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tv   FOX 13 News at Noon  FOX  October 5, 2016 12:00pm-1:00pm EDT

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from collecting for a power plant that could never be built. wife: someone needs to stand up to duke energy. narrator: house majority pac is responsible for the content of this advertising. >> from tampa bay's no. 1 news station sthvment fox 13 news at noon. >> hurricane matthew brings high winds pounding rain and at least 11 deaths are blamed on the storm. >> protect life is our no. 1 priority. >> govenor rick scott warns florideans to get prepared as hurricane matthew's track brings the storm dangerously close to the east coast. good afternoon every one. i'm linda. >> thanks for joining us. we have seen how deadly hurricane matthew can be. it is indeed a powerful hurricane.
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this storm could be devastating to florida's east coast. let's get to meteorologist jim m weber who is watching the track carefully. jim, what is the latest? >> it made it's way through haiti and working it's way through cuba and up into the bahama chaifn island and regaining strength. the hurricane hunter planes have been flying nonstop throughout the morning hours and they are finding it's starting to reorganize it sex the winds at one point deminished down starting to reintensify they gained it back up to 120 miles per hour. it continues on that track moving to the northwest that. was that bend that we started to notice about a day or two agatha it was going to move closer to the state of florida. enhanced satellite loop is showing intense thunderstorm activity. in and around the center. still looking at strong bands over the eastern tip of cuba so
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on satellite and hurricane recon cog na sans planes are ver nieg a healthy system and no reason to see a major decrease in the wind sneevmentd fact it will hold it's own for increase and stretch as we go through the next 24 to 36 hours. right now the winds at 120 miles per hour. it's located at 21.83 north, 75.35 west. it will continue on the northwesterly track as we go and then it starts to parallel the coastline. that's where you really get into this real problem because as we're parallelling the coastline. any small change one way or the other can really spell out big difference on what we experience across the state as we go to late thursday and into friday. nowrk the hurricane force winds, they extend out about 45 miles from the center.
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were to verify off the coast of florida, we're still going to seat hurricane force winds along the east concern coast of our state and then the tropical storm force winds, they extend out about 150 to 175 miles and so we will certainly spheel the tropical storm force winds throughout our viewing area and quite possibly even on the western side of the state here on the west coast. so you can see by friday morning, just off the scoarks we got that 130 miles per hour but remember, this is not set in stone so this could just as easily be a little farther offshore or can it could make landfall across the state. so this is going to be a very important forecast so it's not basically set anything in stone at this point. then it works it's way to the north and you're starting to notice more of this loovment rerk the computer models are starting to susmght you'll see more ave loop that will circle around out into the at ban tick
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potentially into next week as well. the watches and warnings are out. tropical storm warn ago cross the southern ticht state towards golden beach and then as a hurricane warning from golden beach up to the flagler volusia county line and up towards jacksonville. we have a hurricane watch which is out. now, this also includes some of our tirn yore counties. polk county down into highlands county now under a hurricane or i should say a tropical storm warning. so we're likely gok going to see tropical storm force winds throughout our interior counties as we go through late thursday and into friday. you can see very good agreement where the molds and then you see that spread. notice you see the modles onshore and some moving a bit farther off shore. that's why we got to watch this so closely because when you have that parallel ann on the coastline t doesn't take much to change this forecast very mix
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vero beach, 101 miles per hour wind gusts. tampa 44. orlando 43 and by 11o you're looking at winds in orlando well gusting well into tropical storm forks 60 miles per hour. daytona # zero and here in tampa, 30 miles per hour wind gusts. this is obviously the type of storm that will cause wide spread damage along the coastline and this will be something we got to watch all the way through the into next week. we'll talk much more about this and our local forecast coming up in a little bit. >> thank you. well, this is the scene? broward county. long lines of people waiting to buy gas and supplies. florida's attorney general pam bondi warning residents to watch out for scams and price gouging. we're getting word of convenience stores charge $10 for a case of water already. and long lines along the east
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locations. and williams is at one of those location nz where there has been a steady stream of people. and dozens of people. hundreds of sand bags here it at this sand bagging location. hundreds of free sand bags here. quite a few suf shovels. i've seen people bring their own shove vevmentz just so you know, there is a lot of avail able sand and sd i've pownt counted a hundred sand bags and 50 or so people here filling the bags. every one i talked to said they are concerned about the storm and take seriously. i talked to people who said quite honestly i'm not ready for the storm that's why i'm here filling up the bags. and some say they waited 'til the last minute. they know they have and they want to be say. that's why we're out here. if we can pan to the right. i can show thu line that snow stretch nothing the street if
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of just how seriously people are take hurricane matthew. and as we cam com back over you can get another sense of just how many people are here filling these sand bags ahead of this hurricane that is head owrd way. come to 950 belleview avenue in daytona if you want sand bags. ten per car per family. we're live at daytona beach. david williams fox news. >> and officials are getting and they will have to make them soon. fox kim is live at the operation center in winter haven. ken, what is the mood there? >> >> well, bowl pol bottom line is polk county is taking this seriously. we'll take the brunt of storm, whatever that ends p being. but fact it has been up grait grade toid a tropical storm warning. we're watching it close light.
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so looking at what we will do with the most vulnerable residents. the folks with the special neessments a shelter at health department tomorrow morning at 8:00. they will be moving them by using the citrus connection and other vehicles. then the folks that have special needs who can't be moved into that facility. they will need a higher level of care. those folks would have to go to area hospitals. what about schools? at this point polk county only has a half day session today. they are going to later this they will call off school for tomorrow and the following day or possibly do a half day tomorrow and call it off for friday. the other important thing to note is the j swrrks games have been moved from thursday night, tomorrow night to tonight. now, friday night you know that say very big football night for so many areas including polk county and they decided to cancel those games and they are going to cancel home coming. that's a big deen deal. winter haven in particular was looking forward to.
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kind of a weather event coming through, have you to do what have you to do. one of the big issues is how seriously do we take this? at this point they say take it seriously. we're hoping not to be hit too badly but we'll have to wait and see. >> ken, a shame about home coming but have you to do what is safe. >> and we'll check back with you at five o and 6:00. >> and we'll continue to track hurricane matthew's pasmght you can track the stormy time at mi we have coverage on my >> a car crarks this three attempted car jacks and a home invasion lead to the shooting daifnlg man by hillsborough deputies. the man behind that violent crime spree has been identified as isaiah sal gat to. and we explain what happens. a dangerous scene unfolded near gibson drive and ended in a deputy involved shooting. you want to you take a look at this vit vid yovment this is video captured tuesday afternoon
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according to deputies, this all started when witnesses describe seeing a driver cause a three car crash and take off running from a rolled over pick up. well, deputies tell us the man made it tie lows store parking lot and tried to car jack two drivers when. that didn't works he headed next door and targeted someone else in a ruby tuesday restaurant. unsuccessful he kept going and nearby neighborhoods became the next fo cusms break in attem according investigators, a deputy con front the man who through a brick at the deputy's cruiser. a neighbor watched the brick striect cruise erwin do. here's what he had to say. he went right to the cop car. the cop was trying get out. he barely had the door open and that's when he through the brick and it made a hole right where the coach would be, right behind his window. we're told the deputy opened fire and at least one bullet struck the man who ultimately died from his injuries. we'll continue to for the story
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information becomes available. reporting off gibsonton dry. >> fox 13 news. and looking for a new vacation ies destination iceland will be easier to get to. >> and theyed assed a four flight to. they lava rocks fields and water falls. stop over on your transplant tick flight spengtd up to seven days there at costs. the nonstop iceland flights will run twice a week starting in september. and new this afternoon clearwater police rescued a bald eagle that caused a little bit of traffic trouble. it was sitting on the countryside near the mall t. was hit while trying to grab something to eat on the road. police blocked traffic from get the bird getting hit again. he hopped on to the sidewalk and into a field. wild life caught the birl byrd
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for treatment. and hurricane matthew devastated parts of the caribbean. we'll show ut damage left behind in haiti and cuba coming up next. and jim is back with the sky fow tow we are forecast and more on matthew.
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((linda vo )) hurricane matthew unleashed >> hurricane matthew ub leashed a tore ent of rain and wind in cuba causing flooding and loss of life. at least 11 people were killed in the ca wribbiannd from florida to the carolinas are getting ready for it. we're in deerfield beach with the latest there. >> the eye of the violent and slow moving category 4 storms slamming the western continue of haiti over night. u.s. national hurricane center says strong winds, torrential rains and a storm surge with massive waves also causing significant damage to the dominican republic and cuba as it heads towards the bahamas. state officials warning the storm is expected to hit the
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>> i can tell thaw national guards are already mobilized. we have 700 traffic control points along the interstate. you'll see lots of law enforcement officers as well as guards. we'll have the comfort station which will have the bath rooms as well as water. you must leave before it's too late. during the storm, we cannot put first responders life at risk. have you to prepare your self. >> residents from florida up to the carolinas preparing for the supplies. we're bielg a bunch canned foods. a bunch of water. batteries and your lantern and flashlights. we're going to get more canned goods. more paper goods. >> begin delg food and water and long gas lines means shoppers are prepare forth worse. and stuff outside can get blown arntion we'll bring it inside. >> just be smart and prepare head. >> what remains unclear and uncertain at this point is where
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in florida or farther up the coast. either way the time to take action is now. >> in deerfield beach florida ceegd. fox 13 news. and still looks like hurricane matthew is going to be tricky. >> and it will be tricky. strow do, this you have to prepare for the worse case scenario so basically prepare as if a hurricane disomg florida. even though that official track keep it just off shore. we're still loong force winds along the eastern side of the state. we likely see tropical storm force winds if even in through our viewing area. as you look at the satellite loop, you can see the eye, a little more ragged today because this system has been dealing with land so. it's been disrupt aid bit. now let us move back out over water. it's starting to reorganize itself and reintense fiesm by the way, that high is about 32 miles in die am templet the hurricane recognizance planes
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system nonstop and this morning at one point they had two different hurricane hunters pentetating into the middle of the storm at same time so. they are gathering all kinds of information on top of that. we've got drones that have been fly owght there from nasa gathering all kinds of information in and around the storm. they are pouring all this information into the computer models to help fine tune the forecast and what we're starting to see is becoming more worrisome because look at a loop with this system as we go through the weekend. right now the winds are 120 miles per hour. it's moving to the northwest at 12 miles per hour. parentally located at 21.83 north and 75.22 west and it will continue on that journey as we go through the next 12 hours and thru see it parallels the cog cost lean. that's you see it be trouble is some.
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means big change as cross the state t. could easily move onshore. it's within that cone so you have to basically prepare as if this is going to make landfall across the eastern side of the state. you can see by friday morning, 130 miles per hour winds, either onshore or just offshore. hurricane force winds will quite likely be felt along the eastern side of the state. and then it works it's way to the north and then it looks like kind of makes a loop out into the atlantic. here on t state and throughout the middle of the state. places like polk county. de so to. highland county, you'll quite likely feel the tropical storm force winds as well. we have the warnings out across the state. you can see the jello shade down here. that say tropical storm warning now from 7-mile bridge back up to florida bay and then wrapping around to golden beach. flonches say hurricane warning all the way up to the flagler, volusia county line and then it
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all the way towp so basically up 'til jacksonville. now, throughout interyorks claims like polling county and highlands county. you're now under a tropical storm warning. that was earlier a watch. now it's a warning. we're expecting to seat conditions throughout our interior counties and then you two just to the east of there and are you looking at that hurricane warning. now, as we go through the next 24 hours, things are stoil k. it's by tomorrow night, some of these conditions across the state. notice by friday morning, it's right along the coast line. so places like west palm, winds gusting up to 78 miles per hour. potentially over a hundred in vero beach so. right along the coastline. remember, that sal base dz on this track verifying if it moves farther to the west. we increase these winds over the state f. it moves farther to the east, we de creets winds over the state. and then it will advance a little bit.
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friday. even in place likes orlando, well way from the coastline, and you're seeing those winds gusting up to 60 miesms tropical storm force winds across the middle of the state, polk county. highland county and even here in tampa. we're looking at those gusty winds as well. 39 miles per hour wind gusts. basically talking about tropical storm force winds even here on the western side of the state. it continues to work it's way basically pairlelling the coastline. thats friday evening. 90 miles per hour gusting in daytona and then it just parallel that's coastline up into the carolinas. and the probability of seeing these tropical storm force winds continues to increase across the western side of the state. we're basically putting 30, 40% >> reporter: borrow county. pinellas and right through the middle of the state. polk county down into highland. here right around the 70% chance that you're going to see tropical storm force winds in
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computer mod vlz been in good agreement but then we're starting to see more of this spread because now some of the motd models are indicating, and parallels the coastline along the carolinas and then diso a looch. that will be a big problem as we go into the weekend and first part of next week. couple of different mod thalz we look a. we have the gfs and euro pee afnlt so extremely good models. they have been in very good agreement basically along the coast, maybe even touching the coastline and then turns to northeast. parallel in the coast and both of these molds are also now investigating for that loop and then potentially coming right back towards the state as we get into the first part or the middle of next week. we'll need up to date you on. that this is something not only we have to watch this week but looks like into next week as well. sky tower radar showing a few scattered storms around for today. keep that rain chance for today at about 40%. so vair bli cloudy skies for today.
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noon. daytime hive 88. then for tonight mainly cloudy skies. over night low of 76. for tomorrow mostly cloudy. breezy, showers developing, 87. on to water today, winds out of northeast at 15 snawts. seas 2 feet. light chop on high tide at 6:04 this evening. here's the seven day forecast and you can see even after it passes and even if it does produce this loopout into the atlantic t. looks like the weekend is still pretty good with drier air and some cooler temperatures. we're back with more after the break.
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they're famous photos of well known, some people just call them "clydes". (linda) the photographer's name is clyde butcher. he travels florida to capture nature on florida.
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it's about more than just pictures. they are striking scenes of nature in black and white. places seen through his lens are close to the the heart of clyde butcher. >> and one of the things i try to do here is get people to have a connection with florida. >> a collection of his photographs now on display at the tampa bay history center. but butcher wants to you do more than look. he wants you to think about the environment. we have people that want dom to florida. have to be able to figure out zoning that we don't destroy the whole place. >> with his old style camera and wooden try bode pod. we've seen bimp. the nature photographer and the environmental activist. we were there in 2001 when he spoke up about drilling in the everglades. and the environmental movement will get ik. because we're getting bush whakd every day. >> and green slime on the
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move the waw team. and if we can build an airport, we can spend enough money to keep our waters clean. >> some are surprises, the places he photographs still exist. not just photos in an exhibit. at least for now. the environment is one of the main reasons people come here fsm we lose that, we lose florida. >> something taking on added significance along the pinellas suncoast where communities dumb massive a. sewage and wat the growth risking stains in florida. butcher believes it has to be saved hoping his photographs don't become memorials to some of the most beautiful places in florida. lloyd sowers, fox 13 news. >> and the exhibit is at the
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as a federal prosecutor, i've spent my career prosecuting criminals and fighting for the rights of victims. i want to make the state attorney's office a model for criminal justice. i'll prioritize violent crime and be tough on murderers, gangs, and anyone who commits domestic abuse or sexual assault. and i'll make the system fair by working with police to wear body cameras and using dna to put criminals behind bars, not innocent people. i'm andrew warren.
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after an obscene amount was spent building this controversial courthouse, the state learned the contractor had overspent on framed photos that were never used. when the state refused to pay, bob buesing sued... demanding taxpayers foot the bill, including his own legal fees. bob buesing profitted from government waste and abuse? now running for senate, buesing wants us to trust him with state spending.
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((linda vo )) we've seen some of the damage in the caribbean.. caused by powerful hurricane matthew.. >> we've seen the damage in the caribbean caused by powerful hurricane matthew. at least he is people killed and now flordeans are watching it's path careful thrivment could come close to the east coast where mandatory evacuations are already underway. >> jim is here with the tracks and warnings and everything we need to next jim. >> and as expected over haiti and cuba, it did not decrease the speeftd storm very much. still dangerous with winds at 120 miles per hour. still at the back end sitting on the eastern tip of cuba and move way from there as we go through the afternoon hours. now work it's way up into the bahamas, you can see that distint eye. the eye about p 32 miles in diameter. the planes have been flying in here and essentially nonstop and
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reorganizing self and starting to strengthen. and it looks like conditions will be favor bell as they go through the next 24 hours and allow the system to slowly strengthen some more as we go through the next 24 to 36 hours and then start to parallel the coastline thruvment see they continue these flights. and in fact at one point today we had two different hurricane hunters. one from the airport and one from noah here in our backyard storm. so they are gathering all kinds of information. we take this information and put it into the come might models and thiewz these forecast are become so accurate with that forecast track. now, right now it's moving to the northwest at 12 miles per hour. winds are at 120 miles per hour. it's located at it # .8 north&75-point it west. and it continues on that north westerly track as we go through the next 24 hours or so and then
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parallel the coastline. rest, this is not set in stone. and remember back with charlie, 2004, that little deviation spelled a huge difference because this o could just as easily move onshore and it could just as easily be a bit farther off the coastline and that would really spell p- spell a huge difference of what we feel croots state. at this point if this line were to verify, we would certainly see those hurricane force winds on the eastern side of the state. hurricane force winds, they extend out about 45 miles from the center and then the tropical storm force winds. 150 to 175 miles from the center. so that gives these tropical storm force winds through the middle of the state and even potentially here on the western side of the state thasms why we have to watch this and that's why we've got the tropical storm warnings from the hurricane warning out. tropical storm warnings are now out for polk county down into
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red, those are hurricane warnings. hurricane warnings goes right now from basically golden beach up to the flagler volusia county line. tropical storm warning south thrf and then a hurricane watch basically from daytona as you head up forwards jacksonville. this will continue to be a huge problem. not only through the week but it looks like some of the moz models now indicating this might try to pull a loopout in the atlantic. a long range forecast but have may have to watch this through the weekend and into next week. we'll talk about that and talk about our local forecast in a little bit. >> and obama just got a briefing on the storm from fema he issued a statement. here's what he had to say. >> and matthew could of soon effect areas all across the southeast. so n- at my directions, fema has been on the ground in florida, georgia, south carolina and
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state and local officials to respond. we have teams and those ready to help the communities in the region. want to edge emphasize to the public, this say serious storm. it has already hit haiti with a devastating effect t. is now in the process of moving through the ba maz. because it's not going to be hitting enough land, it is going to be building strength on it's way to >> we anticipate that bye tomorrow this morning will already begin to add significant effect in florida and then as has the potential to strengthen and move up the coast during the course of the day. soy want to make sure that everybody is paying attention to your local officials. if there is an evacuation order in your community, you need to take it seriously.
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there still a chance that the cofort storm stwrieks florida and some of the states farther north but even if you don't get a full force of the hurricane, we'll still be seeing tropical storm force winds and potential for storm surge and all of that could have a devastating effect. so everybody needs to be paying attention and following the officials. and if you get an evacuation order, just remember that you can always rebuild. you can always repair property. you cannot restore alive if it is lost and we want to make sure that we minimize any possible lost life or rest tok people in these areas. i also want to make sure that we
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fema team for the outstanding work that they are doing here. craig, in case folks aren't aware comes florida and is intimately aware of the dangers of hurricanes and just so happens that he has family in areas that could be affected by this storm. so this is personal for him. you know that he will be working around the clock to make sure that we are preventing any potential loss of life and trying to minimize as much as but this will be a serious storm and we want every one to take it seriously as well. even as we prepare for the hurricane here at home, i want us to keep in mind that haiti, one of the poorest countries in the world are already suffering from a range of previous disasters has been hit really hard by this storm and we anticipate that they are going to need substantial hevment
12:37 pm
places like the baja marksz so bahamas. so i would ask that people who are willing to contribute and help to visit the center for disaster information. >> you can find out how to make life easier for fem who didn't have a lot to begin with and now are really this storm. and last point for every bun in the potentially affected states. even as you are waiting to get instructions from your local officials now. is the time for to you prepare in the event that you have to evacuate, even if you don't have to evacuate. there is not an evacuation order. it still makes sense for you to figure out what kind of plan do you have, what kind of
12:38 pm
have, and if you need help trying to figure that out, go to ready.go stlanchts will give you clear instructions about how to make sure you are securing your property and keeping your family safe which is obviously the priority for all of us. so this is something that to take ter yows light. we hope for the best but we want to prepare for the worse. >> and i would urge everybody in the ee affected states of florida, georgia and south carolina, north carolina to pay very close attention to your local officials and the broadcasters that will be coming through over the next several hours all riesm thank you very much everybody. that was the president of the iewssments matthew has
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marco rubio has the worst attendance record of any florida senator in 50 years. but it's even worse when he shows up. he's voted for a plan that would cut social security... and has said social security is "bankrupting our country" and has "weakened us as a people." he wants to eliminate the department of education...
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marco rubio. it's bad when he misses work. it's worse when he shows up. senate majority pac is responsible for the content of this advertising. what makes a woman feel beautiful? it's an unstoppable energy, from deep inside... a "je ne sais quoi"... a youthful aura. advanced g?nifique by lanc?me. every serum drop infuses youthful radiance throughout the skin. advanced g?nifique. lanc?me. receive a free 7-piece gift.
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mike pence and tim kaine met in virginia for the vice presi >> mike peansd tim kaine met in virginia for the vice presidential debate. the night was marked with interruptions and vigorous back and forth with both vice presidential nominees focusing on their fox caroline shively has the highlight four. the first presidential debate here in farmville virginia was ah contrast in style with a fiesty and energetic tim kaine taking on a cool and collected mike pence. you haven't seen the runway. those candidates doing their best to keep the attention focused on the running mates. tim kaine repeatedly intervupping to take jabs at trump with mike pence keeping speed with clinton.
12:42 pm
show the clinton campaign is out of ideas. he sound like all the hillary clinton paid add ver sizing and what the campaign is b. he kept recording the same sound bites and knot it's not fresh ferl for the americans. and after the debate sim kept a tone. and said pence hedged his best controversial statements. we're going to do everything we can to make sure the president leading that celebration is a woman rather than me offends women every time he opens his mouth. >> >> reporter: now the question s what impact will it have on the polls? experts say while the vp debate was pop, to the cuss is now back to the top of the ticket. >> those polls are close and that's why you're seeing trump in nevada today for example really competing heavily there and all those battle ground staidz. this is decide by a handful of states. and vp's back on the campaign
12:43 pm
meanwhile can trump and clinton face off again on sunday. in north carolina, i'm carolyn
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this is mike's office. if he doesn't show up, he doesn't get paid. too often marco rubio didn't show up and failed us when he did. i am patrick murphy. to get things done, you've got to show up. you've got to work together. whether it's protecting social security and women's health care or growing the economy, ing problems instead of pointing fingers. i am patrick murphy and i approve this message
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hey everybody. i'm charlie belcher coming to you from the sports clom plex in weschester. beautiful play to play soccer kick ball in this instance. we're talking about the dramatic family foundations kick ball tournament coming up on october 22. team dra mat ca super bowl winning tampa bay kirk rmt his brother and bill gra mat ta ca. great kickers of their own right all coming together to kick this cause. i'm trying thief a good analogy of what you're kick. really we're kicking down doors
12:46 pm
wound veterans. like justin here who served his country well and sacrifice aid leg for his country and the foundation is providing a home four. they announced at last year's kick ball tournament and your reaction was. >> holy cowvment it looks great. it's being built right now and come ago long very well and a can't wait to get out here with the kick ball tournament and raise money for the next house. and justin has since joined your board of directors and he wants thoapt next person and that's truly what it's all about. >> yes, especially when you get guys like justin who want to give it back. they want to give forward and help another veteran. the thing with us is once the home is built, we don't just say hey, see you later, have a good time with your chowssments and with charlie and justin. they are great guys and they are fun fob to be around. great buddies. we do more than just kick ball. they come to my kids soccer game and speak to our soccer team. our youth needs to see what
12:47 pm
freedom. they are willing to help out and i love hanging out with these guys. this country is so important to the gra mat ta ca family. why they do what they do. this event is fun santiago. yes, we'll have a kids section with bounce houses and face peapght. the parents can play kick bax. the kids can have fun. foods and drirvegz and violent auctions and live auctions. a great event. and free to come by and check the teams raise mrntion the teams who come in to play and sponsored stepping up though. >> yes, we have our sponsors have been with us since day one. we investigate love great people. cold bell banker donated $150,000 to us this year. helped with justin's house and marine max stepped up donating the catamaran vacation. a 40-foot catamaran in the british islands. they are awesome.
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it's on our web site and we'll action it out 1n-1 week. come out and bid on it. and get all the information about the good work they are doing and how you can get involved and help and come to this kick ball tournament on october 22 and have great time. you going to fox 13 news exoment and link it to the web site. charlie li belcher. fox 13 news. we're not hearing you but i'm going go on. there you good. i was just saying that home coming this weekend. so light of folks are really watching matthew a to try and figure out whether or not their games, their dances, a lot of things will go on and we have to error on the side of caution because this is i an unpredictable storm coming so close. >> and yeah,s it taz looks like
12:49 pm
that's when we're dealing with this but bit weekend, saturday and sunday, regardless, i think it's out of here for a time. we're watching to see if matthew decides to do a loop out in the atlantic and bothersome next week. you look at enhanced satellite loop right now and you're sieg dangerous storm. for a time winds had weakened when when it was over land which makes sense and now it's back out over water and the hurricane hunters have been flying this system nonst a reorganizing itself. the winds have started to reincrease in this and now the winds are at 120 miles per hour. so it's going to be work it's way through the bahamas as we go through night and into tomorrow. but thru see the 120 miles per hour located at 21.8 to the north and 75.2 degrees west. it will continue on the northwesterly track as we go through the next 24, maybe 36 hours. and you can see we're increasing
12:50 pm
12030 and then it starts to parallel the coastline with those winds category 4 status. 130 miles per hour. and that's the problem because we're talking about a storm parallelling the coastline and that's about 20 to 25 miles per hour off the coast if that were to verify. now, this is still a couple of days way and to say that a forecast will verify within 20 to 25 miles per hour, that's not a completely realistic thing to expect. so to say that this exact scenario will happen is probably not gob going to be there. it could be farther to the west or farther to the east. and either one of those will change completely what we feel croots state. obviously if it moves farther way from t. that's good news. if it moves a bit farther to the west, we're just going cease the effects that we have over the state, something like this with the winds extend owght 45 miles for the hurricane force winds
12:51 pm
winds all along the east coast and then those tropical storm force winds into the interior. right through the middle of the state and even we'll see some of these on to the western side of the state and then it makes more of that turn to the northeast. starting to see that hint where none of the computer models are starting to indicate and this might pull a loop out here into the atlantic. not only this week but we may still be talking about this next week. we have to watch this all the way through the weekend. now, hurricane watches warnings out across the area. we've got tropical storm warning out for polk county down in the highland county. all the red shade. that is hurricane warning and then across the rest of the state got the tropical storm warning and down across the southern beach. golden beach up to flagler, volusia county line. that say hurricane warning north of there it is a hurricane watch. >> now, you look at the winds forecasted. this is the gusts.
12:52 pm
grain of saw. the numbers won't verify but it gives you an idea of what can happen base thond track. and we with could see wind well over 100 miles per hour in vero beach and this is by friday morning. as we advance through time you're looking at day to nacht winds 80, 90 miles per hour. orlando at this point the modles indicate we could see gust nooz hurricane force. here in tampa you see even in st. peters berkz 44 miles per hour wind gusts so that's why we're looking at big problems across the state. because have you 40 to 50 miles per hour wind gust as cross the state on friday morning heading into the afternoon and that is is earnly going to cause damage croots state, even here across the west coast and into the middle of the state and pretty devastating problems and damage across the eastern part of state. per sen tack.
12:53 pm
on the west coast continues to increase. 30 to 40% chance. once you get into the interyorks we're basically looking at that chance of seeing those tropical storm force winds 70 to 80% at this point. 88 degrees today. vair bli cloudy skies. a few scattered showers around. mainly cloudy skies night. over night low of 76. for tomorrow we're going to start see these conditions go downhill across the state. mainly a a cloudy skies. breezy and a daytime hive 87 degrees. seven day forecast, you daytime highs stay in the mid 80s as we head into the week. we're pul downg drier air so maybe cooler for the over night lows as well. we when i was one year old, i was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer on my spinal chord. but i spent my whole life fighting back.
12:54 pm
"that reporter he is talking about suffers from a chronic condition that impairs movement of his arms." i don't want a president who makes fun of me. i want a president who inspires me, and that's not donald trump.
12:55 pm
12:56 pm
ma'am you but first talk about what is going on today right here and now. >> yes, because we have storms croots state. sky tower radar has been showing rain on the eastern side of the state and working it's way croots state. as you look at radar, you can see in highlands county. sea bring seeing showers. these storms will continue to work their way croots state. overall rainfall coverage probably around 40% for noon. main lit late day afternoon and evening showers across t coming around as we go through the day tomorrow. on top of that, the winds will start to increase. here's the latest on matthew, currently located at 21.83 north. 75.2 west. winds have increased to 120 miles per hour. you can see that track. it will continue to increase in strength moving across the bahamas as we go through tonight and into tomorrow and then by late thursday and heading into friday. that's the track that we're very
12:57 pm
and so at this point you basically have to prepare as if this will hit the state. you can't say we're going to verify with this and see this stay off shomple have you to at this point just a siewvment it will be onshore and at any rate we're talking about hurricane force winds today. and we got you covered. and we'll post all the latest on fox 13 and fox 13 news app on your phone. hope to see you back here tonight at 5:00.
12:58 pm
1:00 pm
today on "the real," on girl chat being scared of your mom. >> my mom has a direct line to god. >> parenting style mental or parental? got the perfect judge. plus frequency star and m their hair. talking man weaves. >> i'll still date you. >> on "the real."


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