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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 4AM  FOX  September 29, 2016 4:00am-4:28am EDT

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ahead this morning: chaos... on campus. after shots are fired... at an ?elementary school. plus: a final goodbye... for a pitching phenom. the tearful memorials from tampa... to miami. ((walter plus: back on track? why it looks like hillborough county is finally ready to cut a deal... with ride-sharing. ((walter)) good morning.. and welcome to good day tampa bay... at 4:00. i'm walter allen. ((jen)) and i'm jennifer epstein. those stories in a minute, but now,
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new this morning: tampa police are investigating a shooting... at a gentlemen's club. it happened at "goodies nightclub" on east hillsborough avenue a few hours ago. one man was shot in the leg. the injury is not considered life threatening. no arrests
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now in south carolina... where there's been ?another school shooting. this time... at an ?elementary school. two students and a teacher were wounded... before the ?teenage gunman was captured. and we're learning more this morning about what may have ?sparked the attack. the shooting happened just before two in the town of townville, not far from the georgia border. students were on the playground when a 14-year-old boy drove up in a car and got out, firing a handgun. that's when two kindergarten boys and a female teacher were hit. the gunman tried to get into the school... but a teacher locked the then called 9-1-1. a longtime volunteer firefighter named "jamie brock" is being called the ?biggest hero of the day. he heard the dispatch call... arrived by himself.. ?tackled the gunman, and held him until backup arrived. his boss says... brock isn't talking to the media... because he doesn't want any attention for what he
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other firefighters helped the school nurses tend to the wounded until medical helicopters arrived. one student was shot in the foot... a teacher was shot in the shoulder. they have both been released from the hospital. the kindergarten student shot in the leg... is still in critical condition. and that 14-year old shooter may have ?another victim. police responded to the family home and found his ?father dead. the boy actually called his grandmother she couldn't understand him...and went to the home. police still don't know the connection to the school. they've been interviewing the teen all night. classes at that school are ?canceled for today. it was a tearful night at alonso high school in tampa... as friends, faculty and staff came out to remember the life, of one of their ?biggest stars: major league pitcher -- jose fernandez. before he was a star in the majors, fernandez led his high school team to two state championships. they held a candlelight vigil for fernandez right on
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played on. they recalled a young man who was so passionate and enthusasticaand loved the game of baseball. the alonso principal saying - he loved lifea&and was larger than life. fernandez came to the u-s from cuba with his mothera&when he was 15. from there he would become a baseball sensation. fernandez tragically died over the weekend in a boating accident in miami. . many are still grieving the lossa&of someone who meant so much: in miami... thousands came out for another memorial for fernandez... along with a procession. many of his teammates walked along the hearse. the miami marlins also played its final ?home game of the season last night. they lost to the mets. 5
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from playoff contention. the players gathered at the pitches und e st night time night... where fernandez's number 16 mains. the team has an off day today. they plan to use it, to attend fernandez's ?private funeral service. a htoric decision..on . for the first time ?ever.. congress has ?overrn veto fr vi 9the righa.over a nelaw thatt audiaria hev o in attacks. ?admitted or attac, but i lg terristsho were volved in it.approved rthly ted 8 ve adar sirentays veedhe bl fearonlync othecountries pas
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an update now on the arrest of a bay area therapist. even ?more of his patients have now come forward... claiming he sexually assaulted them. "tony conti, junior" appeared before a judge wednesday afternoon. the 71-year-old is a licensed psycho-therapist... who has practiced in the lakeland area for nearly half a century. initially, ?two women said conti groped them... after
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necessary part of their treatment. after a two week undercover sting, conti was arrested and charged with "engaging in sex with a client." after news of his arrest broke, ?two more women came forward with similar stories. ?more charges are likely. and police are looking for ?more possible victims to come forward. an 18-year-old is now facing charges... for allegedly hitting a pedestrian with her car... and never stopping. it happened wednesday morning on state road 60 in hillsborough county... just west of i-75. troopers say "tianna perretta" hit 25-year-old "annie marie was walking along the grassy shoulder. skeens was taken to the hospital with serious injuries. perretta has been charged with leaving the scene... and careless driving. ?has hillsborough county ?finally reached a deal with ride-sharing services? we should find out, later this morning. the public transportation commission is holding a news conference with representatives from "uber." and "uber" says they have reached a ?temporary deal. "uber" says specific details on the temporary regulations won't be announced
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but the tampa bay times is reporting that both "uber" and "lyft" have agreed to have tougher background checks for their drivers. that could include a statewide criminal records search.. along with a search of federal court records, state and national sex offender databases and f-b-i most-wanted lists. the news conference is scheduled for ten this morning at the hillsborough county center in downtown tampa. a little relief for homeowners in mulberry. mosaic has released the first round of test results from private wells. and it says the water ?is safe t company to do the testing after a huge sinkhole opened at the company's mulberry phosphate plant last month. hundreds of millions of gallons of contaminated water poured into the aquifer. neighbors say they're relieved by these initial test results, but they want it to continue.. for at ?least the next few months. an update on a local charity... recovery from a robbery. late last week, someone stole hundreds of dollars worth of jewelry from "belle of the ball" in
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provides homecoming and prom dresses for low income teen girls. the company announced on its facebook page wednesday that it is still in desperate need of donations. they are good on ?dresses... but they really need costume-style jewelry. they posted this picture as an example. you can drop off jewlery donations at any "sun country cleaners" location in the bay area. a great update on a little league in st. petersburg... that just lost a ?lot of money. it's now getting some help from the community. "northeast little league" in st. pete is struggling to keep its season go registration fees is withholding about 40-thousand- dollars! until that money is turned over-- the league started a "go fund me" account to keep the season alive. and as of this morning, northeast little league has received nearly 11- thousand-dollars. the newest met didn't waste any time, before "tebow
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sports: why tim gave his baseball fans reason to cheer... after his first swing. also ahead: a road... to the future? the project that could really ?light the way... for transportation technology. break 1: 2:00break 2: 1:45 break 3: 1:40endbrk: 1:30
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colleen loves helping the environment. ...and dale, well he loves colleen. they have their differences. but they make it work, most of the time. and at least they agree one thing. new tide purclean it's the first bio-based detergent... with the cleaning power of tide. so you can actually clean your clothes and still... your part. new tide purclean.
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if it's got to be clean, it's got to be tide. a new roadway project in the midwest... could make the ?world a little better. that's because it's a ?solar? road project. a company based in idaho came up with the idea. it developed solar panels to install on the sidewalk near a rest stop in conway, missouri.. the
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engineered to be walked and driven on.. they contain l-e-d lights.. and can even support the weight of semi trucks! the couple behind the project.. say if it goes
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?? the moments that connect us don't happen overnight. they happen one morning at a time, and one cup at a time.
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some sports this morning. a late night for the rays. and first the ?good news. after two straight nights of ?blowouts... the rays ?didnt get blown out last night. unfortunately that doesn't mean they ?won. game three of their four game
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off with a rain delay. after that, both ?offenses took a delay. the game was scoreless until the bottom of the ?seventh inning. chicago's todd frazier gets his ?40th home run of the season. and that's ?all chicago would need. they win the game... 1-nothing. and... here's a pretty ?rare event in baseball. a game ends... and ?both teams win. the red sox and yankees battling in the bronx. boston took a 3-nothing lead into the ninth. but it wouldn't last night. the sox walk the bases loaded... and with two outs, yankees "mark texiera" hits a walkoff ?grandslam. yanks win... five to three. but the orioles also beat the blue jays last night... which made boston the a-l east champions! so ?everyone was celebrating last night at
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and... the tim tebow ?haters got a little quiet on wednesday. well... for at least one pitch. tebow had his first game with the mets, playing in the fall instructional league. and the first ?pitch he sees... he takes right over the wall! yup a ?homerun in his debut. he even took it opposite field. it was off former jesuit high grad " john kilichowski." tebow celebrates wit he actually had ?five more at bats... and this was actually his ?only hit. but calm down people. insiders say it would still take tebow at least two ?years to move up to the ?major
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when we come back, i'll have another check on your thursday forecast. and... it looks like "samsung" just can't catch a break. why the company now has ?another product that ?could explode. and it
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making headlines across america this morning: protests continue in southern california, following the latest police shooting. crowds took to the streets wednesday calling for justice. and at the same time...police have released ?more details about what happened. police shot 38 year old "alfred olango" on tuesday
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walking in and out of traffic and creating a danger for himself and others. when they confronted him they say he refused to take his hand out of his pocket. when he did... they say he pointed a ?vape pen at them, holding it with both hands... like it was a gun. one officer was preparing to ?tase him, but a second officer ?shot him first. olango's family says he suffered from mental issues. today in washington: another hearing... on the wells fargo fake account scandal. c-e-o "john stumpf" is expected to testify before the house financial services follows another hearing last week in the senate... where stumpf avoided most of the questions. more problems for "samsung" now... and ?another exploding device. but this time it's not a phone... it's a washing machine! people are posting videos of their front-load machines after they blew apart. the issue affects ?top loading machines that are loaded with heavy bedding or bulky items. samsung says the heavy materials can lead to abnormal
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the issue affects samsung washing machines made between march 20-11 and april of this year. still ahead: a scary warning for trick or treaters in one florida county. why they need to watch where they ?walk. plus... help is finally on the way... for people ?flooded out, by hurricane hermine. and it
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