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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 6AM  FOX  October 2, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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from tampa bay's number one news station, this is "good day tampa bay." >> anjuli: an under cover probe blows the lid on a racial discrimination case in polk county. what they do when minorities want to up move in. >> alcides: a new report allege donald trump may not have paid taxes for the past 18 years. >> anjuli: in this week's "faith in action," how the salvation army is giving those in need of a second chance a new lease on life. good morning. and welcome to "good day tampa bay." it's 6:00 a.m. on this sunday morning. i'm anjuli davis. >> alcides: and i'm alcides segui. lindsay milbourne now to talk about the forecast. beautiful day yesterday. >> lindsay: it was nice in the morning and also in the ae afternoon, boom, that humidity
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better rain chance second half of the day. 73 in sebring and 75 in tampa and crystal river at 70 this morning. the dew points exited the 60s and most around 70 degrees. a shift in the winds delay the rain today, so while we saw the pesky showers mountain morning yesterday, i think overall we look to the east for a 40% to 50% chance of late-day storms. watch and see where they line up for the bucs game this afternoon. hurricane matthew holding intensity overnight. 150 miles per hour winds. it's moving slowly and inches towards haiti and cuba, they will see tremendous amounts of rainfall. here's a major hurricane late monday into tuesday with a
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and western haiti. some areas are very mountainous, so they could have upwards of 2 feet of rain in some spots. a trip near the bahamas where it may recharge over the warm water. a sliver of southeast florida officially in the cone of error, but a lot hook this east of the state into the end of next week. it will bring us some pretty pleasant weather late next week coming up. >> alcides: thank you. new this morning, clearwater police are on the scene of a serious v pedestrian crash. it happened near the intersection of gulfton bay and duncan avenue. drivers are asked to avoid the area. we'll bring you the latest nfks on this as soon as it becomes available. federal authorities are trying to figure out who sent a suspicious liter with an unknown white powder to mosaic's corporate office.
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however, firefighters tested it on the scene and say it's not hazard lues. mow sglak we is under intense scrutiny after a sinkhole opened up at that plant and neighbors are yub september they failed to notify them of of potential contamination. tests show well water rarnd the plant is safe to drink. neighbors in a polk county mobile home park aren't discrimination from their landlord. it accuses the managers of wanting to keep african-americans out of the community. the lawsuit says black families were told no homes were available when, in fact, homes were actually more sale and even for rent. the community is said to have also denied financing or asked for higher payments from black families. the lawsuit is based on undercover tests last year where
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buyers. >> my best friend, sister is with a black guy. he said that nothing was available, when i, obviously, they see that there's like three or four places open. >> alcides: the lawsuit demands the development stop discriminating and calls for fines for those responsible. if the owner and managers are found liable in that civil trial, money could be awarded to anyone >> anjuli: the zika emergency in south florida continues after the discovery of more of infected mosquitos in miami beach. state health officials say preliminary tests show this sixth pool of mosquitos tess positive for the virus. this is from a new neighborhood in the city. the tests are still waiting to be confirmed by the cdc. it was taken on september 20th in an area that's been
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contracted zika locally. officials have been spraying the area. >> alcides: on the campaign trail, a new bombshell report from the "new york times" claims that donald trump may not have paid any taxes for 18 years. the times says anonymous source gave them the first page of his tax filing from new york, new jersey and connecticut. the newspaper says they confirmed the documents were real by checking with accountant. here's what they found. trump declared a loss of $916 million that year. that tax deduction in theory would allow trump to cancel out the same amount of taxable income over an 18-year period. trump has been criticized for not releasing his tax returns, something hillary clinton talked about during this week's debate. >> it just seems to me that this is something that the american people deserve to see, and i
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he's ever going to release his tax returns because there's something he's hiding. >> alcides: this is important to know. it's unknown if trump took advantage of those tax benefits. in a statement about that story, the trump campaign called times an arm of the clinton campaign and says the candidate knows the tax code better than anyone. >> anjuli: trump is shining light on a new leaked audiotape where apparently categorizing bernie sanders supporters as new to politics and living in their parents basement. >> some are new to politics completely and children of the great recession and they are living in their parent's basement. they feel that they got their education, and the jobs that are available to them are not at all what they envisioned for themselves. and they don't see much of a future. >> anjuli: the audiotape came from a hacked clinton campaign
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to the washington free beacon. in it she says she views herself as being in the middle of two extremes in this election. the clinton campaign and sanders supporters have reacted saying the remarks were taken out of context. they tweeted the headline is misleading and points out the tone of clinton's audio is no way mocking the supporters. the reese lease of the tape comes at a time when she continues to struggle with young voters. a recent poll shows her numbers are slipping between likely voters age 16 to 34. a month earlier she had 64% and in contrast, donald trump's numbers went up 5%. trum trump's campaign linked it at a statement last month when she
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supporters as a basket of deplorables. >> alcides: a multi-million dollar event is drawing in big crowds this weekend on clearwater beach. the super boat national championship and festival kicked off on saturday. if you want to see the races, watching from the shoreline is free. if you want a closer look, you pay $25 to stand on pier 60. kellie cowan will have more on this upcoming event coming up in the >> anjuli: today is your last day to enjoy a legendary bay area restaurant. the spaghetti wearhouse is closing its doors for good. they have tried several times this year to relocate or re-open from their ybor city location and surveyed customers who they hoped would move to brandon, but the plan fell through. the owners hope to open again sometime in the future. >> alcides: in sports the
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super bowl champions. the denver broncos are in town looking to keep their perfect start to the season going. as for the buccaneers, they're looking to stop a two-game losing streak. head coach dirk koetter knows without running back doug martin in the line-up, the time offense relies on the shoerl of jameis winston, a challenge he's looking forward to. >> now that the time is here, i'm very excited to play against denvernd carolina another day. i'm very excited. like i said, this is just a great team. i'm excited for our team, you know, to be able to face an opponent like this. >> alcides: fox 13 as haul the sunday football needs covered. "tailgate sunday" starts at 10:30 this morning and fox sports takes over at 11:00 and at 1:00 we have the panthers and
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conference play with a big road win against cincinnati. with his parents in the very front row junior running back marlin mack because the all time leading rusher. bulls win. next week is the homecoming week. events start tomorrow culminating with a game against east carolina on raymond james stadium on saturday. poor lindsay. her seminoles lost to north caroli in tallahassee and effectively ends their playoff chances. for my florida gators, well they got back to their winning ways beating vanederderbilt 13-6. they play lsu next week. >> alcides: you guys almost lost against vandy, by the way. >> anjuli: we got a w. we look at wins and losses. still ahead, another night of protests in southern
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new details in the new jersey transit train crash. what investigators have to say about the signals at that station and how the crash could have been prevented. >> lindsay: is feels more summerlike than fall-like out the door. a mild start to the day. not quite as comfortable in all locations. waking up in the mid-70s in most spots and milder north of bay but we're dry. that's a change this morning. cari caribbean. this could bring tremendous amounts of rain to parts the caribbean, but will it affect the u.s., and how does it affect our forecast late in the week? a lot to discuss, so don't miss the forecast after the break. when we shop it is kinda like a competition. it is exactly like a competition. whoever finds the most bogo's wins! which is usually me. that's how we save a lot at publix. how 'bout you?
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time now is 6:x.. even more outrage is growing in >> anjuli: time is 6:14. more outrage in southern kamz after another deadly police-involved shooting. >> alcides: it sparked protests in los angeles overnight. lapd says snell was suspected of being involved in a car theft. officers say they tried to pull over the car he was in on saturday jumped out and tried to run away. the officers when after him, and according to investigators shot him during that foot chase. police say they believed snell was armed. a weapon was found there at the scene. police are still searching for the car and the driver involved. >> anjuli: the parents of a 6-year-old boy killed during a school shooting in south carolina are remembering him as a happy and loving child. jacob hall died from his injuries on saturday. a teacher and another student
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rural townville. they have been released from the hospital. the 14-year-old gunman killed his own father before coming to school. he's been charged as a juvenile and is being held in jail. >> alcides: new information in the deadly new jersey transit crash. federal investigators say early reports indicate the signals leading to the hoboken station were working properly when the train crashed on thursday. one person was killed. more than 100 others were hurt. we're also learning back in june jersey transit and found dozens of safety violations. a follow-up audit was underway at the time of that crash. >> anjuli: southern california is on heightened alert for the possibility of a major earthquake. it came after a series of 142 small tremors along the san andreas fault line. the u.s. geological survey says they ranged from 1.4 to 4.3.
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andreas fault hasn't ruptured since 1690. scary stuff. i have to give lindsay credit because yesterday she said there's a hint of fall in the air. it's a little nicer. i was like she's crazy. if you were in the shadows yesterday prenoon, i felt it. you were right. >> lindsay: in our southern counties they never got it. by the afternoon for us, humidity kind of swung in from the east. so this morning no fall, but next weekend will feel even better than yesterday morning. so i'm not crazy. i'm talking truth for next weekend. 75 this morning in tampa. we have a light northeast wind and dew points climbed literally 5 to 10 degrees. with it it's comfortable. we had big rain last night in some spots. we show you those rainfall totals as we look at our 4:00 and 6:00 a.m. temperatures. it's a muggy 79 in
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chase. 70 is nice for you in brooksville. it's not as comfortable as yesterday at this time. it's 72 in arcadia, and haines city at 73 degrees. look at that dark green, which went from about here to here meaning all of our views area sl a little muggier out the door. tallahassee and panama city feels good. even gainesville and jacksonville feeling felt yesterday. instead of a light onshore wind, we have around east wind. i expect it to remain dry for the boaters. last night took most of the day for the storms to glide in from the east. in tampa you're saying what rain? lakeland 2, 3, 4 inches and into eastern hillsborough had severe storms near severe limits in anna maria last night. some areas had 2 to 3 inches of rain.
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with the easterly component to want winds, a 40% chance of those storms will arrive. as they push west, where will they line up? at raymond james possible lightning delays. 87 degrees at kickoff with scattered storms developing. stay alert. this is a look at hurricane matthew. this is an unusual major hurricane. this is not the hurricane. that's a separate piece of convection. this is the hurricane itself. you can see hints of that cycles. it's slow to move. it's up only barely moving northwest. with the shift in the models mainly east of jamaica, i'm concerned with the amount of rain for portions of haiti and eastern cuba because of the mountain yus terrain and slow movement, landslides and mudslides are likely. 1 150-mile-per-hour winds at 5:00 a.m.
6:19 am
if this makes a beeline between cuba and haiti, hopefully the strongest wind is offshore. on the east side of the storm, some of our models predict over 2 feet of rain is possible for portions of haiti not to mention a big storm surge as the storm comes in from the south. then we talk about the bahamas, major hurricane over warm waters here. how close does it get to florida and the carolinas? most models east of florida but close enough for squalls on the east coast. so a sliver of our ste computer models getting more agre agreement. i'll show you the long rain. here's monday and tuesday, big problems for the caribbean where hurricane warnings in effect. this is the gray icon, but look at a couple of models, how they bring it really close to the carolinas, late week and possibly next weekend. can't rule out hurricane impacts in the u.s. just yet. as we discussed, we keep watching and waiting, we need to. there's a lot of complicated
6:20 am
a clear-cut forecast mid to late week. and 89 with scattered storms nd- developing. hot and humid, and stormy and summer summerlike. overnight we're quiet and back to morning sun on monday. rain chances the highest of the week monday at 50%. northeast wind is at 10 knots today. here's the seven-day forecast. if you like lower humidity it may move in late week, but it will be breezy. i'll ler gradually wednesday through friday. >> alcides: thanks, lindsay. a chance of a lifetime for those who served our country.
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every year, servicemen and women -- hurt in the
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men and women hurt in the global war on terror join president george w. bush for a mountain bike ride. it's highlighting the bravery and sacrifice of american warriors. >> anjuli: we were there are for the sixth annual bike ride in crawford, texas. >> glad you're here. thanks for coming. glad you're >> good to see you. >> thank you for inviting us. >> you're back again. that's impressive for a guy your age. >> i don't give up. >> we've talked about exercise being addictive. it occurs to maybe maybe it's ton taj yus.
6:24 am
war fighters seem to spread a con taj onof positive healing feeling. >> that's interesting. i think that's a really interesting way to look at it. these are remarkable individuals who have been severely injured who refuse to quit. in this case have used exercise as a way to help them recover physically and mentally. >> i was injured in 2003 in afghanistan riding with everybody else. i'm doing the same thing. you quit thinking about it. nothing nothing else matters. everything is normal, you know. my head is clear. my body feels good, and it's a -- it's a very calming and healing thing. >> in 2007 i was wounded in a rocket attack in baghdad, iraq. bringing home the ptsd is a challenge. i tried the medication and thairns and didn't connect with either one. >> we're moving away from
6:25 am
direction of exercise. >> no question. like anything there's a learning curve, and a lot of these vets, many of them were on pills and self-medicating, and it didn't work. they've tried other things. one of which is exercise. >> what does this mountain bike ride mean to you with the former commander in chief? >> this is fantastic to spend time on a personal basis with the guy who essentially, you know, sent me to iraq afghanistan. it's been -- it's incredible. >> i came here. i've waited and wanted to heat him since 9/11. that is my commander in chief. i served under him. he's still my commander in chief. meeting him out here and seeing the man and the type of person he is and the way he treats us, he's one of us. you know? that's an incredible thing. >> your commitment comes across.
6:26 am
can you talk about that, how they resonate with you? >> well, you're out there riding with a person who, you know, lost her leg and we're talking about her recovery and how she's doing. you realize they all could have quit and said why me full of self-pity, but instead is a tremendous asset to the future of country, as are all our vets. that's why helping them heal is really important. they're all inspirational. i mean, i've gotte t lot of them. so inspirational i painted about 97 of them. i've put out a book that will draw attention to the invisible wounds of war. so it's a book about courage and recovery. buy it. >> are you kidding? of course. will you sign it for me? >> yeah, if you buy the deluxe version i'll sign it for you. >> alcides: he's still a
6:27 am
the white house is making its way down to florida. >> alcides: where president obama and vice president biden will be this week. it's long gone for most of us. for those dealing with the effects of hurricane hermine, help is still here. we'll explain. >> lindsay: at 6:27, fortunately a dry start to the day after tremendous rain inland last night. temperatures are mild, and they're a little muggier, though. tallahassee and gainesville look good in the 50s and 60 79 in st. petersburg. dry to start but probably a better rain chance the second half of the day. a 40% storm chance as they build wet. will this impact the bucs game this afternoon?
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good morning. thank you for joining us this sunday for good day tampa bay. >> alcides: good morning. thank you for joining us. i'm >> anjuli: and i'm anjuli davis. a quick check on the headlines. the fbi is still trying to figure out who sent a letter containing an unknown white powder to mosaic's corporate offices. the fbi says they're testing the powder to see if it's dangerous. mosaic has been under fire recently after a sinkhole opened up in their plant near mulberry spilling millions of gallons of contaminated water into the florida aquifer.
6:31 am
miami beach discovered in a new neighborhood of the city. the florida department of agriculture says it's the sixth time zika-bearing mosquitos have been captured there. at least 35 people in miami beach have gotten zika locally. officials have been spraying the area hoping to get rid of those infected mosquitos. >> anjuli: bucs fans are ready for another home game this afternoon. jameis winston will lead the team with doug martin on the sidelines. tampa bay has to rely winston's passing game to defeat the broncos. today's game is at raymond james at 4:05. >> lindsay: a tough game this afternoon, and a tough forecast. the best timing of our storms late day between 4:00 and 8:00. so be alert. that's not to say we'll see any delays, but they are certainly possible during the game. we're dry this morning, though, so that's why the storms are delayed. it's not as comfortable out the door this morning.
6:32 am
wauchula and 79 in st. pete. we have the east wind taking over and i'm not concerned with coastal rain this morning. in fact, most of the storms are well after 3:00 across the inland zones. lower humidity north of a front still hung up north of the area, and so we're in the muggy sector here. rain chances today about 40% to 50%. down to our south, all eyes on category 4 hurricane matthew. hurricane hunters will be out there later ts need them to help us fine-tune the forecast mid to late week. our greatest concern in the short term is for the caribbean. this is going to be a huge storm with lots of impacts for them. 150-mile-per-hour winds moving northwest at 5. pressure is low, really slow-moving hence the potential for just ridiculous paamounts o rain. yesterday the track was closer to jamaica and today it's closer to southeast cuba and haiti on the eastern side of where this
6:33 am
hurricane center says upwards of 25 inches of rain possible in parts of haiti and storm surge. then a major hurricane bringing impacts to the bahamas. does this play a role in the u.s.'s forecast? the models keep it east of the state generally, so we should be nice and quiet but breezy late week. carolinas need to watch it late in the week. we watch early in the week for increasing rain chances, 40% coverage today and 50% monday and that summer humidity is back as well, guys. >> alcides: it's been a week since hurricane hermine left a trail of damage across parts of florida, but some parts of the state are still cleaning up. fema representatives have been out and about this weekend reminding homeowners to sign up for help. anyone affected by that storm is eligible. fema says all situations are different and everything is handling on a case-by-case basis. you can get help with grants and low interest loans to pay for anything not covered by
6:34 am
>> that can make a big difference in the lives of a lot of people who have damage to their property because of hurricane hermine. you can gept grants for home repairs, rental assistance, other needs not covered by insurance. for some families that money can make a big difference. >> alcides: to register any damage with fema, you can call the number on your screen, 800-621-3362, or register at or on their fema app. >> anjuli: on saturday the madeira beach ferry fired up the motors and kicked into cruising speeds along the intercostal. it makes nine stops connecting madeira beach to st. pete and treasure island. riders says the ferry offers view you -- the ferry offers views you do not see from the roadways and takes the stress
6:35 am
the beach. >> we don't have a boat to get around in, so we're just taking advantage of it. the water taxi to get around and see the areas and it's just so beautiful out here. >> there's no traffic to fight, and if they have to fight anything, it will be a dolphin. >> anjuli: the ferry runs fridays and saturdays and starting in march it will pick up an extra day on wednesdays from 10:00 to 9:. florida in week. both vice president joe biden and president obama will be in the sunshine state to campaign for hillary clinton. biden will visit orlando on monday afternoon before coming to sarasota where he will visit a community center. president barack obama is scheduled to campaign for clinton in orlando on wednesday. >> alcides: a man already on florida's death row is indicted for another killing. a grand jury says 70-year-old franklin rose murdered and raped
6:36 am
girl back in 1976. the palm beach county sheriff's office says rose admitted to the crime after newly tested dna from the victim's home tied him to the scene. >> anjuli: a new emotional video shows the rescue of a 1-month-old baby girl after an air strike in syria. a rescue worker can be seen bursting into tears moment after pulling out that child alive from the rubble of a bombed-out building. powerful stuff. that baby had been under the rubble for okay. the rescuer told reporters that he broke down because he felt like he was holding his own daughter. the also says he hopes the video will highlight the severity of the situation there. >> alcides: they have done an incredible job in aleppo and the middle east there. >> anjuli: heart-breaking. a local clarity is helping those with nowhere to turn get back to track. >> alcides: how the salvation army is doing so. much more than just disaster
6:37 am
"faith in action." this week on "fox news sunday" with the first die bait in the books, trump and clinton plot their strategies for round two. trump threatens to go after bill clinton's sec scandals and doubles down on attacks a former miss universe. we talk with chris christie, a top trump adviser. hillary clinton takes a victory lap. we ask claire mccaskill how ?? halloween excitement is back at dunkin' with 2 dozen donuts for $12.99. drizzled, decorated, and all dressed up for the season, share the fun with 2 dozen donuts for $12.99.
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>> anjuli: they're best known for being some of the first out the door for disaster relief, but it turns out each and every day the salvation army is hard at work restoring a different kind of peace. their rehabilitation program is this week's "faith in action." borned and raised in tampa, he was a standout from the start on the ball field. >> i played baseball since i was 3 years old, and i went to chamberlain high school and started all four years on varsity at chamberlain. were heavily recruited. despite his success on the diamond, off the field he was failing. drugs had become a constant in his life, threatening everything of importance to him. >> i was broken. just in a very, very dark place. didn't know what to do. didn't know how i had gotten where i had gotten. >> anjuli: after failing drug tests and struggling in the clas classroom, he was out of school, baseball and hope.
6:41 am
my life was spinning 1,000 miles per hour. i didn't know where to go and what to do and i had ran out of ideas. >> anjuli: somehow he ended up here at the salvation army's rehabilitation center in tampa. >> by them allowing me to come here to the salvation army and helping me, it gave me an opportunity to just sit still and to allow god to pull me out of the tornado. >> anjuli: for up to a year, they lodge, feed and cloth those in need for free. >> when they com a lack of trust, lack of faith, and a great deal of hopelessness. >> anjuli: their professional c counseling focusing on the mind, body and spirit, they work tirelessly to get men back on the path to sobriety. they say faith is the foundation of the fight. >> it truly is a life that is saved in every respect. >> that's the case with rocky. the salvation army was the only door left open during his downward spiral.
6:42 am
mentor at the center. routinely shares these words of survival. >> nothing is impossible with god. you're never too far gone for the reach of god. >> anjuli: again, the salvation army's adult rehab program is free to clients. they're able to pay for that service through donations and sales at the stores. always important if you need to grab something or donation something, it really does go to a great cause. >> alcides: you know what's important, too? a lot of people think the and that's not the case at all. >> anjuli: exactly. i had no idea the scope of the program. you think disaster relief and red kettle campaign, and that's an example of what all those dollars around christmastime go to. >> alcides: good story. when we come back, you have to see this. alec baldwin makes his debut as donald trump on "saturday night live." it's hilarious, lindsay. and it's coming up. >> lindsay: i missed it. i can't wait to see it.
6:43 am
weather yesterday morning, wait until late neck week for it to be more comfortable. it's warmer out the door and looks beautiful. sunrise should be a good one. around the state we're in the mid to upper 70s, and 60s and 50s from gainesville points west. we talk about matthew and how it will play a roll in the local forecast but not until mid to
6:45 am
z246wz zy6z
6:46 am
a new study finds that >> alcides: a new study finds that hormonal contraception including birth control pills or implants may increase a woman's odds of depression and use of antidepressants. danish researchers studied women, and they found women that used contraceptives had an 80% increased risk for depression over those who did not. the numbers are adolescent girls as well. >> anjuli: after years of research, u.s. wildlife officials have placed seven varieties of bees under the endangered species act. bees are crucial for the nation's food industry, but their populations have declined sharply in recent years due to various factors including habitat loss, pesticides and loss of genetic diversity. the new listing will allow authorities to provide recovery programs and get funding for protection.
6:47 am
country. they're going to mexico. there's going to gina! if hillary knew how, she would have done it already, period, enof story. i won the debate and stayed calm just like i promised and it is over. good night, hofstra. >> alcides: alec baldwin is playing the part of donald trump on "saturday night live." he squared off in a with hillary clinton played by kate mckinnon. the scene there included plenty of interruptions and sniffing. "snl" put off the season premiere until after the first presidential debate so she could parody this event. >> anjuli: he nailed it. i can't believe how spot-on "the voice" is. >> alcides: we only plays 19 seconds.
6:48 am
>> lindsay: while some of us stay dry, yesterday i know you saw 2, 3, 4 inches of rain. better rain chance today afternoon and evening. this morning we're dry, though. we shifted the wind, so i would expect quiet conditions. sunrise is 7:24 this morning. it looks good. roads are quiet. maybe people had a late night last night. sebring, 79 in st. petersburg. so the hints of green, those 60s are outside of our viewing area. so are the lower humidity values, as our dew points have risen really 5 to 10 degrees with the numbers in the 70s i wouldn't call it summer like but not as comfy out the door. it's not as dry. yesterday we had wefky coastal showers. i have one thunderstorm pushing west of the area thanks to the light east wind. it will trigger late day showers
6:49 am
afternoon, you know the drill. if you hear thunder, you can leave your seats and seek safety. less humid air in the panhandle. our frontal boundary is stalled giving us extra lift in the atmosphere today. the best rain chance of week is tomorrow. 75 in tampa, tallahassee 57, nashville 61. so lots of fall-like air just north of the area. some more fall-like humidity will be moving into our area possibly late in the wee track of hurricane matthew still a category 4 storm. if you've been looking at this and say this is an unusual hurricane, you're right. most major hurricanes do not look like this, but wind shear has brought this extra area of convection east of the hurricane itself. hurricane hunters will be back out there this morning. i'll have that mission for you live as we get new information. new information right now shows this is a category 4 hurricane, 150-mile-per-hour winds, so it
6:50 am
hours. pressure is low, slowly moving northwest. hurricane warnings are up for cuba, portions of jamaica and also haiti. so let's track the track. yesterday it was about here. today it's slightly further east, and both of our reliable models shock a track somewhere close to where the hurricane center is saying early tuesday morning or sometime late monday night. that puts portions of haiti in the path of upwards 2 feet of rain in some spots not to mention really bad storm surge from seven-day outlook cuba and jamaica and haiti as well. we expect life-threatening impacts from the storm sadly. bahamas we're talking about a major hurricane, too. how close does it get to florida? models generally keep it east of the state into late week, but then lots of question marks for the eastern seaboard including the carolinas. let's track the models. most of them show that path with cuba and haiti.
6:51 am
together, but with another front coming down, hopefully this will stay east of the u.s. that's not the forecast unfortunately from some of our computer models. how does this play a role in our weather? it doesn't do anything sunday and monday. today's rain chance is 40%, 50% on monday. but thursday and especially friday and saturday, drier air settles in on the backside of matthew. i think mid-week it's breezy, and we're not done in the tropics. another disturbance, invest 98l is east of the lesser antilles. as thi european model develops it, but it should be no threat on the u.s. that's good news. today 89, storms developing, shifting west through the day. be alert for lightning and slow-moving downpours and say heavy rain last night. storms around tonight to possibly 10:00, 11:00, and then 75 when you wake up on monday. it should be dry, but monday an active evening commute. 88 with a 50% chance of storms. northeast winds for the boaters, a light chop today. we are on low tide, but not
6:52 am
we have moisture early week and trier late week with breezy winds kicking in. drier air means the morning is comfortable come saturday. never too early to look ahead at next weekend. >> alcides: thank you, thank you. still to come, pokemon go continues to sweep the country. >> anjuli: people are hunting for all the characters all over the place.
6:53 am
? you and me.
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hey guys, i'm going to tell you what it's like to be a fireman. ? helping you connect to what matters most. bright house networks. as a federal prosecutor, i've spent my career prosecuting criminals and fighting for the rights of victims. i want to make the state attorney's office a model for criminal justice. i'll prioritize violent crime and anyone who commits domestic abuse or sexual assault. and i'll make the system fair by working with police to wear body cameras and using dna to put criminals behind bars, not innocent people. i'm andrew warren.
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finally this hour.. hundreds of people packed downtown plant city this week.. for >> anjuli: finally this hour, hundreds of people packed downtown plant city this week for a big pokemon event and a new food truck festival to go along with it. barry wong shows us what it was all about. >> if the kids come, the come, too. >> my kids love pokemon. he loves it. if we let him play more, he would. >> it's a very popular trend right now, pokemon internationally. we thought we'd jump into the craze and have activities tonight. we want to get the kids downtown to appreciate what we have downtown in plant city and also to have a good time at the same time. >> hello. i knew there would be so many people coming here. how are you doing? they come in and talk to us about it, and we get more contact with the kids and parents and build more relationships with them.
6:56 am
out of here, and they'll purchase stuff. from that they actually come back next week, the week after. >> we're going to be open until the food truck is done. >> it's so important. our customer base is mostly walk-up business. for people we make a connection with that come in repeatly. have a sweet day. >> we have a lot of people in downtown. we have a historic downtown and older businesses that have been here for a while. we hope to bring people downtown to take advantage of what's available here. >> it's grea walking around. it's good stuff. >> anjuli: let's go to alcides for a look at what's coming up at 7:00. >> alcides: we have a lot more. kellie cowan is live on clearwater beach this morning where some very fast boats are getting ready to take to the water. some good news for folks out there. maybe you're trying to buy a piece of property or houses as well. the housing prices are up 20% here in the bay area. our real estate expert is here
6:57 am
could mean for the market's future. say hello to katie. this little lady is looking for a forever home. it doesn't look like it will take much at all. we introduce you to her and how you can make her a part of your family coming up in the "pet of the week" segment. stay with us, everybody. when we shop it is kinda like a competition. it is exactly like a competition. whoever finds the most bogo's wins! which is usually me. that's how we save a lot at publix. how 'bout you?
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war of words. a week after the first presidential debate... the bac >> alcides: war of words. a week after the first presidential debate, the back and forth heats up. >> anjuli: good news for the bay area. home prices go up and are among the highest in the state. what that means for you if you're buying or selling. from tampa bay's number one news station, this is "good day tampa bay." >> lindsay: good morning. welcome to "good day tampa bay." it's 7:00 a.m. on this sunday morning. i'm anjuli davis. >> alcides: and i'm alcides segui. let's start the morning like we always do with a look at the forecast. good morning, lindsay. >> lindsay: good morning. it's a warm and dry start to the day, and check out that sunrise in the works in st. petersburg. it's a good one with a few clouds. right now we're at 75 here in tampa, but you hop over to pinellas county, upper 70s and noticeably muggier than this


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