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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 8AM  FOX  September 30, 2016 8:00am-9:00am EDT

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((russell mind you - this is a mind you, this is a peaceful protest. but regardless, it is taking away from education. and the superintendent of manatee county is having none of it. and columbine, sandy hook, virginia tech just three examples of why school violence cannot be t beginning tomorrow in florida, it won't be. from tampa bay's number one news station, this is good day tampa bay. hey everybody it's 8 o'clock i'm russell rhodes. good morning we thank you for waking with us on this friday morning september 30th. last day of the month. sure is. >> yeah. we had a brief break with traffic. but it is starting to pick up again we will send it over to vanessa with quick check of the roads. good morning. pretty busy on roadways we started off with fatal crash
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that cleared out and now we're met with another crash. and this is going to be blocking northbound lanes and causing delays over the skyway bridge. and bear with me looks like skyfox is just orienting itself with this shot i might move on if we cannot get a look at the scene. >> it was a blocking one lane. and we have some delays in the area. northbound back towards the manatee side of the skyway bridge. at last check delays were at 30 minutes or so and growing drivers weigh thatnt you whether to decide to stick with principling and take 75. we want to get to this as well. largo area northbound lanes blocked. missouri at jasper due to crash where utility pole came down. so now they have tape across northbound lanes. work around here clearwater largo road or highland avenue. and a southbound 275. so keep this in mind. this is probably related to that 75 crash. southbound 275 is jammed as drivers try to avoid that area
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heavier times here. 37 minutes to get from bearss to i-4. it is almost 8:02. you know, looking a the skytower radar we've got a couple little showers popping pick up they are back toward coastline. this is not much. and it just kind of comes in waves. by time we hit 11, 12, we're going to see more of these little coastal showers and storms fire up. eventually shift inland. to be honest forecast today is was like yesterday with the 40 percent rain chances. and then you've got mid to upper yajts for high temperatures. >> hurricane matthew is almost a major hurricane. the pressure continuing to fall. the wind speeds are now up to 105 miles per hour. moving west southwest at 14. that was a forecast direction. west southwest. now it's going to move back to the west and then eventually turn hard north over the weekend. we'll dissect more on this track
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all right. dave, thank you. peaceful protests are what some high school students are doing. regardless, the superintendent of schools says enough is enough and is demanding these students stop or loss one most important days in high school student's life. >> jen's here to explain wra what the students are pro protesting. and is pus putting there homecoming on the line. that's right russell black lives matter. that's the point these manatee and palmetto high school students are trying to get across when they started but the superintendent of for manatee county says further protest and school disrupts disruption will not be tolerated today. >> if those protest continue, homecoming dances and football games could be cancelled. now this is video from palmetto high school during lunch yesterday showing a peaceful protest from group of kids chanting black lives matter. well several of these protests have happened at schools across manatee county this week.
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dr. diana green claims the school wills no longer waste valuable educational time dealing with these issues. palmetto high school head football coach told bradenton herald the fool ball game will be played one point. nondistrict games can't cancelled they can only be postponed all right jen, thank you, we'll talk later. >> it is 8:04 new trend of creepy clowns is not funny person sheriff's offices across the state are warn that go it can get you shot. >> and they want it to stop before that happens. >> hearing about it once is bad enough it is happening more often. and on wednesday morning the bay area reported it's first case. a largo high school student reported being chased by someone dressed a clown. you can see the picture here. while she was waiting a bus stop but that was fourth case reported in florida in just the last week.
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just about costume. >> you never know is behind the clown mask. it could a pedophile. we have tops of pedophiles in this area. the pinellas county sheriff's wearing a clown. and a that changes the minute starts harassing someone. that includes chasing intimidating and taunting a person. these clown sighting antijust in florida they are flooding in from across the country. law enforcement majority people involved playing pranks they antitrying to hurt anyone16-year-old boy was stabbed to death by a man wearing a clown mask. that man is still on the run. 8:05 right now troopers and deputies shut down all lanes of southbound i-75 for several hours this morning. a car a struck a person near fowler avenue and investigation took along time to wrap up alcides is live along interstate where all this happened. roads are open but the
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into what happened here, right? >> exactly right. actually florida highway patrol just released a news release again just a couple seconds ago i will just read it to you. it says here two vehicles were traveling southbound on i-75 just south of fowler avenue which is not too far away from where i'm standing right now. from what the release says, it says two vehicles were traveling southbound and there was a pedestrian center lane of i-75 for an unknown reason. unable to observe the pedestrian, both vehicles collided with the pedestrian. who obviously sustained fatal injuries. the next of kin still waiting to be determined at this point. so again, that just coming down from florida highway patrol. it appears two vehicles collided with this preyed very early this morning. this crash came in at about 3:30 a.m.
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investigate and again, we just got word of exactly what happened. still a lot of unknowns to be frank. why was this person standing in middle of interstate according to a florida highway patrol. was this car disabled? who knows. i mean who knows what happened leading up to. i can tell you i-75 is still slow moving southbound. northbound about 30, 45 minutes ago was slow moving a well but it slowly picked up. this was a horrific crash that happened very early this morning just south of fowler avenue on i 75. and again fhp was investigating it for about three hours. i-75 was completely shut down the southbound lanes. northbound was open but southbound was closed for some time. and so fhp concluded their an investigation we just got information two cars collided with the pedestrian.
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was hit by two separate vehicles. he obviously died there at the scene. a lot of unknowns. all right, alcides. talk later. thank you. >> 8:0 eight you could call a crime of convenience. now st. pete police are looking for a woman on a motorized scooter that found an nfl filled with cash and took off. happened at the sam's club on 34th street north. police say she picked up the nfl $900 in it stuck it in >> all right. drug prices are getting out of crow control these days look a backlash epipen price hike. new kaiser family foundation poll 82 percent of americans want federal government to do something about it. 78 percent also support limiting price hikes for high cost medications to treat serious illnesses like cancer. everyone appears to want this. we're talking about republicans
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will poll shows they are all pushing for around policy change that would make it easier for everyone to be able to afford their prescriptions. if they could in america 71 percent of those involved in study say they would want the government to legalize prescription drug imports from canada where it's cheaper. make sense? a former farm suit call ceo who became infamous for driving price of drug from $13 to $750 is back on twitter asking for a good cause. >> yeah. slap him around a little bit. more than that. that man martin shkreli auctioned off an opportunity to either being slapped or punch in a hopes of raising money for 5 yeared with cancer. a woman named katie agreed to donate $50,000 to the cause. in exchange, to punch him in the face a many times as she wanted. but at the last minute she backed out. he is not happy about it he
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>> odd story, isn't it? >> all right. almost 8:10. and hurricane matthew is picking up speed in the ocean. dave's been tracking and give us an update on the path. and there's something else revving up in the water. good stuff. boats. walter is alive at the super boat nationals. you're going to bolt in boat. sorry. what's going on. man. bolt in bo tampa is the cigar city. clearwater will be the cigarette boat city at least for this weekend. actually high performance catamaran. look at this baby behind me they will hit water this weekend we will preview all events first charley belcher with a little pep rally. charley, good morning. yes indeed we're tampa catholic high school. these are your varsity crusaders we've got our freshman.
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we've got our seniors right in the middle here. which means our juniors are on the end down here. yep. the whole school is here and i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. i'd look her right in that fat ugly face of hers. she's a slob. she ate like a pig.
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vo: we asked women in pinellas county to describe congressman david jolly in one word: woman 1: dangerous. woman 2: backwards. woman 3: out-of-touch... woman 4: that's 3 words. vo: david jolly shares donald trump's backwards agenda for women. jolly opposes a woman's right to choose and deny women access to basic health care like mammograms and cancer screenings. woman 5: i have 3 words for david jolly... not for women. vo: house majority pac is responsible
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((laura 2shot)) people from across the and welcome back to good day tampa bay. 8:14. and people from across the country will be flocking to clearwater beach. but it's not just for sunshine and for the water, it's for boat races. >> the 8 time world champion miss geico team will be taking on other all around the world. and walter clearwater beach to check it all out for us. hey, good morning. >> hey good morning, i was so excited when team geico. lemonade. lemonade man. read the sign. delicious. i love the commercial. roger cox joining us this morning. these boats are absolutely massive. these are huge boats. that's, that's what everyone
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they are drive pits you walk up to them you really realize how big they are. everyone loves races everyone can see them going around as fast as they go. when you caulk down here in the pits see out big they are you're pretty much amazed. all sporting entrepreneurs once you see it live it gets you hooked. same for here. walk us through weekend's events with races that's going to happen on sunday. yeah, today, everyone, all boats are starting to come in today. they will, this is the dry pit everyones crews are here all the equipment comes in everyone gets set up. and we have it clearwater. and then, you know come tomorrow, tomorrow's testing that's what everybody looking forward to everyone's ready to test their equipment noon to 4. then sunday's the day. we got three races on sunday. 12, 1:30 and 3. so, you know, get to the beach early. >> and you were describing a little bit off camera what it will be like tomorrow when they are testing. i think back to my days in indianapolis in 500 whole month of may they, testing stuff, moving stuff a little bit here and there. that's kind of what, what
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yeah it's no different. high performing answer engines everyone is trying to make sure their skwiment is ready doing their set ups just like they do in car stock car racing or indy. and, you know, so tomorrow's a big day. because really want to make sure set up's right they have to preticket what conditions are going to be like on sunday. everyone's looking at the weather. looking wind see what conditions will be if it will be chop or flat or you know bump up a little bit. so you know we'll see what happens tomorrow. and then big day on sunday. you were telling me not just challenging than that obviously, the chop plays a factor you have two people in boat at the same time. it is, more than just driving a boat. yeah. i mean you imagine that getting in car driving down highway one's got wheel and a one has goose pedal and brake. these guys are teams. they work together they get on board communications they are talking to each other, you know if you're going into a turn at 140 miles an hour you got to know when to let off the tloltss a little bit. okay. so come come out for tomorrow
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course. absolutely. roger cox i appreciate it thank you so much. guys there you go. coming up in the 9 o'clock hour, we're going to have somebody driving us around. roy our photo journalist will be the brake and gas guy i'll just sit there and enjoy the show. putt-putt on sunglasses and enjoy. all right then. we've got a long week. start the weekend early. it's fine with us. why not. why not. i did see bud light over there. why not. get it going. >> not until 10, my see you later. yeah. >> all right. life is good for walter allen. >> yes, it is. didn't for him. >> 8:17. a couple of showers on shore this morning. like yesterday, you pop up tropical downpours where for most of us you just kind of see it in the distance. but, every once in while you get one to move overhead quick little shower right in middle of hernando county as we speak.
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wachee, moving over highway 19. and again these are the pesky little showers. popped them up right along the coast all morning long and definitely see a few more before we get to the noon time hour. then we'll see more and more as they work their way inland. but here's one in the in the st. petersburg area. one or two dotting coastline. but in general it's nice little start to the day. i've got 80 degrees our 8 o'clock temperature at tampa international. south, southeast winds at three miles an per next couple of days continue with 40 percent rain chance is the difference. coastal storms move inland today. tomorrow, later in the day, as everything kind of backs up toward the coast, as winds shift to the east for tomorrow afternoon. it's a hurricane matthew. a big, big storm. and while it looks like it's getting a little bit elongated right now because of higher wind sheer, here's a storm that despite the wind sheer is getting stronger and stronger.
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it's going to take that turn toward the north, be in the bahamas by middle of next week. yes it's going to slow down. gives us time to watch it but this is a not a good set up for jamaica, cuba or even haiti as well over the next several days. we'll have more on this coming up in the next half hour. but let's bring it back to 88 degrees for our high today. next 7 days, we'll show you rain chances stay up if matthew stays well to the east of our state. we'll dry it out next week and take rain chances leave those in. vanessa. all right. dave, thanks. we want to check back on skyway bridge. and lanes are clear. still dealing with clay in northbound direction due to the previous lane crash lane blocks we were experiencing going to stemming in area of the hump. backing up towards the start of the bridge in manatee county. sop i continue to either remember plan that extra time, we had delays now they are getting down below 30 minutes.
8:20 am
area. of course 75 a work around if that makes sense for your your travel times didn't news we haven't seen any other big crashes with blockage. so for the most part our roads are remaining pretty clear. major wise, we do have of course skyway crash but also some congestion on 275 remnants of that earlier wreck on 75 where folks were trying to void the area we're now down below 30 minutes but still pretty heavy southbound from bearss to i-4 taking 20 mchts. good delays southbound on 75. westbound on i-4 heading towards 75. at 9 we're talking about our favorite scary movies. the ones that are the most successful. we were just talking about that yes. got good ones a mother panic tennis match in spain. we will tell you one biggest stars in the world helps find her. >> but first the spirited kids
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it homecoming weekend they are ready for friday. as a federal prosecutor, i've spent my career prosecuting criminals and fighting for the rights of victims. i want to make the state attorney's office a model for criminal justice. i'll prioritize violent crime and be tough on murderers, gangs, and i'll make the system fair by working with police to wear body cameras and using dna to put criminals behind bars, not innocent people. i'm andrew warren.
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welcome to tampa catholic high school. [ cheering ] there they all
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in the gym. so excited that it's friday. it's homecoming week. and those are crusaders. they can't wait to take the field tonight against berkeley prep. homecoming game. huge game. the cheerleaders are ready. and the spirit of this school it is right here. these people are known green locos. >> yes? >> yes. my name fran chess ska. what is that green locos doesn't mean crazy loyal con radz. just short. but basically what we do is we come out to our games and we show our spirit towards our school. >> nice. >> can you explain the little dotted s thing every school is that from something that
8:25 am
live tv >> it's just like a really school design and everyone does it we have our little tattoo on our faces right here. not a real tattoo folks at home. not a real tattoo. i think my mom would kill me. >> tampa catholic high school. notah to yous here. we some dogs. we ain't no puppies. that is from james winston half time of the fsu game they were behind he was in there. we some dogs we no puppies. got them fired that was pretty good. so that's your job to fire up this crowd and fire up these crew sardz on football field tonight. >> yeah. how fun has homecoming week been? it's been amazing. we've had spirit days each day. so we had like senior were old, elderly, the juniors were adults, sophomores were middle schooler and freshman were babies. it was saw some. seniors were elderly. does that men they were dressed
8:26 am
>> like canes and gray hair. i just want to make sure your definition of elderly. you guys ready four the games tonight? oh, yeah. for sure. i just want to make sure. i like how quiet and demure you're being on tv you've been one being fired up most this morning. always. always. that's my job. >> good. all right. i want to see you right now. let's get that crowd fired up. let me see you green locos. let me see you. all right. we're going to bit. spindiana jones, play a little music. these crusaders need to get fired up. stick around everybody. we're going to have a good day.
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appetites. even a small one can throw you off your game. and they only get bigger as time goes on. serve foster farms, a corn dog with 7 grams of protein makes a big appetite go away.
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from tampa bay's number one news station, this is good day tampa bay. malpractice insurance in every doctor has to a protect themselves in case anything happens. >> well now, another profession is insuring up not one you would think about at all. fox 13 jen epstein is here now with look why law enforcement officers are now having to buy supplement insurance to protect themselves and their families. good morning. >> good morning, guys. you know police are in charge of keep their community safe some police groups say they need protection people they are defending. pushing back against what they
8:31 am
black men across the country. the shooting have not only caused anger among community leaders and some politicians, it's also brought on lawsuits against the police. so more officers and local police unions signing up for additional insurance to cover those legal costs in case they get sued. some are even speaking out for a new laws and proposals that would offer them more protection. many officers point to the unsuccessful prosecution six police officers accused 2015 death freddie gray in baltimore as a rush to judgment that they fear. they say the use of body camera and dash cams has change public perception of police putting there every move under microscope forcing them to go on defensive without being given benefit of doubt. it's an unfortunates sign of times. in 201518 officers were charged with a murder or manslaughter and fatal on duty shooting most in ten years. and six in ten americans say police killings of black people are assign of a broader problem
8:32 am
while 39 percent say they are isolated incidents. >> laura. wow. all right. thank you, jen. something to think about. >> you need help? just follow the thin blue line. it will lead right to pinellas park police department. >> you'll find it along 59th street in front of the building. and this thin blue line is something we've seen a lot of late. and many of us don't know the meaning behind it. when you see it, you'll notice there is usually a black line that represnts the community. and then the blue line which is barrier between the other black line. that symbolizes criminal element. that thin blue line permanent beacon in front of pinellas park police department. >> the child should not have been in the van at all. that is what miami detectives are saying about the death of two-year-old boy who had been left in a day care van for more than six hours. the boy, identified as angel chavez was left in 90-degree
8:33 am
he was foaming at the mouth. >> the van, the boy was in had never been registered to the state to transport children. if there there would a steps in place to be sure child would not have died. this is things every parent in a needs to know about. driver would have been required to keep a detailed log of pick up and drop offs. and a second employee would have to go through that van looking for any children that might have been sta >> in this miami case, none of that happened. >> employees thought he stayed home with his mother. even though his brother was picked up. the adults didn't bother to ask why he wasn't with them. now there's investigation into day care and proosz and it's closed. and miami homicide detectives are still deciding if any charges including manslaughter will be filed here. parents need to have a serious conversation with their
8:34 am
school violence will no longer be tolerated a new law goes into effect tomorrow that brings with it serious consequences when it comes to threats of school attacks. school violence. school threats of any kind as russell said fox 13's shayla reeves live in pasco county where they've seen several threats. she has more information about this new law. good morning, shayla. yeah, good morning to you. the pasco school subpoenaed said six weeks into school year already they've had three cases in the district involving comments made on social media or even pictures posted on social media that could be interpreted as threats of school shootings. so they are taking this issue very seriously. and just to give you an idea what we're seeing right now, just here in florida, a bomb threat just a bomb threat can get you felony charge. but a school shooting threat is only a miss xheern.
8:35 am
discovered, found out during school hours. otherwise, authorities don't have many options for what they can do. well this new law is going to change all of that starting saturday. they are calling for stricter penalties. psychiatricer consequences and focus is on safety. this of course comes just a couple of years after the situation picture there on your screen. a teen made an online threat prompting extra security at land o'lakes high school. the picture you're seeing was posted on social media and showed warning he planned to open fire. ultimately investigators found him out of state. but this situation caused a lot of concern for staff, students and parents. >> the new law stiffens consequences for actions like this. one person's joke to hold another person's pursuit to their success or their education is not fair and not right at all. >> i think it's very important for people to not joke about
8:36 am
i think it's really important for people to be responsible for what they say and take responsibility for the things that they say. and right now the greatest consequence someone could face for making a school shooting threat is a misdemeanor for disrupting a school function. now with the new law taking effect over weekend you can expect a second degree felony charge for a school shooting threat. again that law takes effect tomorrow. and of course we'll continue to fo learn any new details. guys, back to you. all right shayla, thank you. it is 8:36 now. to other news country music fans have to put down nicotine. the club has just declared itself smoke free. no cigarettes no e-cigarettes no cigars or vapes. none of it allowed in main building. however there be designated smoking rooms at the front of building. new rule takes effect next saturday. sop tonight's truck and jeep
8:37 am
watching the show. russell. >> dave. >> right now europe's most ambitious space mission is coming to an end delighting and surprising scientist all along the way. any moment, maybe now it was a sprays craft will crash into a comet. in november of 2014, its lander became first spacecraft to successful touchdown on a comet. now, as solar system is running out of power. it's too far to use the sun to recharge. so in one final act it will crash into the comet snapping pictures along way scientist hope it will have enough juice to gather information about lump skrup sures they are calling goose bumps. one strongers watching project closely is calling it an astonish and inspirational engineering feat mission has
8:38 am
comets. i saw a "new york times" alert just a few minutes ago. it said it said that, rosetta made a soft belly flop on. i love that. a love that a soft belly flop. how do they know that? if they are crashing into a comet how will they get last pictures back? that's true. that's true. just a thought. but it's, it is amazing what they can do. really is. >> 8:38. let's check with radar. because skytower radar has active as it has here in the morning because of that west to southwest wind that we have here early in morning, and those showers, i mean they are not much. again more nuisance and anything you can see them there. piellas county there's another one see pop up out of nowhere. another one headed for anclote right now. and that shower will work its way on shore. as we get into early afternoon hours, we're going to see more in the way of these showers down in the coast and eventually they
8:39 am
today. here's hurricane matthew. i know what you're thinking looks like you're moving southwest. it is trying to round the base of this big ridge sitting to top of it. and at the same time it's still being sheered. still wind sheer going on in the storm. that is not stopping it from intensifying. that's kind of a scary thing. when wind sheer dies down expected to do over the weekend. there's going to be nothing to stop this sto major hurricane if it's not already there. it will get there. that's going to pose a huge problem in the next few days. here's the forecast path for the storm. 3, two by the way means that's category storm. 3 major hurricane. you can see how it becomes a major hurricane. stay that is weight right into monday morning. where it will be positioned just to the east of jamaica. and then eventually, over eastern cuba and bahamas.
8:40 am
set up for the whole caribbean. and unfortunately when you get hurricane in caribbean, it has to go somewhere now long-term models are still keeping it just off shore of the east coast. but my opinion, a little too close for comfort. we're going to keep a close eye on this all the way through the weekend. and into the middle of next week. in the meantime let's go 88 degrees for a high today. here's what's going oh happen over the weekend. we're going to shift winds back to an east wind. that will mean more late day saturday and again on sunday. which may play into the bucs game again. okay. so keep that in mind going out to raymond james stadium 60 percent rain chance for monday time to give away another mug. this one fishing at sunrise. sunrise, no, this is wrong one. this is the wrong one. oh, no. i'm going to have to fix that. that's so cute though. yeah it is cute one. i got wrong title. but that's picture we're giving
8:41 am
with the puppy overlooking the bay. let me get that name fixed for you, okay? it's not justin little? >> let me get that fixed for you okay. >> okay. we'll stand by. >> do you want us to wait for you to fix it? no it's going to take a couple of minutes. >> all right. we'll check back in for all the details. >> we will wait for breaking news thanks, dave appear 8:41. wheelie check roadways in meantime whi d his groofk. better news here all red is gone. now just dealing with moderate congestion northbound after earl whyier crash near the hib. delays are sitting around ten minutes or so. so a little more manageable. we want to get to pinellas. u.s. 19 cue will you. sounds like this actually a separate crash. because if you're watching earlier in the morning you recall we had a pretty bad back
8:42 am
lane blocked outside southbound delays sitting around 5 minutes. give yourself that extra time. okay. >> well, good-bye mini van hello ferrari luxury car company known for two seater unveiled a more practical four seater at the paris show on thursday. because you're in market for ferrari you're looking for practical, right? gtc sport is touted as car meant for practical daily use. wow. turbo charged v8 that can go from 0 company said made for people who want to drive ferrari for quick trips to the grocery store. yeah and other errands. but before you get too excited you're going to have to cough up $260,000 to get your hands on one. still ferrari. also be released a hybrid extreme super car that can reach speeds up to 217 miles per hour. and will set you back more than $2 million. that's pretty. that's pretty.
8:43 am
uh-huh. guys? i wasn't wrong. you were. you were right right the whole time. can i show it again please? please. go back for that graphic wee wee. doggy sunrise by justin little. that's our mug winning picture today. i was getting ahead of myself with other one. i was right. maybe the dog was fishing it's cute. i just wanted to let you know. very pretty picture. okay. yeah. all is well. you know amazing kids during children's cancer awareness month. today we get to meet one more. look how it changed one teenager's life and how you can help all of these ?? cozy up this fall with dunkin's coffee and espresso flavors.
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or drink in the season with the classic taste of pumpkin. america runs on dunkin'. vo: we asked women in pinellas county to describe congressman david jolly in one word: woman 1: dangerous. woman 2: backwards. woman 3: out-of-touch... woman 4: that's 3 words. vo: david jolly shares donald trump's backwards agenda for women. jolly opposes a woman's right to choose and voted to defund planned parenthood and deny women access to basic health care like mammograms and cancer screenings.
8:45 am
vo: house majority pac is responsible
8:46 am
over this past month.. we've met over past month we've met some really great kids. i so i a nick, riley, sofia. kids with cancer, little ones with pretty scary words bigge following following them around. there's a chance you probably would never know they had cancer unless they told you about it. and boy, will they tell you about it, right? but that's the thing about cancer, it's sometimes dead willing disease that leaves permanent imprnt on family a person and their hearts. just like these kids have on everyone they meet. especially us. including us. today, last day of september,
8:47 am
cancer awareness month. but definitely not last time we should talk about it. our bring awareness to the topic. this morning we've got our friend she works here patio leery. almost, right? almost. and we have olivia with us this morning good to see you? how you doing? >> good. so, where were you diagnosed >> i was diagnosed when i was 15 years old. with leukemia. >> okay. how you doing now? >> i'm doing good. yeah? yeah. you say you have another year or so left of treatment? >> yes. so all maintenance nor another year. feeling good? yes i'm feeling great. so pretty. >> thank you. you're so pretty. oh, good. you know, i mean, you've bringing some some great kids for the last few weeks. we have. it's great. amazing kids. that in the face adversity our so positive, so strong. it requires a certain amount of strength, doesn't it? >> yeah. >> there's, i want to talk about some events that are coming up. because, we'll get to that in a second i want to talk about
8:48 am
adopting families. that's exactly what you guys do. right? we do. allow that to be done. we allow it to take place. actually we reach out into the community so individuals or companies can collaborate and they are provided with list of families that could really just use that support at the holiday time. when a family's on an extended stay, mom and dad can't out shopping. it's it's just not feasible sometimes financial distress adds to that individuals can adopt a family and their wishes this holiday season. families. >> wow. then there are also holiday cards christmas cards. holiday cards can be found in over 100 public locations. but these are kid artists. these are kids that currently on treatment and survivors even siblings sometimes or bereceived children they create this amazing holiday cards and packaged and sold for $20 a pack. we hope people will take advantage and support that.
8:49 am
that this year, yes? what are you doing in this? so we're going to be there's going to be fashion show so you get to watch the different models like molds the different stuff that they have in and we also have there's going to be men there that all the women. yes handsome men like russell. no, no. who will be our emcee the another reason to come out. i, did i you know what, there aren't many times i go offer. but you g you got me this year. so after parading all the kids here we got him. yeah. a great cause. let's tell everybody about the night. i've actually gone as a guest. and it's a fun event. it's an amazing event. it really is, if people looking for either the ultimate woman's night out or fear f. you're single man you want to be a room full of 600 beautiful women that's place to be a fashion show, it's tasting wine from
8:50 am
marketplace. it's high energy, high level, just a really amazing evening. and an important way to support our mission and our cause. >> november 3rdrd. and how do you get tickets? you can go to wwws wine women and shoes tampa. i added an extra w. we will get that up on bay or something. so people can do it. we're rounding the bend to end of this month of talking about this once a week here. what, last chance, what do you want people to take away from what we've done here? i really want people to recognize that cancer childhood cancer really does exist. and the immediate needs of kids and families are equally as important as chasing a cure and research. and people really need to recognize that these kids need more than that to be well i just think we need to start nationwide getting behind
8:51 am
cancer. >> okay. hey. good to meet you. nice to meet you too. i will see you in a few weeks. >> yes. we'll hanging out. yes. definitely. it will be fun. going to be fun. all right. so i'm not, i'm doing this so just tell me call me tell me what, we will. we're so looking forward to it. going to be great. my honor to be there. all right. good to see you. take care. patty love you. to charley we go right now. i know you're busy and lot going on there i hope you've able to i can hardly hear myself think we're tampa catholic high school for pep rally. we've having our dance off between last segments. is now senior's turn. spindiana jones, hit me with some music. the dance off continues. stick around everybody. oh, this is senior class representative. you're going to meet the football team next. when we shop it is kinda like a competition. it is exactly like a competition.
8:52 am
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8:55 am
berkeley homecoming game. coach that's big. >> it is huge. district game. we always want to win when alumni come back home from homecoming. win for great fans and faculty and cheerleaders and everybody else. we're excited. tell me about these crusaders this year. tell me how they are doing. tell you what this is one hardest working groups we've ad struggle played really, really tough teams national power houses. >> but we didn't let it define us and came back a big win against ccc and we got one tonight. we're excited. big rivalry last week. catholic schools take on each other. everybody gets a little fired up. it always is. you which one best catholic school in diocese. no it was great win last week. and kind of a defining moment for us. we're we're hoping to build on that momentum a give somebody love. couple our quarterbacks right here. darius knob 3 denny is hiding in
8:56 am
year starters on this team. kind of all over the place to spread out. but, good core group of disguise. and so like i said, great hard working group. let's go to the quarterback. quarterback's the man in charge. wants that ball that snapped. get team ready for game tonight? i think we're definitely ready and we're going to win this game for sure. nice. nice. >> is snapchat happening while we're on live sorry. all right. so now you ready for that game i'm always ready for every game. nice. good for you guys. all right. there they are laenl. your tampa catholic high school crusaders. spindiana jones, fire up that music. and take another good look at these great kids. stick around everybody its friday and we're having a good
8:57 am
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all eyes on the tropics again. as jen would say i yay yay. all eyes on tropics again. a matthew gaining streng. right now we're good. that could always change. and it's that time of year when all the ghosts and goblins come out and so do do scary movies. we've got which made most money and we will take our favorites too. and good friday i'm laura moody. again this morning we have some showers popping up all over the place. let's get to dave and vanessa and talk about things. >> morning by way we like this. sitting a table relaxing. we should have coffee and donuts. >> yeah i keep thinking that maybe, i'll do it. if we keep shot maybe i'll bring tough in. i want to show you picture outside too. because you see, you see way in


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