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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 9AM  FOX  October 1, 2016 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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to keep you safe. yet when a officer was killed in action florida was not doing enough to give their families the help they desperately needed. dana young understood. that was wrong, so we changed that law. to ensure these families get the benefits they are entitled to and the honor they deserve. dana young has our back and she has yours. dana young for the florida senate. a return to common sense. keeping the unthinkable at bay.. details on a new details on a new law this morning aimed at making florida students a lot safer. plus, playing the infidelity card in a naster turn on the campaign card.
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bill clinton's past. a new mode of transportation in pinellas county this morning. we are live from madeira beach as a new ferry service gets set to launch. from tampaway's number -- from tampa bay's number one news station, this is "good day tampa bay." >> anjuli: good morning to you and welcome to "good day tampa bay." 9 a.m. on this saturday mor morning, i am anjuli davis. >> alcides: i am alcides segui. us about the forecast. >> lindsay: hurricane hunters, we need their missions to tell us how strong are the winds. what is the eye like. what is the structure like for the system. they are fighting strong fl flight-level winds at mayor hurricane strength and they are kind of just getting started. so the info you see right here ised a of 8 a.m. will get a whole new track as of 11 a.m. and what we have is 155-mile-per-hour winds. the storm not quite as structurally organized as last night when it was a category 5,
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watching when it takes its north leer track. looks to start some time late tomorrow and that puts it in position for major hurricane with conditions. some time early monday near i can't make ca. the out irrains for haiti and southeast cuba over the mountains and the number going from a 3 to 2 wednesday and thursday and look how big this cone is which means we can't say without confidence this will not hit the sunshine st state. the model data. some of this clustered east of but others show, kind of all over the place from florida, the carolinas and which is why we need to continue to watch the process mid to late week. what we know locally feels kind of fallish, tampa. and few showers longboat, anna maria. most of these will rain themselves off-shore. another rain drop for anna maria and rain over the bay is on the move northeast.
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this may clip you as well as sun city and elsewhere dry and afternoon rain pushes west. 74 brooksville. 79 st. pete. and tallahassee and panama city looks fantastic. a front is there stalled overhead and nudged far enough south that our dew point has dropped to 61 in tampa. a pretty comfortable reading especially the past few mornings in the 70s. further south muggy storms day. we er rain chance pushing west and 50%. talk about the timing of futurecast and matthew coming up, guys. a new form of transportation in pinellas county this morning. fer service is set to start at madeira beach and fox 13's kellie cowan is live out there this morning with more details on that. good morning, kellie. [inaudible]
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me, right? >> alcides: i can hear you n now. very good. >> reporter: absolutely -- very good. here we go. absolutely gorgeous out here. a little tranquil and give you a little peek of our view as we cruise along the brand-new madeira beach ferry starting up today. free ride all today and the season will kick off going on during the weekend all through march until it picks up an extra day. and joined right now by the captain of e hubbard. mark, i know this was a long time coming for you. how are you feeling today now that this ferry service is in operation in. >> i am so excited. madeira beach ferry and taxsy started. we have the free rides all day today. you can go to tampa bay to get the schedule. we are picking up from the mainland, taking people out to the beaches. moving people up and down the beaches. it is going to be a fun
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>> reporter: i love that term. let's talk about the route. looking at it 9 different sp spots, nine different locations and take two-plus hours to take the whole route but not a big loop. this is actually -- to get on one place and get back there fairly easily. >> an on-off ferry. you can get on and off as many times you as want. get on the boat jungle p arada and go to the beaches, treasure island or john north as madeira beach and come back, right, to your car. you don't are to do the whole loop. same thing people in treasure island are staying out on the hotels come to john's pass and go over to jungle parada ta tavern, the sacred lands, museum over there and move north to rock part in madeira beach. the city center. >> anybody who has been out to the beaches know that parking and driving around and trying to get where you are going not
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way to get around. this feels pretty nice out here. tell me as a local how you expect this ferry service to have an impact on everything going on in the roadways and parking. >> well, the whole idea of water bourn transportation is take cars off the road. wince county is built out. you can't build more roads or bridges. so what do you do as density increases and tourism incr increases. you go to water-borne transportation. marine highway system. have a series of with public-private partnership and take cars off the road. this is a cool way to go. this is my office. >> reporter: i am little jealous right now. before we take off, nine different pickup location, nine in madeira. one in st. pete. you have bigger dreams, don't you? >> oh, yes. these are our beginning stages. we are partnering with clearwater ferry service, the cross the bay ferry service
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hopefully a hub st. petersburg running from a area north to clearwater and south all the way to anna maria island. >> reporter: sounds amazing 37 a lot to come hopefully the pilot program and seeing how things go as far as this nine stop ferry program goes could determine how far this entire route ends up stretching. wouldn't it be cool, guys to be able to get from downtown tampa all the way out here to the beaches, and then ferry on back. i would like that. >> alcides: great idea. the ferry service here in tampa has been pretty successful as well and a lot of people have been using in tampa and i am sure the same way down in madeira beach. kelly, thank you for being with us. have a good morning. all right, the time right now a 9:07. a quick check on some of the top stories right now. st. pete police are inves investigating a deadly crash. dana san toyo were killed around 1:30 on fifth avenue
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curb and was hit by a car. the driver tried to swerve and could not. he stopped and called 911. right now police are searching for a man they say may have been with the victim at the time of that crash. the justice department is suing the owner and managers of a lat ham mobile home park for racial discrimination. according to the suit, african-americans were given higher prices and were told that fewer mobile homes for sale. done by studies conducted by the fair housing department. no one at the park was willing to comment. a number new law taking effect in south florida. one of them toughens penalties for anyone who threatens to carry out a violent attack on school campus. pasco county has department with three of these types of threats. the photos like what you see right here were posted on social media under today's new law, the threat to shoot up a
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felony. this law applies to churches, stadiums, office buildings and threats i need law enforcement, public servants, as well as elected officials. tampa police are investigating a stabbing at a nightclub in ybor city. officers say around 2 a.m., two people were stabbed outside of club sky on east 8th avenue. one person suffered minor injuries. the other was taken to the hospital. both are expected to be okay though. police have arrested one of the victims. after a scary accident this week man is looking to say thank you to the people who pulled him out to safety. look at that crash. william lanz lost control of his car. a passing driver saw the accident and ran to help. that driver couldn't get to land and fire fighter lieutenant vernier was able to rescue him. you so see a huge pole sticking through the windshield. he said he is lucky and happy
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passenger seat. >> i realize how close was and if it hnlt been for a good samaritan i didn't know that i would be here today. i could have probably drowned and before anybody else got there. >> alcides: he added that will be the last time he will be behind the wheel. he had epilepsy his entire life, and now he is going to turn in his driver's license. he says he just wants to say thank you to his hero. to the campaign trail. after a rocky week for his campaign. donald trump is turning up his clinton and bill clinton and his past infidelities. he said clinton is a nasty and he could be nastier than she could ever be. part of a wide ranging interview where trump talked of his own marriages, late night twitter ranch against alicia machado and his performance at the debate. new fox numbers show te debate was unkind to the republican nominee. hillary clinton receiving a
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over trump among likely voters. four-way race, clinton 43% and trump 40 and gary johnson and jill stein under 10 pistachio. keep it there with hillary clinton and she responded to many of trump's attacks in coral springs. she calls his latest you rant was dangerous and that his tweets about the former miss universe was hinged even for him. >> he hurmd as many insults as why do he do things like that? i mean, as late as -- his latest twitter meltdown is unhinged even for him. >> yeah, machado put out a statement saying trump's remarks were designed to, qu quote, humiliate, intimidate and unbalance me. his attacks were cheap lie with bad intentions. still ahead etting paid to go on vacation sounds.
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>> anjuli: make their employees' work-life balance a lot better. officially time to get into the halloween spirit. >> is it really? .> an >> anjuli: totally time. trick or treat. >> lindsay: sophie already has her costume. 9:12. a little more fall-like. a little. tampa dew points have dropped 10 degrees. 76 is manageable. a little more refreshing with the east wind. the light on shore wind south of of small showers. weakening north and east. here is one just north of the howard frankland and another over the bay and time out some
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time now is 9:xx.. tes-la motor's c-e-o... (e-lawn) elon musk has sent a tes-la motor's c-e-o... (e-lawn) elon musk has sent a stern message to time is almost 9:15. elon musk a stern warning. no more discount on electric cars. salesmen were offering promotional deals when even musk has to pay full price for his tesla. the discounts were used to okay for floor model, test vehicle and those damaged in delivery but never a new car coming out of the factory. >> alcides: big hit when they first came out. people were you waiting in line. a feature from samsong that nobody has an answer for. an iphone 7 plus exploded during delivery. nobody wants to hear this. the owner of the phone has posted these picture online. apple is working with at&t to
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remember, most of the time the battery in the back. and shopping the apple app store will be a new experience next week and probably not for the better. apple will start showing ads in its search program. the change will start october 5. apple says the ads will only appear if they are relevant to what users are searching for. all right, folks. live in utah. working for this company. sounds pretty nice. they are paying its employees to take vacation. the software company called bamboo called paid vacation for eligible employees. bamboo hurricane r will reimburse that person $2,000 for vacation costs including hotel, transportation, and meals. that is a heck of a vacay. it is expensive. the company has 200 employees. the ceo says personal life doesn't exist to support work life. instead he says it is vice versa. hello.
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by the way, a study released in june says last year 55% of americans left vacation days on the table -- i was one them. that translates to $658 million -- 658 million unused days. >> anjuli: how did you use vacation days on the table. >> anjuli: you goody two s shoes. not lindsay and i. we are shaking our heads over here. no trick, the national retail federation says halloween 2016 will be a treat americans will pay $8.4 billion on the fall holiday more than they have in the last 11 years. the bulk of that spending goes toward costume with a little over $3 million. the other two and a half billion will be spent on candy. >> alcides: this will be reexciting for you. >> anjuli: with your baby on the way. >> anjuli: maybe she will be here before halloween. due the day before halloween. >> lindsay: do off costume in case.
9:18 am
she will be on time like that and a halloween outfit she expect fit in. >> lindsay: i will buy you a little costume and you can -- >> alcides: nice, lindsay. because i am -- >> anjuli: i went to the store and they are already old out for the little newborn size. >> lindsay: get out there. did you notice a little more fallish, maybe a little. >> anjuli: you are an opt optimist. >> alcides: 77 >> lindsay: the front we have been watching that is stalled and not going to move further south. it is not as miserable. tampa north. as we looked west to tampa, a small shower into the howard frankland. probably won't impact many of you and the beach look spectacular. hilton-clearwater beach net cam showing people already out there claiming their chairs for the day. a beach day you october 1st. temperature update show no 80s
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muggy south of i-4. so 77 does not feel comfo comfortable. frostproof. venice at 79. but newport, crystal river. and dew point has dropped a smidge into the mid-60s. and 61. that is a low dew point in tampa. it haven't felt that way in many months, but it will only feel this way for a couple of showers because with an east wind already we pull moisture by the afternoon. south of the front the best chance today, but as rain develops we wind down morning coastal showers. tart inland and push west. sky tower radar not many showers. just offshore of venice and anna maria and the rain is really light. light to moderate hour south of sun city. this may clip ruskin northeast and see if that shower is still
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rain chance 30%. sunday and monday they are up there am as they build west and monitoring perhaps a lightning delay if warrant during the buc game tomorrow afternoon. beyond wednesday, the rain chances may be dropping depending on where matthew heads and how strong it is. we are watching that northerly track when it happens. the same trough that brought a somewhat drop in our humidity this morning will help this lift north. if you look at matthew yourself it looks big. a little more lopsided this westerly shear. it is a little weak they are morning only because it is impossible for a category 5 hurricane which it wasn't yesterday to save that strong for that long. we have 155-mile-per-hour winds as of 8 a.m. the track i am showing you as of 5 a.m. all new information in about two thundershowers. moving west at 7. hurricane heners are out there looking for what the winds are like, what the pressure is like in the next update.
9:21 am
to happen some time on sunday. so here is late sunday into monday. here is jamaica. remember watch the whole am cone not just the center line it bringing them a lot of rain and strong winds. down to a 3 which is a mayor hurricane down a 2 and watch the magnitude of how this cone builds out. the margin of error any time we head five days out. gfs and all the models come together and the cone is so big. gfs model near jamaica closer to cuba and near east florida. very close to the carolinas and racing north and east next weekend. look how different this model looks. this is the european. this is this morning. we will call this track further east. more haiti impacts. further of the bahamas but east of florida and lingering late
9:22 am
so which one is correct? we just don't know yet and we need to watch the models and you the data from the hurricane hunters and watch that northerly turn to know how many impacts the u.s. will see and hopefully this stays east. we don't have that confidence. 88 today. a few thunderstorms developing and build west after that coastal rain ends. near 70 tonight. 75 is our average low. 89 is the above average high. rain chances above average at 50% pushing west in the afternoon. a today. winds have shifted out of the northeast and the wind brings back the moisture through monday. the good news if this forecast holds for matthew, we are on the west side which is the dry side. we will actually see pretty pleasant weather if it is true thursday and friday but it will be breezy. >> thank you, lindsay. coming up how a group of high school students will giving a dog a ok, so here are two cans of vegetables... this one i paid for, this one was free.
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school students are working to a group of high school students are working to create a mobility aid for a th three-legged dog. >> they are making their own device from start to finish and how their invention meets the need jennifer kindle has more. >> reporter: four years ago katrina found the newest member of her family at washington state shelter. >> we fell in love with him immediately and took him home that day and a week and a half after his amputation actually. >> reporter: a severe injury to his back foot required amputation of his whole leg, but for katrina, that made him even more lovable. >> the first couple of years that we had him, it was definitely easy for him to get around. he was actually faster than a
9:26 am
to running around at the dog park. >> reporter: lately his missing limb is becoming more of a health issue. >> he is regressing quickly as he is getting older hip dysplasia and arthritis issues. >>reporter: to keep pilot on his feet, started looking into prosthetics but every option came with a hefty price tag and katrina reached out to her friend, a teacher at conno lly high school and wanted a cla to build a mobility aid from scratch and both parties agreed but can't make everything real. when a chance like this comes along, it's great. and they jumped continue to quick. i threw the idea and they said, oh, yeah, we want to do that. >> it is so expensive when your dog doesn't have that because you have med kin and trea treatments. so if something like this can help, of course, i want to do it. >> reporter: over the next few weeks, students measured, brainstormed and sketched their idea to make pirate's life a little smoother.
9:27 am
unique products and just when we get to the end, we will -- this is the fun part. we will let the -- the meters. the owners decide which one they hike the best. >> reporter: from a wheelchair to a full prosthetic leg. helping with the help of their teacher and 3d print irand in about a month, students will get to see if the creation will pay off. >> going to extend and change his life immediately just being able to go being able to walk normally. >> alcides: pirate's owners say he lives on the first floor so he doesn't have to walk up and down the stairs. they hope he will get in and out of car and hop on the bed without a struggle. >> anjuli: so sweet. >> alcides: hopefully they find something. the mosaic office has received a threatening letter with a suspicious substance inside.
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because i'll put you, the people first. i always have, and always will. from tampa bay's number one news station, this is "good day tampa bay." >> alcides: good morning and thank you top of sore foyng us for "good day tampa bay." i am alcides segui. >> anjuli: i am anjuli davis an a check with lindsay in a few minutes. but first the quick headlines. >> a stabbing in ybor city. around 2 a.m. two people were stabbed outside of club sky on
9:31 am
injuries. the other was taken to the hospital. but potato are expected to be okay. police are arrested one of the victims. the department of justice is suing the owner and managers of a lakeland mobile home park. they claim the maygrove village mobile home park denied home piers based on their race. african-americans looking for housing were given higher prices or told the mobile homes were not for sale. and they couldn't keep up with the florida state offense last week, but the you can quickly ahead of the game against conference riv a, ls cincinnati. if the bull put off the win. the american athletic conference is their to lose. the game begins in cincinnati at 7 p.m. their game day forecast for all your favorite teams coming up in 15 minutes. sneak peek at us f. their games are away. here locally a few showers. none here in tampa and a few
9:32 am
in our northern counties. st. petersburg, kind of interesting. because some of you have seen some rain nearby early this morning, but despite the rain. it is actually less muggy area wide. usf marine science cam looks good. a little cloudy with showers over the bay. around the state, fall is here in pensacola, panama city, tallahassee and even north of brooksville looks good. 79 in tampa this hour. 79 in st. pete. summer is here in key west 77. we are in the 60s tampa north. so with those dew points dropping 10 degrees north of a front, it actually feels decent but just for this morning as the thank east wind takes over will bring back the moisture. not much rain to show. you a couple of storms offshore west of sarasota county. one small rain drop south and west. city. and a stalled front means muggy air south of.and best rain chances south it an where i am
9:33 am
confidence in a long-term track is hurricane matthew. a strong category 4 hurricane. a fresh track coming out in an hour and a half annulateest coming up in 15. next couple of days feature more rain. sunday and monday as moisture builds in from the atlantic. so today isolated storm more numerous late in the day sunday and monday. developing this morning, the mosaic corporate office inly lithia received a threatening letter with a suspicious the sheriff's office, the fbi and hazmat team are investigating. >> alcides: that sub is currently being tested and are not expecting results to come back any time soon maybe a week or so. mosaic come under intense scrutiny after a coal opened up near the plant in mull burry. neighbors are upset that they failed to notify of the contamination in the well wa water. individual reports show well
9:34 am
concerned citizens calmed tampa police after they spotted a man walking down the with this gun on south dale mabry highway. after police arrived the gun was an air soft rifle. no arrests have been made. if you have plans to head to the beach this weekend, choose carefully were red tide has washed ashore on lee county up to pinellas. florida fish and wildlife says this is the beginning of the algae bloom. recent test results show the problem only no way of telling how long it will last. sometimes a couple of weeks, sometimes a couple of months. social service workers in st. pete are working hard for two dozen families of become can homeless. they have to be out by monday. they have known for several week that the motel's new owner decided to dump the property. social services team have been working with the families to find them other housing and better programs.
9:35 am
with big deals. over the zika virus and of course spraying for those petitions canee mosquitoes. some restaurants and shops saw businesses fall up to 50%. there are five new cases of nontravel-related sdmreebinga in the miami area, but warning ynwood zika travel advisory was lifted back on monday to draw customers back more than 2 businesses offered spellings deals yesterday. the comet-chasing spacecraft spacecraft rosetta ended its mission. circling a comet. for its final act rosetta crash landed on the surface of a comet completing the 12-year mission of a series of br breakthrough discoveries. looking at how the comet is structured and what the dust is like. help researchers understand if it could be similar to what created the plan nets. more good deeds from gainesville's baseball cop. he wants kids to shoot hoops.
9:36 am
fox's david williams has more. >> students at the micro school bounce off the wall when gainesville pd famous s basketball cop shows up. >> most don't get to play basketball every day and when we have a chance. >> reporter: officer bobby white makes it his mission to get kids playing basketball to keep them out of trouble. his foundation with help from gpd donated a brand-new hoop and self-basketballs for hundreds of kids at the gainesville >> a great feeling knowing that -- that something as simple as a basketball and some balls, a huge impact it will make to so many kids. >> reporter: the school helped students to get back on track after battling thing like behavioral issues or falling behind in school. >> well, i am very thankful for the opportunity. >> reporter: the officer is the basketball cop for these kids. the school is looking for ways to boost attendance. >> i want to see them -- see
9:37 am
hoping that something positive will come out of this. >> officer white and dean barnett say they hope it will mean more than free basketballs and a free basketball hoop. nearly 300 students who go to this school. >> give a chance to really see that they can interact with police and that community is not going to stop that. >> the trust between the community and law enforcement in these times but mostly the kids. >> reporter: another slam dunk for the community. thanks to david williams, fox news. all right, coming up, healing through the power of music.
9:38 am
9:39 am
time now is 9:xx.. following a recent rash of violence.. the mayor of stockton, california..
9:40 am
following a recent rash of violence. stockton, a war on the city's gangs and proposed an increase in the police force. at the same time, city officials have unveiled a new initiative to bring music to the public. >> alcides: setting up painted pianos around the city to play and enjoy and hoping to show people a nicer side of that city. fox's nicole comestock has more. ? ? ?. >> reporter: it's an unexpected sound can take you somewhere else entirely. >> play the piano gets me in this sort of zone where it doesn't matter how bad my day was or what's going on at home, i can just sort of zone out. >> reporter: but if you lend your ears to the streets of stockton. >> i have been here basically every single day. >> reporter: you might be able to see what else they have to offer. >> i think it is really good to
9:41 am
>> reporter: that is the idea anyway that these public pianos placed throughout downtown will start to change the way people think about this city that too often gets a bad rap. >> for every piece of, you k know, negative or disappointing news that we hear, we in stockton know all the other good things that are going on. >> reporter: cindy fargo is the ceo of the downtown stockton alliance. the group adopted the public piano model from other cities. she says it has been amazing to see people's respoe projects. >> people's lives are being changed in some small way. what can make you happier than to experience that. >> this has been my baby for the last week. >> reporter: nicholas barnett is one of the artist painting the donated pianos and getting them ready to play. >> little kids when they see something like that, their face lights up. >> on waiting list and not hard to see why. >> when it is dark people are afraid to go out to period. >> reporter: they are hoping
9:42 am
bring a new light to the streets. >> i see people with guitars come out and jam. harmonicas come out and jam. beat boxers. >> reporter: whatever your style and wherever you are at in life, if you find yourself in downtown stockton, off seat right here. >> you have people who just seem so normal come out here and be extraordinary. that's really cool. ? ? ?. >> alcides: i always enjoy street performances like that one. we come back a fat cat is three times the size of his peers. his owner is taking heat for it. how he says her chubby cat grew to be so large. how big this poor cat. doesn't sound good. a grand slam of a different kind at last night's dodgers giant game. the story behind this video. and at 9:42. >> alcides: did you see that? >> lindsay: 9:42. maybe you are going to the beach, to the pool, it is warm outside, but humidity
9:43 am
beach looks great. one or two showers over the bay and offshore. but heating up despite the fact that it feels a little more pleasant outside. enjoy those dew points in the 60s for some. they are only here this mor morning. we will time out when we shop it is kinda like a competition. it is exactly like a competition. whoever finds the most bogo's wins! which is usually me. that's how we save a lot at publix. how 'bout you? publix. where shopping is a pleasure. appetites. even a small one can throw you off your game. and they only get bigger as time goes on. serve foster farms, a corn dog with 7 grams of protein makes a big appetite go away.
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new this morning the window of a new york fire fighter is making her husband proud. roseanne's husband passed away last week. he was laid to rest on tuesday. afterwards as row anne rode in a fire truck with her husband's co-workers, they ran into a traffic jam. it was caused by a five-car accident. roseanne didn't hesitate, grabbed her husband's jacket from the seat and ran to the scene. stood by with the hose while ot roseanne could feel her late husband watching over her the entire time. a bit of a home during the san francisco giants la dodgers game last night with both teams tied at the top of the fourth. a fan invaded the field and was not welcomed. catcher busty posey pushed him to the dirt and then giant outfielder angel padon body slammed him to the ground. he received roaring ovation from the sellout crowd.
9:47 am
>> alcides: is he a mma fire. holy cow. a chubby kitty getting a lot of attention online. meet logan. 8 years old. >> like a meatball. >> 8 years old and weighs 31 pounds. that is actually -- [ laughter ] -- >> anjuli: the fattest cat i have ever seen. >> alcides: he weighs 31 pounds. that is three times the weight of your average house cat. he is getting his owner says he loves to hog attention and steal his brothers and sisters meals. that will explain it. they tried diets and exercise but he can't shake this -- [ laughter ] -- >> anjuli: his legs. >> lindsay: he is waddling. >> anjuli: sorry, i don't know what is wrong with me but i that i adorable. making me laugh and cry at the same time. i think fat cats are adorable. that's why i have one at home.
9:48 am
>> lindsay: 31 versus 18. >> anjuli: that poor thing. really cute though. >> lindsay: so cute. a lot people want it to feel like fall. it is october this month. today is october 1. as we step outside this mor morning, some of you will notice it feels a little more pleasant. we have a hurricane though to discuss. that is major hurricane matthew down to the south. but before we get to that. show what you is happening closer to home and that includes a few clouds, warm air but leshu hop over to clearwater beach. hardly a cloud in the sky. a fantastic beach day if you can avoid the red tide. the biggest issues in sarasota and manatee county. 73 in lakeland. 74 in brooksville. 79 in st. petersburg. so the further south of i-4 you go it is not comfortable at all but the further north of i-4, feels pretty darn good. we brought in dew point in the
9:49 am
some of us not all of us en enjoying a brief taste of lower humidity. any time these numbers are less than 70, it is manageable humidity. so enjoy it this morning as the east wind kind of brings back the moisture. speaking of moisture, we did see heavy showers in pinellas earlier but weakening storms. offshore, sarasota county and one lonely shower that is briefly heavy riding along u.s. 41. maybe clipping sun. city center if it holds this morning. here is our front which is stalled meaning it will not move any further south and cooler air is not going to move any further south either. a east wind by the afternoon a 30% rain chance. fall, a lot of places enjoying that crisp feel with those pumpkin lattes this morning from tallahassee to charlotte in the 60s. little rock at 59 degrees. the game-day forecast. some featuring fall-like conditions taking to you nashville, gators taking on
9:50 am
72. perhaps a quick shower and not much rain. no rain in tallahassee. seminoles at 3:30 taking on north carolina. 87 will be the temperature at kickoff, but humidity in check. scattered showers over the bots taking the cincinnati bearcats. and matthew. hurricane hunters are there right now. as you look at the storm, you notice it doesn't look as impressive as yesterday. it will likely be a bit weaker at 11 a.m. with the advisory, but some of the slight winds that major hurricane force and still talking about impressive system. looks like they are on their way back. it is just impossible for systems to have the strength of the magnitude that matthew had yesterday for too long which is food news. we hike the conditions to continue to weaken. we have a category 4 hurricane. a high end as of 8 a.m. moving west at 7. pressure very low. waiting on the shift. good news for jamaica more models are showing a slightly further east path that could
9:51 am
monday and tuesday. the official forecast for tuesday over mountain use east cuba and does this trough hold in place and glide the system to the coast. and will track choicer to florida and closer to the u.s. we do not have that defined and a definite answer for you but as the models continue to hopefully come together instead of seeing that spread here and more on line in the bahamas and beyond early next week, we can talk more specifics. in the u.s., gfs model show more likelihood of that. the european keeps a further east track. so a lot to watch. i wish i had a more definite answer in the short term lifting north tomorrow. 88 for today. rain chances about 30%. those will actual hee come in from the inland areas and push west this afternoon. 70 north tonight. 75 in tampa. not quite as comfortable and on sunday, better rain chance up to 50%. better afternoon and evening
9:52 am
tailgate at raymond james stadium. could spell drier air and breezy conditions and we all need to kind of sit tight, watch and tweak the forecast in the days ahead. thank you, lindsay. well, how does this sound in pizza from a vending machine. believe it or not, it actually looks pretty good and does not come out cold. coming up. see how ok, so here are two cans of vegetables... this one i paid for, this one was free. because they're bogo maybe this one was free. either way... that's how i save at publix. how 'bout you?
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? she's walking... ?
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watch it, right here... ? again, again, we going to rewind... ? for every hello there's a connection... ? is this your dog? ? waffles! and for every connection we have the opportunity to make a friend. ? for that... we thank you. ? i'm a coupon guy... i signed up for the publix digital ones... i clip the paper ones... in fact if there was a third kind, i'd probably love those too.
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publix. where shopping is a pleasure. finally this hour-- finally this hour-- finally this hour. you are looking at lakeland's newest spot to get a pizza and yes out of a gas station v vepding machine. it is made by a new company called pizza touch and one of only three on the streets in all of florida. >> alcides: station's photojournalist lucas balk show us how it customers are saying about how this tastes. ? ? ? >> it is real, real pizza from italy. in two minutes, you stop, put the gas. buy a pizza. and you can eat here or you can go. you can put money or credit
9:56 am
choose the flavor that you want. in two minutes, you open and it's -- it's ready to go. ? ? ?. >> reporter: have you bought anything from a vending machine before, sodas, snacks? >> yes. >> reporter: how about a by za? >> never a pizza. -- how about a pizza. >> never a pizza. >> pretty good pizza. it is weird. it is but i like it. >> reporter: will you come b back? >> definitely, i'll be back. >> anjuli: looks good. in lakeland. all hours of the day. the owner of the mobil station says he has received such a positive response on the pizza touch he plans to bring one to another gas station in fr frostproof.
9:57 am
the 7-eleven pizza. i never tasted it because it didn't look that great.ri >> lindsay: we will have to try it and fine out. more storm building west and all eyes on matthew could bring us drier air late week. the latest on for you. >> anjuli: remember keep up to date on all the news and weather all the time by logging on to our website at
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