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tv   FOX 13 1000 News  FOX  September 27, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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news alert next at ten. an we've got a fox news alert next at ten. an officer-involved shooting. this time california and it's
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everything went through my head. i just lost a son seven months ago. i was, like, wow i guess i'm going to join my son. >> anchor: he says his life flashed before his eyes. how a man's bike ride to work took a dramatic turn and who he is crediting for saving h life. everybody describes it as a rotten egg smell. . >> anchor: pretty stink combri situation for a family living near a waste facility. why they say it's excessive and what's being done to come up a fix. everybody asked why do you do this? obviously, the answer first and foremost is it's fun. >> anchor: ate also targets the invasive lion fish.
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is causing concern among wildlife officials >> announcer: you're watching fox 13 and the 10:00 news starts now. >> anchor: good evening and welcome i'm kelly ring. >> i'm mark wilson. he says he is a victim of road rage and that a deputy saved his life. several deputies ran to his aid after an angry driver pulled a gun. let's go toean axle bank. i guess the interesting part about this is where it happened that made such a difference right. >> reporter: well it is. and deputies say that a a stop sign and almost t-boned a bicycle that was going through an intersection that was right outside one of the hcso's district offices. that's when words were exchanged and someone took out a gun. daniel and co-worker freddie sanchez on their way to work. santiago says the driver later identified as brian copeland of tampa missed him by a few feet
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you doing. i'm not going to lie. >> reporter: he says copeland backed down 142nd and toward the intersection of 20th street which happens to be where a sheriff sub-station is. >> i knew there was going to be an issue. >> reporter: deputy montano says santiago started screaming. copeland he says pointed a gun at him. >> everything went through my head. i just lost a son seven months ago. not to gun violence or anything like that. but to m i'm going to join my son. >> reporter: then he says he stashed knit the glove box >> i tell him you have a gun. there's a cop. he laughs at me. >> reporter: the deputy called for back-up. >> this whole station emptied out. >> reporter: deputies made the arrest and found the gun. >> we can't say that all criminals are smart when they carry out their crimes but this definitely was an unfortunate location for the suspect today. >> reporter: santiago a maintenance worker at an
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fortunate that the deputy happen to be watching as his own life flashed before his eyes. >> fit wasn't for these guys, i wouldn't be here today. honestly speaking i would not be here to speak and have this interview with you. i honestly believe that deep in my heart. >> reporter: deputies have charged copeland with two counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. he is now in jail, mark, on a $4,000 bond. >> anchor: evan axelbank, thanks. we've got a news alert out of police officers in el cajon have shot a man. and tensions are rising. here's what we know. this is not far from san diego. reports say the victim is an african-american man in critical condition. investigators say the man was acting erratically causing the officer to shoot. and the initial calls came in as an uncooperative man walking in traffic. a witness says the man is 30 years old and struggles with mental issues. back here to the east coast. after more than a week of unrest in charlotte the police
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suspicious package was fwoind an employee. police say a k-9 picked up on what could be bomb make materials. nearly four hours after the evacuation the panel was removed, taken to a secure location to be tested. police have not released any other information about what may have been inside. >> reporter: a manatee county family has been dealing with a smell ji problem for years. a rotten odor coming from a recycling facility next door has at times woken them up in the middle of the night and forced them to leave and they're tired of it. fox 13's haley hinds is live to tell us more about what's being done tonight. >> reporter: the smell can best be described as rotten eggs. you may catch a whiff as ur driving town county road 39. on a bad day when the wind is blowing from the north the people who live adjacent to this property say it can knock them off their feet. in chris stan lynn's eyes this ground is sacred.
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great grandmother. that makes my grand kids the sixes generation on this property. >> reporter: the clear country air that once breathes through their ranch take theirs breath away. p>> it is a lot worse than rottn egg. it is extreme high sulfur smell. >> a really bad almost like sewage smell. >> my son has woke up complaining of headaches. they don't sleep well at night. >> reporter: it's coming from their neighbor, waste management's north manatee recycling andis >> those trees are the borderline. >> reporter: according to the florida dep it is natural due to degradation of waste. beyond that the state department of health warns of health affects leaving the family to keep detectors on hand. >> i have constant headaches now. >> when it makes you up in the middle of the night your eyes are burning. our eyes have swollen.
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they've installed a player to manage gas -- flare to manage gas. the company promises to clear the air once and for all. monday it's entire team of landfill managers, environmental specialists an technicians went to the site to help install permanent tanks and equipment which should stop the smell. >> this mice livelihood. this is where my home is. this is where i feed my family. and this is all i have. >> reporter: until that happens, the family i their breath. >> adhere to the law. that's all i want. i don't want them shut down. they have a right to do their business the same way we have the right to do ours. >> reporter: the state d. e. p. says the permanent filter system should begin operating tomorrow cutting down on the gas leaving the landfill as well as the odor. waste management says they are committed to being a good neighbor. kelly. >> anchor: haley hinds reports. thank you. folks who live around mosaic
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their water is radioactive. the company expects test results to come back tomorrow. today governor rick scott got a bird's eye view of the sinkhole and talked with officials how tey plan to fix this. the governor issued an emergency order requiring public notification of police events within 24 hours. the community didn't actually find out about the sinkhole for two weeks after hundreds of millions of gallons of contaminated water had already flowed into the mandatory if there was a health risk. according to mosaic, the contamination didn't affect the drinking water but the governor says the regulations still need a change. >> the bottom line is they should, you know, we're going to have notification and do it within 24 hours. companies, cities, counties are all going to do it. >> anchor: mosaic officials say the sinkhole at 700 feet deep. while it's not growing water
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it's unclear how long that is going to take. haines city police asking for your help finding two robbers. you can see them here wearing black and white hoodies. police say they robbed a zakby's on friday. deputies are not sure how much money they may have gotten away with. if you know anything about the crime call haines city p. d. so this, it's not your typical >> a man in bradenton designed it to combine two of his favorite hobbys. >> i am an avid fisherman, outdoors man, hunter. >> anchor: up next how the underwater gun works to target an invasive species and the plans the designer has to add even more firepower. we'll tell you all about it. paul, what's going on. >> pretty quiet day near the coast. inland a whole different scene. take a look. clouds building in the
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county, hardy and desoto. eventually pretty good sunset as you look the other way. looking off to the east. the skies kind of light up. forecast coming up in a few minutes including a look at the trop ikdzics. we'll see you then. ?? halloween excitement is back at dunkin' with 2 dozen donuts for $12.99. drizzled, decorated, and all dressed up for the season, share the fun with 2 dozen donuts for $12.99.
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a spending showdown is america runs on dunkin'. bre a spending showdown is brewing on capitol hill. tonight it's threatening a government shutdown. senate democrats blocked a bill to keep the government open beyond friday's midnight deadline. at issue is the spending package that did not include money for flint, michigan. that would have been to try to address the city's water crisis there. republican leaders are promising mone but so far the democrats are not giving in. the government funding bill continues critical money to fight zika. that would be especially vulnerable to the state of florida. there have been more than 900 cases with the virus in florida since the outbreak earlier this year. and nearly 700 of those cases were contracted overseas. but keep in mind more than 100 patients got the virus in the state of florida. south florida continues to be a hotbed for the virus with new
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a bradenton man is taking the hunt for the invasive lion fish to the extreme. he's using a handgun to shoot the fish underwater. his video is getting a lot of attention tonight. some of it actually from law enforcement. fox 13's josh cascio spoke to him tonight and joins us live. something we haven't seen before. tell us more. >> reporter: yeah it's definitely a dangerous hobby. but oneha planning. that video has gone viral. when you watch it, it's easy to see why. the lion fish never had a chance. bradenton's portland hunt combining two passions -- guns and spear fishing to create an epic viral video >> i am an avid fisherman, outdoorsman, hunter. it just seemed like the thing to do. take a gun underwater. >> reporter: he is 30 miles off
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using non-toxic rounds. once thought to be impossible he and his buddies spent six months perfecting their deep water weapon. >> we needed to put a suppressor on it. who wouldn't want to shoot at fish underwater? especially in a species that's detrimental to the environment. >> reporter: lion fish are considered an invasive species and there are few restrictions against taking them out. but is shooting them legal? fwc says it is investigating and handguns are not an allowable gear in state or federal waters for taking fish, even invasive species. >> it's definitely illegal inside florida waters. we weren't within. so they deferred it to the federal government and the feds reviewed it and came back and said we are in fact not breaking any laws. >> reporter: so he says he's going to take on a new challenge
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and they said shooting fish in a barrel is easy. >> if that barrel is 120 feet underwater and you are breathing through scuba equipment and firing a gun three feet from your head with a suppressor and underwater ammunition then i guess it's shooting fish in a barrel. >> reporter: you know by more firepower he is actually talking about an underwater fully automatic rifle. and he's also working on bullets that will travel much farther underwater than the six traveled. bottom line, if you are a lion fish it's time to go. get out of here. [ laughter ] swim away as fast as you can. . >> anchor: if it keeps them offshore great. >> a lot of fishermen would say yes please. thank you so much, josh. >> it is the wild, wild west out there in the gulf sometimes. >> they're watching that. paul, what's going on? i know you are watching the tropics. >> we are. just taking a little deep breath
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caribbean sea. so it certainly bears watching. we'll talk more about it in a secretary. you remember what happened on sunday. i am going to go back a second. the photos coming in from raymond james stadium. this is this thunderstorm that developed east of the stadium. i got to show you this. by the way, nice draw by the folks at the tampa sports authority getting people out of the stands. that's a dangerous situation. lightning around the stadium. it takes time to underwater. nice job by the folks at tampa sports authority. that's a great shot from ryan clapper which the game ended on a better note. popcorn clouds popping up today in frost proof. from neil byrd. nice sunset tonight. rob craig at crystal beach. an elegant sunset on the egan causeway. janet ward. nicely done. a lot of talk about it. first things first. west wind in play today. strong enough to push any
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pretty busy today in highlands county. the west wind continues and there's energy in the gulf. you can see way over here some showers could bump on shore later tonight especially north of tampa bay. then they jump to the east coast by tomorrow afternoon. another day back up near 90. we hit 90. 90 for the high. story degrees the morning low. there's still the tropical wave which is approaching the lesser antilles. once it goes west, it's in caribbean sea. hurricane hunter plane that has zig sdagd over the system today did not find a closed circulation. however by this time tomorrow, we're probably looking at td number 14. that eventually tropical storm matthew. 90 percent chance of developing between now and thursday. the problem is once this thing gets going, the long-range forecast is iffy at best and mainly because of a big trough
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of swing by and then maybe another one coming from the west. all that will eventually steer the storm probably to the north. you can see the computer models take a big right-hand turn. the problem is trying to figure out when that right-hand turn would occur and some models including the european model show it bending back to the west. this is in the like eight to 12 day period from now. so got a ways to go things do change as you get closer to the event. the gfs model has a developing hurricane in the caribbean sea. almost down by venezuela. then taking a turn perhaps impacting haiti. then moving up the east coast and could impact new england. kind of looks like a sandy type of track. that's that. then the european model has a storm in the caribbean sea that heads up towards jamaica. slows down over cuba.
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then turns to the west over miami. again, that's thursday. not two days from now, nine days from now. the bottom line is, you can't buy into this when it's this far out. so no reason to over hype this. but it's got to be something you have to watch. talking about a tropical system that can go anywhere from new england to technically louisiana. so be talking about that a lot in the next five to ten to 15 days near the coast late. and 78. west wind tomorrow. thunderstorms head inland and 88. then on thursday, yeah, more thunderstorms moving from west to east. we're back up to 87. last night the models very aggressive on dry air. thursday and friday. tonight not so much. so we stay in the mid-70s. a little bit less humid north of tampa bay and rain chances every day going back up by next week. back to you. thank you, paul.
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>> how about this. one space visionary wants to colonize the red planet. coming up next the elaborate plan to get a million people on mars and just how much a one-way ticket might cost you. vo: we asked women in pinellas county to describe congressman david jolly in one word: woman 1: dangerous. woman 2: backwards. woman 3: out-of-touch... woman 4: that's 3 words. vo: david jolly shares donald trump's backwards agenda for women. jolly opposes a woman's right to choose
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s and cancer screenings. woman 5: i have 3 words for david jolly... not for women. vo: house majority pac is responsible for the content of this advertising. we are one nation under god. that black and white, we are one nation indivisible. that republican and democrat, we are all americans. i'd like to punch him in the face.
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er, folks. i could stand in the middle of 5th avenue and shoot somebody and i wouldn't lose any voters. priorities usa action is responsible
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(kelly/ okay, mars, mars consider yourself warned. we're coming to colonize you. did you know that? at least that's the vision of billionaire tech genius elon musk who is already working on a ship to get us there. the ceo of space x and tesla has a history of accomplishing his goals. >> anchor: impressive is an understatement for him. this is his most planets would give human kooipd it's greatest odds of survival. chris, i know elon musk talks about this like it is a foregone conclusion. >> he does. because his space x team comprised some of the most talented engineers and phy physicists in the world have done the computations and they say there's no reason this can't happen. they believe the first ship could take off in about ten
10:25 pm
system. a super sized rocket ship powered by 42 raptor engines that burn methane for fuel. each would carry 100 people and tons of cargo. the ships wouldn't be fully topped off with fuel until in orbit then blast off at 62,000 miles an hour. the journey would take 80 days. hope you like the people you are on board with. who is going? musk says before you take out that second mortgage on your home, consider this. >> i think the risk is really dangerous. the risk of fatality will be high. there's no way around it. so i would not suggest sending children. it would be basically are you prepared to die? then that's okay. then, you know, you are a
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>> reporter: and here's his timeline. he is hoping to start testing a mars rocket in four years. his team has already built a prototype of its fuel tank. check out how big this thing is in that photo there. he believes the first flight could happen in ten years. he estimates that we'd need a million people to properly colonize mars which would require 10,000 flights and could take up to a century to build a self-sustaining civilization. hopefully we'd have more to eat than potatoes unlike matt damon in critics are wondering if musk's mars dreams are distracting the company from it's primary business of getting supplies to the international space station and putting satellites into orbit. space x is still trying to figure out why their falcon nine rocket exploded a couple weeks ago during a test on the launch pad. >> anchor: and that's -- what an unusual pitch. are you ready to die? >> really. >> a lot to think about. i mean, all those, you know-- >> it's exciting. and people will line up to go.
10:27 pm
threat looming as millions of americans are heading to the polls this november. >> after the break, the possible hack being investigated by the fbi tonight and the new request for protection on election day. vo: we asked women in pinellas county to describe congressman david jolly in one word: woman 1: dangerous. woman 2: backwards. woman 3: out-of-touch... woman 4: that's 3 words. vo: david jolly shares donald trump's backwards agenda for women. jolly opposes a woman's right to choose and voted to defund planned parenthood and deny women access to basic health care like mammograms and cancer screenings. woman 5: i have 3 words for david jolly...
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we have breaking news . >> anchor: breaking news from overseas. former israeli prime minister and shimon perez has died. the 93-year-old was hospitalized after having a stroke. according to the israel news agency perez had been on a respirator and his condition deteriorated for the last two weeks. breaking news just coming in. if you missed it at the top of the break here. shimon perez dead at the age of 93. new at ten tonight, the fbi's investigating a possible hack of cell phones belonging to
10:31 pm
politics have become a target for cyber attackers. as fox's rich reports for us, many states are expressing their concerns about the election. >> reporter: 18 states have requested the department of homeland security help protect their computer voting systems ahead of election day. >> we have increasing level of sophistication. what we are seeing are efforts to get into voter registration rolls. >> cyber theft has affected the 2016 election. hackers stole emails from political operatives in the democratic national committee. the emails show bias towards hillary clinton over bernie sanders. senior officials including debbie wasserman schultz lost their jobs. homeland security secretary jeh johnson stresses he has seen no attempts to hack voting machines to alter choices. the white house claims it is confident in voting system security.
10:32 pm
local level and administered by state and local officials, there's not one central repository that lends itself to easily corrupting or influencing a national election. >> reporter: hackers continue exposing cyber vulnerabilitys with alarming success. stealing inable personal information of american government employees, taxpayers and consumers. last week yahoo announced foreign government data from a half billion customers giving criminals information to target yahoo account holders with subsequent tailored cyber attacks. the federal government continues debating cyber security. how best to protect government networks, how to respond to other governments that hack u.s. systems. and what responsibilities private companies like yahoo have to protect their customer's able information. less than 24 hours after the
10:33 pm
the campaign trail. he spoke to a crowd of thousands in melbourne florida tonight. trump had plenty of takes aways from the debate saying that most polls declared him the winner and denouncing the positions clinton took on several issues. >> for 90 minutes on issue after issue, hillary clinton defended the terrible status quo while i laid out our plan, all of us security, and prosperity back to the american people. >> anchor: earlier today trump made a stop in miami speaking to conservative latinos in the little havana neighborhood. from one swing state to another, hillary clinton hit the campaign trail holding a rally today in raleigh north carolina. clinton says her opponent has made a fortune from exploiting blue collar workers and accused of donald trump of not paying
10:34 pm
clinton campaign says it's still not sure whether trump will show up for the next few debates even though he says he will. controversy in s st. petersburg over where one community is going to be able to vote early this year. the mayor and african-american liedes want to bring an early voting site to increase convenience. it is a minority community and democratic. debra clark is a republican and refuses saying that there's already five early voting 41 percent of registered voters are using the mail in ballot option. >> i think the plan that we have for this election does provide easy access for all of the voters in pinellas county. >> i'm not sure what, you know, why she is digging her heels in as hard as she is. >> anchor: in addition to the mayor the other community leaders pushing for the station are democrats and minority voter turnout could be a deciding factor in the presidential
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foods? they started in tampa with one location. and now they're also in orlando and south florida. they have a wide variety of healthy meals that you can take home, pop into the microwave. >> great for being on the go. it saves a lot of time. as fox 13's lloyd sawyers discovers their recipe for success comes down to flavor. >> reporter: it's lunchtime at fit life food. stocked with a selection of healthy entrees to go for busy people. >> good for and i've lost calm pounds. >> reporter: fit life started in tampa little over five years ago and now they've expanded to orlando and south florida. >> best thing that we look for -- >> reporter: david is founder and ceo. >> i always say our goal is to get people addicted to the way they feel. and, you know, if you can give everybody a little bit more energy this their day a little bit more time in their day. >> reporter: and customized service based on your health and lifestyle. >> we say if you are solving for
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customers then the rest kind of takes care of itself. >> reporter: and it has so far am they're up to 13 locations. fit life moved into a huge food preparation facility. and hired more than 80 people to keep this kitchen cranking. what's a day's work here? >> seven to 12,000 meals. couple of tons of food actually get cooked here. and the chef says the recipes are always tasty and healthy. like their gluten free corn tortillas. antibiotic free chicken. they don't dip the tortilla chips in oil. >> that's a great comfort dish that didn't have all that added fat to it. >> reporter: the cooking is high pro 15. you can do -- protein. you can do gluten free, low salt, and they add spices. the flavor has to be right. >> help people save time and gain energy. that's what we're all about. >> reporter: from a small start of one store, fit life has found a recipe for success connecting
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busy and still eat healthy. lloyd sowers, fox 13 news. >> their entrays cost between 6-$12 plus there is a recycling program. when you bring 20 containers back you get a $10 reward. a pretty good deal. and they are tasty. still ahead, a major food recall we need to tell you about. >> this involving a popular brand of chicken nuggets. the accidental item season may be in jeopardy after more than 35-thousand dollars in fees ?vanished.... hear what happened to the ?? halloween excitement is back at dunkin' with 2 dozen donuts for $12.99. drizzled, decorated, and all dressed up for the season, share the fun with 2 dozen donuts for $12.99.
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i wore a badge for 38 years knowing how much you trusted us ida was not doing enough to give their families the help they desperately needed. dana young understood. that was wrong, so we changed that law. to ensure these families get the benefits they are entitled to and the honor they deserve. dana young has our back and she has yours. dana young for the florida senate.
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coming up tonight at o flavors. sip salty and sweet with our new salted caramel macchiato or drink in the season with the classic taste of pumpkin. america runs on dunkin'. 11... has a decision to coming up at 11:00, did a decision to separate church and state cross the line? the cambridge christian school says so. why they filed pre-game prayer. it's back to school for jeb bush. we're going tell you about the new teaching position he just accepted. all tonight on the fox 1311 news. we'll see you then. you may want to check the chicken fugets in your i -- nuggets in your freezer. tyson foods recalling some because of plastic inside the nuggets. the company says they've
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people. the establishment number is 13556. i know that's a lot so we'll make sure it's on the web. we've got more information on our website. just go to for all that. seaworld is preparing to wow guests and some new experiences they're bringing out. the theme park made the announcements today. some of the changes include making the dolphin nursery more interactive. they will add a new bar and weekends of food and music called the seven seas festival. the biggest announcement is the virtual reality option for their cracken roller-coaster. sounds like a lot of fun. head over there, scott. >> i will do that. looks like a lot of fun. the bucs, they are reeling right now. only team in the nfl to have allowed over 100 points in the first three games. why the head coach thinks those brighter days are coming.
10:42 pm
is that a snow covered football field? no. of course it's not. it's hockey. and the nhl pre-season starts tonight. highlights of game one straight
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vo: we asked women in pinellas county to describe congressman david jolly in one word: woman 1: dangerous. woman 2: backwards. woman 3: out-of-touch... woman 4: that's 3 words. vo: david jolly shares donald trump's backwards agenda for women. d to defund planned parenthood and deny women access to basic health care like mammograms and cancer screenings. woman 5: i have 3 words for david jolly... not for women. vo: house majority pac is responsible
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(mark/ now it's time a little bad news we need good stuff. here are the apy err stories of the day. >> ap army specialist returns from overseas. and he is reunited with his beloved dog. this is always fun to see. he has some generous volunteers to thank for keeping his dog zeus very happy and healthy while he was gone. army specialist perry wang was deployed to iraq and kuwait for 15 best friend so he found an organization that fosters dogs while their owners are serving overseas. that's a fabulous idea. the arizona humane society has a program called project active duty. and volunteers took very good care of zeus >> i am a veteran too though. i was in the airforce.
10:46 pm
>> perry did his service for the country and we're sea do -- doing our service for him. >> the foster parents say it is hard to give the dogs back but seeing them reunited with her owner, that makes it all worth it. >> it is a great idea. who an interesting idea just because so many people have to make, you know, a life changing decision with their pets if they don't have somebody to stay behind. >> and they don't want to give them up. >> love the foster idea. you love to see happy dogs matthew cooper reached out to thank some very nice manatee deputies. neighborhood kids set up a lemonade stand on saturday when the deputies rolled up. for a minute they thought they were in trouble. but they bought lemonade for themselves. they deputized the kids then hung out. matthew says the kids have a wonderful memory of course and he is proud of the manatee deputies for their true service. >> they took time, patience.
10:47 pm
good for them. i love that. we want you to share your good stuff with us. we need to hear from you. all you have to do is send us a message. pictures, video, just like we just saw on one of our facebook pages. and we may use it on the air. we probably will. so let us know the good stuff going on in your lives. people that you know. anything. whatever. >> now is your chance. people always say there's too much bad news. here is your chance. scott you got any good news for the lightning. >> reporter: the full compliment of lightning not active for tonight's pre-season opener. but some of the returning guys just not back from international play of the world cup of hockey. today a good chance to see some of the younger players get extended ice time against carolina. let's take to you the highlights. there's cooper behind the bench. lightnings luke and j. t. mixing it up with carolina's trevor in the first period. got some sloppy defense later on
10:48 pm
chris who started at goal for the bolts. bishop did not get the start. not even active. then jeff skinner puts the canes up for good in the second. lightning fall in the pre-season opener 3-two the final. pre-season continues with florida here on thursday night. the world cup of hockey still wrapping up. canada and europe in the final. last week schuster playing for the czech behind his lightning teammate. though he did not play tonight that shoouse goal was one -- schuster goal was one he says he can laugh about. >> i was just trying to help him get his confidence up. i don't know how it went in. not one you like to give up but really wouldn't do anything different. i don't know what hole he found but he was able to squeak it in
10:49 pm
him. [ laughter ] >> the bucs will face one of the best teams in football sunday. the unbeaten denver broncos with their championship defense and young quarterback playing surprisingly well in trevor sim on-coming off maybe his best game yet. bucs defense will have to create turnovers like they were able to do sunday against the rams. for the very first time. alexander pick six there. for all the great defensive plays they made on sunday and they made quite a few they surrendered some big plays as that's now 18 losses in the last 24 home games which is unacceptable to their cut. >> we know what we got to do better. and you ask me do i think the defense will come around? absolutely i think the defense will come around. and, you know, i believe in these players and i believe in these coaches. and, you know, we're not where we want to be right now. of course everyone wants us to be 3-0. no one wants that more than i do. and we're not. we're sitting at 1-two.
10:50 pm
hw to get better. rays in game two against the white sox tonight. alex cobb's last start of the year. first three batters he faced. double, single then this home run by milky cabrera. sox hitting pretty well tonight. ahead to the third here. and garcia with two aboard. cobb surrenders his second home run. allows eight hits and eight flunz three innings of work. this is underway. it's lead in the late innings. this is a huge error made in the yankees game tonight. hard to see it but wait on the jumbotron. see a guy pro posing to his girlfriend. as soon as he opens the box the ring flies out. so now the couple along with the fans are trying to find this diamond ring. where could it go? fouring a ahighs ining minutes later that ring suddenly appears! [ laughter ] and the crowd cheers.
10:51 pm
of course he asks her to marry him and she says no. no, she said yes. [ laughter ] reminds me of my story with my wife. i buried the ring in the bottom of a nacho cheese tray. so when she finally scooped it up and bit into it she cracked a crown. no that didn't happen. [ laughter ] >> i am married so no that didn't happen. [ laughter ] >> you are so funny. still to come, the presidential debates cou santa about what's under your christmas tree. we'll tell you why next. christmas tree. we'll tell you why next. fox business report.
10:54 pm
forget santa the presidential candidates could have more to say about what's under your tree this christmas. one in five shoppers say they'll spend less this year depending on who wins this november. with worries fairly evenly split between donald trump and hillary clinton. when people do go shopping a lot of them apparently go to amazon. a separate report showing more than half of americans turn to the popular online retailer
10:55 pm
it is a big reason why amazon's stock hit another all-time high on tuesday. it's up nearly 21 percent so far this year. and it might be time for some house cleaning on your office computer. that's because nearly three in four employees admit to having digital files that could be harmful to them or their employers. workers hoarding everything from embarrassing emails to company secrets, even their own job applications to other companies. whoops. that's business." now your sky tower radar forecast with fox 13 chief meteorologist paul dellegatto. >> going over the big pond for this one. eiffel tower sunset from jeanette who is over visiting from tampa bay taking in the eiffel tower. beautiful sunset in the background. nicely done, jeanette. hope you had a good trip. fox 13 umbrella goes out to you. we're talking tropics tonight
10:56 pm
hurricane center a few minutes ago. no sign of a new 11:00 advisory. so probably either late tonight or tomorrow. this will become td 14. shortly thereafter it should become tropical storm matthew in the crib can sea and moving west. this is something we have to watch. not only us but anywhere from new england back to texas has to pay attention. our forecast goes like this. we're in the low 80s in the morning. er storms. but the basic trend tomorrow is a west wind. so the best chance of rain will be east of i 75.
10:57 pm
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we are one nation under god. that black and white, we are one nation indivisible. that republican and democrat, we are all americans. i'd like to punch him in the face. you know what they used to do to guys like that?
10:59 pm
somebody and i wouldn't lose any voters. priorities usa action is responsible tampa's lowry park zoo is for the content of this advertising. celebrating a new arrival... sdwlierjts. high-fives all around the >> it is a malayan tiger cub. the birth is special because these tigers are critically endangered. there are only about 250 left this the wild. the zoo says the cub was born on september 11th but you won't be able to see the new addition for about three months. then you will. it will be like the thing to go and take a picture of. then we'll get to name it. >> i was going to say hopefully the name competition comes.
11:00 pm
>> cynthia and chris. >> at 11, parents, kids, coaches, they're all worried about the future their little league season. >> after tens of thousands of dollars seem to disappear. >> stealing from kids? i don't think it's very cool. >> no it's not. why the team hasn't seen a penny of the thousands parents paid in registration fees. i tell him so you have a gun. there's a cop right there. he laughs. >> reporter: a potentially dangerous road rage incident that where it happened. a sense of trust betrayed. what police say this psychotherapist is accused of doing with some of its patients. . it is much bigger than stealing bases. a local little league's future is uncertain because it is missing $40,000 in registration fees. parents say a company is with holding that money from the


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