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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 4AM  FOX  October 5, 2016 4:00am-4:22am EDT

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good day: praying for the people of haiti.... after a direct hit from hurricane matthew while people here in florida... are preparing for a major impact too.((more)) good morning.. and welcome to good day tampa bay... at 4:00. i'm walter allen. and i'm jennifer epstein. question today... just how ?much of an impact will it ve on flida? lets goght to o
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and we're still waiting to hear more from haiti... and the impact hurricane matthew has had. most comm roads and bridges are impassable. there are reports coming in of destroyed houses, and at least one hospital with its roof ripped off. about ten thousand people have been staying in shelters. this storm has caused deaths - but we won't know how many until communication is restored. the storm also hit the western tip of cuba... but that area is mostly uninhabited. next in line for the storm... the bahamas. people there are boarding up windows and doors. more than three thousands visitors
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island-wide evacuations are taking place and those who can't get out before hurricane matthew hits are allowed to stay in shelters. the islands will begin to feel tropical storm-force winds today. the bahamas has not experienced a storm of this magnitude since 1929. in brevard county: an evacuation has now been ordered for port canaveral. it affects campers, the marina, and all port businesses. people are being asked to leave by noon today. no boats will be allowed into the port until after the storm passes and the order is cruiselines have already moved their ships. cape canaveral air force base is monitoring the storm are preparing it's facilities. the kennedy space center is monitoring too... but the center ?remains open today. parts of polk county could feel the effes of hurricane matthew too. it likely won't get past ?tropical storm conditions... but the school system isn't taking any chances. they will decide later this morning on whether to cancel school on thursday or friday. polk schools already have a
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polk emergency management center - and will bring us updates throughout the morning. in other local headlis now, a ngtoryin erhillsbor the sheriff's office i investigas..
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developing in pasco unty: deputies a vestigating a possible murder-suicide. the sheriff's office says two bodies were e on afrnyear old laudette goodwin" and h son "leroy" were both dead. investigators are still working the scene, but say it appears to be a murder-suicide. the cleanup is underway in pineas county.... massive sewage line break. ?hundreds of tusands of gallons of raw sewage have rushed through one palm harbor neighborhood. this is at the corner of alderman road and omaha street. officials are out this morning... to try and ?stop the flow. overnight, crews have been working to pump out as much of the dirty water as they can. this was the scene earlier on tuesday, as the sewage poured through backyards. homeowners woke up to the smell of sewage when the county says a 30 inch wage main ruptured. the county says it immediately notified the state, and they
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to contaminate the drinking water supply. hoowrs are being encoaged to reducemuch copermanent se, until the fix: the county says that they ?will be remediating backyards in the area. the county s left signs and fences up to make sure people stay away the dirty water. the pasco county sheriff's office has made an arrest... involving a "creepy clown" threat. and the kid arrested.. is just 12 years old. they say the boy posted a threat online using the name "clowning around." it said quote... "i am going to kill kids at seven springs
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7th of october. get ready 6th graders for your worst day and your last!" when investigators asked him why he did it, he told them, he thought "it would be funny." the 12-year-old is being arged as an adult...with a second degree felony. the running mates took center stage last night... in the race for president. tim kaine and mike went head-to-head in the first an only vice-presidential debate. they fought to defend both their running mates.. their policies... and their reputations. and if you thought it would be ?boring...
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fox 13 political editor craig patrick thinks kaine was agsive. but maybe ?too aggressive. interruing pence onlmost every questi. but pen still had ises defending some o t idenobamin taa if you wer' wait. the thrt of hrica house to cancel that trip to florida. the president was scheduled to speak this afternoon at usf about affordable healthcare. the president also had a campaign event for hillary clinton planned in miami. the white house is hoping to reschedule relatively soon. and the storm has also changed some plans... for singer garth brooks. he just ?moved one of his concerts in orlando this week. the thursday night show was ?moved to sunday afternoon. all thursday tickets will be honored on sunday. garth also hasoncerts on
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a big ?consumer alert this week... as a jor storm gets closer to our sta. why you need to watch out for ?hurricane price hikes. and lets check back in with dave... who will be foowing that hurrill morning
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backing into the street, while drivers wait for a chance to pull up to the pump! it's also a good reminder to ?all drivers in florida, to keep an eye on those gas prices. florida's price gouging law is in affect. that means no extreme increases in essential commodies like food, hotels, and gas. you can report it to the state's price gouging phone number on your screen... 1-866-9-no-scam.
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take one of those pillows and take a big smell. they smell really fresh. what if we told you we washed these sheets 7 days ago. really no way downy? downy fabric conditioner.
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time to talk some sports this morning. and the major league baseball playoffs are underway. the american league wildcard game took place last night... and you could technically call it the "american league ?east wildcard... because both teams are also division rivals.
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forward to the fourth inning... and baltimore gets it's biggest hit of the night. a two run homer from "mark trumbo." orioles are up 2- 1 at that point. but the blue jays would tie the game at ?two in the fifth on a bloop single. that score would stay all the way until the ?11th inning. with two on, toronto's edwin encarnacion ends it... in a big way. a three run walkoff homer. jays win 5-2. they now head to texas to face the rangers in the divisional series, starting tomorrow. when we come back, dave ll hurricane matthew. and its effect on ?florida the next few days. and later this ?hour on good day: having coffee with the ?girls. the t-v show promotion that should really ?perk you up this
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making headlines across america: a huge scandal for "yahoo." there are new claims that the company secretly scanned ?hundreds of millions of emails, being sent to its customers. and they did it... for the u-s government. several former employees claim the company created a software program last year to scan ?all customer emails for certain words or phrases.
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program led by the f-b-i and the national security agency. not only would this be a huge privacy violation, it also potentially violates the fourth amendment. yahoo's chief security officer resigned last year in protest of this controversial program. yahoo has since released a statement on the allegations, saying quote: "yahoo is a law abiding company, and complies with the laws of the united states." the government... not responding to the claim. cleveland, ohio: two young girls are in t caught in a drive-by shooting. it happened just after ten last night on the city's west side. a three year old girl was shot in the face... and a nine year old girl was sh in the back. they were both rushed to the hospital and no word on their conditions. witnesses say two dark colored vehicles drove ?slowly by the home before several shots were fired. no word on any arrests. still ahead: the latest track on hurricane matthew. and an update on the haiti. 13's shayla reaves will hillsborgh coty... followg a ?deadly deputy


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