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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 6AM  FOX  September 28, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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to relieve depression. psychoth treatment plan lands him behind bars. >>laura: and waiting to see if water is safe to drink. a massive contaminated water spill in polk county. >>russell: and space x unveils plans to colonize mars. what astronauts will do to pass the time away on that long journey. >>dave: a couple of hours offshore this morning. watch what happens. they start to fall apart. that only lasts for so long. as we get into the latter morning hours, we'll see some showers and storms move onshore and then eventually go east of i-75 during the afternoon. still 78 degrees in tampa. lower 70s inland. i think for the majority of us, with that 40% rain chance, we'll head back to 88 for a high temp this afternoon. vanessa? >>vanessa: a look at the roads here. we still have a crash working with lane blockage from the last hour.
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travelling 75 northbound direction in the sun city center area. outside lanes blocked north of the sun city area exit. meantime, our speeds are looking good and our travel times as well so buckle up, be safe and enjoy. >>jennifer: this morning, former israeli president peres has died. that comes two weeks after he suffered' major stroke. he minister on three separate occasions before becoming the country's president. he will be remembered for being instrumental in the peace process. >>russell: 1994 he shared the nobel peace prize with the then prime minister and palestinian leader yasser arafat for their work at the oslo accords. president obama released a statement. a light has gone out but the hope he gave us will burn
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justice, for peace and for the belief that we can be true to our bestselves to the very end of our time on earth. and in the legacy we leave to others. bill clinton who was president at the sign of -- sign of the according, he was a genius who used his gifts to recognize reconciliation. >>russell: a concern there may be more victims and shayla reaves is live in polk county with the latest on this investigation. good morning. >>reporter: good morning to you, russell. police say two women started as clients and became victims of someone they trusted. a mental health counselor is accused of not keeping his hands to himself and right now, he's
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he put his hands where they didn't belong and called it eastern medicine therapy. and investigators called it something more. tuesday officers arrested 71-year-old anthony conty, junior. victims came forward with recent stories about sessions with the same counselor. he was accused of groping, claiming the intimate touching would help relieve depression and restart the body. authorities say the client said it made them uncomfortable. detectives launched an undercover investigation and with the help from victims, received enough information to make an arrest tuesday. now, we know that conky was taken to jail and we're outside his operation here in lakeland. you can see the signage there on the door indicating there's some sort of family emergency and the business will remain closed for
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scheduled to reopen monday of next week. we can tell you he is facing charges for eye -- a psychotherapist engaging with a client. the state attorney's office is involved in this case along with the special victims unit. officials tell us they believe there could be more victims out there in this case so they're asking anyone with any information to please go ahead, come forward and give the lakeland police a >>russell: thank you. 6:04 right now. there will be a candlelight vigil tonight to honor baseball star jose fernandez. he and two others died in a boat crash early sunday morning. he was also an alonso high school graduate and tonight's vigil will be held at the school's baseball field. starts at 7:30. this morning we're learning that a friend of one of the victims said he warned them against taking that boat trip. we've also learned that the
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down invitations and tried to discourage fernandez from going out. marlins announced a public viewing will be held today at a miami church followed by a funeral procession outside of marlins park. private funeral will be held tomorrow for the fernandez family and his teammates. >>jennifer: people near the mosaic plant are getting important news today. they're getting the first round of water test results back after a massive sink hole poured contaminated water in the state aquifer. governor scott and the department of environmental protection took a helicopter over the 45 foot wide area. it took weeks for neighbors to find out. that's why the governor has issued an emergency order requiring the public notification of a pollution event within 24 hours. >> the bottom line is, you know, have notification.
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all going to do it. >>jennifer: emergency rule will only last 90 days. governor asked state lawmakers to make it permanent. >>russell: a hillsborough county deputy was in the right place at the right time when a case of road rage erupted right across the street from him. it happened near the intersection of 142nd avenue and 20th street in tampa. deputy mark montano was doing a vehicle inspection when he says he heard someone screaming and looked up and saw a man pull a gun on a the cyclist says the driver ran a stop sign, missing him by a few feet. when he yelled at him, things escalated. >> if it wasn't for these guys, i wouldn't be here today. honestly speaking i wouldn't be here to speak and have this interview with you. i honestly believe that deep in my matter. >> this was an unfortunate location for the suspect today. >>russell: deputies caught up with the driver.
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he's charged with two counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. >>jennifer: monday night's presidential debate is now officially the most watched debate of all time. 84 million people tuned in to help hillary clinton and donald trump duke it out. super bowl 49 is still the most watched broadcast in american television history. now, according to the new cnn, orc poll, 62% of viewers say clinton was the winner. only debate. >>russell: and both nominees spent yesterday taking victory laps. >> it was very exciting and almost every single poll had us winning the debate against crooked hillary clinton. big lead. big lead. >> i'm looking forward to the next debate and then the one after that. >>russell: the next debate is in two weeks.
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fight night in vegas. >>jennifer: there are still two other candidates in the race and one of them will be in tampa today. green party nominee jill stein will be at the cuban club this evening at 6:00. she'll address the sewage discharge and the zika virus. >>russell: it's hard to say that harvard might be someone's second choice but in this case, after his failed presidential bid, jeb bush is going back to school and plans guest instructor and speaker at harvard this fall. he'll give his first lecture tomorrow, plans to discuss economic and social mobility in the u.s. >>jennifer: and this morning, we're learning about an officer involved shooting in california. >>russell: and new protests are springing up after another black man is shot and killed by police. and a bomb scare at charlotte police headquarters. community members demand the
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degrees again. we are warm, we are muggy along the coast. i will say this. inland locations it's a smidge cool they are morning. we have a couple of showers approaching the coastline of citrus county. they'll fall apart as they touch the coast. in general the rain chances run 40%. coastline, say late morning and then inland locations later ?? halloween excitement is back at dunkin' with 2 dozen donuts for $12.99. drizzled, decorated, and all dressed up for the season, 2 dozen donuts for $12.99.
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>>dave: 6:12. look at the difference in temperatures. you get an onshore wind flow, 78 in tampa and then go inland and it's nice this morning for the second morning in a row. lower 70s, friends in polk county and also around i-10, lower 70s and then mid to upper 70s down around the keys. today's weather, we're waiting for the cold front to come into the state so out ahead of it, our winds are going to shift to onshore. you can see it here. that will start to generate some shower activity along the
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hours. then like yesterday, you know how everything kind of shifted inland later in the day? same type of thing is going to happen with the overall rain chance around 40%. eventually this front makes it as far south as, say, i-4 and then it just completely washes out, meaning that the majority of the drier air behind this front is likely going to stay just to the north of us. we're going to get a little pih around sarasota, the dew points will stay at 70. mid 60s in tampa. lower 60s in brooksville but by sunday, the humidity comes back in. if you really want to taste that drier air, you're going to have to head up to, say, tallahassee this weekend where they're going to have dew points in the 50s. i'm just letting you know that the drier air is coming in. not a lot of it and not for long. still waiting.
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today. this, well, soon to be low pressure system, they went out yesterday and detected tropical force storm winds but it's not named because at the surface, you've got to have winds coming from all directions. you've got to have that surface center. it didn't have the closed low yesterday so by definition, it can't be a tropical system. once it does, they may -- this may be a situation where they skip tropical when it gets to the low level center and make it a tropical storm so the computer models have been really consistent in one thing, turning the storm to the north. the problem has been the timing of it and how far west does it go before it turns north? when you get land that sticks out across the east coast, that makes a big difference so the long term solution is still up in the air because you have one computer model by friday that
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then another one has it near the bahamas next friday. that's a big difference. so once the plane gets in there and they input all that information into the computer models, you'll start to see more in the way of agreement but in the short-term, it's going to head in the eastern caribbean. we're watching it every step of the way. you can, too. you can head to any time you want. just not right now because i have to give you the seven-day forecast. 88 for a high tem this morning pushing inland this afternoon. your next seven days, 50% rain chance on thursday and then drops as we get, again, a hint of drier air in on friday so 20% the rain chance. however, end of the weekend, rain chances will double to around 40%. vanessa? >>vanessa: and right now we do have some westbound blockage and of course, some delays as you head through the area of park boulevard and 43rd. we have sky fox checking out that intersection in pinellas
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you can see it's a full blockage. we have part of a crash scene. looks like one of the vehicles is taking up a large portion of the intersection so drivers are forced to either make a left turn or right turn there. once again, that will be westbound park boulevard at 43rd. definitely plan some extra time for those forced detours in the area. >>jennifer: protests take hold in another american city after police shoot and kill another this time in the san diego suburb. the man died a few hours ago. police say he was acting erratic. he said his family was mentally challenged. the department released a still image taken from a cell phone video of the incident. a man had two hands on an object, pointing it toward an officer. >>russell: a suspicious package forces the evacuation of the charlotte police headquarters discovered by an employee working in the mail room. a robot removed the package from the building.
6:17 am
a flashlight and light bulb. police investigating who sent that package. bomb scare comes a week after charlotte police officer shot and killed keith lamont scott. >>jennifer: a young girl's tearful plea stole the spotlight. >> we shouldn't have to protest because you're all treating us wrong. we do this because we need to and have rights. >>jennifer: the little girl is she was one of the dozens who packed into the city council chambers to vent their frustrations with police. they're calling on charlotte's mayor and police chief to resign. they say the city waited too long to release video of the shooting. >>russell: this morning we're learning more about the man at the center of the shooting, keith lamont scott. less than a year before the shooting, his wife filed a protective order. he threatened to kill his family with a gun. she asked to have the order
6:18 am
later saying he was no longer a threat. attorneys said the incident should have no bearing on this current case. >>jennifer: at 6:30, how a british spy's argument with his wife nearly put the d-day in jeopardy. >>russell: would you like to drink your morning coffee from a cone? yes, please.
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it's time to see what's clicking on the web. vanessa is here with this morning's hot clicks. >>jennifer: time to see what's clicking on the web. >>vanessa: what are you doing? getting ready to do some clicks. sometimes we forget celebrities are people, too. many of them are also parents, including britney spears. she has two boys and they like to pull pranks. in the first hot click, they steal mom's phone for a surprise. >> we're about to scare the heck
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she's going to go -- she's walking. >>vanessa: you know that feeling where something sneaks up on you? >>jennifer: i love doing that. look how big her boys are. >>vanessa: i know, right? that's priceless. they took record her terrified reaction when shawn jumps out of nowhere and screams at her. >>jennifer: she fell to the floor. >>vanessa: luckily she's a cool mom and posted the video on instagram and it's going viral. can we leave britney alone? >>jennifer: cute. >>vanessa: michigan man wants the world to know who he is voting for. spelling it out. he decided to mow trump on his eight acre property. the entire creation spans more
6:23 am
five hours to complete over the weekend. quite the ad right there. and this one. >>russell: here we go. >>vanessa: this one russell has been waiting for. tomorrow is national coffee day. for some of us, every day is national coffee day but we know that coffee is beloved around the world. so much so that in south africa, they're pouring it in ice cream cones. i don't know what i think about this. well, this is the latest craze in johannesburg. they so it doesn't look right away. >>russell: now we're on board. >>jennifer: i don't drink coffee but maybe i would like this. >>vanessa: it's like a dessert. lucas doesn't like coffee but you get him the dunkin' donuts with a thousand cups of sugar in it, and he loves it. they pour a hot latte in there. you only have a few minutes before it melts so you need to drink quickly. >>jennifer: when you have an ice cream cone, it's always dripping
6:24 am
>>russell: they coat it in chocolate and it gives it time. i wonder how hot that coffee is. >>vanessa: they make a hot latte, right? >>russell: i'm just wondering how hot it is. i don't care. i'm going to try it. i'm waiting for somebody here to copy cat it. >>vanessa: dats would do it. >>russell: let's get in touch with them and get them to do i for us. >>jennifer: still ahead, a florida city commissioner is accused of living in a dead woman's house for free. now she's living rent-free behind bars. >>russell: and space x plans to get humans to mars in the next six years. at 6:30, we'll show you how they plan to do that. >>jennifer: and now we know why james bond is single. how a british spy's wife almost ruined plans for the d-day
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vo: we asked women in pinellas county to describe congressman david jolly in one word: woman 1: dangerous. woman 2: backwards. woman 3: out-of-touch... woman 4: that's 3 words. vo: david jolly shares donald trump's backwards agenda for women. jolly opposes a woman's right to choose and voted to defund planned parenthood like mammograms and cancer screenings. woman 5: i have 3 words for david jolly... not for women. vo: house majority pac is responsible
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((russell 2shot) good morning, i'm russell rhodes., ((jen)) >>russell: welcome. i'm russell rhodes. >>jennifer: and i'm jennifer epstein in for laura moody. >>dave: upper 60s inland. bartow just switched back to 68 along the coastline so warm and muggy along the coast. nice to start off in polk county, hardee county, highlands county. a general theme for today will be coastal showers early, inland during the afternoon as the winds kind of shift to that onshore flow out ahead of the weak front that's going to try to make it into the area sometime during the day tomorrow. we put the rain chance at 40%. storms move inland today.
6:29 am
a high temp this afternoon. >>vanessa: thanks. we'll check our major roadways right now and we're not seeing any big crashes or big slowdowns so that's good news heading out the door right now of the shaping up this way, travelling between pinellas and hillsborough county, heading from the bayway to i-4, 275, 26 minutes is that ride. give yourself 12 from buchman to 75 travelling through eastern hillsborough, drivers on 75 northbound, eight minutes between the selmon and fowler avenue so be >>jennifer: thanks. lakeland police are investigating allegations of sexual misconduct by a psychotherapist. anthony conty, junior is accused of groping at least two during counselling sessions. one of the victims confronted him about him touching her. he said he was trying to restart the body and help relieve depression. he now faces two counts of engaging in sex with a client. detectives are asking other
6:30 am
forward. >>russell: special ceremonies held today for jose fernandez. he and two others were killed in a boat crash early sunday morning. the marlins have announced a public viewing will be held today at a miami church followed by a funeral procession outside of marlins park. vigil tonight at 7:30. private funeral will be held tomorrow. >>jennifer: boyfriend were arrested yesterday. investigators say the couple moved into a home without permission two years ago. the previous occupant died in 2011. u tilities were paid by automatc withdraw from the dead person's bank account. >>russell: water bottles are starting to pile up as people living near the mosaic plant
6:31 am
is safe to drink. >>jennifer: ken is live in mulberry where it's been one month since a massive sink hole was discovered on the property, ken. >>reporter: the results getting back today will be the second set of results. they already took a look at a couple of things. the water acidity and certain chemicals. no worries. but people are very concerned about the results they're getting back a couple of hours from now. the new results will show if the water they've been drinking is radioactive. if it as you probably know by now, hundreds of millions of gallons of contaminated water made its way into the aquifer after a massive sink hole opened up. new information shows that the hole is, get this, 700 feet deep. so they hired a firm to test residents' water. more than 600 households have been scheduled to be tested. they completed about a third of that. radioactivity tests take a
6:32 am
that were previously done. so we're only expecting about a dozen or so families to get back the results today. in the meantime, all the other people that have the scheduled test are going to have to wait and wonder to see if their water is safe to drink. back to you guys. >>russell: thank you. talk to you again later. >>jennifer: it's been nearly 50 years since man first landed on the moon. now our sights are set higher. >>russell: elon musk envisions hundreds of passengers flying to walter will tell us how he's going to get us there. >>walter: musk, who also runs tesla, has been called a real life version of ironman. his dreams often become reality. his latest, send people to mars. at a conference in mexico, musk unveiled a four minute video that details his plan to colonize the red planet. it involves the most powerful
6:33 am
interplanetary transport system. it would carry 100 tons of people and equipment into orbit. musk wants to send people to mars by 2024. several years before nasa. the mission would be self sustaining with plenty to do during the trip that would last several months. >> it's going to be really fun and exciting and it can't feel cramped or boring. but the crew occupant compartment is set up to do zero g games, movies, cabins, a restaurant. it will be like really fun to go. you're going to have a great time. >>walter: he also went on to say it's somewhat dangerous. it's a one-way trip. space x plans to charge $200,000 for one ticket. musk is talking about a lot more
6:34 am
he believes it will take about a million people to properly colonize mars. it will take 40 to 100 years to get that population at that level. >>jennifer: one-way ticket. a few people i would like to send on that flight. time now is 6:34. scientists say the first baby has been born from a new technique that combines d.n.a. from three people. the goal is to prevent the child from inheriting a fatal genetic disease from the mother. it's a defect that typically kills a of birth. the baby boy was born five months ago. the technique is not approved in the u.s. >>russell: the saying goes, happy wife, happy life and now science backs that up. >>jennifer: previous studies found feeling happy and satisfied is closely linked to good physical health. new study suggests your physical health may also be linked to that of your spouse.
6:35 am
unhappy partner had more physical impairments and got less exercise. they say a happy spouse encourages healthy behavior. >>russell: here's another reminder to keep your spouse happy. love this story. we're learning a lover's quarrel actually threatened to derail the plans for d-day. a british spy, code named agent garbo, had convinced the nazis that the allied invasion would not take place to protect his identity, he and his wife were confined to their house in london. according to newly unsealed documents, the agent's wife struggled to deal with the pressure of the double life and she threatened to go public unless she was allowed to visit her mother in spain. the mission was too important so the british spy agency convinced her that her outburst led to the
6:36 am
she was even taken to visit him in a mock detention camp. all of it worked. she was eventually convinced to support her husband's undercover work and then, as you know, d-day was a success paving the way for the allied victory in europe. can't wait for the history channel documentary on this one. right? cool. >>jennifer: wives have the power, wow. dave has a look at the forecast. >>russell: and we'll explain why googling brad pitt could ruin your computer. that's next. ?? cozy up this fall with dunkin's coffee and espresso flavors. sip salty and sweet with our new salted caramel macchiato or drink in the season with the classic taste of pumpkin.
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i think my strongest asset, maybe by far, is my temperament. i'd like to punch him in the face, i'll tell you. i would bomb the [bleep] out of 'em. i could stand in the middle of 5th avenue and shoot somebody
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and you can tell them to go [bleep] themselves. get him out of here! get him out of here! get the hell out of here! priorities usa action is responsible for the content of this advertising. >>dave: to the radar we go and while we get this onshore wind flow, especially when you have water temperatures in the upper 80s, you'll get popup showers and up in citrus county is a
6:40 am
you get the shower that develops along the coast and starts to fall apart, really before it even reaches highway 19. we have a couple of sprinkles near crystal river southward and down to homosassa. notice some heavier showers offshore. once we get to like 10:00, 11:00, noon time today and the atmosphere on land starts to destabilize, you'll get more of these popup showers and then they'll start that push inland. again, they'll sta their way into polk county and highlands county this afternoon. it's not a bad morning. i mean, yes, we're in the upper 70s and it's muggy tampa to st. petersburg but i have sun city center at 69 degrees this morning. i have bushnell, dade city, wesley chapel, lower 70s so nice stuff. closer to the coast, it is warm and muggy but the further inlan. ask our friends in beautiful
6:41 am
we're at 68 lovely degrees in polk county. ahead of the front, we squeeze in the moisture and that's why today, 40% rain chance. tomorrow 50% rain chance. now, this front is going to move into central florida but that's as far as it's going and then it's going to wash out. so the real lovely, lovely fall-like drier air will start to the north of us. we'll get a little hint of it. i mean, you'll feel it come saturday morning. you say it feels but then by sunday afternoon, guess what? the humidity is right back into the forecast. reconnaissance aircraft is on their way to this disturbance. now, notably in the last hour or so, barbados reported a westerly wind and that's what this system was lacking yesterday. so once this plane gets out there in the next couple of hours, it will be interesting to see if they find that west wind because if they do, i think
6:42 am
matthew right here. now, the current thinking in the short-term has not changed. keeping it moving into the eastern caribbean where then eventually it's going to be picked up by a trough and carried northward. the only problem are two things in the models right now. one, each model differs at how far west it goes before it turns north which obviously makes a big difference when you're dealing with the southeast coast of the u.s. but also the timing of it. way up here next friday and the european down to the bahamas next friday. that's a big difference. so the timing of this has to be figured out as is that northern turn. right now, knock on wood, you don't see really much bringing it into the gulf. you see just turning it north and eventually heading up the east coast of our country. so still plenty of time to watch
6:43 am
got to get that low level center before they ca name this and it probably will happen today. so 88 degrees for a high temperature for us. scattered storms moving inland this afternoon. tonight variable clouds, muggy, low 75 and then tomorrow we're back to 87, more scattered storms moving and look out for the popup storms along the coastline. i'm thinking one of those days where boating will be decent late, late in the day as everything will be pushed to the east coast by that point. water temperatures still running 87 next seven days, i'll show you rain chances 50% tomorrow. that brief stint of drier air friday into saturday and then rain chances return for sunday. >>vanessa: thank you. just a reminder drivers travelling through pinellas park, we have a crash still working. lane blockage westbound direction. this is park boulevard near 43rd and still dealing with the full blockage in that westbound direction. looks like they have quite a bit of fluid on the roadway, too. i'm not sure if that's gasoline
6:44 am
the cleanup is underway. in the meantime, traffic being diverted. plan extra time or avoid the area if you can. veterans expressway, we're still pretty much up to speed. average speed in the southbound direction near gunn highway around 54 miles an hour. it shuld take 12 minutes between the top and the bottom of the veterans. we'll get to charley belcher right now. happy wednesday to you. >>charley: good day to you, vanessa. happy wednesday to you. you know, wednesday mornings are always when we rally winner of the week and this was a bitter battle. this one really was a tough one. wire grass ranch versus tampa catholic high school and i know it's a good rivalry when the pep rally voting is happening when i get emails from both schools accusing the other one of maybe -- tampering. not from the schools but very enthusiastic people from the school.
6:45 am
at 10:00 p.m. last night, it was tampa catholic high school that won. tampa catholic won the "good day" pep rally so we'll be there this friday for the fox 13 "good day" pep rally. just don't say my fox >>vanessa: like you just said. >>charley: yeah. don't say that. that doesn't exist anymore. don't do as i do. do what i say. we'll have a good time. va renaissance woman. you do it all. you knit, play the piano, violin, cook. do you dance? >>vanessa: i don't know. i like to dance. i took ballet for a few years when i was in -- >>charley: of course you did. >>vanessa: elementary school. everyone takes ballet. >>charley: i did not take ballet in elementary school. >>vanessa: so that wasn't you in my class. russell did.
6:46 am
tap. i had to let that register for a minute. i took recreational dance in college and i consider myself a little toe tapper. i can move on the dance floor. this morning is dedicated to dance. we're at this really cool, fairly new dance studio. it's called the hip room and we're in downtown tampa. i love the old building. the old bricks and the windows out here. beautiful space. i'm going to tell you about the hip room dance studio and the reason we're here is because this tradition of charitable events known as dancing with the stars, the local edition. not that show on tv which i think has probably been cancelled by now. the charity event dancing with the stars every year, it's a big deal. it raises a bunch of money for a great cause. we'll tell you about the charities involved, the local celebrities dancing this year. i see a firefighter over there. i know he's one of the
6:47 am
e great cause. we'll talk dancing, charity and the hip room dance studio in downtown tampa and we'll try to one, two, three our way through a "good day." how about that? >>vanessa: sounds good and you already look the part, charley. are we going to see some moves? >>charley: probably not. >>vanessa: you look good, though. >>charley: thank you. >>vanessa: all right. >>charley: have a "good day."p>. >>russell: president obama has nominated the first full fledged 1960. he is a 25-year state department veteran. he's been charged with overseeing the u.s. embassy in havana. his appointment must be approved by the senate and that could be an issue. senators rubio and ted cruz have vowed to block the nomination of any ambassador to the communist state. total of nine states will vote on the expanding legal marijuana access this november. arizona, california, maine,
6:48 am
recreational use of pot. and three others. us, florida, arkansas and north dakota will decide whether to permit marijuana for medicinal purposes. montana will weigh whether to ease restrictions on existing medical marijuana laws. solid majority of americans support marijuana, both recreational and medicinal. don't be alarmed if there's a helicopter over t duke energy is doing flyovers to inspect transmission lines. they help ensure the lines remain in working order. they oversee more than 5,000 miles of transmission lines in florida. bolts got off to a shaky start as they hit the ice for the first preseason game. they fell 3-2 to the hurricanes. not many starters played, including ben bishop. preseason continues with florida here tomorrow night. the regular season opens october 13 versus the red wings.
6:49 am
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>>jennifer: a lot to talk about
6:52 am
first a developing story. >>russell: we're learning new details about a big takeover in the beer industry. let's get to lauren simonetti to tell us what she knows about this. good morning. >> the maker of budweiser, anheuser-busch taking over s.a.b. miller, their rival, for $103 billion. it would create a huge beer giant. you have africa and latin america, both of those are growing countries. they'll be able to get into the all, essentially control a third of the world's beer. so that's the deal. we just received word the boards of both companies did approve it. >>russell: budweiser and miller under the same umbrella. all those years of competition. wow. that's something. >>jennifer: there's all the drama with wells fargo. there's finally going to be some
6:53 am
million from the c.e.o. of the company and the woman who is in charge of that unit, that -- where the employees were creating the false accounts, she retired but they're going to claw back about $19 million from her. this might be too little too late but it's nice to see the bank is doing something, taking something back from the people who oversaw what was going on with these two million fake accounts. executives will be testifying tomorrow on >>russell: next epi pen. there's outrage. there's outrage over those two stories. >> and people are being held responsible and now, you know, $41 million for stump is like a quarter of everything he's made since he's been with the bank, 35 years. >>russell: wow. still, though, it's a chunk of change. all right. let's talk about this. we know christmas is december 25. holiday shoppers are more
6:54 am
november, november 8, right? >> it doesn't matter who wins november 8, if it's hillary or donald. it means there's going to be a change and that makes people feel uncomfortable which means they say one in five of them in a new survey, say they're not going to spend as much on holiday gifts this year because of an upcoming change. what do you think? i'm going to spend less every year and i always spend more. >>russell: but i do wonder if follow-through on that. you know? do we really think that that will affect -- you're going to have -- you have to hit me hard with something more than that to keep me from buying christmas presents. do you know what i mean? >> i like your thinking. more than a different president to make me be a bah hum bug for christmas. walsh seems to like hillary because she would maintain what president obama has done.
6:55 am
think low interest rates. they like that. but think donald trump and his business skills and where he could envision the country by cutting corporate taxes and all of that, that could give small business owners, particularly, some added confidence, maybe more money in their pocket. lower taxes, you would think you'll say, i will spend more money but we're not hearing that. >>russell: all right. we'll talk later, okay? >>jennifer: great. see you then. >>jennifer: everyone, calm brad pitt is alive and well. he's the latest victim of a celebrity death scam. >>russell: while others have been mostly harmless, this one could be bad for your computer. facebook warning users not to click on what appears to be a fox news report about brad's death. do not fall for it. you could give hackers access to your account. if you've already clicked on the link, change your password
6:56 am
scammer. mall wear is what you wear to the mall. >>jennifer: illinois man pled guilty to hacking email accounts of female celebrities. edward major check used a phishing scheme to illegally access accounts to obtain newed photos and other private information. il the case, some are addressed the leak. his sentencing is scheduled for january. >>russell: sea world unveils a new virtual reality experience on a rollercoaster. the theme park is adding virtual reality headsets to the cracking coaster. riders will see sea monsters while zipping by at 60 miles an hour. sea world has announced plans for a new presentation on whales
6:57 am
shared with friends. they're doing what they have to. >>jennifer: you can share a pass? >>russell: that's what it said. don't go away. there's much more ahead in the next hour. geoff simon will be here to set the record straight about the economy. see how tampa bay is doing. >>jennifer: an app that helps you find a dog walker and the price, pretty reasonable. >>russell: and potential trouble for tour nichl florida. a big drop in winter visitors because of zika. >>dave: 6:57 and skytower radar showing us popup showers are more of an annoyance than anything sitting off the coast. a couple of them fell apart. we'll see more as the morning moves along, keeping in mind that a lot of moisture in the atmosphere, unstable air so we're going to go 88 degrees today. rain chance in general of around 40%. notice it goes up to 50% tomorrow. a hint of drier air friday into
6:58 am
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((russell- serious charges. a local therapist is accused of some bad behavior. what a couple of female patients say he did. >>russell: local therapist accused >> they're each saying they won monday night's debate so where does the race go from here? we'll have more from the campaign trail just ahead. >>jennifer: not once but twice. tiger woods told to leave. his embarrassing moment on a golf course. welcome to the 7:00 hour of "good day tampa bay." i'm jennifer epstein filling in for laura moody. >>russell: first we'll start with the weather. >>dave: do you want to see a
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