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tv   FOX 13 1100 News  FOX  September 27, 2016 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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>> cynthia and chris. >> at 11, parents, kids, coaches, they're all worried about the future their little league season. >> after tens of thousands of dollars seem to disappear. >> stealing from kids? i don't think it's very cool. >> no it's not. why the team hasn't seen a penny of the thousands parents paid in registration fees. i tell him so you have a gun. there's a cop right there. he laughs. >> reporter: a potentially dangerous road rage incident that where it happened. a sense of trust betrayed. what police say this psychotherapist is accused of doing with some of its patients. . it is much bigger than stealing bases. a local little league's future is uncertain because it is missing $40,000 in registration fees. parents say a company is with holding that money from the
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pete. fox 13's crystal clark here with more. >> reporter: teams are in place, uniforms have been handed out, and at this point little league officials say they cannot and will not turn back and cancel the season despite being unable to pay their bills. young players proudly sported their new uniforms at tuesday night's game. but hopefully they kept the tags on. >> we have local people who have printed our >> thousands of dollars in debt is how president david vann says the northeast little league is starting their season. with barely enough money to keep the lights on and the gates unlocked at their field on 45th avenue north. parents were told to pay their registration fees through an online service called jevon. each time a parent pays the company is supposed to transfer the money into the league
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funds from all the parents that have paid. >> reporter: officials say many customers were getting charged twice on their websites which alerted their banks. that trigger add fraud investigation through merchants bank which handles their money. they claim until the investigation ends they can't turn over funds. but local parents see it simply as stealing their money. >> it's hard to explain to a 13-year-old who is told to do the right thing, you know, always and yet i have to tell him that his little league was just robbed. >> reporter: jevin officials could not give a timeframe for when the payments will be processed. st. pete police have spoken to company officials. they say for now no crime has been committed. but parents say it doesn't make it any easier to explain to these players how some can get away with not following the rules. >> these kids are learning about life out here. and it's wrong. . >> reporter: northeast isn't the only organization dealing
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a youth football league in utah is out of $45,000 until jevin turns over their money. for now the northeast little league has started a go fund me account to hopefully help keep this season going. live in the control room, crystal clark, fox 13 news. we have a news alert tonight. simone perez former israeli president and prime minister has died. he served as the country's prime minister twice and later as the ninth president of israel. one of his defining roles was negotiating peace with the palestinians. he won a nobel peace prize for his work during the oslo peace accords. his health had been deteriorating after suffering a stroke two weeks ago. he was 93 years old. undercover string leads to the arrest of a local psychotherapist accused of inappropriately touching two clients. lakeland police say they started their investigation into anthony conte junior a couple of weeks ago when the victims came forward. they say he told them touching
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claiming it was a way to restart the body and help relieve depression. police believe more victims could be out there so they're encouraging anybody to come forward. cambridge christian school in tampa is suing the florida high school athletic association. the school says its constitutional rights have been violated. this all stems from a championship football game last december. cambridge christian wanted to say a prayer over the loud speaker as part of a pre-game tradition they've had since the 1960s. but the request. it said the stadium was public property and it would be against federal law for a state governing body to allow a prayer. according to the lawsuit cambridge christian says the government interfered with its way to exercise religious freedom. that game was in orlando at what is now called camping world stadium. they are aware of the lawsuit but is not commentingfit. a road rage victim credits
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life. daniel santiago and a co-worker were riding to work this morning on twentieth street in tampa when he says a car ran a stop sign and almost hit him. he says the driver pulled a gun on him. but deputies were close by. fox 13's evan axelbank is live tonight at the sheriff's department to give us more of this story. this sounds pretty outrageous. >> reporter: well certainly. and fortunately for the victim in this case he was standing right outside riding his bike right outside of a sheriff's the stop sign. luckily for him, there were sheriff deputies who were outside in the parking lot just happened to be there. and they saw all of this go down. take a look. this here, daniel santiago. he admitted to shouting at the inattentive driver when he allegedly ran the stop sign. deputies say that the car stopped and backed up back towards the intersection. that's when santiago says he was suddenly staring down the barrel of a gun. he says the driver mocked him
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were coming. of course the police happened to be right there. he says the driver stashed the gun in the glove box but deputies got to the car, made the arrest, and then found the gun. >> i just lost a son seven months ago. not to gun violence or anything like that. but i was, like, to me i was, like, wow i guess i am going to go join my son. if it wasn't for these guys i wouldn't be here right now to speak and have this interview with you. >> reporter: this here is the suspect brian cop 39 years old of tampa. he is now in jail on a $4,000 bond. he has been charged with two counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. we are in tampa tonight. evan axelbank, fox 13 news. developing tonight, we now know just how much money the victims of the pulse night club shooting will receive. 49 people died in that terror attack in june. we now know their families will each get $350,000. that money is coming from the one orlando fund.
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$29 million to help the victims families and the dozens of other people who were wounded in that shooting. but one victim has some serious complaints about just how that money is being distributed. as fox's valerie boy tells us, her attorney has filed a lawsuit. >> reporter: as people remember those who died at pulse night club, organizers of the one orlando fund say victims and their families will soon be getting money from $29 million in donations. >> we will start issuing checks actually on and those checks will go out in the mail thursday. >> i am very proud of the fact that we had a very transparent process. >> we owe it to the beautiful and talented men and women that lost their lives. >> reporter: but no everyone agrees. jennifer says she went to a one orlando town hall meeting with her partner last month. >> i watched as people were cut short and questions went unanswered. it was then we realized this was far from transparent. >> we have reason to believe there's more money. than $29 million that's been
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also representing her. he says julian ran but cut herself on glass. he tells us that the fund administr administrator conducted an audit. >> we do not trust him because he has given us every reason not to trust him. >> we talked to fineburg via phone. he says he is working on the fund pro bono and isn't concerned about the petition. >> it goes with the territory. it happens occasionally when i do one of these programs. one orlando fund is doing an excellent job of representing the fund add myself in court. i'm sure the courts will deal with it appropriately. >> reporter: the board chair alex martin says having an audit isn't possible yet but the process has been very transparent. >> if we did an audit today we wouldn't able to audit the distribution. because it hasn't been distributed yet. and we couldn't verify that it's been received. we'll make sure those funds get
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>> reporter: while that's what paul and jillan want they say it needs to be even more transparent. >> make sure that the funds that came in and the funds that are going out are being accounted for. >> anchor: a hearing has been is set up for october 6th. however all of the funds will have been distributed by then. coming up, there are other pressing questions about what led up to the pulse night club shooting and other recent terror attacks. the fbi director taking the hot seat on capitol hill and what he is saying about the pretty alarming. plus-- >> who wouldn't want to go shoot their gun at fish underwater? especially a species that's detrimental to the environment. >> anchor: eliminating evasive lion fish with guns underwater. so what do wildlife officials think? that story a little later at 11:23. and, paul, i kind of felt the slightest hint of lower humidity today. >> it wasn't bad this morning. we had temperatures in the low
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watching showers approaching our west coast. we'll talk about that plus the tropics getting busy. could have matthew on the map
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en a officer was killed in action florida was not doing enough to give their families the help they desperately needed. dana young understood. that was wrong, so we changed that law. to ensure these families get the benefits they are entitled to and the honor they deserve. dana young has our back and she has yours. dana young for the florida senate.
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the case against pulse nightclub gunman "omar mateen" was just the case against pulse night club shooter omar mateen is one of several on capitol hill. part of a high level hearing on terror threats. the head of the fbi says we could likely see more threats. he expects a wave of terrorists to flee the middle east and head this way in the next few years. doesn't sound good. explains. >> reporter: the senate hearing laid bear painful missed opportunities. >> i understand he was interviewed twice by the fbi. then the inquiry was closed. >> reporter: the fbi director confirmed agents questioned omar mateen before he gunned down 49 in the name of isis and al qaeda at florida's pulse night club. >> he was interviewed twice during a 11 month investigation then it was the preliminary was closed. >> was anything done to see whether he was saying anything
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warrant at that point? >> i don't know the answer. i don't think so at this point. >> reporter: another republican suggested there is a pattern. >> one common atry put to many of the -- at tra beaut to the recent attacks is they were previously investigated by the fbi and found not to be credible threats. >> reporter: fbi agents also questioned tamerlan tsarnaev the boston marathon bomber who deemed one his younger brother and planted pressure cooker three and injuring 260. >> those are judgement calls. the judgment yaulz incorrect. >> reporter: director comey confirmed they are re-examining it's contact with the father of the bombing suspect in new york. the father says he warned the fbi about his son. >> would you not have done more when rahami was arrested to question him because his dad said he was a terrorist? >> your facts are wrong about what his father told the fbi. >> reporter: but a family
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rahami was suspected of terrorist sympathies. by 2014 when the fbi got involved agents also knew about his travel to afghanistan and still closed.the matter was - >> if there's learning, we will learn from it. we are not perfect people. >> reporter: as military progress against isis forces thousands of foreign fighters back to their home countries witnesses warned of new challenges. >> while we've seen a decrease in the frequency of large scale complex plotting efforts that sometimes span months or years we're instead seeing much more vectors that emerge quickly or suddenly. director comey can expect more tough questions tomorrow. this time when he appears before the house judiciary committee. after his failed presidential bid, former florida governor jeb bush is heading back to school. harvard in fact. harvard university announcing today that bush will be a lecturer at the ivy league school. he will teach in the program on education policy and governance. now this isn't an everyday
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making multi-day visits as a guest instructor and presenter. he will also participate in education research and study groups. so there you go. professor jeb at harvard. >> that's kind of interesting. all right. and now we need some instruction from paul who's got something way out there in the caribbean or close to the caribbean. >> i'm taking a deep breath. between now and probably a week from friday there will be matthew on the map. >> is this going to be like your telling us about it for 40 days before i got here. >> pretty much. [ laughter ] hopefully by november it will be off the map. a lot to talk about. let's begin by showing you the west today. you got showers off the coast. the rainy season usually winds down dramatically by late september. today there wasn't much. but where it did rain it came down pretty good. viewers in highlands county had big time rain. now there's a light west wind
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and that shows up on sky tower as small showers. i think tomorrow morning there will be showers near the coast. then they'll rapidly jump to inland and the east coast later in the day. rainfall coverage pretty small near the coast. higher as you trek inland. and temperatures now are not bad. still near 80. the problem is as far as temperatures near the coast tonight, water temps are still 85 degrees. and you blow a west wind off that the coast. but inland this is kind of a byproduct now of the longer nights. we have temperatures already in the low 70s inland. we start noticing the arrival of our autumn. first i think at night with cooler nighttime lows. wake up you can feel it's cooler because we have an hour and a half more darkness than we had about two months ago. dew points are in the low 70s. we're watching.
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strong wave. it is not -- it's invest 97 l. an invest means investigation. it doesn't mean it necessarily has to turn into a tropical depression or storm. but this one will. 90 percent chance in the next two days. this area by the islands and in the eastern caribbean, over the years it's not a spot where intensification happens rapidly. it's more in the central caribbean sea. so i think there wil development tomorrow. probably enough to name it or designate it as a tropical depression number 14. but i think the real intensification gets going south of the dominican republic and then from this point on it could become a major hurricane. the gfs model. we're looking out here, way out. this is sunday. monday, tuesday, wednesday. it's been showing a trip paralleling our coast and curving back to the northwest.
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to tell you i almost don't want to show it. because by tomorrow this is spinning here. the nine day spinning here or here. there's all kinds of variations and fluxations on a nineday forecast. as good as the computers are, they the only handle that timeframe well. the european model again shows a storm almost down by aruba near venezuela. and then curves up over jamaica then kind of bends over cuba so, again, the bottom line is here we have about five to seven days to watch it and the threat of any potential tropical impacts would include our state. but also includes many other places besides us. it includes up and down the entire east coast. to maine to florida, even could get into the gulf mexico probably not. so we're going watch it. not even a named storm yet. kind of see how it plays out. we're not going to hype this
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heading our way. partly cloudy. a few showers near the coast. late tonight. 78. those storms zip inland tomorrow and we're back up to 88. the out look for thursday is partly cloudy. still a few storms moving inland. it may be a little bit drier friday into the weekend. it will certainly be drier by tallahassee and gainesville and ocala but not so much here. we stay upper 80s to near 90. night time lows mid-70s. it is a local g's that could kill lion fish. lots of them. >> the problem is it may not be legal. you will meet the man behind this underwater gun that he uses to take down lion fish after the break while wild life officials are watching his videos extra closely.
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?? cozy up this fall with dunkin's coffee and espresso flavors. sip salty and sweet with our new salted caramel macchiato or drink in the season with the classic taste of pumpkin. america runs on dunkin'. it gives a whole new meaning to the phrase "shooting fish in a barrel." a bradenton give as meaning to the phrase shooting fish in a barrel. a bradenton man's video has gone viral. it shows him taking out lion fish with an underwater handgun. from point blank rage in the water. thousands of people have seen that video. among them, florida fish and wildlife. >> our own josh cascio who caught up with that fisherman to check out his invention. >> in a way shooting lion fish
11:24 pm
quite an epic viral video. by modifying a glock 9-millimeter courtland hunt was able to combine his two passions -- spear fishing and guns. he is 30 miles off anna maria island shooting those lion fish. there are few regulations about killing lion fish. hunt's video has gone viral. it has more than 600,000 views in about a week's time. but the question is this legal. fwc says you kill lion fish in florida waters or federal waters for that matter. hunt tells me though he is in the clear. >> it's definitely illegal inside of florida waters which is within nine miles. lucky we weren't within nine miles. so they deferred it to the federal government and the feds reviewed it and came back and said that we are in fact not breaking any lawss. we're divers. we're spear fishermen. so we took them out and did what comes natural. we shot fish with them.
11:25 pm
working on future videos. his next big plan? an automatic rifle. no doubt he will have another viral video on his hands. josh cascio, fox 13 fox. >> okay. well that's one way to get a lion fish. >> there will be a lot of fishermen who are probably happy to see that. you were telling me how harmful those fish can be. >> they're really bad for our ecosystem. i just wonder about all beguns and wonder if all they shoot are lion >> can you believe it's, what, september 20th something, 27 i think, and we're talking about hockey tonight. >> didn't that just end, scott. >> we played it long enough. [ laughter ] it's been four months almost to the day. the bolts take the ice for the first time this pre-season tonight while their captain stamkos takes the ice up in toronto for team canada. highlights from both games next. rumors in baton rouge are swirling. why in the world would jimbo fisher leave florida state for
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i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. i'd look her right in that fat ugly face of hers. she's a slob. she ate like a pig. a person who's flat chested is very hard to be a 10. does she have a good body? no. solutely. do you treat women with respect?
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they are stanley cup favorites... the lightning return they're stanley cup favorites. the lightning [ inaudible ] to everybody this season. the only one yet to nearly four months on to the day when the eastern conference final run came to an end a promising new season begins tonight. the pre-season opener at emily arena taking on the carolina hurricanes. there is the head coach cooper leading his crew. the turnover here and lucas puts it past him. he got the start in place of ben bishop tonight who was not active. meanwhile jeff skinner puts the canes up for good in the second.
11:30 pm
shots on goal but the lightning fall in the pre-season 3-two is the final. pre-season continues on thursday against florida. steven stamkos is the only lightning player left in the tournament. he scores his first tournament of the tournament in the third. bergeron scoring to put canada up and they take game one of the best of three finals tim anderson and those white sox getting to work against the rays tonight. that's a single. eaton on first. chicago leads one-zip. cabrera homers here. a two-run shot. the rays end up with 94 runs this year in the first inning alone. they lose tonight 13-six. usf head coach taggert ended his weekly press conference by


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