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tv   FOX 13 1000 News  FOX  September 30, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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te >> developing next at 10:00, new video released showing the
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>> i just want to touch their face. i want to thank them. >> how do you survive a crash like this? well, one man did thanks to his rescuers. >> hurricane hazards, the most powerful storm the atlanta has seen in five years. paul is breaking track and its incredible strength. >> he is fighting every day, every moment to survive. and he will survive. >> a senseless shooting leaves a little 6-year-old's life on the line. his family is sharing their heartbreak and his road to recovery. >> good evening, everybody and welcome, i'm kelly ring. >> we are glad to have you with us.
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pictures of a car crash. a fence post post right throughe wwindshield, how did this happe, evan? >> he was unconscious when he went into the water and he realizes he was lucky to survive and now he wants to thank those who saved him. >> to see william land's car that he is luckier than even the biggest lotto winner. >> it's hard to believe that i was going that past to put a pole through the windshield and into the seat. >> he had a seizure, just before exit 33 on i-4 his car went off the eastbound lane, and crashed through a fence and went into a pound and several feet into the muck.
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leaving here and getting on the interstate and the next thing i remember was waking up in the hospital. >> while he was unconscious, an inangel was at work, a passing motorist saw what happened, ran down and pulled him out from under. >> i want to touch them. i just want to touch their face. i want to thank them. >> land only spent two hours in the hospital without even a broken bone. the accident any witnesses and so whoever did it left without giving a name. without him or her, even if land was a foot to the right he would likely be dead. >> my vehicle doesn't mean anything to me, my brother means everything to me. >> but the life-long epilepsy patient is not thinking about
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>> i'm lucky i didn't have someone in the passenger seat or if it went to the left or the right. i don't know what i would do if i hurt someone else. >> and thanks to a text message his sister found out there was a passer-by who tried to rescue him but that person was not able to reach the driver. in this case it was actually a lakeland firefighter lieutenant dan varner who was able to come by and make came to the scene as a first responder. and in this case william has decided he is better off not driving anymore. he has pledged to turn in his driver's license. >> so the hero is a firefighter. in prize there at all. evan, thank you very much. >> well, matthew is now a very powerful category 4 storm. it's been strengthening in the caribbean all day, let's go over to paul for the latest track.
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second, yesterday morning matthew was a tropical storm and now it's a cat 4. i was in the weather office a few moments ago looking at data coming in from the hurricane hunter planes and what i'm seeing now is i think this is a cat 5 with winds up to 160 miles per hour and the pressure down to 940 millibars. this storm was intensified literally as much as a storm can. the intensification has been off the charts. it and still moving to the west-southwest, and you see the pin-hole eye, it has cleared out -- for lack of a better word, this storm is a monster. really is. i mean, it's bad and it's going to continue to move west-southwest. the computer models still keep the storm east of our state but if it goes over cuba, the wind field is going to expand and so
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gusty winds around central florida as the storm bypasses us probably on wednesday. and we'll have to watch it closely. any shift to the west would be bad news because the storm is so big and so strong. here is the position. and we'll have the 11:00 advisory, and it's not official yet, but i'm thinking at 11:00 this is going to be a cat 5, those are 157 winds or higher and this is probably going to be 160 at least and the kingston, jamaica, a large population and going back to the 1800's, only al handful of storms have approached them from the south. usually they are to the east, and in this zone is where you have to watch for any shift of the track to the west. we are not seeing that specifically yet but you can't
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rule out a track to the east. we'll talk about that at 10:20, see you then. >> thank you, paul. a controversial spirit week is wrapping up after many minority students staged protests in response to a class mate bringing a confederate flag to school on national pride today, and things only got worse when several students start racial slurs. crystal is live in braden son, , what did you see at tonight's game? >> no sign of protestors but the students say that was not their decision. the school sent out a robo call saying if there was any disruption, the homecoming game
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on we understand a student brought a confederate flag with trump 2016 written on it for spirit week, and some students took pictures and made jokes will slavery. the flag was taken from the students but there was no punishment. and students say they did not protest today because we did not want to miss out on the dance or the game, but there is a protest planned for sunday. >> it was upsetting to me the things people that had the flag with them were saying, like we forgot to bring the chaining with us. chains with us, i thought that was a hateful comment and the flag shouldn't have been bra brought at all.
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wiregrass ranch high were dressed as klansmen for character day and the school says it's going to take a look at the guidelines to see if things need to change letting students know what is appropriate or not for spirit week. students say their protest will continue on sunday at the bradenton river walk and they plan to meet and 100 students have confirmed on facebook they are going. this would be another topic of discussion for school administrators. >> all right, thank you, crystal. well, creepy clown sit s si sig. >> after the break why deputies say the clown act is no laughing matter. >> also, tonight, luscious lips
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oh yea, everything is digital now-a-days. this thing never leaves my side. that is why i signed up for publix digital coupons. so retro... that's how i save at publix. how 'bout you? publix. where shopping is a pleasure. . >> the keepy clown sightings, and clown-related worries even put schools in pasco county on alert tonight. evan lambert is live in pasco
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three possible clown sightings. tell us what this is ball. >> the creepy clown sightings are popping up all over the county, and police say they could be copy cats but this would be a serious crime. >> aren't you going to say hello? >> evil clowns have been the subject of hollywood hor decades, but investigators are looking into reports of creepy clowns stalking children and teens. >> i was crying, bawling my eyes out. >> there was a clown, i don't know if it was a man or a woman
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orange hair. >> and they are investigating several sightings. deputies are not j yet spotted y of the clowns reported but the sheriff warns that dressing up like a crown to harass someone not only could land them in jail but also get them hurt. >> people are pissed and angry, and they are going to take things into their own hands. >> several schools in ohio w closed because someone was reportedly attacked by a clown. and the interactions have not just been in person. deputies are looking into cases of clowns threatening to hurt or kill children on social media, and this is now sickening to ruby who is now afraid to visit the cemetery where her father is buried. >> i came out scared and i don't want to even come back here
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>> deputies are reminding anyone who makes up a clown report that that is a crime as well and you could face arrest. >> thank you, evan. >> we are being called one of the nation's best places to buy real estate. tampa is number two out of the top 50 u.s. cities to own investment property. and so what is fueling the need for housing? the number one spot on the list is not m it's orlando. >> usually we get them on those things. >> well, let's find out from paul, i can't believe it's a category 4, when just yesterday it was a tropical storm. >> and maybe a category 5. the last category 5 was felix back in 2007. it's been a long time and that advisory will be in at 11:00. we'll see what happens.
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bay area this been evening, but a good sunset. shelby earl sent this one in tonight, nice cooperation from everyone involved. nicely done, and from bowling green, we have had a pure tropical sky and sunsets looking just like that the past couple of days. and this one from pebble creek golf course, several of my golf this one nicely done, and moisture continues to stream in from the gulf. it's been a very active pattern for late september and we industrial showers off the coast and rain in the bay area, that interrupted some of the high school football games for a time tonight, the heaviest rain just off of macdill, with rain out over the gulf. everything is moving slowly and erratically generally to the
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east and northeast pushing any showers and thunderstorms that develop back to the west coast during the afternoon. there is heavy rain over by titusville and the cape and up by disney and orlando. satellite radar shows lighter winds today, rain down by miami and fort lauderdale, and showers near tampa bay. we are co coming awfully close o having autumn. in windows and drive north, it's autumn. and yellow is always good on the dewpoint map, 63, in gainesvill, but in the 70's in tampa bay. we are in beach mode with this storm, and it's on the verge.
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be interesting. some of the hurricane hunter planes are calling the winds ferocious, over 160 miles per hour and more than likely this will be a cat 5 at 11:00. and the storm is moving still to the west-southwest around a big high over the atlantic. the high moves away and the same trough that is bringing autumn to tallahassee will grab this storm, this low, and turn it north and northeast. and of course a depends on which does the turn happen, if it happens later, the turn is more to the west. and the storms that go up our coasts even when the impact is strstrong, remember, we don't gt coasting floodin flooding if its
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push the water away, but all things considered, better to have a storm go east of you than west of you as we saw with hurricane hermine. top winds up to 150, moving west-southwest at 9, and big problems for kingston, jamaica and cuba, and usually when the windows move over, they weaken, and when they weaken field spreads out and that would mean gusty winds over central florida. the gps model has the hurricane over gent jamaica and eastern c, and then could impact the carolinas friday and saturday, and then moving out to sea. the european model is slowing showing the storm going up through the windward passage in
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the bahamas and mo moving slowly east of our state. once the hurricane goes by, the winds will freshen and that will likely u usher in the first sigs of autumn. partly cloudy with a few lingers showers tonight and down to 73, tomorrow, a few storms primarily from tampa bay is more tropical moisture, and sunday, more afternoon storms, we stay in the upper 80's. we'll trend to windy conditions depending on how close matthew gets and then we'll be significantly less humid next week. >> we'll look for the 11:00 advisory. thank you, paul. well, horror and heartbreak. >> a school shooting leaving
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>> with a hashtag pray for jacob, it's been trending all day as people from all over the country rally behind this 6-year-old after he was hurt in that school shooting. and frankly it is not going well, he lost a lot of blood after a bullet severed an artery in his leg. >> the appeared in court today. >> he did, although because he is a juvenile we are not reporting his name, but reporters in the courtroom say the 14-year-old suspect stood emotionless as he was arranged on one count of murder and three counts of attempted murder. he killed his father and then drove to the school and opened
10:25 pm
wounding two students and a teacher and that 6-year-old is in very critical condition, his family says he lost a lot of plooblood and because of that sr ad major brain injury and is on life-support now. his uncle reading a statement struggled while his aunt seemed prepared for a sad >> thank you all for respecting our family as we prepare for the days ahead. >> jay jacob was going to do grt things and because of a senseless crime that nobody will probably ever know why, that little life is cut short. >> as a prayer vigil today, family, friends and church members prayed for comfort for his family and parents. his older brother said all things are possible through god
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all after you to pray with them. the teenager's mother also released a statement saying their family is shocked and saddened by his senseless actions and they wish they could turn back time. as for what motivated him, investigators are still not sure, they are still working on it. >> it's heartbreaking. and awful. >> and tensions are still rising tonight. >> new video of a police shooting in released. up next the cell phone video at the center of this investigation
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developing tonight - just three days after the >> developing tonight just three days after a deadly police shooting of a man in california. the police have now released video of that shooting.
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shootings of african-americans across the county have sparked unrest. >> the man in the video is 38-year-old alfredo olongo, a refuse in uganda. police say he was acting erratically before they shot him, and some of you may find this disturbing but this is the video released from the police and this is from a witness's cell >> the video cuts off abruptly right after that, and this is from earlier why the clip. you see alonso walking around in the parking lot, stumbling around and there was another angle caught, too. officers say he pulled an object they thought was a weapon and assumed a shooting stance,
10:31 pm
they found out later it was a vaping pipe. >> at the end of the day it was most important that we put this information out, this video out for the community and the public. that was our priority. >> still, protestors are critical of the way that police acted that day. pointing out first that he has a history of mental illness and his sister called to warm them and and then officers took an hour to respond to the call but then shot him just one minute after arriving on scene. the naacp applauding the release of the video saying full disclosure to the public builds trust and demonstrates respect. >> thank you, cynthia. well, new tonight, the justice department is suing the owners
10:32 pm
mobile home park, asie accusingy denied some homebuyers based on their race. some african-americans were given higher prices or told that fewer mobile homes were for sale. we went to the park tonight but we were unable to get a comment on the lawsuit. the lawsuit is the result of testing by the justice department's fair and in alabama the chief justice has been suspended for instructing judges to enforce a ban on same-sex marriages despite a federal rule. >> this is the second time he had been brought in before the injury.
10:33 pm
remove a monument. his attorney plans to appeal to the alabama supreme court. and now in the race for the white house, donald trump talked jobs and trade in michigan but much of the buzz surrounds a bunch of early-morning tweets by donald trump, at 5:00 p.m., he tweeted cro crooked hillary held disgusting citizen. >> all of this -- '96 miss universe winner, machado. >> and hillary clinton stopped in florida today taking full advantage of trump's comments. calling his tweets a twitter
10:34 pm
really, why does he do things like that? i mean, his latest twitter melt-down is unhinged even for him. >> well, machado said trump's remarks are designed to humiliate and unbalance me. >> and li luscious lips no longr for the rich and a new trend is giving women the lips they have always wanted to less time and money. >> the plump. the pout, is that really all it's about? >> they are great, lips are great. >> and getting greater. the american society of plastic surgeons say the number of lip enhancements are filling up doctor's officers. >> whether it's surgical or implants there are all sorts of
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>> procedures soars over the past year, among the fastest growing bgrow procedures in they by why. >> but few want it over the top. like what you say see on line or the reality show botched. >> do you want grotesque looking huge lips that is a bad thing as well, so don't come to me, i'm not going to do it. >> we do a surgeries and reconstruction. >> that can cost a f fortune to fix. >> the whole kardashian wave is hitting. you know she has had something done, but it looks great. >> with selfies and face time and people taking pictures of themselves i think they become
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changes we started to see years ago. >> but doctors say it's more about tweaking and fixing the flaws like shortening the space between your nose and your lip. >> the thing about the fillers is they are temporary. >> that is why solid silicone lip implants are blowing up. >> it's nice and soft and i feels a little bit bull full whu touch the lip but it feels natural, and it lifts the lap. lip. >> and for jill's new top and bottom. >> it's perfect, nice and natural, just the way i wanted it. >> the lips swell over several hours but after that if you don't ask. >> do you tell them?
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coming up tonight at >> coming up in a few minutes at 11:00, the people who run a local horse rescue say it's one of the worst cases of neglect they have ever seen. this little horse couldn't stand or lay down because her hooves had not been trimmed in years. and nothing comes in between a
10:41 pm
miles. the journey this man made to meet his new service dog. >> what a cutie. and now hundreds of people packed downtown plant city for a big pok?mon event, with food trucks. >> pok?mon go is sweeping the country and people are hunting for the little creatures all over the place, and so plant city invited everyone to county out and play together. >> we wanted to get the kids down and we thought it was a perfect fit. >> there was also a four-hour long trainer competition where skilled players would battle it out for top honors. all right, kev, what is going on? >> a big week for football, and
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turf with the seminoles still a little irritated, saying he is writing off teams too early. >> and superhero spr strength, coming up in our good stuff segment. when some of our ?? halloween excitement is back at dunkin' with 2 dozen donuts for $12.99. drizzled, decorated, and all dressed up for the season, share the fun with 2 dozen donuts for $12.99.
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(mark/ now its time for or drink in the season with the classic taste of pumpkin. america runs on dunkin'. the good stuff! hundreds of helping hands spruced up >> all right, time now for the good stuff. hundreds of helping hands from children's services camp. >> they put on their work gloves and got to work. more than 200 united way hands-on volunteers all pitched and they repaired the gazebo around the rock garden and worked on the clothing closet that provides free clothes to the people helped by children's services. >> we appreciate their time and their talent and the fact that they would take that and bring it to a group of kids that they may never meet, but know that they are making a difference. >> you bet they are, and today's
10:46 pm
project with service projects all around the tampa bay area. that is fantastic. >> they are showing great support. >> a great way to spend the day, and the campus is building more, for some kids it's actually their home, and it's thies to nice to seethat it's spruced up. >> and in aurora, california the swat team dressed up superheros and rappe rappeled of the top of the building. is this the third year they have surprised kids at the hospital. it allows them to train members of their team while surprising the kids. not good if you have a fear of heights. >> they were not afraid of it. >> no. >> and lots of mothers of preschoolers, it's a group that
10:47 pm
of wellspring community church. they disife delivered all of the goodies to district 4 officers they say to show their love and appreciation and they got a lot of thanks. >> let us know about the good stuff in your life, if you have ideas you want to send us, send us pictures and videos. and e-mail it to us, you can explain how to contact us there. we love these stories and we are trying to do a lot me and we know they connect with people. >> they certainly do, and we want you to be involved. send us your pictures and we'll put it on the air. >> all right, kev, a big weekend. >> fsu finally back in tallahassee for a home game, just their second of the season and maybe being at home will help the sixer issues. they really cannot afford
10:48 pm
they have to keep rolling to keep up with louisvilleful and totongueston, and jimbo fisher t a little hot. >> are you saying when the season is over. is the team -- eventually -- can't get into the play-offs and so heck with it, we can't go? that is the when you start all of these play-offs because it's college, it's not pro football. and you write it off and you can't go to the play-offs in this team does this or that well, the kids see it and take it, then what do you do? >> he is fired up. the 1 14th ranks hurricanes play
10:49 pm
bulls travel to tennessee to open conference play tomorrow night. another win for the lightning, their second in two rights. pelat with the game winner score. they are nashville tomorrow night. well, half a dozen starters are out sunday, two key players for each team, martin and denver is >> the bucs coming back this week at home once again. a disappointing loss against the rams last week and this week you have the defending super bowl champions the denver broncos and who is trevor simion. and where did he come from? >> he is a fire quarterback,
10:50 pm
been able to sit back and study peyton manning and learn the ea offense and he is coming out playing pretty good football for a young guy. >> and it helps to have a defense that is as young and as sharp and on top of things as they are. so this bucs offense has their hands full come sunday. >> yes, they do. and it starts up vaughn miller and these guys are going to have to be at the top of their game, and once you throw down the field, the secondary, with some of the guys back there they make a lot of plays on the ball. so it's a very tough defense to go up against. >> if the bucs can prevent some of those self-inflicted wounds they could have a chance against the broncos, this week at
10:51 pm
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neil cavuto." >> still waiting for the 11:00 advisory. just checked, it's not in yet, but it will be in the next few minutes, i will keep checking. this is from moody lake. deborah lewis, a beautiful job, and deborah, i have noticed because the sun angle is lower in the sky and that means a we better angle for the rainbows to develop with rain in the afternoon. and still tonight just a line of showers in from the gulf. this is coming in from a frontal boundary, and there are lower dewpoints and showers have been heavy, in fact, a wet ride over
10:55 pm
and rain is moving slowly north and northeast. a couple more showers in pasco, showers up in northern sections of polk county and there is rain over by orlando and more rain in the gulf. a lot of this being generated by a boundary from dry air north and tropical air from tampa bay north. tomorrow we should be mostly rain free early in the day, but showers will build, tryer to north and showers building south. >> we have another recall for you, subaru is pulling back 590,000 vehicles because the windshield wiper motors would overheat. and cause fires. and turns out you are bringing in more money but you are not
10:56 pm
doug. the smallest gains in february had shoppers holding on to their cash. consumer spending saying pretty flat. and shocks had a mixed month and the carnegie deli will close by the end of the year, known for its massive sandwiches first opened nearly eight decades ago. that is business, i'm cavuto. >> and talk about alligator infested waters. >> just how much were spotted in
10:57 pm
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ht. ? [snoring.] take the roar out of snore.
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alligators are just we've learned to expect them >> you know al r alligators aret a part of life in florida. >> but still, some bicyclists are shocked by this photo, there are about 50 gators bobbing in the we water. this is a prime spot for birth
11:00 pm
but i think i would like to stay away from here. >> that is quite a party. i wonder what time of day it is. >> probably has to do with the otters and the other wildlife. >> yeah, it must be feeding time. time now for the fox 13 11:00 news. >> developing right now at 11:00, spirit week gets controversial. >> it's led to suspensions, discipline and even some protests. >> i should not get disciplined for it. >> from a confederate flag to black lives matter protests to kkk outfits. why the issues are far from settled. >> and neglected horses with overovergrown moves, unable to k or even lie down. >> and a crash that nearly cost


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