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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 8AM  FOX  September 26, 2016 8:00am-9:00am EDT

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what a rescue. a car blows a tire - and flips on i- 75. this morning - how all these people came together to rescue the little girls inside. ((laura and: what women want. the issues both candidates must touch-on during tonight's debate - in order to secure the important female vote. ((russell)) good morning .. it's 8:00 ... i'm russell rhodes ((laura)) and i'm laura moody.. thanks for waking up with us on this monday, september 26th..((toss to dave for weather))
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i do have somewhat dryer air a few days away.
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((russell 2shot mp)) it's a day of mourning for floridians and sports fans across the world.. on sunday...we lost two big names in was an up-and-coming legend.. the other.. a true legend who knew how to make records and break them.. ((laura dbl box)) fox 13's walter allen begins our team coverage...with a look at the life and legacy of arnold palmer.. ((walter bw)) arnold palmer is a name that goes with golf.. he rose from a blue-collar background to become known as "the king." and he he rose a blue collar thing background to be known at king i passed away yesterday ae age of 87 from complications a heart problems a hospital in pittsburgh. palmer was born in youngs town,
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town a father was golf course grounds keeper pee put a golf cl ub in his hand to simply hit it hard, boy. >> the rest is history. from 1958 to 1964, he won 7 major titles including the masters 4 times. u.s. ohm and british open two years in row. throughout his career spanning 5 decades he won 62 tournaments on just u.s. tour alone. but he never really retired from golf. he continued playing professionally. >> it's not just about what he left behind on the links. but what he created that will affect millions for the rest of their lives. palmer helped establish arnold palm are hospital for children and a for women babies in orlando. that one was first named after his first wife he married for 45 years. she pass away in 1999. some other golf greats eerie acting tiger woods posted this tanks arnold for friendship,
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of your legend. hard to imagine golf without you or anyone more important to game than the king. >> rory mcill row post a picture him and palmer remembering special times i spent with mr. palm era bay hill. a true pioneer for our sport, forever. remembered. and now switching gears to huge loss in baseball world especially here in bay area. jose fernandez, loss could felt across major league baseball with people remembering his passion and ability to ignite everyone around him. he came to america from cuba and with his mother along way together they safely made it home here in tampa bay. shayla reeves is live outside alonzo high school where fernandez made a name for himself in america. shayla, good morning. >> yeah, good morning to you. he showed a determination you don't always see in a teenager.
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grounds here alt alonzo high school he was stand out he tried to make his way to united states three times but ultimately it was that fourth trip when he saved his mother from drowning. h traveled here on a boat. the pair meat it here to the united states. and he has continued to leave his mark. we're again here at alonzo high school where this morning we have already seen some students arriving leaving flowers underneath a sign in the school. sign is here behind me. if you take a closer look you can see it there it just reads in memory of jose fehr flan dez fly high and soar proudly. we know that during his time here he was described by his high school coach as a leader on and off the field. you may recall, of course, the alonzo ravens are among the many still trying to make sense of an unexpected loss.
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traveling on boat with friends. water scratch struck unlit jetty at full speed killing all three on board. those who knew the 24-year-old miami marlins player described him as at heartbeat of the team and unbelievable competitor who not only played with a passion but brought joy to those around him. he some stuff he would do you just seen that little kid you see play little league or something like that. that's the joy that jose played with. and then the passion he felt about playing. yeah certainly a number of those who knew him, they've been describing on social media their feelings this morning some saying they are heartbroken on
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in fact, they have posts with his picture pinned to top that simply says devastated. now we can tell you, he not only shared a passion for playing baseball but also a passion for family. a couple of years ago the team actually surprised the pitcher by arranging for his grandmother to come to united states from cuba and see him play baseball for the first time since he was 15 years old. now we can tell you this comes at a time when his family was he had just announced last week he and his girlfriend were expecting a child. he was soon to be father of a baby girl. back to you. all right, shayla. we'll talk to you later on, thank you. and the reaction from a don mattingly the manager is being seen all over major league players and friends from across the country posted their reactioned to news. they were all shocked tim coaler fent out very long and beautiful message saying he was sorry if
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him. new york mets sent out this video of a new york mets taping up fehr unanimoused december's jersey with a caption he says, you knew him or not you knew how car makt he how much he meant to the game. laura. toss it back to you. so sad. 8:0 eight. donald trump and hillary clinton will face off against for the first presidential debate. stakes unbelievably high. 100 million people expected to tune in for the debate. in which two hope to discredit each other and hope to show that they are more qualified than the other. virtually tied in every poll. also entering as the two
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the american people expect hillary clinton to do well and they are lower expectations of donald trump. >> clinton and trump will face each other again in just two weeks. but both candidates have a lot of work to do beyond the debates. they need to look at winning the hispanic and millennial votes both candidates are strugly when it comes to these voters. women will be keeping a close eye on tonight's debate as well. issues surrounding their health tend to be divisive. let's take look where they stand on few women's issues. trump chang abortion a few times as of today. special circumstances including rape. clinton pro-choice and receive support. and as temperature trump has not taken a substance on it clinton proposal a number of ways curb it. >> and biz guarantee six weeks of it. and a 12 weeks of paternity and
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see where candidates stand on all of these issues and how they will respond to each catch them in action right here on fox 13. debate starts at 9 o'clock. in just three hours time an american soldier will receive at proper burial he deserves 66 years ago. this is story we've following on good day. army master sergeant charles grown jr. was 20 years old when i say unit was attacked during the world. many died. some escaped. but most were captured and taken to prisoner of war camps. but brown was never listed as one of those captured he just seemed to disappear. that was until the 90s. when the remains of hundreds of korean war service men were returned to the united states. and with his sister's help his remains were identified. just last week, they were flown to sarasota. and today at 11:30, master sergeant brown will be buried at the sarasota national cemetery with full military honors. with was a loud knight.
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skytower radar forecast. plus new help for those who are hungry. jen tells tells bus a mobile pantry that is opening today. yeah guys a grocery store on wheels. all of this in this basket can found inside my mobile market we're talking cereal, peanut butter jelly even fresh produce like tomatoes and lettuce. we will talk about the partnership that made this possible. and take look inside this mobile market coming up after the break. first got to check in with charley good monday morning. good day to you jennifer epstein i was just showing how beautiful view here inisbrook and resort and golf club. my view just got even better. look at this, we are inside the market salamander grill. brand new chef putting his brand new fingerprints all over the menu getting ready for octoberfest.
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i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. i'd look her right in that fat ugly face of hers. she's a slob. she ate like a pig. a person who's flat chested is very hard to be a 10.
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do you treat women with respect? i can't say that either. ((laura 2shot)) for many families, they don't welcome back. it's 8:14 now imagine this for many families they this know
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hunger being the biggest one. now, there is some help coming to them. really to them. a mobile market is popping up in places around the bay area where these people need this food the most. jen's there with one of these spots in tampa where the mobile market is set to open. what great idea this is, jen. >> yeah. this is so perfect. you know we talked about food trucks all time where trucks go and provide meals for people. this is totally differe but pretty similar to that as far as it being mobile market on wheels. essentially a grocery store that travels to a low income communities throughout tampa bay and this is the first of its kind here in florida as far as a nonprofit grocery store goes. we're inside right now. and you can take look at some of the items that they have to offer. including fresh produce, cantaloupe, you've got organic baby kale, tomato potatoes and canned goods on other side. so everything that can provide
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we're talking fresh foods. it is a pretty cool concept. take look at those prices too. i mean you're getting black eyed peas for $0.55. potatoes for $0.60 appear lot this mall market has to offer. you're executive director of feeding tampa bay. you partnered with good will suncoast to make this happen. tell us a little bit about it. community noungs provided the funding for us to start this. along with some other partners good will and us teamed together to say how do we start to bring more income families in different spots of our community. for many foams getting to grocery store can a real challengehoup do we provide good aared forable healthy nutritious food a time and place that works best for them and from that my mobile market was born. >> two new terms that i've heard today was food swamp and food desert. explain that to me terms that we use food desert is where there's not a grocery store located in or around typically within a
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so that that means you can't get access to lot of fresh foods in roche grocery store a food swamp a, fast food foods out boxes. and precooked foods ma my mobile market will bring a grocery store to those communities they would then have access, might not always have at price structure is much more affordable for families that we're seeking to serve. how do you seek out these communities how do you find ones that need this the most? imagine there are places over our community that rec centers there's boys and girls clubs. there's places like the village here where a low income families or folks working poor as we used to refer to them as we see them just folks who are in need of good healthy food. we know where to put truck to find those folks and, and make them market available. wonderful thomas thank you so much for inviting us this morning i got to let you know a couple people in this community that we're in already really excited about this, they stopped by they've taken a peak inside.
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and i'm putting a little basket together and you guys will be so surprised at 9 o'clock how much food that people can buy here for less than $10. we'll show you some of things that everyone can buy. if you spent $10 on nonperishable items fresh produce we showed you comes free as an added bonus for everyone. a really cool concept. good. very good. >> jen, thank you. we'll see you later on, okay. >> welcome. all right. we got some storms last night apparently some pretty lo we got it. i know you do. it was funny you and i talked about this i was lying in bed watching bucs game when are they going to stop this game if you were in south tampa. wow they got to be seeing and hearing this over there. it came out of nowhere. kind of felt like it. but if you lived anywhere away from there, like i didn't even hear or know anything, why is game stopped. why are they stopping guam i looked. that's where they are stopping game. they did right thingi know it
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but folks if you can hear that thunder you're close enough to be struck. we're still in our summer season all be it we're at tailing out of it slowly. so, 78 degrees. that's our current temperature outside. 79 in st. petersburg. i know we're right back to kind of where we were early yesterday morning. and our temperatures today should get back to lower 90s. more heat with those scattered storms. and one of the things that we have, we have some energy, a toward the panhandle. so as is drifting south it adds a little energy to atmosphere ooi you're going to more of that vicious lightning and few storms for later today. keep an eye on your sky radar radar app. i want to go do caribbean. i we got 90 percent chance. wow pretty high that this tropical wave develops as it moves into the eastern caribbean i can tell you this, once it
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that where long-term for this is unknown. keep an eye on it for us by heading to we're back up to 90 degrees with rain chance of around 40 percent. i kind of teased you on facebook and on twitter with dryer air coming in. i think tampa north, friday, saturday, 20 percent rain chances. dew points in the 60s. so we do get a sliver of drier air very late this week into the weekend. vanessa. all right, thank you, dave. 8:20. two new nts come thing to you from polk county county. you want to watch out here u.s. between. single lane will be blocked near i-4. not enough to really turn any of sensors yellow or red. for more of a safety concern here's a safety concern if you're traveling on polk county parkway eastbound direction we do have debris reported an in
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z246oz zy6z
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what is driving performance? it's not a weekend hobby. you have to live and breathe it for 50 years. it's the sound... and the fury. it's letting it all hang out there, and it's hanging on for dear life. that is what amg driving performance means. and this is where it lives.
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visiting a restaurant that is open to the public. >> tonight's little well kept secret that they want everybody to know about. anybody can come in and enjoy this restaurant. in fact their lives mufkt here friday and saturday night brand new executive chef.
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and let's just look over the menu here. chef. talk about appetizers. away. >> we make our homemade, we have green tomatoes pickled we make our pork and then we have a beautiful salami, different cheeses cow. >> what's down there? also i have arugula salad with btter poached pears. pomegranate. some flat bread i corn cream instead of marinara sauce. put speck on there. and brussel sprouts. >> yeah. leafs and this one. a little. >> this is my south carolina influence. you used it's a mustard based barbecue sauce. pulled park caramelized onions. then out here, made 47 here tomatoes and mozzarella cheese
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you know that good classic what i put linguine in there, grouper, lobster tail. >> this gorgeous. grouper. rett be. try so at that and chablis cream sauce. that is chicken. i put a little tomato salad arugula on top of the and t dessert over here. deconstructed cheese cake here. a filled with mango. and chocolate powder. nice. and then i can't help but notice. you got, shaken not stirred. yeah we just came up and a string after we pickled our green tomatoes. we have a martini with milk pickle juice and garnish green tomatoes in there. >> pickle juice? >> yeah.
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>> nice. very nice. there you go. hungry now russel and laura? if not it's not my fault. when we come back special octoberfest menu from chef that knows better than most. >> i started this day hungry so you're not helping. >> it looks great. looks great. oh, yeah. >> look at that. oh, yeah. yeah, i know where your hand is going. we'll see you in a nt m. tire blows on i-75 send a collar flipping through air coming up incredible res rescue who saw family stuck inside you may have experienced that back up on 75 too. nasty what's this wall all
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we are one nation under god. that black and white, we are one nation indivisible. that republican and democrat, we are all americans. i'd like to punch him in the face. you know what they used to do to guys like that? they'd be carried out in a stretcher, folks. i could stand in the middle of 5th avenue and shoot somebody and i wouldn't lose any voters.
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((russell 2shot qd)) it's at the worst of times.. you know, it's an at the worst times that we tend to see the best of people. and a picture of about a dozen people jumping into action to help pull a little girl to safety proves it this all happened when a tire blew along i-75 in gibsonton over the weekend. fox 13's ken suarez is live for us along sfi with story. i know lot of people were wondering i-75 was completely shut down while they were working on this. but was story to come out of it. you know this, kind of story doesn't lift your heart on this monday morning i don't know what will. this is really a story about a bunch of regular folks all getting together and putting
8:31 am
to save some lives. it happened on i-75 as you said before, saturday, mom and her two daughters around in an suv tire blows the vehicle veefrs flips over and lands on its roof. other drivers immediately stop. they pull the mom and one the daughters out of the vehicle. something a paramedics say you shouldn't do. but they thought it was right thing to do. so they did. now there's, a much bigger problem here. the woman's other daughter is actually trapped under the suv. off of her but they can't because too few people. eventually enough people get together. they have team work going there. they lift it up and there were medical people that were able to get her out from under that vehicle. they all end up going to tampa general. we understand mom and one daughters is out at this point. they all survived. you have to wonder if all of those people didn't help, what would have happened. you know you're talking about dozen people actually lifting the vehicle. a lot more people than that stopped and helped in whatever way they could.
8:32 am
there were up to 50 people in that area. all willing to help. soths really kind of a cool to go see when you think that no one cares about anyone but themselves, this proves that wrong. back to you guys. >> not so at all. >> all right, ken, thank you. also in the news this more than 8:32 golf legend arnold palmer died at the age of 87 in his home state of a pennsylvania. >> he died sunday afternoon of complications from heart problems. during his time in the sport palmer won 62pga tour teelths and 7 major championships. but he never really retired from it. he played into his 70s away from course he was pioneer in marketing and strong business man. he was one first professionals to design golf courses. and as you know he even had a drink named after him had half iced tea half lemonade concoction is still known an
8:33 am
an easy way to see if your personal information is up for sale on the web? we told you last week that 500 million user accounts were affected by a massive data breach for yahoo fox 13 consumer reporter sorboni ban injury joins us on mondays. this is a hack i think none of us should ignore even if you have a yahoo dmt pastor wonder to go how to proceed. how many exchange all their passwords when something like this happens to be on safe side. we kind of get lazy, right if you go have a yahoo account you really need to take steps. we learned about hack even though it happened in 2014it include names, emails passwords, phone numbers even answers to security questions. so you've got to change a passwords but you also have to change those questions and answers up. in general. security experts say that one of the easiest and most crucial things you can do is keep your
8:34 am
up to date. you know i'm guilty of it you probably are too. you t. says run updates i'm busy i'll do it later you ever missing latest protections and most modern software will update itself. so you can do those auto updates. they are just, you know turn on. so screen locks also. you use them? ths important you want to make sure you set a pin or password for every laptop smart phone tablet thank you aown. a lost device with out a screen lock is basically like leaving door open saying, hey thieves, come on in. sue wouldn't do that, don't do the same with your devices. >> also, check this outs if your data has stolen there's an easy way to check your email address and user names against lists from 120 known breaches. so like the thing that just happened with kra yeah hoo adobe linked in snapchat. let's see what happens when you type in myemail here when you
8:35 am
affected personally by two hakz linked and yes myspace back in the day. are you serious? >> yes you can do that. we can stick your personal email achecked work email that one nothing. but, jae and where we're checking it right now dave's checking his own. >> good news. >> good news. nope. >> see you're one guy in america. >> that's good. and these are old too the fact that it was, it was linked in for me and then what do you need to do? i need to change my password not been lazy. i think after this what do you need to do? go there. go there i need to go there. you know i'm scared to death. i'm scared to death of this. it is, an easy way to check. and i was actually very surprised to find out that you know these, it's almost like you just checking and you think okay when it d. this happen five years ago. but that information is in our out there floating around on the web up for sale so you could
8:36 am
information compromised years and years later. she just warned us. now we have to go fix this. thank you, my friend. go fix it. happy monday. happy monday, everyone. so warned we're following a news alert out houston, texas. police are dealing with an active shooter situation near shopping center. here as look at the scene here from overhead. dozens of police vehicles outside this strip mall. houston pd has confirmed several victims at the hospitals. not immediately clear if businesses there are open. it is seven:30 there. news crew there report hearing gunfire when he arrived police say the scene is contained. we'll continue to follow this developing story and bring you updates as we get them again. in houston, texas. on to other news now a lot of dead fish washing ashore on longboat key and anna marie aisland manatee public safety
8:37 am
out photo since saturday. there it is. showing how bad red tide is dead fish are showing up in water and on shore line. it's impacting big fish and more and more are showing up as days go by. >> people with respiratory problems are told to avoid both beaches. officials say red tide information cards are available at all life guard stands. if you have any questions, do not be afraid to oh. >> yeah. and the smell. >> yeah i know. i know. such a beautiful day out and people want to go to the coast. they want to go to the beach, and then you have to deal with that. it's unfortunately. 78 degrees. it's beautiful. beautiful picture. by the way, yesterday, the water temperature checked in at 89. 89 degrees a few days before october. that's way above where it should
8:38 am
tampa net cam shows 78 sdpreez and pretty start to that day with east wind at 5. i think we're in same set up as yesterday we've got a little bit of energy up here a lot of kind drifting down combine that with heating day and there will be more scattered thunderstorm. today's overall rain chance will continue to see it there alleges upper level spin. today's rain chance will continue to be at 40 percent where it was yesterday. wow, okay. big, big tropical wave. now, when this emerged off the coast of ago. some of the very long-term computer models picked it up. now all the model are picking this up. and making this into a tropical system. in fact, the hurricane center gives this a 90 percent chance of developing over the next five days. 60 percent over the next couple of days. i think you'll start to see it really develop once it enters into eastern caribbean. that's way it setting up now. now computer model are doing this. yeah. >> okay.
8:39 am
caribbean. that's where they are kind of differing which they typically will do. because a front is going to drop down to the southeast. now some models think that's going to be enough to pick this storm up and bring it out here. where as others think that well high pressure may build back in and keep it moving a little bit further toward west. it is obvious long-term solution is not known 100 percent right now. i can tell you many computer model are making this a hurricane once it caribbean and something that we all have to watch. everybody from western caribbean all way to race coast because again, you get into october sometimes, and the can slip und here or strong cold front coming off east coast can pick it up and take it out to sea. head to, look at more of these models for yourself. okay. 90 for high temperature for today. we're looking a rain chances next few days a 40 percent.
8:40 am
especially from tampa north. dew points will drop it in the 60s. it will feel nicer for friday and for saturday. going to tease us. a little teaser of the fall-like air. by way this might be one the most beautiful mug winning pictures that we have. this is just gorgeous. look at the dolphin jumping wake of the boat. if you've ever been out there in gulf they do this all the time. even with smaller boats. i can, tell you this, va vacation here to see that. and we get to see that any time we want. that's money shot. that's why h#welivehere. switch gears and we do have police activity northbound on skyway bridge. live look right now looks like this will be close to the top. and a right lane is going to be blocked with several emergency vehicles. a bit slow in area give yourself
8:41 am
to head from manatee into pinellas county taking skyway. here some other congestion points and delays we're seeing looks like we're starting to clear out pretty decently here onning lighter side of red for southbound 275. approaching the interchange. bearss from that point all way to i-4. 22 minutes. 18 minutes between 75 and downtown along i-4 good news we're now into yellow zone here. northbound 75 selman to i-4 taking six minutes. >> department's k-9 unit received a letter filled with money and very nice note. that is this morning good day good deed. the lakeland police department posted this video saying they continued to be surprised by the generosity of the kids, the kids in their community. letter was sent to them by an anonymous group of middle school students. inside $70 in cash police department k-9 unit. one student says over summer hey wrote a book about small acts of kindness how it makes permanent
8:42 am
thankful for donation and kind words of support. nice. bicycles are an important part of our childhood but can also be
8:43 am
8:45 am
((laura on cam)) well as weather is getting a little cooler, we can hope mini way more kids will be outside riding there bicycles. wouldn't that be anythings. bike accidents leading cause of injuries in school aged children. right now pediatrician and emergency room doctors are seeing these types of injuries in mass. and our doc on call dr. rachel with johns hopkins all children's hospital is here to talk about bicycle safety and good morning to you doctor. >> look at you. you're all suited pick up. doing well. thank you. >> i've got my helmet on for safety. i see that. you know there was a day where
8:46 am
that. they rode around and free to room and times are different different and we know more now, right? >> yeah. you know when i grew i don't think i ever wore a helmet. riding my bicycle we know helmets save lives they protect kids from injury an adults from injury. very important to protect your head when you're riding your bicycle and doing other things like skateboarding or playing on your scooter all of those things helmets are super you're an er doctor so no telling what kind of injuries you've seen. can you talk about that a little? >> so i'm actually a general pediatrician in my office we see kids that come from emergency room all time. they may have fallen. and hopefully they are wearing their helmets so they don't have serious head injury we do see in emergency room serious head injuries from on sidewalk in road either fell accidently or were hit by a car.
8:47 am
important and can protect and save kids lives. >> yeah. what do you tell parents to tell their children about riding their bicycle? >> you know without making what could be a fun exercise seem scary. you know what i mean? >> i think the best thing is of course, so i think if parents are good role model that is sets tone if parents wear tr helmets. if you start from an elementary age their tryings or maybe riding in back of a bicycle, put the helmet on then becomes just like an average routine. and it's also florida law that kids wear under 16 wear bicycle helmets. don't forget obeying law is important. you say too, give them prizes. so that they, they remember that when they wear it again. you know, for parents, we're
8:48 am
we? >> incentives also work. >> all right. let's talk about fit. >> how should a helmet fit? what are some rules of thumb forfeiting our kids? >> so there's 5 easy steps. remember the helmet is supposed to be level. the best rule of thumb is one to two fingers above the eyebrow. i have a bigger head but a smaller forehead. one finger above eyebrow sid ear. get one to two fingers under chin strap and shake head and make sure helmet doesn't move. that's scare process. though that chin buckle. you get a little skin in there you got to worry. >> yes. t. makes it harder to buckle next time. going to be a little uncomfortable if it fits well that's great. that's true. we hope our kids get out there lord knows they need exercise. doctor, thanks so much. general pediatrician. always good to see you.
8:49 am
>> yes. >> yes. >> good to see you too. >> all right we're going get over to charley belcher, right? >> a little octoberfest. you are so right. i can remember putting a helmet on lindsay rose and accidently catching her skin >> it's the worst she started screaming you feel terrible. i've done it to myself too. yeah. that is a great point. be careful buckling that buckle. that's best advice from that with that buckle. be careful because i will at the present time you also octoberfest time. we're at inis brook at their restaurant and an open to public entertainment here market salamander grill. special octoberfest menu they are going tell you about and
8:50 am
i'm david jolly and i approve this message. shington really works. members of congress spend too much time rasing money. congressman david jolly on 60 minutes last night pushing back against the current system. and they don't do enough for our veterans. david jolly has opened his seminole office to veterans. and they don't get we can prevent terrorism and protect the constitution congressman david jolly you are making too much sense. we've got unfinished business huck.
8:51 am
8:52 am
we want to catch you up to speed on roadways. still, thus going to be biggest concern at this hour, the incident we're seeing here on the skyway bridge. this is live look northbound direction where we're reduced to one lane and this is police activity is was we're going to call this this for now right lane taken up road ranger scene is clearing if you're heading maybe in this direction, and inn feather minutes. it might be clear we're going watch it for you bring you an update in couple minutes.
8:53 am
belcher. thank you very much, vanessa. i am in palm harbor this morning inisbrook resort and gulf course. and we are hanging out in restaurant which called the market salamander grill. open to the public. entertainment here every friday and saturday night. live music. gorgeous back deck and view of the golf course. and german chef you now octoberfest will be fun here at the market salamander thomas mckinney. i got to the do this, spit out your name properly. i octoberfest first of all, it is going on right now. i don't know why they call it september fests but that's another argument for another time. ends in october. in germany happening right now. what, that is like? one day i'll get over there and experience it. >> it phenomenal. you go to octoberfest. and you just lots of people. yeah.
8:54 am
you have awesome food ro t.i.a.s res. and i mean they do a whole cows on the spit, you know. it's phenomenal. ten, 20,,000 people in attendance. all people in there, they hold you pick up. exactly. all right. what are you adding to menu here to celebrate octoberfest, chef? we ha. bravarian spread. bravarian spread. it's cheese and butter and some herbs. and we i eat it the with pretzel, soft pretzels then i have, you know i just garnish it a little bit. we have that in our octoberfest also on stations where we have. we want to talk about that too. golf octoberfest. october 15th. it's actually part of proceeds are going to beat neuro blast to ma a great local fungs we
8:55 am
so different holds. you will different foods. different foods. that will be a that will be on the nice, then i have to, what that schnook noodle. kind of a dumpling. schnook noodle. yep. >> and, you know, we, it's almost like a gnocci. we blanch and sear it off and put it on a schnook noodle. schnook noodle. all right. and then, you soft pretzels. >> you making these from from scratch here? no. i have to. sorry. no problem. no problem. they still look good. and you got, some you can't have celebrate octoberfest without beer or two. these from local brewery you're working with. and that's brown. you know, and from palm harbor
8:56 am
rotating monthly local draft nm market salamander grill. it fits perfectly too what you have here. good i'm sure it does. so let's just remind people market salamander grill. open to the public. just come in to gate in inisbrook i want to the have a go to restaurant and the have good time. you're open when? every day. we open 6:30 in morning and then we close at >> breakfast, lunch, dinner. seven days a nice. >> yeah. in fact we're in a part of the area where we're keeping everybody away. breakfast is happening on other side. stick around everybody. chef is going to show us how he makes up that wonderful bravarian
8:57 am
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prieth future. this morning a tampa area is a remember jose fernandez. a tough fix, our consumer reporter explains why samsung solution is too tough for some stores to grasp. first developing news out houston. a shooting with an as many 7 people hurt and taken to hospital severity of their injuries is no the known it happened about 45 miles around shop floridaing houston police say they have area cta they have shot the gunman. we continue to follow this dpop develop story and updates at and on twitter. not good way to start our monday. hello everybody i'm russell rhodes. i'm laura moody. good morning just the same. we're going to send it outside to dave osterberg with quick check of the forecast. good morning. we're back in lower 80s already. and i know summer seems like it never going to end. however, i do have some drier air a few days away. not today.


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