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tv   FOX 13 1100 News  FOX  September 27, 2016 1:00am-1:30am EDT

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how come all scandinavians are so good looking? it must be a reason. >> i don't know. maybe the vikings. they did something. >> i said, well, what's the best swedish food? >> meatballs. harvey: i was afraid he say that. i find them disgusting. >> they're gross in sweden. they're not good. >> you like them? >> swedish meatballs are unbelievably good. >> too sweet. >> jason -- >> there's nothing i love more than a swedish meatball. >> jason lost his mind, dude! >> you take the bread and you fridge and the bread gets -- >> jason, what is going on with you? >> what makes the difference between a regular meatball and swedish meatball? >> the difference is jason climaxing. [laughter] >> cheers, buddy. [captioning made possible by warner bros. domestic television distribution] national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit]
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since that deadly axe dbt. >> you're watching fox 13 and the 11:00 p.m. news starts now. >> from tax returns to e-mails, nothing was off the table at tonight's first presidential debate. the candidates squaring off tonight on everything from the economy to gun control, and race relations. rsh fox 13's political editor craig patrick joining us now. >> the first 10 minutes then took off never really let up after that. i think it if you look at the key questions the moments may move undecided voters we're talking about maybe some 10% of voters out there still trying to figure out which candidate they prefer on points you score this for hillary clinton particularly when the birther issue came up and when questions about donald trump's tax returns came up. so while i say hillary clinton may have won this on points, it was not a knock out by any stretch.
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trump can come back with strong performances. there were moments when donald trump chimed in trying to defend himself that ultimately may have helped hillary clinton. one example of that may have been when hillary clinton was attacking him for profiting off the housing collapse. take a look. >> donald was one of the people who rooted for the housing crisis. he said back in 2006gee, i hope it does collapse so then i could go in and buy some and make some money. the way - - . >> that's called business, by the way. in effect affirming hillary clinton's attack when she says he may not be releasing his tack return because he doesn't want people tee see he paid no federal taxes. those are moments just two examples we're going to bring you others throughout the course of the night. and points where donald trump scored some point, too, to show you how we mapped this how and
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it comes to trade, that trump went after clint on nafta which i believe was back in the 90s now her husband was president but she was first lady at the time. >> she was. this is a point where donald trump did intact fact take some hard swings i think he scored some points as well. here is how he charged after hillary clinton. >> your husband signed nafta which was one the first things that ever happened. >> that's your that your opinion. >> you go to new england, go to ohio, pennsylvania, anywhere you want, secretary clinton, and you will devastation where manufacture is down 30, 40, sometimes 50%. nafta is the worst trade deal ever signed in this country. >> that was an important moment for donald trump, not ju because he's swinging, but because that is one of the points that helped launch and drive his campaign to the republican nomination and beyond. that's an argument that may help
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the manufacturing industry has been hit hard like ohio, and pennsylvania and polling is showing he has poll ad couple of points for hillary clinton in the state of pennsylvania. as he attacked hillary clinton and moved on, this is an area where the ap fact checkers called out hillary clinton for mischaracter riding her shifting position on matters of trade. >> okay, thank you so much craig. he'll be back in about 30 minutes and we break down the debate and what it means for the race for the white house. >> and we have an u update with this news out of hardy county. most of you have water again now, but you will need to boil it before you can drink it. city leaders say that crews were working earlier today to install some storm drains when they broke a water main. that's what lead to the outage and most of the town was without water for most of the day. you see that video there of the broken main.
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towers are filled back up again then everyone should have water. that boil water advisory will remain in effect until at least wednesday afternoon. developing right now, someone in clearwater stole hundreds of dollars worth of jewelry from a non-profit that helps less fortunate girls have special prom and homecoming memories. that charity is called bell of the ball. josh casio reports from their headquarters in clearwater. >> in high school, prom is a deal, it's almost a rite of passage. when some parents have to shell out hundreds of dollars it can be a burden. for some it's financially impossible. that's where the bell of the ball project comes in. >> no girl should be denied the opportunity to attend their high school dance because of financial difficulties. >> has provided more than 4,500 dresses, shoes and accessories to low income girl. >> it's our boutique.
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shopping experience. >> friday someone shattered that experience by breaking through the glass door and stealing nearly 500-dollars worth of jewelry. unlike some of the donated items, that jewelry is often purchased by the organization using a very limited budget. >> it's really hard on the girls, croi you know, because you can see the disappointment in their face. >> the next shopping day is a week from this saturday. bell of the ball is hoping to be able to purchase more accessories but they need the organization accepts donations through its website bell of the ball project dot com. >> it's such an experience that the girls get excited about. and the fact that some of it was taken from them it's terrible. >> and tonight clearwater police are investigating so if you know anything, give them a call right away. also, on our website, fox 13 news dot com we'll have more information about how you can help the bell of the ball
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>> coaching a youth football team to victory and then hours later he was dead. now police in hanes city have named the man who pulled the trigger and they say derek denard is the man who shot and killed jonathan jordan after an argument near cooke field where jordan had just coached his three year old son's team. the father of three was an aspiring rap artist who went by the name jay green. he would have been 32 today. his mother says it's going to take a long time to cope with the loss. >> we got one minute at a time i feel like i'm, i don't know, i'm here. but i'm not here. and it's going to take a long time, but the more i look and say the people heart that he touched and the way he was i can't do nothing but say lord, thank you. >> claiming it was self-defense, although police haven't
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his familied he does not have a comment. the state is changing the rules after that sink hole in polk county, the one that spilled hundreds of million of gallons into the ack wu fr. mosaic told the department of environmental protection, but not the neighbors who live near its fertilizer plant. mosaic said it was the pollution didn't leave the plant's property. must notifify neighbor any time there's a spill. he calls it common sense, the neighbors agree w. many of them are having their wells tested to make sure they're not contaminate. >> we might not see the effects first-hand because it is so slow-moving, but at the same time you don't want to dismiss it. definitely this is something that there needs to be on whatever accountability level for mosaic's part a required part of time that po swraiic has to keep testing the water. >> mosaic's been paying for those home owners to get their
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found to meet environmental standards. >> as the baseball world continues to mourn the loss of jose fernandez, his mar lns teammates honored him by wearing number 16 in the game against the mets tonight. the first game since fernandez's shocking death. the emotional evening started with a video tribute to the pitcher who was killed in that boating accident sunday morning the marlins are considering retiring fernandez's number. >> well, he was ago in the korean war, but for decades his family had no idea where his remains were located. army master sergeant charles jay brown junior was just 20 years old when he went missing back in 1950. many he served with ended up at pow camps. the military eventually listed him as deceased. his remains were recently identified after a dna test matched his sister.
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service at the sarasota national cemetery. >> it is a closure in their life where their loved one will be honorably buried here and honored for the rest of time. >> since 1990, north korea has been handing over the remains of about 600 u.s. service members and that's how they were finally able to i identify him. >> master sergeant brown and thanks to his family for his service. >> yup. coming up, moving isn't easy. moving here from alabama. >> that was until their new neighbor stepped in. >> we're just so blessed beyond belief. >> hoy those neighbors and this power of social media helps the family of six get into their new home. >> and a multimillion dollar track coming to the university. what it mean to the future of florida's highways. what does it mean to the future of our weather? >> rainy season going on with
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busy day today, busy day coming up on tuesday.
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>> well, the highway of tomorrow may start in polk county. the state department of transportation announcing plans today to build a 56 million-dollar test track. driverless cars and new toling technology will be put to the test there. looked like something straight
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construction on that track is set to start this spring. >> crystal clark took a closer look at the plan so why florida poly? >> cynthia and chris, according to the university plez president florida poli technic is complete dedicated to the stem program. science, technology, engineering, and math mathematics. it will better prepare the students who will one day take over the transportation work howard franklin bridge and i-4 will be put to the test on a real roadway before drivers pay up. >> we certainly intend this to be a world wide destination. and testing facility not only to keep florida at the edge of the tolling innovation, but also antonymous technology.
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university in lakeland. on it track there will be multiple lanes simulateinga toll road. it will give the dot a better idea of what technology is needed growing traffic congestion. >> you're going to hear a lot about what happens in this test track gets finished and w where driverless cars will be tested. at place than a tech-savvy university to put the future of florida's roadways to a test. >> we can see the dollars - - . >> the students of our state who will one day enter the transportation work force will get to learn first hand what it takes to keep florida moving forward. >> this test facility will provide a unique platform to better prepare our students. >> d torks is wasting no time revving up the project.
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start in the spring. >> we need the potential to change transportation. >> and transportation officials say toll roads are gaining popularity cross the state every year. more than five and a half million people in their cars and more than a billion toll transactions are paws esed across the state each year. the project is expected to be complete bide mid-2019. >> now your sky tower radar forecast with fox 13 chief meteorologist >> definitely a wild day today. check out the storms building over north tampa big ones in pinellas and the skies very chaotic. what an afternoon we had. i think we have another day tomorrow that will be a lot like today. i always say two days in a row they're never exactly the same and a great sunset late today and there's certainly a lot of instability in the a atmosphere. this cold air will have high
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tomorrow i will plan on showers and thunder showers in the coast earlier in the day they'll get big and drift inland by the afternoon. what's left now is rain out over the gulf. this will gradually die down. no rain really over land. a couple of storms down by port charlotte, but not big deal. rain inland is ended but it was an active day today. nearly everybody had some rain and some of the storms were severe s especially north western hillsboro and western pasco plant city too. right now temperatures not bad. holding in the 70s, lot of this is a product of the longer nights the earlier sunset, and the fact that we had rain earlier has dropped temperatures inland to near 70. haven't seen that in a long time. also, ex this will be on your news casts for about another week to 10 days at least. we have low pressure, it will be moving into the caribbean sea in a couple f of days. hurricane center has upped its
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that means we will have in all likelihood tropical storm matthew or maybe hurricane matthew in the caribbean sea. and then, you know, the forecasting issue is going to be kind of tough because, you know, the upper level pattern not clear-cut in a couple of days. i will say this that the gfs model has been insisting on a storm taking a big right-hand turn, being picked up by a trough, then accelerating east of the united states and florida. the hanginga storm in the caribbean sea for four to five days moving it over cuba and then back to the west. we'll have to see how this plays out. again, nothing in the short term. the 5-day out look is fine. this will be an issue middle of next week. got a ways to watch it. 77 now, the dew point is 70, and the south west wind at 7. showers and thunder showers ending now. you can kind of see the upper level lows spinning right here.
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means instability, and it mean as development factor tomorrow for storms. this cold front will approach us thursday into friday and the models are showing lower humidity for us with a shift in the wind. temperatures now, 57 in buffalo. 53 in flint. 59 in chicago. gi 58 minneapolis. 63 in nashville. 49 rapid city. this is the first real surge of cool air we've seen in many months. 58 minneapolis. dry air is behind the front. it will try to move our way, and should eventually move our way thursday into friday. as always when you have your first front heading your way in september and october it's always the question mark is how far south will the dry air get? i think it will be awfully close. note thous difference friday into the weekend even though temperatures will stay in the 80s. temperature trend said at night
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mid-70s maybe some 60s across our northern counties by saturday morning. tonight the rain is done, partly cloudy and 76, storms build and they drift inland. watch out for heavy rain, frequent lightning and small hail. back in the upper 80s foo near 90. additional storms on wednesday afternoon. then on the 7-day forecast we're going to go with at least slightly lower humidity, especially tampa bay north as temperatures drop at night. and mid f 80s. let's hope it happens. >> lower humidity always welcomed. thanks, paul. coming up a disabled veteran and hi family found a new start in florida. >> making the move wasn't easy. how social media and some neighbors helped reunite the entire family. we've got a really heartwarming story coming up right after the break. >> and we have our continuing coverage of tonight's first presidential debate, breaking down the hits and the misses
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when a riverview family -- new to the area -- >> when a river view family new to the area fell on some hard times, well, their struggle didn't go unnote oised. they had a home but not much inside. word got around and the community rallied around them. hailey heinz a little bit of love from a lot of people st s what turned their luck around. >> it all started with a facebook post. the family needed help mowing their lawn, but they didn't have a mower. when a stranger offered to help, she found out ad lot more than a mower. they needed beds, couches, and clothing, thanks to the pow or of social media you could probably guess what happened next. >> for months this family didn't have much to smile about. >> hey. >> thanks to the kindness of strangers they are whole again. >> we are just so blessed beyond belief. >> in may, this disabled vet moved his wife, four kids and two dogs to river view from
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this was a fresh start with a new job or so we hoped. housing plans fell through, they spent months living out of hotels with money running out. the we care for paws foundation offered to take their dogs until they had a home. >> they're military, part of our extended family. >> they had a house but not much >> we were sleeping on the floor and we had one air mattress. >> jeany posted on the facebook group to borrow a lawn mower and nothing more to keep the hoa app happy. >> all of off our stuff is in storage, thank you soy much, i appreciate it. i was like what do you need she's like anything. >> a few calls and a facebook post later. >> the community from as far south as my mama and as far north as valrico had beds,
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>> in 24 hours what was once just a house was now a home. >> the kids they even said mama we can see our blessings. >> but there was one thing missing or should i say two. >> monday, cash and diamond came home for good. >> we just kept feeling a piece here and i finally have peace to be able to call somewhere home. words can't even explain everything that these people have done for us and how grateful we >> this isn't the end of the giving. river view our town incorporated a non-profit that gathered donations for them is looking for other local families that can use some extra community support. this family is also committed to paying it forward as soon as they can get back to alabama and collect their belongings and will be donating them. >> good stuff. tonight we're getting our first look at a new memorial dedicated to the victims of the pulse night club shooting.
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regional medical where many of those victim were treated. there you can see 49 for each of the victims killed. it hospital hope the garden will serve as a place of healing for the community. scott, what difference a couple o weeks makes for bucks fans. >> plenty of disappointment following the bucks' second consecutive loss. more importantly, did these fans end up finding any - - how i ended up among pokemon go players during can a toothpaste do everything well? this clean was like - pow. it felt like i had just gone to the dentist. it just kind of like, wiped everything clean. my teeth are glowing. they look great. they are so white. crest hd 6x cleaning. 6x whitening. and at two weeks, superior sensitivity relief to the leading sensitivity toothpaste. i actually really like the two steps! crest hd step 1 cleans, step 2 whitens. it's the whole package. no one's done this.
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>> well, the bucks are in a place they didn't want to be, 1 and 2 through 3 games a as the defending super bowl champions get to pay a visit. not too late for the bucks to turn thing around, but do they want it bad enough? do they want it as bad as dozens of pokemon go players today? wanted to hunt down those darn pikachu. time now for upon further review. >> does it feel better on a monday after a tough loss to go nt to make believe world of pokemon? >> absolute. >> is there any correlation between football or the box and pokemon? what did you thunk of that game yesterday ?un sh gotta catch them all. >> gotta catch them all. >> not paying attention as the ball is passed them. it's like something is wrong with the hands. >> do you mind if i sit in between you?
1:28 am
>> crabs. >> do you think crab could be good football players? >> better than the bucks. >> any of you guys watch the bucks football game? >> yeah. >> are you happy about it? ?un no comment. >> gosh, man, i don't understand how these guys can keep losing. i don't understand that. >> are you guys playing pokemon go? >> i'm kind of playing moak amawn go except i'm looking for players while you're looking for a snake - - it's kind of a dragony-looking snake. do s schedule to watch a buccaneers game? >> i'm a teacher. >> so you would rather play pokemon go? >> yes. >> what else are we hunting today? >> um, dratinis. >> have you found the dragonair? >> yeah. >> how about the geraldini.
1:29 am
>> absolute. >> can we walk with you while you're finding critters? >> i'm a dolphins fan and we got a win. i did watch the bucks game. >> what'd you think about that? >> i don't know, man. i think derek gotta get these boys together. >> dirk? >> yeah. >> what's a better use of time, watching the box or pokemoning? i would say a little bit of both. >> you could do both. >> of course. >> it's 2016. >> you already know. >> what i've learned today is whether things are real i think the same can be said for that loss last night. was it a loss? really? they weren't imagining that loss and here here's the reality of the situation, the next two games going to be tough. got the broncos at home and the panthers the on road before the bye week. >> yeah, well, what can i say? >> the important question, scott is what did you find at that poke astop? >> hey, don't go away because we're not done yet.
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craig patrick will join us as we craig patrick will join us as we break down the debate. >> announcer: the following is a paid advertisement for tai cheng, brought to you by beachbody. >> wow, joy, look at these people! they love you! [ cheers and applause ] thank you! it's regis, joy, and i've got big news for you. if aches, pains, and poor balance are slowing you down, keep watching this show because we're gonna tell you about an incredible new program that's gonna fix everything. yeah! >> announcer: the facts are frightening. 1 out of 3 people over 65 fall each year, resulting in expensive hospital stays, loss of independence, or worse. >> i broke my hip. "oh, my god. what in the world am i going to do now?" >> announcer: the major cause -- aches and pains, which lead to immobility and poor balance. >> i am really afraid of falling again. >> announcer: but falling and losing your independence doesn't have to be a fact of life.


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