will this cold front get? and honestly, it's going to make it into the state. i don't think it's going to clear the state and i think that's going to be your problem. places like fort myers and up through englewood and maybe even sarasota, you may not get the drier air that the northern part of the state is going to get. that is typical, too, as the
6:45 am
powerful enough to push through the state but we do kind of tease us a little bit. i'm thinking half the viewing area, tampa north, will get some drier air come thursday and friday. it will still be warm but it will feel nicer. same time, we have to watch this and this is a very strong tropical wave. you can honestly see how it's trying to achieve a spin and the reason it hasn't so far is because it's too far south. this thing is close to nth parts of south america but as it moves this way, it's expected to eventually gain some latitude, get that spin and become a tropical system. now, the computer models in the first three, four days all in agreement right into the eastern caribbean. but then they disagree. some kind of drift it northwest, some bring it continued west through the caribbean and others turn it immediately to the north
6:46 am
short-term solution, you're likely looking at a tropical system in the eastern caribbean several days from now. long term solution still kind of up in the air. that's why you follow with us and you can do that by heading to can't say from now 10 day where is it's going to be but it does bear watching for the caribbean and u.s. sunrise at 7:21. rain chance at 40%. warm and muggy tonight with a low of 76. rain chances tomorrow will run sunshine and your high of 89 degrees. notice it squeezes through, 86 friday, 87 saturday so still warm but it will feel a little bit drier. vanessa? >>vanessa: all right. good news is nothing has popped up since our last report but the three previous crashes are still wreaking havoc on the travel times so just a refresher of what we're dealing with.
6:47 am
shut down eastbound and westbound at hoover due to a crash involving from what we can tell a dump truck and power lines down across the roadway. so it's pretty backed up in the area as you can imagine. work arounds once again, sligh avenue or preferably further to the north, waters, especially if you're trying to get to the other side of the veterans expressway. slow in the southbound direction, we had a crash in the area of linebaugh southbound. we did have a left lane blocked. can't looks like there could be some lane blockage here and delays are getting back towards ehrlich. expect maybe about an extra 10 minutes or so on the travel times but if you would like to avoid the area of henderson, anderson or sheldon. we'll check the travel times right now. delays between five to 10 minutes on the southbound travel lanes of 275. remember, a crash with one lane blocked near fowler avenue,
6:48 am
we'll check in now with charley belcher. good morning. >>charley: good day to you. how are you this fine monday morning? >>vanessa: not too bad. monday came a little quick if you ask me but -- >>charley: during the presidential debate tonight, do you think there's any chance they'll talk about adding a third day to the weekend? can we add a day in between saturday and sunday? >>vanessa: i haven't heard that platform discussed at all yet. >>charley: then i'm not voting. i'll vote. i'll vote for you. >>charley: i had an experience one of these things that's not uncommon to experience this time of year. i don't know if it's happened to you yet. but you go into a store and the christmas decorations are up. >>vanessa: my goodness. i know. >>charley: have you had that happen yet? >>vanessa: i've seen pictures on facebook. >>charley: we walked into a home improvement style home where you
6:49 am
store, looking for -- >>vanessa: which one? >>charley: prices weren't high. they were lowe's. we go into the store you and walk in and see christmas decorations everywhere. my wife, are you kidding me? christmas stuff already and then she goes, is that a dachshund? 140 worth of christmas decorations later, we left the home improvement store. we were complaining we saw christmas items for sale, and then we bought a bunch of you go. did i lose you? i must have lost you because i don't hear anything in my ear. >>vanessa: oh. >>charley: did you lose me? did i lose you? >>vanessa: no. i can hear you. >>charley: did you hear my wonderful story? >>vanessa: yeah. we were just like wow. >>charley: yeah. >>vanessa: marketing works. >>charley: there you go. you complain about them but it's a really good time to buy christmas decorations. got the little thing that shows the l.e.d. lights on your garage door and yeah.
6:50 am
decorations i bought. also very excited about oktoberfest. before we can celebrate christmas, let's celebrate oktoberfest and we're doing that tonight at the market salamander grill. this restaurant is open to the public. they have something called golf-toberfest. it's a golf tournament on the 15th of october. we'll tell you about all of that stuff. >>vanessa: thanks for helping us through >>laura: speaking of voting, making voting fun. how some companies trying to make a game of the upcoming election. >>russell: and now beer companies are going at it.
6:51 am
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the first presidential debate is tonight ... and some are predicting it will be as big as the >>laura: some are predicting the debate tonight will be as big as the super bowl. >>russell: and advertisers are now jumping on board from the fox business network studios. let's get to lauren simonetti. good to see you. >> i jumped on board back in the saddle for the new week. good night ahead with the debate. hi. >>russell: welcome back. we missed you.
6:54 am
elections fun. >> do you want to do doritos or 7-eleven first? college venues are getting a vending machine. tomorrow is national voter registration day so they ask you, are you registered to vote? if you say no, oh, you get a special bag of silver dor eat owes. like wow. so cool. something new. no. you open it up and there are cardboard punishment for not registering to vote. it's cute. it's catchy. this is what 7-eleven is doing. they've done this or something similar every year for the past couple of elections. and usually they're spot on. if you're getting coffee there, there are two, now three cups to choose from. red cup for republican, you're voting for trump. blue for democrat and purple is the speak up cup which means i'm
6:55 am
trump. i've got something else to say and guess which cup is winning this year? >>russell: don't know. >> purple. purple. >>russell: nothing. or the something. >> yeah. the purple cup because it's a polarizing election and a lot of people say these are unpopular candidates. we're going for the third option which is fill in the blank. whatever you want them to be. >>russell: okay. >>laura: it's come to that. let's talk about this -- another brand that's campaign not for president but the best beer. let's watch it and then we'll talk about it. >> bud lights raise one right now. so why not raise the right one? miller light has more taste and half the carbs. miller light spelled different because it's brewed different. >> you're going to see those ads, 15 seconds, starting on
6:56 am
people are gravitating toward craft beer and not light beer. miller light is trying to get some of bud light customers with ads like that. however, if you tell me half the carbs, same taste, i'm just like not going to go running out to get a miller light. i don't know. did it work for you? >>laura: you know, our first thought was that miller light needs to start working on its use of >>russell: good to have you back. see you later. >>laura: sorry we went there. all right. >>russell: magnificent seven took the top stpot. one of the biggest openings ever for a western. only westerns that did better were cowboys and aliens and ringo. >>laura: under a new california law, casting agencies and
6:57 am
required to remove the age of an actor if asked. screen actors guild says it will help prevent age discrimination. critics say it's a form of unwarranted censorship. coming up at 7:00, what the average person will spend on halloween. prepare to be spooked. >>russell: and what is up with our bucs kicker? missed field goal and an extra point. we're going to play monday morning quarterback with kevin o'donnell. stay with us. the split of anning reason a jolie and brad pitt. >>vanessa: a quick update to the hillsborough county crash. hillsborough at hoover, lanes are reopened here eastbound and westbound but the bad news is they've been blocked for so long and it was a full blockage so we can expect it would be awhile for the travel times to return to normal. in a few minutes, i'll get you an update on all the ??
6:58 am
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((russell- grieving >>russell: remembering a golf legend. arnold palmer that deserves credit for making the sport so popular. his life and his legacy. >>reporter: today fans of major league baseball are taking in the unexpected loss of jose fernandez. his former high school remembers him and his contributions here at alonso high school straight ahead. >>laura: and rest and relaxation. the best places to go this fall without spending a fortune. but get ready to make a reservation and welcome to the 7:00 hour of "good day tampa bay." i'm laura moody. >>russell: and i'm russell rhodes.


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