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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 7AM  FOX  October 13, 2016 7:00am-7:59am EDT

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otherwise, clouds, sunshine, nice, balmy, mid 80s for you this afternoon. vanessa? >>vanessa: and two notable crashes right now both carrying over from the last hour so it's a recap and some updates of what we know here. so if you're just joining us out of and ridge road, we do have some lane blockage and we're expecting it for a couple of hours to come. reported as a possible sta fatay so we're watching this closely and they're on scene investigating. once we get more information, we'll pass it along. out at tampa, a crash with sky fox. northbound direction, dale mabry also blocking eastbound-westbound hamilton avenue east of the intersection. northbound is passing in a
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because of the onlooker traffic. make sure you're giving yourself extra time both ways. >>laura: thank you. we're following a developing story out of hillsborough county where troopers are searching for a driver that hit and killed a 17-year-old girl. apparently she was hit near george road. this is just west of the veterans expressway. anyone with a description of the vehicle is asked to contact the florida highway patrol immediately or you can call alcides segui is on his way there right now. >>walter: there are new and troubling allegations against donald trump. four women accused the presidential candidate of touching them inappropriately without permission. >>laura: it's not the type of publicity he needs right now, although he's denying it. >>reporter: the trump campaign is talking about suing the "new york times" over an article in
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>> i may be limping over the finish line, but we're going to get that sucker. >> an embattled trump in florida acknowledging the challenges which are now significant. a number of women coming forward, accusing him of unwanted, physical sexual advances, including 74-year-old jessica leads who told the "new york times" she met trump on a plane more than 30 years ago. >> it was a real shock when all of over me. but it's when he started putting his hand up my skirt and that was it. >> the trump campaign responded, this entire article is fiction and for the "new york times" to launch a completely false, coordinated, character assassination against mr. trump on a topic like this is dngerous. at the same time, trump has been hitting former president bill clinton frequently over his treatment of women and hillary clinton, for her alleged
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hacked emails from insiders that show, among other things, a discussion about the catholic faith that referred to it as a middle ages dictatorship. >> if this were the subject of islam, the president would have a prime time press conference urging you will to quell or homo homophobia. >> chris wallace revealed topics for the debate, immigration, the economy, supreme president. so fitness to be president will likely get so much attention at the next republican debate in las vegas next week. laura? >>laura: all right. thank you, doug. new, trump did not address those allegations during a voter registration rally in lakeland. instead, he stuck to his promises. that list includes appointing a special prosecutor to
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run for president. she shouldn't be allowed. i'm telling you. she should not be allowed to run for president based on her crimes. she should not be allowed to run for president. it's time for a new direction. >>laura: and doug was just talking about it a moment ago. the next presidential debate, trump has indicated he may skip the third and final debate next wednesday. he thinks the bipartisan group that runs those debate rigging the outcome. >>walter: you have time to vote. the democrats were asking for the extension. republicans were fighting that extension. they felt people had enough time already to register. florida is a battleground state in the presidential election. every vote matters. russia is accused of hacking into the florida voting system. federal investigators think a
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exposing personal information of florida voters. election officials in every county were told about it during an emergency call with the f.b.i. they're working together to protect the election process. >>laura: zephyrhills right now, two 14-year-old students are accused of making death threats against teachers at a middle school. at least one of those refers to sprinkles, the clown. it's a killer clown. when you get a and the blood they tried to duplicate and the way they wrote it, it's all just so sinister. >>reporter: well, this is certainly something authorities say they're taking seriously. and they say the students called this a joke but for investigators working the case, this is certainly something much more serious than laughter. this is something in which they're facing felony charges now. and this all happened after
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seen there on your screen. this happened at rb stewart middle school in zephyrhills. the 14-year-old teens wrote death threats towards teachers. at least one letter reportedly made reference to the killer clown known as sprinkles. now, other students found and reported the papers. here is what authorities had to say. >> in today's society with the power of social media, we can't dismiss any threats. we have to get to the b because we're talking about our children. >>reporter: this case comes just a week after another case here in pasco county in which we learned a 12-year-old boy was arrested on a felony charge for reportedly posting some sort of message on social media threatening to kill students. this is certainly a situation that pasco county sheriff's deputies take very seriously. this all comes on the heels of a law that took effect just a
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florida in which they are now calling for more serious penalties for those who make false reports, specifically false reports dealing with firearms and violence. so in this case, a second degree felony here in florida. second degree felony can be punishable for up to 15 years in prison and a $10,000 fine. this is the situation that not only impacts adults but also impacts teens a to you this morning. back to you. >>laura: all right. shayla reaves live in pasco county. thank you. new this morning, the search for a thief in sarasota. >>russell: here is a surveillance picture. the gunman is accused of robbing the la sobrasita store last night. thankfully no one got hurt. he was wearing a corvette hat, a tattoo on his lower left arm. if you know who he is, call crime stoppers.
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941-366-tips. >>laura: the man accused of abducting 4-year-old rebecca lewis will return to florida sometime soon. we're not sure when. today is what they say. west hogs made his first court appearance yesterday in tennessee where he chose to waive extradition. etches caught in memphis after a nurse recognized him from an amber alert. >>walter: and a rescue involving the coast guard crew found two missing boaters about 35 miles northwest of the national park in the the boaters were sitting on the hull of their boat. diver jumped off the coast guard helicopter, swam over to them. thankfully they're both okay this morning. >>laura: new this morning, a wild story. hillsborough county deputy helped out a woman after her home was invaded by a hawk. check out these pictures. happened in seffner. the hawk flew into her house. deputy dan red jones helped her out. he armed himself with some gloves and a blanket and then caught the bird.
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those talons. you don't want to mess with those. >>walter: they're big birds. all right. a great way to bolt to the lightning games. coming up, how to avoid the price of parking. >>laura: and medical marijuana for your pets. it's gaining popularity right now, but one suggestion, don't ask your vet for a prescription. >>dave: a bit of cloud cover on the brookdale, bayshore camera but a nice, mild start to the day. 70 deg right-hand side. it will be another pretty day. we'll have one or two low top showers moving across the state from east to west like yesterday but other than that, clouds, sunshine and we are back to the
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>>dave: fantastic start to the day. 70 to 73 we have in pinellas county. west chase, west chase, you guys got back to 69 degrees this morning. i like that.
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the upper 60s and a very comfy start to the day just north of tampa area. 72, 73 from bradenton to sarasota, down through venice region and then lots of 70s in polk county this morning. you know, there were a few showers yesterday. they started along the east coast and worked back to the west. we have a lot of drier air aloft but all of that moisture working its way across the state, that north to northeast wind which we see this morning running six to how that tends to bring showers along. you may notice coming in from the east, dark cloud and sprinkles or a tiny shower for a few seconds and that's going to be about it. in general, this is going to be our weather pattern for the next few days. i don't think it's going to change all that much and i'm looking at this and it's like, wow. tat is a lot of drier air sitting right on top of us. so even if you were to get this little tiny passing shower, it's
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significance as these clouds are not building high enough to create any big thunderstorms or anything like that. this is amazing to me. this is hurricane nicole. yesterday we were talking about, you know, a storm getting ready to bypass bermuda. now it's a whole different story because this storm strengthens into a category four hurricane and now you can see the core of this storm, it may -- the eye may miss the storm just to the east but the core of the storm that means they're going to get hurricane force winds, no doubt. the warnings are up and the potential is there to get winds close to 100 miles per hour. and that's a concern for anybody, even a hurricane ready country, hardy country which can take storms like that in bermuda. this will quickly work toward the north and east and be out of here later today for those folks. we're going back to 86 degrees under partly cloudy skies.
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top showers crossing the state. tonight 71. a few clouds and then for tomorrow, we are back to about 86 degrees, scattered clouds and warmth. i will say boaters, you're kind of in the same situation as you were yesterday which the caution flags are up. you've got northeast wind. a couple of gusts at 20 knots, satisfying running two to three feet with a moderate chop. high tide at 12:38 this afternoon. we'll go 85 to 87 for highs. lows near 70 and that's really the forecast,re vanessa? >>vanessa: have a big heads up for folks who usually take 50th street north near the selmon expressway. fox is overhead the area showing full blockage in the northbound direction, moving very slow and this is due to, as you can see here, a crash involving, looks like one vehicle and right under the overpass, there's actually an overturned dump truck. i have a still shot i can bring you, too, showing the dump truck on its side and lots of debris spilled in the roadway so you can expect an extended closure here.
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selmon and we're also hearing from tpd this is causing folks to exit at 50th. those drivers who usually take 50th, probably stick with 78th. we know the traffic diversion is probably off 50th and for those folks who usually exit at 50th, go the exit before or after. you have 22nd. that's the deal with this crash. we'll keep you updated. in the meantime, we want to update this one out of at congress and ridge road. lane blocks are in the westbound direction before the intersection. that's the east side of the intersection and we're also learning, unfortunately, a pedestrian was involved with this. they're on the way to the hospital so we'll get an update on their status as soon as we can. we have slower speeds westbound on i-4 approaching the area west of macintosh. look at those travel times through eastern hillsborough. yikes.
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accordingly. it looks like our congestion is normal for other interstates. >>laura: young drivers could have restrictions placed on their licenses until they're 21 years old. that's the recommendation of a new government study. one of the study authors says the young drivers are not getting the necessary training they need and it shows. we talked about this yesterday on "good day." number of accidents involving teenage drivers increased significantly from 2014 to 2015. >>walter: season in just over 12 hours from now, 7:30 puck drops against the red wings. bolts, they're teaming up with uber this year to make it easier to get to the games. several dropoff and pickup lanes are set up outside amalie arena. thunder bug, and the lightning girls got the first ride. partnership with uber includes all the other events at the arena as well. the price depends on how far you
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wait for the puck to drop. charley belcher is a big fan. his sweater is on. >>charley: i've been known to uber it to a game, too. i love that partnership. people getting to and from hockey games safely, i'm all for it. >>walter: and you don't have to pay for parking. get there safely and parking is taken care of. >>charley: get here safely, go home safely. while you're here, make a lot of noise for the yes. hockey is back. we're going to catch up with jay fiester and talking about great things this season. retirement of number 26. all of the excitement around hockey and the tampa bay area and here we go. if thunder bug blocks this shot, the bolts are going deep this season. if i score, the bolts are in
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thank goodness. laura moody, over to you. >>laura: i love it. i will say it was so nice for marty st. louis to get the recognition. see you in a bit. also ahead, a police officer shows compassion for a homeless family, a woman and her two children. the good deed that deserves ?? halloween excitement is back at dunkin' with 2 dozen donuts for $12.99. drizzled, decorated, and all dressed up for the season, share the fun with 2 dozen donuts for $12.99.
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((walter-2 welcome back to america runs on dunkin'. good day tampa bay. the time is 7:--. two police officers in boston are hurt this morning after being shot in the line of dut >>walter: two police officers in boston are hurt after being shot in the line of duty. >>laura: a man wearing body armor and rifle fired on them yesterday. the officers were sent to a domestic dispute call. they were shot immediately after entering the house. other officers on the scene returned fire, killing the gunman. they're not sure why he did it. >>walter: heavyweight championship is vacating his wbo and wba titles to focus on his treatment and recovery from drug use and personal issues. that decision comes after a second withdrawal from a rematch against a former champ.
7:23 am
alcohol because of depression. he might find out today he's losing his boxing license. >>laura: family friends and fans are mourning the death of actor tommy ford. he went to the hospital after an aneurysm ruptured in his abdomen. doctors put him on life support until his death. he made several appearances on new york undercover, the jamie foxx show, the parkers and he wrote inspirational children's books. tommy ford was >>walter: a sunny sky in north carolina. don't let that fool you. the governor warns the worst flooding might be yet to come. all the high water is rushing towards the coast. some stretches of i-95 are still underwater. about 300,000 people are without power. close to 4,000 are still staying in shelters. parts of north carolina got up to 18 inches of rain last weekend from hurricane matthew. >>laura: and duke energy is sending about 25 workers to jacksonville to help with the
7:24 am
they left from new port richey earlier this morning. we caught up with them. thousands of people in jacksonville are still without power six days after matthew raked florida's east coast. >>dave: wow. 7:25. and i'll show you a couple of camera shots this morning. we're at 73 degrees at sirata beach. a beautiful, beautiful -- some people just enjoying a nice start to the day by walking the beach. gorgeous. north-northeast winds at 14. john hopkins all children's hospital camera also showing 73 degrees. minutes and the brookdale, bayshore camera equally as beautiful and we do have some clouds streaming across and other than a few random isolated sprinkles or tiny shower inland, very similar to yesterday. in fact, tomorrow the same, saturday the same as well. high temperatures running 86, 87 degrees with moderate humidity. >>vanessa: and dave, yet another backup to show folks along i-4. the picture is a little fuzzy but this is the best look we have. you get the idea.
7:25 am
this is the camera near alexander street and looks like we do have the single right lane that's going to be blocked. delays are reported back to the hillsborough-polk county line so looks like you might be able to save some time where you can take frontage road, do so. this is at alexander street were we have most of the delays stemming from the westbound direction. once you get in towards the downtown tampa area or closer to downtown on i-4, it seems to clear up nicely. we're not even in the red yet. pretty clear over the howard frankland bridge heading into tampa and not too bad on 75 southbound between the pasco county junction, 75/275 towards i-4. that's just 17 minutes. don't forget drivers, north bound 50th. this is a big traffic jam right now. it's closed down completely at the selmon expressway due to the overturned dump truck with looks like quite a bit of sand or gravel that might be spilled in the northbound delays. southbound appears to be passing
7:26 am
will encounter trouble. it looks like sky fox still there on the scene. status quo as we showed you before. we'll keep updated. >>walter: the wait is over. ronda rousey returning to the ring. >>laura: and medical marijuana for your pets? time right now is she saw the boots and fell for fall all over again. was she expecting to find the perfect designer boots at such an amazing price? no. never know what you're gonna find,
7:27 am
it's not uncommon for autistic kids to flap their hands. and so when i saw that, that was completely disqualifying. i'm a republican, but this election is so much bigger than party. my son max can't live in trump world. so i'm crossing party lines and voting for hillary. i don't always agree with her, but she's reasonable. and she's smart.
7:28 am
when it really mattered. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. okay, you know i was your governor. but there' s some things you may not know. my hair used to be way better. i played quarterback. my dad was a doctor here for 55 years. i swim every morning. and yes, i'm a fan of fans! and in congress i'll get things done for pinellas county. i'll protect social security and medicare, defend women's healthcare and planned parenthood,
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because i'll put the people first. always have, and always will. >>walter: welcome back. 7:30 the time. i want to get to the developing story, that hit and run on hillsborough avenue. alcides segui got to the scene. what do we know so far? >>reporter: it's a sad story.
7:30 am
night at about 8:00. a hit and run and at this point, florida highway patrol trying to determine who that driver was, what they were driving. all we know at this point, very limited information. we know that she was 17 years old, her name was ashley perdomo. she was standing right here around this area on hillsborough and blue springs and she was trying to cross hillsborough avenue going southbound towards the q auto when she was struck by a vehicle. again, it's driver was, the make or model of that vehicle. i've also contacted the hillsborough county school district to see if she attends a nearby high school. at this point, we're not completely sure if she is in a high school, if she graduated already or if she's currently attending a high school. we're working with the school district to gather more information. she's 17 years old.
7:31 am
evening. the florida highway patrol still trying to figure out who the driver is. they're urging if you were around this area around 8:00 last night and you saw anything suspicious, if you seen any car with a front end damage at all, to compleez give them a call. of course, any information at this point is extremely helpful but again, a sad story to the morning. 17-year-old girl lost her life in what appears to be a hit and run. back to you. >>walter: h heartbreaking nonetheless. talk to you later on. thanks. >>laura: it is 7:32 now. the world's largest travel website is taking a stand to protect exploited animals. no more tickets to ride the elephants, pet the tigers or swim with the dolphins.
7:32 am
adviser's affiliate site. the website is also developing an educational program for wildlife protection. and that should be in place by next year. >>walter: it's been more than 50 years and we'll find out today when non stop commercial flights between tampa and cuba will resume. the airline is holding a press conference to tell us when. until now, charter flights were the only way to travel between tampa and cuba. more than 71,000 people did that last year but the charter flights can be expensive. commercial sul looks like a vote on medical marijuana will pass here in florida. new poll by the university of north florida says that 78% of likely voters are in favor of it. only 18% oppose medical marijuana. everyone else is unsure. amendment is on the ballot next month. only needs 60% for approval and it came very close last time. physical -- medical marijuana is not just for people.
7:33 am
pets as well. >> she was in really bad shape. >>reporter: an tonetonio rescue cocoa a couple of years ago. >> there was something that would have been done in marijuana, i probably would have done it. >>reporter: he had never heard of medical marijuana for dogs until we told him about it. like most pet owners, he said he would consider anything that might make cocoa more comfortable. dr. redfern in points out the food and drug administration has yet to approve medical marijuana for pets because no research has shown effectively but redfern said she could imagine instances where some products might stimulate appetite or make it more comfortable while suffering from pain or joint complications. >> whether they work like they do in humans, i think that's to
7:34 am
>>reporter: the doctor worries they might feed their animals medical marijuana that should be used for humans and that could cause complications. >> i would absolutely not recommend that people give their medical marijuana to their pets. >>reporter: right now no vet in the country can write a medical marijuana prescription. pet owners have to buy hemp based products on their own. >>dave: i lightning start the regular season tonight at home. they're playing the detroit red wings. the bolts, they've come close to winning the stanley cup the past few seasons, losing to pittsburgh in the eastern conference finals last year and they were just two wins away from winning the cup the year before that so they're ready for the start of a new season.
7:35 am
game. it's upping night -- it's opening night. >>dave: mark your calendars. december 30, the night ronda rousey returns to the ring to fight. it's a chance to reclaim her title. she will fight in las vegas on pay-per-view. she was once the most dominant women in ufc, beating h opponents in 90 seconds and then she got badly beaten by holly holm last year and hasn't fought since. >>laura: you have to work up to getting back in the ring after something like that. she's digging deep and getting back out there, though. good for her. >>walter: absolutely. >>laura: here's a good day, good deed. a police officer in california had a decision to make after pulling over a woman with her two children. he could tell they were homeless. >>walter: the officer could have given her a ticket but instead, he does something extraordinary.
7:36 am
>>reporter: hayward police officer stops cars with expired tags all the time. when he pulled over a woman and two kids last week, he could tell this was different. >> i could tell they had either been living in the vehicle or they go from place to place in that vehicle. >>reporter: the woman stopped in the parking lot of the mcdonalds on a street. >> she told me right away, hey, my license is suspended right now and, you know, this is allive. you from shelter to shelter. >>reporter: he asked her a simple question. >> have the kids eaten or anything? she said no. i said, hey, we're already here. let's go inside and get you a meal. >>reporter: take a look at this picture. it was taken by a man who saw the officer's good deed. the man offered the officer some money to split the deal but he quickly left. i asked if he told anyone what
7:37 am
>> not at all. not at all. it's something i want to keep to myself. >>reporter: the man who took the photo alerted hayward pd and he hopes the gesture of goodwill gives people another perspective with police. >> i want to leave them with the depression that, wow, that officer from hayward was a great guy. >> the impact that one encounter has, that one moment that officer mc cloud had with that lady is going to, you know, resonate for the rest of her life and her children homeless and stays in her car. >> it's so inspirational. being someone that is currently homeless myself, hearing something like this inspires me to just keep going. it means there are some good plice officers out there. >>laura: that's sweet. stay with us. cover girl cosmetics is offering a cover boy. coming up, the reason got the modelling gig. >>walter: even after his death, michael jackson is still the king of pop.
7:38 am
music. >>dave: 72 degrees and look. just popped up, right-hand side of your screen, the sun. it's really a gorgeous start to the day here. north-northeast winds around six miles an hour. we're going back in the mid 80s for highs today and we're we believe in families. in knowing your neighbors. in passing down traditions through generations. in lakewood ranch we believe in a community where we put down our roots.
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publix seafood cook-in-bag dinners choose your favorite seafood then choose the internationally inspired flavors to pair it with. pack a bag for adventure tonight
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))) >>dave: it is 7:43 and upper 60s to the north this morning. citrus county, hernando county, pasco county, a couple of 70s sprinkled in there. it's a nice start to the day. sun just ago. statewide, i'm looking at the panhandle. they have dew points in the 50s. temps in the 50s for panama city. it's like the drier air, the real dry air teasing us, sitting up here across parts of i-10 and it's -- no. it's not headed our way. we're kind of stuck in this pattern. standing outside yesterday, i'm thinking this is not a bad pattern to be stuck in. northeast to north winds. granted, a few of these tiny
7:42 am
way across the state today. we saw a few yesterday, mainly east of i-75 but again, it's not something that you can really chomp on or hold on to. it will not help out any rainfall deficit or anything like that. we'll just get a few quick showers to work across the state. i've been showing you this huge hurricane, nicole, which is headed straight for bermuda and here is the island. i have my finger on the island now, and it looks like the eye itself is the east of the island. however, close enough that the core of the storm will impact the island. here is the center. this is the radar coming out of bermuda. here is the center of hurricane nicole which, by the way, at last check was packing winds of 130 miles per hour. see this little cross hair here? that is the island. you can see how close the center is going to come. regardless of whether the eye goes over the island in general, they're going to get the
7:43 am
soon. once it passes the island, conditions should quickly improve. bermuda has reefs to the south which help protect them from hurricanes. this is not a category one storm. it's a category four hurricane. even as it weakens, it's going to throw a lot of water and wind bermuda's way. then it moves to the north and north atlanc sea and falls apart. for us, same weather pattern the next several days. looks the same, partly cloudy, 86 for a high. very isolated shower so it's like when we say isolated showers, there's a few. very isolated shower is less than that. a few of you will deal with them. overnight lows will drop back to 71, mild and tomorrow pretty much the same thing. high around 86 degrees. you see, look at the buoy shaking. we have two to three foot seas
7:44 am
craft exercise caution, please. high tide at 12:38 early this afternoon. your next seven days, we'll show you no significant rain chances. you get the pesky, light showers inland. high temperatures are going to run 85 to 87 degrees and low temps near 70. vanessa? >>vanessa: we have a scene picture here from ed so thanks so much for sending this along on my facebook page. if you're just joining us, this is the scene of that possible fatality. that's what fhp possible fatality that's happening at congress and ridge and westbound lane blocks we're dealing with. ed is reporting to us that he's not seeing any big delays in the area so that's good news. hopefully that means folks are avoiding the area. i mentioned before, we'll update you as soon as i get more information but we're learning this does involve a pedestrian. still seeing some pretty heavy delays here westbound on i-4 in eastern hillsborough county. crash appears to be mostly on the right shoulder from what i can tell from this shot.
7:45 am
alexander street but pretty big backups. looks like a partial blockage in the right lane which is probably why it's slowing down so much. 28 minutes from buchman to 75 so make sure you're leaving early or maybe even taking frontage roads for the part that you can take frontage. overturned dump truck is causing some pretty big delays northbound on 50th. detours northbound are at palm river. keep that in mind. but you might want to just steer clear completely and take 78th, also causing concerns for drivers. you can see backup from 50th. you're unable to exit the expressway there. we do have a water main break. i mentioned this but for folks joining us, this is closing down cass and morgan in the downtown area. intersection is going to be blocked wear hearing from friday, close of business. ? freeze frame?
7:46 am
7:46. cover girl's latest ?makeupisa boy. katy perry announced it on instagram with this picture. james charles, a 17-year-old makeup artist from new york is cover girl's newest face. he became an online sensation after he started posting makeup looks on instagram last year. charles says he's not transgender but that makeup is just a means of creative expression for him. cover girl says all of their cover girls and role models are bo why they picked charles. he's the star of the new mascara campaign, so lashy, which comes out later this month. >>walter: he really is a good makeup artist. he did that all himself? >>laura: yeah. i wish i could do that in the morning. youtube has made several people famous. >>walter: others are still trying to succeed.
7:47 am
>>reporter: many of youtube's popular stars showed up in los angeles. >> it's just crazy. you can get content out so much quicker to the fans and stuff, and you can get feedback so much faster. i'm over 2 1/2 million. i started like in 2009 when they were mostly like home videos and cat videos on youtube so a lot has changed. >> our channel was created in november of 2005, almost 11 year we now have over 22 million subscribers on that channel and we have a few other channels, too, doing pretty well. >>reporter: justin bieber, carle ray jepsen and shawn mende sdmr are some people discovered on youtube. many others are hoping for that level of success. >> we personally started just doing it for fun and a lot of channels out there that i see just started doing it for fun and they didn't see any fame or
7:48 am
i think that kind of shows and those people are the ones that will last longer. >> the acapella group became household names after starting a youtube channel. >> we started coming up with little creative ideas and then we added a little musical comedy, too. we didn't expect it to grow as much as it did. and it became quite a passion of others. >>russell: >>reporter: t it cost nothing to reach millions of people. >> it's free. that's how i did it. now look at me. i'm being interviewed by fox, you know? ? thriller? >>walter: perfect time for halloween but this is a story away from the holiday.
7:49 am
top earning dead celebrity. michael jackson's estate made $825 million last year. fourth year in a row he's been at the top of the forbes list. such a good song. such a good album. >>laura: that will be in your head the rest of the day now. >>walter: also in the head for the next 82 games, lightning. >>laura: it is hockey time and nobody is more excited than charley belcher. >>charley: look what i got. look what i got. i got my o >>laura: jazz hands. >>charley: i'm honorary lightning girl. can i be a lightning guy? it got quiet. i'll be a lightning girl. i don't karen. anything for my bolts. a little bit of this. this is driving the audio guy crazy at the station. the static in the mic. static in the mic. there's no static. we're back to hockey tonight in tampa bay. we got you ready. we have the general manager and
7:50 am
hockey throughout tampa bay. we're catching up with jay when "good day tamp ?? halloween excitement is back at dunkin' with 2 dozen donuts for $12.99. drizzled, decorated, and all dressed up for the season, share the fun with 2 dozen donuts for $12.99.
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the season with the classic taste of pumpkin. america runs on dunkin'. the season with the classic taste of pumpkin. z2562z zy6z y2562y yy6y >> it's pretty exciting to know you have a chance. that's all you can ask for. >> it shows unselfishness for you guys as a group.
7:53 am
dynamic of the team. >>charley: we're ready to see steven stamkos out there. i'm coming from the amalie arena and yes, hockey season is back. and i'm so happy for it. jay is here. he's the general manager of the lightning and won a stanley cup and in many ways, built the foundation for which everything has been built upon since and i give him much credit for that. now he's back with the team, been now for a couple of years. executive vice preside >> vice president. >>charley: i put executive in there. >> thanks for the promotion. it's always good to be with you, charley. >>charley: let's talk about first of all, it's a first for the tampa bay lightning to retire a jersey. we'll see number 26 lifted into the rafters of marty st. louis. as a general manager, i'm sure you can appreciate how he left the organization. it wasn't the best way to go out but sometime heals all wounds
7:54 am
marty st. louis did for this organization, and he did leave it on the ice. >> in many ways marty was the heart and soul of the hockey club back then and we don't win a stanley cup in 2004 without marty. every time he came out here to practice, every time he took to the ice, he was always -- he left it out there as you said, as though he was concerned somebody was going to tell him, we're sending you back down to the minors. heart and soul guy, a wonderful the end and yet, steve iserman spun magic and gold out of that, too. time heals wounds and i think it's wonderful marty will have the number retired. >>charley: i was mad at him for awhile there, but even i now say, good. welcome back, marty. thank you for what you did with the organization and i look forward to cheering him on that night. >> it will be a great thing for the fans, for marty and his
7:55 am
it shows you how far we've come as an organization. >>charley: i hope to see number four raised in the rafters, too. >> we're going to honor vinnie and his homecoming and it's an exciting time for him and us. he's very, very active already in terms of doing things in the community. he's out there on the ice at the ice sports forum in brandon, coaching his son and a group of might players and it's fun to see him in the lightning community hockey track >>charley: when you were here originally with the organization, compared to now, we're a hockey town. we're a hockey town, aren't we? >> there's no question about that. the passion, the intensity, the commitment that the community and the fans have to this organization, it is well over and above what it was after we won in 2003-2004. it's exciting to see. >>charley: it is. are you ready for opening night? >> i am. let's get it going. >>charley: jay, thank you so much, sir. great people like that make up this great organization and it's
7:56 am
this organization from top to bottom. plenty more coming up. don't go anywhere. >>laura: tell him we said hello. we love him. >>walter: we do. the citrus crop isn't what it used to be in florida. that doesn't mean farmers are done fighting. we'll show how big of a decline and also what type of citrus on the rise. >>laura: and a huge helping hand for some very deserving heros. jennifer epstein is putting on a hard hat to help two local
7:57 am
challenges we face down here... could be solved... simply by looking up there? what if unlimited, clean power was at your fingertips? what if it was good for consumers, good the economy and good for florida? it's not a "what if." it's "what's next." solar power for the sunshine state. vote yes on amendment 1.
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