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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 6AM  FOX  October 1, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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. from tampa bay's number one news station, this is "good day tampa bay." >> alcides: it is october 1, which means a handful of new laws go into effect today. we will tell you about some of the big changes you should know about. and a brave first responder rescues a driver in distress, and wheel is on a mission to say thanks. >> alcides: good morning, everyone, thank you so much for joining us, i am alcides segui. >> anjuli: i am anjuli davis. the first dave october, lin lindsay, how are things look something in. >> lindsay: a little less humid, not in all spots. we are all in the 70s. our average low is 72 and we are in 72 in tampa. north of the bay, low 70s
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due to a cold front that is literally stuck across the a area. where you see dew points in the 60s it feels a little less muggy. elsewhere feels about the same and with an east wind by the afternoon this will be short-lived. winds this morning, ter kind of light and a little bit onshore. i have a couple of pesky little showers that are developing and some may impact your morning boat ride. here we go one shower that mamie ander south of anna ma maria. a few more west of fort de s soto. we will be o couple of coastal showers this morning. here our front which is sta stalled, will stay here the next few days and that east wind will take over bring back that moisture. speaking of moisture not only deep, tropical moisture but an impressive strong category 4 hurricane matthew. was a category 5 yesterday, but on scale pretty much as strong as it can be in a category 4 sense. instead of southwest, it moss
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is headed for jamaica into late monday into tuesday. beyond that headed for the mountains of southeast cuba and a major hurricane. beyond that, notice the cone expanding a bit. we are not officially in that cone of air, we need to monitor this into the middle part of the week and we could have a big hurricane east of our state. we will discuss that more throughout the show. today's rain chance is 30% build toward the west late in the day and this morning can't rule out a couple of tiny coastal showers. >> anjuli: thank you, lindsay. new this morning tampa police are investigating a stabbing at a ybor city nightclub happening around 2:00 at club sky on east 8th avenue. officers say at least one person was stabbed. they were taken to the hospital with nonlife-threatening injuries. another person was arrested. back in march, lawmakers sent 272 bills to governor scott from the regular legislative session. the majority went into effect on july 1.
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effect in this weekend an some of the big ones. sb 218 reducing trafficking and electronic benefit transfer calls. ebt are the higher-tech form of food statutes.a misdemeanor to have two or more and sell or attempt to sell. and a second offense will make at that third-degree felony. >> alcides: increasing civil and penalties when victims are people carl stark was a 36-year-old man with autism who was shot and killed back in 2015 after being targeted by teenagers looking to steal a car. >> anjuli: another new law a second-degree felony to make false reports of using firearms in a violent manner. the law also makes a fi first-degree misdemeanor to threaten a law enforcement officer, law official, an elected official or their family with death a serious harm. house bill 435 prohibit people
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makes it clear that sexually exploiting a child should be viewed as human trafficking. the measure increases personal fee for people who knowingly represent space known for prostitution. we see them all the time. a new law looks to crack down on illegal electronic skimmers. the law increases the penalty for people that possess counterfeit credit card information. it includes requirements for gas station owner and managers to take more security measures on those on those self-service gas pitches. lastly a new if you are hitting the water fishing for spiny lobsters. a person with fewer than 100 undersized spiny lobsters may face a misdemeanor violation for each undersized lobster. processing each undersized lobster also be a third-degree felony. creepy clown sightings are spooking people across the country and incidents are happening here in the bay area
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investigating at least three reported clown siteings and comes after a girl saw clown and chased her down on thursday in largo. friday, pasco schools were on alert after a national threat that clowns would hurt students as well as teachers. it did not happen but deputies are welcoming into those sightings. again deputies say there have at least three reports of sightings one happened at grace memorial gardens in hudson. a woman said she was iting her dad's grave whe back to her car and saw someone in a clown costume. that person took off running and she called 911. deputies are looking into reports of clowns scaring people at the wind tree apartments in hudson. deputies have not spotted any clowns themselves. >> people think they can play a game out of it. the reality is somebody is seriously going to get hurt out there because they think it is a joke.
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remind everyone that making up a report of a harassing clown is also a crime. in hernando county the sheriff is suing the county's board of commissioners. the suit is concerning the budget process. the commission passed the budget two weeks ago, but the sheriff has yet to receive written notice by commissioner of any changes made to his department's budget. >> this lack of transparency and communication by the board and or their staff has asked me no choice but to ask a judge force them to give me the information required by law. >> anjuli: according to the tampa bay times, are the final budget did not include the $1.7 million the sheriff requested. the budget went into effect at midnight. spirit week is getting too spirited in parts of the bay area. manatee county high school protested after a student brought a confederate flag to school. brought the confederate flag to school as part of national pride day.
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on line. students dressed in pointed hoods for character day. wanting to take a stand against racism. students at manatee high school had protests both on and off campus. a robocall, the superintendent warned that any disruptions on friday could lead to homecoming festivities being cancelled. >> everyone calm down, because they threaten to take away our homecoming activities. if we want ourselves, we shouldn't get disciplined for it. >> alcides: students have started a facebook group called stand with students in manatee hashtag black lives matter. more than 100 will hold another protest sunday i can't of noon at the bradenton river walk. a polk county man thankful to be alive after rescuers pulled him from a harrowing wreck. william land crashed his car along i-4 and a witness and fire fighters pulled him to safety. now land wants to say thank
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off the highway after land lost control, crashed through a fence, and went straight into a pond. passing drivers saw the didn't and ran over to help. the driver could not get to land, but fire fighter lieutenant dan varner was able to rescue him. as you can see the car has a huge pole sticking right through the windshield. land says he was so thankful he was the only person in the car and on top of everything, he only spent about two hours in the >> i realize how close it was and if it hadn't been for the good samaritan i didn't know i would be here today. i could have possibly drowned and before anybody else got there. >> i want to touch him. i just want to touch their f face. want to thank them. >> anjuli: this was the last time he was going to go behind the wheel. he has had epilepsy his entire life. he is now going to turn over
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but he just wants to say thank you to his heroes. a u.s. army vet from alaska travels all the way to tampa to meet a dog he hopes will change his life. we were actually there when he got to meet one his new best friends. he drugles with severe post traumatic stress disorder. he tried various treatments and nothing worked. his doctors recommended to get a service dog. the only problem, his wife is allergic. we started doing some research and hypoallergenic dogs and dog like this one right here may-tay. those are very expensive and i rick didn't have the money to buy one. fortunately duke snowgrass runs an organization a 32 k-9 deputy dogs. he heard about eric's story and wanted to help by know about about the nightmares and cold weights and when he started telling me i thought it has to be. it was the right thing to do.
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happy. this is the happiest i have been in a long time. >> alcides: eric is especially grateful because duke gave him a dog for free. a very big day for a people in walt disney world october 1, 1971, the magic kingdom opened up for the very first time. that means the magic kingdom turns 45 years old today. if you were going over to the park, it is going to be a big birthday celebration. they are handing out special pin you can buy a very special birthday cupcake that probably only costs you $20, right? >> alcides: $20? i am thinking cost more than $20. >> anjuli: every time i was a kid i remember can i have this and can i have that. my parent are like, we are walking. we have snacks in the car. >> alcides: here a book bag. we came prepared. you know who is always there our producer nina. she lives at the magic kingdom.
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hurricane matthew lose as little bit of strength overnight. >> anjuli: people in haiti are getting ready for the very worst. after two games on the road. the florida state seminoles are back at home ready to take on the tar heels. fox 13's kevin o'donnell is breaking it down in the morning sports. making it up to talla tallahassee. feels like fall. comfortable and crisp and a little tease here locally with that front stalling. out the door, waking up in the 70s. a little less humid north of the bay where you are at 71 in brooksville. maria, fort de soto. tierra verde. matthew a category 4 hurricane packing a punch and lifting north. the latest 5 a.m. track and talk about what it means for
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backwards. woman 3: out-of-touch... woman 4: that's 3 words. vo: david jolly shares donald trump's backwards agenda for women. jolly opposes a woman's right to choose and voted to defund planned parenthood and deny women access to basic health care like mammograms and cancer screenings. woman 5: i have 3 words for david jolly... not for women. vo: house majority pac is responsible
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check this out, new check this out, new footage released shows bubbling inside a footage released shows check this out. new footage shows bubbling on tomorrow of a lava lake o of the volume conn know. it was taken by the geological survey and the northern part of the lake where bubbling commonly occurs. >> alcides: beautiful sight. heavy rain causes problems for people in delaware the high waters turns streets into rifts and flooded some parks as well. all that rain trapped people in their homes and cars. forecasters estimate some of the areas hit in that state got as much as 12 inches of rain. and in haiti, people who
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hurricane matthew. the storms expected to last haiti with heavy rain, high winds, forecasters have the category 4 storm making landfall monday morning in jamaica. that means it will skim past the southern coast of haiti bringing people there probably tropical storm-like conditions. hundreds of thousands of haitians still live in those makeshift camps after the 2010 earthquake that struck there. devastating. can you imagine in they have already lost everythi to have to brace for another hurricane. i remember lindsay saying last weekend sometime already this hour. we have that storm that is brewing and we have to keep an eye out there. a cat 4. >> a cat 4 and might as well be a cat 5 and strongest than it can be in the category 4 strength. haiti and hispanola how that island is shifting northward. what is not used to storms coming in to the south and lifting north is i can't make ca. let me show what you is
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let me show what you is happening. we are talking winds at 150 miles per hour. they extend about 45 miles from the center which is filling -- which means it has reached its peak strength going through an eye wall replacement cycles. the next few days watch flunctuation in strength as it moves west. we will be watching the timing when it moves north and that will play a role in what kind of impacts in the u.s. depending on what kind of impacts at all and when it the timing is key. 155-mile-per-hour winds. moving west at 7. pressure very low. the lower this number the stronger the storm. this is very well organized at this point. high-end category 4 hurricane moving west. so let's head this into motion. maybe weakening a little more. a strong category 4 hurricane into the day early on sunday. at that the point, it starts its northerly curve. the island of jamaica.
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it it goes east, hopefully the strongest winds will miss the island. they will see upwards of a foot of rain in some spots. take to you southeast cuba. this area is quite mountainous. strong impacts and this could weaken and the strength down to a category 2 in the bahamas. in the bahamas, the waters are warm here and how close to the sunshine state. the cone of air if you have been further to the west. parts of southeast florida included in this cone. the margin of error that many days off is over 200 miles. nothing set in stone. got to watch a few more days. early monday. spaghetti models near jamaica or just east which puts hispanola on the east side. we like to see these closer together hence the uncertainty to the middle to early part of the workweek.
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possibility of that storm cr cranking up near jamaica and cuba and then weakening over land, but it also brought the system a little closer to the u.s. with the trough right here, this will kind of skip out to sea and the impacts may be riding the u.s. coastline if this model is correct. and just one. models have been changing and will continue to change. hurricane hunters will be out there later this morning and we posted all the info on my fox hurricane as we watch this evolving system. closer to home tap i air. wind shifting out of the northeast with dew points in the upper 60s. we are at 76 here in tampa. out the door at 79 in st. pete. 72 land o lakes. north of tampa bay this feels more comfortable. 75 in venice. 71 in myacca city. lakeland at 72 and wauchula at 70. dew points tampa north dropped into the upper 60s. enjoy it go over to the panhandle with 50s in
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see the east wind with 30% rain chance this afternoon building west. still a light onshore wind this morning and a big shower brewing west of fort de soto. a small light shower near anna ma areria and the next stop measurable moderate rain in central portions of pinellas county. as we head through the day today, our rain chance will be building especially between 2 and 8:00. those storms build west, but between now and noon near the coast, can't rule out a coastal shower. a little above average today. a few storms will be developing but nothing widespread. tomorrow more active storm. near 70 south of the bay. sunday, rain chances building to 50%. bucs are at home late in the afternoon can't rule out a few delays. 89 for the high on under. on the water, northeast wind at 10 knots. a light chop this afternoon. can't rule out morning rain so be alert. low i had to at 8:56. our seven-day forecast subject
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as the forecast holds right now, deeper moisture early week and breezy with drier air on back side of matthew meaning it may be a little less humid as we wake up on thursday and friday morning. all right, in sports this morning the seminoles are back home in tallahassee and rays take on rangers in arlington. here is fox 13's kevin o'donnell. >> kevin: good morningfork su back in tallahassee for the second home game of the season and maybe at home will help the 'nol north carolina comes in with the same 3-1 record and fsu can't afford another slip-up. florida state looking good. and this he know they need to keep rolling to keep up with clemson and louisville. both of those teams face off tonight against each other. it fsu is in the hunt for the acc championship but they need help. jimbo fisher is getting a little hot hearing that the season is over by suffering a setback earlier in the year.
6:21 am
and eventually they will do with the ball. can't get in the playoffs until the team tanks it -- you can't go. that is what you jeopardize. it is not college football -- when the season is over you can't go to playoffs. if this team does it, that team does it. if the kids say it and tank it, then what you do. >> kevin: he is wound up. 'noles are the only team in the big four that is home this weekend. the 14th ranked miami hurricanes travel to georgia tech miami is 3- florida is at vandy after needing help after losing it tennessee. well down 2-0 in the 6th in texas. etch long forria cuts the lead in half with one swing, finding a hole in the gap right there drops in for a double and kevin kermyer motoring home. the rays cut it to 2-1. rangers lead off the bottom of
6:22 am
greeting matt embri e with a solo homer. rays down to their last shot in the night. logan forsythe, and he goes down swinging. rangers lock up home field advantage in the playoffs, 3-1 is the final. another win for the lightning in their second in two nights. andrew plot scores the game winner. andre brezleski 27 saves. the bolts are in nashville the u.s. pulls off a feat in the ryder cup that neither side saw coming in the opening foursome. patrick reed clinches the first match with this putt right here over citizenson and justin rose and then on 18, rory mcilroy needing this putt to drop to have the match and he can not convert. another point for the u.s. the united states wins all four morning matches to take a 4-0 lead in the ryder cup, but at the end of the day the u.s.
6:23 am
as they head into today's rounds. that is a look at sports. you have yourself a great day. looking for something fun to do this weekend. >> alcides: a bunch of hot happenings all around the bay area including your chance to see some really cool boats going super fast. all part of the super boat national championship. national championship. we will tell you ball that and z246wz zy6z y246wy yy6y as a federal prosecutor, i've spent my career prosecuting criminals and fighting for the rights of victims. i want to make the state attorney's office
6:24 am
crime and be tough on murderers, gangs, and anyone who commits domestic abuse or sexual assault. and i'll make the system fair by working with police to wear body cameras and using dna to put criminals behind bars, not innocent people. i'm andrew warren.
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looking to get out o all right, are you looking to get out of the house this weekend. just the thing for you. >> anjuli: a bunch of hot happenings all across the bay area. >> alcides: start off with really fast boats that are hitting the water in clea clearwater. the super boat national championship and festival appears to pier 60.
6:26 am
annual race. it will hope at coachman park for a seafood festival and a meet and greet as well. starts at 10:00 tonight. and 9:00, fireworks light up the sky and the best part, all of the festivities are free. it is october 1 and time to get into the fall festivities. and sweet field farms fall corn maze opens up for the halloween season. the five-acre maze will are hay rides, a play area, duck tampa y they have a you pick area. the maze opens at 10 a.m. and cost you $9.50 for adult. do remember, it is only cash to get in there and the maze runs weekends through november 6. are you ready for a fantastic tailgate? tailgate taste is taking place in curtis hixon park. college football fans will play on a big screen throughout the park. this will be a lot of fun. the local restaurants serve some of the best tailgating
6:27 am
and also live music and c cornhole. admission is free and you will have to pay for the food. all kicks off at 9:00. and heal low-scream kicks off at president bush garden. the theme is evil encore. tickets will cost you $45 to get in, but you can buy them online in advance. it includes early access to the park at 5 p.m. and that park will stay open until 1:00 in the morning. ? ? ?. >> it has been a couple of years since that video was s shot, but check out peter frovrpton tomorrow night. the grammy award-winning gu guitarist will stop in clearwater all part of the acoustic raw tour with gordon kennedy that produced his award-winning album "fingerprints." julian hampton will be on hand
6:28 am
capital theatre. so much to do. >> alcides: plenty to do. >> anjuli: it is october 1. >> alcides: i went to wa-wa and they have the pumpkin coffee. >> anjuli: i have the pumpkin coffee. >> alcides: i can't get into it yet. has to do with the 93 hillary clinton linkedin how about 88 this afternoon. a little bet her in. >> anjuli: some improvement. >> lindsay: little improvement. north of tampa a little more comfortable. i wouldn't call it fall but not as muggy. 71 in brooksville. 76 in tamp steamy down south in arcadia at 71. not to mention, we have these pesky little showers that are popping up. locally heavy in pinellas. we will look to the east for rain this afternoon and we will time out the weekend storms and time out the weekend storms and talk tropics when we shop it is kinda like a competition. it is exactly like a competition. whoever finds the most bogo's wins! which is usually me. that's how we save a lot at publix. how 'bout you?
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from tampa bay's number one news station, this is "good day tampa bay." >> lindsay: good morning to you. 6:31. waking up to a little sneak peek of fall. tampa north and just a little sneak peek. a little less humid for all of us. and rain in the coastal and we are all in the 70s. it is really muggy near the coast with kind of an onshore wind. we are at 79 in st. pete. leesburg feels decent for you and bartow, manageable at 70 with dew points near 70. so south of tampa, it is muggy. a little further north. it actually feels manageable with dew points in the mid-60s. just for this morning because the east wind pulls in deeper moisture. this morning, we have a light west wind in a few spots. so as we wake up to some steady
6:32 am
clearwater beach a small little shower this morning and redington beach, a mall shower brewing to your south. a little further south. stop over to anna maria where the big shower is really now just a sprinkle. not all of this rain is making it. we actually may have a spot sprinkle or two in citrus county as well. a cold front is stuck. tampa north this morning. and it is not headed further south. it is just going to wash out in the coming days giving us the east wind. category 4 hurricane matthew. not a category 5, but still very strong. the latest advisory i will have for you coming up in a few minutes. i do want to point out that the latest information on this system shows 55-mile-per-hour winds. keep in mind a category 5 is 157. so it really has only weakened a little bit. headed for jamaica and cuba, and the track at 5. 30% chance of storms today
6:33 am
more numerous storms building west for sunday. high a little above average in the upper 80s. all right, lindsay, time is 6:33. a look at some of today's top stories. a st. pete man wanted for attempted murder has been found nearly 700 miles away. 19-year-old marcus phraseer is accused of shooting two men on august 24 at bay vista park. friday, police in statesville north carolina found frazier and he was arrested and expects to stand trial here in pinellas county. the department of justice is suing the owner and managers of a lakeland mobile home park. they claim the maygrove mobile home denied home buyers based on their race. according to their lawsuit, african-americans looking for housing were given higher pricing and told that fewer mobile homes were for sale. tampa bay is named one of the best places to buy real estate that is according to a new ranking by go banking rates.
6:34 am
list of top 15 cities to own investment property. go banking states the growing population is feeling the need for housing in this area. the number one spot on the list is orlando. a 14-year-old boy is facing murder charges after officials say he killed his father and then open fired on an elementary school. the teen and in a south carolina court room yesterday morning being charged as a juvenile at this point so cameras were not allowed in killed his father and then went on to a elementary school with a gun. police say he went on to shoot two students as well as a teacher. one of those victims, 6-year-old jacob hall remains in critical condition this morning. he suffered a brain injury from blood loss. the teen was ordered to stay in jail. federal investigators are still working to find out why a train drove into a new jersey station killing one person. the train crashed thursday morning. one woman was killed.
6:35 am
right now, officials are work fog get information from one of the train's recorders. it holds sped and breaking information. officials are trying to figure out why the train was going to fast before it smashed over a bumper and into a concrete w wall. >> that is the question of the hour. everyone is speculating on this. we don't do that. we are going to wait until we get the actual information. >> anjuli: the speed limit at that station is only 10 miles per hour. there is also an automatic brake stopped the car in time. 15 people remain in the hospital. a illinois mall was on lockdown after a drive-by shooting and police say they initially thought no one was hurt. and evidence suggested ha that one may have been. it happened at cherry hill m mall. it started with an argument between two groups of people. one pulled out a gun and started shooting. police are looking for everyone involved. deputies later spotted a shell
6:36 am
they are asking local hospitals to be on alert. someone may have been shot. >> hot-air balloons take to the sky as part of the balloon fiesta. it is expected to draw a million people to central new mentionco. the event runs through today and october 9. it will feature more than 500 hot air balloons. this year's theme is called desert kaleidoscope. >> the winds are going north. so hopefully they will switch ar it appears we have a reservation quarter mile down the road. other than that, we will just sit here and have fun. >> anjuli: plenty events for folks who would rather have their feet planted on the ground. a laser light show and chain saw carving contest is planned. parents and grandparent, listen up, never too early to get your kids ready for col college. 8-year-old jordan phipps is
6:37 am
university. a $10,000 from the university of north texas all because of this speech. >> start my day in a positive way. i will be respectful with the words that i say. i will pay attention and do my day and i will study hard for every test. i will take advantage of what my teachers have to do. i will -- i will become a productive citizen in this world in which i live. >> alcides: get it. that is awesome. look at that shirt too. the video shows her talking about her enthusiasm for education. jordan says she wants to be a north texas eagle just like her mother. well, unt took notice of and surprised jordan with a check at her elementary school in garland. she was also given the president's award for excellence in leadership. >> anjuli: what a cutie. a fifth grader skips class to go to a book signing and
6:38 am
michael skipped school with his dad to see bruce springsteen at a book signing. when he got to the front of the line, he asked the rocker to sign a note to excuse his absence to school. the boss happily obliged but added he hoped the fifth grader wouldn't get into any trouble for all this. >> we thought that the absence note would be -- we had to sign it from the beginning. so i knew that -- if my dad signed it, it would be normal. we said how about bruce signs it. and me knowing my dad, i knew that he would agree to that. >> anjuli: thaingz is hilarious. he did bring the signed note when he returned to school, but instead of the original, the principal received a photocopy. that is amazing. >> alcides: that is an excused absence as far as i am concerned. >> you know the teacher loved that and will keep that forever. that is hilarious.
6:39 am
this weekend, why not take on a movie. >> anjuli: at 6:50 all the movies this weekend. packing lunches is pain. i know my wife hits that because i can't stand to do it. making those lunches healthy is even more of an issue. in earth watch, lindsay -- look at you, lindsay. >> anjuli: school lunches. >> alcides: one mother making
6:40 am
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weekday well, we all know weekday morning can be hectic. one pinellas county mom makes it bit easier for parents with her on beganic lunch delivery service. i checked out lunch hero in this earth watch. >> reporter: as a model, she know what is kids like to eat for splurge me and other moms would go and eat lunch with our kids and we would see so much waste, products food going in the trash. >> reporter: came up with a way for stud to eat healthy and eliminate waste in the cafeteria with her lunch hero program. organic lunch delivery program. lunches are packed in recycling packaging. >> taking the pain out you have making lunch. >> reporter: parents order lunch on the lunch hero web site. an entree, two sides and a drink will cost you $4.99. >> anything to get organic and healthy food for kids in
6:43 am
it. >> reporter: everything is made fresh at mangia gourmet in g gulfport. for the pickiest eater. >> if your child likes cheese sandwich, cheese and tomato. a loaded cheese sandwich, they can get that too. >> i don't have to carry a lunch box and more options other than having the same lunch every day. >> reporter: one of 16 private charter schools in pinellas county who get their lunches delivered weekly. >> l healthy foods that you can eat even if you are a gluten free. >> i really like the turkey sand switch very good. >> the parents love the convenience. the schools love it is hands off because no admin work for them. >> reporter: even students notice the recycling packages. fruits and sandwich wrapped in sustainable paper. and the design is also made in st. pete. >> where you can recycle almost
6:44 am
healthier place to to be. >> we hope that everybody will let us be their lunch hero. >> lindsay: lunch hero is a new program and the first school year for organic delivery service and we wish them luck. we hope to expand across other parts of tampa bay and the app will launch in january. if you want more information on
6:45 am
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time right now a almost 6:47. police are looking for this woman right there. she was caught on camera at attaching a skimmer to an atm. it happened inside a 7-eleven on 49 street north in st. petersburg. the clerk noticed a woman acting suspicious and checked the machine right after she left and police found that skimmer. they don't think many customers used that machine while the skimmer was on it. if police. social workers are working hard to prevent two dozen families from becoming hom homeless. at the moseley hotel and they have to be out by monday. they have known for a few weeks the motel's owner it decided to get rid of the property. working with the families to find them other houses and better permits. red tide washed on shore from lee to pinellas county. florida fish and wildlife say
6:48 am
tests show the algae bloom is getting worse. many waterside businesses say no doubt it will impact their his, fwc say no willing to tell how long it will last. red tide can linger around for weeks even months. i remember a couple of years ago it was around for well over a year. sometimes it can -- and i mean, when you get pictures like that acarrots the gulf coast, people just do not want to irs it the gulf coast that impacts their business. >> nothing wore when you hear local and go to the bch you see that. >> lindsay: some people have respiratory issue too. and that a big thing. our concern through at least monday are portions of manatee and sarasota county beaches. separate from those issues. you will want to avoid the peach. the beach forecast overall is pretty good. you will start with that and high temperatures today all the way down to the beach will be in the upper 80s. winds shifting out of the northeast this afternoon which will typically delay the rain, but we are kind of tran transitioning. so this morning, we do have a couple of showers near the
6:49 am
the forecast until about noon. and this will impact especially pinellas county south. out the door this morning, well, here is a look at sky tower radar at 6:48. we have some showers to dodge primarily for pinellas county south. no thunder and lightning. just a steady quick moving moderate downpour from bel-air to largo. racing up u.s. 19. safety harbor you may eve eventually see this shower that extends a little further south from redington beach to soto. these rain drops may dissipate an a patchy sprinkle north of the bay. north of the bay you feel somewhat dee decent out the door. a weak front that moved in the area yesterday. kind of on the northern fridge of it. in tampa, 76. feels manageable. should be 72 this time year. northeast wind which is light at 5 miles per hour. still waking up muggy near the coast. you are saying where is that low humidity st. pete you are at 79. 7 in brooksville. 72 in lakeland.
6:50 am
24-hour changes and down a few in some spots. one in tampa and the dew points which are held back in some locations to the mid- to upper 60s that is where it feels decent. the east wind will pull that moisture back and if you were up enjoying it this morning, you got to get outside and travel to tallahassee for fall. 53 is the dew point. 50 in atlanta and fantastic fall weather north of interstate 10 primarily out the door. game day and we will start with lunchtime today for the kic kickoff, >> anjuli:'s gator taking on vanderbilt, away in nashville, 72. chance for a shower. seminoles are taking on unc. kickoff at 3:30 this afternoon heating up but humidity in check. watch showers taking on cincinnati. this evening of 2. scattered showers developing and friends through hopefully have rain gear. parts of the caribbean gearing up for a lot of rain and hurricane-force winds in the
6:51 am
we have what looks like a massive system. a category 4 hurricane. notice when the clock goes, you can't see the eye as well and fill in. likely going through an eye wall replacement cycle which shows me that storm is still strong and probably peaked in intensity. last week it became the first category 5 in the atlantic since 2007. now wind are down only a li little, but they have only dropped 5 miles per hour to 155. this is the high-end category. the strongest winds. the really intense hurr less than 50 miles from the center though. so specifically where the center makes landfall is where the most destructive wind damage will be. that northerly turn we are watching getting steered by the same trough with some of the sunshine state and lifts northward. here is jamaica. the cone officially shifting to the east still gearing up for over a foot of rain in spots and strong hurricane-force winds. a major hurricane over cuba.
6:52 am
the u.s. the closer to the u.s. it gets the more impacts in the sunshine state. one of our latest models bring us very close to eastern florida. the other one keeps it much further east. so is the spread is why this cone is so big wednesday and thursday which is why it is a tricky forecast midweek which is why you need to stay tuned. as we look at it locally today, what that means a few thunderstorms developing. a 30% chance of that and 88. the seven-day forecast show on back side going to pull in drier air believe it or not. breezy with slim chances thursday and friday and better thursday and friday and better rain chances for the
6:54 am
this is medicine. medicine. uh... medicine? with amendment 2, this is what "medicine" will look like: pot, packaged like candy. marketed to kids. sold next to schools. in nearly two thousand pot shops across florida. no medical standards. no pharmacists. no prescriptions. and no way to stop it...
6:55 am
looking to go to the looking to go to the all right, looking to go to the movies this weekend? a bunch of new releases to choose f look at what is new in the theatres. >> are you seeing this? >> reporter: new drama "deep water horizon" about the 2010 oil rig he can implosion in the gulf of mexico is in theatres now. the film stars mark wahlberg, gina rodriguez and kurt russell and it is directed by peter burg. >> a place i go when i want to be alone. >> reporter: tim burton brings "mrs. peregrine home for peculiar children" to screens.
6:56 am
a young man who meets a ho houseful of kids with unique abilities and their protective head miss stress. >> what are you -- >>reporter: "queen of cobway" the inspirational story of a chess prodigy who grew up in the slums of uganda and discovered an incredible talent that led her to become a chess champion. oscar winner lupito oscar winner lupito nlongo stars a her mother and chess coach. >> you talk about robbing a bank. >> reporter: zack galifinakij, jason sudukis are among the stars who unite in "mastermind" an armor vehicle driver who plots a bank heist. based on true events. >> i called him a liar. >> reporter: rachel wei s+ s plays the american professor who took on a holocaust denier
6:57 am
libel. and the pg animated adventure "long way north" a 19th century tale of a young woman out to find her explorer grandfather and his lost ship. >> can i see your ticket pl please? >> reporter: appetites. even a small one can throw you off your game. and they only get bigger as time goes on. serve foster farms, a corn dog with 7 grams of protein makes a big appetite go away.
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keeping the keeping the unthinkable at bay. details on new law this morning aimed at making florida students a lot safer. plus, playing the infidelity card. in a nasty turn on the campaign trail, donald trump now plans to go after bill clinton's p past. and there is a new mode of transportation in pinellas county this morning. we are live in madeira beach as a new ferry service gets set to launch news station, this is "good day tampa bay." >> reporter: good morning to you. welcome to "good day tampa bay." 7 a.m. on this saturday mor morning. i am anjuli davis. >> alcides: i am ark lcides segui. thank you for joining us. lindsay to talk about the forecast. a large storm, category 4 down there. >> lindsay: strong cat 4. yesterday we talked about the first category 5 in the atlantic since 2007. and now this system is going


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