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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 4AM  FOX  September 28, 2016 4:00am-4:30am EDT

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ahead this hour on good day: the loss of a world leader... and a peacemaker. looking back at the life and legacy of "shimon peres." ((vanessa and... the local tribute ?tonight... for a rising major league star. a promising life... cut ?way too short. ((walter his job was to make people feel better. but detectives say... one local therapist... was actually doing the oos for it. ((walter)) good morning.. and welcome to good day tampa bay... at 4:00. i'm walter allen. ((vanessa)) and i'm vanessa ruffes... in for jen. those stories in a minute, but now, a first look at your forecast... with dave. scattered showers & storms developing and moving inland today. rain chances around 40%, with high temps in the upper 80s. tonight will feature variable clouds and muggy conditions. lows in the mid 70s. more scattered storms for thursday, with high temps
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around 50%. developing overnight in california: a new round of protests... after ?another officer-involved shooting... of an african american man. and that man ?died from his wounds overnight. it also appears he was ?not carrying a weapon. police in el cajon, california say they opened fire on a man who they claim
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to remove his hands from his pockets. when he did... they say he pulled out an object and put his hands together like he was firing a gun. one officer fired... hitting him several times. the officers were ?not wearing body cameras... but one witness shot their ?own video on a cellphone. and police released ?this image from that video. it shows the man pointing his hands at officers... standing by the truck. police plan to release the full ?video to the public, at a later date. developing morning: the ?death of a former world leader. "shimon peres" has passed away at the age of 93. he served as the prime minister of israel... and also as the country's president. he was one of the most ?defining figures in that country's history... even winning the nobel peace prize. here's fox's conner powell now, with more on his amazing legacy: trt: 1:59(take pkg) ----------------------------- ----------------------------- ----------------------------- ----------------------------- ----------------------------- ----------------------------- ----------------------------- ---------- shimon peres was the last of israel's founding
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he was instrumental in establishing strategic alliances for the budding jewish statea&and secured weapons for its fighters during israel's war for independence. after the creation of israel, peres turn his considerable skills towards politics.mos says: "he was considered a very very ambitious young man. so people said with his ambition maybe he will become prime minister or something." he was first elected to the knesset in 1959a&.and served as a minister in twelve different cabinets during a 48 year span. twice he served as prime ministera&.and is the only israeli ever to serve as both prime minister and president, which he was elected as in 2007. once considered a hawk--peres was an early supporter of israel's controversial settlements in the west bank and gaza. and he helped establish israel's nuclear weapons program. peres also was a vocal opponent of a two state solution between israel and the palestinians. mos says: "he thought a territorial compromise in the west bank would be a disaster for israel." but it was his time as israel's foreign minister that peres left his mark on history. as the chief architect of the 1993 oslo nearly a decade of progress and mutual cooperation between the israelis and palestinians. ultimately, along with yassar arafat and yitzhak rabin, peres was awarded the nobel peace prize for his efforts. active politics, peres spent his time promoting joint arab-israeli peace projects. believing neighbors-- no matter their shared and violent history--must find a way to live together. until the end of his life, shimon peres fought for israel, both in war and in peace. in jerusalem, conor powell, fox
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after hearing about the death of peres, president obama tweeted out this response last night. " my condolences to the family of
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one of the world's greatest leaders." tonight in tampa... a special memorial for miami marlins pitcher "jose fernandez." it will take place at one of the ?first fields he played on.... at alonso high school. fernandez graduated from there five years, before getting drafted into the majors. alonso high will have a candlelight vigil at 7-30 p-m... right on that baseball field. fernandez died over the weekend when his boat crashed in miami beach. he was considered one of the ?best pitchers in baseball... and had an amazing life story. he and his family defected from cuba on a boat when he was just 15 years old. and he had to save his mother from drowning. there will also be a public memorial for fernandez later today in miami. it begins with a procession this afternoon... going from marlins park to a nearby church for a public viewing. the family will then hold a private funeral tomorrow. fernandez was just 24 years
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for a woman accused of ?murdering her parents. "nicole nachtman" was 21 when it happened in august of 20-15. she told detectives she heard screaming voices in her head , and then drove home from the fsu campus in tallahassee to kill her mom and step dad. nachtman faces two counts of first degree murder. she has pleaded not guilty. if convicted, she could face the death penalty. new this morning: clearwater police are looking for whoever fired ?shots at a wendys restaurant. it shattered the glass at the gulf to bay boulevard loca overnight. police believe they used a pellet or bb gun to do the damage though. the restaurant already had a crew out repairing the glass a few hours ago. a developing story in polk county this morning: a psychotherapist is facing charges... after clients say he ?inappropriately touched them two patients have already come forward... and police fear there could be many more. fox 13's shayla reaves joins us live from lakeland right now, with the latest on
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people who live around the mosaic plant in mulberry will soon know whether their water is radioactive. the company expects test results to come back later today. governor scott got a bird's-eye view of the sinkhole on tuesday. he also talked with officials about how they plan to fix it. this week, governor scott issued an emergency order requiring public notifiction of a pollution event within 24 hours. the community didn't find out about this sinkhole for two ?weeks... after hundreds of millions of
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had already flowed into the aquifer. by law...notification was only mandatory if there was a health risk... or if it made it ?outside the mosaic property. according to mosaic, the contamination didn't affect drinking water. the governor says the regulations still need to change: mosaic officials say the sinkhole is now 700-feet deep -- more than ?twice as deep as they thought. and while it's not growing...water will continue flowing into it until it's filled. it's still unclear how long that will take. in manatee county, another chemical concern. a family says they're fed up with a smell that blows onto their property. they live right next door to waste management's recycling and disposal facility... on county road 39 in duette. at times, they say, it reeks of rotten eggs, even inside their
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swollen eyes. that odor is hydrogen sulfide. after repeated complaints from the family, the state got involved. waste management says its now installing permanent tanks and equipment... which should clear the air. a road rage victim in tampa says sheriff's deputies saved his life. daniel santiago and a co-worker were riding their bikes to work tuesday on 20th street when he says a car ran a stop sign and almost hit him. he says that driver then pulled a gun on him! fortunately-- deputies were close by. this all happened right in front of a sheriff substation! santiago does admit to shouting at the driver, after almost getting hit. santiago says the driver mocked him when he said deputies were coming. he says the driver stashed the gun in the glove box, but deputies got to the car, made
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this is the man arrested, bryan copeland, 39 of tampa. he is in jail on a 4-thousand dollar bond. he has been charged with two counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. it's time to check the freezer this morning. one popular snack food... is facing a big recall. tyson foods is recalling 130-thousand pounds of fully cooked chicken nuggets because they may have the company says it's received compaints from several people who say they've found little plastic pieces. the nuggets are in five-pound bags. they have best by dates of july 18th, 20-17 and establishment number... 1-3-5-5-6. we have much more information about the recall on our website... fox-13-news-dot-com. ahead this half hour: one man almost ?strikes out... with his marriage proposal. wait til you see where the
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and... all we are is just dust in the wind. but this much dust... can be dangerous. the latest on this ?dirty storm... out west. break 1: 2:00break 2: 1:45 break 3: 1:40endbrk: 1:30 rhyme
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check out this ?dirty video from phoenix ,arizona. that's a huge dust storm blowing through. they even had to send out a dust ?advisory for several cities in the area. people were told to watch out for strong winds and reduced visability. they were also getting
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time to talk some sports this morning. and for the first time in ?months... we have hockey highlights! not the ?best highlights... but hey... just seeing the
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preseason opener last night at amalie arena. taking on the carolina hurricanes. and of course , the first game is gonna have some mistakes. sloppy defense lead to one turnover... and carolinas lucas wallmark put it past kristers gudlevskis for the first goal. ben bishop did ?not get the start last night... and the bolts could have used him. carolina was up three to ?nothing after the first two periods. the bolts actually scored twice in the third... thanks to some guys fighting for a roster spot. the lightning fall 3-2. the preaseason continues with the florida panthers... also at amalie arena, tomorrow night. and we know one lightning star who didn't play in last night's preseason game... steven stamkos. that's because he had ?another game to play. he's on "team canada" in the world cup of hockey. they were taking on team europe in game one of the championship series. stamkos actually got a goal in this game... his ?first in the tournament. canada wins 3 to 1... and takes game one of the best of ?three series. game two is
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to baseball now... where the rays are hoping to end this season with ?some kind of momentum. but they're getting the exact opposite in chicago. for the second night in a row... they suffered another blowout to the white sox. "alex cobb" in his final start of the season... gives up a three run homer in the ?first inning. he gives up ?eight runs in three innings. the rays bats... not exactly silent. they scored six runs. but chicago just kept pouring it on. rays lose... 13 to six. and finally... to a huge error during last nights' red sox-yankees game. this one, happened in the stands. a guy was trying to propose to his girlfriend on the video screen. happens all the time. but as soon as he opened the box, the ring fell
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all the fans in that section... had to scramble to find it. four ?agonizing minutes later, they found the ring , and the stadium erupted... he completed the play by proposing. she said yes. when we come back, i'll have another check on your wednesday forecast. and later this hour: a roller coaster ride where seeing... ?isn't believing. the virtual experience, coming to one florida theme the virtual experience, coming to one florida theme park.
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the moments that connect us don't happen overnight. they happen one morning at a time, and one cup at a time.
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making headlines across america this morning: a suspicious package scare in charlotte, north carolina. it led to the evacuation of the entire police department headquarters. it happened tuesday afternoon. police say bomb- sniffing dogs alerted them after an employee spotted it. a robot removed the package last night, and officers took it to a remo tested. x-rays show the box had a cell phone, a flashlight, and a lightbulb inside. the station didn't get any threats before or ?after the package arrived. but this comes less than a week after a deadly officer-involved shooting in the city. the man accused of setting up bombs in new york city and new jersey, now has a lawyer. the a-c-l-u announced this week it will be representing "ahmaad rahami." rahami has still not made his first court appearance. he's been hospitalized ever since his arrest back on
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and intubated , as he undergoes surgery. he was hit several times in a shootout with police. rahami faces federal charges of using weapons of mass destruction. he is also facing five counts of attempted murder of a police officer. the threat of another government shutdown is looming in washington. senate democrats blocked a bill tuesday that would have kept the government open beyond friday's midnight deadline. at issue: the spending package for flint, michigan to address the city's water crisis. republican leaders are promising money for flint in a ?separate bill. but so far.. democrats aren't giving in. still ahead in our next half hour: a record breaking debate. the ratings are in... from round one. plus... fox 13's shayla reaves is ?live in lakeland... where one mans form of therapy... just got
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