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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 7AM  FOX  October 1, 2016 7:00am-8:00am EDT

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keeping the keeping the unthinkable at bay. details on new law this morning aimed at making florida students a lot safer. plus, playing the infidelity card. in a nasty turn on the campaign trail, donald trump now plans to go after bill clinton's p past. and there is a new mode of transportation in pinellas county this morning. we are live in madeira beach as a new ferry service gets set to launch news station, this is "good day tampa bay." >> reporter: good morning to you. welcome to "good day tampa bay." 7 a.m. on this saturday mor morning. i am anjuli davis. >> alcides: i am ark lcides segui. thank you for joining us. lindsay to talk about the forecast. a large storm, category 4 down there. >> lindsay: strong cat 4. yesterday we talked about the first category 5 in the atlantic since 2007. and now this system is going
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you can't see the center and stays strong for so long as you get storms of this magnitude. it is big. the strongest winds extending out about 45 miles from the center. what we have is 155-mile-per-hour winds which is just shy of category 5 strength. that is 157-mile-per-hour wi winds. and yesterday it was kind of jogging southwest. today slowly moving west on track for that northerly turn tomorrow. pressure at 9:42. before we talk about what happened in the u.s., there is going to be a lot of weather into early week. first of all, we have jamaica that storms typically don't head this way from the south, and major hurricane near jamaica some time early on monday. southeast cuba is mountain use, and holding on to major hurricane strength and weakening some and recharging over the warm waters of the bahamas. this cone is large in size and includes southeast florida thursday morning with 110-mile-per-hour winds because some of our models have trended toward the eastern part of our
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east. a look at them and we like that spread to be more tightly impacted. so the confidence is good through tuesday morning. wednesday, thursday, look at that spread and that air which is why i really encourage to you check back in if you have any friends and family along the eastern coast of florida all the way to the northeast. they have to watch this into next weekend even. what it means for us, we will discuss minor impacts and drier air for us later inhe drier out the door. 76. the northeast wind is shiting and we are dragging in lower humidity, just a little bit tampa north. brooksville, love and 70 and sebring a muggy 73 and steamy 78 in st. pete. not to mention we are transitioning to the east wind. so we have some quick moving showers that have made their way through central pinellas. they are light now near largo. also a couple of raindrops that are falling apart west of fort
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the sprinkle or two in brooksville. that's it as a cold front stalled north of tampa bay. rain chances build west at 30% and until then, a coastal rain chance through midday, a warm afternoon with humidity building with highs in the upper 80s. >> alcides: thanks, new this morning police are investigating a stabbing at a night club in ybor city. around 2:00 in the morning two people were stabbed outside club sky of east 8th avenue. one person suffered minor injuries andno to the hospital. both are expected to be okay. police arrested one of the victims. we are going to continue following this developing story and bring you the latest as soon as we get more info. and happening today, senate bill 4 36 takes effect. the new law strengthens pen penalties for anyone that threatening to carry out violence on the school campus. already this school year, pasco county have dealt with three of these type of threats. poteaus like what you see here posted on social media until this morning of a threat like
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the subject was simply charged with simply disrupting school functions. a threat to shoot up a school under the new law will be a second-degree felony. it does not just apply to schools but churches, stadiums, office buildings and threats made to law enforcement. public servants and elected officials. another law going into effect today will increase penalties for people who have counterfeit credit card information taken from skimming devices. that new law can mean tougher charges for this petersburg. police say this video actually shows her attaching a skimmer to an atm inside a 7-eleven on 4th street north. they do not think many customers used that machine while the skimmer was on it but asking anyone who may know that woman to give them a call. starting this morning, a new way to get around madeira beach. a new ferry service and those behind say the waterways could ease traffic in the area especially right along gulf boulevard.
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use these waterways to move people up and down from businesses to businesses, from towns to towns. >> anjuli: pretty exciting the ferry boats will take passengers to nine different locations including a number stores and different restaurants. kellie cowan will have more coming up in the next half hour. creepy clown sightings are being reported all across the country and now concerns are growing here in the bay area as well. pasco county deputies say they are investigating at least three reported clown sight information hudson and holiday. deputies say there are threats made online as well where clowns are using facebook to message and scare teens. >> people think they are going to play a game out of it. they can end up with their game in the land o lakes jail. the reality is someone will seriously get hurt because they think it is a joke. >> deputies add that making up a report of a harassing clown is also a crime. to make matters worse,
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friday two students wearing clown masks were caught scaring people. at one point, investigators say they even opened car doors to frightened students. deputies say a 18-year-old received a citation and another boy was referred to a juvenile program at the sheriff's of office. in polk county, the justice department is suing the owner and managers of a lakeland mobile home park for racial discrimination. according to the suit, african-americans looking for housing at may grove rill lage were given h told fewer mobile homes were for sale. the lawsuit is based on results of testing done by the justice department, fair housing program. no one at that park was willing to comment. a new budget has taken effect this morning in hernando county. sheriff ninheist not a fan of it. he is suing the county's board of commissioners over this budget process. the commission passed a budget two weeks ago but the sheriff has said he has yet to receive written notice from commissioners about any changes
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made to his department's budget. >> this lack of transparency and communication by the board and or their staff have left me no choice but to ask a judge to force them to give me the information that is required by law. >> according to the tampa bay times, hernando county's final budget ask did not include an additional 1.7 million the sheriff requested. after a scary accident this week along i-4, a polk county man is looking to say thank you to the people who pulled him to avenue. william land's car went 1,000 feet into a pond after he lost control. a passing shower saw the accident, stopped to help. that driver could not get to land, but fire fighter lieutenant dan varner was able to rescue him. as you can see the car has a huge pole sticking right roux it through the windshield. he is thankful he was the only person in the car and on top of everything he only spent two hours in the hop hospital. >> i realize how close it was and if it hasn't been for a
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i would have been here today. i could have probably drowned. and before -- before anybody else got there. >> anjuli: land add this was the last time he would be behind the wheel. he has epilepsy and will now turn over his driver's license, but he wants to say thank you to both of those heroes that helped save his life. still ahead, tensions rising out west. >> alcides: the two new videos that sparked overnight protest. and donald trump turning up the heat the jabs the two are now sharing on the campaign trail. at 7:08. some of you notice it feels a little comfortable outside, and not the case in feet. it is mug the morning even though winds are out of the northeast. pretty nice sunrise in the porks. looking to the west for the boaters. a couple of small showers mainly for pinellas county south. light rain in central pinellas, that's it. rain will mainly be building from the east and pushing west this afternoon though. your weekend forecast and more
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strong hurricane i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. i'd look her right in that fat ugly face of hers. she's a slob. a person who's flat chested is very hard to be a 10. does she have a good body? no. does she have a fat [expletive]? absolutely. do you treat women with respect?
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time now is 7:x.. tensions remain high in pasadena california this time is 7:11. tensions are high in pasadena following the death of a man killed by police. very grainy video. hard to see but officers approaching a doorway during a domestic disturbance call. verbal directions were not followed by reginald thomas who then became combated. he was tased. thomas died shortly thereafter
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protest through the streets of pasadena. fox's bob decastro. >> black lives they matter h here. >> black lives they matter h here. >> reporter: protesters brought old town pasadena to a st standstill on busy friday ni night. >> nobody helps news our community. jr was a family man. he was a father. he cared about his community. that's why there is an outcry, uproar of people here. >> reporter: less than 24 hours earlier a mentally mack reginald thomas or jr thomas died after a struggle with police. >> jr himself called 911 for help for what he was feeling emotionally and mentally. and for him to end up dead when he was crying out for help, that is a travesty. >> reporter: pasadena police responded to 9/11 call just after 2 a.m. friday. when officers arrived at the orange grove apartment, they say they found thomas was h holding a knife and a fire extinguisher and may have been
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percent say they struck him twice with tasers and batons when we refused to cooperate. the father of five died when paramedics arrived. >> why would you be tasing someone calling 911 for his own help. he doesn't want police assistance. he needs medical attention. >> he has family, family that has -- depend upon him. family that is waking up tomorrow hoping this he could see him. >> reporter: family members, friends and plaque lives maer the streets from thomas's apartment to police headquarters to old town pasadena and back. >> we are here tonight because we are human beings made in the image of god. and when one of us is hurting, all of us is hurting. >> reporter: they are calling for transparency in the investigation. >> anjuli: the local sheriff's department is conducting their own independent investigation into that shooting. they say six officers were involved in the incident. two were hurt. and those protests come after more peaceful
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san diego suburb. came following the release of video showing another off officer-involved shooting. alfred alongo was shot by police in the city of el cajon on tuesday. police say the 38-year-old was behaving erratically and took a shooting stance before he was shot and killed. it turns out alongo was aiming an e-cigarette device that officers said had a three-inch cylinder that looked like a small gun. authorities decided to make the video public after protests increasingly violent. to new jersey now, dozen of investigators with the ntsb continue to look for answers into what went wrong during this week's deadly commuter train crash. one woman standing on the platform was killed. over 100 others were hurt when that train crashed into the hoboken terminal on thursday. so far investigators have not been able to reach the wreckage of that front car because there were concerns over safety as well as asbestos at the train
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from the rear of the train has been recovered. they are talking with the train's conductor who submitted blood as well as urine sample. an anonymous officials at homeland security says over the past few months, hackers have targeted voter registration systems in more than 20 states. fbi director james comey says he is looking into russian hackers who may try to disrupt the presidential election. republican candidate donlz is now calling on -- donald trump visit polling stations on election day to make sure everything is, quote, on the up and up. back out west. wildfires continue to burn south of san francisco. so far the fire has destroyed eight homes and nine other buildings. fire fighters have been working day and night and have the flames 50% contained. evacuation notices remain in effect for a nearby county. here locally in the south tampa area, a lot of rain last night.
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>> lindsay: spotty downpours, kind of in and out. this morning we have rain near the coast and we also have slightly less humid their place for some. if you live south of tampa, you are saying where is it? it is not here, but tampa north feels a little different. sky on fire. sunrise in the works with high clouds. it is 76. dew points are dropped in tampa to 63 degrees. that is about a 10-degree drop from this time yesterday. so it is behind a cold front. it is stalled northeast winds -- that wind shift will by the afternoon bring rain to our coastal counties. temperatures this morning let's check them out. our average low is 72. we are still at 76. enjoy the 71 in wesley chapel. crystal river at 72. 27 in arcadia, but a muggy 72. hop over toward sarasota, 76. it is a steamy 78 in clearwater. so let's kind of zoom out and we will see where fall is, because as we take a trip to
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54 degree in panama city. you have to make drive to really feel the difference. opportunities are in the 60s tampa north, and drier air has sneak -- snuck in rather in the mid levels of the atmosphere. that is that dry shade. so that's why i think most of our rain will be delayed and kind of build west this afternoon and i would say most of it because of a light onshore wind bringing in a couple of heavier showers this pinellas county. was a light downpour over west of u.s. 19. now steadier building south of safety harbor lifting to the north and east with a southwest wind. one heavy downpour that is well south of largo this morning. one small shower west of tierra verdict and expanded and heavy rain drops from st. pete to the sunshine skyway. that will be short lived. i will step out of the way because we are not done. another downpour to the north and east and we will monster it and see if it makes it.
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makes it. a tiny bit in hernando county. a 30% coverage. by sunday and monday deeper moisture builds in from the east and storms pushing west in a 50% rain chance. we will have to watch the bucs game. maybe delays tomorrow by late week we dry it out. less humid behind the stalled front will really not make much further progress south in the days ahead. the wind shift with the high pressure to the north. to our south, we have a really large hurricane. a strong hurricane matthew. notice you can't see that eye. no longe was yesterday. as a result of an eye wall replacement cycle, a high-end category 4 hurricane instead of a category 5. this is still a massive powerful system. the hurricane-force winds will extend out 45 miles from the center. what we are watching for is the wind shift out of the north. that wind flow kind of lifted by the trough to pull this toward the caribbean islands. the west wind this morning moving west at 7 miles per hour. there is the hook to the north sunday, and so the timing of
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for how far east will it state of census and how close to the u.s. will it stay. what we know for jamaica that some of the latest computer models brings the brunt of the impacts near or east of the islands. let's deep it east for them. they could be seeing devastating impacts monday. eastern cuba is mountain use. major hurricane and weakening some there. here is wednesday. regaining strength over the bahamas. thursday morning at 2 a.m., we have 110-mile-per-hour winds, but notice a cone a little larger in s large which is why we cannot rule out florida impacts just yet. here is monday morning at 8 a.m. notice the tightly compact models and then they are all over the place. the european mottle is slower. the gps a little quicker with the storm hugging very close to the eastern part of florida, the carolinas and up the eastern seaboard. we are not done watching this. we don't have the consensus just yet for our impacts into
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workweek. through the weekend as we get these advisories coming in and the models coming in, a better idea what may happen. a wait-and-see and can't let our guard down just yet. today a few storms developing, 88 for high. storm coverage not widespread. 75 tonight. near 70 to the bay with partly cloudy skies. that humidity quickly moves back in. 89 on sunday with our storms building west and a 50% rain chance. on the water a light southwest wind this morning that becomes northeast this afternoon. until about lunchtime, i would keep an eye on sky to you we are coastal rain around. as the forecast holds right now with us on the western side of matthew regardless of where it heads into the latter part of the week, we are actually going to pull in drier air. lower the rain chances. it will be breezy into the end of the week. after a rocky week for his campaign, donald trump is turning up the heat on a tax against -- attacks against hillary clinton and her hus husband's past infidelties in
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nasty, but he can be nastyyer than she could ever be. the comments were part of a wide ranging interview in which trump touched on his own marriage, his late-night twitter rant against aleash show that machada and his performs at first debate. the poll numbers show the debate was unkind to the nominee. hillary clinton receiving a small butch, a 3-point edge over trump. four-way trump at 40. and gary johnson and jill stein remain under 10%. let's stay there with hillary clinton. she responded to many of tr trump's attacks at a rally in coral springs. called his recent rhetoric dangerous and added that his tweets about former miss universe alicia machado was unhinged even for him. >> he hurled as many insults as he could. really.
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i mean, his latest twitter twitter melt downwas unhinged even for him. >> machado put out a statement saying trump's remarks to humiliate, unbalance me. these attacks are cheap lies with pad intentions. when we come back we of oftentimes take advantage of our delivery guys. >> anjuli: one family out west, the ups driver is more than the person ?? halloween excitement is back at dunkin' with 2 dozen donuts for $12.99. drizzled, decorated, and all dressed up for the season, share the fun with 2 dozen donuts for $12.99.
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?? cozy up this fall with dunkin's coffee and espresso flavors. sip salty and sweet with our new salted caramel macchiato or drink in the season with the classic taste of pumpkin. america runs on dunkin'. we often see u-p-s we often see u-p-s drivers in our neighborhood we often see ups drivers in our neighborhood delivering packages but most of us don't have a professional rel relationship with those dri drivers. >> one u ps driver has a special relationship with a family they have a 14-year-old boy with autism. >> reporter: a special day for
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in this neighborhood. but for 14-year-old arbor a great part of his day. . >> a big one. >> reporter: every day for the last eight years, mike's morning started with a phone call from asher who a you tis pick. >> he asks how many packages and what's in in it. i say i have one package and he will have to find out. >> reporter: if there is a package for asher sometimes he stays longer. >> whenever mike comes by and i have food, i ask the him to come by and fix at that plate. >> reporter: no package for him to swing by. >> if we don't have a package or the neighbors don't have a package. he will ask mike to please drive by and honk which mike usually will do if he has time. >> reporter: mike says he doesn't mind the early morning phone calls or stopping by to see arbor. >> i just try put myself in his shoes and his family's shoes and all of that and say, hey, it is not really that big of a deal to take a phone call or do a little bit of extra. so why not do it.
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his family appreciate mike's kindness. >> whether getting a package or the neighbors getting a package or just seeing mike, that is enough of a buzz for him that keeps him going. >> alcides: sometimes they invite mike inside their home for something to eat. he celebrated hanukkah with the family not too long ago. good stuff. still to come on "good day tampa bay." a father and son complete their mother's dying wish. >> a new way to get out and about to the beaches. beach. good morning. >> reporter: hey, good morning to you guys. hold on, check this sunset right over here. i couldn't just take up all this time without showing that you this morning. i am out here at john's pass. one of the first stops in the new madeira beach ferry. i will take a preview coming up. another view of that shot. check this out. st. petersburg from john ho hopkins all children's hospital. we are looking east. great-looking sunrise, a warm start.
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the bay but i tell you what a couple pesky downpours in pinellas county from treasure island to south st. pete.
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?? ?? ?? ?? know you can save today
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good morning. thank you for joining us this saturday for good day tampa you for joining us this saturday for good day tampa bay. i'm alcides good morning and thank you so much for joining us for "good day tampa bay." i am alcides segui. >> anjuli: and i am anjuli davis. a quick check with linkediny in
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a stabbing in ybor city. two people were stabbed outside of club sky on east 8th avenue in ybor. one person suffered minor injuries and the other was taken to the hospital. both are expected to be okay police have arrested one of the victims. the department of justice is suing the owners of the mobile home park. they said they denied home buyers based to the race. according to the lawsuit, african-americans looking for prices or told fewer mobile homes were being sold. >> and they couldn't keep up with the florida state offense last week but the usf bulls will have move on quickly ahead of the big game against conference rival cincinnati. many say if the bulls pull off a win, the american athletic conference will be theirs to use. >> lindsay: could be showers at 7:00. all your game-day forecasts are coming up.
7:31 am
in pinellas but a beautiful sunrise in tampa. check that out. october starts today feeling october-like with lower humidity north of tampa bay, and then here is that rain that i mentioned sirata beach showing some of the showers that are brewing. some are locally heavy but really not many. from treasure island to south st. pete to the sunshine sk skyway. once we get to the on-shore winds these are dissipate and late-day rain coming from the east. take you a little and downpours while they are few and far between they are heavy from safety harbor to between largo and high point lifting most either. last stop is longboat key where we have the shower me andering to the west. if it makes it a little lighter longboat point south in sarasota county. a cold front that stalled just north of tampa this morning. so we are at.6. but 70 in brooksville and 57 in tallahassee. further north it feels great.
7:32 am
tampa north but so short-lived because the east wind pulls the moisture back in. en dwroy if it feels good to you. rain chance at 30%. building to 50% on sunday and monday and we will talk more about it coming up. matthew no longer a category 5 but a very dangerous strong category 4 hurricane. the latest track coming up. >> alcides: thank you, lin lindsay. a new form of transportation at pinellas county. fr and kellie cowan is live out there this morning with a gorgeous sunset -- excuse me, sunrise behind. a great start to the morning over there. >> a great start to the mor morning. i think i tripped you up, a ark lcides because i called sunset. i am used to sunset. i am not used to watching the sun rise. it is just too early. the good news is the latest into the year the more likely to see skies in front of me. that initial burst that really
7:33 am
the service starts up today starting at 10 a.m. this morning but coming here early to join us for good day because, of course, just like anyone watching us at home, they want to be part of the show as well. they will be on their way here momentarily. we will talk to the captain coming up at 8:00. so if you are sitting there wondering, kelly, where can i find this ferry? well, let me tell you nine different stops. one right here at hubbard's, a reina where we are. 135 another pickup location. elk's lodge, madeira beach marina, madeira beach recreation center president american legion. the jungle prada park in st. petersburg. treasure island city hall, and gator's cafe and saloon in treasure island as well. and this is just the official start to this program depending on how popular this ferry service becomes they may extend
7:34 am
all kinds of location in the mix, but at this point, they want to cage how popular the service is. pickup s on wednesday and in the weekends as well and not free. it is not free. it does take a day pass. a $20 for adult day pass. $10 for kids, a but -- and all kinds of options. three-day passes. all that information on our web site as well. but as far as the planners go, they say just a much easier way to get around, to take advantage of the waterway and to aroad the headaches of driving and, of course, par parking. >> it makes sense. it makes sense to be able to use these water ways to move people up and down from businesses to businesses from towns to towns. the waterway is a way to go ahead and open up our streets. >> reporter: hey, makes sense to me. i will have being on the water and if i can get somewhere
7:35 am
a little rain here. hopefully lindsay will tell us how long this rain, hopefully not too long. the ferry at 8. we will talk to the captain of the ferry and give an on-board look as well. back to you in the studio. >> alcides: there it is, kellie. >> reporter: right on cue. tv magic. >> alcides: we look forward to the 8:00 report, kellie. thank you so much. if you have plans to head to the beach choose carefully. red tide has washed ashore from lee county up to pinellas. florida fish and wildlife say that is the beginning of the algae bloom. recent tests show that the problem will only likely get worse. fibs says there no way of telling how long it will last. sometimes it will take a couple of weeks, even months. social service workers in st. pete are working hard to prevent two dozen family from becoming homeless. living at the moseley hotel on
7:36 am
they have known for several weeks now that the mow tem's new owner decided to dump the property. social service teams have been working with the families to find them other housing and btter benefit program. miami's wynwood neighborhood is celebrating their zika-free status with big deals. local businesses suffered over the past month between the zika virus and spraying for mosquitoes. some restaurants and shops saw business fall up to 50%. there are nontravel-related sdmreebinga virus in the wynwood area. the zika travel advisory was lifted. to draw customers back into the area, 20 businesses offer special deals. the rose t+ ta has been ending its mission. circling a comet bringing back never-before-seen images. rosetta crash landed on the
7:37 am
of breakthrough discoveries. researchers are looking at things like how the comet is structured and what the dust is like. it will help researchers understand if it can be similar to what created the planets. all right, a heartwrenching story this morning. a father is finally fulfilling his wife's last dying wish with a trip to walt disney world. when kelly webb was given a month to live. she asked her husband, billy to take her 7-year-old see mickey mouse. after setting up the go fund me page, they met their $10,000 goal within an hour. how incredible is that. but unfortunately kelly wasn't able to join her son and husband. wow. she passed away last saturday after battling colon cancer for four years. but billy and will wanted to make her wish come true. after her funeral, they headed to orlando and completed the trip. by the way their go fund me
7:38 am
$35,000. >> anjuli: man [sighing] >> alcides: wow. >> anjuli: nothing. it's horrible. >> alcides: all right. coming up. healing through the power of music. >> anjuli: one city ravaged by violence is using for me, shopping is a three step process. step one: walk the aisles. two: find the deals. step three: see, that's what's great there is no step three. that's how i save at publix. how 'bout you?
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violence.. the mayor of stockton, california.. violence.. the mayor of stockton, california.. sometime 7:40. following a recent rash of violence the mayor of stockton, california declared a war on gangs and proposed an increase on the police force. at the same time, city official have unveiled a new initial i have to bring music to the public. >> alcides: sepingt up painted pianos for people to enjoy. they hope that people show up and a bit of an upside for the city. fox's nicole comtock has more. ? ?. >> reporter: it's uncanny how an unexpected sound can take you somewhere else entire hee. >> playing the piano gets me in zone. it doesn't matter how bad my day was or what is going on at home, i can kind of zone out. >> reporter: if you lend your ears to the streets of stockton ? ? ?. >> i have been here basically
7:42 am
>> you might be able to see how much they have to offer. >> i think it is good to let the community show what they have got. >> that is the idea that these public pianos put a route downtown and the way people think about the city that too often get a bad rap.for every piece of negative or disappointing news that we hear, we in stockton know all the good things that are going on. >> reporter: the director of the downtown alliance. they adopted the downtown from other cities. they ait has been amazing to see people's response to the project. >> people's lives are being changed in some small way. what can make you happier than to experience that. >> this has been my baby for the last week. >> reporter: nicholas purr net is one of the artists painting donated pianos and getting them ready for the people to play. >> you see this. people come out and smile as it is food to see. >> reporter: he was on a waiting list to work on the project and it is not hard to see why.
7:43 am
afraid go out period. >> reporter: he hope the music played on these will bring a new light on the streets. >> i see people with guitars come out and jam, harmonicas come out and jam, beat boxers. >> reporter: whatever your style and wherever you are at in life. if you find your self in downtown stockton. off seat right here. >> we have people that seem so normal come out here and be extraordinary. that is really cool. coming up, why this man decided to smash phones and ipads at an apple for in france. 7:43. great sunrise for some of us, as we look the opposite snide pinellas.wi we have clouds and showers. 76 here. a little more comfortable tampa north too by the way. as we start out the day, check out these downpours that are heavy from i would say high point to sourlt st. petersburg
7:44 am
kellie cowan is.
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you know me, i grew up here. and while politics and the political parties may have... changed, i haven't. i've always stood up to the special interests and for... the people. to protect social security and medicare. for women's healthcare, and our veterans. in congress i won't let them privatize the va, take away a women's right to choose, or defund planned parenthood. i'm charlie crist and i approve this message, because i'll put you, the people first. former florida gator -- i always have, and always will. former florida gator -- joakim former florida gailter noah is taking some heat after skipping team dinner at the u.s. military academy. dinner featured cadets and a
7:47 am
noah said he didn't join his new york knicks teammate because he is against war. knicks are holding training point this week at west point. noah disputed the idea he was trying to make a statement by missing the dinner. he said he was not comfortable in the military setting. in the military setting. [gunshots] >> alcides: i am saying this may need classes. he is walking around a apple store in france smashing iphones and ipads with a steel ball. he said he is unhappy with the customer service and decided to come around and destroy all the equipment and no one is stopping him either and he is just yelling. >> an expensive littleed a venture. >> alcides: i am sure he was arrested. how about this animal services officers went above and beyond to rescue a sweet little dog in sarasota.
7:48 am
officer payne rescued a yo yorkie-m+ altese mix. she was trapped five feet underground in a stormwater pipe. the puppy named miss duncan kelly was rescued safe and sound and she now has dwight a story to tell. >> my goodness, if only she could talk. >> anjuli: miss duncan kelly. poor little thing. >> lindsay: good deed indeed. ke showers in madeira beach. won't last too long. >> lindsay: a couple of downpours. they are hit or miss. what some of us are waking up to this morning is no rain and a little bit of humidity. in st. pete, a couple of raindrops glide in from a shower off to the south as west on the marine science cam. look beautiful but rain is moving in. clearwater beach looks fantastic. a good beach day, and we will
7:49 am
transition day to a northeast wind. but it is a transition day. look at all these little downpours. they are pesky, they are there and heavy in om spots. check out southern pinellas first where we have a few different downpours. one right over the skyway looking north and east what we are looking at over usf marine science and the area beaches from treasure island to madeira downpours well. these will last 20, 30 minutes. lift north and then fade away. little furer check out these downpours from high point to safety harbor to oldsmar. most of these weakening from the north and east and this cell may actually be a water spout west of longboat key. looks to have weakened somewhat in the last few weeks, but if you are boating wait until this ends before this heads out. a weak front that is stalled near tampa this morning. north of the boundary feels great in brooksville. 72 in sebring. 76 in sarasota out the door a
7:50 am
60s in tampa, brooksville, frostproof. that's it. you have to head further north to enjoy fall. jacket weather tallahassee, birmingham, they are in the 5 50s. game day. game day forecast. gators taking on vanderbilt 72 for that noon kickoff. away in nashville. chance for a quick shower. in tallahassee, a warm kickoff. best of luck to the seminoles and cincinnati bearcats. a few showers and a cool 62 degrees. now hurricane hunters are out there right now headed toward the center of matthew which has actually weakened a little since yesterday and we are talking about a very powerful system. how it looks and the extent of the strongest winds from the latest mission. for now less than 50 miles from the center and most of the winds surrounding that strong category 4 hurricane are
7:51 am
we have -- we are waiting on an update that will come out literally miami tarly. 15-mile-per-hour winds. a category 5 hurricane is actually 157. so this is only weakened a little since yesterday. we have seen shift in the movement. it is now west at 7 getting picked up by a trough some time late sunday and we will see that northerly track. watch as we set this into motion. gradually weakening into a mayor hurricane on monday. keeping strongest winds on the eastern side of jamaica and just east. hope that happens for jamaica. could be devastating otherwise. major hurricane over mountain use cuba and how does this recharge to the bahamas and the u.s. the cone of air expanded into southeast florida because one our computer models the gfs is showing different scenario than the european. tuesday morning a major hurricane. look how close. this model brings it to
7:52 am
new england into the early part the next week. we kind of flip-flop and look at the european which is slower and much further to the east. tuesday morning closer to haiti than cuba. eastern bahamas tuesday and wednesday and by friday, not moving much. whereas the gfs was further up north and the northeast. cone was big and can't rule out florida impacts. our thinking is dragging in drier air thursday, friday, next weekend and actually seeing a bit of a breeze as well. we may matthew if you like fall. 88 today. a few thunderstorms developing. i will keep that rain chance at 30% today but building with storms west sunday and monday into 50%. we know what happened to the bucs game. monitor kai tower late this afternoon. rain chances subject to change. and right now 20% thursday and friday. mornings may feel nice. all eyes are on matthew, guys. >> alcides: all right, lin
7:53 am
it doesn't sound good at all. havertys furniture helps your home loo even when life isn't nice pick. pops, your pick. art monk! retired. i'll take him over these fools playing today. aw come on, man. that's not how this game works. art monk! i want to change my name to hot mamma! lame. you're lame. no! i'm not writing down somebody who's retired! baby, i'm changing my name to hot momma. that's not how this works... the fall savings event is on now at havertys.
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you love all-day breakfast. that you can't get all your favorites. but now you can get more of what you love. so you can find something else to not love. like hearing the sound of your own voice. (softly) like hearing the sound of your own voice. get more choices you love, now with all day breakfast. you are watching "good day tampa bay." >> anjuli: finally this hour you are looking at lakeland's hottest spot to get a pizza and yes out of a gas station
7:56 am
called pizza touch, and one out of only three locations in all of florida. fox 13 photojournalist lucas bogg shows us how it works. ? ? ? >> real, real pizza from italy. in two minutes, you stop, put the gas, buy a pizza, and you can eat here or you can you can put money or credit card or debit card. we have a few flares. choose the flavor that you w want. and in two minutes, you open, and it's ready to go. >> have you bought anything from a vending machine before, soda, snacks? >> yes. >> reporter: how about a pizza?
7:57 am
>> it is pretty good pizza. it is weird. a vending machine opinion it is pretty good. i like it. >> reporter: would you come back in. >> definitely, i'll be back. push. >> anjuli: actually looks very good. i would try it. a changed woman. the owner of the gas station said he received such a positive response from the pizza touch machine, he plans
7:58 am
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from tampa bay's number one news station, this is "good day tampa bay. ". >> alcides: it is october 1 and a handful of new laws go into effect today. we will tell you about some of big ones that could affect you. a bra rescues a driver in distress, now the man behind the wheel is on a mission to say thanks. good saturday morning, everyone. it is saturday. >> anjuli: it is. it is october. >> alcides: that's right, october 1. the beginning of a wonderful weekend. i am alcides segui. >> anjuli: and i am anjuli davis. the headlines but first lindsay is here. it is fall but doesn't feel like it. >> lindsay: tropical


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