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tv   FOX 13 1100 News  FOX  September 30, 2016 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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but i think i would like to stay away from here. >> that is quite a party. i wonder what time of day it is. >> probably has to do with the otters and the other wildlife. >> yeah, it must be feeding time. time now for the fox 13 11:00 news. >> developing right now at 11:00, spirit week gets controversial. >> it's led to suspensions, discipline and even some protests. >> i should not get disciplined for it. >> from a confederate flag to black lives matter protests to kkk outfits. why the issues are far from settled. >> and neglected horses with overovergrown moves, unable to k or even lie down. >> and a crash that nearly cost
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this driver wants to thank the people who pulled him from that wreckage. >> spirit week is getting way too spirited in some parts of the bay area. manatee high school students protested after a student brought a confederal flag to school, and tonight they called a time-out on the protests at the fi football game, and but is that going to continue? >> all is quiet with the exception of the screaming fans for the homecoming game but the students say they are actually just putting their protest on hold after being warned by the administration not to cause a disruption. >> the rivally on the field was not the only tension at friday's
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and steinbrenner high. spirit week is supposed to bring students together but a divide was created when festivities turned a bit too political. >> i was is there when he showed up with the flag and stood there with it. >> several students took pictures with the flag some even says racial slurs. >> it was upsetting to me because i was hearing what people were saying with the me forgot to bring the chains with us. >> a day later this video started to surface on line. students dressed in pointy white hoods for spirit day. >> we had three minority students dressed as klansmen, and when i saw the video it was pretty clear what was being
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>> students staged protests on and off campus thursday. >> i was mad and i reacted how other students reacted. >> everyone calm down because they threatened to take away our homecoming activities. >> in a robo call to parents and students the superintendents warning that any disruption friday could lead to the homecoming game, dance and related events being but students say this issue is not resolved. >> if we wanted to express ourselves we should not get disciplined for it. >> now, students have started a facebook group called stand with manatee students and they plan a protest that is going to be on sunday from 1:00 p.m. to 2:00 p.m. at the bradenton river walk. at this point more than 100 students say they plan to attend, so we'll be sure to let
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out, crystal clark for fox 13 news. >> thank you, crystal. >> and hurricane matthew was not even a hurricane yesterday and now it has strengthened to a category 5. >> we are talking about a monster stormers and paul you just got the update, were you expected this? >> yes, i said at 11:00, i think this is going to be a category 5. we were watching the data come in from the hurricane hunter plane, and it found winds miles per hour in the wall of the eye. this has probably reached peak intensity. the physics of the atmosphere don't allow it to stay at this intensify forever, but regardless of that, this is going to stay a strong hurricane throughout its path at least now through the middle of next week. and it's moving right now just about due west.
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there will be no data coming in in the next hour. here is the new modeling track, and you see big pro problems potentially for jamaica which rarely sees hurricanes coming up from the south and kingston has a population of over a million. the city is on the south side of jamaica. usually the storms come from the east and the mountains protect the capital but a spornl co ston kinds of problems and flooding for them. and notice the cone now touches south florida. this margin of error is pretty large. if verifies a bit more to the west we are going to have a gusty day wednesday into thursday. we are on the preferred side, the east side, and we'll just
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and sw we'll have your forecastn detail coming up. >> all eyes on matthew, and then a bold ni move by this sheriff,e is suing the commission over the county's budgeting process. he says he has yet to receive written notice about changes made to his department budget in spate of the fact that the budget was >> this lack of transparency have left me no choice but to ask a judge to force them to give me the information required by law. >> the final budget did not include an additional 1.7 million the sheriff requested. that budget goes into effect in about one hour. >> also, tonight a st. pete man wanted to attempted murder has
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and today police in north carolina found him and extradited him to stand trial in pinellas county. >> so take a look, who lets a little horse's hooves get like this. a horse rescue took some three horses after away, one has to be euthanized that night, but this little horse's hooves were so bad she had to be carried to her stall. this is how she looked before the ferrier and the vet arrived. after doing exa x-rays to detere they could cut off all of that
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electric saw to cut it off, so bad that it was growing back into her leg. this woman thinks her hooves had not been touched in four years. that is what was cut off, and they maimed her mary kay, like the beauty products and say she is not beautiful now but will be after she recovers. she will need physical therapy to walk again and all of the horses are going to need a of hoof and vet care to recover. you can follow their progress on the page, you put in ohana in the search and this will come up. >> also tonight, a polk county man is grate to fful to be arrie after rescuers pulled him from a harrowing wreck. he crashed his car on i-4 wednesday evening.
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him to safety and now he simply wants to say thank you. evan joined us from poc polk coy and it's just amazing that he survived that. >> when the car went off the highway it went about a thousand feet on the shoulder and then the grass in the eastbound lanes and crashed through a fence and then went into a pond, the pond that i am standing in front of of. take a look, a thankfully saw him and ran to help. now, that driver couldn't get to him but a responding firefighter lieutenant dan varner was able to bring him to safety. that pole shot through the window like a bullet and then through the front seat, leaving lands thankful that he was the only one in the car. he spent only two hours miraculously in the hospital.
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and if it hadn't been for that good samaritan, i don't know that i would be here today. i would probably have drowned. before anybody else got there. >> i want to touch 'em, i just want to touch their face. i want to thank them. >> land also says this is going to be the last time he is behind the wheel. he has had epilepsy life and is now pledging to turn in his driver's license. he will have to rely on friends and fa neighbors to get rides to work but he wants to thank lieutenant dan varner and the other good samaritan who stopped potentially saving his life. >> well, evan, coming up he is much more than man's best friend. you could say he is a perfect match.
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>> see why this army veteran travels thousands and thousands of miles to tampa to meet this special dog, but first. >> i'm evan lambert.
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creepy clown sightings >> clown sightings are spooking people all across the country, and some of these are happening here in the bay area. pasco county pep are investigatg at least three sightings. >> i'm not sure there is anything truly illegal going on but a lot of people are out by it. this coming after another girl says a clown chased her yesterday in largo. >> today pasco schools are on alert because of a vague national threat that clowns would come to schools and hurntt students and teachers. that didn't come to pass but school officials say this week
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visiting her dad's grave when she walked back to her car and saw someone in a clown costume. the person took off and she called 9-1-1. invinvestigators are also look o reports of clowns frightening people at this apartment complex. and deputies say all of the instances could be serio it's better to skip the clown cocostumes. >> people think this is a game? they could end up in the jail. >> and deputies want to remind everyone that make up a report of a clown sighting is also a crime. >> developing tonight, federal investigators are now going over information they gleaned from one of the black boxes from the
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commuter station in new jersey. one person was killed and 114 hurt and of those, 15 people are still in the hospital tonight. the ntsb is trying to find out what happened. there is a recorder that reports on speed and braking information, but there is another box that is still trapped under the debri hour. everyone is speculating but we don't do that. we are going to wait until we get the actual information. >> the train's engineer was hurt in the crash. they hoped to intre interview hm today but had to postpone because of his injuries.
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the background and every once in a while thundershowers roll in from the gulf, and just like that they go by. these tropical skies really make for cool orangey cotton ball sunsets and we are kind of on a boundary from dryer air and the tropical soup over the bay area no while longer. and then lighter amounts up in new tampa. a couple of showers in pasco, and light showers in lakeland, a few more out in the gulf. thunderstorms, too, and beside that, rain up in lake and sumter counties. the winds will start turning to the north and northeast, meaning
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autumn has a reporti rep arrive. not in tampa bay. it's a two and a half hour drive to find it, but up off of i-10 you get dryer air, and the dewpoint in gainesville is 62. in brooksville, it's still at 71 degrees. we average a category 5 hurricane in the atlantic about once every ten years. the l felix. back in 2007. so pretty much on target, it's been nine years and this is now a category 5 in the caribbean sea. this is probably about peek intensitpeakintensity, and if as wrong as far as the circulation engine goes the storm with
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still going to be a powerful hurricane for the next four to five days. we'll get a new model at about 12:00 to 12:30. we'll see how it plays out. there is no data that comes from the noaa gulfstream 4 flight that flew around today and sampled the atmosphere. that data go goes into t supercomputers and we'll get that run about 12:00, 12:30 on that run. but the preferred place to be is on the east side of our state. the wester o weather on the wess not that bad. obviously stronger winds on the east coast, but this is all theory. we're going to fine-tune this
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like a storm in the gulf when you are on the bad side, and you get coastal flooding. with this side the winds blow the water away from our shores and that pretty much eliminates any chance of coastal flooding. that is the good news. this is sunday night into monday. big concern here, around big concern in cuba and in the baja bahamas and the storm weakens an day five. the average error on day 5 is about 230, 250 miles, that is why the go cone gets so big, ann the hurricane center the discussion is that it's too toarl eearly to eliminate the to florida just yet. we'll tune in for updates on the
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matthew. a couple of lingers showers and we bottom out at about 74 degrees. thundershowers could interrupt the bucs game again on sunday. hopefully not, in the mid 80's. the seven-day, one good thing from matthew, it could bring down dryer, lower humidity at about this time next week, and we'll talk about that as well, in t have a good weekend. >> thank you, paul. >> some of the fastest boats in the world are racing in tampa bay. >> we'll have a preview for you of the championships off of clearwater beach.
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and hear a lot of engines roars along clearwater beach this weekend. this was the sh start of the festival. and it includes three days of world-class racing with bower pr boats. >> this is an event we started because it was the slowest
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spring-break-type atmosphere of family-friendly events. man, that thing is moving fast. >> wow, it's skimming the water. >> i wonder if it's insured by ggeico. and the seafood festival is what i will be most interested in tomorrow. >> the gekko was driving that, he is a safe driver. >> and now at 11:00, veteran from alaska comes all the way to tampa to meet a dog that will change his life. >> and we were there when he got to meet his new best friend. eric babb is his name and he suffers are severe posttraumatic stress, and he trying several treatments but nothing works and so the doctors advised him to get a dog, but his wife is
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researching and found out that a water dog like this would could be the trick. but they are expensive. >> i know about the nightmares and the cold sweats and when he started telling me i just it just has to be. >> i necessarily love with him and i'm happy. this is the happiest i've been in a long >> and we hope this is going turn his life around, and he is even more grateful to duke and his organization because they gave him that dog for free, and a lot of training going into a service dog or a ptsd looking like that. >> best of luck to both of them. and kevin what have you got for us. >> the bucs now they are going
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>> well, on paper this is a game that the bucs shouldn't have a an the defender superbowl champs are off to a perfect 3-0 start while the bucs have been flounders since week one, but you know what? they don't play on paper, right, which manges you wonder why denver is only favored by throw points.


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